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October 2014

Vivid careers have made revolutionary changes in the education system. Among the lucrative professional courses offered, management education influences the young folk. Growing demands of the industry and need of able leaders has paved way for the growth of Management institutions from the past decade. This has influenced B-schools in delivering quality education to its customers by providing value added services. The validation of success of B-schools is less counted against the examination success rate.

Hotelling T-square control chart is an extension of univariateshewhart control chart where two or more related quality variables can be monitored simultaneously. Univariateshewhart control chart provides a good approach for monitoring quality variables separately, but most often in industry, some degree of correlation due exist between quality variables and which makes the so-called univariateshewhart chart in-appropriate for monitoring quality in production processes.

In order to ensure safe and adequate water availability, many communities have engaged in water and wastewater treatment. Some of chemicals used for water treatment are less effective due to high costs and side effects making use of natural coagulants an ideal option. This study was conducted to compare effectiveness of Moringa Oleifera (MO) seeds powder as a natural coagulant with Aluminium sulfate (Alum) as a chemical coagulant. The effectiveness and efficiency of MO against Alum was established by using jar test method before and after groundwater treatment.

In most of the process industries, the processes are highly non-linear and dynamic. Design of Multivariable control system is of great demand in the process industries. Systems with more than one actuating control input and more than one sensor output are considered as multivariable systems or Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) systems. These systems are one in which interactions are not negligible.

Cocoyam starch (CYS), wheat starch (WS), pigeon pea starch (PPS) and rice starch (RS) were blended in different proportions (70CYS/30WS, 50CYS/50WS, 30CYS/70WS) (CYS/WS) and (70PPS/30RS, 50PPS/50RS, 30PPS/70RS) (PPS/RS) and their physicochemical properties were evaluated and compared. The apparent amylose contents of the CYS/WS blends ranged from 30.99% (50CYS/50WS) to 44.00% (30CYS/70WS) compared with 33.14% (30PPS/70WS) to 42.63% (50PPS/50RS) of the PPS/RS blends.

Traditional wired attendance systems or paper based attendance system a automated wireless fingerprint attendance system based on ZigBee technology is proposed. The system includes independent fingerprint acquisition module and attendance management module in computer. System realizes various functions such as information acquisition of fingerprint, processing, wireless transmission, fingerprint matching, and attendance management. Automatically considering topology of ZigBee network, the system uses wireless local area network.

The experiment was conducted during Kharif 2012 with cabbage variety varun. Three sprays of Profenophos and bifenthrin were given at head formation stage. The dissipation pattern of Profenophos showed initial deposit of 2.75 mg kg-1 dissipating to below detectable residues in 15 days after third spray when profenophos was sprayed at head formation stage. The dissipation pattern of bifenthrin indicated the initial deposit of 1.21 mg kg-1 dissipated to below detectable level on 7 days after third spray of bifenthrin at head formation stage.

The molecular interactions between HSA and Testosterone have been successfully investigated. The absorption, distribution and metabolism of many molecules can be altered based on their affinity to HSA. HSA is often increases the apparent solubility of hydrophobic ligands in plasma and modulate their delivery to cells. In this study, the interaction between Testosterone and HSA has been investigated using UV-VIS absorption spectrophotometry and FT-IR spectroscopy; binding constant and the effects on the protein secondary structure have been confirmed.

The aim of this study was to investigate temperature distribution and thermal stress analysis of isotropic rectangular plate due to convection by dissipation. The convection heat is applied in the form of partial distribution which is represented by Heaviside unit step function. The finite element formulation has been developed to solve governing heat conduction equation which results the rate of heat transfer and temperature distribution within rectangular plate.

One of the recent developments in E-learning is the introduction of wireless technology communications through Internet. Saudi Arabian education system is under stress to provide additional educational opportunities for increasing population and a desire to increase literacy rate. Internet offers a viable and cost effective alternative to formal classroom learning. All most all Saudi e-learning centre providing education with existing network connections through internet. This proposed research using WiMax technology, which maintains a high speed connection to an internet service provider.

Requirement engineering is a science which provides tools and techniques to collect, analyze and implement customer’s requirements.RE processes are considered to be the essential part for the success of any project. A lot of research has been done in the field of requirement engineering and suggested that if RE processes are followed by any software development team leads to higher success rate in terms of on time delivery, quality and development cost. In the stages of Requirement Engineering, Requirement gathering and analysis stage has been given the utmost importance.

Adult human bone marrow (BM) is the major source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for cell-based therapies. This study focuses to identify, isolate and characterize the mesenchymal stem cells that are believed to be present in BM. In the present study, six samples of human bone-marrow were collected. The key attributes like isolation efficiency, cell yield, colony-forming unit-fibroblast (CFU-F) frequency, phenotypic characteristics, and multi-lineage differentiation capacity were determined for the isolated MSCs from bone marrow specimens.

The major capsid protein, VP6 specify the sub-group specificity of Rotavirus and high titre of antibody are generated against VP6 gene. The Viral protein 6 (VP6), encoded by 6th segment of genomic double stranded RNA, is the main target for rotavirus detection both by serological methods and molecular techniques. A reverse transcription – PCR was standardized to amply the complete open reading frame (1194 bp) of human group A rotavirus VP6 gene.

Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is one of the most important food crops and a primary source of food for more than half of the world’s population. Rice is rich in carbohydrates and most of the Asian’s consumes rice in polished form. In developing countries of Asia, the prevalence of type II diabetes a major chronic disease is increasing enormously. Recent evidence from epidemiology and clinical studies reports that the adverse health is consequence of foods and diets rich in carbohydrates which are readily and extensively digested.

We have come across a number of herbal medicines used by local traditional healers of Manipur. And also the treatments of local healers are effective. But most of the herbal medicines used by the local healers consist of not only a single plant but also of a number of plants so that by the action of any one or the other plant the ailment can be cured blindly. Some of the plants might have some adverse effects on other organs and organ systems of the human body.

The survey consisted of collecting information using a questionnaire. Sampling covered 442 farmers of which 42 were sampled in the department of Boundiali, 150 in Ferkessédougou, 58 in Gbon, 52 in Karakoro, 50 in Kasséré, 40 in Korhogo and 50 in Tioro. The study revealed that 99 % farmers are male. Only, 1 % of them have attended school of general education. Agriculture is the main activity in 87 % of cases. Four main types of cattle are owned; N’Dama, Baoulé, zebu, Méré. Méré cattle are in extension in the study area; these cattle are owned by 46.5 % of farmer.

The oxidation stability of local base stock in the presence of two prepared Azo-compounds, namely 2-sec-butyl-4-((4-methoxyphenyl)-diazenyl) phenol (I) and 2-sec-butyl-4-((4-nitrophenyl)-diazenyl) phenol (II), was studied. The structures of the prepared compounds were carefully investigated via elemental analysis, I.R., 1H-NMR spectroscopy, and electron ionization mass spectroscopy (EI-MS). The oxidation reaction was tested using the change in total acid number (TAN), viscosity, and infra-red (IR) spectroscopy. The data showed that compound (I) is more efficient than compound (II).

The trnL-trnF intergenic spacer of cpDNA has been sequenced from Pongamia pinnata. These sequences were used for phylogenetic study to show the variations and relationships found in species Pongamia pinnata in its diversity of distribution. The results give sufficient evidence to the morphological and genetic relationships and variations found in Pongamia pinnata. The study concludes that no single source of information should be used unequivocally to determine phylogenetic relationships among the closely related but highly diversified taxa associated with the genus Pongamia.

This anthropometric study was conducted on inter university male Senior Football players (n=27) of Guru Nanak Dev university, Punjab and junior football players (n=20) of national school games camp held in Jalandhar, having age ranging from 18 to 25 years. Eleven anthropometric parameters were taken with standard instruments and standardized techniques followed by Weiner and Lourie, 1969. The results this study reveals that the senior football players were found heavier for body weight and taller in stature with respect to junior (U-17) football players.

Background: Mobile money has seen a rapid growth with dramatic increase in customer subscriptions. Launched in Kenya in the year 2007, the total subscriptions by the year 2012 reached 18.4 million subscribers according to Communications Commission of Kenya report (2011/2012). Services offered through the mobile money platform presents business transactional opportunities that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can adopt since their needs are not always well served by conventional banking system.

The integration of holistic therapies and human development in personal and professional contexts has been marked as a tendency of this century. This paper seeks to show how applied kinesiology can be used as an adjuvant in human enhancement and targeting processes using Coaching. The descriptive and integrative study of literature is associated with pragmatic perception of therapists as users of techniques.

Higher education institutions especially minority educational institutions are charged with formation of human capital through teaching, building knowledge base through research and knowledge development, and dissemination and use of knowledge by interacting with the knowledge users. Higher education is becoming increasing competitive in terms of students, staff and resource. Because of the increasing demand for access to it by the masses, it has shifted the service of elite that it was, to service open to the masses.

The conversion of rural into urban may not be a one day phenomenon but continuation of actions and operations on value behavior culture, mode of living and economy of the society. There is however a growing feeling that these experiments have not been able the arrest the ever widening supply demand gap for urban land of course and hence, the result may vary from place to place depending upon various factors and hence, the process urbanizations may not be spread evenly throughout world.

The purpose of this paper was to examine low income classes attitudes towards sustainability. The study was justified by the importance of the theme sustainability, by the growth of the low-income segment and finally due to the shortage of scholarly work focused on low income conscious consumer. After reviewing the literature a quantitative study (survey) was conducted. A convenience sample of 410 individuals was selected considering socio-economic classification, belonging to the classes CD and residents in the city of Sao Paulo. A structured questionnaire was used.

With increasing competition in the market consumers have become more demanding about the level of services offered by companies. Thus, organizations have prized by the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers in an attempt to overcome the difficulties that arise. Thus, this article was reported to the following question: how the services offered by the company Refrigás Refrigeration contribute to (dis) satisfaction of the customers?

The study focused on the importance of language proficiency in the learning of science and technology with attention given to the review of research studies on language proficiency and students’ academic performance in science and technology within the context of the debate on the choice of language of instruction in schools. This study employed a descriptive survey type. Pearson Product Moment Correlation Co-efficient and Descriptive Statistics were statistical tools used.

Shoes are known to be direct contributing factor for foot ills. Approximately for two third of life of an individual, the feet are housed in footwear. Studies have shown that shoes are a contributing factor to the foot ills like corns and callus. Because footwear and fit are importantly involved in healthy foot growth in children, it is essential to devote special attention to the effects of footwear on foot especially during the early years of life when the feet are soft and moldable.

Liberalism as a universal thought, after the collapse of the East Front, gained its former power as a dominant idea on the global market. It is natural that a universal idea influences the local ideas worldwide. This article hypothesizes the impact of liberalism on religious intellectuals after the 1980s, covering the first decade after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in a case study of the ideas of Abdolkarim Soroush.

The complexity of the business environment has led to unprecedented importance of strategic planning and execution. Excellent organizations comprehensively measure and achieve outstanding results with respect to the key elements of their policy and strategy. Although formulating a consistent strategy is a difficult task for any management team, making that strategy work – implementing it throughout the organization – is even more difficult. Implementation of strategy calls for a systematic approach.

The purpose of this investigation was to determine the influence of different scientific training on physiological variables such as Maximum Oxygen Consumption (Vo2 max) and resting pulse rate of working middle aged women. To achieve the purpose of the study ninety middle aged women were chosen at random from Vethathri Maharishi Trust in Sirumugai. Their age ranged from thirty five to fifty years.

Insurance companies are important institutional investors in the credit market; they have played a significant role in the recent financial crisis by which they were substantially affected. Regulations and risk management did not help to control that crisis or nor did they reduce its magnitude. In this paper, we review the insurers’ role in the crisis from the agency theory viewpoint.

Socio-economic development is a very important domain in recent lifestyle in India. The majority of the peoples were not receiving pure drinking water and enough food. The water and sanitation condition becoming the worst day by day. The government and Non-Government organizations (NGO) were running number of programs to overcome of the water crisis in Maharashtra, but rapid urbanisation brings along several challenges related to water quality issues and sanitation. However, the lives of poor people were becoming serious concern for government in case of health, education, employment, etc.

Identity crisis has become one of the most important topics in the politics of north-east India. Every ethnic group is in active mood to preserve their ethno-based identity. Like the other communities, the Koch-Rajbanshis also facing identical problem for centuries. Initially, their efforts to protect own ethnic identity was democratic and peaceful in nature. But now such identical problems become too adverse that some of them indulge in political assertions and violence. Even some of them have gone for underground fighting.

Accounting researchers in the last three decades have come to realise the importance of viewing accounting in the wider context in which it operates. The aim of the paper is to challenge the change in economic conditions in Egypt as the sole driving force behind the shift from Uniform Accounting System to the introduction of Egyptian Accounting Standards. This study is adopting ideas derived from Michel Foucault in explaining the localized power forces and reveal the discourse that may have contributed to the application of accounting standards in the Egyptian environment.

In the present study, aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Curculigo orchioides was investigated for antimicrobial activity. The microorganisms employed were Erwinia amylovora, Klebsiella pneumonia, Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacter cloacae. The susceptibility of bacterial strains against the two extracts were determined using the disk diffusion method. In the aqueous extract of C. orchioides showed maximum antimicrobial activity against Klebsiella pneumonia (18.49 mm) than other organisms.

Field observation on the distributions of a coastal plant Ipomoea pes-caprae along the sandy beach of Puducherry (northern part) revealed that Ipomoea pescaprae was growing profusely only along supra - littoral zone (Plant zone) of the sandy coastal region. An attempt to understand the factors that influenced such restricted distribution along the supra-littoral zone revealed that fine sand with medium grains with low pH and EC along with moisture and organic carbon collectively influenced the distribution.

This study was conducted at the faculty of Agriculture Omdurman Islamic University .The Rose plant rootstock Rosa canina (bankisia) cuttings were obtained on from Khartoum National Botanical Garden. These cuttings were sown in polyethylene bags on first of November 2004. On the first of February 2005, the bankesia rootstock were budded with a hybrid tea cv. Alec’s Red Rose .sixty four budded rootstocks were selected and placed in the nursery, and were given all appropriate cultural practices as required.

Many people suffering with depression may abuse alcohol or other substances. Despite a few of them become dependent on this substances or drugs. Khat is one of the substance which was classified by WHO in 1980’s as a drug of abuse that can produce mild- to- moderate psychological dependence (less than tobacco or alcohol), long-term abuse of khat may cause or worse depression (Nutt D- 2007). However men or women with depression are more likely to suffer from both substance abuse & substance dependence than are other.

Aims and objective: The present study was aimed to see the effects of omega-3 fatty acid on lead induced general and behavioral profile in wistar rats. Materials and Methods: 32 Male wistar Rats (weight 180±20 g) were acclimatized for 1 week prior to experimental use and after that divided into four groups of 8 rats each.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non- infectious skin disease affects both sexes. Gandhaga Chunnam (GC) has been employed as a traditional remedy for psoriasis which is a siddha herbo-mineral formulation contains gandhagam (sulphur) in its calcinated form. GC is further evaluated for toxicological effects. Acute and sub acute toxicity studies with GC were carried out on Swiss albinorats. During acute toxicity study there were no any adverse effects found in the general behavior and no mortality at any dose level given(2000 mg/kg/b.wt).

Peppermint oil and hypertonic sugar solution has antifungal effect against candida pecies. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of vaginal suppositories composed of peppermint oil and sugar at fixed ratio of 1: 2 respectively on signs and symptoms of Vulvo-vaginal Candidiasis (VVC) among pregnant women. The subjects and methods of this study included a convenience sample of 60 pregnant women attending Ante-natal clinics, Tanta University, 30 were study group and 30 were control group.

Adolescence is a period from childhood to adulthood and is characterized by a spurt in physical, endocrinal, emotional and mental growth, with a change from complete dependence to relative independence. The period of adolescence for a girl is a period of physical and psychological preparation for safe motherhood. As the direct reproducers of future generations, the health of adolescent girls influences not only their own health, but also the health of the future population. Almost a quarter of India’s population comprises of girls below 20 years.

Background: in the recent years, there is emergence and dissemination of E. coli strains resistance to broad-spectrum of antimicrobial agents. Resistance in bacteria is largely due to the genetic exchange of resistance genes, and this exchange are due to genes called integrons. Objectives: the aim of this study were to assess the presence of class 1 integrons in drug resistance E. coli in the study area, and to analyze the association between the gene and MDR in bacteria. Methods: One hundred and eighty of E.

Background: The roles of physicians in oral healthcare delivery are very important due to the unequal distribution of the low oral health manpower as well as the lack of awareness of patients concerning the treatment of oral health problems by dentists Material and Method: The present study was undertaken to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of dental awareness among medical practitioners in Davangere, Karnataka, India. The present study is Cross-sectional survey conducted among the medical practitioner. India.

We report a food-borne outbreak of diarrhoeal illness caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus associated with consumption of Hindu Puja offerings, a completely vegetarian food. In the month of August 2014, stool samples from five hospitalised patients, was sent to us at Calcutta School Of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata in Cary-Blair transport media from CMOH office of District Hospital, Nandigram, Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal for Bacteriological examination.

Introduction: This study aimed to explore the academic stress among undergraduate healthcare professional students in India, before and after implementing specific Coping strategies. Academic stress plays an important role in mental health. It is essential that stress intervention programs be designed to address stress among college students. Materials and Methods: One group pre-test post-test, research design was used in the study. This quasi-experimental study was performed in 106 undergraduate healthcare students.

Background: Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disorder associated with chronic inflammatory, destructive, and deforming symmetrical Polyarthritis associated with symmetrical involvement of joints. Aim: The present study evaluates anti-arthritic efficacy of herbo-mineral formulation pooneeru diravagam (PD) in animal models. Materials and Methods: The anti-arthritic activity of Pooneeru diravagam (in doses of 0.2 ml/kg and 0.4 ml/kg of body wt.) Was evaluated using the Freund's complete adjuvant in to the sub plantar region of the left hind paw.

Impaired quality of life is a grave, pervasive, and one of the most serious problems in the community care of patients with schizophrenia. Psycho educational programs that provide patient’s with information about the illness, it’s course and medical regimen, various coping strategies, problem solving and ways to minimize the patient’s chance of relapse may help patients to enhance their quality of life. Aim: the study aimed to assess the impact of psycho educational program on the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia. Design: this study followed a quasi-experimental design.

A 35 year old man was admitted to the emergency department with a fast ventricular rate atrial fibrillation after an electrical shock. Successful pharmacological cardioversion was achieved after 16 hours of amiodarone infusion and patient was discharged on oral cardorone. Serum cardiac specific markers were all within normal limits. Acute onset atrial fibrillation after electrical injury is discussed.

Infertility is a serious problem in the world today. It is problem because of psychological and physical suffering that it causes, and it is also a problem because of economic consequences it has, both for these infertile couples who seek medical help and for society as a whole. Infertility is worldwide problem; however it should be possible to make great strides toward solving some aspects of this problem in the coming year (Sciarra 1994). “For most people, diagnosis and treatment is a traumatic process”.

Introduction: The most common cause of male infertility is varicocele that is treatable. Clinical examination of scrotum is the main technique diagnosing for it, which is subject to great inter and intra-observer variation. We tried to evaluate intra-observer variation of physical examination in diagnosing of varicocele. Methods: This study was performed among 113 men who had varicoceles and were reexamined and graded by an urologist. Data were analyzed by SPSS and p-value less than 0.05 were considered significant. Results: The mean age of patients was 33.4 years.

Phosphor is considered among the major pollutants in water environments. Phosphor contamination in surface water and groundwater resources originates mainly from the excessive use of fertilizers and uncontrolled land discharges of untreated wastewater. Discharge of it into the environment causes very health impact. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficiency of Fenton’s advanced oxidation process (H2O2/Fe+2) in phosphor removal from aqueous solutions. This is an experimental study which is carried out in laboratory scale.

Biosurfactants are amphiphilic compounds produced by microorganisms as secondary metabolite. Biosurfactants are microbially produced surface active agents and occur in nature as chemical entities such as glycolipids, phospholipids and lipopeptides. These molecules have attracted considerable scientific attention due to lower toxicity, higher biodegradability. The present study deals with the production and partial purification and characterization of a biosurfactant by Pseudomonas fluorescens. The properties of biosurfactant that was separated by acetone precipitation.

The present work was aimed at developing an animal model for the delineation of the immune features of the Salmonella typhi associated cryglobulinemia. The elected immune system was the rabbit. The test stimulant was S.typhi O antigen and the specific immune priming protocols were: Two systemic, one mucosal multisite, and one combined systemic-mucosal routs. The attitude was being through the demonstration for the effects of the time duration after the end of priming protocols.

Pectinase producing microorganisms were isolated from fruit waste disposable area soil samples of Pazhamuthir Nilayam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and screened in modified Czapek- Dox media with citrus pectin as sole carbon source. Among the isolates, only four fungal strains showed hydrolyzing zone of pectinolytic activity. Since Paecilomyces variotii showed maximum clearance zone of 36 mm (out of colony diameter of 57 mm), it was selected as acandidate for the study.

The international law represents a radiation of the states of the international society, states that are situated in a permanent interdependence, just because of the relationships which are created between them. The existence of a distinct branch of law- the environmental law-is also imposed by the relatively unitary nature of the social action regarding the protection of the natural factors or those created through human activities of the environment.

The study influenced of cultural practices on leaf blight disease (Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae) severity and yield of PSBRc72H was conducted to identify combinations of different cultural practices that will gave conditions unfavorable to bacterial leaf blight disease and its’ influence on the agronomic characteristics and yield of PSBRc72H. The experiment was laid out in strip – split plot arranged in Randomized Complete block Design (RCBD) replicated three times The analyses showed the following findings: 1.

Till date most acceptable method of estimation of dissolved oxygen in water sample is Winklar’s method (APHA-2005). The method of calculation of data is followed by the formula V1x N x E x 1000/ V4 (V2- V3/V2). Where, V1= Quantity of the sample water. V1 = Quantity of sodium thiosulphate used in titration. N = Normality of sodium thiosulphate (N/80). V4 = Quantity of sample taken for titration. V3 = Quantity of alkaline iodite and manganese sulphate. E = Equivalent weight of O2.

Antibacterial activity was evaluated on crude extracts of marine bivalves, namely Anadara granosa, Placenta placenta and Pinctada fucata were collected from Vellar estuary, Parangipettai, Tamilnadu, India. The antibacterial activity was carried out against 10 pathogens. The human pathogen S. aureus showed 6 mm. against crude methanol extract of A. granosa and 5mm in Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholorae and Vibrio parahaemolyticus against methanol crude extract of P. placenta. In P. fucata 8 mm. was observed an against Streptococcus pyogens.

The term Cystatin (Thiol Proteinaseinhibitor) refers to proteins that specifically inhibit the activity of papain like lysosomal cysteine proteinases. They serve a protective function and regulate the activities of endogenous proteinases, which if not regulated may cause uncontrolled proteolysis and damage to cells and tissues. They are non covalent tight binding proteins which are widely distributed in animals, plants and microorganisms. Dopamine abbreviated as "DA” is an amino acid neurotransmitter; it is a chemical substance which is able to transmit a nerve message across a synapse.

Seagrasses are one of the predominant groups of marine flora that grows in tidal and subtidal region of the shallow coastal environment. Spatial variability of seagrass distribution, biomass, canopy height, productivity and environmental parameters were recorded at 24 stations all along the Tamilnadu coast during 2011 and 2012. Thirteen seagrass species of six genera were recorded, among which H. ovalis was found to be distributed all along the coast of Tamilnadu, and C. serrulata was found densely populated in the shallow coastal regions of Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar (GOM). H.

Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide had been in global use as a part of pest management strategy. Its exposure has resulted in multifaceted damage to various organs including brain. Hence, there is an urgent need to seek out certain herbal, biochemical and pharmaceutical formulations with an innate potential to curb toxicities induced by endosulfan.

Tow Field experiments was conducted at two locations (AL-Muthanna and Thi-Qar province). The first experiment to evaluate the performance of nine promising genotypes of durum wheat (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9) and the local genotype (Behooth 7) called (D10). The second experiment to evaluate the performance of seven promising genotypes of soft wheat (W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7) and compare them with three local ge notypes (Abu Ghraib, Furat and IBA 99). Randomized complete block design with three replications was used in this experiments.

In order to determine the effect of air pollution on protein content of pollen, two species of Cassia viz. C. siamia L. and C. fistula L were studie from industrial area of Nagpur (MIDC, Hingna). Civil lines area was considered as control area. Pollen proteins were extracted, and analyzed by SDS PAGE method. Total protein content of pollen extracts was measured by method of Lowry et. al. (1951). Our investigations revealed noticeable differences in protein contents.

Land degradation is a global problem caused by a variety of factors and processes. It is estimated that about 2 billion ha area in the world is under various forms of land degradation and another about 5-7 million ha of arable land of the world is lost annually due to land degradation. In India, the land degradation has been estimated ranging from 53 to 188 Mha. In the western Himalayan region land degradation is a major issue which is assigned to both natural and anthropogenic causes.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common infectious disease ranking next to upper respiratory tract infection is the cause of morbidity and mortality in human. They are mostly caused by bacteria. 50-80% women experience UTI at least once or twice in their lives. Enteric pathogens (e.g. E.coli.) are most commonly responsible, it is well established that for UTI, but Klebsiella sp., Enterobacter sp. and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus sp. are also responsible grams positive organisms including Enterococcus sp.

The present study was carried out that preliminary phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity was carried out in Strychnos nux-vomica against four selected pathogenic bacteria by disc diffusion method. The preliminary phytocompound such as carbohydrate, tannin and phenolic compounds, flavonoids and phytosterol shows the presence of chloroform, ethyl acetate and ethanol leaf extract of Strychnos nux-vomica. Where as in phytosterol compound is absent in chloroform leaf extract.

At a molecular level, plants are rather leaky. They are perpetually sloughing off cells, leaking moisture, nutrients, carbohydrates and other compounds. Because the plant roots provide food, shelter and energy, areas of very high biological diversity are found directly on roots and the areas next to them. This area is collectively called the rhizosphere. The role of rhizobia, mycorrhizae, biological control organisms, and the whole of the soil food web in maintaining soil quality for crop production have been reported by various researchers.

Laboratory experiments were conducted to find out the impact of the prey, Periallia ricini third instars stage and deprivation period on the feeding behavior and predatory rate of life stages was evaluated against an economically important lepidopteran pest, P. ricini (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) under laboratory conditions. Third, fourth, fifth (nymphal instars) and adult (male and female) at 1st, 2ndand 3rd day under laboratory conditions.

An experiment was conducted in cabbage utilizing the insecticides profenophos 50 EC (1000g a.i.ha-1) and bifenthrin 10 EC (100 g a.i.ha-1) by spraying on cabbage at head initiation stage followed by another spray after 10 days and the samples were collected at. 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 days after last spray and analyzed. The initial deposits of 0.99 mg kg-1 profenophos recorded at 2 hours after last spray dissipated to 0.16 mg kg-1 by 5 days and below determination level (BDL) by 10th day.

Fine needle aspiration cytology has become an accepted and cost effective procedure for rapid diagnosis of thyroid lesions. This procedure was firmly established as an important test for the evaluation of thyroid disease and an effective test for the preoperative diagnosis thyroid nodule (Gharib et al., 1993). Objectives: 1) To study the cytological features in the thyroid lesions 2) To correlate the cytological and histopathological observation, wherever possible.





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