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March 2019

Background: The maximum tensile bond strength between acrylic special tray and silicone impressions is achieved when adhesive is allowed to dry for a longer period of time, usually 15 minutes. This delays the impression making procedure. Aims and Objectives: This study tested the tensile bond strength of tray adhesive on special trays using warm air to dry and hence decrease its drying time. Materials and Methods: 48 test specimens were prepared with autopolymerizing acrylic resin.

Background: Diabetes Mellitus is a major leading health problem worldwide. DM type 2 is the most predominant type. High fibrinogen level in type 2 diabetes mellitus has been suggested to play a role in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in patients with type2 diabetes. Objective: The study aimed to determine the fibrinogen level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Methods: The study included fifty patients (cases) with type 2 diabetes mellitus and twenty are none diabetic (control group).

Objectives: The study was conducted in Dar Al Uloom University during the period (June - August 2017 ) to assess the implementation of cell block technique in the diagnosis of liver disease based on specimen adequacy and diagnostic accuracy, to evaluate the level of background staining, cellularity, nuclear, cytoplasmic preservation in cell block section, to compare the differences between the diagnostic results of cell block slides, conventional smears and to explore the feasibility of the use of cell block preparation in routine cytology.

Obstructive Sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea caused by complete or partial obstructions in the upper airway. It is characterized by repeated episodes of shallow or slow breathing during sleep, despite the effort to breathe, and is generally associated with a reduction in blood oxygen saturation. These episodes of reduced breathing, called "apneas" (literally, "without breathing"), usually last between 20 and 40 seconds. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common medical condition associated with considerable morbidity and is recognized and diagnosed more frequently.

Purpose: To compare the impact on the ocular surface of glaucomatous patients under monotherapy by latanoprost, tafluprost, bimatoprost and bimatoprost/timolol 0.50% fixed combination. Patients and Methods: This is a single center, clinical and epidemiological study. Fourty glaucomatous patients (20 males; 20 females), age and sex-matched were divided in four groups according to monotherapy (latanoprost 0.005%, tafluprost 0.0015%, bimatoprost 0.03% and bimatoprost 0.03%/timolol 0.50% fixed combination).

Introduction: Fetal growth restriction is the second most common cause of perinatal death and the most important cause for it is utero-placental insufficiency. Utero-placental insufficiency is a process leading to progressive deterioration of placental function and a decrease in trans-placental transfer of oxygen and nutrients to fetus. Therefore early detection and treatment of utero-placental insufficiency is required. In this study we have tried to find out the effects of utero-placental insufficiency on fetus. Aims and objectives: 1.

Introduction: Patient safety culture is of concern to the scientific community because failures in health care, even today, are causes of many damages to the patient. This study aimed to analyse the perception of safety attitudes of professionals in the intensive care unit with respect to time experience and gender. Methodology: A cross-sectional study to assess patient safety culture among professionals in the intensive care unit of a teaching hospital in Brazil, using the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire. The descriptive and variance analysis presented significance level (α) of 5%.

Blood transfusion is an important mode of transmission of infections to recipients. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of transfusion-transmissible infections among blood donors. Donors and recipients were screened for seroprevalence of HIV, HBV and HCV. A total of 5938 persons were tested for HIV, The seroprevalence of HIV was 0.43% in the donors. The seroprevalence of HBV and HCV was 0.27% and 0.17% 1.7% respectively.

The customer’s choice of toothpaste may seem a light topic to be discussed. This survey discusses the factors that influence the customer’s choice as well as the most common brand preferred among various age groups. This information can help understand the type of oral hygiene methods that patients feel comfortable to approach and use. It can also help to understand the knowledge level of patients regarding dental hygiene.

Background: Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive disease that affects the quality of life of the patient and is difficult to treat. If untreated, it may diminish the quality of life by affecting the patient's home, work and social life. Therefore, its treatment is of great significance. In our study, we evaluated the results of complex decongestive treatment in patients with lower extremity secondary lymphedema. Methods: 23 patients with secondary lymphedema in their lower extremity in the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of Kayseri City Hospital were included in the study.

The management of traumatic injuries to patient’s dentition is an integral part of the general dental practice. One of the most important challenges for dentists is the recovery of extensive destroyed teeth. A multi-disciplinary approach is required in Treatment of crown fractures. However, crown-root fractures with fracture line below the gingival attachment or alveolar bone crest present restorative difficulties. In this case report we have presented a 22-year-old male who reported with fractured upper right central incisor following trauma.

Metabolomics is the study of small, low molecular weight cellular metabolites that are the end products of metabolism. Metabolomics reflects the downstream of gene expression and very closer to the phenotype of animals than proteomics or genomics. In addition to gene expression, post- transcriptional and posttranslational modification regulate metabolic activities of living creatures. The potential advantage of metabolomic information add metabolomic data to SNP-based genomic prediction approaches integrated with conventional phenotypic data in genomic selection programs.

Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of constraint induced movement therapy in improving upper limb function of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Methodology: After satisfying inclusion and exclusion criteria the subjects were randomly selected and assigned in two group: group1 (Experimental Group) and group 2 (Controlled Group). Each group consists of 15 samples on which after applying QUEST, T- test also applying to analysed difference between two groups which is further sub- divided between Pre- Treatment and Post Treatment.

The basic prerequisites for successful endodontic treatment are firstly a comprehensive knowledge on the root canal anatomy and proper identification of all the canals, meticulous chemo-mechanical preparation followed by three dimensional obturation with hermetic seal. Failure of any of these steps may occur due to unusual tooth morphology. Usually mandibular first molars have two roots with three canals (mesiobuccal, mesiolingual & distal) but in few cases, the number of roots and canals vary.

Purpose: To study clinical presentation, laboratory results, imaging findings and treatment options and outcomes of retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF). To determine whether it follows the same natural course and response to treatment in the Asian population as in the Western world. Materials and Methods: Medical records of patients diagnosed with RPF on imaging and histopathology between February 2012 and April 2018 were reviewed. Results: Of the 21 patients analyzed, mean age at presentation was 50.81 years. The male to female ratio was 0.9:1.

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) or Wilckodontics is a clinical procedure that combines selective alveolar corticotomy, particulate bone grafting and the application of orthodontic forces.

Abridged elasticity in Hamstrings and Back leads to Back Pain, Muscle strains, etc. This aims, outcome of Supervised Self Myofascial Release over plantar fascia increasing Hamstring in addition to Lumbar Flexibility. Inclusion -exclusion criteria subjects were selected, informed consent taken. Screening done by Active knee extension. Subjects being randomly divided into 2 groups: Group A (experimental) treated under supervision, B (control) not given the intervention for time being. Pre and post Treatment were stastically analysed.

Background: Open fractures are a difficult entity, often complicated by infection and nonunion. Bone loss in such fractures adds to the complexity. Conventional techniques of bone defect management are mainly directed toward fracture union but not against preventing infection or joint stiffness. In this case series, we evaluated Masquelet’s technique for management of open fractures with bone loss. Materials and Methods: Twenty seven open fractures with bone defect, which presented within 3 days of trauma were planned for treatment by Masquelet’s technique.

Aim: The aim of our study is to define the epidemiological profile and antibiotic sensitivity of isolated bacteria from blood cultures, in order to enhance the probabilistic antibiotherapy of bacteremia. Material and method: This is a retrospective study, conducted in the laboratory of bacteriology at IBN TOFAIL hospital in Marrakesh over a period of one year (January 2016-January 2018), covering all the bacteria isolated in blood cultures collected from inpatients.

Background: Anesthesia is defined as a health practice that makes the patient unaware of their surroundings during a surgical procedure. The thought of undergoing general anesthesia frightens many people worldwide. There are some different types of therapies used for reducing the effect of anxiety before administration of the general anesthesia. Music is a non-pharmacological, inexpensive, and safe technique to reduce the anxiety before general anesthesia. Objectives: 1)To assess the effectiveness of non-pharmacological management of anxiety for patients going for general anaesthesia.

Background: Thalassemia is the name of a group of genetic blood disorders. To understand how thalassemia affects the human body, you must first understand a little about how blood is made. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying component of the red blood cells. It consists of two different proteins, an alpha and a beta. If the body doesn’t produce enough of either of these two proteins, the red blood cells do not form properly and cannot carry sufficient oxygen. The result is anemia that begins in early childhood and lasts throughout life.

Background: Nausea and vomiting are among the most prevalent and disturbing side effects of chemotherapy. Therefore, there is a need for additional antiemetic agents that could effectively reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), whether alone or in combination with current standard therapies. Since clinical data on the effectiveness of ginger in patients with breast cancer is lacking, the present study aimed to evaluate the effects of ginger against both acute and delayed forms of CINV in a population with breast cancer as the main malignancy.

Background: High level of suspicion of heterotrophic pregnancy (HP) is necessary, when women within their reproductive ages present with symptoms of acute abdomen. Although regarded as a rare phenomenon, increased incidence of heterotrophic pregnancy from spontaneous and ART (assisted reproductive technology) have been observed. It could lead to life-threatening condition, if diagnosis is delayed. Spontaneous heterotrophic pregnancy is the presence of two gestations simultaneously, with an estimated prevalence of 0.08% in normal conception.

Objective: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist (RANZCP) Clinical Practice Guideline for Schizophrenia and Related Disorders highlights the importance of regular monitoring of physical health in those with psychotic illnesses. This audit is a retrospective review of current practice at a regional community mental health team* with regards to identifying patients on anti-psychotic medications and monitoring those at risk of metabolic syndrome in comparison to the standards set by the RANZCP Guidelines for metabolic monitoring.

Electronic banking is generally an extension of traditional banking, using the internet as an electric delivery channel for banking products and services. The banking today is redefined and re-engineered with the use of IT and it is sure that the future of banking will offer more sophisticated services to customers with the continuous product and process innovations. Thus there is a paradigm shift from seller’s market to buyer’s market. So banks also change their approach from “Conventional Banking to Convenience Banking” and “Mass banking to Class Banking”.

This study aimed to develop and validate the Laboratory Workbook in Plant Biology. It was conducted at Eastern Samar State University during the second semester of school year 2016-2017 with 34 2nd year BSED Biological Science major students and 5 plant biology professors/instructors as respondents. The study used the descriptive-experimental method to describe and evaluate the developed laboratory workbook in Plant Biology using the questionnaire checklist and test results in gathering data.

The main purpose of this study is to assess EFL teachers’ practice of using authentic materials in improving students’ communicative competence. The researchers selected five woredas out of 14 woredas using simple random sampling technique. Thus, 15 English language teachers who were teaching English language in the year 2017/18 the schools were selected for interviews, questionnaires, document analysis, and classroom observation by using simple random sampling technique.

A particular solar cooker namely the Binary oppositions are necessary attributes of the Universe. One important manifestation of bipolarity is duality of mental processes, defined by brain lateralization on left and right hemisphere, what determines the creative activity in a particular area: art or science, poetry or painting, physics or lyrics. It is known to divide people into two opposite class: the romantics (right-brain) and pragmatics (left-brain).

Background: The study focused on discipline and organizational performance in Nigeria. The study was carried out because of the high level of indiscipline amongst some workers which always affects the level of organizational performance. Ethical theory was employed to analyze the subject matter. Methods: The study used only secondary sources of data through literature review approach. The data collected from literature sources were discussed qualitatively.

In the contemporary global economic scenario international trade and business transactions are highly influenced by the tax agreements between the tax jurisdictions, India is a signatory for about 100 double taxation avoidance agreements. The paper brings out the important features of Indian double taxation avoidance agreements, Indian network of tax agreements, Comprehensive and limited agreements, Relief mechanism, Structure of tax agreements, Taxing rights of the countries and Withholding tax rates applicable.

The purpose of this study was to find out: (1) Quality of work productivity of employees in the Solar Water Drinking Water Company Bogor, and (2) Improve the quality of work productivity of employees in the Bogor Water Drinking Water Company Bogor. Limitation of the problem in this study includes improving the quality of work productivity of employees. Besides that, this research focuses on the main problems. Other restrictions are time and cost constraints.

The purpose of this research is to get answers to two legal issues, namely first, why is it carried out sealing of bankrupt assets, second, what are the benefits of sealing bankrupt assets for Curators and for Creditors. Legal material collection techniques with structured interviews with parties related to existing legal issues.

This paper unleashes the idea that financial ratio analysis is the one of the powerful tool to analysis the financial Statements. It provides meaningful understanding and interpretation which absolute accounting data cannot provide.

In this review of the professional literature, we analyzeattributional feedback and its effect on self-beliefs and academic achievement. As defined by various researchers, attributional feedback refers to feedback that focuses on the students’ abilities and efforts. Studies on the effects of these two types of praise in combination and isolation show a positive correlation between attributional feedback, self-beliefs, and academic achievement.

Background: Rain water harvesting (RWH) is a technology that can be used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, open land surfaces using simple storage utensils such as tanks, pits and cistern. Harvested rainwater is a renewable source of clean water that is ideal for multiple uses.

Revenue authorities are continually implementing strategies to enhance quality of taxpayer services as well as optimize revenue collection within set timelines and budgets. In this regard, Kenya Revenue Authority introduced the iTax system, to enable taxpayers declare tax payable by themselves at the comfort of their homes and offices. This paper is premised on the Technology Acceptance Model). It designed to establish the factors that influence acceptance of the iTax system in Kenya.

Education policies in Kenya are based on the philosophy spelt out in Sessional Paper No. 10 of 1964 on African Socialism and its Application to Planning in Kenya. The thrust of the Jomtien Conference of 1990 was that all children, young people and adults have the fundamental right to benefit from an education that would meet their basic learning needs. The Dakar Conference in Senegal in 2000 obliged all countries of Africa to achieve education for all by the year 2015.

Indomethacin (IND) is an extensively used drug. However, it provokes aggressive ulcerogenic potential. Chamomile is a widely used as natural herb with a powerful antioxidant activity. This study aims to assess the effects of chamomile flowers extract (CFE) in IND induced peptic ulcer (PU). Fifty rats classified to five groups; control, ulcer, and pretreated groups with CFE (200 mg/kg), pretreated with ranitidine RAN (50 mg/kg), and pretreated with CFE+RAN for 14 days pre-ulcer induction.

Diverse cultures have elaborated outstanding variety of ways of relating with nature. Many of these are ecologically adaptive, but this is not to say that all of them make ecological sense. Ethnoecology of bushfire among the rural Bakweri people indicates that bushfire is an ancient practice though local practices altered slightly over time in response to larger political and environmental events. The effects of bushfire on the livelihoods and on the ecosystem in Cameroon have more and more become damaging over the years.

India is a country which reveres the country as ‘Motherland’ and ‘Bharatha Matha’. It names its rivers with women names: ‘Ganga’, ‘Cauvery’, ‘Godavari’ ‘Narmadha’ and ‘Tungabadra’. There are many Goddesses who are worshipped for their valour, courage and strength. The culture, though seemingly patriarchal is bound to be maternal in all aspects. It pays the highest regard to the mother in the family. Gender sensitivity is the awareness and acceptance of the ‘ignored sex’ – the female gender.

Emotional Maturity refers to one’s own ability to control emotions and how well an individual is able to respond to situations when dealing with others and faced with difficulties. The purpose of this study was to find the level of emotional maturity of 20–24 years students and to find out if there is significant difference between male and female in emotional maturity. A total number of 100 Post Graduate students of age 20-24 years old were selected randomly as sample for the present study from the hostels of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat.

In the changing phase of the business environment of the world, ample of advances and progress have been made in our understanding the relationship between entrepreneurships and innovations. Yet, an adequate understanding concentrating the articulation of entrepreneurship, innovation and growth is lacking in India. The immediate objective of this paper is to shed light on the flourishing start up systems in today’s scenario in India. Also to understand how new entrepreneurs have evolved in the recent past and the role of innovation in the growth process of an enterprise.

Introduction: Stone disease is a world wide health problem. We evaluated the efficacy of nifedipine and alfuzosin in the medical management of symptomatic, uncomplicated lower ureteral stones. Materials & methods: This was a randomized controlled prospective study to determine the efficacy of alfuzosin and nidedipine as medical expulsive therapy, to increase the stone-expulsion rates in distal ureteric calculus of size less than 10 mm. Patients were randomly divided into three equal groups of 70 patients each.

Objectives: Although only three studies are available in Saudi Arabia concerning celiac disease (CD) in Down Syndrome (DS), they showed considerable variation in the serological prevalence (4-15.5 %) and in the prevalence of biopsy-proven CD (2-10.7%). Thus, we aim to use meta-analysis to examine the prevalence of celiac disease (CD) in patients with down syndrome (DS) in Saudi Arabia (SA) using meta-analysis for these three studies. Methods: We used the comprehensive systematic search through database and journals followed by selection processes.

Ectodermal dysplasia relates to a group of inherited disorders where the ectodermal derivatives such as skin, sebaceous glands, hair, enamel and nails are malformed. Oligodontia or hypodontia along with abnormal shape of crown is a common dental feature of ectodermal dysplasia. There may be reduction in vertical dimension as alveolar process does not develop in absence of teeth along with varying degrees of xerostomia due to hypoplasia of salivary glands.

Introduction: Hypertension is one of the leading cause of global burden of disease and as it is a chronic condition with significant detrimental effects on the wide range of health outcomes, cost effective management of hypertension a appears to be a great challenge for both developed as well as developing countries eventhough recently there have been lot of studies on pharmaco- economics and out come research in the field of hypertension globally, but the results cannot be exactly extrapolated to Indian scenario as the economic status and socio economics factors are different in India as c

Purpose: To determine the favorable therapeutic position for Chinese manipulation in treating lumbar disc herniation. Methods: We developed a three-dimensional finite element model of L3-5 for the normal spine, along with a mild degeneration and a moderate degeneration model, and carried out a comparative study between the manipulation with lateral position and that with sitting position. The displacement and stress distribution in the intervertebral disc of L4 were investigated.

Background: Oral cancer refers to cancers affecting the mouth, lip and oral cavity. The two major known risk factors for oral cancer are alcohol and tobacco. These factors have a synergistic effect so people who both drink and use tobacco have a much higher risk of oral cancer than those using only al- cohol or tobacco. Other factors that have been impli- cated in the development of oral cancer include poor diet and nutrition, sun exposure and the human papil loma virus. In India, oral cavity cancer is among the top five most common cancers in both sexes.

Back ground: In most invertebrate systems, dietary restriction is applied somewhat non-traditionally in that food quality, rather than quantity, is manipulated through dilution of the nutritional components in the medium. To clarify how these nutritional factors influence longevity, nutrient consumption and lifespan, we were measured on a series of diets with varying glucose and vitamin C content. Methods: The fly stock is assessed for this experiment is Drosophila melanogaster. The stock is obtained from the Drosophila stock centre, Mysore, India.

Introduction: Reproducing dental color requires an accurate shade reading, that will thereafter be transferred to the laboratory technician. Aim: The purpose of this study is to assess the validity of the visual dental shade-matching, as a conventional method, compared to the spectrophotometric shade-matching. Materials and Methods: With visual analysis, 16 prosthodontists examined the middle third of the sound maxillary right central incisor of students using VITAPEN® classical and Vita Tooth- guide 3D-MASTER®. One prosthodontist examined the same teeth using a spectrophotometer.

Background: The rate of anxiety and pain in coronary artery patients before angiography is significantly higher. Aim: This study aimed to examine the effect of foot massage on physiological and psychological parameters among patients undergone cardiac catheterization. Design: A quasi-experimental research design was utilized. Setting: The current study was conducted in cardiac catheterization unit of Menoufia University Hospital.

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) is a relatively rare tumor that accounts for 1% of all head and neck malignancies and 10% of all salivary neoplasms, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of head and neck tumors. Most ACCs originate from the major and minor salivary glands, and a minority called salivary gland–type carcinomas, arise from glands in the nasal, paranasal, and external spaces. ACC has classically been described as having an indolent but persistent and recurrent course, with the delayed onset of distant metastases and eventual death of affected patients.

A drastic change in mankind has taken place mostly due to urbanization and industrialization. To cope-up with the speed of the modern era, one has to adopt junk food preparations, over-work and stressful duty schedule. Vitiation of Agni due to various causes leads to Amlapitta. Some of the common causes are - fasting, eating between meals, worry, hurry, spicy foods etc. These factors affect the Pachakapitta (digestive enzymes etc.) and as a result Pachakapitta vitiates. Thus the developed condition is called Amlapitta. A comparative clinical study was adopted in the clinical trial.

Background: The need to diagnose insulin resistance (IR) is increasingly relevant since an early diagnosis may lead to timely interventions that may slow down onset of associated diseases. Currently, the gold standard for assessing insulin sensitivity is the euglycemic clamp, however, its reproducibility at the clinical level is challenging. Hence, the Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR), and the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) are being used in the clinical setting to identify insulin resistance, prediabetes, and diabetes.

Renal sinus lipomatosisis are condition, seen in the kidneys of elderly patients. Disease is usually unilateral and associated with renal calculi. There is proliferation of excessive lipomatous tissue in renal sinus, renal hilum and peri-renal space. Presentation of disease is varied, ranging from chronic renal pain to features of renal abscesses or pyonephrosis. Here we reporta interesting case of bilateral renal sinus lipomatosis mimicking as emphysematous pyelonephritis.

A 37-year-old lady presented with a recurrent cystic lump in left hypochondrial region. It was initially thought to be of renal origin and marsupialized. Recurrence of the lesion after three years prompted a repeated surgery in the form of a sub-total excision wherein the “renal cyst” was noted to be densely adherent to the tail of the pancreas. The histopathology was reported as a “benign intestinal duplication cyst”. During post-operative period a collection was noted in left hypochondrial region, which was drained under ultrasound guidance.

Ameloblastic fibroma is an uncommon benign odontogenic neoplasm characterized by simultaneous proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal component. It is most commonly seen between 1st and 2nd decades of life, the posterior aspect of mandible being the commonest site having slight male predilection. Herein, we report a case of ameloblastic fibroma in a comparatively higher age group of 35 year old female patient involving right mid face region.

Background and objectives: Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) or Fast-track Surgery (FTS) or Multimodal Surgery is a single program incorporating multimodal interventions in the perioperative period to expedite recovery. It involves using various strategies to facilitate better conditions for surgery and faster recovery with rapid resumption of normal activities without an increase in post-op complications or readmissions.

Background: Ultrasound measurement of the IPP has been previously described as an effective instrument for the evaluation of benign prostatic obstruction (BPO) and could help in clarifying the role of silodosin in patients with (BPE).Aim of our study was to investigate the efficacy of silodosin in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and benign prostatic enlargement (BPE) with intravesical prostatic protrusion (IPP). Methods: In this observational study Patients with BPE and LUTS were enrolled.

Shallow vestibule along with inadequate width of attached gingiva is a common cause of gingival recession especially in mandibular anterior region. Vestibular deepening procedures have always been a point of concern for the Periodontist. Multiple techniques have been developed to increase the vestibular depth. This case report presents a vestibular deepening procedure with continuous locking suture.

Mycotic aneurysms of saphenous vein grafts in coronary artery bypass grafts remain a rare entity with the bulk of global literature being case reports and small series. There is high morbidity and mortality associated with this condition in the peri-operative period. We present our experience with the surgical management of a mycotic aneurysm of a saphenous vein graft 14 years after the original operation.

Background: We compared outcome and complications after ureteroscopic treatment of ureteric calculi with short term external ureteric catheterisation vs routine use of double-j ureteral stenting. Methods: Between August 2017 and August 2018, 80 patients were prospectively randomized to double‐J stent insertion for 7 days vs ureteric catheterisation for 24 hours after ureteroscopic stone extraction. Exclusion criteria were active UTI, solitary kidney, stone size more than 20 mm or deranged renal function test.

Introduction and Objectives: To evaluate the diversity of root canal morphology in human permanent teeth in a subpopulation of South India by using CBCT images. Materials and methodology: CBCT images of 520 teeth (100 patients, mean age of 42 years) from database were used. All teeth were evaluated by preview of the planes - sagittal, axial, and coronal. Results: Single rooted maxillary central incisors (100%), lateral incisors (98.5%) and canines (94.5%) commonly showed type I configuration. Maxillary first premolars displayed two roots in 78.4% and one root in 21.6% respectively.

Gingival recession is a common finding and many times it is caused by faulty tooth brushing. Frequently encountered sequelae of gingival recession are compromised esthetics and dentinal hypersensitivity. It lays negative impact on the quality of life. One of the most commonly employed procedure for treating exposed roots is the coronally advanced flap.

Thoracic Para Vertebral Block (TPVB) is one of the Regional Anaesthesia (RA) methods indicated for acute and chronic pain management as well as a sole technique for chest wall surgeries like lumpectomy, mastectomy. Being unilateral it has distinct advantage of minimal hemodynamic effects. Patients with cardiopulmonary comprise are reported to tolerate surgical management of chest wall pathologies very well under TPVB.I report a case of atrial septal defect (ASD) with pulmonary hypertension having lipoma over right infra axillary region for excision.

Introduction: Sleep and headache problems are among the significant concern of health sector. But the exact relationship between these two important has been studied less. Therefore this study is designed to determine the relationship between sleep quality and primary headache .Sleep and headache share a well-recognized, bidirectional relationship, with complex and incompletely understood interactions. The physiology of sleep shares many features with the pathophysiology of headache disorders, both in terms of the neuroanatomical pathways and the neurotransmitters that are involved.

Background: A seizure (from the latin word “to take possession of”) is a paroxysmal event due to abnormal, excessive, hypersynchronous discharge from an aggregate of central nervous system neurons. Aims and Objectives: To Study Clinical profile of Seizure disorders at Tertiary health care center. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study in 1680 patients of seizure disorder in the age group 18 and above years at tertiary health care center of GMC Jammu, General Medicine department during the two years from 2016 to 2018.

Background: Tooth brushing is most commonly practiced oral hygiene procedure. The hardness, size of bristles or manner of brushing may affect enamel, dentin and surface properties of restorative materials. Powered and Ultrasonic toothbrushes are new additions to oral hygiene aids and their abrasive potential must be determined before incorporating them into daily use. Aim and Objectives: To evaluate and compare the abrasive effect of Ultrasonic and powered toothbrush on the surface roughness of enamel, Type II and IX GC Fuji cement.

Traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia (TUGSE) is a benign lesion of the oral mucosa with an unclear pathogenesis. Clinically, this disease is characterized by the presence of chronic ulcerative lesion with elevated and indurated borders in the oral mucosa. It usually develops rapidly and may persist for several weeks or months. It presents mainly on the tongue but other areas of the oral mucosa such as gingiva, cheek and vestibular mucosa may also be involved.

The article presents analysis of the most frequent diseases, characteristic for the tropical zone. The general factor defining diseases severity and even their outcome is endotoxemia associated with development of multiple organ insufficiency and drug therapy isn't always effective. It defines indications for extracorporeal detoxification and thus membrane plasma exchange is the most effective.

Background: Prediabetes is a stage in the natural history of disordered glucose metabolism rather than a distinctive clinical entity representing an interim condition and a risk factor for the development of diabetes along with an increase in cardiovascular and microvascular complications. So, prediabetes is a state of nondiabetic hyperglycemia that does not satisfy the diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus. Objectives: To correlate the levels of fasting blood glucose (FBG) and postprandial blood glucose (PPBG) with glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in prediabetics.

Background and Objectives: The world health organization (WHO) has declared overweight as one of the 10 health risk among any individuals. Lower performance level in balance and muscles strength has been observed in children compared to healthy adults. Deficit in lower extremity muscles strength and balance represents major intrinsic fall and injury risk factor. In overweight children skeletal muscles changes and development of muscles function are seen. Child with increased BMI affects the strength, balance, and mobility.

Background: Advances in the neonatal management has led to increase in survival of most very low birth weight and extremely low birth babies resulting in surge in number of infants with aberrations in growth and department. Early detection of such aberrations leads to marked improvement in ultimate outcome of such children.

Smile is an important constituent of one’s own aesthetics and orthodontist plays a crucial role in enhancing it. Redefining the facial skeleton has been the area of interest among orthodontist from past three decades and achieving an ideal smile is of primary concern in planning any treatment as a beautiful smile not only enhance the beauty of the face but also increase the social acceptance of a well being.

For more than 170 years, silver halide films form the back bone of photography, eventually being replaced by film less photography, pictures on a chip, or call it by any name but this is the new phenomenon of technology. Applications of photography is popularizing in dental practice as it is simple, quick and includes self-checking of one’s own results, illustration of lectures and publications, marketing and accomplishing electronic tele dental systems.

To achieve goals of endodontic therapy the clinician must have thorough knowledge about internal and external dental anatomy of the tooth and its variations in presentation. The internal anatomy of the maxillary central incisor is well known and usually presents with one root and one radicular canal system. This case report describes an endodontic treatment of a maxillary central incisor with two roots and two canal systems, demonstrated by radiography. Failure to recognize unusual root canal anatomy may lead to unsuccessful endodontic treatment.

Background: Intertrochanteric fragility fracture (IFF) treated with proximal femoral nail anti- rotation (PFNA) is associated with significant hidden blood loss and high blood transfusion rate. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of tranexamic acid (TXA) in reducing blood loss in these patients. Materials and Methods: Consecutive eligible patients were recruited and randomly assigned to a TXA group or a control group. The TXA group received 15 mg/kg body weight of TXA intravenously 15 min before incision and the same dose 3 h later.

With the advancement in Information and communication Technology Online education systems and Massive open online course (MOOC) are expanding rapidly. Learners form different backgrounds are joining these courses with different motives. Inspite of massive enrollments the platforms offering these courses are facing many challenges. One of the major challenge that needs attention is dropout. There may be different reason for different learner to dropout from a course. These reasons may be independent or dependent on each other.

Aim: The present clinical study was designed to evaluate clinically the effect of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) graft for the treatment of denuded root surfaces. Materials and Methods: 10 isolated Miller’s Class I and II gingival recession of single rooted teeth were selected for the study. Scaling and root planing was done, and oral hygiene instructions were given to the patients. Recession parameters (probing depth, gingival recession height and width of keratinized tissue (WKT)) were assessed at baseline.

Background: A doctor in conducting medical examinations and treatment must respect the rights of patients and work according to the standards of the medical profession. This can be done by implementing the provisions according to the procedure in giving informed consent, so that doctors are deemed to have carried out their obligations to provide information to patients or families of patients and get their approval. Aims: to explore informants about the application of informed consent in the surgical and womb room in Sibuhuan General Hospital.

Aim: To evaluate awareness among maxillofacial defect patients about different. Prosthodontic treatment modalities. Materials and Methods: A self-administered structured questionnaire was used for the survey and a survey sheet was prepared based on these questionnaire and circulated personally. The feedback was gathered individually from each patient which would be then statistically analyzed to achieve the objectives of the study.

Dentigerous cysts are generally associated with the crowns of impacted or unerupted permanent teeth and are more common in the third and fourth decades of life. Most dentigerous cysts are mainly developmental in origin but may not be similar for all cases. The purpose of this paper is to present a case of lateral dentigerous cyst with unusual presentation in a 14 year old boy and discuss the variation in etiology, presentation of such a cyst and in its management.

The purpose of this study is to recognize with nasal endoscopy the presence of vomeronasalorgan before any surgical procedure of septoplasty Ludvig Jacobson published a scientific work in Danish in 1813, entitled "Anatomical description of a new organ in the nose of domesticated animals" but Kolliker can be considered the discoverer of the vomeronasal organ in humans. Potiquet described in 1891 the possibility of locating and identifying the Jacobson channel in the living man and hypothesized its possible role in the pathogenesis of some nasal septum lesions.

Background: Choledochal Cysts are congenital anomalies which present as either isolated or combined dilatations of the extra and intra-hepatic biliary tree. The condition typically presents in infancy and childhood. The different radiological investigations used to diagnose choledochal cyst have different diagnostic accuracies. Methods: It is a prospective study carried out in the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, and Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging Sheri-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar from October 2011 to October 2014.

Purpose: To compare the efficacy of drill free screws and self tapping screws in the fixation of zygomatico maxillary complex fractures. Materials and Methods: A prospective randomized comparative study was planned comprising of 18subjects, underwent fixation of zygomatico maxillary complex fracture. The subjects were block randomized into two groups—group a fixation using miniplates and self tapping screws and group B fixation using miniplates and self drilling screws.

Desquamative gingivitis is a clinical term associated with a variety of clinical conditions and is characterized by the erythematous gingiva, desquamation, ulceration and erosion of gingival epithelium. It may be a manifestation of a variety of dermato - mucous disorders and conditions such as dermatitis, bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus, psoriasis, cicatricial, herpetiformis, lichen planus, erythema mulitiformae. of all the diseases entitled, Lichen Planus is a relatively most common disorder affecting the skin as well as the mucous membrane.

A female patient named Suguna of 68 years presented with a benign fibro-osseous lesion that was located apically in the mandibular anterior teeth region which was provisionally thought to be an odontoma. The pathogenesis and its origin is discussed in detail in this case report.

The aim of this experiment is Evaluation of various fungicides and their effectiveness at different doses against Phytophthorainfestans, the causal pathogen of late blight disease of potato. For the study of design Descriptive statistics was used and each treatment was replicated thrice by using complete randomize design. The experiment was conducted in Department of Plant Pathology, CSA University of Agriculture &Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India in November 2016.

The ITK is an explicit or “Codified” knowledge that is transmittable in formal, systematic language. On the other hand, ITK is a tacit knowledge of the local or indigenous people, which is personal, content-specific, and therefore hard to formalize and communicate. Rice is an important crop in India occupying 43 million hectares of land representing various ecosystems. The crop is cultivated 2 meters below the sea level in Kuttanadu region of Kerala and 2500 meter above sea level in Jammu Kashmir.

Drinking water is important element for the continuance of human beings. An exclusive present study was carried out for the determination of five parameter of arsenic (As), pH, electrical conductance (EC), total dissolved salts (TDS) and turbidity in drinking water of Jamshoro city that purpose, total of 147drinking water samples were collected from 09Villages and three UC, Taluka Manjh and of the city Jamshoro method.

Background: Hyperkalemia and Hyperphosphatemia are common among Hemodialysis (HD) patients. It is caused by the excessive ingestion of potassium and phosphate-rich foods. Dieting helps reduce this increase in blood serum also they use an oral phosphate binder medication can to help lower phosphate absorption. However, some characteristics of using phosphate binders are associated with poor adherence. Additionally, the hemodialysis patients mentioned some side effects of the medication. Monitoring nutritional parameters is an important factor for treating hemodialysis patients.

This investigation on the time distribution of the rainfall in Bissau from 1971 to 2015 has shown that within this period a slowly decrement of the rainfall regime is going. This phenomenon is clearly visible by the end of the period where intensive rainfall with pluviometry greater or equal to 600 mm/month was becoming rare and rare. This situation calls the authorities of the country to take very important and urgent measures to reduce or even to stop its evolution as it seems to be the beginning.

Excessive baicalein (BC; a flavonoid) intake during pregnancy period has been demonstrated to provoke oxidative stress an associated factor of male infertility in offspring. The role of testosterone depot in the recovery of damaged antioxidative system in prenatal BC exposed male mice was tested. For this female Wistar mice were administrated IP with 30, 60 and 90 mg/kg BW of BC on gestation days 11, 13, 15 and 17. F1 BC exposed males were sacrificed on post natal day (PND) 60 to assess the oxidative stress.

Environmental education has recommended by UNESCO four decades ago. Indonesian Government through Ministry for Environment Affairs and Ministry of National Education initiated an environmental education program as co-work program, called as Adiwiyata, for elementary and second education level school. Although, this program has ran for more ten years, it was found that many school facing problem in adopting curriculum and program.

The purpose of the current study was to determine the concentration of selected essential and nonessential metals; Na, Ca, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Cr, Ni, Cd, and Pb in traditional medicinal plants; Artemisia afra (ariti), Hagenia abyssinica (kosso enchet), Foeniculum vulgare (Ensilal), Echinops kebericho (qeberecho) grown in Wolaita Zone, southern Ethiopia. A wet digestion procedure involving the use of mixtures of (69-72%) HNO3 and (70%) HClO4 at an optimum temperature and time duration were used to isolate metals from the medicinal plants by using FAAS.

A protocol has been developed to facilitate regeneration and Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation using antibiotics in regeneration of cotyledonary petiole and hypocotyls explants of Brassica juncea cv. NRCHB-101. Three antibiotics viz. Kanamycin (kan), Cefatoxime (Cef) and Hygromycin (hygro) have been used in this study during shoot regeneration along with the growth regulators.

Indian Moon Moth (Actias selene Hubner, 1806) is widespread moth species of India. It is cosmopolitan in India. Previously it had recorded from four districts of West Bengal including Kolkata. Present paper deals with the three new records from West Bengal. During the biodiversity survey of different regions of South West Bengal this species photographed and identified from three new districts of Southern part of West Bengal. With these three new records update the present distribution of Indian Moon Moth in West Bengal.

The contamination of metals is a major environmental problem and, especially in the aquatic environment. This study aims to identify and determine the levels the heavy metals (HMs) in the tilapia fish tissue in two localities in the Northern State, Sudan.

This communication report knoevenagel cyclo-condensationusing hydrotalcites prepared using various methods. Further, the hydrotalcite providing maximum yields was used for the synthesis of 3 acetyl coumarin. In this multi-component reaction the yields obtained with Mg-Al-CO3 LDH was 94% and with the unreported Ca-Al-CO3 LDH was 93% respectively. The reaction conditions being 2 wt% catalysts at 800C for only 90 minutes.

Background: Root canal treatment has been the main form of treatment for endodontic infections, and it comprises, chiefly, of physical instrumentation coupled with chemical irrigation. Objective: To compare the antibacterial effect of a diode laser and a Miswak (Salvadora persica) on Enterococcus faecalis in deep root canal dentin. Materials and Methods: A total of 500 extracted teeth with single rooted canal were collected randomly from different private dental clinics in Duhok city. The samples were collected using sterile red stopper plain plastic tubes.

Animal bites and stings are common throughout the World. After snake bite, scorpion stings and mad-dog bites are major problems of public health. These are causing heavy loss of human and livestock population in Africa and Asia. The anti-venoms require time, money and labour for their development. Also, they have some limitations. Therefore, traditional medicinal plant or herbal treatment is the only alternative available for the treatment of scorpion stings and mad-dog bites.

A particular solar cooker namely the parabolic trough solar cooker (low concentration) called "blazing tube" is studied in the present work. It is about determining experimentally its performances. Several tests were conducted, tests while empty, water heating, frying tests and rice cooking. In these tests, temperature readings of the various components were also carried out. The cooking time of certain dishes has also been determined. It emerges from these experiments that the outlet temperature of the fluid depends on the sun and is close to 200 ° C in good weather conditions.

An ethnobotanical survey was conducted to document the ethnomedicinal plants which are used by tribals such as Konkani, Mahadeo Koli, Charans and Vanjaris in Dang-Surgana forest ranges, which forms a part of the northern tip of Western Ghats region of Ahwa and Nashik District, Gujrat and Maharashtra, India. In the present study, 52 species of plants included in 48 genera and 36 families which are being potentially used by the tribals for treating various diseases are documented.

In this paper we discuss about Near product cordial labeling graphs like (C4 ⊗ C4) n,Qn, Parachute P2,n-2,Total graph. If the labeling in the graph satisfies the condition of Near product cordial then it is called Near product cordial graphs.In this paper we have proved that the above mentioned graphs except Total graph are Near product cordial graphs.


Introduction: The household saving rate is calculated by dividing household savings by household disposable income. A negative savings rate indicates that a household spends more than it receives as regular income and finances some of the expenditure either by incurring debt or through gains arising from the sale of assets. From the classical times, saving has been considered as one of the determinants of growth. Objectives: The aim of this study is determining factor that affect saving behavior of households in Metu town.

A truth table is a logical method by which we can test the validity of a deductive argument and so mechanically whether a statement is a tautology, contradictory or contingent. In this paper my objective is not to explain truth table proper but to highlight its efficacy in different field of studies like Mathematics, Physics etc besides its own field (Logic).

In many engineering institutions design projects are assigned to groups of students. The evaluation of these projects may be extremely tedious and time consuming due to very high intake of students: say 250 students in a branch of engineering. A project takes about 2 ½ hours in evaluation. Hence proper evaluation is impossible if examiners are short in number having limited time to spare. This problem was solved by making evaluation committees and distributing the evaluation work in committees.

Most dominant password storage method, store passwords directly in the databases and are mainly prone to brute force attack. Similar to password, storing data directly in the database on the server is another common thing to do. We have proposed the use of honey encryption as an algorithm to limit the possibilities of a password to get hacked. We have considered generating password based on password and other data. We then encrypt the generated password before storing them in the database.

Present study uses the nonparametric Mann Kendall trend test to analyse the temporal variations in anticyclones over the Indian Ocean. The increasing trend in the anticyclones over 1020 hPa intensity starts to organize over the Indian Ocean during summer months. The area as well as the intensity of the high pressure system further increases during autumn months and it covers the entire southern part of the domain. During winter time further intensification and expansion covers the entire band with more anticyclones.

The nano crystalline ferroelectric perovskite ceramic Lead Barium Titanate (PbBaTiO3) is designed and synthesised by high temperature solid state reaction method (weighing, mixing, milling and calcination of raw materials). This perovskite is made in a specially designed furnace which allows oxygen flow during cooling process after calcination. Final calcination temperature is optimised by trial and error method at 900 degree Celsius to obtain desired crystal structure, crystal system and phase formation.

Monthly averages of the air temperature in Bissau have been grouped into classes of equal length, 1.0°C. The 45 years period of investigation has been divided into equal sub periods of 5 years each. The number of temperature in each class was counted and the results of this treatment presented in tabular forms. The analysis of these tables has shown that the air temperature in Bissau is slowly increasing, particularly by the end of the period of investigation.

Hypertension is a widespread global health problem. It has been the main cause of morbidity and mortality. With the concept of disease transition in Africa, we are moving from an era of communicable diseases to an era of non-communicable diseases such as Hypertension. In sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), patients with hypertension frequently present late to health facility often with complications. Moreover, the fact that hypertension is asymptomatic, patients tend to have poor adherence to medications which results to uncontrolled hypertension.

Background: The aim of the study was to establish the association between serum bilirubin levels and acute inflammation of appendix. Methods: A Cross sectional study was conducted among 215 patients of acute appendicitis with or without complication in the Department of General Surgery, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal. These were subjected to investigations to support the diagnosis. These cases were also subjected to liver function tests and clinical diagnosis was confirmed perioperatively and post-operatively by histopathological examination.

Hyperlipidemia can be inherited and increases the risk of disease of the blood vessels leading cardiovascular events and requiring lifelong therapy. Hence the cost of medication plays an important in patient care arising the need for all physicians to keep oneself updated regarding latest prices and price variation of various brands of hypolipidemic drugs. Objective: To analyze the cost variation of hypolipidemic drugs in Indian market.

An emergency is a medical condition that demands immediate attention and successful management. These are the life-threatening situations of which every practitioner must be aware of so that needless morbidity can be avoided. Medical emergencies in dental practice are those adverse medical events that may present in the course of dental treatment. The three vital parameters which constitute the criteria on which emergency medicine is based are consciousness, respiration and circulation.

Background: The Prostate-specific antigen level is used to diagnose prostate cancer in last decades. However, its specificity is low in patients with a PSA level ranging from 4 to 10 ng/ml. This study aims to investigate the value of the length of intravesical prostatic protrusion (IPP) combined with serum prostate specific antigen on diagnosis of prostatic cancer (PCa). Methods: Data of 51 patients with prostate biopsy indications who came to the urology OPD at Stanley Medical College from October 2016 to July 2018 were collected.

Background: All institution must have both vision and mission, the two aspects that constitutes their educational goals. Therefore, to achieve this objectives, the key stakeholders must be well acquainted with the two aspects. Purposed: This study was intended to determine the level of knowledge, understanding, and behavior, as well as the influence of characteristics such as age, gender, organization, years of service, and the level of education of the community towards the vision and mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy Ahmad Dahlan University of Yogyakarta.

Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations have declared the decade of 2000-2010 the “Bone and Joint Decade”. As life expectancy has increased throughout the world, musculoskeletal system disorders as osteoarthritis (OA) have emerged as important health care concerns for the elderly with considerable social and economic burden on all society, including developing countries.

Fruit flies react to taste molecules in a way which is quite similar to humans and within the detection range of mammals. They are attracted to sugars, avoid bitter and toxic molecules, and adapt their consumption of acids and salts to their internal needs. In Drosophila adults, contact chemoreception is mediated through hair-like structures, called sensilla, located on the mouthparts, the legs, the wings margin, and the ovipositor.

Background: Interarch tooth size relationships differ between populations because differences in tooth sizes are not systematic. Population and gender differences in maxillary tooth size may not be the same as the differences in mandibular tooth size; hence, different interarch relations might be expected. Objective: The objective was to compare anterior tooth size discrepancies in Angles Class I and Class II malocclusions with Bolton standards and evaluate its effect on gender in a sample of Dakshina Kannada population who underwent orthodontic treatment.

Introduction: HIV infection is a chronic disease with multiple challenges that could affect the psychological well-being of patients. Objective: The objective of this research was to determine the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress among HIV patients and its significant associated factors. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional study which was carried out in two health centers in a town in the East Coast of peninsular Malaysia. A total of 42 patients with HIV were recruited via convenience sampling.

Background: Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis mostly affects cartilage, the hard but slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones where they meet to form a joint Reflexology is an alternative treatment for osteoarthritis..Objectives: To assess the level of symptoms among patient with osteoarthritis in control group and experimental before and afterreflexology. Design: Quasi-experimental design, where Pretest Posttest Nonequivalent Group designs, Setting: Government head quartershospital, Erode, Tamilnadu and Erode Trust Hospital, Erode, Tamilnadu.

Introduction: Urinary bladder cancer ranks 9th in worldwide cancer incidence. It is the 7th most common malignancy in men and the 17th most common in women. (1) Urinary bladder carcinoma accounts for 5.6% of cancer in males and 1.8% of cancer in females in India. Aims and objectives: To study the histopathological pattern of urinary bladder tumors and to compare the histopathological spectrum of urinary bladder tumors in various age groups and genders at a tertiary care hospital in Kashmir valley (SKIMS).

Maturity Onset Diabetes of Young (MODY) is ahereditary form of diabetes mellitus and is caused due to mutations in autosomal dominant gene and isreferred to as Monogenic diabetes. It may be confuses to be a disease Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adult (LADA). But LADA has a slower progression to insulin dependence as age progresses while MODY has childhood onset and occurs later in life. MODY variant forms include MODY 2 and 3 which are most common forms.

Indomethacin (IND) is an extensively used drug. However, it provokes aggressive ulcerogenic potential. Chamomile is a widely used as natural herb with a powerful antioxidant activity. This study aims to assess the effects of chamomile flowers extract (CFE) in IND induced peptic ulcer (PU). Fifty rats classified to five groups; control, ulcer, and pretreated groups with CFE (200 mg/kg), pretreated with ranitidine RAN (50 mg/kg), and pretreated with CFE+RAN for 14 days pre-ulcer induction.

Background: The study focused on discipline and organizational performance in Nigeria. The study was carried out because of the high level of indiscipline amongst some workers which always affects the level of organizational performance. Ethical theory was employed to analyze the subject matter. Methods: The study used only secondary sources of data through literature review approach. The data collected from literature sources were discussed qualitatively.

The current research was conducted to study the effect of diets supplemented with chelated oligo-elements (Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), and Fe (Iron)) on growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality in Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica). A total of 160 Japanese quails were randomly segregated into 4 equal groups: Manganese group “Mn” (Commercial feed + 0.4 g/kg Mn Availa®), Zinc group “Zn” (Commercial feed + 0.3 g/kg Zn Availa®), Iron group “Fe” (Commercial feed + 0.3 g/kg Fe Availa®) and Control group “Control” (Commercial feed only).

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of supplementation of organic chelated trace mineral Zinc-Methionine ZM complex (ZINPRO®, Zinpro Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN, USA) on extensive Awassi sheep herd submitted to subclinicalmastitis SCM in Bekaa valley of Lebanon. The effects of ZM complex on milk quality (fat, protein and somatic cell count SCC) were examined.

Ewing sarcoma (ES)/primitive neuroectodermal tumours (PNET, together defined as Ewing sarcoma [ES]) is a primary neoplasm of the skeletal system, first described by James Ewing in 1921 (Gupta et al., 2009). ES is the second most common bone cancer, most often occurring in Caucasian children, adolescents and young adults. we are presenting two cases of ewings sarcoma maxilla and one case of ewings sarcoma scapula. Ewing's sarcoma is a radiosensitive tumour (Infante-Cossio et al., 2005).

Land degradation in Lesotho is destroying the limited natural resources on which the Basothos’ depend for survival. Soil chemical property assessment was conducted at the Bolahla-Mphosong Catchemnt using LADA Mehtodologies to estimate the extent of soil nutrients depletion and the level of degradation in the catchment. The study indicated that the level of degradation in the catchment was from slightly to very highly degraded soils and there was severe Phosphorus with Nitrogen depletion whiles organic carbon and organic matter content were poor in the soil due to low pH.

Zika virus (ZIKV) infection is one of the re-emerging infectious diseases that are of public health important considering its short-term and long-term effects. Aedes mosquitoes are widely distributed globally, and native habitats of most species are warm tropical and subtropical regions. Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease that belonged to the genus flavivirus and flaviviriae family was discovered during a study of yellow fever in Uganda in Zika Forest (Ioos et al., 2014). The Zika Virus has been described as having two lineages, the African and Asian lineages.

Now a day’s many dietary supplements are available in the present market. Source Natural Foods and Herbal Supplements limited, Hyderabad also came up with a dietary supplementOjasvita Chocolate which is charged with the addition of seven herbs extracts namely With aniasomnifera, Bacopamonniera, Ecliptaalba, Curculigoorchioides, Celastruspaniculatus, Asparagus racemosus and Convolvulus pluricaulis. The present study evaluates brain function activity of the dietary supplement since the herbs used have rich neuropharmacological significance.

Establishment of a competent protocol for high frequency plant regeneration is done by analyzing a range of factors such as genotypes, combinations of plant growth regulator, types of explants, age of explants etc. in present study maximum shoot regeneration frequency observed was 56.5% for cotyledonary petiole on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 2 mg/L BA (6-benzyladenine) and 0.2 mg/L NAA (1-naphthalene acetic acid). Out of all the explants reported from Brassica species cotyledonary explants generated the highest frequency in regeneration of shoots.

Since Lebanon does not have a comprehensive reference on national olive (Oleaeuropaea L.) germplasm, concerning especially the oldest olive trees growing the Bshaaleh area, in northern Lebanon, this study was conducted to characterize these trees using a morphological and biochemical approach and to evaluate the level of their similarity. Samples were taken from leaves, flowers, fruits and stones from the 15 olives accessions and oil was extracted from fruits.

Background: Breast self examination (BSE) is non invasive technique that women are able to practice to monitor any changes in their breasts. Breast cancer is one of the leading cause of cancer deaths in women worldwide so the early diagnosis & management of breast lesions is therefore important to reduce mortality .Objective of the study to assess the validity of breast self examination in detection of breast disease.

The fertility of soil plays key role for the development of any farming crops and mulberry is no exception for it. Demand for essential nutrient supply to the soils ever growing due to intensive cropping systems. Therefore, additional supplementation of required organic and inorganic nutrients to retain the desired levels of soil nutrient status in mulberry is imperative for sustainable leaf production.

Urinary Incontinence is an unpleasant and most common crisis for adult, mainly for majority of the women in today’s fast life; stress incontinence is the most common problem. Weak pelvic floor muscles are primarily responsible for urinary incontinence. It is a distressing and disabling condition mainly affecting the social and psychological well being of an individual. Different forms of pelvic floor muscle exercises are used to lessen the severity of stress urinary incontinence by improving the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

In this study, the aim was to find out the prevalence of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency in a group of neonates admitted in Rockland Hospital, Delhi. In this study, the blood samples of 300 neonates were evaluated respectively. In this study, the results showed that the prevalence of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency in a group of 300 neonates admitted in Rockland Hospital, Delhi was nil (0%).

Indian agriculture economy is most widely recognized alternative farming system. Modern organic farming evolved as an alternative to chemical agriculture in the 1940s (P. K. Gupta 2004). The organic fertilizers are derived from plants, animals or mineral sources which help in reducing the use of chemical fertilizers for suitable agriculture. The use of organic fertilizers to meet the nutrient rich requirements would be an inevitable practice in the years to come for suitable agriculture since, organic manures do not improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil (V. D.

The present study was undertaken with the objectives to study the Rheological properties of Roselle seed flour with wheat flour. For this study the Roselle seed were procured from the local market and decortications treatments were given to the seeds. All experiments were laid in completely randomized design with suitable replications for statistical analysis. The pre-treatments decortications and whole seed were adopted in this investigation to ascertain the best treatment for onward inclusion in cookie products.

Back ground: Salivary gland lesions form about 2-6.5% of all head and neck neoplasms in adults. They are easily accessible for FNAC with lower risk factors compared to surgical biopsy. Methods: FNAC was done using 20 cc syringes and reporting was done according to Milan’s system for reporting salivary gland cytology. Cases from the year 2016 and 2017 were retrieved and recategorised according to Milan’s system for reporting salivary gland cytology. Histopathological examination was done on routine H & E (Haematoxylin and eosin) stained paraffin sections.

In an extended phase-space where the cosmological constant is treated as pressure, the qualitative behavior of the dyonic charged spinning four dimensional Ads black hole is investigated. The system holds a similarity to the Vander Waals liquid-gas. The curves at T

The concept of a luminiferous, meaning light bearing, ether has been a persistent idea throughout time. Einstein delivered an address in 1920 and revealed some relevant and prescient thoughts. The Special Theory of Relativity is based on two postulates. The second has come to be interpreted that the speed of light is always C in every inertial reference frame. This second postulate is one that was never been based on any empirical evidence. The general acceptance of this assumption has been perpetuated by the difficulty in measuring the one-way speed of light.

At this time in the field of instrumentation technology, the creation of advanced instruments is very important. On this basis, the article considers the necessary determination of the values of the main parameter of the power characteristics of the interaction between a solenoid and a magnetic core of magnetic levitation systems - magnetic induction of the core.

It is discovered that we learn by quantum thinking, which means by looking at the world in a new way; and learning in a safe environment. It may also be inferred that adults, not the educators, determine what they want to learn (Knowles,1980). Education creates a foundation for the success of professionals. The education of the adults may be formal or informal. The combinations of formal and informal education are the major fundamental of adult professionalism.

Electromagnetic field is an important, crucial and one of the four fundamental forces available in nature. The behaviour of all ferrous and charged objects is affected when they are in vicinity of the field. EMF is objectively made out of two fields i.e. Electric and magnetic field. The force created by magnetic field is much lower than the force created by EMF. Stationary charges produce the electric field where as the moving charges or the currents produce the magnetic field.

Women plays a vital role in inclusive growth of a nation or a society through sustainable development. A girl child may blossom into an ever fragrant flower with the proper nourishment of her mother. Education is a vital issue to be an ideal mother in future. Few measures were taken for empowerment of women in the course of providing incentives or providing different scopes to access education since early age.

Iron oxide is one of the oxides of iron, which is present in the sand. The content of iron oxide present in river sand is generally up to 6%. The objective of this project is to check the tensile strength of concrete with increase in iron oxide. The Compressive strength, Split tensile test, Modulus of Elasticity, Impact test and Flexural strength test were also found using destructive testing techniques.

This paper attempts to describe how the nouns of Kafi Noonoo formed. To do so the intended data was collected from the native speaker of the language and analyzed. Since the language is tonal Praat Software was used to identify the high and low tone of the syllable in the word. The result obtained showed that noun is the main of speech that is formed from different types of words such as noun, verb, and adjective. Different types of nouns such as abstract, agentive, instrumental, action, gerundive (infinitival), and manner are mainly derived from nouns, adjectives and verbs suffixation.

One of the significant issues in organizations and working environments is useful human resource. The purpose of this cross-sectional research is to investigate the relationship between faculty member’s job satisfaction and work innovation at Bahrain Teachers College (BTC). Faculty members were asked to identify what they like about being employed at BTC and what factors affect their levels of job satisfaction. The sample consisted of 55 faculty members from BTC with a response rate of 89%. A questionnaire was developed and validated used to collect the data.

Considered as a social tool designed to fulfill the needs of this society, teacher training aims at allowing individuals to be equipped with teaching competences. This paper puts to examine the new Ivorian teachers training policy with a specific focus on junior high physics-chimestry/biology teachers training at the teachers training college of Abidjan.

Effective curriculum supervision by head teachers is necessary for schools to offer quality education to learners. Learners’ assessment is one of the key areas of curriculum supervision. Thus head teachers should possess requisite knowledge, skills and attitude in supervision of learners’ assessment. In Bungoma West Sub-County low academic achievement was an issue in most public primary schools.

This study used mantel haenszel Differential Item Functioning (DIF) approach to detect item bias in a Chemistry Achievement Test (CAT) in four ethnic groups in Nigeria. The CAT was administered to 400 chemistry students of senior secondary III in Niger State, Kwara State, Anambra State and Bayelsa State representing Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Ijaw respectively. A descriptive-comparative research design was used to describe and compare examinees of the four ethnic groups.

Reproductive health of adolescent girls is crucial in determining the health of future generations. For ensuring informed decisions by adolescents regarding their sexuality and reproductive health, National AIDS Control Organization has introduced life skills education in school curriculum. However, there exist many roadblocks in implementation from theory to practice. Hence, the present study was conducted to assess the reproductive health awareness and most preferred source of information.

The Article highlights the consequence of entry of Multi-National Corporations on the host nation. It hlights how the consequences on development condition of the economy is essentially determined by the type of FDI that multinational corporations bring into the host nation rather than a generic description of it.

Trademark has so called economic right which is right toreceiveeconomic benefits of the trademark owned by the owner of trademark. With such economic right; therefore, ideally, trademark should be able to provide financial benefits and should also be used as the object of bank guaranty. However, trademark still does not have an adequate arrangement as a guaranty in Indonesia. Hence this article discusses more deeply on the existence of Indonesian Law No.

In arid and semi-arid areas, where water is a imitating factor, the agriculturals use other system of irrigation especially the drip to drip one for the agricultural production. The ground water particularly the pool waters employed are generally trouble and limit the working device of drip to drip irrigation due to clogging of the drippers. The aim of this study is to test the kernel powder of Oleifera Moringa for the pool water clarification in order to improve the durability of drip to drip system of irrigation.

Administrative law cannot be separated from the use of state finance; therefore, it is possible for state administrators and the government to take actions that may violate legal norms and cause deviation in the use of state finances. In Indonesia, if the state and government officials violate administrative legal norms and cause state financial losses, they will be categorized as committing criminal acts of corruption. The occurrence of corruption is not only contrary to the criminal law norms, but it is also possible that it is contrary to the administrative law norms.

Breast milk is not only the best but is also a must for the babies. Especially exclusive breast feeding during first few months of life is important as it reduces the risk factors for the infant mortality and the morbidity rate. WHO estimates that 1.5 million of infant’s life can be saved each year through increased breast feeding. Although the health benefits of breastfeeding are well established, early introduction of formula remains a common practice. Cultural beliefs and practices can have a important impact on breastfeeding.

The Royal Mausoleum of Sultan Mahmud Shah is a small and mundane heritage landmark in the Historical Tourism District in Johor. The Royal Mausoleum represents the history of Sultan Mahmud Shah II, which his decease remarked the end of the glorious dynasty of Melaka Sultanate in Johor ruling system. It is realized through the inheritance of history of the deceased Sultan Mahmud Shah and the symbolic of the Royal Mausoleum as a heritage asset in Kota Tinggi creates an identity among the local community towards the place.

Online learning platforms are being tremendously used by the researcher, educators or learners now days. As e-learning is not interactive so the communication is required in different way using asynchronous communication with discussion forum or through e-mail. Purpose of this paper is to explore various e-learning platforms and to categorize them, which are using the asynchronous communication to analyze the behavior of learner, improvement of course content, improvement of instructor and so on.

Tourism, including in Indonesia, is one of the sectors that can greatly contribute to the country’s foreign exchange earnings and employment. However, there is no technical norms available in the legislations on the absorption of local workers originating from indigenous people of the area which resulted in very little absorption of these type of local workers compared to workers originating from other regions.

Background: There is consistent evidence that cleaning workers are at high risk of developing asthma. Predisposing factors are not fully understood and it is important to produce evidence that this risk is work-related. Objective: To assess whether the work environment induces pulmonary inflammation in asymptomatic cleaning workers and to determine the efficacy of noninvasive methods to detect early pulmonary inflammation.

Background: Depression is most frequent among physical illness. Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis is a condition in which several ligaments and entheses become ossified. Objectives: Assessment of depression and the severity of depression among patients with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, and detection of risk factors.

Objective: This study aims to evaluate the outcome of ligasure hemorrhoidectomy versus conventional (Milligan Morgan) hemorrhoidectomy regarding blood loss, lenghth of the procedure, postoperative pain and wound healing. Method: This prospective study was included 40 patients with grade III, or IV hemorrhoid. Patients divided into 2 groups Conventional (Milligan- Morgan) hemorrhoidectomy for 20 patients and Ligasure hemorrhoidectomy for 20 patients.

Background: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the form of triglycerides in the liver. A subgroup of these patients presents, in addition to excess fat, cell damage and inflammation, a condition called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Objective: Evaluating the clinical and epidemiological aspects of patients with non non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, allowing a better screening of patients who will require liver biopsy.

The Odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) is a benign lesion of the Oro-facial region having distinct clinicopathological features, high propensity for recurrence and characteristic aggressive behaviour. It commonly involves the mandible while maxilla is relatively unusual location. The clinico-histo-pathological characteristics and subsequent of OKC in a 30 years old male patient with maxillary involvement has been discussed herewith.

Objective: Report of a series of cases of tetanus and learned experience in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, which continues to prevail in developing countries such as ours. Methods: This is a descriptive and retrospective study of a series of cases of tetanus diagnosed in Acapulco General Hospital from January 2015 to January 2019. Results: A total of 6 cases of tetanus were reported in adults who had not been vaccinated or had not received an adequate tetanus vaccination. All patients were isolated in a silent, dark room in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Background: In pediatric forearm fractures casting and conservative treatment follow-up, a relationship has been found between re-displacement and malalignment with complete fracture, quality of the first reduction, and proximal 1/3 fracture. For similar reasons, we believe that instability in the operating room also continues and some fractures require open reduction. Objective: The aim of this study is, to predict the fractures that require mini-open intervention and to evaluate the functional results of these unstable fractures.

Dental caries is the leading dental problem of children, 90% of all children have some tooth decay by 12 years of age, and 95% of all cavities are caused by specific eating habits like candies, ice cream, canned juices which usually develop during early childhood as a result of changing life style. The ages of greatest vulnerability are 4-8 years for the primary dentition and 12-15 years for the secondary (or) permanent dentition. Dental caries if untreated result in destruction of involved teeth.

Body fat is one of the most important parameters in determining one’s health condition. The current study focuses on estimating body fat values from routine characteristics of adults with the use of artificial intelligent systems. The methodology applied here combines the results of the individual models in a committee machine with intelligent systems (CMIS) for estimating body fat percentage. The artificial neural networks (ANNs), fuzzy logic (FL), and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) were utilized as intelligent experts of the CMIS.

Chronic non healing ulcers are common in developing countries including India, keeping rural, poor living conditions and lack of health education in view. The vast majority of cases includes chronic diabetes, tuberculosis, leprosy, vascular insufficiency and other immunosuppressive states which adds further confusion to the pool, especially for patients receiving treatment in nearby local/peripheral centre. A non-healing post burn scar should be addressed promptly because it may transform into cutaneous malignancies like squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma.

Background and Objectives: Acute appendicitis is most common surgical emergency and Appendicectomy for same is a common procedure. The rate of negative appendicectomies remains high despite several technical advancements. The study aims to compare few investigations like Total leucocyte count (TLC), C-reactive protien (CRP), Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and Ultrasonographic (USG) with per-op findings. Histopathologic examination (HPE) report will be taken as confirmatory test.

The unprecedented economic development and rapid urbanization in Asian countries, particularly in India has led to a shift in health problems from Communicable to Non-communicable diseases1. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) has been often considered as “affluent person’s disease”, that is a disease caused by easy and sedentary life style, high calorie and high fat diet2. The CAD not only brings mortality but also results in increased morbidity resulting from the complications due to the disease2.

Neurenteric cysts are congenital lesions of the spinal cord which usually communicate to other endodermally derived structures of the body, the embryological theory of which is yet not properly established. They are usually located in the cervico-dorsal region of the spinal cord with an associated vertebral anomaly like spina bifida, butterfly vertebra, lack of segmentation, partial fusion, scoliosis together with the cyst. However, only few cases have been reported in literature where the cysts have not been associated with any vertebral anomalies.

Background: Despite the diagnostic and therapeutic advancement in medicine, appendicitis remains a clinical emergency and is one of the common causes for acute abdominal pain. Having chronic illness in patients with acute appendicitis may have direct or indirect effect on the outcomes. This is because hypertension and other cardiovascular disease such as CHF have known effects on cardiopulmonary physiology. For that reason we decided to evaluate the surgical outcomes in patients with hypertension in comparison to those without hypertension undergoing appendectomy.

Background: The objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of Periosteal pedicle membrane with DFDBA versus open flap debridement with PRF in Grade II/III furcations defects Methods: The study population included 10 subjects, who visited the out-patient department of periodontics, Govt Dental College and Hospital Srinagar with complaint of bleeding and sensitivity, diagnosed as chronic periodontitis. After conducting routine examinations, Relative attachment and probing depth and Horizontal defect fill was measured were measured.

Prurigo pigmentosa is a rare cutaneous inflammatory disorder characterized by a sudden onset of pruritic, erythematous papules and plaques that leave a reticulated postinflammatory hyperpig mentation (PIH) when they heal. The PIH due to Prurigo pigmentosa is not successfully treated with antibiotics such as doxycycline and minocycline, and by resolution of ketosis.

Background: Psychogenic gait disorders are a challenge for the medical professionals both in diagnosis and management because the signs and symptoms demonstrated by the patients are medically unexplainable. Objective: The objective of this case report is to introduce the scope of treadmill ambulation as a diagnosis in cases of psychogenic gait disorders. Methods: A patient was referred to physiotherapy OPD for gait training for her bizarre gait pattern. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of gait was done using GaitRite system as well as on treadmill.

Aim: Evaluation of efficacy of Conventional Erich arch bar Vs Intermaxillary Fixation screws. Material and methods: This study we compared the efficacy of Conventional Erich arch bar and intermaxillary fixation screws with respect to plaque accumulation, time required for procedure, postoperative stability after achieving the intermaxillary fixation, mucosal growth and complications encountered for intermaxillary fixation. The participants were divided into two groups of 10 in each and designated as Group A and Group B.

In recent years, due to the application of modern technology for the diagnosis of cancer, numbers of cancer cases are found to be increasing day by day in Nepal. But it is hard to assess the burden of cancer in national context based on available data. The available hospital based information neither shows the magnitude of the problem nor there has been any community-based study in the past.

Background: Dentin hypersensitivity is a common occurrence and is often a chief concern among patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the dentinal tubule occluding ability of Proargin (arginine bicarbonate) containing desensitizing dentifrices using scanning electron microscope. Methods: Forty-five 1mm thick dentine discs were obtained from orthodontically extracted human premolar teeth. Each disc was then split into two halves. One half was allotted to Group-1 (Control group) and the other half was allotted to Group-2 (Test group). GROUP 1: brushed without dentifrices.

Coconut flour is a by – product prepared from coconut residue obtained after the extraction of coconut milk. Utilization of food by – products and wastes receive more attention in the food industry. Coconut flour is believed as a "functional food" because it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content. Hence a study has been undertaken to develop standardized procedure for the extraction of coconut flour from fresh coconuts and to analyze the nutritional composition of coconut flour.

Risk factors for infection include improper care for patients, and incorrect practice of infection control strategies, for that there is a need to increase the level of awareness toward infection control strategies, and to improve the practice techniques in using such strategies. In addition there is a great concern in improving the awareness of nursing students as they are trained in hospitals and they are in direct contact with patients.

Acute Early childhood caries is a public health problem which has biological, social, and behavioural determinants. Aim of This study: The aim of this research is to evaluate the different socio-economical determinants of early childhood caries in north Kolkata. Materials and Methods: The questionnaire-based study was conducted on a sample of 902 children between 2 to 5 years age and their respective parents (either mother or father or both), in north Kolkata in a span of 1 and half years. Either of the parent with higher income was considered as the head of the family.

Infestation of Maggot’s around colostomy is an uncommon finding. Common sites include nose, ear, orbit, tracheostomy wound, face, gums and serous cavities. We report a case of myiasis in post-operative patient of adenocarcinoma ano-rectum with abdomino-perineal resection (APR) and end colostomy.

Background: Hemorrhoid is a common disease treated by various modalities of treatment and sclerotherapy is one of the hemorrhoidal treatment. Here we are presenting our experience of sclerotherapy in hemorrhoids. Aims: To see the effictiveness of sclerotherapy. Material and methods: This prospective study of 50 cases attending surgery opd in department of surgery at Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mayani, Satara, Maharashtra, India from Jan 13- Sep 2014.

Background: Gingival recession in maxillary molars can be treated by buccal pad of fat due to its easy assessibility, less donor site mobidity, excellent blood supply, minimal patient discomfort and better clinical outcome. Thus in this study we tried to treat miller class II and classIII gingival recession in maxillary 1st and 2nd molars using buccal pad of fat. Materials and Methods: 10 systemically healthy patients with age ranging from 34 to 55 years with Class II and Class III gingival recession in the maxillary molars were selected.

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The study investigated educational resources and students’ acquisition of vocational skills in business studies among Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) students in Ekiti State. Descriptive survey design was adopted. The population comprised all the 477 business studies teachers in the 187 JSS during the 2017/2018. academic session. The sample comprised of 179 business studies’ teachers. The study employed a stratified random sampling technique. Instruments used for data collection was self-developed questionears.





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