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July 2011

This paper examines the remitting behaviour among domestic servants, also referred to as house-helps, working in Nairobi. It is based on a study whose broad objective was to assess the remitting behaviour among house-helps in Lavington, Mathare North and Buruburu residential estates in Nairobi. The paper focuses on the proportion of income remitted among house-helps and the factors that influence remittances.

The study was aimed to evaluate the anticancer activity of the seed coat of Borassus flabellifer on the HeLa cell line. The seed coat of Borassus flabellifer PBS extracts were tested for inhibitory effect on HeLa Cell Line. The cytotoxicity of Borassus flabellifer on HeLa cell was evaluated by the MTT assay. The PBS extract of Borassus flabellifer has shown significant cytotoxicity on HeLa Cell Line in concentration range between 32 μg/ml to 750 μg/ml by MTT assay.

The study was aimed to evaluate the anticancer activity of the seed coat of Borassus flabellifer on the HeLa cell line. The seed coat of Borassus flabellifer PBS extracts were tested for inhibitory effect on HeLa Cell Line. The cytotoxicity of Borassus flabellifer on HeLa cell was evaluated by the MTT assay. The PBS extract of Borassus flabellifer has shown significant cytotoxicity on HeLa Cell Line in concentration range between 32 μg/ml to 750 μg/ml by MTT assay.

This paper focus on the role of education on women empowerment. Here the data sheet of 585 girls students of various college is taken as a sample From those There is 200 girls students of home science, 200 girls students of arts & 185 girls students of commerce. The information collected by questionnaire method. Statistical analysis was done using mean, standard deviation, standard error, significant test; calculation was done using both level of F-test. Result for Home science respondents higher than the arts & commerce respondents.

The present communication pertains to the effect of weeds on the yield of maize crop in tehsil Nowshera, district Rajouri (J&K).The study was conducted during June to November, 2010. During this course the authors have selected two plots of 01 hectare each (P1 and P2) in village Jaba (irrigated area) of tehsil Nowhera. The plot P1 was marked as Weed Free plot (WF) and P2 as Weedy Plot (WP). Both the plots were ploughed and the seed beds were prepared by adding equal amount of NPK fertilizer (Urea150 kg, DAP 100 kg and Potash 40 kg/hec.).

The spatial and seasonal patterns of distribution of Cyanobacterial species and their abundance in relation to physicochemical parameters were studied from April, 2002 to March, 2003 in two stations of Uppanar estuary in the south-east coast of India (Lat. 11°42’N: Long. 79°49’E). As many as 15 Cyanobacteria species were recorded from different family viz. Chroococcaceae (4), Oscillatoriaceae (7) and Nostocaceae (4). The concentration of nutrients was low during summer season and more number of Cyanobacteria was recorded in monsoon season

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the commonest causes for End stage renal disease. The aim of the present clinical study was to establish whether oxidative stress and TGF-β1 may be significant in evaluating its role in variable stages of nephropathy and to determine its association with other renal parameters in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients among the south Indian population. This study was conducted on sixty patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and compared with age matched control subjects.

Systematic search for plants with hydrocarbon contents was carried out during present investigations. A large number of plants were surveyed for their hydrocarbon contents and suitable species were determined for mass production. Agro technology has been developed

Our present study include the species diversity of phytoplankton of a semi-lentic water body within the khari of Golapbag campus, the university of Burdwan and its relation with physico-chemical parameters of the water body to establish the occurrence of the various phytoplankton throughout the year. Species diversity index value 3.824, 3.701 and 3.354 in pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon respectively indicates the quality of the water body. Chlorophycean representatives are dominant mostly and Cyanophycean members are least in representation.

Tuberous plants are the vital source of medicinal drugs. Among these Asparagus racemosus is an important herb which is well known for its pharmacological applications. A lot of medicinally importance attributes have been assigned to this herb. It has been used by tribes located in distinct area of India from primeval time. Key component of this herb is saponins. Recent developments in transgenic research have opened up the possibility of the metabolic engineering of biosynthetic pathways to produce these high-value secondary metabolites.

Objective An attempt has been made in this study to evaluate the growth and nutritional status among early adolescent school girls (age group of 10 to 14 years) of Dantan-II Block, Paschim Medinipur district, West Bengal. Methods A cross sectional study was carried out in rural adolescent school girls of 18 government-approved upper primary schools of Dantan-II Block, Paschim Medinipur district, West Bengal. Anthropometric and socio-demographic information from 3693 adolescent girls were collected during 2009-2010 academic session.

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of methanolic extract of Diacure a polyherbal formulation for oxidative stress in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Its effect was compared with that of glibenclamide, a reference antidiabetic drug. White albino male rats (Streptozotocin induced) were administered with methanolic extract of Diacure (100mg /kg body wt) orally for 30 days.

The exploitation of AM fungi is highly significant to massive crop improvement programmes. It is important to withstand drought in the nursery and in the field. Improved growth of many crops, resistance of plants to drought stress and root pathogens due to application of AM fungi was emphasized by many workers. Considerable research efforts have been made to demonstrate that Mycorrhizal and N2 fixing symbionts benefit the plant growth and these two symbionts can be used in agriculture to improve nursery quality and subsequent growth in the field.

A bacterial strain that produces glucose isomerase was isolated from garden soil and identified as Enterobacter agglomerans. Enzyme activity was screened by the formation of cherry red colour and the chemical assay was determined by glucose oxidase enzyme using fructose as substrate followed by the measurement of the amount of glucose. The highest level of extracellular glucose isomerase obtain (41U/ml), temperature around 37ºC, pH.6, xylose as a carbon source, peptone as a nitrogen source and incubation time for 36 hours for its higher enzyme productivity.

The electrical characteristics of semiconductor thin films are of great practical interest in microelectronics industry hence the need to measure these parameters in a cheaper and faster manner possible. In this study, we report on design and fabrication of a cheap, simple and portable computer-aided four point probe system for thin film sheet resistivity measurement. The designed system has been used to measure sheet resistivity of Cu2O semiconductor thin films prepared at different sputter conditions by DC reactive magnetron sputtering technique.

Climate change is the most studied concept in the world of research. Various new techniques like Neural Networks, learning Non- linear dynamics and others are used to predict climate change. Solar activity may be a major forcing of climate change. In this paper we use aa index as an indicator of solar variability and study its trend using Hurst’s exponent method. The Fractal dimensional value of aa index was calculated to be 1.1 for a period of 1900 -2010. This value of aa index shows a “persistence” that is the future trend is more and more likely to follow an established trend.

Dairy farming occupies a notable place in the agricultural economy of India and milk and milk products are the second largest contributor to Gross National Product (GNP) and income from dairy farming contributes nearly a third of the rural household’s gross income. Tamil Nadu is one of the leading milk producing state in the country, the other states being Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Hariyana.

Conventionally, anthropologists considered the people, as tribes who were backward in some sense or other, inhabited in remote, inaccessible areas and were not familiar with the art of modern living. They live in isolation. Such concept, however does not quite describe the tribes of India. These groups always had links with other people and shared with them a largely common cultural heritage.

In this research work, the convective heat transfer coefficients for sensible heating of sugarcane juice in stainless steel and aluminum pots during jaggery making are evaluated. Various indoor experiments were performed by varying heat inputs from 200 to 360 watts. The effects of heat inputs on the convective heat transfer coefficients were determined by applying the Nusselt number expression with the constants obtained from the experiments by simple linear regression method.

If low job satisfaction or dissatisfaction exists amongst Academics then the goals of higher education cannot be accomplished. The purpose of this study was to provide empirical evidence as to the job satisfaction levels of Academics in Southwest-Nigeria and to ascertain as to whether academic status is a reliable predictor of their job satisfaction. The study instrument used was the short-form Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) which measures job satisfaction using 20 facets of the job. The population for this study consisted of Academics in Southwest-Nigeria.

One of the concerns in education today is low creativity among children, with wrong perception identified as an important militating factor. The purpose of this study was to establish the perceptions of students and teachers towards creativity. Its objectives were to (a) identify factors perceived as critical in enhancing creativity and (b) examine students’ belief in own creative abilities. The study population consisted of 2,236 Form 4 physics students in Nairobi Province; while the sample comprised 763 students (386 girls and 377 boys) selected by simple random sampling technique.

The present paper deals with the analysis of Relative Growth Rate and Doubling Time of Neural network research output at international level using time series data from 1969 to 2007. The research output at the international level in 1969 is 2 and it is reached to 123552 in 2007 and the increasing trend is observed year by year. The relative growth rate registers a declining trend at international level. The study period, 1969-2007 records the mean relative growth rate of 0.29 at the world level.

The study sought to establish the effects of liberalization on performance of the dairy cooperatives in Western Province of Kenya. It sought to find out if there were any dairy cooperatives that collapsed due to liberalization, registered drop in its membership, or reduced milk volumes handled. Primary data was obtained from dairy cooperative officials, KDB and MOCDM officers. All the 27 dairy cooperatives in Western province, Kenya formed the population to provide data for this research.

The objective of the present study is to determine whether implementation of a team- cohesion intervention programme can enhance the team cohesion and self confidence of athletes and decrease cognitive and somatic anxiety which in turn can be fostered by a three-pronged strategy of goal setting, open communication and leadership. The participants were 28 club football players competing in the Indian Football league.

Considering the fact that banks are the main economic resource in all countries around the world, one of the most significant objectives of the bank is to provide various, expanded, and perfect services for their clients to satisfy them. So, it seems essential to analyze the relationship between the satisfaction of the clients and the functions of the banks. This case study deals with the study of the branches of Bank Saderat in the province of Qazvin.

Small-scale industries account for a variable for economic development in a most number of countries in the world, in particular those which are developing and termed as ‘DCS’. Small-scale industries share to play considerable role in the employment of man power and productivity. They also play drastic roles in constituting investment and provoke the investments. As a result they influence the equal or otherwise distribution of incomes across the regions through increased profits.

This paper formulates the watermarking of relational database as a constrained optimization problem and to implement efficient techniques to handle the constraints like watermark synchronization errors and watermark detection.

A women’s age at marriage is considered to be one of the most important variables accounting for variation in fertility levels among different societies of the world. The objective of the present paper is to study the fertility behavior of females near the time of marriage using the approach of first birth interval. The study is done in two sections. Section-1 deals with the study of spatial variation in first birth interval across different states of the country (India) for females classified according to age at marriage.

This paper explains the behaviour of E.coli on decay phase condition in Abua-Odua in Niger Delta of Rivers State; the model shows the variation of degradation of E.coli in shallow aquifer. Furthermore, it is confirmed that the decay phase condition of E.coli migration on stratum deposition in groundwater aquifers, does not completely free it from solute, due to other influences that may cause regeneration of the microbes, increasing the level of concentration and degrade the quality of ground water.

Objective: Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Since the problem is global, the present study was undertaken to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity and compared their association with social & economic status among urban school children of Visakhapatnam, North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, South India. Methods: A total of 1000 children from public and private schools in and around Visakhapatnam were included in this study. Data for children aged 10-12 years of both sexes were collected.

This study examined the impact of Free Primary Education (FPE) on teaching and learning in public primary schools. It adopted a descriptive cross-sectional survey design. Random and purposive sampling was utilized to obtain a sample of 45 language teachers out of a population of 134. The questionnaire was the main data collection instrument. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data. The study found out that increase in enrolment occasioned by FPE, has negatively affected determinants of instruction.

Policy making in education in Kenya is usually the concern of those in authority such as the legislators, Minister of Education, Ministry officials among others. However there are school based policies that are a concern of the Head teacher. This study sought to investigate the role of head teachers in the formulation and implementation of school-based policies in Kenya. The study was conducted in all the ten secondary schools that are found in the study area.

The present study an attempt has been made to investigate the effect of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer (SLF) of Ulva lactuca without chemical fertilizer on growth, pigment content and yield of Amaranthus roxburghinus and Amaranthus tricolor (greens) was analyzed. Among the different concentrations of SLF(s) investigated, the A. roxburghinus that received with 1.5 % SLF showed maximum fresh weight, dry weight, root and shoot length, leaf area and content of total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a and b, protein, carbohydrate, lipid and yield whereas, in A. tricolor maximum at 1.0% level.

In the present study, an attempt has been made to analyze the changes in the acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain and testis of Sphaerodema rusticum. The sublethal concentration of mercury decreased the acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain and testis of Sphaerodema rusticum.

Aim: To isolate and identify the bacterial isolates from preoperative cases presenting at an eye care hospital in Salem and determine its antibiogram pattern. Method: Conjunctival swabs were obtained from 84 preoperative cases undergoing cataract surgery at Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Salem. The swabs were processed by standard methods. The bacterial isolates deemed significant by growth in culture media and positive for direct microscopic findings were taken for the study. The antibiotic sensitivity pattern was determined by Kirby-Bauer method.

For cost effective production of endo xylanase, an enzyme of immense industrial importance, a fungal strain was isolated and identified as Penicillium janthinellum. The strain was found to ferment a number of agricultural residues in the solid state fermentation media, of which dried grass and rice straw showed promising results. The best concentration of these substrates was found to be 0.5% (w/v) and 1% (w/v) respectively at a moisture content of only 5-6%.

Succinate dehydrogenase is the oxidative enzyme which was drastically affected by the action of heavy metals. Succinate dehydrogenase is chosen as a representative of metabolic enzyme. It is a marker enzyme for detecting the presence of TCA cycle in tissues. The aim of the present study is to assess the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase activities in gill, liver, kidney, brain and muscle of the fish Labeo rohita exposed to sublethal concentration of nickel chloride 1/5th (high), 1/10th (medium) and 1/15th (low) of the 96 hour LC50 values for the period of 10, 20 and 30 days.

Sedentary life has become a prominent feature of the IT professionals. The nutritional adequacy is one of the key determinants of the quality of human resources. No data is available on the nutritional status and stress among people working in IT sectors. The main objectives of the present study were to assess the lifestyle and activity pattern, nutritional profile and stress among IT professionals. Purposive sampling was used to identify the participants—100 IT professionals from Ernakulam and Calicut districts of Kerala state.

This investigation intended to comparatively study and evaluate independent capacities of cellulose degrading native strains of Streptomyces albospinus (MTCC 8768) and Streptomyces somaliensis (MTCC 8769) isolated from municipal wastes of Patna for growth adaptability and endoglucanase yield, divulging a new insight for a strong suitability of these isolates for large scale production. Both the isolates were able to grow well in all the media tested. However, S. albospinus (MTCC 8768) showed luxuriant growth as compared to S.

The present study was made an attempt to degrade the phenolic compounds along with co-toxicants by halobacteria isolated from the coconut retting water. Thirty two morphologically different bacterial strains were isolated, of which 3 strains Pseudomonas putida, Bacillus sp. and Pyrococcus horikoshii showed better degradation.

During the present investigation, soil from different villages of Jaipur district in Rajasthan was tested. Soils of two depths viz 0-15 cm and 15-30 cm were tested. Surface soil samples (0-15 cm) showed the pH ranging from 8.2 to 10.2 and sub-surface soil samples (15-30cm) showed pH ranging from 8.0 to 10.0 showing characteristic of alkali soils. The EC of 9 soil samples was less than 1 mmhos/cm. One soil sample showed EC more than 1 mmhos/cm. Organic carbon percentage was low in all the 10 soil samples. Available Phosphorus and potash ranged from medium to high in these soil samples.

Wireless mesh networks technology has drawn considerable attention as a promising broadband access technology despite the increase in the number of internet access technologies. It has been found that increasing the number of the gateways ordinarily, does not results in network throughputs as it is intended unless load balancing scheme is also employed in the network. A load balancing scheme is required to balance the traffic in the network across the various gateways nodes and avoids overloading any gateway node.

The overall objective of this paper is to determine the role played by forestry in alleviating poverty in Kenya. It also seeks to examine and analyse the extent of poverty among people living in Cherangani Hills, West Pokot; assess the benefits of forestry to rural communities; investigate the relationship between forest dependence and poverty and to make policy recommendations on ways of enhancing the contribution of forests in alleviating poverty. Two methods were used to derive data for the study.

Needlestick and other injuries from sharp objects place healthcare workers at risk of infection such as hepatitis B and C and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections. The objective of the study was to determine the burden of needle stick injury in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital as part of the baseline data against which subsequent impact of current interventions in the hospital will be measured. A voluntary, self administered questionnaire was circulated to 150 Nurses across the various departments in the hospital.

The study pertaining to the available medical databases which are of huge size involve the consideration of all the attributes related to the problem. This resulted in large amount of computational time and accordingly there was a drastic reduction in the computational speed also. In order to minimize these factors, the present study was undertaken which enabled to get optimal results by using neural classifier techniques. In this paper, the effectiveness of various attributes and classifiers in the cytological diagnosis of WBCD breast cancer dataset were compared.

Crossandra plants bearing very attractive and colourful flowers for more than four months in a year by consuming minimum amount of chemical fertilizers. Azospirillum and phosphobacteria are biofertilizers which induces or enhances the growth, development and yield of crop plant through ‘N’ fixation, ‘P’ solubilization and also by synthesizing growth promoting substances like IAA, GA and cytokinines. In the present investigation about six isolates of Azospirillum were isolated from roots of Crossandra from different locations of Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India.

Cashew apple is a fairly large spreading and fast growing tree that is native to Brazil. The tree also produces a two-piece fruit, one part called the Cashew Apple and one being the Cashew Nut. The cashew apple is pear shaped and has nutritional and medicinal effect. It contains more vitamin C than citrus. Various value added products such as juice, fenny, wine, dried cashew apple, syrup and jam can be prepared from cashew apple.

Computational grids are distributed systems composed of heterogeneous computing resources which are distributed geographically and administratively. These highly scalable systems are designed to meet the large computational demands of many users from scientific and business orientations. The allocation of distributed resources to user application is one of the most challenging tasks in Grid Computing paradigm. The problem of allocating resources in scheduling requires the coordinated access to resources managed by autonomous entities.

The main objective of this paper is to identify and fill up the voids in terms of concepts and methods of research work on ‘Terrain Evaluation for Agricultural Land use And Planning in the Burdwan Upland, West Bengal’. This work will make suggestion relating to the research work to be conducted by research scholars on almost similar type of problems and methods. For achieving the target, the author has reviewed the literature previously presented. The whole literature survey has been attempted on almost all the main parts of the research topic.

The main objective of this paper is to identify and fill up the voids in terms of concepts and methods of research work on ‘Terrain Evaluation for Agricultural Land use And Planning in the Burdwan Upland, West Bengal’. This work will make suggestion relating to the research work to be conducted by research scholars on almost similar type of problems and methods. For achieving the target, the author has reviewed the literature previously presented. The whole literature survey has been attempted on almost all the main parts of the research topic.

There is a interlink Between growth rate of population and family planning, the family planning started with slogan of “Two children for each family” but growth rate of population has not been controlled. The growth rate of population has been increasing at rate of 15.67 percent. The family planning programe started in December 1957 and continued vigorously after the formation of Karnataka state. Till 1977 the programe was implemented with full speed and under proper direction.

This paper discusses the disciplinary practices employed by teachers on boys in coeducational secondary schools in Kenya based on a study on the effect of coeducation on the discipline and academic performance of boys. Data was collected through structured face-to-face interviews with six teachers in charge of discipline in six mixed boarding schools in Nakuru District. The findings revealed that the coeducational setting presented unique challenges to boys’ discipline. Moreover, boy-girl affairs, which abounded in such settings, resulted in poor academic performance for the boys.

The present study on Dimensions of Women Higher Education in Coimbatore would concentrate on estimating the rate of returns of womens higher education in a selected area of Coimbatore city. Standard Mincerian earnings function and extended earnings function were used to investigate the education – earnings relationship among selected women and test the hypothesis of positive returns to education. In addition, the job satisfaction pattern of the individuals was also analyzed.

This study investigated the knowledge of secondary school students on the meaning of the term homosexuality. It also investigated the students’ perception of homosexual practice in secondary schools, the type of secondary school where homosexuality is most practiced, and the root cause of homosexuality. The sample comprised 258 participants (129 female and 129 male) who were Form 3 students drawn from 10 secondary schools in western Kenya. A biographical form and homosexuality questionnaire were used in data collection.

Sprouting and roasting of wheat and finger millets supposed to increase the nutritive value and decrease the antinutritional factors. These roasted and sprouting finger millets and wheat could find application in development of various weaning food preparations. In present investigation, efforts were made to study change in nutritional properties of sprouted wheat and finger millet. Further two different methods of drying viz. solar and Infra red drying, were implied to analyze the effect of drying method on nutritional composition.

The objective of this study was to assess the oil composition of clove bud commercial available from local market of India. The hydro-distilled clove oil obtained from Delhi, Kannauj and Kanpur were analysed by GC and GC-MS, which led to the identification of 11 compounds representing 99.8, 99.7 and 99.7% respectively of the total oil. Eugenol the main constituent was found in the range of 82.3-91.4% followed by trans-β-caryophyllene (6.3-12.7%). The oil yields were 3.8, 4.2 and 4.4 % (v/w) respectively.

The objective of the present work is to investigate experimentally the thermal behaviour of a Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage (LHTES) unit. A Thermal Energy Storage (TES) unit is designed, fabricated and integrated with blower to study the performance of the storage unit. The TES unit contains a mixture of paraffin Phase Change Material (PCM) and carbon fiber brushes (CFB). Experimental result shows that the brushes essentially improve the heat exchange rate during the charge and discharge processes even when the mass fraction of CFB is about 1%.

The present investigation was carried out with the purpose of analyzing the 2D-stability analysis of bio-porous convection (BPC) in a suspension of motile microorganisms in a gravity inclined environment. Due to the extreme complexity of the problem the computational tools like Maple and Mathematica were used to get the analytic expressions. It is a well known fact that permeability of the porous medium is an important factor in the study of bioconvection. In the absence of gravity inclination, the results obtained were quite simple when compared to those of the inclined environment.

Finding information on a large web site can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Recommender systems can help users find information by providing them with personalized suggestions. In this paper the creation of recommendation system was emphasized to achieve the personalization on the website. Recommender systems typically use techniques from collaborative filtering, in which proximity measures between users are formulated to generate recommendations, or content-based filtering, in which users are compared directly to items. Our approach used similarity measures between users.

Proton–conducting polymer membranes are used as an electrolyte in the so - called proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Current commercially available membranes are perfluosulfonic acid polymers, a class of high –cost ionomers. This paper examines the potential of polymer blends, namely those of sulfonated poly styrene ethylene butylene poly styrene (SPSEBS) and poly styrene ethylene butylene poly styrene (PSEBS), in the proton exchange membrane application. SPSEBS / PSEBS blends were prepared by solvent evaporation method.

Fe-doped semi-insulating InP samples doped with S and S+Si dual implants were characterised for their electrical properties, namely, Hall mobility, electrical activation, carrier concentration and sheet resistivity using Hall effect and Vander Pauw techniques. The samples doped for levels ranging from 5 X 1012 to 3 x 1015cm-2 and subjected to Rapid Thermal Annealing for various temperature and time schedules to determine the optimum anneal schedule.

Incidence of cancer in northeast is the highest in India. Nutrition intervention plays a vital role in the management of postponement of cancer. Objectives to find out the prevalence rate of different types of cancer among the selected tribal population of Shillong and dietary habits of these tribes.





Rosane Cavalcante Fragoso, Brasil


Chief Scientific Officer and Head of a Research Group

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