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August 2018

Background – Caesarean section is one of the most frequently performed surgery in obstetrics. To make it better from cosmetic point of view, it is important to know if a surgical step has an effect on the wound condition postoperatively. Aim and Objective: The study was undertaken to study the effect of closure versus nonclosure of parietal peritoneum on postoperative wound condition. Material and Method: It was a hospital based interventional study done in a tertiary care hospital over one year.

Realising the impact of medical errors and the importance of patient safety in healthcare delivery has been an astonishing journey with surprising findings at each step. With very few rules and laws for safety of patients, it has been an undermined subject but, at the same time, has been associated with huge amounts of emotions and costs involved. It is said that, risk and safety are flip sides of the therapeutic coin. Patient safety must be an attribute of the healthcare system. An assertive action is needed to safeguard the interests of the patient in their healing process.

Sixty years ago, most consumers used cash or checks to buy goods and services, with cash predominately used for smaller purchases and checks for more costly transactions. While cash remains the predominate form of payment in some places in the world, it has become a less common method of transaction as the advent of general purpose payment cards has allowed consumers and businesses to buy and sell with greater convenience. Today, consumers can make electronic payments with credit, debit and prepaid cards and more recently, using all kinds of devices, from watches to mobile phones.

Aim: To determine the surface roughness of three different direct composite resin after polishing. Materials and Method: All 30 specimen were divided into three groups. Group I: Microhybrid composite resin, Group II: Nanofilled composite resin, Group III: Bulkfilled composite resin. All the specimen were light cured and subjected to polishing protocol with sof-lex polishing kit. Specimen were then subjected to profilometric analysis to determine surfaces roughness measurement. Result: Group II showed minimum surface roughness followed by group III and group I.

Zirconia ceramic is used as a metal substitute and is behind development of digital dentistry, which is based on computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing and helps decreasing laboratory work, reducing time and chance of error but it is a sensitive technique which also needs expensive unit. On the other hand, copy milling technique is based on a manually designed copings or frameworks with wax or composite that will be duplicate based on pantographic principle. It is an easy and economical method to produce zirconia frameworks for dental restorations.

Rhinosporidiosis and its causative pathogen Rhinosporidium seeberi have been known for over a hundred years. Yet unresolved enigmas in rhinosporidiosis include the mode of infection, mechanisms of spread, mechanisms of immunity, and some aspects of histopathology. This article discuss about the usual presentation of rhinosporidiosis and how effectively it was managed in endemic district.

Double lip is an uncommon facial anomaly which maybe either congenital or acquired. Most often it is non syndromic, however it is also known to be associated with syndromes involving systemic disorders. Following is a report on an acquired case of double lip which was not found to be associated with any syndrome.

Background: The arches of foot provide functions of force absorption, base of support and acts as a rigid lever during gait propulsion. The assessment of plantar arch development, by the relationship between arch region width and heel region width obtained on a footprint, is proposed by Engel and Staheli‟s. Objectives: The purpose of study the correlation between Planter Arch Index and BMI in young adults. Methods: All 30 participants were given informed consent and were assessed according to age group i.e, 20-25 years.

The unaffected, exposed vital pulp possesses an inherent capacity for healing through cell reorganization and bridge formation when a proper biological seal is provided and maintained against microbial leakage. Throughout the life of a tooth, vital pulp tissue contributes to the production of secondary dentin, peritubular dentin and reparative dentin in response to biological and pathological stimuli.

This study is aimed at finding the effects of psychological contract breach on compassion Fatigue with mediating role of burnout among nurses specifically in Sialkot region. It is exploratory and descriptive in nature, an attempt to figure out the possible outcomes of Psychological contract breach and burnout on compassion fatigue. Data for this study is gathered via opinions of306 participants from Public and private sector using convenient sampling technique.

In this article, we revise our previous hypothesis of the endogenous appearance of anticholinergic activity (AA) in schizophrenia and expand our commentary on the relationship between AA and schizophrenia. We speculate that the inflammatory system is upregulated in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) when the acetylcholine (ACh) downregulation reaches a critical level and then hyperactive inflammation generates cytokines with AA.

Equipping individuals with sex-related information, motivation and behavioral skills is the main objective of sexuality education. It will enable the people especially the youth to avoid problems related to sexuality and to achieve sexual well-being aspects. This study evaluated the effectiveness of sexuality education integration among 100 students of Grade 10 Biology instruction in relation to student’s performance at Pinamungajan National High School.

Background: Oral disease prevention, health promotion and access to care are important aspects of oral health in a global setting. The following study was taken up with the aim to evaluate the oral health in the rural school children of Melmaruvathur, Tamilnadu. Methods: A total number of 300 children between the age group of 6-11 years were clinically examined for oral hygiene status based on WHO criteria. Results – Average for good oral hygiene status is 33.5% and fair oral hygiene status is 64.9% and poor oral hygiene status is 1.3%. Data shows boys were better compared to girls.

Somatotype is a numerical shorthand method of studying the present morphological constitution of an individual or population. Somatotypes are determined by age, genetic, dietary condition and physical exercise. The present paper aims at studying the somatotype characteristics of two different communities of Manipur. Ten anthropometric measurements were measured from amongst 339 individuals aged 18-75 years of which 174 constitute males and 165 constitute females. BMI (Body Mass Index) was computed from height and weight of each subject.

Objectives: Oral health is a very important component of general health. It is clear that proper functioning of dental chair is mandatory to deliver oral health care in dental office. Most dentists experienced problems with dental chair with varying frequency and they may not always have spare dental chair in their clinics. This definitely hampers the oral health care delivery. Most of the time, the dental chairs have minor problems that can be easily corrected by anyone with some technical understanding.

Introduction: Oral health is a crucial component of general health, with dental caries affecting a person's ability to eat, speak or socialize. There is a high prevalence of dental caries worldwide involving the people of all region and society. Schools provide a platform for the promotion of health and oral health not only for the students, but also for the staff, families, and members of the community as a whole. Aim: To determine the prevalence of dental caries in the primary and permanent teeth, and evaluate the brushing habits of school children.

Aim: To compare and evaluate the clinical performance of Silver Amalgam and Cention-N in simple class I carious lesions in permanent molars. Methodology: After ethical approval, Patients were selected as per inclusion and exclusion criteria and Class I cavity preparation was done under rubber dam isolation and randomly divided into two groups. In Amalgam group, deep lesions were managed by application of Dycal and zinc phosphate base and restored with silver amalgam. In Cention-N group, deep lesions were treated by application of Dycal followed by Cention-N restoration.

Introduction: The shift from hard tissue paradigm to soft tissue paradigm results in the establishment of numerous soft tissue cephalometric parameters to evaluate the facial esthetics in diagnosis and treatment planning. Objective: To evaluate the reliability and diagnostic acceptance of photograph based soft tissue cephalometrics.

The purpose of this study is to determine parental awareness of their children's oral health maintenance and their attitude toward dental treatment. The objective of this study attempts to evaluate and compare oral health awareness amongst parents from different socioeconomic groups and their attitude toward dental treatment. Health is a universal human need for all cultural groups. General health cannot be attained or maintained without oral health. The mouth is regarded as the mirror of the body and the gateway to good health. Oral health education begins from footsteps of awareness.

Purpose: To identify the most frequent natural tooth color using the Easy shade Micro spectrophotometer on a sample of the Moroccan population according to the 3D Master System. Materials and Methods: The middle third of the facial surface of natural maxillary central incisors was measured with an Easy shade Micro spectrophotometer in 1100 Moroccan participants aged between 16 and 89 years. Natural tooth color was recorded using the 3D Master System nomenclature. The program used for the results descriptive statistical analysis was SPSS.

Introduction: Laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation are associated with reflex sympathetic stimulation known as pressor response. Transient haemodynamic instability, an inevitable outcome of laryngoscopy can have serious effects especially in patients with heart disease, hypertension which can cause major complications. We compared the attenuating effect of time – tested lignocaine versus metoprolol on the haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation in normotensive patients undergoing general anaesthesia for spine surgeries.

Otitis externa and otomycosis are the common presenting complications of ear syringing encountered by otolaryngologists .So a prospective study carried out in three private ENT clinics in Baghdad from (January 2016 to february 2017) to evaluate effectiveness of povidone iodine 10% paint after ear syringing in reducing these complications . In this study , 300 ears syringing were performed .Our patients were divided in to groups , group A , constitutes 150 patients ,after preparation of them , ear syringing , moping, povidone iodine 10% paint on external ear canal was done for them.

Cadmium is among heavy metals that known to disrupt the human endocrine system. Its tendency to accumulate in certain organs like the liver, kidney, adrenal gland, thyroid and pancreas is believed leads to its health impacts. Many countries have implemented control on the expose of this heavy metal, either from the environment or anthropogenic sources. In Malaysia, the people are exposed through several pathways especially through food about 53.0%. Some areas have shown to have high levels of cadmium.

Background: Decompression through different fenestration techniques may effectively reduce unnecessary tissue damage, and therefore, decrease the incidence of the complications. The use of the surgical microscope or magnification loupe helped a lot to improve outcomes with such techniques. Methods: This study included 40 Adult patients with ligamentous lumbar canal stenosis in the period from July 2015 to August 2016. Patients had either laminectomy or bilateral fenestration. The main outcome measure was pain intensity (Back pain and Leg pain) over a twelve-month period.

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge attitude and awareness of oral health practices of pregnant women of Patiala. Materials and methods: The study population comprised of 100 pregnant women and 100 same aged non pregnant women. Data related to knowledge, attitude and awareness of oral health practice assessed through self-structured questionnaire administered among 100 pregnant women. Clinical examination was conducted among both pregnant and non-pregnant women. Results: 69 % of pregnant women faced dental problem during their pregnancy.

Recently, patient-centered care has evolved as one of the main health care practices that are associated with quality of the healthcare services. This study aims at evaluating the status of patient-centered care in Jordan where the primary data was collected using a questionnaire consists of the eight principles of patient-centered care distributed on medical specialists in the public hospitals in Jordan. the results have shown that patient-centered care is still in its initial stages in Jordan where more training and planning should be dedicated to enhance it.

A 27 year old primigravida underwent caesarean section because of fetal distress following induction of labour. Intra-operative patient become dyspneic , lost conscious and unrecordable blood pressure. Subsequently, she developed respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation and dilated left ventricle . cardiac arrest followed after these events. The likely diagnosis was amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), a rare complication of pregnancy with a variable presentation, ranging from cardiac arrest and death through to mild degrees of organ system dysfunction with or without coagulopathy.

Background: Chronic periodontitis is inflammation of the tissues surrounding tooth structure. Several cytokines are involved in pathogenesis of periodontitis. For example, IL-20 promotes inflammation, angiogenesis, chemotaxis and regulates osteoclast differentiation. Objectives: the purpose is to evaluate the IL-20 levels found in salivary and gingival cervicular fluid (GCF) in healthy and chronic periodontitis patients. Methods: GCF and Saliva samples obtained from systematically free adult individuals.

This article deals with phrase logical units connected with nature from the point of view of "Linguistic map of the world" theory. Bases of "the cult concept" in Turkic languages, including Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek are described and their ethno-linguistic and ethno-cultural features of use in languages have been under analysis. In any people, the "cult" concept takes the place in system of the spiritual and cultural concept. The spiritual culture is a view of people of world around, religious knowledge, character, beliefs and the ability to learn through other concepts.

Introduction: Preeclampsia incidence ranges from 1: 1000 to 1: 1700, and 50,000 mothers died of preeclampsia and eclampsia (MOH 2005). Increasing excessive weight gain during pregnancy is one of the factors thought to increase the incidence of preeclampsia. Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Excess weight gain during pregnancy on the incidence of preeclampsia. Methods: This is a cohort study design, with the entire population of the sample of pregnant women and pregnant mothers are elected by their inclusion criteria.

Introduction: Rectocele can be defined as the herniation of the front wall of rectum into the posterior of vaginal wall. It has been reported to occur quite often in female patients. Rectocele definition remains inadequate and the success of its treatment is still not satisfactory. Materials and Methods: Patients aged 45-75 years who had a rectocele operation between 2010 and 2017 were included in the study. Patients those who had surgery at least one year ago were included in the study.

Objective: This review was designed to scrutinize the recent changes in the pattern of drug prescription in Ear, Nose and Throat, so that appropriate adjustment can be made for the benefit of patients. Data sources: A systematic electronic literature search of Medline/PubMed, CINHAL, Cochrane reviews and Web of Science was conducted for articles describing Pattern of Drug Prescription in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) Medical Practice. English-language articles and articles with an English abstract that focused on Pattern of Drug Prescription were considered for review.

Tabebuiaavellanedae “tabebuiaavellanedae” containing two antimicrobial active elements. This study aimed to cover one of the antimicrobial effect of Tabebuiaavellanedae against one of food pathogenic microorganism Staphylococcus aureus. About 50 gm dried Tabebuiaavellanedae coarse powder extracts were collected and stock solution of concentration of 10 mg/ml in (acetone and methanol). It was tested against one gram positive bacteria (Staphylococcusaureus) (ATCC 25923) then measuring the zone of inhibition. S. aureus enterotoxins genes multiplex PCR detected also.

Stricture urethra, though a rare condition, still is a rational and troublesome problem in the international society. Major complications caused by this disease are obstructed urine flow, urine stasis leading to urinary tract infection, calculi formation, etc. This condition can be correlated with Mutramarga Sankocha in Ayurveda. Modern medical science suggests urethral dilatation, which may cause bleeding, false passage and fistula formation in few cases. Surgical procedures have their own complications and limitations.

Background and Objectives: Surgical trauma to the tissues in the oral cavity can cause complications like pain, swelling, impaired function cause transient morbidity for the patients. To reduce these complications many drugs have been used may be pre-operatively as preemptive analgesia or post-operatively also. In this study we have determined the effects of pre-operative and post-operative use of dexamethasone in minor oral surgeries.

Oral hygiene plays an important role in the quality and duration of the treatment which is controlled by the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. A good oral hygiene needs a clear cut and proper professional instructions, necessary armamentarium and motivation of the patient in maintaining proper oral hygiene. A regular periodic check-up in evaluating the oral status and constant encouragement, reassurance to the patient regarding the oral hygiene will also significantly contribute to the better participation of patient in maintaining a good oral status.

Objectives: To determine the effect of junk food on the nutritional status of 12 years old girls. Background: Junk food has become a prominent feature of the diet of children worldwide. The ready availability, taste, low cost, media, and peer pressure make them popular among children. Junk food is widely available everywhere making it first choice for not only children but also adults. The fats, sugar, and salt in junk food draw kids like a magnet. Obesity in children has increased threefold or more during the last three decade raising serious public health concerns.

This paper is an attempt to do a feminist analysis on religion and culture in India, to explore the reasons of gender issues in Indian society. It is trying to point out the scriptural influences that create and propagate the gender concepts in the society. This is basically done by analyzing verses from the text Manu-smrti, which was considered as the handbook for making social order, legislation and constitution in India. There is an effort to understand the overlapping ideas of religion and culture conceptualizations in India.

Objectives: To study the relation between efficacy, safety and plasma concentration of two different brands of lithium carbonate in patients of bipolar disorder. Materials and methods: This prospective, interventional study was done in newly diagnosed patients of bipolar disorder and randomized into two groups, Group A (generic) and Group B (branded generic).Lithium carbonate 300 mg thrice a day given orally in both groups. Data was recorded in pre validated Case Record Form. The Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) was measured at baseline and after 3 weeks of therapy.

Penaeussemisulcatus (grooved tiger prawn or green tiger prawn) accessions were collected from southern subcontinent of India and the anti-oxidant enzyme levels in their tissues were compared. The accessions were from Pondicherry, Pazhaverkadu, Royapuram and Thalankuppam. From the frozen tissue samples of these species, Lipid peroxidation, Catalase activity, Glutathione S Transferase, Reduced glutathione, Acetyl cholinesterase, and Superoxide dismutase enzyme levels were measured. All the enzyme levels were elevated in the species collected from Thalankuppam compared to other three species.

This is a case series study done at tertiary centre, Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar in northern region of Telangana. Cases were diagnosed to have congenital heart disease by echocardiography performed by cardiologist. In our study of 40 patients, 40% of patients had VSD followed by ASD at 25%. Other congenital heart diseases like PDA and valvular heart disease were found to be at 11%. Tetralogy of Fallot was diagnosed in 3 patients.

Background and Purpose: The purpose of the present study is to assess the effectiveness of selected distraction technique on pain during venipuncture among toddlers – a Randomized controlled trial in Paediatric ward and Paediatric Outpatient Department, JIPMER, Puducherry. Material and Methods: A Randomized controlled trial was adapted for this study. The study setting was Paediatric ward and Paediatric Outpatient Department, Women and Children Hospital, JIPMER, Puducherry.

Genodermatoses are an inherited skin disorder often grouped into three categories: chromosomal, single gene, and polygenetic. Several of these disorders are isolated and also have an oral phenomenon, called Oral Genodermatoses. Between this Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare genodermatosis as well as rare autosomal recessive disease in which excessive ultraviolet radiation causes skin, ocular, neurological, and oral lesions along with the development of cutaneous and internal malignancies at an early age. There is no definitive cure for the disease.

This paper explain threats web applications, Web Vulnerabilities. The web vulnerabilities are SQL Injection, OS command Injection, HTTP Header Injection, Mail Header Injection, Lack of Authentication and Authorization, Improper Session Management. This paper explain solutions problems to vulnerabilities in web application.

Goldenhar's syndrome, also known as oculo-auriculo-vertebral (OAV) spectrum, is a rare condition described initially in the early 1950's by Maurice Goldenhar. It is a complex syndrome characterized by an association of maxillomandibular hypoplasia, deformity of the ear, ocular dermoid and vertebral anomalies. The etiology of this rare disease is not fully understood, as it has shown itself variable genetically and of unclear causes.

Introduction: Multiple myeloma is characterized by proliferation of a clone of plasma cells that manifest by one or more lytic lesions, monoclonal (M) protein in the blood or urine and bone marrow involvement, ( Sirohi and Powles, 2004) having varying presentation and hematological features. Complications such as renal failure, infections, anemia, lytic bone lesions and amyloidosis lead to morbidity as well as mortality (UK myeloma forum, 2001).

Lord prof PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev developed 2008 “Theory of generating of crises “2010 “Theory and praxice of the Mafiotismus” and 2001. “Theory of the mafia”. Based on these two theories this paper explane the establishment of the mafiotismus all over the world – principles, theory and praxis in European Union, European Commission and in the Republic Bulgaria

Background: Although some studies have recorded phobias, depression, and sexual disorders; FGM has been ignored as representing a violation of someone’s physical intactness, and classified as a psychological trauma according to DSM-IV. Study aims: We examined relationships between the FGM trauma and behavioral likelihood of not getting tested for HIV/AIDS in four African countries adjusting for age, level of education, religion and marital status.

It was proved in last decade that very intensive and uniform cooling eliminates quench crack formation and significantly decreases distortion of quenched steel parts as compared with their slow cooling in mineral oils. That opened a new era in design ing and governing cooling intensity of liquid quenchants for strengthening steel parts and decrease their distortion after quenching. The new approaches were developed by authors to provide accelerated and uniform cooling steel parts during quenching by creation on their surface thin insulating layers.

The knowledge of culture and literature that has been studied in this university is not maximal and in accordance with the needs of Chinese literature students in Indonesia because it is so this research will focus on the making of teaching materials by taking aspects of the mastery Chinese literature and culture. This teaching material research will use literary and cultural themes with a contextual approach. The focus of the problem in this research is the effectiveness of reading material of literature and culture based on contextual developed.

Foliar spray of urea may improve mulberry leaf yield, quality and cocoon productivity. But, it is not clear how foliar spray of urea influence mulberry leaf yield, quality and cocoon productivity. Therefore, two years field experiments were carried out in the experimental field of Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training Institute (BSTRI), Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of foliar spray of urea on mulberry plant growth, yield, leaf quality and silk cocoon productivity.

This article discusses role of women in struggling transformation within their community. As one of government policies in 2015 about eradication of slum areas under Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (‘Ahok’) as previous governor of Jakarta, many flats were built and provided to those who became the target of that program. It’s called ‘Rusunawa’ low cost simple flat. Researcher chooses ‘Rusunawa’ Pulogebang (the first flat located on East Jakarta) as the locus of research. Unfortunately, there are new social problems emerge.

This study aimed to analyze the literary elements permeated on Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s selected poems “Imno sa Talisay”, “Josefina”, “Awit ng Manlalakbay”, “Kay Don Ricardo Carnicero” at ang “Sa Aking Kinaliligpitan” written during his four-year exile in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte. The researcher purposely used Qualitative Research Method through Content Analysis to analytically scrutinize the in-depth evaluation of the aforesaid literary genre of Rizal.

Introduction: It is very important to detect pneumatization that is air filled cavities adjacent to temperomandibular joint as they represent sites of minimal resistance and help in spread of pathologies into the joints like inflammation, tumour, fracture and also complicated factor in TMJ surgery. To prevent surgical complications, the diagnosis of these air cells is important. Aim: To assess the prevalences and characteristics of pneumatized articular eminence and pneumatized roof of glenoid fossa using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

The central idea of this paper is to study the life of the Mumbai textile mills through a series of events that occurred, keeping the Great Strike of 1982 as the center point of all the events. The study would give insight in the internal conflicts, contestations and daily negotiations with life occurring in the mill land area.

Research in the field of Economy of developing nations have become a dynamic study area over the past few decades and is likely to become even more so as the importance of economic development is rapidly gaining momentum. Therefore understanding the economy of developing nations will be viewed as increasingly important. Terrorists can inflict heart-breaking loss of life and costly destruction of property. But does terrorism also have an economic impact that extends far beyond the violent act itself?.

Background: Complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) have been used as corrective treatments for ailments including chronic pain and psychopathological conditions. Acupuncture and massage therapies are used for tension-type headache prophylaxis as well as treatment. Aims and objectives: The objective of this study was to assess the value of a structured acupuncture and head massage therapy program, in order to improve their quality of life by reducing their headache pain and to improve sleep with standard protocol for tension-type headache sufferers.

Stress is a common element in any kind of job and persons have to face it in almost every walk of life. Every job is challenging and more demanding. It requires high standard of performance, high quality in work and getting aspirations and expectation fulfilled.

Placement of sensor actuator pair at proper location is very important for active vibration control of structures. A large number of research work by various researchers have been carried out for the optimization of actuators and sensors location, based on different approaches. There are two broad approaches. In one approach the optimization of sensor/actuator location is combined with controller parameters, whereas in the second approach, the optimal locations are obtained independently of the controller parameters.

Aim: To evaluate the success rate of BCS implants and conventional implants in maxilla and mandible after extraction. Patients and Methods: A clinical study was conducted on the patients who wanted replacement of missing teeth with implants from the year 2015 to 2017. 20 patients are selected and distributed into Group A (10 pateints with Basal implants (BCS) and Group B (10 patients with conventional crestal implants). Results: bone level was good in basal implant group when compared to the conventional group.

The growth of agriculture depends on the efficiency of resource use and technological progress in the sector with an appropriate cropping pattern. The changes in cropping pattern in particular span of time clearly indicate the changes that have taken place in the agricultural development. These changes are brought about mostly by socio-economic influence and in most of the situations, the physical environment reduces the choice of certain crops altogether or by reducing their level.

Gagging With the increasing demand of natural resources, industrial exploration has extended. The slate pencil industry is the industry that produces a big volume of slate powder. The waste generated is highly hazardous in nature and has the possibility to serve adverse effect on flora and fauna along with living species. The paper concepts is with the thorough survey of the slate pencil manufacturing unit, the flow sheet, the source of generation of pollution and probable treatment methods for pollution abatement.

Aims and Objectives: To reconnoiter whether dental manpower in current scenario in Tamilnadu is competent in delivering oral health care services to the public at large and to procure elucidations to most important remonstrance confronted in that aspect.

effluent by Pseudomonas fluorescens and Azospirillum sp. The Green leafy vegetable Sesbania grandiflorasowed seedswas treated withraw silk dyeing effluent, Pseudomonas fluorescens and Azospirillum sp. separately. After 45th days the biometric parameters such as First cotyledon, Seed germination (%), Seedling length (cm), Number of Leaves plant-1 , Surface area of leaves (sq/cm), Root length (cm), Shoot length (cm), Root shoot ratio, Root mass (g), Dry matter (%),Number of Seed bunch plant-1, Distance between the nodes (cm) were analysed.

In the yarn production, the combing process is very important in order to make the fibers parallel, clean and prevent the problem of nepp which adversely affects the quality of yarn and fabric. In this study; a new combing hub has been developed which improves the number of nepp errors after combing, spinning and winding (bobbining) processes as a result of making the combing process more efficient on the combing machine.

Gelatin is one type of protein derived from natural collagen found within the skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals. This study, used eel (Anguilla marmorata (Q) Gaimard) fish skin as the material for gelatin which was extracted using acetic acid solution of 3%, 6% and 9% for 48 hours. This study aims at determining the concentration of acetic acid towards the yield value and the quality (organoleptic, water content, ash content, and arsenic content) in accordance with Indonesian National Standards.

The present study on the screening of cellulose degrading bacteria, isolated locally from the natural environment; and analysis of their carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and filter paper activity has been carried out with the rationale to isolate novel strains having significant cellulolytic potential.

The Peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF), term coined by Eversole and Robin is relatively a common overgrowth which occurs exclusively on gingiva, usually arising from the interdental papilla and is considered to be reactive rather than neoplastic in nature. An origin from cells of periodontal ligament has been suggested because of exclusive occurrence of POF from interdental papilla. Because it is possible to misdiagnose POF as pyogenic granuloma, peripheral giant cell granuloma, or odontogenic tumours, therefore, histopathological examination is essential for accurate diagnosis.

Legal documents have always been lengthy and it is difficult to read and understand them completely. In this project, we devise a system which is Machine Learning (ML) based tool that takes in document and highlights anomalies in the text. The document can be given as soft copies. To our knowledge, some categories of legal documents contain duplicated information that do not require our attention. However, manually extracting non-duplicate information from documents requires considerable amount of effort.

Background: Sodium hypochlorite has been vastly used as root canal irrigant but its toxicity and storage risks are of concern. There has been a constant search for the ideal root canal irrigant. Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate electrolyzed saline, produced from a custom-made chair side apparatus for its smear layer removal efficiency on root canal walls and compare it with the commercially available agents- EDTA and MTAD.

Back ground: Hepatitis B virus infection (HBV) is one of the most important community health problems and also one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. In endemic areas, HBV infection occurs mainly during infancy and early childhood, with mother to child transmission (MTCT) accounting for approximately half of the transmission routes of chronic HBV infections. Objective: The present study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of chronic HBV infection among rural antenatal mothers registered at Adichunchanagiri Hospital and Research centre, Bellur .

Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis is the most frequent ulcerative disorder observed in the oral cavity. The aetiology is unknown, but several predisposing factors have been identified as possible causes. These including local, immunologic, allergic, genetic, nutritional or microbial current events.

Self-ligating brackets are those type of brackets that do not require an elastic or wire ligature but have inbuilt mechanism that can be opened and closed to secure the archwire. Self-ligating brackets isgaining popularity over the year. Various advantagesfor these systems have been claimed.Self-ligating brackets have been reported for faster and more efficient treatments, which bought about curiosity to compare them to the conventional system.

Background: Acute intestinal obstruction is one of the most common surgical emergencies which involves partial or complete blockage of bowel. Aetiologies of small bowel obstruction are diverse & varies according to geographical areas-strangulated groin hernias are leading in developing countries while post-op adhesions in developed world. Tumors are the most common cause for large bowel obstruction. Objectives: To study various aetiologies of small & large bowel obstruction and there outcomes in term of morbidity and mortality.

The study was designed with the aim to evaluate Econazole nitrate Microemulgel for a treatment of fungal infection. Microemulgel is isotropic mixtures of oil, water and emulsifying agent. Recently, Microemulgel has emerged as one of the most interesting topical preparation in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. The use of Microemulgel as a delivery system has several advantages such as ease of administration, increased residence time of drug at applied site, better drug release, good thermodynamic stability and higher transdermal permeability over conventional formulation.

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1, or Von Recklinghausen’s disease) is a genetic disorder transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait with variable expressivities and complete penetrance. It is characterized by a variety of clinical manifestations, including multiple neurofibromas that are associated with a high risk of sarcomatous transformation. This article reports a case of facial plexiform neurofibromatosis with mandibular hypoplasia and reviews various oral soft tissue and hard tissue manifestations of neurofibromatosis I.

Ramie (Boehmeria nivea Gaud) a member of Utricacease, yields fibres which are longest and toughest. These fibres showed highest resistant to the action of water and are use industrial point of view in paper and textile industry. A total of 20 fungal strains were isolated from Ramie canes. Of the 20 there are six strains were identified as Aspergillus species. Among the Six strains Aspergillus flavus showed maximum colony count at 72 hours of incubation.

Land and soil media are monopolistic and significant Agro-Eco system for Agriculture production. On the advent of green revolution, the information on natural resources is not utilized in true sense for intensification Agriculture. As result, the country has witnessed mass degradation of land resources. Present estimate indicates about 121 million Hectares Land (39% of total geographic area) is affected by various kinds of degradation (ICAR 2010), of the total degraded land 55 mh is waste land and 6.6 mh is salt affected area.

Two series of experiments have been successively conducted to determine the modalities of food distribution to Heterotisniloticus fingerlings in fish-farming pond. In the first experiments, three daily rations have been separately tested on fingerlings of 165.81 ± 4.59 g. These are: (T1) = 4% of fingerlings total weight the whole duration of breeding, (T2) = 5%, 4% and 3.5% of fingerlings total weight, respectively the first month, the second month and the last one for the continuation of the breeding, and (T3) = 3.5% of fingerlings total weight the whole duration of breeding.

All the ruminal methane (CH4) emitted by ruminants (cattle, buffalo, sheep, camel goats and minor camelids) was calculated all over the world, standardized according to the size and therefore the quantity of methane emitted and was compared with the methane that could potentially be produced if the dejections were treated in anaerobic plants. Obviously we took into account the fact that not all types of breeding allow the recovery of dejections, for example grazing. This calculation was also made for other non-ruminant animals of zootechnical interest.

Background: Clinical pharmacy is a health science discipline whereby pharmacists provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. The practice of clinical pharmacy embraces the philosophy of pharmaceutical care; it blends a caring orientation with specialized therapeutic knowledge, experience, and judgment for the purpose of ensuring optimal patient outcomes. This field of pharmacy practice focuses on patient-oriented rather than drug product-oriented service. Objectives: • To identify drug interactions.

Background: In recent years measurement of glycated haemoglobin Al (HbA1c) has been widely introduced as a measure of control of diabetes and is used by many diabetologists. However, it is subject to a number of disadvantages. It requires incubation for several hours to remove the unstable intermediate Schiff base, it is quite a time consuming assay to perform and, by comparison with the measurement of other ketoamines, relatively expensive.

Even though sustainable development concept originally included a clear social mandate, since a long time this social dimension has been neglected amidst abbreviated references to sustainability that have focused on economic and environmental issues. Lately, literature which concerns company’s social performance evaluation is more and more important. However, it usually focuses on one aspect of organization, production system. Now, social performance is a hot topic for researchers and it is one of major concerns of company leaders.

Background: Albino rats have natural tendency of burying behavior, more when they are under stress, this provides an useful model for study of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Aim and Objectives: 1. To observe effectiveness of Withania Somnifera in Obsessive compulsive disorder. 2. To observe effect of Withania Somnifera in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on Albino rats. 3. To evaluate appropriate dosage of WithaniaSomnifera for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Objectives: To study the effects of decreased Amniotic fluid Index (AFI≤5cm) on pregnancy outcome at or beyond 34 weeks of gestation. Methods: Prospective comparative study conducted in Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SMS Medical College, Jaipur from Feb. 2013 to Oct. 2014. An analytic study comparing maternal and fetal outcomes in women with AFI ≤ 5 vs women with AFI > 5 in primigravida was designed.

Objective:- To measure the level of the vitamin D3. Patients and Methods:- blood is typically collected from 100 patients via venipuncture and more recently “blood spots” from a simple finger prick from the individual being assessed. The serum (from venipuncture) or blood (from blood spot) is isolated and used in the assay being employed. There are then a number of methods to assess 25(OH)D to determine vitamin D status. Results:- One hundred patients were studied, 50 female (50%) and 50 male (50%), and female to male ratio was (1: 1).

The Land available for cultivation is decreasing and population is increasing. This necessitates the requirement of adopting scientific methods for achieving maximum production. Maximum yield from crops can be achieved by proving required quantity of nutrients and water and also the desired level of microclimate. Microclimate modification is possible in greenhouses and this is the advantage of greenhouse cultivation compared to open field cultivation. Greenhouse cultivation requires microclimate management as well as application of water and nutrients to plants daily.

Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APML) is a type of acute myeloid leukemia with genetic abnormalities [t (15;17)]. The patients with APML can present with varied and unusual sign and symptoms. If treated timely, this subtype of APML has good prognosis; hence early diagnosis is important in such cases. Flowcytometric (FCM) immunophenotyping provides an accurate and early method of diagnosing this disease entity, especially in developing countries where molecular diagnosis is still not a feasible option for majority of the population.

The development of Information Technology has enabled the development of information management and economic branches that use the Internet to realize a successful business. So the information technology has influenced in the creation of a market which is growing so quickly as by doing business but also in the communication between consumers and business partners. Nowadays, almost all companies have access to the Internet and most of them use the internet to sell their products or provide their services across the world.

The study was mainly to focus on parenting practices and its consequence on the social competences of kindergarten children in Indale and Bubu kindergarten Schools in Mettu town. For this study the primary data which was collected through well designed questionnaires and interview items. Simple random sampling techniques were employed to selected participants of this study from those schools. Using this technique, 50 samples were selected and involved in the study as primary source of data.

Smart Factories have become a key link to success for a manufacturing driven organization. They can solve many problems that manufacturing world faces today. Analyzing the data generated on the shop floor and understanding them can drive data driven decision making. This can in turn help create competitive advantage for an organization. big-data and IoT play an important role in this mastering the data on the shop floor. Multiple organizations have started their IoT journey, many are about to start theirs.

Endometriosis is described as the presence of functional endometrial tissue outside uterine cavity. Scar endometriosis is a rare disease and is difficult to diagnose. It commonly follows obstetrical and gynecological surgeries. Diagnosis is usually made only after excision of the diseased tissue. A case report of a patient with troublesome scar after caesarean section is presented.

Background: Workplace violence poses global health threats, endangering everyone in their places of work which is considered a public health hazard. Particularly in developing countries, assaults in the workplace results in stress, low self-esteem, and emotional instability leading to lack of effective and efficient performance of duties among workers in their places of work. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and factors associated with workplace violence against health workers in tertiary hospitals in Sokoto, Nigeria.

The self is a highly abstract construct, challenging to assess through research, especially in neurodegenerative disorders. Still, there is a great need to understand whether the self persists in disorders that affect the structure and function of the brain, since either conclusion would have important implications for brain function, for the theoretical approach to the self, and the experimental and clinical focus on it. How can we assess the self in cases of progressive neurodegeneration? Why is that important?

In order to rehabilitate degraded sylvo-pastoral land, we envisioned install Bituminaria bituminosa var. bituminosa, a pasture species with agronomic characters ideally suited to Mediterranean climates. The present research aims to evaluate the effect of different incubation temperatures (4, 17, 20, 28, 40, 45 °C) and different concentrations of NaCl (0, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 g L-1) on seed germination. Total germination (TG), Mean germination time (MGT) and Daily Germination Speed (DGS), were calculated during 20 days.

Water is essential for life. Drinking water of good quality is of basic importance to human physiology and man’s continued existence depends very much on its availability. The provision of potable water to both rural and urban population is necessary to prevent health hazards. Consequent to the potential health hazards that may results from contaminated drinking water, it is therefore imperative to assess the quality of borehole and well water used for consumption and other domestic activities in Bomo village.

Pervasive developmental disorders is umbrella of five disorders: Autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder, Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, Rett’s disorder and Childhood disintegrative disorder. Each one differ than other in degree of symptoms. Generally, all of them called autism. High functioning autistic children are better in response to treatment by either hyperbaric oxygen therapy or combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Risperidone. They have better cognitive abilities.

There can be many differential diagnosis of abdomino pelvic mass in young girls. Germ cell ovarian tumors which are the common ovarian malignancy of young age, which may present as acute abdomen. Likewise other surgical conditions may also present as large pelvic masses. Case: We herewith report a case of 20 year old unmarried female who presented with acute abdomen and a large abdominopelvic mass. Ovarian torsion was ruled out by doppler but high suspicion of ovarian malignancy was there as CA-125 was raised (371.4IU/ml).

The burden of disease has continued to increase in most countries that have low social demographic Index including Kenya at sub national levels. Following the shortage of qualified health personnel and health facilities to serve the public, Community health workers come handy to bridge the gap in the health care systems. They are the most immediate contact with the community members as they are selected from their communities by community members through public participation, hence relate well with the respective communities often the communities know them well.

Modern technologies in beekeeping have advanced over the years. However, satisfying the basic needs of the rural people by improving their standards of living through adoption of modern technologies in beekeeping is still a challenge despite advances in the technologies. This is due to the relative slow adoption rates of the new technologies. This study was designed to find out how the economic factors influence the adoption of modern beekeeping technologies using the case of the women groups in Kajiado County in Kenya.

Background: Anaemia is a major public health problem throughout the world with annual prevalence of 400 million. The prevalence rates are higher in developing countries like India especially affecting children, adolescents and women. Objectives: The main objective of the study to assess the prevalence, severity of anaemia and also knowledge regarding anaemia among the hospitalised subjects in tertiary care hospital. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional observational study was conducted on anaemic patients.

Plants derived bioactive compounds have been the centre of recent research owing to their health promoting effects. An attempt was made in evaluating the phytochemical, minerals, proximate and anti-microbial activity of Ixora coccinea L. The phytochemicals, minerals and proximate analyseswere investigated using standard methods. Anti-microbial activity was determined by standard agar well diffusion method. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of alkaloids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, oxalate, phenol, anthraquinone and phytate.

Many studies have demonstrated that such widely divergent organisms as E.coli, yeast, pigeons, and humans have virtually identical pathways for the biosynthesis of purinenucleotides thereby further demonstrating the biological unity of life.

Diabetic eye disease comprises a group of conditions include diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema (DME), cataract, and glaucoma. Polydipsia is one of the cardinal symptoms of diabetes mellitus (Prameha) so that the intake of water will be comparatively more when compared with normal person. The chronic exposure to the over hydration in diabetic patients may gradually results in constant decreased osmolality of the ECF. The condition may lead to alter the permeability of cells and increase the inflow of water in to the cells cause oedema.

Background: Ventilator associated pneumonia is associated with use of unsterile methods of intubation and contamination of lungs by oropharyngeal secretions accumulated around the cuff. We wanted to compare efficacy of SACETT in reduction of VAP in our ICU. Methods: Out of total 82 patients enrolled, 70 patients requiring mechanical ventilation for ≥48 hours were divided into two equal groups and randomized to get intubated with SACETT (group S) or ETT (group E). The rest of the preventive measures against VAP, and the mode of ventilation were similar between two groups.

Life style diseases like type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as other diseases of affluence which includes hypertension, obesity, artritis, cardiovascular diseases etc. are most important health concern in the 21st century. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that disturbs a patient’s general health and well-being in various ways. For example, impose of severe dietary restrictions and daily self-administration of medicines or insulin may adversely affect a patient’s health-related quality of life (HRQOL).

In this article the big flow movement of Uyghurs from Eastern Turkistan, the features of their settlement in Fergana valley and rapid integration processes are focused on.

The expected and significant role of cytological diagnosis is to distinguish benign from malignant processes. FNAC of the breast has two main goals. One is to confirm a radiological and clinical benign lesion and avoid unnecessary surgery and the other is to confirm a malignant diagnosis and allow definite treatment planning.

This study intends to understand the effect of localized parody videos on youths. By specifically focusing on how young Malaysians respond to Mat Luthfi, a famous Malaysian vlogger, the study explicates how video parodies could become a source of entertainment, information and even patriotism. The ideas of user generated content and remix culture are referred to in order to put the youths’ viewing experience into context.

Stress Three adsorbents, namely, Bagasse carbon(BC), silk cotton shell carbon( SCSC) and sorghum vulgare carbon (SVC) were prepared for the adsorption of reactive magenta(RM) and methyl red(MR). Adsorption was studying by optimize the process parameters such as the effect of the experimental parameter like, initial concentration of dyes, contact time, dose of adsorbent, pH and extent of removal of dye from water. The kinetic data were fitted to thepseudo-first-order, pseudo-second-order and intraparticle diffusion models.

Skeletal class III malocclusion is a growth related facial deformity which increases if left untreated. The management of this malocclusion should be started as soon as the case is noted. The banded palatal arch in combination with a facemask appliance is one of the methods to treat skeletal class III malocclusion associated with maxillary deficiency. This case report was effectively treated using Petite facemask therapy to enhance the maxillary growth and to achieve balanced profile.

Background of the study: Alcohol has now turned into a typical word in the Indian culture. Research in the previous couple of years has indisputably shown that about one out of 3 male grown-ups devour liquor. A lot of the general wellbeing load originates from inebriated conduct, bringing about mishaps, savagery and other social results. It has discovered that outrage goes about as a fundamental driver for a drunkard's barbarous conduct. In this way to keep the zonal territories calmly, it is important to learn and use outrage administration procedures for liquor subordinate patients.

Abstract: The study of dental occlusion has been a subject of major interest since the time of emergence of modern dentistry and can be attributed to the fact that it is often less understood and and perhaps ignored by alot of clinicians. Inhibition of occlusal surfaces causes occlusal trauma to the individual and thus require its treatment. Cornoplasty is the procedure of selectively reducing the supracontacts thus relieving the patient of the same.

As the basic root of a community, culture defines a way of life, value systems, beliefs, attitudes, structures and systems of education. Each society has clear expectations and outcomes of the education process. Learning is through observation, imitation, participation and instruction particularly during ceremonies associated with rites of passage. Within culture are social, economic and political systems of educating the young to uphold the value systems of the community.

Early detection of Oral mucosal lesions plays a vital role in diagnosing and prevention of many dreadful diseases. Photographs taken with high quality cameras serve good purpose of exposure and helps in explanation of rarely encountered mucosal lesions. These photographs can also be used to assess knowledge of students regarding awareness of mucosal lesions. The aim of this study is to evaluate awareness of common oral mucosal lesions in undergraduate, postgraduate students using images.

Introduction: The objective of this study was to determine the levels of PTSD among adolescents living in Neema and Tumaini Children Homes in Nyandarua County, Kenya. Adolescents who are registered into Children homes are vulnerable and highly prone to PTSD. Traumatic events that are experienced by adolescents may lead to the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Objective: To assess the levels of PTSD among Adolescents Residing at Neema and Tumaini Children Homes. Methodology: Quasi experimental research design was utilized for this study.

Considered the possibility of the improvement in dewaterability of sewage sludge by treating ultrasonic waves to sludge with waste wood. The sludge used in this study was collected directly from the sewage treatment plant. It is mixed with 5% waste woodwith holding the pH and temperature, and then treated by ultrasound at different treatment times. The study found that the CST values of sludge with wood waste that did not treated by ultrasound decreased compared to single sludge.

Introduction: Reproductive health of women is essential to produce healthy citizen to thenation. Good reproductive health is important for women’s general health and wellbeing. Objectives: The study objectives were to assess the attitude towards reproductive health among women, to assess how the women were practice reproductive health and to find out the association between the attitudes of reproductive health among women with selected variables.

One of the key elements of aging well is to feel meaningful social relationships. Being far geographically from one’s relatives, impaired mobility or obligations hinder the older adults from the desire to have satisfying social contact. This study has a dual purpose: one is to examine whether Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use and the Internet has any effect through causing or reducing experiences of loneliness and social isolation among people in independent and assisted living and to examine the perceptions on how Internet use affects communication and social interaction.

Background: Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is defined as an area of exposed necrotic bone, in an area previously irradiated, that fails to heal over a period of 3–6 months in the absence of recurrence of tumour. ORN of mandible, though rare, is a serious and dreaded complication of radiotherapy. Aim: To study the role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as an adjunct in improving outcome of treatment of ORN of mandible.

Introduction: Root canal treatment is a procedure that requires concentration and precision while performing in a confined space of the root canal system of the tooth. For the undergraduate students it’s a challenging procedure. Hence a questionnaire survey was conducted among 200 students of 4 dental colleges. Methodology: A self-administered questionnaire was distributed among the students.

Sewage sludge in South Korea was generated 9,810.5 tons/day and Sludge treatment costs account for 25~50% of total wastewater treatment costs, so sludge dewatering and reduction are needed. About 20.4% of the generated sewage sludge is recycled as fuel, but it takes a lot of energy and cost to dewater and dry sewage sludge with high moisture content.

Background: Marginal gap and Microleakage are known factors which influence success of Fixed Partial Denture. Thermocycling can mimic oral conditions in invitro study. Question 1: Effect of different luting agents on marginal gap and microleakage. Question 2: Effect of thermocycling on marginal gap and microleakage. Objective: This study aimed at evaluating the effects of manufacturing type, cementation and thermocycling on marginal fit and microleakage of all ceramic samples luted with two different luting agents.

Introduction: Sedentary individual are more prone to have the muscle tightens, sedentary individual are the individual who does lot of activity in sitting postures. Hamstring muscle is a two joint muscle. Hamstring flexibility should be maintained well to gain full range of motion in both the joints. During ambulation activity of hamstring are more important. Stiffness in the hamstring could cause postural imbalance, pain, disability and reduced stability in the joint.

Considering the serious threat caused by mobile phone use, the study dealt with the determination of how much carbon footprints from the use of mobile phones among the Science undergraduate students of a state university in Central Visayas, Philippines are emitted in the atmosphere. This study utilized the non-experimental quantitative research method, particularly the survey method, to gather data on the number of hours of mobile phone use, and on the conservation practices of the student respondents.

Introduction: Both-bone forearm fractures in children can be treated non-operatively with a cast. Most previous studies have shown favourable outcome; however, information on the functional outcome after skeletal maturity is still scanty. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the functional outcome after skeletal maturity in fractures with at least four years of growth remaining. Materials and Methods: This retrospective study was conducted from March 2013 until March 2014.

The involvement of stakeholders or lack of it in a project management can positively or negatively influence project performance. The participation of stakeholders in dissemination of information in project documents, meetings, public hearings and seminars is important in making them aware of the performance of the project. Hence the purpose of this study was to determine the influence of sharing information on the performance of women group beekeeping projects in Kajiado County – Kenya.

Eel (Anguilla marmorata (Q.) Gaimard) has a high fatty acid content of essentials fatty acids. This study aims to compare the levels of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fish Eel phases of glass eel, yellow eel, and silver eel from the river Palu and lake Poso. The research stages include oil extraction by sokletasi method then analyzed FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) using Gas Chromatography (GC-MS).

Ossifying fibroma is considered to be a rare benign fibro-osseous neoplasm of the jaw. Patients generally report with a history of painless expansion of a tooth bearing portion of the mandible, but the lesions of the maxilla are less common. We hereby report a 56-year-old female patient who presented with a painless swelling in the left maxillary alveolar region since 6 months. An incisional biopsy was carried out and the report was suggestive of ossifying fibroma of the maxilla. The excision of lesion was carried out under general anesthesia.

Physical Education (PE), Constructive Teaching Strategies (CTS) help pupils to cooperatively learn by solving problems and to be actively involved in the creation of new activities by linking new knowledge to what they already know. The aim of the present study was to identify the possible effect of gender and study specialization of the Physical Education teachers (PETs) on the use of CTS. The survey involved 207 PETs from different regions of Greece.

In this study we are trying to review the most important studies on the classification of the accounting systems, the environmental factor studies and the theoretical framework studies. The theoretical framework studies are the most recent development in comparative international accounting. The review of the major theoretical frameworks will provide a sound basis of understanding the relationship between a certain environment and its accounting system as expressed in the regulatory level or in practice.

Background: Paramedics have high levels of exposure to trauma and low levels of psychosocial wellbeing. As such, paramedics develop a range of personal coping strategies with the aim of challenging the demands that are put upon them. The aim of this scoping review is to understand the full range of coping strategies used by paramedics in response to exposure to trauma. Method: Electronic databases were searched on the basis of key search terms in order to identify research relevant to the research question.

Background: Stroke is sudden reduction in blood supply to the brain resulting in loss of its functions. Hemorrhagic stroke, though a less common type of stroke, is associated with greater morbidity and mortality, and its rapid diagnosis requires early neuroimaging techniques like CT scan brain or MRI brain.

Stem rust caused by Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici is one of the major biotic constraints of wheat production. For controlling this pathogen fungicide application mandatory in Ethiopia but appropriate spray schedules is not well known and farmers were applying at least three times to control the stem rust disease. Hence the current research was designed with the objectives to evaluate the effect of fungicide spray schedule on stem rust development and grain physical quality of durum wheat.

Background: A key component in the management of a patient with chronic health problem is the assessment of its adherence with therapeutic regimen. Low levels of patient adherence with disease plans compromise the effectiveness of the therapies and have been associated with an increased risk of adverse health outcomes. Improving medication adherence with chronic diseases has been historically challenging due to its complex and patient-specific nature.

This study evaluates the performance of Hybrid Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Fixed Film (HUASFF) reactor for treating sago wastewater. A laboratory scale HUASFF reactor having a volume of 30 litres was operated with Organic Loading Rate (OLR) of 0.55 kg COD/m3/d. Several effluent characteristics such as pH, COD, TSS, VFA and biogas production were studied until steady state was reached. The pH of the feed in the reactor was comparatively stable which are well suited for methanogenic activities.

Schiff bases and their complexes are versatile compounds synthesized from the condensation of an amino compound with carbonyl compounds and widely used for industrial purposes and also exhibit a broad range of biological activities including antifungal, antibacterial, antimalarial, antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antipyretic properties. Development of a new chemotherapeutic Schiff bases and their metal complexes is now attracting the attention of medicinal chemists. A novel schiffbase ligand is synthesized by aldehyde with Aromatic Amine to form Schiffbase ligand (L).

Objective: The objective of the study is to document maternal central hemodynamic during clinical phase of pre-eclampsia. Material and methods: This was retrospective observational, comparative study. The study and control groups consist of 40 cases. It was carried out in Al-Hakeem general hospital in Al –Najaf province for the period from April 2016 to April 2017. This was conducted in the department of obstetrics and gynecology in Al –Hakeem maternity department in Al-Najaf. The study group was collected in delivery room.

Constant efforts to produce quality pre-service teachers have been undertaken by teacher education institutions. As such, initiatives, like scholarships that promote the pre-service teachers’ acquisition of teaching competencies, have been widely supported by universities and colleges that offer teacher education programs. In order to identify the priority training areas to be developed, 45 STEP Up scholars' data from the Teaching Skills Survey (TSS) and their academic grades were obtained.

Aim: Aim of this study is to clinically and radiologically compare the efficacy of two different bone substitute materials one is Hydroxyapatite with collagen and other one is Hydroxyapatite without collagen in alveolar bone defects caused by periapical cysts after cystectomy. Objective: The objective is to evaluate course of cystic bone defects when grafted with Hydroxyapatite with collagen and Hydroxyapatite without collagen by clinical and radiological evaluation of grafted sites through assessment of following parameters.

Sex fixing of mammalian progenies has been a cherished dream of reproductive physiologists since long and it can be a formidable tool in increasing dairy productivity alongside ensuring considerable economic and social benefits. Many attempts to produce sexed off springs have been reported in scientific history and most of them involved techniques producing sexed semen.

Background: In this research carried out in the Akkuş-Salman region, the growth status of 2 + 0 aged and naked rooted oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky.) seedlings used in the artificial regeneration field of the oriental beech has been examined. This growth of the first year, while providing important information on the future of work, does not yet have definitive results in terms of general evaluation of artificial regeneration. According to this; it was determined that the mean height growth of beech seedlings varied between 18.1-20.8 cm in the first year results.

Aim: To Investigate the Ayurvedic formulation for any sign of toxicity and biological evaluation. Materials and methods: The whole study was designed to carry out the research work on amnesia model in mice taking into consideration various parameters that were helpful analysed the potency of the test drug. The toxicity studies were also be performed on rodents prior to conduct the experimentation process in Morris Water Maze model.

North eastern region of India is known as iodine deficient area and the population is prone to dreaded and endemic disease like goiter. Plant biofortification with iodine can increase in the concentration of the element in edible part of the plant that efficiently improves the consumer’s health. Leafy vegetable was found to have the strongest capability in iodine enrichment through biofortification. An experiment was carried out for two consecutive years to study iodine bio fortification in the form of KI and KIO3 in spinach and cabbage grown in different agro climatic zones of Assam.

The article deals with the main and very important issues of symbols based on the corpus of the Lawrence Novel “The Rainbow”. In this article we try to analyze the symbols with the structural-semantic points of view. Our research is based on the analyzer computer program AntConc. After the studying research we received very interesting picture. We think that some issues of the symbols with its structural-semantic aspects make interesting research material and enable us to analyze it with the help of our research methods.

As defined by the defined by the International Continence Society- any involuntary loss of urine, is a socially hygienic problem and it is objectively demonstrable. The prevalence rate of SUI ranges from 75- 80 %. Recommended Physical Therapy Management is least invasive and only method without undesirable side effects; apart from classical Kegel’s exercises, recent studies have been experimenting with multiple training options. Interventional studies have been including females aged 60-74 yrs and used the QUID questionnaire for choosing the type of incontinence.

Children’s screen dependency is increasing day by day. They are either glued on television screen or on mobile phone screen most of the time. It has been proved in several studies that exposure to food ads on television has direct impact on food habits of children. Food and beverage companies apply various marketing techniques like toys, giveaways along with food products which insist them to buy that product. Cartoon characters, attractive packaging, and musical ads of food and beverage attract young children towards them.

Research productivity in any university is the totality of research performed by academic staff members within a given period of time. The quality of teaching, research and community service of lecturers coupled with their publication in any university system depend on the quality of the electronic database they use. Literature attributed low level of research productivity of academic staff to the poor state of accessibility and utilisation of electronic information resources.

This research was conducted to analyse the influence of Islamic Work Ethics, affective commitment and altruism against knowledge sharing behaviour. The population in this study is a Doctoral Management student who is working in another organization or institution, in five universities in Yogyakarta. The population also exist in 5 universities in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The sample in this study were 130 respondents. This research uses purposive sampling method to get the sample.

Research in the field of Economy of developing nations have become a dynamic study area over the past few decades and is likely to become even more so as the importance of economic development is rapidly gaining momentum. Therefore understanding the economy of developing nations will be viewed as increasingly important. Terrorists can inflict heart-breaking loss of life and costly destruction of property. But does terrorism also have an economic impact that extends far beyond the violent act itself?

Rupture of diaphragmatic hernia is a very rare life threatening situation in usually is followed by abstraction and strangulation of the herniated intra-abdominal organs such as colon, stomach and small bowel. Almost 50% of cases are misdiagnosed because of the non-specific manifestation of diaphragmatic hernia. The symptoms can be varied as the spectrum, from slight abdominal pain to acute abdomen or sever respiratory distress. High suspicion should be considered when the patient’s symptoms don’t response to usual supportive management.

The article deals with the generation of monodisperse micro bubbles using a microfluidic device based on 3D printing. The micro bubbles play a role of carriers of biologically active compounds to act locally in the chosen region having the ultrasound as the drug-releasing agent from a known frequency. The micro bubbles are generated by the passage of gas (nitrogen) through an emulsion consisting of coconut oil, a surfactant, and water, forming individual outer shell layers consisting of sunflower oil.

The population of Central Asia had a lot of experience in agriculture, in particular, in the alternation of cultivated crops. Planted areas were planted several species, and after a certain time - other crops. This method played an important role in restoring the natural fertility of the earth and improving soil composition, as well as in combating various plant diseases.

Background: Migraine is a common neurological disorder associated with a significant disease burden. It is characterized by unilateral/bilateral severe pulsating headache. Insufficient data are available regarding the utilization pattern of available drugs for the prevention and management of migraine. Migraines can be severe enough to limit sufferers’ causing significant lost productivity and decrements in health-related quality of life. Objectives: To study drug utilization pattern in patient of migraine in the outpatient department of neurology at a tertiary care teaching hospital.

The Ru complexes are synthesized and electron transfer process has been analyzed by theoretical studies. The electron donating ability from the donor sites for the ligand towards Ru can be understood from the reduction of charge density of these atomic sites. Formation of stable complexes is expected from the extent of charge transfer from ligand to Ru. Moreover coordinating ability of donor sites is closely related to the stability of the complex leading to the variation of redox potential.

Background: Cardiovascular diseases are main cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Acute myocardial infarction needs prompt and urgent diagnosis and therapy. AMI patients often use denial during the first hours and even first days after the initiation of sign and symptoms contributing to Pre hospital delay. Factors associated with prolonged pre hospital delay in patients with AMI are unable to recognize symptoms of heart attack, old age, low socio-economic status, female gender, previous history of hypertension or diabetes and use of over the counter drugs.

Ecological generation and isolation of heavy metals such as Ag, Au, Cu, etc by Phytoextraction one of the best methods in biotechnology and nanotechnology field for various applications for human use. Since Gold (Au) is one of the expensive heavy metal, so Gold Nanoparticles (GNPs) or compounds are also available in market at a very high price. Therefore the isolation of GNPs by Phytoextraction methods cost comparative very low. GNPs are easily prepared using neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves by phytoextraction procedure using HAucl4.

Objective: To determine the multi-organ effects of influenza A/H1N1 virus, particularly focusing on the derangement of hepatic and renal function during the course of the infection. Design: Cross sectional study Place and duration of study: Department of Chemical Pathology and Endocrinology Combined Military Hospital, Multan, from Nov 2017 to Jan 2018.

Relationship marketing and customer loyalty are two concepts that have been explored by researchers because these two concepts are important in marketing. Today with hard competition, customers are at the foundation of business vision and their satisfaction is the main factor to gain a competitive advantage. This paper offers a literature review of relationship marketing and customer loyalty in general and particularly the relationship marketing factors most influencing customer loyalty.

Water hyacinth plant is known to jam water bodies with thousands of tons of floating plant matter. In order to help in its control, it is important to explore ways to create value in its products especially the ones that can find use in water remediation. On the other hand rice husk is not waste anymore for its ash is rich in active silica. Thus, the present study determined the capacity and efficiency of water hyacinth ash, its insoluble residue, and rice husk ash to remove lead ions and turbidity from contaminated water.

Introduction: The knowledge of the complex anatomy of maxillary molars and location of extra canals are essential for diagnosis and endodontic treatment success. Objective: The purpose of this study was to report a clinical case showing a varying number of palatal roots in a second maxillary molar with the aid of operating microscope (OM). Case report: A four-rooted maxillary permanent second molar with 2 separated palatal canals undergone endodontic therapy.

This paper argues that solving environmental problems is complex because it is not a matter of introducing strict laws on environment. Laws will be always considered as an external burden to be followed. People’s environmental awareness must be roused because the environmental problem is coming from the mind which has been shaped by the culture. Therefore, it is not a question of laws but more than this, it is about cultural awareness that has influenced the attitude and behavior of people toward environment.

An ectopically erupted tooth with infected denigerous cyst within the maxillary sinus is a rare occurrence. A 20 yr old female patient presented with pus discharge, rhinorrhea, halitosis and swelling over the left cheek. It was diagnosed to be a large dentigerous cyst with ectopic tooth in left maxillary sinus. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential as it has greater tenden to produce some resorption of other teeth as compare to other jaw cyst. In this case ths cyst had lined the antral cavity hence enucleation had to be done through Caldwell-Luc approach.

A simple convenient and efficient process of Genotoxic impurity (F impurity) removal from the Imatinib API by treatment with base like sodium hydroxide at 45-50oC about 12hr using water as medium with negligible yield loss , this process can used as a high potential application in commercial scale Genotoxic impurity removal from the Imatinib API.

In this paper we introduce a new class of sets namely, sg*-closed sets in topological spaces. For these sg*-closed sets,we define and study their neighbourhoods. Mathematics Subject Classifications (2010): 54A05, 54B05.

Malaria during pregnancy continues to be a major health problem in endemic countries with clinical consequences including death of both mother and child and attendant derangement in trace elements. This study is aimed at evaluating the relationship between the trace element copper and malaria density in pregnant women with malaria. The patients are pregnant women attending ante natal clinic of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, Anambra, South East, Nigeria.

India is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. This is unarguably the direct consequence of the economic reforms initiated primarily during the time of major macro-economic crisis witnessed by the country in 1991. On account of economic reforms the country has experienced a continuous rise in GDP growth rates barring certain exceptions. During this entire period the employment rate, per-capita income, wages and investment etc. have also shown improvement.

Aim and Objectives: The present study was undertaken to evaluate and compare the remineralization potential of three different dentifrices with different composition (fluoro calcium phosphosilicate, nano-hydroxy apatite, calcium sucrose phosphate) on artificially induced carious lesions in vitro through scanning electron microscopy and quantitative assessment by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Materials and method: The present in vitro study conducted on 30 caries free impacted third molars with intact surfaces divided into three groups (10 each).

This paper discusses the importance of oral lesions as indicators of infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and as predictors of progression of HIV disease to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Oral manifestation is among earliest the most important indicators of infection.

K-MEANS is a partitioning clustering algorithm in data mining which is very useful technique to find the nearest clusters in data. K-MEANS is an unsupervised learning, which use for divide the data into K-clusters. BIRCH is a Balanced Iterative reduction and clustering Hierarchies’ algorithm. It is a hierarchical based clustering in which is used to divide a large data in small clusters. To improve the quality to large dataset in which some values are not present we used a combination of K-MEANS and BIRCH algorithm to solve this problem.

In the search for new compounds endowed with antibacterial, antioxidant and antiplasmodial properties in Cameroonian pharmacopoeia, a new compound was established using spectroscopic analysis techniques. The compound was isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction of Allexis obanensis. The antibacterial, antioxidant and antiplasmodial activities of this compound isolated were assessed in this study. It showed good antibacterial activities, good antiplasmodial activity against the chloroquine-sensitive Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 strain but has presented a weak antioxidant activity.

Background: Preterm delivery is defined as birth occurring prior to 37 completed weeks of gestation and is one of the major cause of neonatal death. The objective of the study was to verify the correlation between low maternal serum magnesium levels and preterm delivery so that the high morbidity and mortality related to prematurity could be reduced by early diagnosis of its deficiency and its correction. Methodology: A prospective case control study was conducted between January, 2017 to January 2018 at SKIMS maternity hospital.

Objective: To investigate the effects of surgical thrombectomy on the treatment of prostate cancer complicated with deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities. Methods: Between June 2015 and December 2016, 96 patients of prostate cancer complicated with deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremity who were admitted to Hangzhou Cancer Hospital were included into this study. The patients were randomly divided into Observation group and control group according to the random number table method and the difference of intervention measures (surgical thrombectomy vs drug therapy).

Most of the houses in Benin are built randomly, with arbitrary orientations and unsuitable materials. This lack of rigor in the design of edifices and the inappropriate choice of materials lead to the construction of premises that do not meet the climatic requirements and lead to excessive energy consumption in case of air conditioning. Thus, the purpose of this work is to explore the suitability of various local roofing materials eligible for the construction of residential premises and to analyze their impact on the overall thermal and environmental performance of houses.

In India sorghum is traditionally consumed in the form of unleavened pan cake/Roti/Bhakari. Because of sorghum is a staple food in many parts of the country. Though sorghum grains are nutritious, the consumption of this cereal is decreasing due to non-availability of easy cooking raw materials from the sorghum. The other major reasons are; dying traditional food habits, requirement of special skill for preparing sorghum rotis.

Introduction: It is very important to detect pneumatization that is air filled cavities adjacent to temperomandibular joint as they represent sites of minimal resistance and help in spread of pathologies into the joints like inflammation, tumour, fracture and also complicated factor in TMJ surgery. To prevent surgical complications, the diagnosis of these air cells is important. Aim: To assess the prevalences and characteristics of pneumatized articular eminence and pneumatized roof of glenoid fossa using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

Digital Pathology extends the limits of microscopy, enabling students, educators, researchers and clinicians to share tissue samples. Images sent or shared over the Internet or through specific analysis software open the path to a new and exciting microscopy tool. Software applications make it possible to see and share images beyond microscopes such as studying images on computer monitors, laptops, iPads and other portable devices. In some circumstances, multiple researchers are able to observe and discuss the same sample in real time over the Internet.

In this research, the growth and adaptation status of natural young people coming to the area at the end of the first year were investigated as a result of the natural rejuvenation studies made on the beech-stem maple trees (Acer trautvetteri Medw.) in Sakarya-Hendek region. According to the measurement results obtained from the natural regeneration area, the mean height growth ranged from 10.6 to 13.4 cm, the mean root collar diameters ranged from 1.2 to 1.6 mm and the number of natural juvenilities varied from 4.3 to 5.6 item/m2.

Background and objective: The aim of this study is to define the level of organizational citizenship behavior and perception of organizational justice and related factors in employees of Cukurova University Hospital. Methodology: Our sample consisted of 159 employees. Data was collected with a sociodemographic questionnaire, Organizational Citizenship Behavior Scale, and Perception of Organizational Justice Scale. Results: All subdomain scores of organizational citizenship behavior were at the lowest quartile.

The literature pertaining to “pesticide protein interaction” contributes immensely to the field of pesticide biochemistry. The pesticides are found to be alter the structural and soluble proteins by causing biochemical changes in the cell. In the present study Healthy adult mice of same age (100±10 days) and weight (75±10 g) were divided into four groups having ten animals each. The second, third and fourth groups of animals were termed as experimental animals, To the animals of second group single dose of pesticide (i.e. on 1st day) was administered orally by gavage method.

As we know Anti-cancer Drug have very tight and stringent specifications in final stage purity then only US FDA use to allow to keep that particular drug in to the market, especially in the preparation of Letrozole Drug one of the key Fluoro intermediate is 4-fluorobenzonitrile which is already available in market, using same difficult to generate desired specification at final stage of Letrozole Drug. So that, to avoid these issues we have worked on synthesizing this intermediate in our unit.

Background: Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses are common water contaminants and they lead to waterborne disease and epidemics. The aim of this study was to assess the quality of pond water. In this respect we evaluate Coliforms and other bacteria present in the pond water environment. Six samples of pond water were collected from six major ponds of the Patna urban area which is used for pissiculture. Methods: Samples were processed in isolation of different microbes by using Mac Conkey agar, EMB agar and etc.

Granular cell tumor (GCT) is a rare benign tumor of neural origin and the involvement of lower extremity is even rarer. The commonly involved sites are head and neck region, breast and upper extremities. In literature, very few cases have been reported on fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). Here we report a case of 54 year old female who presented with calf swelling diagnosed as GCT on cytology and confirmed on histopathology.

Segmental resections of the mandible resulting in discontinuity defects, present with a number of complications that hinder an optimal prosthetic rehabilitation of such defects. Re-establishment of continuity using free tissue transfer can help one overcome many of these shortcomings. Restoration of the missing dentition in such cases must be in the way of a stable prosthesis to combat the limited denture bearing area and non-keratinised tissue bed.

Objective: Histomorphology and immunohistochemistry are essential tools for evaluation and classification of lymphoid malignancies. The present prospective study was conducted with the aim to categorize various Non-Hodgkin lymphoid malignancies in lymph node and extranodal biopsies using routine H and E staining and IHC markers based on WHO Classification system 2016 and to study their clinicopathological correlation. Material and methods: The present study was conducted in Department of Pathology at Pt. B D Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak.

Maxillary canines are as a rule considered being single rooted with a single canal. Few reports of presence of maxillary canines with additional canals have been reported in the literature. This article describes Endodontic treatment of a maxillary canine with two canals. The literature pertaining to unusual anatomy of maxillary canines has been reviewed.

Background: Excessive weight has become one of the major health problems worldwide, especially with the globally increasing prevalence and the wide range of accompanying health problems, including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, liver and gall bladder diseases. During pregnancy, obesity is associated with increased maternal and perinatal morbidity, and sometimes mortality. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most commonly used method to estimate the degree of obesity.

Finding a foreign body in the pulp chambers or root canal of a grossly carious tooth is uncommon and are diagnosed accidently during routine examination or when patient comes with any problem. It is quite challenging for the dentist to remove such foreign objects and treat the tooth successfully. Poking a tooth with foreign bodies can lead to accidental breakage of material within the tooth as we have seen in this case. Breakage of foreign material can also obstruct the path of endodontic instruments and can lead to compromised treatment conditions.

Aims & objective: The wormian bones are solitary, irregular bones that appear along with regular centres of ossification of cranium. The present study mainy aims at number, location of these wormian bones in the dried adult human skulls of north Indian population. The knowledge of sutural bones is essential for the radiologist and neurosurgeons in there clinical practice. Material method: About 55 dried human skull were collected from the department of anatomy, sims Hapur. These skull were examined for the presence of wormian bones, in respect to their location and number.

Gagging commonly occurs during dental procedures, such as making a maxillary impression. Clinicians successfully treat many patients with mild gagging problems using only minor procedural modifications. For some patients, however, severe gagging can be elicited by the dentist’s fingers or instruments contacting the oral mucosa or even by nontactile stimuli, for example, patients seeing the dentist or remembering a previous dental experience. Providing dental treatment for this challenging group can be a stressful experience for both patients and clinicians.

Aim: This study was conducted to evaluate the functional outcome of dual plating in distal humerus fracture with intercondylar extension. Material and Methods: 20 patients of age between 30 to 70 years with fracture of distal humerus with intraarticular extension were enrolled for the study of dual plating using olecranon osteotomy approach in out tertiary center from January 2016 to January 2018 of which 18 were males and 2 females. Results: The mean union time was 10 weeks. The arc of flexion was 110 degrees. Average Mayo elbow performance score (MEPS) was 84.

Background: Hypertensive disorders are common complications in pregnancy and may be associated with adverse fetal and maternal outcomes. Current research interests focus on the identification of biomarkers with the potential to offer major advances in the diagnosis and management of preeclampsia Objective: To compare maternal serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein (Hs-CRP), soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFlt-1) and uric acid in pregnancy induced hypertensives and normotensive pregnant controls.

Chronic nonspecific low back pain accounts for a significant percentage of all the back injuries encountered in young adults. Symptomatic treatment interventions have resulted in recurring pain. Pain avoidance behavior and Deconditioning of the gluteus maximus affects ADL’s. Hence this study was carried out to see the effect of hip extensor strength training on pain and functions in chronic nonspecific low back pain. The aim of this study was to find out if Hip extensors strength training had an effect on pain and functions.

Pregnancy, which is essential in the course of a woman’s life, is a period during which there is high sensitivity to toxic substances. Difficulties of pregnancy on the other hand are reproductive health issues or problems that arise during pregnancy and may involve the mother’s health, the child’s health or both. Exposures to toxic metals by pregnant women have been an under distinguished health issues in developing countries such as India.

Traumatic injuries to dental tissues may lead to several clinical complications, one of them is the pulp canal obliteration, which presents itself as hard tissue deposition along the pulp chamber and root canal walls. It may partially or completely obliterate the pulp canal space causing a great challenge in treating the tooth. This article is showing a case of management of calcified tooth non-surgically.

Emerging infectious diseases constitute one of the biggest problems facing human and animal health, and biodiversity conservation. Canine distemper virus has been strongly called attention in this regard, since it possesses a high prevalence in the canine population worldwide. Canine distemper is a systemic viral disease, highly contagious, one of the major causes of death in domestic dogs and other carnivores. In recent years, the incidence of canine distemper seems to have increased, documenting the occurrence of new and unusual strains.

The increasing demand for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for diagnostic and therapeutic applications has led to the development of large scale manufacturing processes, with improvements in production achieved through continuous optimization of the inherent systems. The number of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that have already been approved for therapeutic applications and for use in clinical trials have significantly increased in the past few years. In view of the side effects and limitations of mAbs, several improvements and modifications to monoclonal antibodies have been developed.

Aim: To study clinical and etiological spectrum for early diagnosis and management of CVT. To evaluate factors associated with poor outcome (mRS >2), prognosis and sequelae of CVT at 3 months follow-up. Methodology: A Retrospective and prospective observational study performed during 2011-2017 on patients diagnosed of CVT (radiologically confirmed by CTV/MRV) were included. Clinical profile including detailed history, onset, progression, risk factors, etiological spectrum, systemic examination and Routine investigations were done. Neurological status was assessed by mRS and NIHSS.

Introduction: Treatment of anal fistula is surgical. Seton has been in use for fistula treatment for many years. In this study we have used cutting Seton along with partial excision of the fistula tract for treatment of high type fistula. Material and Methods: 30 cases of trans-sphincteric high type anal fistula were treated by partial excision of fistula tract and use of cutting Seton. Patients were followed up for 6 months after treatment. Population characteristics, treatment received and follow-up data was analyzed. Discussion and Conclusion: Most patients were male.

Context: Intracerebral hemorrhage is a serious medical emergency because they increase intracranial pressure. The mortality rate for intraparenchymal bleeds is over 40%. ICH patients show worst outcome of all stroke subtypes (30-day mortality 30% - 50%). Aims: To find the morbidity and mortality indicators and to evaluate the correlation between the GCS, volume and prognostic outcome in ICH. To compare the outcome between conservative and surgically managed ICH.

Aim: To Analyse the Etiologies, clinical features, diagnostic modalities used and the therapeutic outcome following Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis among women with Asherman’s Syndrome, managed at our Hospital during 5 years (1st March 2013 to 31st March 2018). Material and Methods: A Retrospective Cross sectional Study of 5 years was conducted and those Women who had undergone Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis for Asherman's syndrome were selected. Case records of these women were retrieved from Medical Record Department.

A P3L3,39 yr old women had history of total abdominal hysterectomy for dysmenorrhea with ASCUS on pap smear in 2013 in Nigeria presented to us with severe pain abdomen and bleeding from last 3 yr. Bleeding was irregular, occur every 2-3 month. On diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, remnant of uterus along with cervix and right ovary and fallopian tube was found. So, laparoscopic removal of remnant uterus and cervix with right salpingoophorectomy done under GA on 29-6-18.

The pyrrolidinone derivative nefiracetam facilitates hippocampal synaptic transmission in a PKC-dependent manner. The present study was conducted to understand the mechanism underlying the action of nefiracetam on the PKC activity. In the cell-free system, nefiracetam enhanced the activity of PKCε, activated by linoleic acid, in an ATP concentration (2-500 μM)-dependent manner, and a huge enhancement was found at the concentrations higher than 100 μM. Notably, a similar effect was also obtained with uridine.

Background: The health of the mother lays a strong foundation to the health of the nation in general. Pregnancy and child birth are normal physiological processes and outcomes of most pregnancies are good. But pregnancy in woman with advanced age is considered high risk. In obstetric practice, maternal age is an important determinant of the outcome of pregnancy. One such risk factor is an elderly pregnancy that leads to many complications during pregnancy, labor and also for the baby.

The main aim of this study is to regenerate almond cultivars indirectly through callus culture that will pave way for introduction of some novel genes like spring frost resistance genes (Transgenic almond) or development of somaclonal variants that can survive in fringed areas of temperate climate for expansive cultivation. In this regard indirect regeneration potential of four thin shelled almond cultivars: Parbhat, Shalimar, Waris and Mukhdoom of J and K India was studied. The source of explants were immature almonds collected 90-120 days after pollination from orchards.





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