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May 2014

Botanical inventories were performed in a 1.5 km-radius area around an apiary in a cultivated landscape in North-Western France. Palynological analyses were performed on pollen pellets collected from five colonies of the apiary during one year. Species and phenology of field-inventoried plants were analyzed and compared against the taxa identified in the pollen pellets. Foraging area was characterized by a large cultivated landscape with little -variability in cultivated species and broadly-diverse wild species in grasslands, ditches, roadsides, woods, copses and hedgerows.

Fecundity and Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) of Tor putitora (Hamilton) collected from Anji Mahseer Hatchery, Reasi was calculated monthly for a period of six months from (March 2011 to August 2011). The observations related to fecundity and GSI are based on 30 female specimens of Tor putitora ranging from 260mm to 550mm in total fish length and weight ranging between 280 gm to 800 gm. The mean value of fecundity was estimated as 5566 eggs for a fish with a mean total body length of 395mm and mean body weight of 455gm.

Eighty two clinical samples were collected from suspected gonorrhoeae-infected patients (urethra swab and blood sample were taken from each patient). During a period from the beginning of December 2012 to the end of April 2013. In Al- Yarmouk teaching hospital ( Baghdad, Iraq) and private laboratories, all of the patients were married and have children compared with 20 samples were taken from apparently healthy control. All samples were bacteriologically examined by traditional methods for detection of N.

Bhindi [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench], is the most important vegetable crop grown in tropical conditions. It is used to cure goiter, leucorrhoea, diabetes, constipation, catarrhal jaundice etc. With the objective of producing disease resistant variety gamma irradiation was done in bhindi. The effect of gamma radiation on seed germination, survival of seedlings and root growth were recorded in the present study.

The present study was designed to explore the effects of lithium and ethanol in the markers of lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzymes and reduced glutathione activities on oxidative stress induced by methylphenidate (MPD) and corticosterone (CORT) in the brain tissues. The studies were conducted on the brain of adult male mice for 21 days. The concentrations of MPD 2.0 mg/kg BW and CORT 20.0mg/Kg BW were administered via intraperitoneally. However, LiCl 50.0 mg/kg BW and EtOH 2.0 g/kg BW was dissolved in water and administered via oral gavage.

The present study was conducted to estimate the copy number of mitochondrial COXI gene in the sperm cells from Iraqi asthenozoospermic patients by using q PCR. Cases were established of Asthenozoospermia from Kamal AL.Samraee Hospital for Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization in Baghdad-Iraq. The relative quantification of mtDNA copy number was performed for 28 sperm extracts (28 fractions 80 % layers and 28 fractions 40% layers) obtained from 28ejaculates, 16 samples were from asthenozoospermic patients and 12 samples were from control subjects.

NOTCH families are transmembrane proteins that have dual functions as both cell surface receptors and nuclear transcriptional regulators. If NOTCH1 pathway goes awry, it contributes to cellular transformation and tumorigenesis. Here we have investigated mutations in the NOTCH1 gene, in 50 Iraqi patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. We determined the occurrence of mutations in NOTCH1 using HRM-PCR and sequencing of polymerase chain reaction products as a sensitive assay for the detection of genetic mutations.

Trace metals like Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, Chromium and lead in the macroflora associated with a deserted pond were analysed seasonally and annually. The results indicated that the macrophytes such as Jussieua repens L. and Limnocharis flava L. accumulated the trace metals in a seasonal pattern with Cu >Zn > Cd > Cr > Pb. The concentration factors revealed a high accumulation efficiency of these plants which could be exploited in waste water treatment

Research experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of growth regulators on phenology, growth and yield of Ashwagandha / Winter Cherry [Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.) during late rainy seasons 2008-09 and 2009-10 at Research Farm, College of Horticulture, Mandsaur (M.P.) India. The results revealed that spray of IBA 100 mg.l-1 effected maximum delay in floral initiation, 50 per cent flowering, 50 per cent fruiting; first fruit maturity and physiological maturity as compared to other growth regulators viz. MH, BA, Ethrel and water spray (control).

Context- The mechanisms of oxidative stress in neuropsychiatric disorders patients are not fully understood. Increased levels of Homocysteine (Hcy) are associated with risk of some neuropsychiatric disorders. Hcy may cause this risk by depleting the antioxidant system or generation of ROS.

Palm kernel oil (pko) was extracted from its kernel using Soxhlet extraction techniques with normal hexane as the solvent. The oil extracted was light brown in colour with no offensive odour. Proximate compositions of the palm kernel oil were determined and physicochemical analyses were also carried out on the oil extracted.

India is an agriculture based country and since independence, our agricultural productivity has increased significantly, but our success is largely confined to food grains and now it is urgent to increase production of pulses and other protein rich Legumes. Pisum sativum (Pea) is an important crop and is cultivated in almost all parts of India. Different types of pollutants, however considerably reduce agricultural productivity. Nodule formation is an important stage of life cycle of Pea and it has got significant impact on its productivity.

Background: Magnesium plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism. Hypomagnesaemia associated with diabetes mellitus may play a role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Aim: The aim of this study is to explore the influence of serum magnesium (Mg) level on concentration of serum lipids in Sudanese diabetes mellitus (DM) patients Materials and methods: A case control study included 179 diabetic patients and 200 diabetes-free apparently healthy controls, recruited from Jabir Abu Eliz centre for diabetic patients, Khartoum –Sudan, between May and September 2013.

Background: In spite of extensive promising research, a true substitute for blood and blood components may not be available for many years (1).Therefore; blood donation by humans will continue to be the major source for blood and blood components the attitude, beliefs, and level of knowledge associated with blood donation may affect the disposition of potential donors to blood donation.

Background: This research was aimed at determining the relationship between the oral hygiene practices and the dental caries status of students of the Bayelsa State College of Health Technology, Otuogidi, Ogbia – Town. Method: A cross-sectional survey assessing their dental caries status as well as their oral hygiene practices was carried out. Results: Majority of the students presented with a lowdental caries status, with mean (DMFT) Index of 0.26 + 0.97 S.D. The use of toothbrush and toothpaste were the most commonly used oral hygiene aids.

Thirty female albino rats and their pups daily dosed with mercuric acetate during pregnancy and lactation period, rats equally divided into three groups given 0ral doses for T1 (1mg\kgb.w), T2 group given (5mg/kg b.w). Of mercuric acetate and control group which given distilled water during a period of experiment.

Giant duodenal ulcer perforations are common in surgical practice and very less series are reported in literature. The actual size of perforation is known definitely only intraoperatively. Giant duodenal ulcer is defined as perforation of size equal to or greater than 2 cm in diameter. Various techniques such as omentopexy, omental plugging, control tube duodenostomy, partial gastrectomy, jejunal-serosal patch, jejunal-pedical graft, proximal gastrojejunostomy, or even gastric disconnection have been described in literature.

Cerebral ischemia initiates a cascade of detrimental events including glutamate associated excitotoxicity, membrane lipid degradation, DNA damage, formation of reactive oxygen species andacute inflammation, which lead to the disruption of cellular homeostasis and structural damage of ischemic brain tissue. Inflammation is increasingly recognized to be the key element in pathological progression of ischemic stroke. Therefore, reducing oxidative stress and downregulating the inflammatory response are options that merit consideration as potential therapeutic targets for ischemic stroke.

Re-expansion pulmonary oedema (RPE) is a rare but often fatal complication which occurs due to rapid re-expansion of collapsed lung following treatment of conditions like a spontaneous pneumothorax or massive pleural effusion. The patho-physiology is still largely unknown, some of the reasons postulated include decreased surfactant levels, regional hypoxia, and hardened pulmonary microvasculature in collapsed lung and pro-inflammatory environment. Clinical manifestations vary from mild or no symptoms to life threatening hypoxia and cardio-respiratory failure.

Purpose: Commissioning must occur before an operating theatre (OT) is first used and after any substantial modifications that may affect airflow patterns in preexisting theatres (as part of a re-commissioning process). It is important that the infection control team (ICT) or microbiologist is involved at all stages from pre-design through to opening and that adequate time for commissioning is built in to the schedule, including an allowance of time for microbiological assessments.

Introduction: Meningiomas are usually globular in shape and well-demarcated neoplasms. They have a wide dural attachment and invaginate into the underlying brain tissue without invading it. According to (WHO) classification, there are three grades, grade 1 that are benign, grade11 which are intermediate and grade 111 that are malignant. However, atypical (WHO grade II) and anaplastic (WHO grade III) meningiomas show a more aggressive biological behavior with a high risk of local recurrence and a less favorable prognosis.

In the present study the larvicidal effect of botanical insecticide, Gloriosa superba against Aedes aegypti was administrated. The plant extract showed higher mortality in lower doses and it exhibit better protection against the different developmental stages of Aedes aegypti. Based on the probit analysis,the LC50 values and 95% upper and lower fiducial limit and regression values of the plant extract on Aedes aegypti were also noticed. The treatment of seed extract against III and IV instar larvae of Aedes aegypti showed that III instar larvae are more susceptible than IV instar larvae.

In recent times, medicinal plants and their extracts have received the attention of scientific communities for their therapeutic value. Several pharmacological studies confirm the above. Members of Zingiberaceae constitute a vital group of rhizomatous medicinal and aromatic plants characterised by the presence of volatile oils and oleoresins of export value. Alpinia is a large genus most widespread and taxonomically complex with 230 species. Alpinia calcarata and Alpinia galanga are known for their medicinal values.

An experiment was conducted with fifteen healthy goat’s kid of 4-6 month of age and divided into three groups. Experimental feeding was done for 90 days during which a metabolic trial was conducted. At the end of 45 days feeding of tree leaves Albezia lebbek, Ficus glomerata and Sorghums sudananse, the results indicated that the requirement of crude protein and calcium have been made adequately.

The change in the stock price market is an everyday occurrence. The buyers & sellers cause the changes & thus decide the price of each stock. Various factors influence the changes of the stock market such as GDP of the country, recession, growth in industrial production, irrational behaviour of the investors, changes in the political scenario, influences from the other stock exchanges of the world, economic reforms after liberalisation etc. out of which changes in the political environment are given more preference in this research paper.

An engineering geophysical investigation of the site of the proposed Jarawa Kogi small earth dam, located in Joseast Local Government Area (L. G. A), Plateau State, Nigeria, was carried out. The investigation involved the electrical resistivity method which utilized the Schaumberg array. A total of twelve (12) vertical electrical sounding (VES) stations were occupied along the proposed dam axis. Four subsurface layers were delineated. These include, from top to bottom, the topsoil, a laterite layer, a weathered basement layer and the bedrock.

This paper discusses names in Fágúnwà’s novels in the perspective of code-talking – a kind of language game (Fromkin et al., 2011). Name is very important to Yorùbá and the Yorùbá culture therefore, every concept in Yorùbá is given one name or the other. Yorùbá believe that name serves as identification for people and that name indicates who a person is and where he belongs. Name, to the Yorùbá, destines an individual for his future and what he will become in life. This is why Yorùbá will say “Orúkọ ọmọ ní í ro ọmọ”.

Globalization has ensured that the Indian economy and financial markets cannot stay insulated from the present financial crisis in the developed economies. Global financial crisis is commonly believed to have begun in July 2007 with the credit crunch. The credit crunch may have its root in the US but now its global problem. The impact of this will be three fold: the element of GDP growth driven by offshore flows will be diluted; correction in the asset prices which were previously pushed by foreign investors and demand for domestic liquidity putting pressure on interest rate.

This study sought to establish the socio- economic factors that affect the academic performance of boys in national examinations in Subukia District, Nakuru County, Kenya. The study had three-fold objectives, namely i) to profile students performance in the study locale, ii)to assess the extent to which family background affected boys academic performance ;and , iii) examine the mechanism adopted by school managers to address the dismal performance of boys in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in Subukia District.

Forest formations in Zounzounkan have undergone two major periods of their degradation. Anthropogenic pressures have contributed to 63, 26 % degradation of the forest cover between 1990 and 2000, while climate risks of erosion contributed to 16,68%. Between 2000 and 2010, major anthropogenic pressures are expressed by baresoil with a relative contribution of 31,65% to the degradation of forest cover, 19,14% for climate risks represented by erosion.

‘The Movement’ poetry was a new poetic build upon the old, emphasizing transparency, rational impassivity, and formal perfection with Philip Larkin as its poetic exemplar. His poetry anticipates on telling the truth about life as it is and signifies the voice of an accumulated experience of Larkin as a poet and Larkin as a person of the time. Most of his poems show the poet’s ambivalent attitude towards religion, which was also the general attitude of the time.

Geospatial analysis is used in a wide range of disciplines as a research tool, a decision-making tool, data analysis tool, and/or as a planning tool. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems are used to predict, manage and learn about all kinds of phenomena affecting the earth, its systems and inhabitants. Land use/land cover (LULC) changes play a major role in the study of global change.

In order to assess the groundwater quality, 100 groundwater samples have been collected in year 2010. The water samples collected in the field were analyzed for electrical conductivity, pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), major cations like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and anions like bicarbonate, carbonate, chloride, nitrate, and sulfate, in the laboratory using the standard methods given by the American Public Health Association. The results were evaluated in accordance with the drinking water quality standards given by the World Health Organization (WHO 1993).

The article presents the current state of political culture of Kazakh society as an important factor of the objective, holistic understanding of the social-political reality. Authors analyze various approaches of the definition "political culture” in detail. Political culture is a kind of indicator of the development of the political system of the state and is a reflection of the degree of political life. Therefore, the authors reveal its development features in the condition of modernization and integration of Kazakhstan into the global cultural space.

In view of the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS, many family members and friends of Persons Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) neglect them. In Ghana, some PLHIV voluntarily provide care and support for other PLHIV newly diagnosed of HIV. This study sought to ascertain what motivates them to undertake this task in Ghanaian hospitals, clinics and homes and what impact they make. Data for the study were obtained from 120 purposively selected PLHIV serving as ‘models of hope’. Data collection methods employed for this study were questionnaire administration and in-depth interviewing.

The paper has sought to cover a panorama of issues related to postgraduate students’ challenges in writing research proposals and reports. It used experience survey and insight-stimulating design and therefore, it falls under the category of exploratory research (formulative research study). The data of the research was obtained from 32 postgraduate students and 18 thesis supervisors who were selected using convenience sampling technique. Semi-structured interview and focus group discussion were used to gather data.

Serum level of IL-31 and IL-33 was assessed in sera of 79 inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Iraqi patients; 54 ulcerative colitis (UC) and 25 crohn's disease (CD), as well as 10 apparently healthy controls. The patients attended the Gastrointestinal Teaching Hospital in Baghdad for diagnosis and treatment during the period March-August 2012. Serum level of IL-31 was approximated in UC and CD patients and controls (1.69 ± 0.09, 1.71 ± 0.31 and 1.56 ± 0.24 pg/ml, respectively).

Bentonite clay is the main component of the water- based drilling fluid. In this study the Egyptian bentonite from (south Hammam) was tested for its potential use in drilling fluids. The drilling mud quality of the bentonite from (south Hammam) was significantly improved by using low molecular weight polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a viscosifier additive. The Egyptian bentonite was characterized by X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) and transition electron microscopy (TEM).

Kinetics of oxidative decolorisation of indigocarmine(IC) dye by CAT in pH 5.8 buffer medium catalyzed by nitrite ion has been studied at 300K spectrophotometrically at λmax= 610 nm. The reaction is first order with respect to [IC], [Nitrite ion] and second order with respect to [CAT]. It also shows an inverse first order on p-toluenesulphonamide concentration [TSA] and inverse fractional order on [H+]. The additions of the reaction product p-toluenesulphonamide and halide ions have no significant effect on the rate of the reaction.

Environment is deteriorating day to day due to the industrial pollution, toxic chemicals etc. which lead to the accumulation of contaminants inclusive of heavy metals in waste water. The water polluted by industrial effluents disturbs its normal use for agriculture and aquatic/terrestrial life. In view of toxicity, non-biodegradability and persistent nature their removal becomes an absolute necessity. Hexavalent chromium metal ion is one of the major pollutants in the environment and is frequently present in waste water released from various industrial units.

Proxy credentials are commonly used in security systems when one entity wishes to grant to another entity some set of its privileges. We have defined and standardized X.509 Certificates issuing procedures for the purpose of providing more secure and remotely available certificate, with the help of Client Authentication via Virtual Smart Card. We present here our motivations for this work coming from our efforts in Grid security, the Proxy Certificate itself, and our experiences in implementation and deployment.

Nowadays Automated Fingerprint Identification systems are most widely employed in verifying / identifying the physiological characteristics of individuals. The traditional privacy algorithms are inefficient to ensure security as there is more chance of duplicating the single fingerprint. So to enhance security in this work, a system is proposed which advocates acquisition of two fingerprint images (from that of thumb and index finger) from a single individual. From the Acquired image, minutiae points from thumb finger and the orientation angle from the index finger are extracted.

Dye pollutants are alarming hazardous compounds causing serious diseases such as cancer, hormone deficiency and bronchitis. Research is essential to develop alternate/more effective technique for removal of dye pollutants. In the present investigation, initially, 2-hydroxyacetophenone–biuret–trioxane (2-HABT) terpolymer was successfully synthesized, purified and characterized in the laboratory. Then, titanium oxide photocatalyst was anchored on 2-HABT terpolymer using molecular adsorption–deposition method.

We exhibit a method of constructing Diophantine quadruples with property ,where P is a prime number and is of the form (6m+1).Some relations between the members in the quadruple and special numbers are given.

Densities and ultrasonic velocities of binary liquid mixtures of methyl acrylate (MA) with benzene (B), methyl benzene (MB), ethyl benzene (EB), chloro benzene (CB), bromo benzene (BB) and nitro benzene (NB) have been measured at 308.15 K. The observed data have been utilized to calculate various acoustical parameters like Isentropic compressibility (KS), Intermolecular free length (Lf) and acoustic impedance (Z).

In this study samples of pure polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyvinyl alcohol films doped with methyl yellow with percentage doping of (0, 2, and 4 %) have been prepared by using solvent casting method. The optical properties, absorption and transmission of films were investigated through the transmission measurements at room temperature in wavelength range of (190-1100 nm). The films show indirect allowed transitions that influenced by the doping, the optical energy gap has been decreased from about (5.732 eV) before doping to about (4.821 eV) and (3.819 eV) after doping.

The main symptom of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a persistent fear in situations involving social interactions. In the academic environment, the presence of this disorder may result in several problems for the individual because of the constant social interactions this environment requires.The present study aimed to identify the prevalence of social anxiety symptoms in a sample of Brazilian higher education students. The sample included 134 students of both genders, aged at least 18 years, from a Brazilianuniversity.

Smoking is considered to be a classical risk factor for periodontitis. It leads to a subsequent state of circulating lipid peroxidation byproducts in blood, such as lipid hydroperoxides and superoxides resulting in oxidative stress worsening periodontal health. In the past, studies have proved that the intake of fruits and vegetables can reduce oxidative damage in patients who smoke. Ellagic acid, a primary constituent of pomegranate fruit is one of the natural polyphenols with potent antioxidant capacity.

Human resource provides a group with an effective workforce in order to meet its mission. Human development relies mainly on training and developmental activities. Effective human resource uses system and tools to bring together: the right number of people, with right attitude and skills, in right place, at right time”. Microfinance, the development buzzword of the nineties was meant to cure the illness of rural poverty. The Indian microfinance scene is dominated by SHGs and their linkage to bank with self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-help gained momentum.

Appendicitis is a very common disease in all age groups it requires surgey if the lumen is obstructed i.e., if appendicolith is present. Worms in particular enterobius is indicated in nearly 40% of cases of appendicitis with mostly recurrent and also presents acutely. Appendicectomy in such cases will releave symptoms permanently and patient can have symptom free life after elective appendicectomy. (Sabiston's text book of surgery)

Introduction: Meningiomas are predominantly benign tumors, which arise from the arachnoids’ cap cells. The development mechanism is unknown but they may result from an adverse effect of cranial irradiation and trauma. Antigen KI-67 also known as Ki-67 or MKI67 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MKI67 gene (antigen identified by monoclonal antibody Ki-67). The antigen KI-67 is a nuclear protein that is associated with and may be necessary for cellular proliferation. Inactivation of antigen KI-67 leads to inhibition of ribosomal RNA synthesis.

Introduction: Meningiomas are predominantly benign tumors, which arise from the arachnoids’ cap cells. They account for 20% of all primary intracranial neoplasms. The p53 tumor suppressor is a key regulator of cell cycle progression, such that its inactivation promotes increased cell growth and tumorigenesis. Inactivation of p53 as a consequence of p14 ARF loss and MDM2-mediated degradation may contribute to meningioma progression.

Friesian cows were used to determine the effect of undernutritionon concentrations of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in serum and emergence of new follicles after estradiol cypionate (ECP). Cows of G1 and a control group were fed on concentrated feed and dry clover while G2 was fed on hay only (restricted diet) for a period of 60 days before initiation of the treatment with ECP. After 60 days, cows of G1 and G2 were given 1 mg of ECP.

Background: The information on mean age at first nocturnal ejaculation and first masturbation among male individuals are sparse in India. In the era of computers, improved education level, social networks, and entertainment and level, it is necessary to know the onset of nocturnal ejaculation and sexual activity among males at frequent intervals. Objective: to find the age at first nocturnal ejaculation and first masturbation (Orgasmic experience) among collegiate young adult men.

Various microbes were isolated from air, water and soil from Barkatpura, Hyderabad, India. The characterization of these microbes was done using the Gram staining technique. DNA was isolated from the cultures for the pattern study of DNA .The cultures of these microbes were then exposed to UV light and ethidium bromide for mutational study. DNA was isolated from different mutated colonies of the microbes and they were then observed for changes.

Water-filled tree holes are important temporal ecosystem for a number of different aquatic and semi-aquatic organisms. The study of tree-hole breeding mosquitoes was carried out in the Annamalai University campus, Tamilnadu, India between June 2013 - February 2014, by using standard entomological procedures. The tree holes are sampled for various mosquito species around the campus. Types of mosquito species encountered, their relative abundance, as well as genera varied significantly during the study.

In the present study we evaluate the diversity and abundance of fishes in Aveya River during the wet season (September-October 2011) and dry season (March-April 2012). Fishes were collected from seven sampling sites by using multi-mesh gillnets of stretched mesh sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 cm. Eight hundred six fish specimens, all belonging to the Cyprinidae, were collected. All the studied rivers were dominated by cyprinids. The sites harbors large flock of Varicorhinus beso population which is IUCN red list category.

The leaf, pulp and seed extracts of Carica papaya (Linn.) were tested for the presence of various phytochemicals like tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, carbohydrates and proteins. The invitro antioxidant potential of Carica papaya (Linn.) extracts were evaluated by different methods like DPPH assay. FRAP assay, Nitric Oxide assay and Total antioxidant capacity. The erythrocyte membrane stabilizing property was studied using heat induced hemolytic assay and osmotic fragility test. The thrombolytic potential was assessed by determining the percentage of clot dissolved by the extract.

Glucosinolates, a well-defined, sulfur-rich class of plant secondary products mainly confined to various crops of the family Brassicaceae, are of prime importance in agriculture and plant biotechnology since the discovery of their role in plant defense against insect herbivory. Till date more than 120 different types of the compound have been reported. The enzyme myrosinase (thioglucosidases), which is stored in specialized plant cells, converts glucosinolates to the several toxic products (e.g., isothiocyanates, thiocyanates, and nitriles).

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not make enough insulin or the body cells cannot use insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body use glucose (sugar) for energy. Without insulin, glucose (the body's main energy source) builds up in the blood, resulting in high blood sugar. There were an estimated 40 million persons with diabetes in India in 2007 and this is no is predicated to rise to 70 million people in 2025.Due to this sheer number economic burden due to diabetes in India is amongst highest in the world.

Saridon (Propyphenazone 150mg, Paracetamol 250 mg & Caffeine 50mg) is a very commonly prescribed analgesic and also a easily available over the counter pain killer. Methemoglobinemia is a known but rarely reported complication of saridon, probably because the drug has been banned in many countries. We describe our experience of 25yr old male patient with cyanosis.

Necrptising fasciitis is a dreaded disease with high mortality and morbidity, can affect any part of the body, mostly in patients with immunocompromised idividuals such as diabetics, patients on immunosuppresants, old debilitated bedridden patients, cancer patients etc. It requires high index of suspicion like Dish water discharge will help in early diagnosis and prompt treatment which inludes serial surgical debridements and directed antibiotic treatment, here I have made an attempt which will help in early diagnosis which in turn decreases its high mortality and morbidity.

Sickle cell anaemia (SCA) is an inherited blood disorder that is characterized by chronic haemolysis and episodes of acute clinical complication. SCA is associated with hypercoagulable state with increased thrombin generation and elevated D-Dimer level which is reported as a marker for SCA related complication. This study aimed to determine the D-Dimer level in Sudanese children with SCA in a steady state and to correlate it with the haematological parameter.

Despite the increasing level of interest in Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS), there have been few formal evaluation studies published. There is a relative paucity of information about how these systems work and how effective they are in preventing occupational injury and diseases. A general observation shows that hazards are present at work places in universities despite existence of overwhelming information on the importance of occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS).

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the most common non-communicable disease world-wide. As the style of living in Sudan is changing to a more westernized way, with less physical activity and more dependence on carbohydrate and fat-rich diets the incidence of the disease is increasing. The management of the disease requires continuous monitoring of the patient's blood sugar, The two commonly used methods are bedside, home-based glucometers and laboratory-based chemical analyzer.

Background: It is estimated that the no. of elderly persons would grow to 137 million by 2021 in our country. Aging is an universal process. Old age is associated with physical, mental and social problems. Life style characteristics are important in determining the quality and quantity of life. Objective: To determine the biosocial characteristics and morbidity profile of elderly and to suggest measures to reduce morbidity among the elderly. Material and Method: A cross-sectional study was done among elderly in two small urban slums(population<5000) >=60 yrs.

Background: Hemorrhage after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) remains a clinical problem. Many risk factors associated with excessive blood loss have been identified, but postoperative bleeding remains poorly explained because of the complexity of the hemostatic process and the technical difficulties imposed by operative procedures. It suggests a need for patient testing to determinate hemostatic disorder after CPB and to be able differentiate a surgical cause for abnormal bleeding.

An Operation Theatre (OT) complex is the heart of any surgical hospital. The outcomes of surgical interventions depend on a range of factors like- Good surgical skills, scientific design of the OT, proper sterilization/ disinfection techniques and infection control practices. A well equipped OT with the above mentioned factors generally results in fewer Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). The present article lays emphasis on the various methods of sterilization and disinfection presently available.

Appendiceal pregnancy is a rare form of abdominal pregnancies. The occurrence of this type of pregnancy is under the influence of risk factors of ectopic pregnancies such as sequelae of genital infections, a low socio-economic level and inadequate medical care. The authors report the case of a patient of Saint-Louis in Senegal, aged of 36, who presented an appendiceal pregnancy simultaneously with a gangrenous appendicitis. The appendiceal location of abdominal pregnancy is exceptional in our context.

Cytodiagnosis of subcutaneous nodules are mainly done in the investigation of lesions clinically suspicious of tumour recurrence or metastasis. The FNA in the initial diagnosis as compared to open biopsy is not preferred. We have done a prospective cytopathological study in 142 cases to evaluate the efficacy of FNA in these lesions. The study was done in 142 cases of subcutaneous nodules who had come to Patna Medical College & Hospital (PMCH), Patna and a Private Laboratory situated near PMCH in between December 2010 to November 2012. FNA was done by using 23 gauge needle.

As a diagnostic fluid, saliva offers superiority over serum due to both aninexpensive n noninvasive collection method by specially trained persons and a cost-effective approach for screening of large populations. These noninvasive tests offer advantages over other tests that involve invasive techniques such as sampling of the subgingival flora or taking a blood sample. Collection of saliva offers a reduced risk of infection compared to the collection of serum. Moreover, obtaining saliva samples from infant, disabled or anxious patients, is much easier than obtaining other samples.

Medicinal plants are the most exclusive source of life saving drugs for majority of the world’s population. The use of medicinal plant extract increases the body’s immune system and lowers the allergies and asthma. The four medicinal plants taken for the present study possess digestive property. The experiment conducted to study the biochemical parameters of the leaves of the four medicinal plants viz., R. tomentosa, P. guajava, C, aurantium and C. limonum showed a significantly higher protein, carbohydrate and chlorophyll content in C. aurantium.

Many plant derived compounds have been used as drugs both in their original form and in semi-synthetic form. Camptothecin (CPT), a pyrole quinoline alkaloid, is one of the most promising anticancer drug of 21st century. It was first extracted from Camptotheca acuminata, since then it has been reported to exist in several plant species and also in plant endophytic fungi. Indiscriminate harvesting of these species for drug has led to a serious threat to these species.

Modern day changes in lifestyle and dietary pattern have favoured an increase in the occurrence of non- communicable yet chronic and degenerative diseases called as lifestyle diseases. Among the lifestyle diseases, heart diseases occupy a primary place. Changes in lifestyle, rising consumption of sugar, junk foods, animal fat and less physical activity account for the rising global rates of heart diseases. This study was undertaken with the objective to study the risk for cardiovascular disease among industrial women employees.

Statistical scission model has been applied to study fission fragment angular distributions induced in heavy-ion reaction on 232Th and 237Np target. The ratio of spherical to effective moments of inertia as a function of spin I has been investigated for 16O+ 232Th fission reactions.

Fog screen is patented technology that creates a seamless, thin and flat layer of screen floating in the air. Fog screen is a miracle in itself – here fog is generated using normal fog machine, so it won’t make you wet. Fog screen captures the light from the regular projector, so anything you can see on computer screen you can also project in the air. “In this paper we are presenting a new and fascinating way of human computer interaction, because we are developing a fog screen for computer screen projection with 3D gesture implementation.

A novel method for the synthesis of a terpenoid, Mikanecic acid diesters from Baylis-Hillman adducts, (alkyl-3-hydroxy-2-methylenepropanoates by treatment with aldehyde react with various acrylates catalyzed by TiCl4) which on treatment with potassium carbonate led directly to the formation of Mikanecic acid diesters, through Diels-Alder type self-dimerization of 1,3-butadiene-2-carboxylate is reported using with potassium carbonate. The product is obtained in good yield.

The objective of this research work was to study the formation of heat stable salts (HSS) during thermal degradation of Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) solvent and to check the corrosion rates for different alloys. HSS such as acetate, formate, sulfates, thiosulfate, glycolate, nitrate etc. were formed with varying concentrations during thermal degradation of MDEA.

The conventional risks in the production of petrochemical products are higher than that of the bio-based products. Glycerol is the major byproduct of biodiesel industry. Due to the increased environmental awareness and cost effectiveness, we have developed an eco-friendly catalyst for effective utilization of glycerol by converting it into polyglycerol. The heterogeneous catalytic polymerization of glycerol was investigated with the influence of green carbon as a catalyst. The catalyst is characterized by various spectroscopic techniques.

Given the importance of the employment of women and its impact on the formation of the character of the children, the main purpose of this study was to compare moral judgment of children with employed mothers and children with housewife mothers. The population of this study consisted of 5th grade primary school girls in Rey city of Tehran. Sampling method was based on cluster random sampling. Sixty students with employed mothers and 60 students with housewife mothers were selected as the statistical sample. To collect the data, the moral judgment questionnaire was used.

This study aims at identifying the factors that influence Brand Loyalty of cosmetic products in Tirunelveli city. Many factors were identified in prior researches such as brand name, product quality, product design, price, store environment, promotion, service quality, expiry date, purchase decision and so on. This study aims at focusing only six major factors that is to say, brand name, product quality, product design, price, store environment and promotion. The population of the study comprises of all female consumers of Tirunelveli city.

This study is initiated to understand and analyse real happening of Supermarkets and their marketing intelligence system in Tirunelveli city. The researcher would tend to study real applications and systems of supermarket towards marketing intelligence that becomes vital and many organizations recent times concentrate highly on this way.

With the influence of the Internet booming and global competition expanding, E-Commerce (EC) is receiving considerable attention worldwide. Currently, most people in this new era are thinking about whether or not EC could bring unlimited business opportunities and new competitive advantages. Among all EC applications, Internet-based stock trading is really one of the best ways to understand the attraction and popularity of EC. The purpose of this paper is to figure out the decision factors that affect the online stock trading system.

The objective of this study was to compare the physical capacities and the match physiological data of back players with those of front players, belonging all to the handball elite of the Republic of Benin. The study sample included 17 players (23.52 ± 0.79 years) with 9.5 ± 0.5 years of competition handball practice. For an experimental match, they were randomly separated in two teams (A and B), each of which included back players (BP) and front players (FP).

The inhibitive effect of Ceiba Pentandra (CP) seed extract on the corrosion of mild steel in Sulphuric acid was investigated using gravimetric, potentiodynamic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) techniques. The results showed that CP seed extract could serve as effective inhibitor for corrosion of mild steel in Sulphuric acid. The percentage inhibition increased with increasing concentration of the extract at room temperature. Maximum inhibition efficiency of 90% was obtained with 0.5% v/v concentration.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which results due to chronic hyperglycemia associated with the imbalance in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Presently available several drugs reduce the hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus; unfortunately these drugs have side effects. While, herbal drugs are mostly out of toxic or side effect than the chemical drug. Hence, the aim of the present study was designed to compare the possible therapeutic effects of Ipomea sepiaria leaves extracts against streptozotocin (stz) induced diabetic rats. The ethanolic extract of I.

Handloom Industry is the second largest industry next to agriculture providing livelihood to millions of weavers in India. Handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. Handloom weaving in India is an inherited art where weavers learn to weave from their ancestors and thus this craft is practised widely in rural areas and is providing employment to a wide section of rural artisans.

The present paper deals with melissopalynological analysis of honey samples collected from seventeen blocks of Nadia district, West Bengal, India. It showed the dominance of Parthenium sp. pollen in the pollen spectra of honey samples.

The plant Rhodomyrtus tomentosa is native to Southern and Southeastern Asia. The variety parviflora occurs in India and Srilanka. Rhodomyrtus tomentosa has been employed in traditional Thai medicine to treat colic diarrhea, dysentery, abscesses, haemorrhage and gynecopathy. The present study was carried out to evaluate the phytochemicals present in the leaf powder and also to study the fluorescent characters of the leaf powder. The phytochemical study showed the presence of terpenoids, quinones, oil&fats and phenol in water, chloroform and ethanol extracts of the leaf powder.

Bondo in Siaya County, Kenya experiences food insecurity due to irregular rainfall patterns and persistent drought. Irrigation farming is a means of solving this problem, but it has low adoption rates. This study examined the socio economic factors responsible for low adoption of irrigation farming among the predominant Christian community in the sub-county. The study used descriptive research design. A random sample of 75 farmers practicing rain fed farming and 75 farmers using irrigation were interviewed.

Noise acts as an environmental stressor, activating the body's remunerative mechanisms to stress. The impacts on humans of noises above the acceptable range have been studied extensively. Other problems related to noise include compromised learning, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, disorder and lost productivity, and a general reduction in the quality of life and opportunities for composure. The World Health Organization strives to warn, raise awareness of and promote actions against noise pollution. Public education appears to be the best method as suggested by the respondents.

Laevicaulis alte is one of the important pulmonate pests infesting the vegetable crops. Mostly they feed on vegetation available in and around their habitat. According to the malacologist point of view the slug Laevicaulis alte is not inferior to any other insect in damaging the agricultural crops. The controlling of this particular slug pest is important to minimize the infestation on agricultural land. For the past two decades, malacologists recommend the use of inorganic synthetic compounds such as copper sulphate, calcium sulphate, calcium cyanide etc. to control the molluscan species.

The experiment was carried out during kharif 2002 and 2003 at research farm, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh India. Experiment was comprised of different levels of inorganic fertilizer and its conjunction with different organic fertilizers. In all 12 treatments, comprising of different N, P and K levels and its conjunction with organic fertilizers were laid out in randomized complete block design replicated thrice.

The provision of good indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools is essential for students' health as well as for their academic achievement. The purpose of the present study was to assess the ventilation rates in a representative sample of (N= 36) primary schools in Eastern Province by using CO2 as an indicator of ventilation. The results revealed that only four schools (10%) of the total primary schools selected in this study have adequate ventilation. The average mean CO2 rates were 1333.9± 475.4 ppm and 1198.5± 303.6 ppm at 9:00 AM in rented and governmental schools building, respectively.

This paper presents the results of a study on ethnomedicinal plants used by rural inhabitants in the Jhansi district of Bundelkhand region, India. Since the information of ethnomedicinal plant is restricted to mostly few knowledgeable rural inhabitants and they are decreasing in number and there is a severe danger of traditional knowledge vanishing because the younger generations are not attracted to carry on this tradition.

The present study was carried out to investigate the effect of fruit pulp extract of Carica papaya (seeded and seedless fruits) on male albino Wistar rats. The experimental animals were divided into three groups, One group served as control, Group- II , received papaya pulp extract from seeded fruits and Group - III received papaya pulp extract from seedless fruits. Both groups were orally administered with pulp extract (10ml/kg/body weight) for 60 days. Pituitary gonadotropins (LH, FSH) and steroid hormone (testosterone) analysis was carried out on 21st, 41st and 61st day.

Green marketing is not only about green consumption but also about waste minimization. Based on literature review and data collection from 74 respondents the paper studied the consumption behavior towards soaps and shampoos. We infer from the analysis that consumers prefer FMCG products for their brand credibility and quality and not for their green marketing practices.





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