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January 2012

Optimization of cycle time in injection molding plays a vital role in manufacturing of plastic parts to improve the productivity of the process. At the same time it should not affect the quality of the final product. This paper describes the cycle time optimization of Hinge Locator – Guided support plastic part, through a repeated number of analysis which was carried out by Moldflow simulation software. The process parameters like cooling time, Injection time are optimized in which it contributes more in the cycle time.

For a Corporation to be convicted of a crime, the prosecution must prove that one or more agents committed all elements of the crime. This is relativity easy to do if a crime has occurred in a small organization, but the structure of large organization can make prosecution difficult, particularly where mensrea is an element of the crime. Where evidence of multiple guilty agents exists, the defense can exploit this ambiguity to create reasonable doubt as to each agent.

Comparison of facial expression was studied in this paper using several properties associated with the faces. Actually, as the facial expression changes, the curvatures developed on the face and the dimensions of the objects such as eyebrows, lips and the area of the mouth change. Naturally there exist changes in the intensity of the pixels corresponding to these objects. Therefore it was found that the natural eye could distinguish these sharp changes and understand the facial expressions accordingly.

The monomer 4-benzyloxyphenylmethacrylate (4-BOPMA) was synthesized by reacting 4-benzyloxy phenol dissolved in methylethylketone (MEK) with mathacryloyl chloride in the presence of triethylamine. The homopolymer and various copolymers of 4-BOPMA with acrylonitrile (AN) were synthesized by the free radical polymerization in MEK at 70 ± 1oC in nitrogen atmosphere using benzoylperoxide as initiator. The homopolymer and copolymers were characterized by various spectral techniques like IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR spectroscopic techniques.

The concept of conjugate k-normal (con-k-normal) matrices is introduced. Some basic results of con-k-normal, con-k-unitary are discussed.

Agricultural tractors generate noise pollution in the cabin and in open air. The demands for good sound comfort of the driver inside cabin and assistant driver in outside of these tractors are continuously growing. The main objective of this paper is to predict the noise levels surrounding the tractor operator and in open air by using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and to compare the results against noise levels from collected data. The architecture of the network is used with the backpropagation algorithm - the multilayer feedforward networks.

The availability of CMOS cameras and microphones of cheaper costs have lead in processing multimedia information along with regular scalar information in wireless sensor networks. In collaborative in-network processing especially in the application layer of wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN) , there exists data redundancy problem while gathering the information by neighbouring nodes, which can be overcome by using data fusion and aggregation technologies. The present study concentrated in providing the state of the art in data fusion and aggregation technologies of WMSN.

Fuel cells are considered to be the promising alternatives to conventional power engines. In our investigation, we have synthesized blend membranes of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) (SPEEK) and poly(ether ethersulfone) (PEES) for electrochemical and especially Direct Methanol Fuel Cell applications (DMFC). The ion exchange capacity, water and alcohol absorption, durability were found to be promising for its application. When compared to SPEEK, since the methanol absorption is low, the methanol permeability was also found and it was suitable for applications in DMFC.

In this study, an attempt has been made to study the level of self esteem of bereaved students affected by natural disaster. Self esteem scale standardized by Anne bett has been used to measure the level of Self esteem of bereaved students. This tool was administered to a purposive sample of 600 bereaved students affected by natural disaster studying in various schools situated in the coastal area of Nagappattinam and Cuddalore Districts of Tamilnadu. The survey method has been followed for the present study. The data collected was subjected to descriptive and differential analysis.

The study was intended to find out the Knowledge of Global Warming among the college students in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India. Random Sampling Technique was used to compose a sample of 1168 college students Mean, Standard Deviation and ‘t’ value were calculated for the analysis of data. The result revealed that male and female students, rural and urban area students, arts and science group students exhibited significant difference but, nuclear and joint family students had no significant difference in respect of their Knowledge of Global Warming.

Polymethylmethacrylate(PMMA) and Polyvinylacetate(PVAc) are inexpensive type of polymers that could potentially be of commercial interest. In this investigation they are used in conjunction with a traditional casting technique to produce films of different blend concentrations. Samples were subsequently subjected to Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and UV/visible spectral analysis. Coats-Redfern relation was then used to calculate the kinetic parameters of the thermal decomposition.

It is well known fact that Small Scale Sector is influential in Socio Economic Growth of India, through it is influencing in lesser percentage, definitely playing its part in uniform wealth distribution among the Indian Public in Specific among the Skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labor working in the sector. If we observe the present sinerio in the performance of the SSI sector, it is well known fact that sickness of SSI units in the articles, papers, Studies, etc., it is observed that more emphasize was given in finding the reasons for sickness.

In the envisaged study, heat induced crystalline to amorphous phase generation and amorphous content quantification in crystalline form of Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate drug substance was studied by different analytical techniques like variable temperature Powder X-Ray diffraction (VT-PXRD), Thermo gravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer (GVS). Amorphous Pantoprazole Sodium is obtained by dehydrating Pantoprazole Sodium sesquihydrate. Amorphous and Crystalline contents are varied to obtain different concentrations of Amorphous in Crystalline phase.

In Sassani ages, Because of governing Zartosht religion the society officially, all of rules were due to it, their children have rights rather than others and should obey the rules. Father and mother should look after their children, name them wee, learn them religion and behavior and so prepare them good jobs and at last help them marrying. Children must follow them and do parents s commands, so respect them, particularly in old ages. In this paper, I consider and analyze these relations.

A field experiment was conducted at KVK, Srinagar during two consecutive kharif seasons of 2008-09 and 2009-10 to study the “Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management for Soybean (Glycine max L.) Under Temperate Conditions”. The experiment was laid out under 18 treatment combinations viz., three levels of recommended inorganic fertilizers (50, 75 and 100% RD), three levels of organic manures (control, FYM 10 t ha-1 and Dalweed 10 t ha-1) and two levels of biofertilizers (control and dual inoculation with Rhizobium + PSB) in randomised complete block design with three replications.

In recent years, huge amount of data with regard to higher education system especially with regard to technical education system(TES) is available and queries related to Edu-DATA are of practical interest as SQL approach is insufficient and needs to be focused in a different way. The present study aims at developing a technique called Edu-MINING which converts raw data coming from educational institutions using data mining techniques into useful information. The discovered knowledge will have a great impact on the educational research and practices.

The paper examines the various communication services and system based services which are used by the students who are pursuing engineering education in engineering colleges located in and around Chennai. The questionnaire method was adopted to collect data from the respondents. It is found from the study that majority of students are using e-mail service for communication and digital library service to collect information for their academic purposes. Further, it is found that the Bulletin Board and Inter library Loan (ILL) services were used by less numbers of students.

The soaring food prices and new challenges of climate change pose a threat to the already existing food and nutrition insecurity in a number of developing countries, including Kenya. These have culminated in political unrest and food riots in some African countries like Mauritania, Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal and more recently Kenya. Over the years, Kenya has experienced environmental degradation due to urbanization, development and deforestation. This has contributed to climate change and food insecurity in some parts of the country.

Kenya is endowed with a wide variety of foods. However, there is need to fortify the locally available foods, especially for the vulnerable groups. Designing, creating and monitoring second generation products are prominent opportunities for biotechnology research which increasingly offer new and larger market sectors. This experimental research sought to enhance the deficient iron content in plain yoghurt by fortifying it with locally available ingredients (soya flour) and making use of fermenting action of live bacteria.

Gender system comprises the socially-constructed expectations for male and female behaviour in every human society. It prescribes a division of labour and responsibilities between women and men and bestows different rights and obligations to them. Intentionally or unintentionally, inequality is established between the both sexes in autonomy, power, and well-being, which are mostly to the disadvantage of females.

The study was intended to find out the social intelligence of college students in Cuddalore, Villupuram, Nagapattinam, Thanjore, vellore and Thiruvannamalai Districts of Tamil Nadu, India. Random Sampling Technique was used to compose a sample of 1050 college students Mean, Standard Deviation and t value were calculated for the analysis of data. The result revealed that the locality, type of family and type of colleges had no significant difference but, gender and type of institution exhibited significant difference in respect of their social intelligence of college students.

Milkfish (Chanos chanos) is one of the most important brackish water finfish species being cultured in Southeast Asia. Natural Chanos fry occur along the south east coast of India In fairly large numbers during the months of March-June and October-November. Its abundance, distribution and seasonal variation are discussed for their utilization in aquaculture. The collection of natural frys and nursery rearing in Chinnapalem near Pamban is given with a cost estimate.

In this Paper an attempt is made to establish possible correlation between annual global temperature increase and annual global Earthquake occurrences. The Temperature and seismic data is of duration between 1973 and 2010. This paper introduces the statistical analysis of spearman rank correlation technique to find the relation between increase of Annual global temperature and the annual global Earthquake occurrences. The rise of temperature is causing glaciers to melt thus releasing pressure on the earth below. The earth in turn is possibly rebounding causing earthquakes to occur.

The study area is one of the watersheds of Thoppaiyar River. Covering an area of lies between 11050’00’’N - 12002’00’’N latitude and 780 02’00’’E – 78018’00’’E Longitude In south of shervaroyan mountains northern part of the Salem district and Southern part of the Dharmapuri district. The study area is mainly covered by red soil and black cotton soil to the minor extent. The infiltration capacity is moderate to poor. The entire study area is occupied by the Precambrian crystalline rocks. The recent formation is marked by river alluvium and soil.

Role accepting for students as young persons growing and developing their knowledge and understanding because of social aspect forming behavioral pattern needed to people should be studied and evaluated why studying and in first education would develop better equipped by a strong social behavior pattern placed for them spiritually and exhibiting applied Data of this research was collected between 5th grade of all schools in Shoushtar through pre and after -test questions. The samples were selected by Morgan table including educational and extra to be affected by educational process.

Human thought in crisis management focuses on prevention, preparedness and Check crisis in the fields of organizational crises and natural disaster. While significant studies in recent decades has been done on crisis management, but institutional crisis management has remained neglected. This article attempts to explain the kind of crisis that an institution encounters it exogenous.

The following article would affirm the fact that gratitude is the best attitude. Gratitude is a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Religions and philosophies have long embraced gratitude as an indispensable manifestation of virtue, and as an integral component of health, wholeness, and well-being. Scientists are latecomers to the concept of gratitude.

This paper investigates the influence of molasses in reducing the plasticity of expansive clay soil. Plasticity tests of untreated soil and for soil treated with sugar cane molasses were carried out using standard procedures for testing soil for civil engineering purposes (BS1377:1990). Results showed that molasses reduced the plasticity index of the soil from an average of 39% for untreated soil to an average of 26% for treated soil at molasses content of 8% by weight of dry soil cured for 7 days.

The study examines the relationship between the social adjustment and self concept of the higher secondary school students. This study correlates certain demographic variables in respect of social adjustment and self concept. Constructed by normative survey method using a random sample of 100 higher secondary students studying in Ariyalur distric was selected. Social Adjustment inventory standardized and self-concept inventory standardized. The level of social adjustment among the higher secondary school student is high.

The study was conducted in two regions of U. T. of Puducherry namely Puducherry and Karaikal. The extension personnel of Puducherry Department of Agriculture were involved in technology transfer for the upliftment of farming community. The extension personnel from all the organizational positions (ADAs, JDAs, DDAs, AOs, AAOs, Field Men and Demonstration Assistants) engaged in transfer of technology were selected as respondents (115 Nos.). A well structured questionnaire consisting of various indices, tests and scales was prepared and used.

FGTB is usually a silent disease evidencing itself only when really looked for. It usually affects females of reproductive age group. Disruption of the IFN-gamma gene in mice infected with M. tuberculosis has resulted in exacerbation of disease, progressive and widespread tissue destruction and necrosis with numerous bacteria. Therefore, we proposed to distinguish the possible limitations of phenotypic methods and the possible association of IFN-γ gene polymorphism with Female genital tuberculosis. It is a prospective case-control study.

The Nitrogenase and Glutamine synthetase activities were investigated in free living and immobilized cells of Nostoc calcicola under copper stress conditions. The maximum Cu concentration in free and immobilized N. calcicola cells was 60µM at which the immobilized cells were characterized by faster rate of nitrogenase activity than free cells. Immobilization was also associated with increase in glutamine synthetase, suggesting that the immobilized cells maintain sufficient ATP pool to drive energy expensive process of nitrogen metabolism.

To meet the challenges of generating sufficient and sustainable energy, a potentially viable alternative is to use cellulosic biomass for second-generation biofuel and bioenergy production. In the present study, Arecanut husk is cheap abundant lignocellulosic raw material in the agricultural waste; it is available as alternative feedstock for bioethanol production. The moisture content of the fresh raw material (68.39 ± 0.20 %). Arecanut husk raw material were collected and dried in the hot air oven at 800 C for 48hours.

Rada Tilly city is located between Comodoro Rivadavia and Caleta Olivia cities. Both cities have oil industry activity and oil tankers sail in front of the beach on their way to the loading buoy. The aim of the work was to study the bacterial communities and their capacity to use hydrocarbons. We took samples from three different points in every season of the year, both sediment and seawater samples. Oligotrophic and hydrocarbon degrading bacteria counts were done, and the mineralization of diesel, kerosene, gasoline, oil and lubricant oil were carried out during 50 days.

The agricultural sector is a major contributor to Nigeria Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, the increasing incidence and spread of disease infections in rural Nigeria threatens the farming households’ efficiency and output. Therefore, this study examined the effects and relationship between farmers’ health and technical efficiency in Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were administered to one hundred and twenty (120) farmers using multistage random sampling technique.

Plant latex is a mixture of various chemical constituents which protect plants from herbivorous insects. It contains many chemical substances such as acetogenins, flavonoids, triterpenes alkaloids, lectins, and proteins which show very high insecticidal potential. Latex also contains important other phytochemicals such as glycosides, alkaloids, steroids and resinous substances, tannins and saponins which show diverse biological activities.

Cytological character and protein profile of five accessions (IPL-406, IPL-81, DPL-62, DPL-15, and Sehore 74-3) of lentil (Lens culinaris) were estimated through polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and using cytological characters viz., mitotic index. The present protein profile revealed that experimental accession IPL-406(L-1) is very close to to the accession Sehore-74-3(L-5) and DPL-62(L-3) and DPL-15 (L-4) are more close at molecular level as compared to other accessions.

Used (11) computer with the hub switch 16 port and the type of linking computers star and cable UTP in LAN network and the establishment of four programs first program of the teacher and the second program of the student and the third program of the administration and the four program insert the questions and when the test was observed speed in the preparation of examinations and the cancel of the process of correcting exams and manually reduce the number of faculty observers and cancel the introduction of grades test scores manually and accuracy finite in the patch and the existence of mul

The aim of this study was to investigate management system and productive and reproductive performance of crossbred dairy cows reared at Jimma College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine dairy farm. The main focus was on identification of reproductive and milk yield performance of crossbred dairy cows including age at first calving, calving-interval, days open, daily and total lactation milk yield, mortality, general management and major constraints to milk production. The study was based on data compiled for 10 years (1996-2005).

Statement of problem: Research For adolescents indicates that the patient's sex did influence anticipatory , and girls had higher pain intensity scores . Whether differences extent to children is less clear, and further studies in this area are needed .The aim of this study was to determined the effect of gender on the pain intensity.

Kala-azar i.e. Visceral Leishmaniasis has been found to be a big social problem among most of the population of Bihar. The cure of this disease is very costly and due to this, the death rate has been found to be very high especially among the poor population. The main objective of the field survey has been to determine the rate of endemicity in the affected areas and to know the special and general features of such areas regarding the geographical conditions, micro and macro environmental conditions.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the leading cause of morbidity and health care expenditures in persons of all the ages. The long range consequences of ignoring UTI can leads to kidney failure, septicaemia, bacterial endocarditis, prostatitis and infertility. In this study the prevalence of UTI among Paliyar tribal group reveals Klebsiella pneumoniae (65%) as the predominant uropathogens isolated followed by Escherichia coli (55%), Psuodomonas aeruginosa (50%), Staphylococcus aureus (20%), Enterococcus faecalis (10%), Proteus mirabilis (5%) and Candida Sp (5%).

Water pollution is one of the most important environmental problem faced by the World. Characterization of physio-chemical parameters of groundwater from 43 different locations nearby the small scale industries and rice mills in and around Thanjavur town have been carried out. A Laboratory study of Groundwater was carried out and the quality analysis has been made through Ph, Tds, EC, TH, TA (Hco3), Ca+2, Mg+2, Cl-, Na+, So4-2, No3--, K+, and Tubudity.

In this thesis, a linear programming algorithm is developed for determining a measure of market concentration in congested transmission systems. The linear program uses the effects of the congestors on the system to de rate the line limits of each transmission line. The derated line limits allow for the congestor’s contribution to the system flows to be taken into account when examining the available market for additional buyers and sellers in the system.

An attempt was made to know the impact of power point presentation on teaching of drawing skill in zoology subject in students’ achievement. For that the investigator, randomly selected 50 students having equal metal ability and split-up into control group and experimental group. Traditional method of teaching of drawing skill was given to control group and Power point presentation method of teaching drawing skill was given to experimental group. A test was conducted for both the groups and subjected to statistical analysis like descriptive (Mean, S.D) and differential analysis (t-test).

This quadratic response surface methodology focuses on finding the levels of some (coded) predictor variables x = (x1u, x2u, x3u)' that optimize the expected value of a response variable yu from natural levels. The experiment starts from some best guess or “control” combination of the predictor variables (usually coded to x = 0 for this case x1u=30, x2u=25 and x3u =40) and experiment is performed varying them in a region around this center point. We go further to construct a specific optimum second order rotatable design of three factors in thirty-two points.

The main purpose of this study was to know the self-concept and level of aspiration among various categories of physically challenged secondary school students. This study was descriptive in nature. For the measurement of self-concept Sagar and Sharma`s self-concept inventory (two dimensions ideal and real self) was administered and for level of aspiration, Mahesh Bhargava and M.A. Shah`s level of aspiration tool was administered.

This work proposes a representation scheme that uses CAD as a design tool for generating two-dimensional decorative patterns. The proposed scheme is hierarchical and represented as a tree with nodes corresponding to different shapes of pattern. In this work, decorative patterns are viewed as a set of shapes created at three hierarchical levels which are labeled as: Primitive, Motif, and Compound-motif.

In this paper investigation was conducted to examine the effect of substrate characteristics medium (heavier hydrocarbon mixture in a reservoir) on the improvement of Microbial Entrained Oil Recovery (MEOR) in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. The effect of substrate concentrate (heavier hydrocarbon) was demonstrated upon the action of the following microorganism, pseudomonas sp streptococcus sp, escheerichia coli, chromobacterium, bacillus sp. flavobacterium and micrococcus. Results obtained illustrates high growth rate in order of magnitude pseudomonas > bacillus sp.

In plant produced phytotoxic allelopathic effect of Tectona grandis investigated on Vigna mungo and Vigna radiata, dried leaves of Tectona grandis were collected from coastal area of Cuddalore District..50g powder of teak leaf was soaked in distilled water and after 24hrs filtered with help of WhatmannNo.1 filter paper used to prepare extract .Using this stock solution various concentrations (5,10,25,50,75 and 100%) were prepared and sterilized 50 seeds of Vigna mungo and Vigna radiata were placed in sterilized petridishes .Five seedlings from each replicate were selected for recording the

Methods were developed for cloning and large scale plantlet production of Garcinia cambogia L. from germplasm selected from East coast region of India. These explants were dressed and surface sterilized with help of 0.1 % HgCl2. Multiple shoots were induced by proliferation of axillary buds/meristems on Murashige and Skoog's (MS) medium incorporated with 2.0 mgl-1 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP). Incorporation of higher amount of auxins in the culture medium caused callusing from the explants. The shoots of G.

Boerhaavia diffusa L. is a valuable medicinal plant indigenous to India commonly called Punarnava. Adventitious roots were initiated from the leaf explants on a media containing Murashige and Skoog media supplemented with various concentrations (0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 & 4.0 mg/L) of NAA and IBA. Maximum number of roots were obtained on MS media supplemented with 1.0 mg/L NAA, while profuse rooting was also found in media supplemented with 2.0 mg/L and 4.0 mg/L NAA. In vitro grown roots were transferred to liquid culture media containing NAA for root proliferation.

A study was undertaken as an attempt to understand the attitude of the Agricultural Officers toward computer mediated communication in farming sector. The study aimed at assessing the relationship between socio-psychological characteristics, attitude and computer use efficiency of Agricultural Officers of Akshaya (e literacy programme launched by Kerala Government in one of the backward districts, Malappuram) and non-akshaya introduced districts of Kerala. The sample comprised of ninety five Agricultural Officers from Malappuram and Trichur districts of Kerala.

A micropropagation method is described for Pithecellobium dulce Benth. using nodal explants. Multiple shoots were induced from axillary buds on Murashige and Skoog's (MS) agar-gelled medium containing different concentrations of 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP) and Kinetin (Kn). Medium containing 3.0 mgl-1 BAP was the most effective for shoot induction .The cultures were amplified by passages on MS medium supplemented with 1.5 mgl-1 each of BAP and Kn +0.5 mgl-1 Indole-3 acetic acid (IAA).

The quantity and quality of the salivary total protein, albumin, and α-amylase was estimated among the 25 healthy people. The salivary components were estimated before and after coffee consumption. The albumin and α-amylase are decreased after coffee consumption but the total protein was increased after coffee consumption.

Introduction: Intramuscular injection is an invasive and painful method for medication. Previous studies have indicated that tetracaine has ability to decrease pain via decreasing transmission and perception. The effect of local tetracaine severity of pain during DPT vaccine IM injection is not known. The aim of this study was to evaluate if topical Tetracaine reduce the pain of IM DPT injection compared to placebo. Materials and methods: In this RCT, 40 children were taken and divided into case and placebo group using a randomized Allocation sampling .





Rosane Cavalcante Fragoso, Brasil


Chief Scientific Officer and Head of a Research Group

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