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September 2022

  1. Ayodélé Assoumaïla Offaleke Atafe, Falilétou Gado and Kodjovi Senanou Gbafa

    The characterization of traffic for the dimensioning of road pavements in Togo comes up against a problem of traffic evaluation and its projection over time. In order to contribute to the credibility of the estimated traffic values, this work has set itself the objective of evaluating the proportion of induced traffic on the total volume of heavy vehicle traffic for new road improvements. In order to overcome the lack of statistical data on road traffic in Togo, the analyzes were based on economic growth over the period 2009 to 2018. Limiting the period to 2018 avoids possible biases due to the effect of the corona virus health crisis which began in 2019.An analysis based on data from field surveys, for eight sections of dirt roads to be developed, made it possible to assess normal traffic. Induced traffic is estimated on the basis of economic benefits through improved vehicle operating costs. The different results of the two sources of traffic (normal traffic and induced traffic) on the different road sections studied are very similar in terms of volume in the composition of the total traffic for the design of the pavements. Heavy vehicle traffic caused by the developments represents between 38% and 50% of total traffic. Assessing traffic growth on the basis of GDP growth gives average growth rates of 4.5%; 6.0% and 7.5% respectively in pessimistic, realistic and optimistic hypothesis.

  2. Ritika Dhingra and Jyotika Teckchandani

    Political process is integral to any country and especially when we discuss about the country which constitute largest world population, India, it becomes imperative to address the issues like political participation of women in Indian Politics. Women constitute half of the country’s population and still it is noted that their political participation is not at power with men, rather women participation in Indian Politics is low key. The right to equality in voting is a basic human right in liberal democracy. Women enjoy this right to equality in voting, and by casting a vote they make a formal expression of their individual choice of political parties, representatives or of broad policies. However, with the increasing awareness among women regarding their rights and representation, Women voters are emerging as the decisive voice, the classic case of which could be seen in UP General Elections of 2022. The paper pointedly looks at political empowerment of women by exercising their right to vote. The paper also highlights the significance of voting for women and the various factors that influence women to vote with special emphasis on UP Assembly Elections of 2022.

  3. Swamy, K.R.M.

    Although cultivated for over 2000 years, and originally used only as a medicinal plant, the domestic carrot (Daucus carota var. sativus) re¬mains an important world crop with production expanding rapidly in Asia. The term carrot also applies to the long, edible, usually tapering taproot of the domesticated form. These taproots commonly are orange in color, but may be a variety of colors depending on the cultivar, including white, pink, yellow, purple and black. During its journey across centuries and continents, countless botanists managed to improve the composition, look, flavor and size of ancient carrots and produce the modern orange-colored carrot that appeared first in 17th century Netherlands. The cultivated carrots are mainly classified into eastern carrots and western carrots based on pigmentation in the carrot roots. Eastern carrots are thought to originate from Afghanistan, while the origin of western carrots is still uncertain. Carrots are versatile in several dishes and cultural cuisines. Carrots are believed to possess various health benefits due to their nutritional composition and antioxidant capacity, including the potential to prevent cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers. Carrot has many medicinal properties. It increases quantity of urine and helps in elimination of uric acid. It has cooling effect and is beneficial for people suffering from gall stones, constipation and heat troubles. In this review, origin, distribution, taxonomy, botanical description, crop improvement, uses, nutritional value and health benefits of carrot are briefly provided.

  4. Dr. Poonam Verma and Dr. Ravi Sharma

    Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis that is distinguished by well-defined erythematous lesions covered in silvery loose scales, that affects an estimated 0.44-2.8% of the population in India.It commonly affects individuals in their third or fourth decade with males being affected two times more common than females.It has a physical and psychological impact on the patient because it disrupts their cosmetic harmony. A 27 years old male patient was reported on 06/06/2022 in Out Patient Department (OPD) of Govt. Ayurved Hospital Moti Chohatta, Udaipur. Patient reported with radish spots on hand, back, leg since 1 year and itching in these patches, patches were slightly elevated.This condition is clinically related to Mandal Kushtha, as described in Ayurveda.Mandal Kushtha has Shwetam, Raktam, Sthiram, Styanam and Utsanna Mandalam (Skin lesion with special characters) characters.Shodhan Chikitsa was mentioned by Acharya Charaka for the purification of Kushtha Roga.According to the Kushtha line of treatment, the patient was treated with classical Vamana Karma (therapeutic emesis) and Shamana Chikitsa based on the signs and symptoms (psoriasis).Before treatment, after treatment, and after a 1 month follow-up were all evaluated. Pictures were taken before treatment and after treatment

  5. Priya, Sunita Rani, Anoopjit Kaur and Dr. Abhishek Goyal

    Introduction: Chronic kidney disease is a major global health problem and it is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease and adverse outcomes. Measurement of eGFR on admission could be reliably used in the risk stratification of patients with AMI and control of eGFR leads to reduction in short term outcomes of patients with AMI. Aim: To assess the association of renal dysfunction with cardiovascular outcomes among patients with acute myocardial infarction.Methodology: A prospective observational study was conducted on 100 patients admitted in hero DMC heart institute (HDHI) Ludhiana by convenience sampling. Socio demographic profile, clinical profile, renal dysfunction by MDRD GFR equation (Levey 2006) and self structured tool to assess cardiovascular outcomes was used to collect data. Data was collected from patient records, bio-physiological measures and by interview method.Results: 100 patients were observed for 30 days/or till discharge. Out of 100 patients 34% of the subjects had normal kidney function (>90 ml/min/1.73 m2), followed by 29% had mild CKD (60-89 ml/min/1.73m2), 26% had moderate CKD (30-59 ml/min/1.73 m2), 7% had severe CKD (15-29 ml/min/1.73 m2) and 4% had end stage kidney disease (<15 ml/min/1.73 m2) as per MDRD GFR equation with mean GFR ± SD was 73.23±33.54 ml/min/1.73 m2. 1% of the subject had atrial fibrillation with mild CKD, followed by 3% had with moderate CKD and 1% had with severe CKD. 3% of the subjects had ventricular tachycardia with normal kidney function, followed by 1% had with mild CKD, 4% had with moderate CKD and 1% had with severe CKD. 2% of the subjects had cardiogenic shock with normal kidney function, followed by 3% had with mild CKD,4% had with moderate CKD,1% had with end stage renal failure. 1% of the subject had cardiac arrest with mild CKD, followed by 3% had with moderate CKD, 1% had with severe CKD. 1% of the subject had death with CVD with mild CKD, followed by 4% had with moderate CKD, 1% had with severe CKD. 1% of the subject readmitted within 30 days of observation. Mean days ± SD was 9.34 ± 5.29. There was significant association of readmission (p=.009) and length of hospital stay (p= .038) with renal dysfunction.Conclusion: The present study concluded that most of the patients with AMI had renal dysfunction. Renal dysfunction was significantly associated with readmission and length of hospital stay in cardiovascular outcomes. Although, no significant association was found between atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, cardiogenic shock, cardiac arrest and death with CVD among cardiovascular outcomes with renal dysfunction but these cardiovascular outcomes were recorded among patients with AMI.

  6. Xiaowei Yuan and Ibrohim Usarov

    With the internationalization of major sports events, sports has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. And Chinese readers’ attention to English sports news is also increasing. The most important part of sports news coverage is its title. Each title of English sports news has its own characteristics. This paper mainly analyzed the features of sports news headlines and made the readers get the general idea of the sports news quickly and feel the charm of sports.

  7. Gado A.M., Amadou S., Boulama M. M., Akilou A., Lagare A., Daou M., Abdou Hamidou M., Moussa S.S., Yacouba N., Hanki Y., Diallo I. and Adehossi E.

    Introduction: La rage est une anthropozoonose, due au virus du genre LYSSAVIRUS, elle se manifeste dans un tableau d’encéphalomyélite presque toujours mortelle. Objectif: L’objectif visé à travers cette étude est de contribuer à une meilleure prise en charge des cas de morsures par des animaux à sang chaud et des cas de rage humaine à l’hôpital national de Niamey. Méthodologie: Nous présentons un cas de rage humaine forme paralytique observé au service des maladies infectieuses de l’Hôpital National de Niamey diagnostiqué sur la base des données anamnestiques, cliniques et paracliniques notamment la RT-PCR des prélèvements réalisée à l’Institut Pasteur de Dakar. Observation: Ce fait clinique décrit le cas d’un patient âgé de 23 ans, de sexe masculin, cultivateur, résidant à Makalondi dans le département de Torodi ayant un antécédent de morsure de chien au niveau du pied gauche il y’a 2 mois. Il a été hospitalisé au service des maladies infectieuses pour un trouble du comportement, ataxie à la marche et fièvre. L’examen révèle un syndrome de réponse inflammatoire systémique, un état hémodynamique stable avec une saturation à l’air ambiant à 98%, des troubles psychosomatiques à type d’ataxie à la marche, trouble de comportement et tremblements. Devant la notion de morsure d’animal et les signes cliniques, un prélèvement cutanéo-folliculaire de la région sous occipitale et 4 prélèvements salivaires à 4 heures d’intervalle chacun ont été faits à la recherche du virus de la rage. Le résultat de la RT-PCR fut positif. Un traitement symptomatique a été instauré, le patient était décédé au 3ème jour de son hospitalisation dans un tableau de détresse respiratoire. Conclusion: La rage est encore endémique au Niger. Il est donc nécessaire d’augmenter les moyens de prévention et de lutte antirabique par l’amélioration de la prophylaxie et du contrôle sanitaire des animaux, ainsi qu’une meilleure information et éducation de la population sur cette maladie, en particulier dans les milieux défavorisés

  8. Kiran, S., Akash Babu, L.A., and Dr. Sadath Ali Khan Zai

    Recent advances in nano-technology in construction industries, proves that integration of nano clay particles with cement leads to high strength more and more demand to minimize the quantity of cement used in the concrete. This paper main aim for optimization of Ground granulated Blast Furnace slag (GGBS) and Nano Clay (NC) as a partial replacement to cement to be used in the cement mortar with mix CM 1:3, with mixes Mix G1 to Mix G5 for GGBS and for Nano Clay mix NC1 to Mix NC5. The test specimens consists of cubes (70.6 mm), The test results shows the significant improvement in compressive strength for Mix G3 and Mix NC3 as compared to other mixes and same has been optimized. Thus the optimum dosage obtained as 30% GGBS and 3% nano-clay addition exhibited the highest compressive strength and is adopted

  9. Surabhi Gupta, Raghavendra Kumar Dwivedi and Jay kumar

    Background: The current circumstance initiates from the end of June-early July 2022, an outbreak of monkeypox, an illness clinically alike to smallpox but generally milder, caused by a poxvirus is ongoing. Due to the recent rise in the number of human outbreaks, it is an evolving zoonotic disease that has been considered to have the major pandemic potential for decades. The 1st case of monkeypox in the WHO South-East Asia Region has been confirmed from Kerala, India on 14th July 2022 in a 35-year-old man who arrived from the Middle East. Immediate interaction with infected humans or animals, physical touch, droplet transmission, and consuming infected meat are all examples of how the disease is carried. Rashes that can imitate acne or boils and that grow on the face, inside the mouth, and other areas of the body, such as extremities (hand, feet), chest, genital areas, or the cloaca. This review article provides an updated overview of monkeypox for healthcare and medical experts about India. Objective: The main aim of this report is to generate real data on monkeypox cases in India during the 2022 pandemic. Method: Online survey of the hospital reports of infected patients through various websites. Result: One infected patient of monkeypox has died and others have recovered and discharged from hospitals. Conclusion: In the current scenario monkeypox outbreak is the biggest issue outside of Africa in recorded history. But according to data obtained in India, from now onwards monkeypox cases are not increasing day-by-day and became stable

  10. Abdulaziz Abdullah Alabood, Bader Fatani and Dr. Sara Al Shehri

    Gastrointestinal bleedingis all forms of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, these includes any bleeding from the mouth to the rectum. Gastrointestinal bleeding can be classified into upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding which is defined as any hemorrhage from the mouth to the ligament of Treitz. Lower gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is defined as any hemorrhage from the ligament of Treitz to the rectum. Dental consideration and proper management of patients with GI bleeding are an important part of clinical dentistry. This study aims to review dental consideration and different approaches when dealing with patients with GI bleeding in dental office

  11. Altous, F., Dr. Kanupriyam Tai and Dr. Rupak Protim Patir

    Perihepatitis associated with pelvic inflammatory illness is termed to as Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome. One of the most common etiologies is Chlamydia trachomatis. This illness typically manifests as upper right quadrant abdominal discomfort that resembles other gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disorders, creating a clinical challenge in situations with few diagnostic resources.

  12. Dr. Ricky, Dr. Anuradha Pathak and Dr. Haridarshan Singh Sidhu

    Background: In forensic odontology, identification of individuals is a challenging task. Various forensic parameters like bite marks, teeth marks on left over food, lip prints etc. are being used in identification of individuals. Palatal rugae is one such forensic parameter due to its uniqueness, consistency in shape throughout life and post mortem resistance. Objective: This study aims at identification and comparison of different morphological rugae patterns in male and females. Methods: A total of 100 plaster casts of children of age group 12-14 yrs were taken and equally divided between both sexes. The rugae on these casts were marked with sharp graphite pencil and their length was measured using magnifying glass and divider. The rugae were examined for morphological characteristics and classified according to Thomas and Kotze Classification of rugae shapes. Comparison was made between males and females for the various shapes of palatal rugae i.e. straight, wavy, circular, curved, convergent and divergent. The data was put to statistical analysis. Results: The study revealed a statistically significant difference between shape of rugae i.e. curved rugae were found higher in males and wavy rugae were found higher in females Conclusions: Palatal rugae hold potential as an additional method of sex determination in conjunction with other forensic methods

  13. Mr. Vincent jeyaraj, D. and Mr. Praveen, P., BPT

    Background: Musculoskeletal disorder have been reported as one of the most significant cause for long term pain which further leads to physical disability that affects millions of people across the world. The bike mechanics are involved in great physical task due to sitting in awkward posture and they are also subjected to repetitive motion because of handling vibrating tools with force for long time. Objective: To analyse the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorder among motor bike mechanics. Methodology: It is an non-experimental 100 subjects of age ranging from 35-45 of only men were selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Outcome Measure: Nordic musculoskeletal disorder questionnaire. Results & Conclusion: From this study, concludes that the prevalence of work related musculoskeletal disorder among mechanics was predominantly found in lower back, shoulder and knee regions

  14. Dr. Paveethra, A.G., Dr. Krishnaswamy, B., Dr. Dhanalakshmi, M., Dr. Gopalakrishnan KR., and Dr. Vinodha, S.D.

    Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (UNDIFFERENTIATED PLEOMORPHIC SARCOMA)-storiform pleomorphic type is the classic type, consists of plump spindle shaped cells arranged in short fascicles in a cartwheel or storiform pattern. Histopathological along with IHC is the main way for diagnosis. Treatment is surgical resection along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy Presentation: We present an unexpected diagnosis of malignant fibrous histiocytoma in a recurrent swelling of subcutaneous plane (thoraco-lumbarregion)of a specimen excised from a 32 year old female. Impression: Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma- storiform pattern.

  15. Aarthi Arulvanan, Krishnaswamy, B., Dhanalakshmi, M., Manohar, U., and Shyamala, E.

    Among pediatric patients, neuroblastoma is the most common tumor of extracranial origin. They are derived from embryonic cell involved in the development of the sympathetic nervous system, whose differentiation has been halted. Most tumors are diagnosed in the first decade of life. Disease development is unpredictable. It ranges from progression of full blown disease or may spontaneously regress. This variation is due to the rate of maturation, location and metastatic potential. In this case study a typical case of Ganglioneuroblastoma and its prognostic significance has been described.

  16. Sumi, M., Krishnaswamy, B., Dhanalakshmi, M., Gopalakrishnan, KR. and Valluvan Manimozhi

    Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) is a hamartomatous lesion of the lung, with an incidence of about 1 in 5,000 live births. It is an uncommon anomaly characterized by multicystic lesions due to the proliferation of the respiratory bronchioles. It is seen in term and premature infants. The etiology remains unknown. Eighty percent of the lesions are present in the neonatal period. Here, we have described a case of CCAM in a newborn child.

  17. Anitha Kumari P., and Thangam Y.

    Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) are commonly used in different industries because of their physico-chemical properties. They are widely used and their environmental occurrence has raised concerns about the potential toxicity to biota as the release of nanoparticles to the soil directly or indirectly through air and water is gradually increasing. The soil is contaminated with nanoparticles in the long term and soil microorganisms can adversely be affected by these accumulated nanoparticles. Studies show that nanoparticles can have a lethal effect on soil microorganisms by causing the production of reactive oxygen species by damaging the membrane permeability, cell signaling processes, and the stability of enzymes and protein structures. This study investigated the effect of nTiO2 (0, 5, 50, and 500 mg/kg) on the phenotypes, transcriptomic, and metabolomic profiles of earthworm (Eudrilus eugenia) in soil. The results showed that the antioxidant system and the transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles of earthworms were significantly affected. The superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity and the reduced glutathione/oxidized glutathione (GSH/GSSG) ratio significantly decreased under the 500 mg/kg nTiO2 treatment. The metabolomics analysis showed that glycine and pyroglutamic acid contents involved in the GSH metabolism were significantly altered under the 500 mg/kg treatment. Moreover, transcriptomics and metabolomics data revealed that the long-term exposure to nTiO2 affected the synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. However, the transcriptomics results indicated that the genes involved in ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes pathway and TGF-beta signaling pathway were upregulated, which could explain why the growth and reproduction of earthworms were apparently not affected by the nTiO2 exposure.

  18. Dr. Surendra Kumar Gupta

    Education and health is known to have vital and important links with the achievement of income and social development as well as improvements in health and education has important implications for the supply and demand of labour. Uttar Pradesh is more populous state of India and eastern region of Uttar Pradesh is more backward than other region of Uttar Pradesh. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse inter-district disparity in the eastern UP and inter regional disparity among the economic regions of U.P in development of social sectors, i.e., education and health. The purpose of this study is to focus on the education and health capabilities of the people of eastern Uttar Pradesh because improvements in education and health are strong symbol of development and growth of any country. The present work is mainly based on secondary data. The study seeks to compare regional variation for the two point of time i.e, 2011-12 and 2017-18 as per availability of data. The districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh are suffering with low health outcome and poor health development. The overall performance of the Eastern Uttar Pradesh in terms of health attainment is pitiable. Between 2011-12 and 2017-18, the overall picture of districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh has remained unchanged with some improvement. By the data analysis it is clear that some districts are performing better in health and education while some districts are in worse condition. Eastern Uttar Pradesh can set the rules of policy and governance for rest of the regions.

  19. Rathi, N.S., Yaregal Awoke and Mohammed Abdulbari Hasan Saeed

    To achieve organizational goals and achieving satisfaction and loyalty of the customers, considering the leadership styles of managers and correct understanding of the effective variables on employees’ commitment to service quality are valuable factors .Studies in the organizational psychology and organizational behavior literatures have shown that leadership styles and employee commitment are of major factors to the organizational success or failure. The purpose of this study was to survey out the effect of leadership styles (transactional, transformational, and laissez-faire) on employee commitments (affective, continuance, and normative commitment) in Dashen Bank Dessie city. The study populations are all employees and managers with a total target population 128 employees and 21 leaders and from these only 95 non leader employees and 20 leaders respectively are responded for questionnaire, with a non-response rate of 25.8% for employees and 5% for leaders from 5 branches and one district office of the bank located at Dessie. Two separate instruments, namely multifactor leadership questionnaire (MLQ) and organizational commitment questionnaire (OCQ), were used to measure leadership styles and employees’ organizational commitment respectively.As the findings of the study naked out that transformational leadership style has significant and positively affects affective and continuance commitment of employees while transactional leadership style has significant and positively affects only normative commitment. A laissez-faire leadership style is found to be significantly and negatively associated with employees’ affective commitment.

  20. Dr. Seema D. Pathak, Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, Dr. M. B. Wavdhane and Dr. Geetam U. Duduskar

    In endodontic practice root canal morphology can be unpredictable and requires cautious assessment of canal anatomy. Mandibular premolars are often considered to be ENIGMA to dental clinicians. This is because of variations in root canal anatomy. Although most of the times mandibular premolars have one root with one canal morphology. Mandibular premolar can present a complex pulp anatomy. The present case shows the management of mandibular 2nd premolar with one root and 3 canals.

  21. S.M Najrul Howlader, Md. Mukter Hossain, Romana Perveen, Kaniz Fatema and M. Mesbahuddin Sarker

    Speech to Text conversion is an advanced artificial intelligence system where the machine can recognize the user’s voice then, interpreted it into text. The work of the speech recognition process started before the 70s, now, it is more developed and works in a more efficient way, also can handle complex expressions. These systems can help people who want to write convert texts into different languages quickly. Though, existing systems lack more features like multiple languages (9) in a single domain. We have implemented a system that overcomes this problem. Speech recognition and synthesis technology are one of the im-portant and fastest-growing Information technologies. Nowadays, Many applications have many potential benefits in different areas. Among the whole world population, About 25% are suffering from various disabilities; There are many people among them who are blind or cannot able to use their hands perfectly. This system gives them unexpected and evaluated support in this field so that they can write and express information with humans by managing computers, tablets, mobile, or any kind of information through voice input. This project has been planned, designed, and developed using Visual studio with JavaScript and C# programming based on MFCC and HMM.

  22. MPIKA Joseph, NGONDO Blaise Pascal, MBON NGUEKOU Chrichina, MBOUSSY TSOUNGOULD Feldane Gladrich, SILOU LOUKOMBO Aurore Vochestely, MBOUTOL-MANDAVO Laurine Valérie et ATTIBAYÉBA

    Hibiscus sabdariffa L. est une plante annuelle herbacée, appartenant à la famille de Malvaceae. Sa production constitue une activité de rente dans plusieurs pays en Afrique. En république du Congo, peu de travaux sont consacrés à la production de cette culture pourtant beaucoup consommée. Les essais de plantation sont réalisés à Brazzaville sur du sable tertiaire. L’objectif de ce travail est d’améliorer la productivité de quatre cultivars d’Hibiscus sabdariffa L. produit en république du Congo, par un apport de fientes de poulets. Le dispositif expérimental est constitué de trois blocs aléatoires complets. Un bloc est composé de 144 parcelles élémentaires ou micro-parcelles. La superficie totale du dispositif est de 600 m2 soit une longueur de 30 m sur une largeur de 20 m. Deux facteurs sont étudiés : le cultivar avec quatre modalités et la dose de fientes de poulets à trois modalités. Ainsi, la combinaison des doses de fientes aux cultivars donne 12 traitements; et un traitement est répété trois fois. L’apport de la matière fertilisante est fait en poquet. Les fientes de poulets, apportés sur les cultures de H. sabdariffa cultivés sur le sable tertiaire de Brazzaville ont amélioré les taux de germination, les variables de croissance, les facteurs de reproduction et le rendement chez tous les cultivars étudiés par rapport à leurs témoins. Il reste à vulgariser cette technique auprès des producteurs de la ceinture maraîchère de Brazzaville pour l’amélioration et l’augmentation de la productivité de cette culture.

  23. Panna Khatun

    With the majority of its losses being found in underdeveloped countries, malnutrition poses a serious risk to maternal and child health worldwide. It is the condition that arises from eating a diet that is deficient in some nutrients. Mothers and children in rural areas as well as in slums and shanties of urban areas, as well as in the state of West Bengal, present a depressing picture of malnutrition and under nutrition. The most common illnesses in children caused by malnutrition include kwashiorkor, Marasmus, and rickets. Numerous nutritional deficiency syndromes tend to have an impact on a child's overall physical and mental development, depiction them more vulnerable to different ailment common to children.

  24. Dr. Syed Sameer Hussain and Dr. Syed Zameer Khurshaid

    Background: Various skeletal malocclusions in sagittal plane have been related to the position of glenoid fossa in anterioposterior dimension. Different dental and skeletal abnormalities interact with each other to cause different malocclusions of various areas of the dentofacial region.A posteriorly or anteriorly placed glenoid fossa may predispose the mandible to be placed in the distal or mesial position, thus increasing the tendency towards a Class II or Class III skeletal malocclusion. This study is conducted to compare the glenoid fossa position in subjects presenting with skeletal Class III malocclusion and skeletally Class I malocclusion. Methods: The sample consisted of lateral cephalograms of 60 subjects (Class I=30, Class III=30). Cephalometric tracings were done and various measurements taken. The Sample was differentiated into 2 classes using ANB angle, Wits appraisal and Beta angle. The recorded data was compiled and entered in a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and then exported to data editor of SPSS Version 20.0 for analysis. Results: Glenoid fossa was positioned mesial and anteriorly in Class III malocclusion in comparison to Class I malocclusion. An effective measurement to evaluate glenoid fossa position in craniofacial relationships is the cephalometric distance from the glenoid fossa to the frontomaxillary-nasal suture. There was no significant difference in vertical positioning of glenoid fossa in two classes. Conclusion: A mesially and anteriorly placed glenoid fossa is an important diagnostic feature of Class III skeletal malocclusion with retrognathic mandible.

  25. Dr. Javier Ferrufino Iriarte, Nicol López Ovando and Dr. Erick Rocha

    Psoas abscess is defined as the accumulation of pus in the iliopsoas muscle compartment which due to its anatomy may facilitate the spread of infections of adjacent structures or via hematogenous route from a distant site. Colorectal cancer adenocarcinomas, mucin-producing adenocarcinomas of the appendix are extremely rare at 0.2%. They can lead to the dreaded complication: peritoneal pseudomyxoma, which is an advanced stage of the disease. We present the case of a 61 year old patient with an initial diagnosis of retroperitoneal abscess apparently dependent on right psoas by tomography, which later on the surgical approach and histologically, we were confronted with a retroperitoneal mucinous carcinoma of possible appendicular origin (retrocecal appendix).

  26. Ashish Kumar Singh, Gyan Prakash, Sonu Dwivedi, Arun Kumar Singh and Sandeep Kumar Singh

    Densities and speed of sound were measured for the ternary liquid mixtures formed by 1-octanol, cyclohexane and n-pentane at 298.15K and atmospheric pressure over the whole concentration range. Flory model was applied to study the mixing properties and interactions in these liquids. Deviations in the speed of sound and excess molar volume were evaluated and fitted to the Redlich-Kister polynomial equation to derive the binary coefficients and standard errors. An attempt has also been made to study the molecular interactions involved in the liquid mixture from the observed data. Furthermore, excess molar volume and isentropic compressibility for these ternary mixture were computed and correlated with the observed data. Conclusively, it was found that Flory model (non-associated) provides good result when compared with the observed properties.

  27. Austine U. Onyia and Anthony Mawson

    Background: Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer and the fifth leading cause of death in men worldwide. In 2018 it was estimated that there were 1.3 million new cases of prostate cancer worldwide, with developing countries having higher prevalence rates. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. About 248,000 new cases and 34,000 deaths were reported by the American Cancer Society in 2021, with a projection that 1 in 8 males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. In the state of Mississippi, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer for men (29%) followed by lung and bronchus (18 %), colon, and rectum (10 %). African American men are at a higher risk of developing this type of cancer. Prostate cancer is mostly asymptomatic in the early stages. Active surveillance is therefore necessary for early detection. There is currently no evidence of effective prevention of prostate cancer, but dietary modification and increased physical activity can reduce the risk of developing it. The United States Preventive Task Force recommends a voluntary screening for men aged 55 to 69 years. However, for the higher-risk population such as men with a family history of prostate cancer and African American males, screening is recommended from age 40. Method: This paper reviews the risk factors, trends, etiology, and prognosis of prostate cancer in Mississippi, with a view to disease prevention. Findings: Southern diet common in southern states such as Mississippi is typically low in healthy food and high in processed foods. These unhealthy food choices combined with poor lifestyles and low socioeconomic status further exacerbate the mortality and prevalence of prostate cancer among men in Mississippi. Conclusion: Understanding the epidemiology and risk factors of prostate cancer in Mississippi will help to formulate policies and programs for the prevention of the disease

  28. Dr. Balasubramaniam, M.

    Although cancer is relatively common in both developing and developed countries, public knowledge of the disease remains low. Awareness on Cancer is necessary for early identification and better health-seeking behavior. Screening methods may be underutilized due to a lack of awareness, resulting in a delay in diagnosis. The study's main goal is to increase cancer awareness and knowledge among postgraduate students. The current research is a descriptive study that uses a survey technique. As many as 68 samples were collected from the postgraduate students Bharathiar University and other than Bharathiar University of the Coimbatore district. For data collection, the investigator created the cancer awareness scale (CAS), and standardized by the investigator. The findings showed that the postgraduate students have an average level of awareness on cancer.

  29. Aisha Faisal Bataweel and Hussein Bourie

    Background: The lack of consideration for individual employees’ needs can result in many obstacles for HR professionals. This study empirically examined the multigenerational differences among employees, their impact on work motivators, and their implications for HR managers. Materials and Methods: Applying Twenge et al.’s model, the quantitative study developed a self-administered closed survey to investigate the significant multigenerational differences of 23 motivational factors across the generations categorized by their date of birth using a Likert scale of 5 points. The study employed a cluster sampling technique to select 348 respondents from a population of 3236 healthcare workers in one medical complex and nine primary healthcare centers in North Jeddah. The questionnaires were sent to the respondents via email. A post hoc Tukey test was performed on the data after a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The study used SPSS for the …, and Excel for descriptive data. Result: The study’s findings indicate the significance of intrinsic rewards; it shows a statistically significant difference with a p-value (.000), less than 0.05. So the study will reject the null hypothesis and accept the hypothesis. But no significant difference among the other work motivators, leisure rewards, showed no statistically significant differences (p-value is 0.668), more than 0.05. So, the study accepts the null hypothesis and rejects the hypothesis. In Altruistic rewards, it shows no statistically significant differences as the p-value (.806) is more than 0.05. So the study will accept the null hypothesis and reject the hypothesis. Social rewards show no statistically significant differences with a p-value (.736) greater than 0.05. So, the study will accept the null hypothesis and reject the hypothesis. Extrinsic rewards show no statistically significant difference with a p-value (.096) more than 0.05. So, the study will accept the null hypothesis and reject the hypothesis. Finally, job stability shows no statistically significant differences with a p-value (.205) more than 0.05. So, the study will accept the null hypothesis and reject the hypothesis. These findings and their implications for HR managers are described and discussed in the present article. The significance is suitable for MOH transformation leaders; this means smaller generation gaps. Conclusion: Multi-generational impacts on work motivators and detected statistically significant among generations on Intrinsic rewards work motivator is good for MOH transformation leaders; smaller generation gaps. There is no significance on the other five work motivator.

  30. Sharavathi V. and Dr. Usha Devi, C.

    Khakhra is a ready-to-eat snack or breakfast food that is popular in India. For centuries, fenugreek (Trigonellafoenum-graecum) has been used to increase the sensory characteristics of cuisines all across the world. It has anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic, hypocholesterolemia, antioxidant, and immunologic characteristics. Fenugreek Enriched Khakhra was evaluated for sensory properties. To make preparations, the three variations were used. Besan flour (60%) is the primary ingredient, followed by sesame seeds (7%), flaxseed (7%), chilli powder (6%), salt (3%), and oil (2 per cent), Soaked Fenugreek seeds (20%), soaked Fenugreek seeds (15%), and soaked and germinated Fenugreek seeds were used in the studies (15 per cent). Sensory quality was assessed using a 9-point hedonic rating scale by semi-trained panelists. A 30-day shelf-life evaluation was performed. Sensory evaluation found that 15% of Soaked and germinated fenugreek seeds in Variation 3 were highly accepted, obtaining an 8.5 score, compared to 20% of Soaked Fenugreek seeds in Variation 1 and 15% of Soaked Fenugreek seeds in Variation 2. The statistical F - test (-7.67) reveals that the variations were statistically significant (P >0.05). It can also be carried on a trip with oneself. It is widely used for general public in the prevention of diabetes.

  31. Dudheshwar Mahto

    The idea has been initiated by Brahmchary who considered theproblem of the coupled gravitational and zero-restmasmeson (zerospin) in the case of static spherically symmetric field. He has shown that no exact solution of the scalar meson field can be found in strictly empty space. however, an approximately solution has been obtained by him, which is valid with in a certain region. The spherically symmetric zero- rest-mass scalar field have been also investigated by Bergmann leipnik, Buchdahl has constructed reciprocal static solution for axial and spherical fields Janis, Newman and Winicokr have analysed the problem further from the point of view of singularities. There analysis shows that ,with the addition of zero-rest-mass scalar field, the structure of the event horizon corresponding to g44=0 and t constant charge from a non singular hyper surface to a singular point. Gautreu has extendedthe study to the case of non spherical Weyl field’s whereas Singh has considered plan symmetric field’s. the investigation mentioned above deal with interaction of the scalar meson field (with zero-rest-mass) and the gravitational field.

  32. Dr. Mahesh Kumar T.S., Dr. Sushma Pulivarthi and Dr. Lata S.

    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis is a disabling condition of mastication. Hypomobility affects the surrounding structures as well as the function of digestion, speech, appearance and hygiene. The condition also has an impact on the psychological development of the patient. It results from trauma, infection and inadequate surgical treatment of the condylar fracture area. Trauma is the most important etiologic factor in causing TMJ ankylosis often resulting in haematoma, which eventually organizes and ossifies. With this background we report a case of bilateral TMJ ankylosis in 35 year old male patient who came with a chief complaint of pain in his lower right back tooth region and restricted mouth opening. The patient reported with history of road traffic accident resulted in trauma to the face. Patient was treated previously for mandibular angle fracture 20 years back. The clinical features and radiographic investigations confirmed the diagnosis as TMJ ankylosis. Surgical treatment was proposed through condylectomy with interpositional gap arthroplasty. Thus, in the present case, TMJ ankylosis may have been developed as a sequel of the mandibular fractures and inadequate surgical treatment of the condylary area.

  33. Dr. Shubham Tripathi, Dr. Abhijit Baral and Dr. Indranil Das

    Hyponatremia is commonly seen electrolyte disturbance in the Emergency department. It is potentially life-threatening and requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. Non-functioning pituitary macroadenoma generally presents with a headache, visual disturbances, and the diagnosis is often delayed because of nonspecific nature of symptoms. Hyponatremia being initial manifestation before other common symptoms of pituitary macroadenoma is rare. We present a case of 63-year-old male with recurrent episodes of hyponatremia who was found to non-functioning pituitary macroadenoma along with panhypopituitarism. Our case highlights the importance of correct diagnosis of hyponatremia, measurement of the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary function in cases of hyponatremia.

  34. Sudhakar, B.

    As an acclaimed author and master storyteller, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has a yearning for creating characters torn between the past, present and future. She brings real humanity to her stories and a belief that the universal can be found in the most personal of stories, as stereotypes fall away to be replaced by self-actualised individuals. After the collapse of colonial empires in the twentieth century, many indigenous writers documented their voices in literary works. Postcolonial writers assert their visions, tell their stories and reclaim their history through academics. Divakaruni is one such writer whose immigrant experiences are aesthetically documented in One Amazing Thing(2009). This paper aims to avert the “Re-Negotiation of Loyalties in Relationships” in the world. Its effect on the immigrants is examined in response to the new dimension of diaspora.

  35. Kavya Pandey, Mubarak Tanko Umar, Mohd.Shaqib, Mu’azu Atiko, Kaynat Ara Ansari, Rabi’atu Yabo Bello, Maneeta Yadav and Abdullahi Khadija Sony Verma and Archana Singh Yadav

    Background of the study: Learning disabilities or learning disorders is an (Elephant) term for a wide ratio of learning problem. Learning is a most complex of brain function of understanding, recalling and utilization of knowledge in future. The capacity to learn multiple from individual to individual even among the children of the same age and intellectual ability. Kids with learning disabilities are not lazy and dumb. In fact most are just as smart as everyone else. Without proper knowledge and perception regarding this reality, all parents and teachers force the children to come out with first rank. “The quality of children`s life solely depends on the type of family environment school and neighbourhood.”-Dr. R. Partha sarthy, unhealthy social surrounding can put them into stress and can increase their vulnerability to develop emotional disorders. Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of self instructional module (SIM) on knowledge regarding learning disabilities in primary school children among primary school teachers. Methodology: A Quantitative evaluative research approach pre-experimental one group pre- test & post- test design was used. 30 samples were selected by non-probability convenient sampling technique through survey. The written consent was obtained from the samples. The tool used is self Instructional Module. Firstly sample were selected then pre-test was taken by administrating self Instructional Module after that structured teaching program was given to primary School teachers then on 4th week of data collection period post- test was conducted. Results: The post-test mean knowledge score of Primary school teachers regarding learning disabilities has revealed that score was found higher mean (20.633) and S.D (4.27).

  36. Fr. Joseph Isaiah Njiru, and Dr. Anne W. Kanga

    The main aim of this research was to find out challenges of Guidance and Counseling (G&C) services in public primary schools and the way forwards in promoting G&C programs. Stratified and simple random sampling were used to select a sample for the study research. From the 10 schools sampled, 10 head teachers and 10 teacher counselors were automatically included in the research sample. Pupils were stratified as per class, and 5 pupils were selected in each class 6, 7 and 8 following simple random sampling. Data were collected using questionnaires for pupils and interview guides for head teachers and teacher counselors. Quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS version 20, and presented using frequencies, means and percentages; while qualitative data were analyzed, categorized and presented in form of narratives and themes. From the findings, majority of the pupils perceive that G&C is relevant to them. There is need for the G&C programs in schools, and all school stakeholders should be part of it. Teacher counselors, on their part revealed that G&C molds pupils. Challenges like lacking resource materials, inadequate training of teacher counselors, lack of parental support, pupils fearing to be reported, and having negative attitudes towards counseling, teacher counselors having inadequate time, pupils not seeking G&C, insufficient funds to support the services, lack of proper trainings of teachers and the parents’ ignorance were identified. It was therefore recommended that there is need for full integration of G&C into the school curriculum, to conduct the same research study across the country with the participation of parents, guardians, and all stakeholders in learning institutions, and to research how the government can finance the development of G&C facilities in learning institutions.

  37. Shreeya, R., Manjula Sheshadri, M.S. and Sushma B. V.

    Early childhood is a basic stage for the child's later life. During this period the brain development and the foundations for cognitive development and social-emotional skills, is laid. Nutrition plays a key role in optimal brain function. When a child is adequately fed, the basis for smooth brain function is created. Nutritional deficiencies found to affect the child’s cognitive skills and behavior. While rapid brain development occurs during the early years, this period could particularly sensitive to deficiencies in the diet. Recent data has shown that diet seems to be one of the most important growth and maturation factors in the brain both in infancy and childhood. In particular, fatty acids play a central role in brain tissue, iron deficiency causes disturbances in attention, memory and behavior, and is closely linked to lower cognitive indices. Long-term studies have shown that children with iron deficiency have lower school performance. In addition, zinc, as well as iodine and vitamins D and B12 deficiencies are likely to adversely affect brain function and memory. An inadequate diet usually causes multiple deficiencies of micronutrients with short-term and long-term effects on the functioning of the child's brain.

  38. Dr. Bishnupriya Mohanty, Mast. Akshay Shet, Sangamitra Sada Parwar and Dr. Sangram Keshari Das

    Pakshaghata is one among Vata Nanatmaja Vyadhi which causes loss of function of either side of the body. Strongest reason for Pakshaghata observed in these days is brain stroke, which is approximately 200 per ten thousand persons and 9.94% of total deaths in India. Immediate management after attack from this disease may reverse the pathology and protect from crippling life. But generally it does not happen. This article is success story of treating clinical case of Pakshaghata after around two years of allopath treatment. Ayurveda have promising clinical benefits in such Nanatmaka Vata Vikaras, but messages of success story need to connect with Public health; hence it presented here with details of Shodhana & Shamana Chikitsa of three month duration.

  39. Dr. Saba Fatima, Dr. N.Satyanarayana, Dr. Anees Fatima, Dr. Y Sushma Laxmi and Dr. Krishna Reddy, K.V.

    Objective: Medication errors in hospitals are most frequent cause of the errors that interrupt the healthcare system. The aim of this study is to assess Health care professionals’ perceptions of Medication errors and the related factors in a tertiary teaching hospital. Methods: A cross-sectional study using a validated questionnaire from previous similar studies was conducted in a convenient sample of 170 physicians and 202 nurses working in medical and surgical departments. The data was collected and analyzed from May 2021toAugust 2021 at tertiary care teaching Hospital. Results: The sample consisted of 372 subjects, with a response rate of 78%. Study participants demonstrated a sufficient awareness to report a Medication error if a patient does not receive a medication as prescribed. The most common cause of Medication errors were shortages of nursing staff in the wards (83.9%), look-alike medications (79%), higher number of patients with severe illnesses in wards (72.6%), phone call order by physicians (68.8%).The main barriers for reporting Medication errors were Heavy workload due to the high number of patients (82%), attitude and personality of nurses (78.8%), concerns about the effect of MEs on individual's earnings (24.2%). Conclusion: Majority of the participants had sufficient knowledge and favorable attitude towards medication error reporting. Among other causes, issues such as shortages of nursing staff in the wards are reported as the most important causes of medication errors. A heavy workload due to a high number of patients was the most important reason for not reporting MEs. Thus, appropriate strategies (e.g., reducing the nursing staff workload) should be developed to address MEs and improve patient safety.

  40. Othmani Safia, Hedhli Hana, Jendoubi Asma, Ben Kaddour Rym, Jamai Mouna and Jouini Sarra

    Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a clinic-radiological syndrome characterized by the association of clinical signs such as high blood pressure, acute headache, altered level of consciousness, visual alterations, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and radiological findings showing posterior brain alterations. We report a case of a 26-year-old woman with a medical history of hypertension and kidney failure requiring peritoneal dialysis. She was brought by her husband to the emergency department after experiencing acute blindness. At presentation, she had a blood pressure of 220/110 mm Hg, a pulse of 80 bpm. She was drowsy but with a normal neurological examination. Capillary blood glucose was 1,2 g/l. Soon after her arrival, she presented six serial seizures that were resistant to clonazepam and phenobarbital. Therefore, general anesthesia was indicated. A brain MRI scan showed multifocal, T2-hyperintense lesions symmetrically surrounding the white matter of the temporo-parietal and occipital regions and the left frontal lobe, suggesting PRES. She was kept under general anesthesia. Four days after her admission, she presented severe hyperkalemia resistant to medical treatment as well as dialysis, with a fatal outcome. Emergency physicians must be alert to the clinical manifestations suggestive of PRES in order to initiate adequate treatment immediately to ensure a better outcome for the patients.

  41. Othmani Safia, Hedhli Hana, Jendoubi Asma, Ben Kaddour Rym, Ben Mrad Melek and Jouini Sarra

    Emphysematous aortitis is extremely rare. We report an uncommon case of emphysematous aortitis, presenting with severe sepsis, and occurring with no prior vascular intervention or aortic disease. This case highlights the importance of emergent medical and surgical management of this entity once diagnosis has been made. An 84-year-old female patient, with hypertension, presented with a one-week history of fever, fatigue and cough. Physical examination revealed fever and tachycardia. Given the current pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, a rapid antigen test was negative. Thoracic CT scan revealed the presence of air invading the aortic wall extending from the ascending aorta to the descending thoracic aorta without aortic aneurysm. The patient was diagnosed with emphysematous aortitis and started on broad spectrum antibiotics. Surgical intervention was not retained and the patient succumbed to sepsis after one day of treatment.





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