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June 2018

Background: Lignin is an organic polymer made up of various aromatic compounds which in combination with cellulose and hemicellulose forms a chief partof the woody tissues. Wood processing industries like paper-pulp industries have been among the most significant of industrial polluters of the waterways and environment.

Background: The tooth whitening has been proposed long in dentistry, but in recent years the emphasis of the media in creating a standard of beauty increasingly clear teeth this has gained a huge demand in offices, because it is a technical conservative that returns the smile the desired beauty. Objective: The objective of this study was to analyze through the literary finds the best whitening cosmetic treatment, home and / or office and guide the professional and choosing the best whitening technique and control in reducing sensitivity caused by bleaching.

The improper use of antibiotics has led to increased emergence of resistant organisms, making it essential to investigate Healthcare providers’ perceived barriers to effective administration of prescribed antibiotics to inpatients in National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu (NOHE) Nigeria. Study adopted a descriptive cross sectional design. The target population was 344 doctors and nurses, 273 met the inclusion criteria and were involved in the study. Data were collected using questionnaire, items constructed in 4 point Likert type response scale with decision mean score of 2.5.

Background: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of death and disability. It is a critical issue in dealing with public health and socioeconomic crisis throughout the world. Extradural hematomas (EDH) accounts for 10.6% of all head injury patients admitted to the hospital and occur in 5-15% of fatal head injuries. This was a single center, retrospective, multivariate analysis of 1150 patients with EDH treated at a tertiary care hospital in India.

Introduction: The quest for better restorative material still continues which has led to newer materials introduced having better mechanical properties such as better marginal seal, biocompatibility, high compressive and diametral tensile strength in evolution. GIC is no exception to it; a newer class of restorative zirconia reinforced glass ionomer is being evolved. Aim: Comparative evaluation of compressive and diametral tensile strength of Zirconomer, Ketac Molar and Type IX GIC.

Provenance: Kissing as a societal habit, is as ancient as recorded History. Kissing , long practiced in many cultures and regarded as a benign from of social communication, is not as innocent as most will believe. Aim: This article appraises types of kissing and possible disadvantages arising from ignorant sub-conscious spread of infection. Discussion: Progressive knowledge about viruses (mainly Hepatitis, Human Papilloma Viruses, and others), and their relation to infections and cancer, have coerced compelling re-assessment of social and personal kissing habits.

Introduction: Breast lesions are a challenge not only for Pathologists but also for Surgeons. The complexity of breast structure and the physiological changes it undergoes at various stages of a female’s life makes it a unique organ for histopathological studies. The number of deaths with breast carcinoma are alarmingly increasing over recent times. Aims and Objective: To Study the diagnostic efficacy of Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of palpable lesions of breast along with the morphologic spectrum of lesions in breast on cytology.

A multidisciplinary approach is often necessary to treat dental problems in patients. Periodontics and Orthodontics are interrelated in variety of situations. A variety of periodontal procedures can be performed which are beneficial for orthodontic outcome. An impacted maxillary anterior tooth, particularly the canine, is a common problem. Unerupted teeth were usually scheduled to be extracted in the past, nowadays can be saved and take their place in the dental arch. A 20-years-old female Patient with impacted canine was treated with surgical exposure to form well- aligned dental arch.

Success of endodontic treatment depends on the proper scouting identification and thorough chemo mechanical preparation of all the canals followed by three dimensional obturation .The prime Failure to achieve this steps may be due to unusual tooth morphology. Usually mandibular molars have two roots with three canals (mesiobucccal, mesiolingual & distal) but in few teeth, the number of roots and canals vary. The variation in the number of roots is called radix entomolaris.(1) This article presents five case reports of mandibular first molars with extra roots.

Introduction: Image guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of retroperitoneal masses is an increasingly common diagnostic procedure in oncology (Porter, 1981). It has a brought a revolution in the field of cytopathological diagnosis of a less accessible site like retroperitoneum. Aims and Objectives: The aim of our study was to assess efficiency of image guided FNAC in pre-operative diagnosis and management of retroperitoneal lesions. Material and Methods: The study was conducted over a period of three years from june 2014 to june 2017.

Pectinases are group of enzymes that attack pectin and depolymerize it by hydrolysis and transelimination. Polymethyl galacturonase catalyzes the cleavage of  – 1, 4-glycosidic linkage of pectin with exo (sequential) and endo (random) activities. The maximum endo PMG in Asthana and Hawker’s medium showed by Rhizoctonia solani during its 14 days (50.0 RVU). the Endo PMG was studied in six fruits i.e., Apples, Mango, Tomato, Sapota, Grapes and Orange. The maximum endo PMG was recorded in Grapes (62.4 RVU) by Aspergillus niger and next best organism is A.

Protein-energy malnutrition is a major public health problem worldwide, particularly in developing countries. This work aims to determine the cultural and socio-economic risk factors of protein-energy malnutrition in children, from 0 to 59 months, attending the General Hospital of Bingerville (Côte d’Ivoire). The methodology is based on anthropometry. It thus gives ratios of weight for height (W/H), height for age (H/A) and weight for age (W/A) which respectively determine acute malnutrition, chronic malnutrition and global malnutrition.

Small intestinal bleeding accounts for 5–10% of all patients presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding (GIB).In the modern era of capsule endoscopy, Angiodysplasias of the small intestine turned out to be a major cause of “obscure GIB”, particularly in the elderly. Due to the multifocal nature of Angiodysplasia, effective therapy is a challenge. Recurrence rate after endoscopic treatment ranges from 20 to nearly 50%. Additional systemic therapy options are available.

Aim of study: To compare efficacy of Clonidine and Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to local an aesthetic agent in supraclavicular brachial plexus block with respect to onset and duration of sensory and motor block, potency and duration of analgesia. Methodology: Total of 100 patients were studied Patients of either sex was randomly allocated into Group C and Group D. Group C –. Received Bupivacaine 0.25% (35 ml) + inj Clonidine 1 mcg / kg. Group D--. received Bupivacaine 0.25% (35 ml) + injDexmedetomidine 1 mcg/kg Sensory block was assessed by the pin prick method.

Background: The use of Aerobic exercises and weight loss in the post bariatric surgery patients is new, and thus the scientific evidence for its effectiveness needs to be evaluated through a systematic review. Objective: To provide updated evidence-based guidance for Aerobic exercises effects on losing weight of post bariatric surgery patients.

Pain is the most distressing consequence ever experienced by the patients during their life journey. Pain assessment is vital in supporting the diagnosis of the source of pain and for effective treatment. McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ) is a multidimensional tool widely used clinically to evaluate significant qualities of pain. It can be used to assess the pain over time and to determine the usefulness of any intervention. It was developed by Dr.

The traditional methods for detection of snail infections cannot differentiate between animals and human Schistosoma and cannot detect early infection so the need for PCR is obligatory. In the present study, two types of primers for conventional PCR were used and compare between them and other traditional methods (shedding, crushing) in attempt to apply this technique in the field for early diagnosis of Schistosoma infection as a trial for better control and prevention of the disease.

Background: Acute scrotum has different etiological factors. Some factors like epididymo-orchitis can be treated with medical management, but some conditions like torsion and incarcerated hernia require immediate surgical intervention to treat the patient. Ultrasound with colour Doppler is an important non-invasive tool to rule out these aetiologies for acute scrotum. Aims: • To study cases of acute scrotum with ultrasound and color Doppler and note the diagnostic appearances of various diseases. • To correlate sonographic findings with clinical follow up and post operative diagnosis.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis results in the mandible being fused to the articular fossa by bony or fibrotic tissues. This interferes with several functions such as mastication, speech, oral hygiene, and normal life activities, and can be potentially life. Threatening especially while trying to acquire an air way in an emergency. Attempting to open the mouth, stretching the periosteum, can also result in pain.

Aim: To evaluate retention of complete denture with different types of posterior palatal seals Material and methods: In this study, we had selected ten male patients between the age group of 50 years to 60 years. After the primary and secondary impressions were taken, five casts were made including a cast without posterior palatal seal, a cast with single bead posterior palatal seal, a cast with double bead posterior palatal seal, a cast with cupid bow shaped posterior palatal seal, and a cast with posterior palatal seal with low fusing compound by functional method.

Introduction: About 1-2% of boys at age of 1 year have an undescended testis (UDT). Nonpalpable testis represents a diagnostic challenge and a therapeutic dilemma. Laparoscopy was first used in 1976 to locate undescended testes. Methods: This prospective comparative study was carried out in the postgraduate Department of General Surgery, Government Medical College, Srinagar from May 2010 to October 2015.

Krimi Granthi is explained as one of the nine Sandhigata netra roga. It is a common clinical condition comes across in general ophthalmic practice, which can be correlated to Blepharitis. Its cardinal features are Kandu, Daha, Pakshmapota and Pooyasrava Granthi with Krimi. Study carried out to evaluate the efficacy of Pratisarana with Triphaladi Rasakriya & Ela Choorna after Darvi Seka in the Management of Krimi Granthi. 20 patients in each group fulfilling the inclusion criteria of Krimi Granthi were selected from O.P.D and I.P.D of Shalakya Tantra, SKAMCH & RC, Bangalore.

Background: HIV screening in antenatal women is being conducted routinely in most countries today. It is necessary to identify the infection to start antiretroviral drugs as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed. The antiretroviral treatment helps to reduce the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission (MTCT) as well as prevent maternal morbidity. In present study we aim to identify the relevance of measuring CD4 counts in respect to perinatal transmission and risk of maternal tuberculosis in HIV infected antenatal women.

Background and Objectives: With the establishment of FNA procedure for diagnosis of lymphadenopathy, biopsies of lymph nodes have drastically reduced in number. However some clinical scenario warrants further evaluation of lymph nodes, especially as lymphomas are a heterogenous group of disorders. This case series includes five cases diagnosed on FNAC as reactive lymphadenitis where the architecture and distribution of cells played a key role in diagnosis. Methods: A total of 491 patients were diagnosed with reactive lymphadenitis during a study period.

Dental development and eventual eruption of teeth in the oral cavity has for long been an enigma with respect to physiology and timings of every related aspect. The non eruption of teeth can be confused from something as simple as a delay in eruption to as complicated as congenital absence and to a plethora of causes in between. This condition in a pedodontic setup is further complicated by lack of knowledge among dentists, a series of referrals and ends up being a confusing and horrific experience of the parents and the child.

The Zambian government through the Ministry of Health and Ministry of General Education has a responsibility to ensure that conditions for schooling are the best to achieve through establishing health-promoting schools and structures. World over, there has been substantial evidence, which indicates that the health of children and young people has been a major factor affecting their capacity to learn. Similarly the level of individual`s education influences their health. This document provides a framework for supporting the growth and development of health-promoting schools in Zambia.

Menopause is a transitional phase in a women’s midlife encompasses a transition from reproductive to non-reproductive stage. Objectives: To assess the level knowledge of Menopausal symptoms among menopausal women. Design: A Descriptive research design. Sample: Menopausal women at Namakkal (Dt). Sampling Technique: Multistage sampling technique. Data collection: Structured Knowledge questionnaires were used to assess the level of knowledge on Menopausal symptoms.

Periapical inflammation occurs as a consequence of insult to the dental pulp in different ways including infection, physical and iatrogenic trauma, and, following endodontic therapy by the damaging effects of root canal filling materials.

During the last 40 years, the world has witnessed a significant change in the practice and delivery of health-care (Leach and Tucker, 2017). According to Leach and Tucker (2017), these changes are the result of advances in technology, and the exploration of new frontiers in the field of Health Science, thus expanding our understanding of the aetiology and mechanism of disease, along with the burgeoning complexity of patient illness.

This paper describes mathematical model to determining the knee joint injury using kinematics knee model. The model consists of rotations and translations vectors. The result modeling maximum torque is angle 70º knee joint injury,in the present study, there significant difference between angles 60ºand 90º.

In food processing, rheological properties are critical engineering indices for raw materials pre-considered in food formulations to establish processing requirements suitably adopted for converting raw materials efficiently into finished products.

Backround: Zygomatic arc fractures are very common next to nasal bone fractures. For proper management of fractures, its imaging is very important which is accomplished by jug handle view – a modification of submentovertexview. For this technique patient is required to extend his/her neck which is troublesome for patients with neck injuries. Aims and Objectives: To devise a new simplified radiographic technique for patients with neck injuries, as an alternative to jug handle view. Materials and Methods: The demonstrated new technique was performed on 20patients.

Introduction: After the loss of the dental element, the process of bone loss and adaptation of the soft tissues begins, allowing a remodeling of the edentulous area, creating defects in height and width of the residual bone, which may lead to pneumatization of the maxillary sinus, impairment the aesthetics, function and oral health of the patient. The quality and quantity of tissue and bone graft and conjunctive membrane are considered to be fundamental to the successful implantation of the implant.

Purpose: To assess the central macular thickness after phacoemulsification surgery. Methods: Twenty eyes of 15 non-diabetic, more than 40 years old patients, who underwent uneventful phacoemulsification, central macular thickness using swept source optical coherence tomography was estimated preoperatively and four weeks postoperative. Results: The central macular thickness increased with highly significant degree from (248.35 ± 30.10) preoperative to (271.90 ± 36.49) four weeks postoperative (p=0.006), only one eye developed cystoid macular edema representing 5% of patients.

This is a retrospective study from January 2017 to December 2017 at the Department of Neuropsychiatry, University Hospital Joseph Raseta Befelatanana Antananarivo, Madagascar. This study aims to describe the clinical aspects after waking up of ethyl coma. We included all woken-up comas after resuscitation with neuropsychiatric symptoms. But excluded, unknown patients, incomplete files or released against medical advice. We collected 123 patients, one hundred and ten (89%) are male versus thirteen (11%) female. The middle age is 37 years old.

Thalassemia is a genetically passed down blood disorder in which body makes an abnormal form of haemoglobin that leads to anaemia, several organ failure due to iron overload and even death. Disease similar to Thalassemia is not described in Ayurveda, but on the bases of conceptual understanding through Ayurveda concepts it concludes that Thalassemia may be correlated with Beejadoshjanya, Adibalapravruta and Sahaja Vyadhi and nomenclature was coined as Beejadushtijanya Pandu. It can be understood that Pittapradhana Tridosha affects the functions of Raktadhatu.

Objective: To determine the number of children, association of various socio-demographic and birth interval related factors with multi-parity in Saudi women. Methods: This descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in Hail university and Maternity and childcare Hospital, Hail Saudi Arabia. One hundred and eighteen (118) married females having age 20 to 45 years, who presented in outdoor patients department of the hospital, were included. Married females having no child were excluded from analysis.

This study sought to find out the relationship between adult education and women’s self-efficacy. It was part of a wider study examining 3 elements of psychological empowerment: self-esteem, self-efficacy and awareness of women rights. It focused on one adult education center in Starehe Constituency, Nairobi County. Transformative learning was used as the theoretical framework within which the relationship between the acquisition of literacy skills and psychological transformation were discussed.

Abnormal changes in nails can be due to diseases primarily affecting nails and some of these nail changes can be a presenting feature before other signs of a systemic disease become clinically evident. The purpose of this review is not to address localized trauma or nail infections but offers examples of nail abnormalities that may occur with systemic disease.

In hemodialysis vascular access is of prime importance. There are different types of techniques used for arteriovenous anastmosis.1) side to side anastmosis 2) end to side anastmosis,3) end of vein with end of artery. These different techniques are associated with different incidence of complications and patency. Objective: We intended to compare the efficacy of side to side anastmosis with distal vein ligation in terms of complication rate and patency rate with side to side anastmosis without distal vein ligation.

The importance of livestock in Indian agriculture is well recognised. In agriculture of Bundelkhand region, domestic animals play a vital role in the farmer’s life. The present investigation comprises 22 species of fodder tree distributed in 17 genera belonging to 10 families. The observation of present study exhibited that the rural inhabitants of region used total 22 trees species. The leaf fodder availability period was give an idea about that green leaf fodder was available around the complete year. All studied 22 tree species produced leaf fodder in different months of year.

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) with basophilia is a rare condition and has yet to be classified under the 2016 revision to the World Health Organization classification of myeloid neoplasms. However, few reports have described the prognostic significance of basophilia in MDS. Here, we report a case of a 60 year old male who was admitted to the hospital with complains of generalised body weakness, easy fatiguability and breathlessness on mild exertion for one month. Initial investigations showed features of pancytopenia with basophil 12% on complete blood count (CBC).

Background:-Use of FIBRIN GLUE as an alternative modality to surgery for the treatment of fistula in ano. Objectives:-To evaluate the influence of FIBRIN GLUE on healing of the fistula in ano. Patient and Method:- This prospective interventional study on 50 patients was carried out in the Department of Surgery, Jenen private hospital with different types of fistula in ano by using FIBRIN GLUE as an alternative modality to surgery for the treatment of fistula in ano.

Background:Atrophic vaginitis is inflammation of vagina due to thinning and shrinking of tissue as well as decrease lubrication due to estrogen deficiency. As estrogen level drops after menopause, the vaginal tissue become atrophic, leading to various urogenital symptoms. Objective: To correlate clinical signs and symptoms with vaginal maturation value for diagnosis and assessment of severity.

Aim and Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the depth of penetration of 3 different root canal sealers into the dentinal tubules, Apexit plus, AH Plus, Roekoseal, Using Scanning Electron Microscopy. Materials and Methods: Thirty freshly extracted single rooted premolar teeth were taken and coronal portions were cut with a diamond disc and the root canal length standardized at 14mm.Then, the teeth were instrumented by using the protaper technique to a size of the F2 insrument at the working length.

Learning idiosyncrasies which is interchangeably used to refer to learning preferences in this research is an important topic in education since students learning preference are part of their individuality, their idiosyncrasies. Oftentimes, this topic is an important topic for investigation in educational institutions for the sole purpose of maximizing teaching and learning experiences of both the teachers and students. This research studied the learning idiosyncrasies of the students in the GCC region covering two academic institutions offering business administration program.

Achondroplasia is a non‑lethal form of chondrodysplasia. It is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait, with complete penetrance. It results in a disturbance in the endochondral bone formation which causes dwarfism and other associated features. A young female patient suffering from achondroplasia reported with oral manifestations showing features of aggressive periodontitis, hypoplasia of the mid‑face, clinical attachment loss, and mobility of teeth.

Fibrous dysplasia is a developmental disorder characterized by replacement of fibrous tissue which causes destruction and overgrowth of the affected bone .when this dysplastic process occurs in single bone is called as monostotic and when occurs in multiple bone is called as polyostotic. This report discusses about a case of polyostotic condition that involves right maxilla, left elbow, right knee and the management of occlusion.

The ectodermal dysplasias (EDs) are a large and complex group of diseases. More than 170 different clinical conditions have been recognized and defined as ectodermal dysplasias. Commonly involved ectodermal-derived structures are hair, teeth, nails, and sweat glands. In some conditions, it may be associated with mental retardation. We report a case of 10-year-old male child with ectrodactyly, syndactyly, ED, cleft lip/palate, hearing loss, and mental retardation.

Foramen on the articular pillar formed by the fusion of the superior and inferior articular process is a rare finding. Compression of dorsal rami in such foramina may present as low back ache and fusion of the articular processes may limit the movement in the lumbosacral region. The embryological basis and possible functional significance has been appraised.

Objective: Nowadays, Smoking is expanding around the world to younger people, even in Middle East, which is more common among older people. Moreover, the bad effects of smoking on health are more than benefits. Therefore, many organizations are being held to raise awareness about stopping smoking around the world. We aimed to assess the effect of majoring in the respiratory therapy field on students’ smoking habits. Methods: The participating subjects were respiratory therapy students senior and junior A Semi-structured questionnaire that is include the information about the smoker.

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is amongst the most common virus groups affecting the skin and mucosal areas of the body globally today. Occurrence of squamous papilloma may represent a caveat of viral, venereal or pre-cancerous conditions. As an oral lesion, with cauliflower-like clinical appearance and exophytic growth, it raises aesthetic concerns and hence warrants an early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

The forensic odontologist utilizes the human dentition throughout each stage of dental evaluation, restorations and root canal treatment are as unique as fingerprints, and their radiographic morphology, as well as the types of filling materials, are often the main feature for identification. The detection of root canal filling materials and its properties is a valuable toolmark in the presumptive identification of the dentition of a burned victim. Thermo plasticized gutta purcha, b-fill, obtura III, MTA and MTA fillapex have a different resistance to prolonged high temperature.

Aim: To assess the impact of clinical features like pre-operative GCS and status of pupils on the survival of patients presenting with combination of EDH+EDH, EDH+SDH and SDH+SDH on the opposite sides. Materials and Methods: 79 patients admitted in the Institute of Neurology, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital & Madras Medical College, Chennai, with bilateral traumatic intracranial extra parenchymal haematomas were included in this study.

Introduction: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is associated with a high risk of developing further severe complications such as, cardiovascular disease and eventually End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) leading to death. The aim of the study was to determine the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism in different stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) among subjects with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Methods: A total of 226 subjects with T2DM were screened for the study and classified into two groups based on estimated Glomerular filtration rate (eGFR).

Background & objections: Changes in root surfaces in the environment of periodontal pocket hinder regeneration of the periodontal tissues. Periodontal treatment, therefore, must create a root surface compatible for the cells that mediate repair and regeneration of the periodontal tissue. To achieve this, a procedure called root biomodification is recommended as an adjunct to scaling and root planing.

The benefits of correct use of antibiotics include the resolution of infection and prevention of the spread of disease. During endodontic treatment, antibiotics may be given systemically or regionally to achieve aseptic environment and to prevent the pathogenesis and progression of pulp and periapical diseases. This paper is to discuss the use antibiotic in the field of Endodontics.

A three-month-old male infant was brought to the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry with the chief complaint of feeding difficulties. On examination, bilateral cleft lip with complete cleft palate and upper limb deformities were found. In radiographic examination of forearms and chest absent radii and thumb, left rib crowding and neonatal right ventricular hypertrophy were evident. The diagnosis of Holt-Oram syndrome was made based on clinical, radiological and echocardiographic findings. A feeding appliance was fabricated and delivered to the patient.

Aim: To assess the impact of radiological indicators like pre-operative Mid line shift and status of basal cisterns on the survival of patients presenting with combination of EDH+EDH, EDH+SDH and SDH+SDH on the opposite sides. Materials and Methods: 79 patients admitted in the Institute of Neurology, Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital & Madras Medical College, Chennai, with bilateral traumatic intracranial extraparenchymalhaematomas were included in this study.

Nanotechnology is a scientific approach of altering the properties by manipulating a material in nanoscale. This emerging field has the potential to bring enormous changes in the field of dentistry by the means of nanorobots, nanomaterials, nanodiagnostic aids and nanotherapeutic approaches. Nanodentistry will be engaged soon in maintaining a near perfect oral health. But human safety, biocompatibility, cost effectiveness should be considered before its wide application in the field of dentistry.

Peripheral Ossifying Fibromas (POFs) are benign reactive gingival overgrowth; comprising about 9% of all gingival growths. It occurs mainly in the anterior portion of maxilla in young adults, predominantly among females. It has been described with various synonyms and is believed to arise from the periodontal ligament. In this article, we are presenting two case of peripheral ossifying fibroma occurring in female patients as a solitary growth in the anterior maxillary gingiva.

Polyphenols are a large and heterogeneous group of phytochemicals containing phenol rings and are divided into flavonoids, phenolic acids, stilbenes, and lignans. Among all polyphenols, the beneficial effects of flavanols (flavan-3-ols) and their primary food sources, including cocoa, chocolate, and red wine, have been most widely examined in clinical trials.

Peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) is a reactive lesion of the gingival tissues, usually originates from the periodontal ligament cells. It is characterized by highly cellular connective tissue exhibiting dystrophic calcification with the formation of bone and cementum-like materials. It predominantly occurs in females compared to that of males and occurs in relation to maxillary teeth particularly the anterior to the molars. A 14 years old girl child was reported with a localised gingival overgrowth in relation to the 11, 21 and 22.The growth was excised and healing was found uneventful.

Genodermatoses are congenital skin disorder often grouped into three categories: chromosomal, single gene, and polygenetic. Several of these disorders are isolated and also has oral phenomenon, called oral genodermatoses. Among these Ectodermal dysplasia (EDs) is a large group of an inherited disorders represented by a primary defect in hair, teeth, nails or function of sweat gland, in collaboration to another abnormality in an ectodermal derived tissue e.g. ears, eyes, lips, mucous membranes of an oral cavity or nose, central nervous system.

Background: Our research in 2015 verified the immediate stress-reduction effect of the NADA 5-point protocol with needles. Objective: The primary aim of the research was to discover whether the NADA 5-point ear acupuncture therapy with soft-laser (biostimulation) method has significant stress-reduction effects that can be verified regarding prolactin(PRL) and cortisol(CORT) levels, as well as to discover if that effect is stronger than the effects gained by informal talks in the control group.

Measurements during physical therapy and rehabilitation process are considerable contribution to the patient and therapist cooperation, better compliance and persistence. In this regard, thermography (TG) as a diagnostic method can be very helpful. It is also suitable for tracking the course of the disease because it may show activation or calming the process and can be repeated without harm to the patient. Technological progress has now made it easy and economically acceptable use of TG via a smartphone with a FLIR camera.

This paper in continuation with the paper discusses the Yali [Vyala] Pillars with respect to elements of space making in temples of Vijaynagar era, and how these Yali Pillars when treated with extraordinary ornamentations enhanced, beautified and lender unique character to the structure and identified the temples given impression of strength, stability and reliability.

Rupture of A field experiment was conducted on sandy loam soil of Kodukkanpalayam village, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu under irrigated condition during 2016-2017 to study the effects of planting techniques and intercropping in groundnut. The experiments were laid out in split plot design replicated thrice with two main and five sub treatments viz., M1 – flat bed method of sowing, M2 – ridges and furrow method of sowing, S1 – sole groundnut, S2 – groundnut + black gram, S3 – groundnut + green gram, S4 – groundnut + sesame and S5 – groundnut + cowpea.

Dentigerous cyst is the most common odontogenic cyst. It is characterized by a unilocular radiolucent lesion that encloses permanent tooth buds or, under certain circumstances, displaced tooth buds. Such cyst remains initially completely asymptomatic unless when infected and can be discovered only on routine radiographic examination.Here is a case of dentigerous cyst, present in left mandibular region associated with cortical expansion and facial asymmetry which has been enucleated and tooth extracted surgically is discussed in the present case report.

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for improvement in the appearance of natural teeth. The conservative technique of tooth bleaching has gained attention and acceptance from both patients and clinicians. A subjective perception of tooth discoloration, or of having an unattractive natural tooth colour, can entice a patient to seek aesthetic enhancing procedures such as tooth bleaching. (1)

Tanzania is one of the countries where the problem of food insecurity has been prominent to poor rural households. Due to this, Tanzania supports the second target of Sustainable Development Goals of eradicating hunger. Mostly, Tanzania target on maize for food security; traditionally, shortage of maize has been equated to food shortage. Although many studies have been carried out, less weight has been put in analysing the relationship between expected farm-gate price and farm household food security.

In this work, fish scales waste biomaterial was used as an alternative adsorbent for the removal of anions from wastewater. The pulverized waste materials revealed a rough surface which is often associated with effective sorbent. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy revealed the presence of hydroxyl, carboxylate esters, phosphate and amine functional groups. X-ray diffractometer also show the presence of hydroxyapatite in the fish scale waste.

Incisional hernia is one of the commonest surgical problems encountered in our day to day surgical practice.The laparoscopic technique for repairing ventral and incisional hernias (VIH) is now well established. Intraperitoneal on lay mesh hernioplasty without closure of defect (S-IPOM) has been the standard technique for a long time. However, concerns like seroma formation, mesh eventration, bulging and recurrence were of much concern.

This essay aims to observe how the poetry of Cesário Verde develops its own aesthetic archeology, forming poetic “lineages” (TS Eliot) marking the creative and innovative itinerary.

Cotyledonoid dissecting leiomyoma of uterus is an unusual variant of uterine leiomyoma that presents with an alarming gross appearance. We report a case of cotyledonoid dissecting leiomyoma in a 36 year old, 35 weeks pregnant lady who presented with lower abdominal pain. On caesarian section, two fungating polypoidal masses (mistaken for placental tissue), arising from the anterior and anterolateral surfaces of uterus, were excised. Macroscopy revealed multiple bulbous congested nodules connected by fibrous tissue.

This article explores the applicability of the 1996 advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legality of threat of nuclear weapons in the current geopolitical scenario when it comes to nuclear weapons. It scrutinizes the changes in nature of circumstances, and certain unexplored domains during the 1996 judgment.

Effects of sprouting time (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 days) on the physicochemical and biochemical parameters of sesame seeds oils raw, soaked and sprouted was investigated. Sesame seeds were sprouted in laboratory under room conditions (humidity 85%, temperature 28±3°C) during 4 days. The process significantly decreased the oil content (51.50 to 41.58%) and increased the free fatty acid (FFA) from 0.22% to 9.05%, the iodine value (IV) (from 105.70 to 108.91 mg KOH/g), saponification index (SI) (191.11 to 193.82 mg KOH/g) and the peroxide value is very low (less than 0.1meqO2/kg.

Objectives • To assess the level of anxiety among family members of patient admitted in ICU DGH. • To find out association between the level of anxiety with their selected demographic variables. • To prepare an information booklet on prevention of anxiety. Material and method: The selection of design depends upon the purpose of the study, research approach and variable to be studied. Descriptive research design was used for the study. The study was conducted on 30 family members of patient admitted in ICU, DGH using non-probability purposive sampling technique.

The research was conducted at the study plots of Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University, in arid conditions representing the Central Anatolia, in Ankara, in years 2010 and 2011. The does of the phosphorus fertilizer that generates the highest grain yield per unit was investigated on Lebanese-origin H1; 5143, Turkish-origin H2; 5526, and Iraqi-origin H3; 5538 vetch lines that were obtained from ICARDA.

Pesticides are widely used in most sectors of the agricultural production to prevent or reduce losses by pests and thus can improve yield as well as quality of the produce, even in terms of cosmetic appeal, which is often important to consumers. Oxidative stress by increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) has been implicated in the toxicity of various pesticides. The present study was designed to investigate the induction of oxidative stress by Lambda cyhalothrin; a Type II pyrethroid in mice Intestine and Testis.

One of the most common esthetic concerns associated with periodontal tissue is gingival recession. Gingival recession is the exposure of root surface due to a displacement of the gingival margin apical to cement-enamel junction. Various surgical techniques are described such as free gingival graft, coronally repositioned flap, connective tissue graft, guided tissue regeneration and tissue engineering to correct the mucogingival problems and to cover the denuded root surfaces.

Aim: A study to assess the expressed practices of pregnant women regarding the nutritional needs to prevent anemia during antenatal period at selected hospital of Gurugram, Haryana. Methodology: Non Experimental descriptive survey design was adopted in the present study. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the sample size of 60 Pregnant women visiting the O.P.D for antenatal assessment at selected hospital of Gurugram.

The focal point of a war in Afghanistan is dominated by Taliban in the last 17 years. Terrorist Organizations like Al Qaeda or Islamic State (IS/ISIS) have traditionally not been considered as powerful adversaries as compared to Taliban. Yet, policy of making a clear distinction between Taliban and Terrorist Organizations has not paid well. For US, the cost of having been at an extensive war for more than 17 years is huge and it is taking a substantial toll. With resources dwindling, influence declining; the war on terror is on the verge of a major catastrophe.

Introduction: The rapid increase in cesarean birth rates from 1996 to 2011 in US without clear evidence of concomitant decreases in maternal or neonatal morbidity or mortality raises significant concern that cesarean delivery is overused. Increasing women’s access to nonmedical interventions during labor, such as continuous labor and delivery support, also has been shown to reduce cesarean birth rates. Several examples of interventions that can contribute to the safe lowering of the primary cesarean delivery rate is by induction of labour by various modes where indicated.

Image classification has gained vital attention Investigations were carried out to determine Hepatitis B virus profile of patients in Karu, Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria. A total of three hundred and eighty four (384) blood samples comprising of two hundred and forty (240) male and one hundred and forty four (144) female were collected from patients using 5ml syringe and needle. The blood samples were dispensed into ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) tubes.

Vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy is a new modality in wound care after growth factors and hydrocolloid dressing, in the treatment of large infected wounds. We have been using this technique for diabetic foot ulcers. A 58yr old diabetic man who is a post CABG pt, presented with a large horse shoe shaped peri anal abscess after drainage of the abscess in the O.R., a diversion colostomy was done and VAC therapy was applied, a complete closure of the peri anal wound by secondary suturing was achieved in 6 weeks.

Background: The use of Aerobic exercises and The Nile flows for about 6,700 kilometers through ten eastern African countries namely Rwanda, Burundi, D. R .Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, the Sudan, and Egypt before emptying into the Mediterranean, and is the longest international river system in the world. During the colonial era, boundaries were created so as to demarcate territories for easy governance by the majorly Europeans masters.

Uvular oedema can be a serious sign of suffocation due to the obstruction of the airway path. There are various causative agents of oedematous uvula such as Idiopathic, hereditary angioedema, trauma, inhalation exposure, medication reactions. Snoring is a common predisposing factor to uvular oedema. Therefore, we should rule out the etiology and try to remove the stimuli as early as possible so that we can conserve the patient’s life. In most cases of oedematous uvula, patients usually complaints of difficulty swallowing and feel like something is stuck in their throat.

A cross sectional study was conducted to assess the knowledge and preventive practices regarding Dengue infection among the women attending selected OPD services of A tertiary hospital. The sample consisted of 50 women and the tool was a structured questionnaire to assess the knowledge and preventive practices Study findings revealed that 96.3% had heard about dengue. 89% of them considered Dengue as a serious problem.86% of the subjects were aware of spread of Dengue mosquitoes.

Fractures of the patella constitute almost 1% of all skeletal injuries[1], resulting from either direct or indirect trauma. Most patellar fractures are caused by a combination of direct and indirect forces. The most significant effects of fracture of the patella are loss of continuity of the extensor mechanism of the knee and potential incongruity of the patellofemoral articulation. Opinions differ as to the optimal treatment of patellar fractures. Accepted methods include a variety of wiring techniques, screw fixation, partial patellectomy, and total patellectomy.

Engineered nanoparticles (ENMs) are extensively used in varied consumer products. Along the period of usage for nano-enabled products, these nano particles can be released into the environment and get accumulated in the waste streams. Accidental or deliberate release of nanoparticles in the environment results into a new type of waste which is termed as nanowaste. In the framework of this review paper, details about nanowaste, challenges encountered during nanowaste management, Analysis of nanowaste along with methods for its efficient and methodical disposal are summarized.

Aim: This study was conducted to estimate and compare the salivary pH, uric acid and periodontal status in vegetarians and non vegetarians. Material and Methods: The study consisted of 90 systemically healthy subjects in the age group of 18 years or above which was further divided into two groups: vegetarian and non vegetarian group. Plaque index, gingival index, sulcus bleeding index, probing pocket depth, clinical attachment level were recorded.

Objective: Mobile health applications provide opportunities for individuals to monitortheir health and access their health information whenever and whereverthey want. The purpose of this study is to examine the frequency with which smartphone owners use health-related mobile applications. Materials and Method: This study, which is a descriptive study, was carried out between December 2017 and January 2018 on 660 people who agreedto participate in the research in private hospitals that allow European-based work in Istanbulto participate in the study and outpatient services.

An interleaved boost dc/dc converter is developed featuring smaller input/output filters, faster dynamic response and lower device stress than conventional designs, for solar electric vehicle (SEV) regulation particularly for a common dc bus. The advantages and disadvantages of several topologies of dc/dc converters, based on their component are presented and compared in (Li, 2011). applications. The converter is connected between the photovoltaic power generation and dc bus in a multisource energy storage system of a SEV.

This study analyzes and compares the earnings management behaviour between Eastern and Western European countries taking into consideration the particularities and differences of both markets. The paper fills this gap in the literature as it analyzes the context of earnings management in the developing Eastern countries and its comparison to the Western well-developed European countries. This is the first study which compares these two markets.

Steinernematids and Heterorhabditids are lethal insect pathogens with biocontrol potential for managing insect pests of agricultural importance.The efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) of Steinernema tbilisiense and S. thesami was evaluated by oak pests, such as Lymantria dispar L. (Lepidoptera: Liparidae) and Tortrix viridanaL. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). To determine the efficacy of nematodes under laboratory conditions, suspensions of the following concentrations were tested: 700 nematode, 350 nematode, and 200 nematode in 1 ml of water. The experimental objects were mainly L.

The purchase decision process began to be studied 300 years ago by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern. Over time, due to the social and demographic changes and the fast evolution of technology, people needs became more diverse and so, a new science was developed in 1960: Economic Behavior. The study of consumer behavior is now an important issue for any company that wants to expand its dimensions, to become more competitive and ultimately to survive to the daily changes of the economic environment.

An equation expressing filterability in terms of Filter Cake Yield has been derived using Buckingham- method of LMT Dimensional Analysis. The model equation developed (Equation 27) shows that the cake yield from a filter press is directly proportional to the filter area of the pressure vessel, applied pressure and initial solids content of the sludge while being inversely proportional to specific resistance of the filtrate, viscosity of filtrate, compressibility coefficient of the sludge and pressing time. This is in agreement with scientific reasoning and experimental observation.

Introduction: Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is a blood component which is being used as a rational replacement therapy for various clinical conditions. Many of the times FFP being used irrationally and associated with a variety of hazards. Because of ease of availability and gap in the knowledge of medical professionals blood products are being used liberally and sometimes inappropriately. Methodology: Prospective cross sectional observational study was done over a period of 1 year in a tertiary hospital, in the western part of India.

This article tries to highlight the work of a faith based NGO in its endeavour to build peace in the North East region of India. Drawing on case study documents from four target states, it seeks to draw out how in its peace programme, the organisation capacitated women and girls enabling them to participate in the process of mitigating conflict and take actions on social issues relevant in their village and community.

In this research paper the researcher analyzes the effect of neuroticism personality in empty nest syndrome in middle aged women. 480 women were selected from twin city of Bhilai and Durg. The data was collected by using Empty Nest Syndrome Questionnaire and Personality Test Questionnaire. Mean, Standard Deviation and ANOVA were used for analyzing the data. The finding reveals that neuroticism it is not found that who has more feeling of empty nest syndrome neurotic people or emotionally stable people.

Naxalism, also known as Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is perhaps the most serious threat faced by the country at present. The Naxalites or Left-wing extremists or Maoists initially launched their violent campaign of armed agrarian revolution on the lines of the Chinese revolution led by Mao Tse Tung, in Naxalbari village in 1967, in the Siliguri sub-division of West Bengal and hence the movement, Naxalism, got its name from this place. This ideology based movement was initiated by extreme left wing elements of the Communist Party of India- Marxist (CPI-M).

Background: Amenorrhoea is absence of menstrual bleeding . Primary Amenorrhoea is absence of menstruation and secondary sexual characters by age of 14 years or absence of menstruation regardless of secondary sexual characters by age of 16 years. For a normal menstruation to occur the normal genetic makeup, neuro-endocrinological, embryological development is must. Any abnormality in above leads to amenorrhea. Incidence of Primary Amenorrhea is less than 1%.

In this research paper the researcher analyzes the effect of personality dimension and socio economic in empty nest syndrome in middle aged women. 480 women were selected from twin city of Bhilai and Durg. The data was collected by using Empty Nest Syndrome Questionnaire, Personality Test Questionnaire and Socio Economic Status Questionnaire. Mean, Standard Deviation and ANOVA were used for analyzing the data. The finding reveal that extraverted middle aged women have less feeling of empty nest syndrome than introverted middle aged women.

The edentulous state of the oral cavity is equivalent to the absence of any other body part with specific morphological and psychological sequelae. The dentist has a difficult mission in evaluating the biomechanical differences in the supporting tissues for the two arches and applying the appropriate procedures to produce and maintain the conditions necessary for long-term treatment success.

The paper is centred on an assessment of the impact of industrial training fund (ITF) on youth skill and capability development from 1999-2018. Questionnaires were administered to sample the opinion of employees of I.T.F. training and capability development do not have impact on youth, Industrial Training Fund has not fulfilled its enormous potential of ensuring that the required manpower skills and knowledge required by the country in the twenty first century are provided to the Nigeria economy.

Grocery items is the day to day need at all levels of the society India is emerging as the second largest market of family requirements over last decade. The emergence of online shopping groceries is adopted by most of the developed countries and now the same is penetrating in Asian continent with India as the biggest market. The nucleus family size, outbound nature of all the adults of a family, growing size of urban population, rising traffic and other issues, technology up-gradation in banking, logistics and communication have made it mandatory to follow the technology driven marketing.

A beautiful smile enhances the self esteem of the patient. Cosmetically acceptable smile shows a harmonious relationship between the displays of teeth to the gingival tissues. A gummy smile poses a restorative challenge for dentist attempting to achieve ideal esthetics. However with advancement in cosmetic dentistry bleaching, bonding, veneering and laminates have opened door to a wide variety of elective dental treatment.

The unset of Globalization, while effecting life, society, economy and culture of mainstream society has scathingly effected life, livelihood, culture and society of tribal people in much more way. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) model of development has redefined the sustainable tribal development initiative undertaken by welfare state. The indigenous population of Asia and India particularly is much more effected by this macro-economic adjustment global model.

Background: Establishing age is a major concern in forensic applications. Legal action can be executed appropriately only if the individual is known to be an adolescent or adult. Assessment of age is helpful in anthropological studies. Determining age using third molars is of greater importance from the radiographic images. It can be used as assessment markers in mid teens and adulthood, to establish age. Combination of third molar development with skeletal analysis is more valid in estimating age.

Soil macrofauna is known to play a significant role in the disintegration and decomposition of organic material added to the soil. Millipedes are the major macrofauna involved in litter decomposition in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of the world. Millicompost is the process in which millipedes are employed for composting plant wastes. Like vermicomposting, millicompost is an ecofriendly technique involving no pollution. Hence an attempt has been made to compost invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus Linn.

Background: Respiratory disorders are one of the most common diseases in pediatrics with an increase in morbidity and mortality. Bronchodilators, Corticosteroids and Antibiotics were used primarily for the management of respiratory disorders in Pediatric Population. Objective: To assess utilization pattern of drugs in Pediatric Respiratory diseases Materials and Methods: A prospective observational study was conducted over a period of six months in a tertiary care teaching hospital. A total of 225 case records of inpatient in pediatric department was reviewed.

The evolution of mobile phones into smart multi-functional mobile computers have led to a serious Abnormal Battery Drain (ABD) issue. This has spurred the need for green practice in mobile phone to overcome ABD concern. However, far too little attention has been paid to the green practice that focuses on ABD. Hence, this paper aims to conceptualize the actual behavior of green practice on mobile phones by integrating the Theory of Planned Behavior and Normalization Process Theory.

Inguinal hernia repair associated benefits of minimally invasive surgery, such as improved cosmesis, less pain, faster recovery, and improved success rates, have been shown not just in hernia surgery but also in other general surgical procedures like cholecystectomy, gastric banding and appendectomy, as well as in other surgical disciplines like gynaecology and urology. This randomized comparative study was comparing telescopic dissections (TD) versus laparoscopic stone extractor forceps dissection (FD) in total extra-peritoneal (TEP) laparoscopic mesh repair of inguinal hernia.

Women have played many roles in the military, from ancient warrior women, to the women currently serving in conflicts like the Iraq War. The role of women in combat has become a particularly contentious issue in contemporary militaries throughout the world. This paper focuses on the effect of policies changes on the attitudes towards women in military

The loss of tooth in estheic area is quite an unpleasant experience for an individual. Since Dental Implant has evolved it is the most preferred method for esthetic rehabilitation, reasons being long term solution for replacement of missing teeth, fewer surgical interventions, reduced soft and hard tissue loss and psychological satisfaction to the patient. This case report describes extraction and immediate implant placement with immediate provisionalisation.

The world has been converging and converging to the megacities in a big way in Asia, Africa and other regions since last century. As our cities have expanded exponentially, the reality and ugliness of the “growth” of the cities is coming to the fore. Today’s cities may seem glamorous with dazzling shops and malls, gleaming skyscrapers, ultra fast transport and diverse models of automobiles on the roads and attractive airports.

Introduction: Maxillary anterior spacing is a common aesthetic complaint of patients, which has a multifactorial aetiology. Many therapies ranging from orthodontic intervention to full coverage porcelain crowns, laminate veneers, composite build-ups are available. The use of proximally applied composite resin is a quick, inexpensive and conservative approach to this difficult problem. It allows the dentist and patient complete control in formation of a natural smile. Aim: Closure of maxillary anterior spacing in single appointment.

Background: Progressive and involuntary in nature, X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism (XDP) causes a great impact on the quality of life of the individuals affected. With all these changes involved in XDP, it necessitates the critical participation and support of caregivers in managing and coping with the disease. Published studies about XDP are mainly concerned with the experiences of individuals living with the disease, while the caregiver’s perspective is given less attention.

In the present study aqueous leaf extract of Erythrina variegata were investigated the phytochemical screening, total tannin, total saponin content and antibacterial activity. Phytochemical screening of various extracts such as aqueous, ethanol, chloroform, acetone and petroleum ether, aqueous leaf extract revealed the presence of steroids, quinones, cardiac glycosides, saponins, tannins, phenols, flavonoids, terpenoids and alkaloids than other extracts. The leaf extract were quantitatively estimated for total tannin and saponin content.

A 35 year old male, shopkeeper by occupation, presented to us with recurrent spells of altered consciousness with varying features for last 1 year. He was labelled as depression and was on velazodone for the same. He was finally diagnosed as insulinoma, likely unmasked by the drug. He was managed with surgery and is doing well. With this case, the importance of considering hypoglycemia in atypical neurological or psychiatric episodes is highlighted.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a broad term which is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and restricted or repetitive behaviors. This study aimed to assess the nutritional status of autistic children in Mumbai. The sample size was 100 children between 5-15 years of age. Fifty were autistic and 50 were age and gender matched typically developing children. In each group, there were 37 girls and 13 boys. Anthropometric measurements (Height, weight, BMI, hip circumference, waist circumference and MUAC) of the participants were recorded.

This research aims to study the behaviors of Primary school principals that reflect self-leadership in Khon Kaenprovince and to compare behavior by gender, work experience, and levels of education. The survey methodology was used, gathering data from a sample of the population who are public Primary school principals in KhonKaen province, Thailand.

The concept of biological osteosynthesis refers to the conservation of vascularity of the bone during surgical intervention to ensure the continued vitality of the individual fragments and to achieve improved fracture healing. Main principle of biological fixation by minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis (MIPPO) in long bone fractures is relative stability which is provided by using long plate with limited number of screws. Some biomechanical studies have been reported about this issue. However, clinical studies are still missing.

Urinary Tract Infections is one of the most common infections observed in clinical practice especially in pregnant women. This study was conducted on 500 pregnant women to identify the prevalence of symptomatic and asymptomatic UTI, their bacterial profile and antibiogram. A total of 151 pregnant women had significant bacteriuria and 79 of them were symptomatic while 72 were asymptomatic. E. coli was the predominant organism sensitive to mainly aminoglycosides like Gentamicin, Amikacin, Nitro furantoin , Amoxiclav. Increasing resistant pattern was observed for Cephalosporins, Ampicillin.

Introduction: After PMT selection when a student enter in medical college, Then he/she first time introduce with cadaver. Cadaver is a term used for chemically preserved human dead body which are used for learning internal structure of human body. On cadaver student done dissection under observation of Anatomist which is very necessary for medical student for gaining knowledge of human body. Aim: Dissection is very necessary for medical student.

Background: Suspension microscopy is a scientific way to observe the suspended matter in three parts. Concept arises from fresh Hima preparation. Normally any liquid preparation forms many layers after keeping sometime, with different qualities. Each and every layer consist different physical form, chemical form, organoleptic form and also at the micro level. Hydro suspension preparation forms different layers. If improper mixture is taken, Scientifically there may be a loss of active constituents in lower and upper layered mass i.e. tannins, oils, fibers, etc.

The existence of subak as a traditional irrigation system in Bali has tri hita karana as its philosophy and focus on social and cultural activities. The more complex of its members’ needs and problems, government has endeavored to develop subak orienting business. One of the business is run by the farmers’ cooperative. The objectives of this study are to describe the potential economic activities of subak, and to portrait the institutional adjustment of subak toward the business orientation. The collected data was analyzed by employing descriptive method.

Cysticercosis is a condition which occurs when humans are infested by larvae of Taenia solium. It is a cause of increasing health burden in developing countries. Solitary extraneural cysticercosis may mimic soft tissue lesion; hence it is important to consider cysticercosis as a differential diagnosis during evaluation of such lesions. Here we present a case of submental cysticercosis in a young male child along with a brief review of literature.

This study empirically examined the effect of capital adequacy on the performance of deposit money in Nigeria from 1990 to 2015. Data for the study were secondary data sourced from annual report of Access Bank Plc, CBN Statistical Bulletin and journal articles for the years under scope. We employed ADF unit root, Johansoncointegration and ECM techniques to analyze the nature of the relationship between capital adequacy (core capital and supplementary capital) and Performance (profitability) of deposit money bank.

Nature of Work Life is the presence of a specific arrangement of hierarchical conditions or practices. This definition regularly contends that a high caliber of work life exists when majority rule administration hones are utilized, worker's occupations are enhanced, representatives are treated with pride and safe working conditions exist. Nature of Work Life alludes to the level of fulfillment, inspiration, inclusion and responsibility people involvement regarding their lives at work.

Human Resource Management is the process of recruitment and selecting employee, providing orientation and induction, training and development, assessment of employee (performance of appraisal), providing compensation and benefits, motivating, maintaining proper relations with employees and with trade unions, maintaining employees safety, welfare and healthy measures in compliance with labour laws of the land. Human Resource Management is a management function concerned with hiring, motivating, and maintaining workforce in an organisation.

It is seen that while treating fractures surgically using plating one of the challenge is to measure exact screw size to fix the fracture. Various modalities are being practiced like use of depth gauge, (Williams and Roaf, 1973) fluoroscopic guidance and clinical experience. Our study shows that among all methods used, there is one more method that we are using since 3 years (2014—2017) has much more reliability and also no need of any external appliance to depend upon. The method named by us as drill bit method proved to be very much reliable in assesessing exact screw length.

The southern territory of Uzbekistan is a kind of "ethnographic oasis", since it is here that one can observe the fusion of different cultures, economic way of life, national traditions inherent in different nations and ethnographic groups, in other words - a symbiosis of ethno-cultural traditions. In the formation of such a fusion of several predominant values of features peculiar to Kungrats, which are one of the major subethnic components of the Uzbek people.

This article introduces information about bone caries at the base of traditional Uzbek traditional medicine. Attention is paid to the ways of treating bone caries, traditions, well-known dynasties in this profession and their history. The present activity of physicians-bone-cutting specialists is based on field ethnographic notes.

Bacteria and their products are the major etiologic factors in endodontic treatment. Therefore, reduction of bacterial contamination is the main aim of endodontic treatment. The goal will be reached with an appropriate chemo-mechanical preparation along with preservation of as much of tooth structure as possible. The apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation is one of the major controversial issues in root canal therapy. So this article provides an overview of importance of anatomy of apex and current concepts regarding the apical preparation size for individual tooth.

In educational sector, finding talented people having them perform well and keeping them in the organization became difficult for management. Management institutes are trying to acquire teaching staff in place, but also to retain them from moving out of their educational institute. This research work seeks to empirically examine the process, in which the faculty members are hired, nurtured/trained and retained in management institutes and the factors affecting faculty shortage in management institutes. The methodology adopted in this study was qualitative research.

Trophic status of different waterfalls in the highlands of west and northwest regions of Cameroon was assessed by using diatomic index. Ten waterfalls were sampled, in the rainy season (August, September and October 2008) and dry season (January, February and March 2009). Diatomic index and species dominance were calculated. Diatom samples were collected upstream and downstream of each waterfall by scraping the rocks. Samples were treated with oxygenated water to destroy organic matter. Two to three drops of prepared sample were used to mount permanent slides.

Background: According to TB India 2017 report, an estimated 0.11 million were HIV-positive among the 2.8 million people who developed TB in India in 2015 and nearly 37,000 deaths were among HIV-TB co-infected. In 2013, the concept of Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling for HIV has been introduced in India under RNTCP. Objectives: This study makes an attempt to find out the utility of PITC in identifying incremental detection of HIV positive cases during 2013-16. Methods: PITC is implemented since Jan 2013 in entire Telangana State, through Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres.

Background and Objectives: Nowadays, pollution problems have become very crucial. Anthropogenic activities are the main sources of pollution with high concentrations of Metallic Traces Elements (MTEs), that pollute the ecosystem and cause health issues. This work aims to contribute to the establishment of biological techniques, the phytoremediation by Datura innoxia for that purpose two soils polluted by the MTEs has been considered. Methods: The soils were taken from Komabangou area polluted by gold panning activities.

Aim: To evaluate hearing results after stapedotomy and comparison with preoperative hearing evaluation. Materials and Methods: Forty otosclerotic patients were enrolled for the study. Pure tone audiometry and impedance audiometry was done in patients. All the patients underwent stapedotomy under local anaesthesia. Postoperatively the patients were followed up monthly for three months and hearing evaluation was done and compared with preoperative evaluation.

The appearance of the first commercial computers available. The first computers with integrated programs. The first computers with integrated storage. The Story of Eckert and UNIVAC, IBM's reaction to UNIVAC.

Awarded by two Nobel Prize winners in economics, behavioral finance proponents claim considerable consequences of behavioral biases on the investment policies of stock market players. By administering a questionnaire, the main purpose of the study is to empirically prove the relationship between the biases in our study (Overconfidence, Herding, loss aversion, disposition effect, anchoring, over-reaction to information and under-reaction to information) and their behavioral impact on the rationality of the decision-making process.

Purpose of study- This study was conducted to evaluate B12 levels in children with macrocytic anaemia and to know the etiology of macrocytosis in children, Materials and the methods-This study was a cross-sectional study carried out over a period of 18 months on 50 children up to 18 years of age of macrocytic anaemia. Children were identified as macrocytic having MCV > 95fl (mean corpuscular volume). Result- In this study for mean haemoglobin of 11 g/dl the RBC volume was at a mean of 95.7.

Pectin caused turbidity and viscosity interferes in fruit juice extraction while hydrophobicity causes problem in dyeing process in textile industry. Conventionally pectin removal requires harsh chemicals and high temperature in most of the industrial processes. Thus sustainability and thermostability are prerequisites for any other alternative process. Pectinase also finds various applications in fruit juice industry, textile industry, paper and pulp industry, bioethanol production, improvement in antioxidant property of wine etc.

Cryptosporidium is an opportunistic protozoan parasite that can cause severe diarrhoea in immunocompromised patients. Here we report a case of 8 years old male child who was haemophilic admitted with complaints of epistaxis. On routine investigation for epistaxis CBC, HIV, malaria and dengue were done and patient was diagnosed a case of HIV,(malaria ,dengue negative). Parents were HIV negative. FactorVIII was given 3-7times after each episode of injury. As patient was underweight and was malnourished.

This research was intended to explore secondary schools’ teachers’ use of literary texts in English classes and their inspiration of students to practice (read/listen to) literary texts of English language. To this end, a five-point scale questionnaire was used to gather data from 30 Grade 10 English language teachers of secondary schools (Yirgalem Senior Secondary School, Apposto Secondary School and Motto Secondary School) found in Sidama Zone of South Nation, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State of Ethiopia. A semi-structured interview was also held with 6 of the teachers.

Background: Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the common and dreaded long term complication of diabetes mellitus especially in developing countries. This study attempted to determine the disease burden in terms of epidemiology and clinical profile of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) at a tertiary care hospital in North India. Methods: In this descriptive study, the patients with known diabetes presenting with foot ulceration were enrolled over a one year period.

Biodentine is a calcium-silicate based material that has drawn attention in recent years as it overcomes the drawbacks of Calcium hydroxide and Mineral trioxide aggregate. Due to its major advantages over MTA like good handling properties, short setting time and improved mechanical properties with with excellent biocompatibility, as well as instituted bioactive behavior, biodentine has great potential to revolutionize the different aspects of managing both primary and permanent in endodontics as well as operative dentistry.

The incidence of nosocomial infections in the intensive care unit (ICU) is about 2 to 5 times higher than in the general in-patient hospital population. Endemic health-care-associated infection represents a major burden and safety issue for patients in the developing world. Infection with Klebsiella was not very uncommon in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units(NICU) at present. In this study we report an outbreak of MDR Klebsiella infection and its successful control in a tertiary care teaching hospital Jodhpur between November 2016 and January 2017.

Avulsion of permanent teeth in children is a common dental emergency. Immediate replantation is the standard treatment protocol. Long term prognosis of the replanted teeth depends on the time elapsed between avulsion and replantation. In children and adolescents replantation of permanent teeth with open apex is a much needed intermediate procedure irrespective of the final outcome. Finally the replanted teeth may undergo progressive replacement resorption (ankylosis) and eventual teeth loss.

Aims/ Purpose: The present study was an attempt to study the status of transgender people who all are now in the main stream of the society. To understand social position of transgender people, to assess support system of transgender Methodology of study: This screening led to the selection of articles and a secondary literature search was performed using the references cited in these selected papers transgender persons in Odisha are not ready to be identified as transgender and get officially registered due to social stigma, revealed a study.

Background: Porcelain laminate veneers rely on the synergistic bonding achieved between the porcelain and resin cement in order to survive the rigours of the oral environment. The enhancement of bonding through modification of the internal porcelain surface is advocated in order to increase the intimacy of the bond and may be achieved by exposing the porcelain surface to various treatments. Objectives: To compare and evaluate the effect of different ceramic surface pre-treatments on the shear bond strength of porcelain laminates with resin cements to human teeth.

Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers is a requirement by the Teachers Service Commission. Its intent is to enhance Newly Qualified Teachers professional competencies. Worldwide studies have revealed that teachers who are inducted adjust very fast and perform their duties as required. In Awendo Sub County, it had been observed that despite induction, quite a number of Newly Qualified Teachers have continued to perform below par in curricular and co-curricular activities.

The treatment of choice for a specific prosthesis is multifactorial. It depends on the systemic conditions, the underlying residual bone, the economic conditions of the patient etc. The artificial prosthesis should meet the patient’s expectation for comfort, function and aesthetic harmony along with stability and retention .This case report describes prosthetic rehabilitation of periodontitis case with single complete denture and semi precision attachment.

Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) is a requirement by the Teachers Service Commission. Its intent is to enhance NQTs professional competencies. Worldwide studies have revealed that teachers who are inducted adjust very fast and perform their duties as required. In Awendo Sub County, it has been observed that despite induction, quite a number of NQTs have continued to perform below par in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Aim: To study the prevalence of pathogenic organisms and sensitivity patterns of various isolates from vaginal swab. Method: Samples from October 2016 to October 2017 which had come to the Department of Microbiology at East Point College of Medical Science and Research Centre were included in the study. 120 Vaginal swab samples were collected and direct examined, microscopic Gram stain examination and culture techniques. Isolated microorganisms were identified using microscopical, morphological, biochemical tests.

The aim of this research is to understand the impact of ‘Make-In-India’ campaign on the development of entrepreneurs in the MSME sector. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the development of our country had launched the ‘Make-In-India’ campaign. The research work focuses on how the ‘Make-In-India’ campaign has affected small businesses and its entrepreneurs who were governed by the Ministry Of Micro Small And Medium Enterprises. This research work tries to understand the level of impact that the ‘Make-In-India’ campaign has had on the MSMEs of the country.

Mangroves have been widely optimized by the ASEAN countries to effect community economic development through tourism activities that provided economic sustainability of the local communities. However, the benefits that the mangroves ecosystem gives is misconstrued by the local community as merely an economic endeavor or as means of livelihood. Hence, the College is faced with a challenge of improving the quality of lives of the local communities making use of its vast hectares of mangroves resources while preserving the environment.

In recent years, social commerce intention has become increasingly attractive and enhance by users of social networking sites that often received social support from contemporary users. This study is designed to test the influence of social support (emotional and informational support) as well as mediating effect of trust, attitude and satisfaction on social commerce intention among university students in Saudi Arabia. Thus, a framework that seeks to test these relationships is developed.

Around 3 billion people in the world cook and heat inside their homes using solid biomass fuel with simple stoves burning biomass and coal. Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) from inefficient cooking practices is a big environmental health problem worldwide (WHO, 2016). Climate forcing pollutants viz., Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Particulate Matters (PM) have an impact on the environment and human health. Use of biomass causes deforestation and environmental degradation as well as it contributes in Green House Gases (GHGs) (IPCC, 2007).

In several decades, the electric power industry has been structured as vertically integrated utilities which can generate, transmit and distribute power to the consumers. These utilities operate according to the policies, guidelines and regulations framed by the government and are responsible for the development, expansion and standardization of electric power industry. These state-owned utilities are obliged to provide electricity to every customer in a region and are assured of fair returns without any risk.

Mulberry gardens are being contaminated by various pesticides and fungicides from nearby agricultural practice. Specifically copper containing fungicides utilized in adjacent cultivations where thecrops is being protected by copper fungicides to control the fungal pathogens. Copper besides other heavy metals and pesticides can also alters the activities of ATPase’s of silkworm larvae particularly sodium/potassium, magnesium, and total ATPase’s. Hence the author aimed to study the effect of copper on silkworm ATPase’s activity.

In this paper we present the distribution of simulated state variables in a -adsorber-collector prototype of an adsorption solar refrigerator designed to work with the zeolite-water pair under the climatic conditions of the city of Ouagadougou. The solar performance factor (COPs) and the cooling capacity (SCP) are the parameters studied for evaluating the system performance.

The present study aims to explore whether there are gender-oriented differences in learners' performance when solving equations which require the application of a structure sense. In mathematics one can identify that learners lack a competence of logical observation of algebraic expressions. This deficiency results in the learners' technical approach to exercises, the time they require for obtaining the solution, numerous errors and difficulty in finding the solution. This absent competence is called 'the structure sense'.

This paper x-rays the importance of assistive technology devices (ATDs) in university library for the teaching and learning of students with visual impairments. The introduction of technology has benefited the sighted however not leaving out students with visual impairments.

Background: Over the last few years, the notion that dyslexia is a learning disability, which initially appears as a difficulty in reading learning and later as unstable in spelled writing and as a lack of ability to manipulate written words in opposed to oral speech. The situation is essentially cognitive and usually genetic. It is not due to a mental deficiency, a lack of socio-cultural opportunity, emotional factors, or another brain building deficit. A large proportion of children with dyslexia are experiencing motor difficulties such as developmental coordination disorder.

The topography was established using Autodesk Revit with reference to Google Earth. The mathematical model was formulated with the discretization of the Navier-Stokes equation in three dimensional form into a simplified and corrected momentum and pressure equations. The maximum positive and negative wind pressures were obtained from 180° south wind attack angle and critical wind pressures were obtained from the maximum negative wind pressures. Topography in terms of elevation showed that the recorded wind pressure of elevated houses are higher than those situated on the non-elevated areas.

The treatment of choice for a In this article, we find the necessary and sufficient condition under which the (α,β)-metric F=c_1 α+c_2 β+β^2/α; c_2≠0 is projectively related to a Kropina metric on a manifold M of dimension n ≥ 3, where α and α ̅ are two Riemannian metrics, β and β ̅ are two non zero 1-forms.

Phenotypic characterizations of indigenous chicken genetic resources were undertaken in Guji zone of Oromia region. All HHs conditionally/occasionally provide feed and water as supplements and of the feed sources 54.2% and 16.7% were Grain and leftover; and Grain and crop residues., wall and floor which were made of 51.4% wood, 22.9% grass/bush, 14.3% (wood + mud), 8.6% bamboo, and 2.9% (bamboo + grass).. The mean separation with standard errors of the chicken population size were 18.5±1.97 of (3.4±.32) and (2.1± .30) with a ratio of 3.2:1 female with male.

Infectious diseases caused by protozoa, viruses, bacteria and other agents may be transmitted to people world-wide which relates over 17 million death annually. The treatment of the diseases is hampered mainly by blood brain barrier, multi-drug resistance, drug- toxicity, insolubility and poor bioavailability.

Background: Thrombocytopenia is seen in 6 to 10% of pregnant women, with the gestational thrombocytopenia being the most important etiological factor. Objective: To study the maternal and perinatal outcome of thrombocytopenia in pregnancy. Materials and Methods: In this study, 110 pregnant women, irrespective of their gestational ages were studied in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SKIMS, Srinagar over a period of one year from April 2017 to March 2018. Proper history was taken and detailed examination done in all patients.

Diabetic nephropathy is characterized by progressive persistent proteinuria, hypertension, decline in renal function by decreasing glomerular filtration rate, and risk of cardiovascular disease. Recently, agents (ARBs) developed with antihypertensive and antiproteinuric efficacy that block the RAS by preventing angiotensin II from binding to its subtype1 (AT1) receptor, belong to the family of GPCRs. Hence efforts are to design the drug molecules to inhibition of angiotensin receptor blockers by using bioinformatics tools.

High-input, resource-intensive farming systems, which have caused massive deforestation, water scarcities, soil depletion and high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, cannot deliver sustainable food and agricultural production. The core challenge is to produce more with less, while preserving and enhancing the livelihoods of small-scale and family farmers, and ensuring access to food by the most vulnerable.

Background: Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis is a highly contagious disease, which is often fatal. Causative agents of the disease are viruses, bacteria, endo-parasites and even food allergy as well as irritant drugs. Out of these, Canine Parvo Virus has emerged as a major cause of gastroenteritis in dogs. Clinical signs of the disease include fever, vomiting and severe bloody and foetiddiarrhoea with marked dehydration. Aim:Present study was conducted to evaluate alterations in the Hb concentration, TEC, PCV andErythrocytic Indices in twenty six dogs.

The present paper deals with the ecological studies of Alisagar lake of Nizamabad District, Telangana. The water samples were collected for a period of 2 years (June-2014 to May-2016) to assess the quality of water. The lake water was alkaline throughout the period of investigation. High concentration of dissolved oxygen, carbonates and low concentration of chlorides, bicarbonates, total hardness and organic matter were recorded throughout the period of investigation. Four groups of phytoplankton were recorded. in the lake.

Background: Developing countries, specially in India has been constantly facing the problem of Low Birth Weight (LBW) since long. Low birth weight in the Asian countries prevail predominantly because of undernutrition in women prior to and during pregnancy. The second most important factor is also the age of the mother. Even today in many sectors of the Indian society, girls are neglected and deprived of proper nutrition and they are married off at an early age resulting in early motherhood.

Preservatives, additives are generally used to help stop, edible products from being spoiled and giving desired taste, color, texture and. Like sodium thiosulfates, oxalic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrates, sodium citrate and benzoic acids are a few food additives which find consumption on very large scale. But these all major preservatives have multipurpose use in all forms of liquid and solid packaged food and are also responsible for creating negative health issues.

Introduction: Cell proliferation is an important pre-requisite for the development of a neoplasm. Ki-67 is one of the most important cell proliferation markers. Its expression is correlated with the aggression of various gliomas to differentiated low grade and high grade.

Deep neural networks are a focus of artificial intelligence and big data analysis in recent years. The monitor of the converter mouth is essential to the quality of the steel material production while the requirement of the steel material production is increasingly higher in China. The end-point control of converter blowing is the ultimate regulation of the carbon content and temperature. The severity of carbon-oxygen reaction and the temperature of molten steel can be reflected by the converter mouth flame.

The suicidal behaviour of an individual begins with emotional turmoil, and ideation. During adolescence, and pre-adulthood there is a tendency of emotional instability rather confusion. This tendency would depend on many factors of personality. Another element playing an important role during this phase is Self-Concept (Self-Esteem). Low self-esteem could lead to isolation, negative thoughts, and depression. Conversely, high self-esteem is associated with high tone life, a greater control over emotions, less anxiety and greater capacity to cope with internal and external stress.

Academic anxiety is a well-established, significant predictor of academic performance. Students with high levels of anxiety are unable to perform at the best of their ability. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of academic anxiety and its effects on academic performance and explore if social and family sources of anxiety have effects on academic performance.

Forest resources represent the richest natural resources in our country. The present study was undertaken in order to understand the variable forest resources that contribute to the people and how they utilize, conserve and preserve the resources available in the district. The research was conducted at different range of Longleng district with the aim to find out the conserve and management of forest resources and how they contribute for the economic development of the region for their livelihood through forest resources and forest product.

Image classification has gained vital attention in recent years due to vast applications such as object recognition, face detection, face recognition, and facial expression recognition. Images are represented by robust and distinctive features such as SIFT and BIG-OH which are used for machine learning. The features are learned; specially SIFT which is gold standard, from local patches within the images. These local patches are mostly of the size of 41 x 41 pixels. These patches have shown significant low accuracy when the size of databases increase.

Despite the enormous solar potential of African countries, the main concern of autonomous PV systems is still in its poor efficiency. This paper proposes an approach to improve the performance of these autonomous photovoltaic systems subject to “disturbances and observation”. An autonomous PV system model adapted by the MPPT control (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is designed and studied. The system PV generator is the MSX60 module which produces a peak power of 60W, an optimal current of 3.5A and an optimum voltage of 17.1V under standard test conditions (STC).

This research focuses on the nonlinear propagation of electron-ion (El) acoustic solitary waves in a degenerate quantum plasma (containing Maxwellian electrons, vortex-like negative ions, cold mobile positive ions, and arbitrarily charged static dust grains) have been theoretically investigated. The Korteweg-de Vries (K-dV) and modified K-dV (mK-dV) equations are derived by adopting the reductive perturbation method.

The design and implementation of a mobile data service which gives parallel multi-path transmission over multiple cellular networks to achieve significant performances like maximum throughput and baseline estimation. In previous systems, in the application layer or transport layer is used a network assisted architecture for multi-homed (NAMH) cellular access is proposed. In another system, routers and base stations provides necessary multihoming functionality which includes identification of a bifurcation router and dynamic splitting of the data stream.

M-type hexagonal ferrites with chemical composition Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe12-2xNbxZnxO19(X=0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 mol %) have been synthesized by sol-gel method using D- glucose as fuel. In the present work, Barium, Strontium, Iron, Zinc nitrate, Niobium chloride are used raw materials and D-glucose was used as fuel. The prepared samples were calcined at 8000C and 9500C. TGA/DTA curve shows there is no weight loss above 8500C which confirmed the formation of barium strontium hexaferrite. FTIR spectra exhibit the band in the range of 453– 495cm-1 which revealed the presence of hexagonal ferrite.





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