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October 2010

  1. Ijeh Ifeoma Irene and Nwoji Victor Daberechi

    The effect of 40% dietary incorporation of Vernonia amygdalina.Del and Vernonia colorata. Willd on body weight, vital organ weights, serum cholesterol and total triacylglycerols were studied in albino rats. Percentage relative liver weight increased from 2.92 ± 0.26 in control group to 3.48 ± 0.61 and 3.83 ± 0.53 rats fed 40% Vernonia amydalina .Del and Vernonia colorata. Willd. Percentage relative intestinal weight increased non-significantly (P≤0.05) from 7.34 ± 0.42 in control group to 8.65± 0.74 and 12.22 ± 1.17 in 40% Va and Vc groups respectively. Percentage relative kidney weight increased significantly from 0.60 ± 0.06 in control group to 0.87 ± 0.16 in 40% Vc incorporated diet group while there was no significant change in 40 % Va. Percentage relative pancreatic weight showed no significant changes. Weight gain/ loss over the 21 day period was 17.50 ±3.78, -18.04 ± 4.01, and -41.88 ± 6.21 in the control ,40% Va and 40% Vc respectively. Serum cholesterol decreased significantly form 197.65± 70.64 in control group to 115.20 ± 26.16 in 40% Vc fed group. There was also a significant decrease in total serum triacylglycerol in the groups receiving 40% Va and 40% Vc incorporated diets. These findings are indicative that dietary incorporation Vernonia amygdalina .Del and Vernonia colorata. Willd may reduce body weight, serum cholesterol and total triacylglcerol.

  2. Adeniyi, O.R., Alabi, O.M. and Ademosun, A.A.

    The proximate composition, market prices and production cost per unit kilogram of four common meat types were investigated in the south-western area of Nigeria. The meat types were beef,broiler, Claria lazera and Tilapia macrocephala and the parameters were crude protein (%),ether extract (%),ash(%),crude fibre (%) and nitrogen-free extract (%) and average market prices of the meat types. One hundred grammes of each of the meat sample were obtained from freshly slaughtered cow, broiler chicken and fishes. Each sample was subdivided into four replicates which were later subjected proximate analyses in a completely randomized design (CRD) while current market prices of each of the meat samples were investigated. Beef had the highest crude protein and fat content, while broiler meat and Clarias lazera had higher mineral content than others. However, none of the samples had crude fibre.Meanwhile,Tilapia macrocephala(N42.00 per 100g fresh weight) was the cheapest while broiler meat was the most expensive(N57.00 per 100g fresh weight). Beef had the highest level of crude protein than other meat types while Tilapia macrocephala was the cheapest meat type in south-western Nigeria as at the time of this study.

  3. Susiganeshkumar, E. and Elangovan, R.

    In any organization it usually happens that whenever the policy decisions regarding pay, perquisites, promotion and targets of work or sales to be achieved are revised, then, there will be exit of personnel, which in other words is called the wastage. In manpower planning, one of the most important variables is Completed Length of Service (CLS) on leaving a job, since it enables us to predict staff turnover. The data on CLS are often incomplete due to left truncation as well as right censoring. Right censoring occurs when a number of people have not yet left when data collection is terminated. Left truncation arises when some people are already in service at the commencement of data collection. For such data much of work has been done on both non-parametric and parametric estimation. In this paper, a Stochastic model for prediction of manpower using incomplete data in Tamilnadu software industry has been discussed.

  4. Baskaran, J., Dhanasekaran, S ., Krishnappa, K and Elumalai, K

    Plant essential oils of Ocimum basilicum, Acorus calamus, Thuja occidentails, Thymus vulgaris, Tagetes bipinata and Origanum majorana, were evaluated as grain protectant against the cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) in the laboratory at 200, 400 and 600 ppm concentrations. Parameters assessed were adult mortality, rate of adult emergence, grain damage and weevil perforation index (WPI). Data pertaining to the above experiments clearly indicated that there was an increase in adult mortality with days of exposure in all concentrations. Ocimum basilicum, Acorus calamus, Thauja occidentalis and Origanum majorana were promisingly controlled the bruchid infestation on the experimental grains. From this we inferred that Ocimum basilicum, Acorus calamus, Thauja occidentalis and Origanum majorana could be a potent biopesticide, for protecting cowpea grains from C. maculates infection and daomage. The details of the bioassay procedures used and the results obtained in the present experimentation were discussed in the light of recent literature. These findings are first hand information about efficacy of selected oils against C. maculatus.

  5. Nazni, P and Gracia, J

    Wheat is one of the staple foods of the majority of Indian population. Whole wheat flour is mainly used for preparation of Chappathi. Drumstick flower has various medicinal properties like used to treat cold and anaemia and report to contain powerful antibiotic pterygospermin which has fungicidal properties. Hence the present study is undertaken to process drumstick flower into powder and analyzing the physiochemical properties and nutritive value of the powder and determine the optimal levels of wheat flour and sun dried drumstick flower powder (SD-DFP) using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) for acceptable Chappathi considering diameter, cooking time, weight, kneading time and overall acceptability as a response variables. Results revealed that, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was applied for optimization, the multiple regression was used to get optimum levels and it was found that desirable values of diameter (15.24cm), cooking time (1.45min), weight (95.49gm), kneading time (4.20 min) and overall acceptability (7.72) was obtained for the corresponding optimum condition of wheat flour (95gm) and sun dried drumstick flower powder (5gm). Hence it is concluded that RSM was used successfully to optimize the level of wheat flour and sun dried drumstick flower powder for the development of value added chapathi.

  6. Jawahar, S. and Vaiyapuri, V.

    Field experiment was conducted at Experimental Farm, Annamalai university, Annamalai Nagar,Tamil Nadu, India during 2008-2009 to study the effect of sulphur and silicon fertilization on growth and yield of rice. The treatments comprised four levels of sulphur (0, 15, 30 and 45 kg ha-1) and four levels of silicon (0, 40, 80 and 120 kg ha-1) and were laid out in factorial randomized block design with three replications. Among the different levels of sulphur and silicon, sulphur @ 45kg ha-1 and 120 kg Si ha-1 recorded higher values for growth (plant height, number of tillers plant-1 and dry matter production), yield attributing (number of panicles m-2 and number of grains panicle-1) characters and yield (grain and straw) of rice respectively. With regard to interaction effect, the above said treatment combination proved its superiority over other treatments by registering maximum growth, yield attributes and yield of rice

  7. Anaga, A.O., Ezeja, M.I and Amuzie, C.J

    Some pharmacological activities of the aqueous fruit extract of Lagenaria siceraria (Mol) Standl (Cucurbitaceae) were investigated using in vivo and in vitro methods. The extract yielded 1.48 % w/w dry matter, which foams on shaken. The oral acute toxicity test gave LD50 of 181 mg/kg, while the brine shrimps lethality test gave LC50 of 66.79 ppm and EC50 of 6.68 at 95 % confidence interval. The extract significantly (p<0.05) increased pentobarbitone-induced sleeping time at 40 and 120 mg/kg. Also, the extract significantly (p<0.05) the number of acetic acid-induced writhing in a dose dependent manner. L. siceraria extract significantly (p<0.05) decreased amphetamine-induced stereotype behaviour in mice. These findings strongly suggest that the extract possessed central nervous system depressant effect. The extract neither evoked contraction nor inhibited spasmogen-induced contraction of isolated guinea pig ileum. Rather, it potentiated agonistic effect of histamine by 30 %. In conclusion, the aqueous extract of L siceraria has been shown to contain potent bioactive compounds with potent analgesic effect and non-specific CNS depressant activities among others and may be of value in psychotherapy as narcoleptic agents and also confirmed some of the folkloric uses.

  8. Samuel Selvaraj, R and Sivamadhavi, V

    An attempt has been made to figure out the magnitude of the Green House Effect. Three different approaches have been tried. First, a purely theoretical approach is presented. Secondly, an estimation based on the observations is given. Finally, an estimate using the Radiative forcing of various Green House Gases has been given. Since the concentration of water vapor is a highly variable quantity and due to the non-availability of concentration data for some gases, the contribution of Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide, Chloro Flouro Carbon – 11 and 12 have been calculated and it amounts to about 75% of the total value. A special attention has been given to study the contribution of Carbon dioxide alone since it is the major man made GHG.

  9. Muthukumar, R and Thiyagarajan, S

    As the globe is awakened to the calls of environmental problems and health hazards, more and more people are showing interest in natural, safer and economical herbal medicines rather than the expensive chemical drugs that have many side effects. World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 80.00 per cent of the populations in developing countries rely on traditional medicines, mostly plant drugs, for their primary health care needs. The studies were conducted in Dindigul and Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. The sample size of 100 glory lily farmers. They were selected from the respective villages by employing random sampling technique. The data were collected through a well structured interview schedule. It was found that high fluctuation in marketing process, marketing channels, distribution of buyers of the glory lily seeds, method of price fixation, post harvest management, mode of transport, sources of market information for glory lily were the major marketing behaviour of farmers cultivating glory lily

  10. Sridevi Sivakami, PL and Subhashree, S

    Twenty first century is often called the “age of ageing”. Reduced fertility and rapid dwindling of mortality rates due to biomedical advances, has led to a rise in the ageing population and decline of the youth of the nation. The variable slowing of the organ systems make the elderly more susceptible to many lifestyle and gastrointestinal disorders of which constipation is very predominant. The advent of functional foods like prebiotics shows a promising way ahead. To assess the impact of prebiotics on colonic function of constipated elderly, thirty females above 50 years were chosen for the intervention study. They were assessed on their nutritional status, diet pattern and bowel habits. Prebiotic health mix using dietary sources like whole wheat, oats, saamai. soyabean and artichoke was prepared and packed in hygienic packages. All the samples consumed 10g of the prebiotic mix everyday for a period of 60 days as a drink and its impact assessed. Conclusively, it was found that the formulated drink had profound impact on the colonic function, thereby reducing constipation among the elderly. Positive signs like semisolid stools, increased frequency, lack of strain and less time was taken during defecation.

  11. Yuvarani, M, Ramesh Chandra Nayar, Prakash, C and Koushik, C.V

    The wetting and wicking behavior of grey cotton fabrics treated with three (trilogical) different methods of desizing (water, acid, enzymatic desizing), and one combined scouring process is presented. Wetting and wicking abilities of scoured cotton fabrics are investigated using capillary action, contact angles and water wicking test methods. The experimental setup can be used to determine the distance of water travels along the fabric as a function of time. All these measurements were made under standard atmospheric conditions. The comparison t- test was used to determine any statistically significant difference with treated sample at confidence limit of 95%.

  12. Md. Nuruzzaman Haque

    Objectives: To find the level and differentials of unmet need for contraceptive of currently married adolescent women and also their causes of non-use of contraceptive. Methods: For analyzing unmet need for contraceptive and causes of contraceptive non-use of currently married adolescent women (CMAW), data come from Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS)-2004. Attempts have been made, in this study, to look at the levels of and causes of unmet need for contraceptive, by using percent distribution and urban-rural ratio of currently married adolescent women with an unmet need for contraceptive by different characteristics. Logistic regression method has been used for examining differentials in unmet need for contraceptive of currently married adolescent women. Results: The results of the study revealed that about 16.03% of currently married adolescent women had an unmet need for contraceptive and the figure was higher for (10–14) years age-group than (15–19) years age-group, and also it was more prevalent in rural areas than in urban areas (rural 17.40% Vs urban 12.60%). Husband’s opposition and fear of side effects were the most cited causes of non-use of contraceptive. Conclusion: Interventions should be made, paying special emphasize, for early adolescence group, i.e. for (10-14) years age-group and rural areas of all six divisions in Bangladesh should be considered as priority area in terms of unmet need for contraceptive. Since the results of this study identified a wide disparity between divisions in terms of CMAW’s unmet need for contraceptive, therefore, divisions, where unmet need for contraceptive are high (Barisal, Chittagong and Sylhet division), needed more consideration.

  13. Balakrishnan, T and Vasanthakumar, J

    Efficient transfer of innovations and their practical application to field situations is the key to economic development of India. Still there exists a wide gap between the technology available at the research level and its knowledge at farmer’s level. Keeping this in view, an attempt has been made to know the knowledge level of SRI technology. The study was conducted in Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. The study revealed that more than half the proportion (54.00 per cent) of respondents had medium level of knowledge followed by 31.00 per cent of the respondents who had high level of knowledge. Only 15.00 per cent of the respondents had low knowledge level. Out of eleven major recommended nursery practices of SRI technology, maximum knowledge level was found towards seed rate per acre and minimum knowledge was observed towards quantity of fungicide. The study revealed that out of twelve major recommended main field practices of SRI technology, maximum knowledge level was found towards seeding per hill and minimum knowledge level was observed towards size of drainage channel.





Rosane Cavalcante Fragoso, Brasil


Chief Scientific Officer and Head of a Research Group

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