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March 2020

Environmental issues disclosure and stock price volatilityhave featured prominently in the global debate on the financial market. Studies have shown that investors are agitated about stock price volatility due to non-disclosure of some vital environmental issues. Studies abound, especially in the created nations, on the impact of environmental issues disclosure onstock price volatility.This study investigated the effect of environmental issues disclosure on stock price volatility in Nigerian financial market.

Mass Media since its advent has been a catalyst for social change. It has been the voice of the voiceless, marginalised and those at the periphery of developmental process. Women who constitute half the population of the world have been one such group who have been at the receiving end. Traditionally, they didn’t have same level of freedom of choices and access to opportunities as men due to various socio-cultural factors. But with the growth of media a change in the mindset has been observed. The aim of this paper is to try and explore the synergy between cinema and women empowerment.

This study has focused attention on discovering of the social capital of Sebat-bet Gurage people and examining its social and economic implications. The study basically focuses on the Sebat-bet Guraghe area in Guraghe zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia. A descriptive cross-sectional research design and mixed research approach have been used to gather relevant data. In-depth interviews, FGDs and household survey were the main instruments of data collection.

Currently, the types of treatment for oil-contaminated soil include soil vapor extraction (SVE), biological decomposition, solvent extraction, air stripping, activated carbon adsorption, and oxidation. Among these, solvent extraction, air stripping and activated carbon adsorption can only deal with the transfer between phases and must be supported with other types of treatment to complete remediation. Moreover, they are costly and could destroy local ecological systems.

Introduction and objectives: Clefts lip and palate are congenital malformations due to a lack of fusion facial bud of the embryo between the 35th to 40thday of the intra uterine life. Cleft affects higher lip, palate and occasionally velum. The aim of our work was to describe the follow up of cleft lip and palate in Central Africa precisely in Cameroon. Methodology: To attain our aim, we have done a prospective descriptive and analytic study over a period of 25 months from October 2013 to November 2015 in Ngaoundere Protestant Hospital.

The appraisal of Jesus by Muslims all around the world has greatly impacted the relations between Muslims and Christians. Githurai is not that big geographically but in recent times it has seen an increase in growth with Muslims and that has attracted to this research. For a long time the understanding of Jesus by both Muslims and the Christians have attracted attention over the centuries since the birth of Islam.

Background: Reducing maternal morbidity and mortality is a global priority which is particularly relevant to developing countries like Ethiopia. One of the key strategies for reducing maternal morbidity and mortality is increasing institutional delivery service utilization of mothers under the care of skilled birth attendants. Objective: To assess skilled institutional delivery service utilization and associated factors among mothers who give birth in the last one year in Mahal sayint woreda, South Wollo zone, North East Ethiopia.

Background: Despite known complications and a high recurrence rate, the standard treatment of pilonidal disease still consists of surgical excision of the sinusoidal cyst with primary wound closure. We were the first in Middle East to introduce a new treatment technique using SETON with a radial laser probe (Sinus Laser-Assisted Closure, SILACTM, Biolitec, Germany). Aim of the study: To assess the efficacy of laser (diode) SETON_SILAC as a therapy to the pilonidal sinus.

Introduction: Worldwide, the highest incidence rates (up to 7.5 per 100,000 in men and 23 per 100,000 in women) occur among populations in the Western part of South America (Chile and Peru), in North American Indians, in Mexican Americans, and in northern India. The best characterized risk factor for the development of gallbladder cancer is chronic inflammation associated with gallstones. Metastatic clear cell carcinoma in the gallbladder is extremely rare, with reported frequencies of less than 0.6% in large autopsy reviews.

Background: The most overwhelming area in head and neck area for essential threatening tumors are oral cavity and over 90% malignant growth comprises of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). It has a high inclination for extensive lymph node metastases. There are different elements anticipating node involvement and among them tumor related factor is progressively dependable. Objectives: Correlation between the depth of invasion, tumor budding, and presence of satellite tumors in node involvement and treatment planning of T1/T2/T3 N0 M0 oral tongue SCC.

Aims and Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic role of vaginal fluid creatinine in PROM (premature rupture of membranes) and find out appropriate cut off value of vaginal fluid creatinine levels to predict PROM. Materials and Methods: It was a cross-sectional study including two groups with 50 women in each group. Group I included confirmed PROM and controls were included in Group II. Vaginal fluid sampling was done and creatinine levels were assessed in both groups. Data analysis was done by Student’s t-test, Receiving operator characteristic curve and chi square test.

Background: There are limited epidemiologic studies characterizing skeletal metastasis, and fewer, if any, that comprehensively compare and contrast patients who are initially diagnosed with skeletal metastases of unknown primary (SMUP) to patients who have a known primary at the time that skeletal metastases are identified.

Introduction: Eye prosthesis is a kind of craniofacial prosthesis that replaces a missing or lost natural eye following an evisceration, enucleation or exenteration. Evisceration is a process in which just the contents of the eye ball are removed, in enucleation whole eye ball is removed and if there should arise an occurrence of exenteration eye ball along with its neighbouring supporting structures are expelled.

When a patient with COPD is admitted with acute exacerbation of dyspnea and chest x ray shows unilateral hyper translucency, most likely diagnosis is pneumothorax. Rarely other conditions may radiologically mimic pneumothorax. Treatment of pneumothorax in AECOPD is intercostal tube drain. But intercostal tube drain in other conditions which mimic pneumothorax radiologically can lead to complications. We discuss a case of translucent hemithorax in a patient with AECOPD which was mistaken for pneumothorax.

Introduction: A trichobezoar is a mass of The relationship between preoperative keratometry (K) and visual outcomes in laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) has been studied in high myopia and hyperopia, but not in moderate myopia. Rao SK et al report increased under-correction in eyes with preoperative spherical equivalent (SE) of −10.0 to −11.9 diopters (D), and in eyes with flat corneas compared with steeper corneas.

Background: Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a complication of diabetes mellitus resulting from increased oxidative stress which affects the retina. Uncontrolled hyperglycemia leads to increase oxidative stress that is associated with development of DR. The study evaluated the oxidative stress status of diabetic retinopathy subjects.

Introduction: Within context societal moral indignation and panic expressed in response to recent increases in urban violence and death amongst young adults in the UK, some researchers are asking whether exposure to video game violence (EVGV) might be a contributing factor. Methods: Using a correlational design, and web-based survey methods to collect data, the author examined the relationship between violent video games, moral disengagement, competitiveness, and trait aggression.

A trichobezoar is a mass of undigested hair within the gastrointestinal tract. Trichobezoars are often associated with trichotillomania (hair pulling), and trichophagia (hair swallowing). Trichotillomania may be unconsciously or unintentionally done and is part of the DSM IV psychiatric classification of impulse control disorders ( Gastrointestinal Bezoars, 1991; Trichobezoar, 1972). In up to 18% of patients with trichotillomania, trichophagia occurs; one third of patients with trichophagia develop trichobezoars (Sood, 2000).

Background: Women’s empowerment is a process by which those who have been denied the ability to make a strategic life choices acquire such ability. Women’s empowerment increase with education and economic status and thereby influences fertility and also associated with contraceptive use. The main objective of this study was to investigate the determinants of family planning services focusing on women’s empowerment and gender related factors among married women or living with a partner in Dire Dawa Administration, Eastern Ethiopia.

Background: Rickets is a common condition characterized by growth slowness and bone age retardation due to mineral deficiency that occurs at the growth plate. Nutritional rickets in children is mainly due to vitamin D deficiency or due to dietary calcium deficiency which is very rare.

Medical Geography is a multi-dimensional structure of knowledge and understanding the spatial aspects of human health problems and issues. Diarrhoeal disease claims almost two million children’s lives worldwide every year because their bodies are weak from lack of fluids and undernourishment. Africa and India alone lose 1.4 million lives to diarrhoeal diseases. UNICEF and WHO report that around four billion cases of diarrhoea are recorded each year, mostly among children under the age of five.

Narbon vetch (Vicia narbonensis L.) requires lower rainfall than chickpeas, faba beans and lentils and may be proven a better legume alternative in ratio systems. Vetch was used in this trial as the silage material. This study carried out to determine the effects of lactic acid bacteria and inoculants as silage additives, on the fermentation and aerobic stability of vetch silage. Vicia narbonensis was harvested pot setting period and ensiled in silos type of glass containers. Each application consists of 3 parallel.

Cet article vise à étudier le lien entre le faible soutien dont bénéficient les filles-épouses âgées de 14 à 17 ans dans le mariage et leur astreinte aux pires formes de travail des enfants dans les quartiers précaires abidjanais. L’hypothèse stipule que peu soutenues par leur mari dans le foyer, nombreux des besoins de ces adolescentes restent faiblement satisfaits. Pour réduire cette insatisfaction, elles monnaient leur main-d’œuvre en pratiquant des pires formes de travail des enfants.

A public sector undertaking may be defined as a business undertaking, which is owned managed and controlled by the State, on behalf of public at large. These undertakings have come to enjoy a unique position in the Indian economy in the post-independence era. They have been responsible for forming a strong industrial base and providing the basic infrastructure for development in the country. From an investment in 5 enterprises of Rs.

There is a broad and ongoing confab in our academic institutions about the effects of urbanization on livelihood of people living in the peri-urban fringes. Rapid urbanization, population burden and the government decisions, shelter, infrastructural, industrial and commercial needs of a fast-growing city have stretched the land delivery system in Wa Municipality to flouting point. Agricultural lands, which serves as the main source of livelihood, has been encroached by the process of urbanization in peri-urban zones.

Sickle Cell Anemia Disease is an autosomal recessive heredity disorder and it is a growing global health concern. It mainly affects people of African & African American descent, but it does affect people from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Sickle cell anemia transforms healthy red blood cells into deformed sickle cells that restrict or completely obstruct the blood vessel causing weakness, susceptibility to infection, stroke, acute chest syndrome, and death. The highest mortality rates are in young children and infants.

Hospitalization and invasive procedures impose a significant anxiety in the young children. Children's anxiety of the invasive procedures represented in behavioral and physiological changes , which are upsetting them and their parents. In addition, it makes it more difficult to complete the needed procedure. One of the suggested methods to prepare children for invasive nursing procedures is to familiarize children with invasive procedures through therapeutic play.

Purpose of the study: Adolescent is a period of biological, psychological and economic transition. This period bridges childhood to adulthood. Adolescence faces many challenges in the development in today’s world. Risk taking is a common characteristic among adolescents and is initiated in early adolescents to late adolescents. Risk taking behaviour shapes future adults of the nation. 50% of school students itself engage in risk taking behaviour. Negative risk behaviour of adolescents brings challenges to legislative and policy responses.

Background: Health system for patients with Mental illness is a low public health importance at majority of developing or less developed nations. Those who are in need of treatment don’t receive required mental health services at a level of large public health facilities. They favour to seek care from easy-going community resources like traditional faith-based healers or quacks. Therefore, inadequate community-based formal mental health services leave native healers as ultimate and viable avenue for mental health treatment.

The present study emphasizes on the prey composition of the communal spider Stegodyphus sarasinorum Karsch in four different stations of Sigur Plateau. Hence the biological pest control potency of S. sarasinorum was remarkable in the study area. Spiders are the best predators to regulate pest population in a sustainable manner. The investigation reveals that the spider species captured six different order of the prey from the roadsides and fencings of different study sites. Mostly the Hemiptera and Hymenoptera prey species were subsequently fed by the spider S.

The usual procedure of choice in a staghorn calculus will be Percutaneous nephrolithotomy. In selected patients Anatropic nephrolithotomy or nephrectomy. In surgically high-risk patients we usually try multiple sessions of Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy combined with double J stent or percutaneous nephrostomy. We are reporting this unusual neurological patient who had a huge load of stones in both kidneys and ureters who responded well with complete stone clearance after just drainage of the system, with bilateral ureteric stents and continuous bladder drainage and antibiotics.

Balasore district was part of the ancient Kalinga which later became a territory of Toshala or Utkal, till the death of Mukunda Dev. It was annexed by Moghuls in 1568 and remained as a part of their suzerainty up to the middle of eighteenth century, to be précised up to 1750-51.Then the Marahattas occupied this part of Odisha and it became a part of the dominion of the Marahatta Rajas of Nagpur.

A 6 months old male infant came with lethargy and poor feeding. On evaluation there was bradycardia. Positive family history of sibling death and hearing loss in another sibling were present. ECG shows long QT interval and B/L sensori-neural hearing loss. On the basis of long QT and hearing defect a diagnosis of Jervell- Lang - Nielsen syndrome was suspected and child was started on beta blocker therapy. epicardial pacemaker insertion was done and child was given discharge.

Background: Soft-tissue sarcomas are a varied group of rare mesenchymal malignancies that can arise at any location in the body and affect all age groups. oft-tissue sarcomas arising from the abdominal wall mostly appear as palpable mass, abdominal wall deformity, or pain that is more clinically apparent. Case report: This case corresponds to a 44 years old female patient with ulcer over anterior abdominal wall extending up to the perineum since 1 year which gradually increased in size since 6 months.

Purpose of the study: is to review the ultrasound appearances of different clinical types of abortion . Since its, introduction in late 1950 ultrasound become very useful diagnostic tool in obstetric practice. Each abortion type has its own ultrasound appearances.

Introduction: Stroke is a worldwide health problem. It makes an important contribution to morbidity, mortality and disability in developed and developing countries. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death after ischemic heart disease and malignancy. White blood cells are the cells of the immune system which protect the body against both infections and foreign invaders.

This paper is purposive, has emphasized the significance of the Filipino language to the Philippines which being used as a medium during classes or lectures, subsequently exclusive for Filipinos yet inclusive for those interested foreign-neighboring citizens, humbly this needs everyone’s apathy onward to anyone’s natural rights. Layunin ng pag-aaral na tasain Kaalaman at kasanayan sa pananaliksik ng mga senior high sa Filipino at ang implikasyon sa nito sa pagtanggal ng asignaturang Filipino sa Kolehiyo.

A community based cross sectional study was carried out among 222 women during the month of January 2017 in Chunampet, a rural area in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, South India, also the field practice area of Rural Health Training Centre, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences. Based on previous studies, prevalence of Gender inequality among the families in rural regions in India was presumed to be 60%, and the minimum required sample size was calculated to be 222.

Background: Upper crossed syndrome (UCS) also referred as Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a condition characterized by muscular imbalance where muscles of the neck and the shoulder girdle experience with weakness and tightness that affects head position, spine, and shoulder girdle. Literature reviewed that FHP has negative impact on respiratory functions. Objective: To study the effects of posture correcting exercises on respiratory parameters in individuals with upper crossed syndrome.

A study was done to compare the efficacy of dorzolamide 2% timolol 0.5%fixed combination versus brinzolamide 1% brimonidine 0.2% fixed combination therapy in patients of primary open angle glaucoma. A randomized, open label, comparative, parallel group study was conducted on 40 patients of POAG attending the Outpatient Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College, Patiala. Patients selected were then randomised into two groups of 20 each.

Background: Thyroid cancer (TC) is the most common endocrine malignancy in the world. Previous studies that link the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH) D) to TC have been relatively inconsistent. Our goal is to assess alterations in serum levels of TSH and 25(OH)D between TC patients and non-toxic goiter patients and to examine the association between TSH and 25(OH) D levels in Saudi patients. Methods: A retrospective analysis of serum hormone fluctuations in primary TC (n= 162) and non-toxic goiter (n=98) cases.

Mullerian duct anomalies represent a group of congenital anomalies that result from arrested development, or incomplete fusion of the mesonephric ducts. The incidence of congenital mullerian anomalies is 1/200 to 1/600. The incidence of rudimentary horn is very rare (1:100,000). Approximately 75% of such horns do not communicate with the normal hemiuterus. These uterine anomalies are either diagnosed incidentally or the patient may present with obstetrical or gynecological problems.

Aim: To analyze the changing trends in dental public health in India and to asses job prospectus and provide solutions. Materials and Method: The databases accessed were those provided by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, Dental Council of India, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and further this data was statistically analyzed. Statistical analysis used: Descriptive statistics. Results: At present there are about 1600 public health dentists in India, out of which 678 (42.3%) were working in dental academic institutions.

Background: Upper crossed syndrome (UCS) also referred as Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a condition characterized by muscular imbalance where muscles of the neck and the shoulder girdle experience with weakness and tightness that affects head position, spine, and shoulder girdle. Literature reviewed that FHP has negative impact on respiratory functions. Objective: To study the effects of posture correcting exercises on respiratory parameters in individuals with upper crossed syndrome.

Environmental issues This invention relate to a cleaning drone based on a multi-copter flying platform comprising a plurality of sustentation rotors, a cleaning device protruding from the main body of the drone and a plurality of pusher propellers protruding from the main body of the done in a position being opposite to the protruding cleaning device, these pusher propellers being aligned at a substantially orthogonal angle in respect to the sustentation rotors in order to provide a pushing force for the cleaning device to act upon the surface to be cleaned, the cleaning drone further compr

Thick films of bulk SnO2 and ZrO2 powders were observed as less sensitive to polluting, hazardous and inflammable gases. Hence, nanostructured SnO2 and ZrO2 powders were synthesized by disc type ultrasonicated microwave assisted centrifuge technique. Nanocomposite material, Zr(0.50)Sn(0.50)O4 was prepared using synthesized ZrO2 and SnO2 powders by taking their 1:1 proportion. Thick films of nanostructured pure Zr(0.50)Sn(0.50)O4 powder were fabricated by screen printing technique.

Part of speech (POS) tagger assigns a lexical tag to each word in given sentence. Part of Speech Tagging is a subtask Natural Language Processing Systems, identifies the correct tag according to syntax for each word in corpus (6). Part of speech can be used in many scenarios like information extraction, parsing, word semantic disambiguation, question answering, named entities recognition, virtual chats, scene generation etc.

Background: Rowshan (pl. Rawāshīn) is the projected latticework window, commonly found in façades of traditional dwellings in Madinah. Due to functions that Rowshan provides, such as overlooking the surroundings with complete privacy and controlling natural ventilation and lighting in the dwelling, it achieved a widespread popularity in the traditional architecture of Madinah, which gave the city its unique architectural identity. Aim: We attempt to explore that the Madinah's Rawāshīn carving units are not only esthetic, but also functional for daylight filtering.

Introduction: Cataract is the leading cause of blindness globally, particularly in developing countries. Cataract surgery with implantation of an intraocular lens is a sophisticated technological procedure. Despite improvements in cataract surgical services in many parts of the world, cataract remains responsible for half of the global blindness burden. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the visual outcomes and complications of patients who had cataract surgery at Borumeda hospital, Northeast Ethiopia.

Objective: This study was designed to evaluate the risk factors and angiographic profile of coronary artery disease in premenopausal females. Traditionally premenopausal females are thought to be at low risk for coronary artery disease but only few studies have been done to exactly look for the risk factors and angiographic picture in this subset of patients. Background: Coronary artery disease in premenopausal females appears to have particularly poor prognosis. Evaluation of risk factors associated and relative importance of risk factors in this subset of population needs more studies.

Objective: This study was devised in view of the real life application of FFR in catheterisation laboratory from a developing world country and to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the same. Background: FFR has been proved to be superior to angiographic ally driven PCI in various studies also it has been proven to be economically beneficial. However there is difference between trials and real life situation. Considering this we conducted this study and evaluated clinical outcome and cost effectiveness associated with use of FFR.

Neurocysticercosis is the commonest parasitic central nervous infection world-wide.(1,2,3,4) It is a public health problem in India . It has a wide population distribution in the world and affects children as well as adults. (1,2,3,4,5). It is the most common helminthic infection of the nervous system and is endemic in most underdeveloped countries as well as in industrialized nations. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 people die every year from neurocysticercosis (NCC) worldwide.

Background: Cardiovascular disease is increased in type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects due to a complex combination of various traditional and non-traditional risk factors. Objectives: To illustrate the association between Type II DM and cardiovascular comorbidities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

An epulis is any localised swelling of gingiva usually results from local irritants such as calculus formation, poorly adapted margin of dental restorations. Mostly it does not involve underlying bone but occasionally it may invade underlying bone which results in displacement and mobility of the affected tooth. In advanced cases along with surgical excision of an epulis, removal of involved teeth and alveolar bone is required.

The main purpose of this study was to gather and classify some coined words and expressions in informal oral communication. The study was basically oral since the study was limited only to uttered rather than written expressions. Uttered coined words and expressions become different when written. It is in oral communication where one can emphasize pitch, stress, and juncture. Aside from the context, the meanings attached to these words depend a lot on these supra-segmental phonemes. The research was conducted among 100 college and high school students selected at random.

There has been a drastic transition in Architectural education and design pedagogy, from 17th century till current scenario. This paper examines the changes and different models of pedagogy used world over. This is a review paper that analysis and presents the design education in the light of traditional studio approach and Beyond while modelling the new studio typologies. This paper is the part of research on “Rationale of Application of Theory Inputs in Architectural Practice”. While the first Paper was “Importance of theory In Architecture”.

The continuation of archaic Science Syllabi in State universities and collegiate system in India has become a matter of deep concern. Graduates and Post graduates are without technical skills, creativity, comprehension and futuristic vision. They are not only unemployable, but untrainable. Interdisciplinary programs of teaching and training can reverse this malaise. Initially, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology were treated as separate emerging frontiers of science and technology.

The white sandalwood plant Santalum album L. is a tree species has been proved its ability to adopt various ecological conditions since ancient time. Like other terrestrial tree species Santalum album L. can grow in various soil conditions also though it requires hosts at least two years for up-taking nutrition for its proper establishment on soil. Santalum album L. has a special nutrient up-taking haustorial mechanism. It forms small campanulate haustoria on the roots of host plant to make parasitic relationship.

Introduction: Among the main characteristics of patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) are effort intolerance along with a prolonged recovery from exercise and post-exertional exacerbation of ME/CFS symptoms. The gold standard for measuring the severity of physical activity intolerance is cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET). Multiple studies have shown that peak oxygen consumption is reduced in the majority of ME/CFS patients. A consecutive day CPET protocol has shown a difference on day 2 in ME/CFS patients in contrast to sedentary controls.

All Kushthas are having Tridoshaja origin; hence Vicharchika can be explained in similar manner. Dermititis is being used as synonym of eczema by most of the dematologist. These are the kind of non contagious inflammation of the skin characterized by erythema, Scaling, edema, vesiculation and oozing the disease Vicharchika to a greater extent ressembles eczema/dermatitis. Therefore the eczematous dermatitis can be included in study of Vicharchika.Vicharchika can be correlated with eczema in the sequence.

The unsteady flow phenomena dominate the blood stream in arteries. The cardiovascular system in the human body can be defined as an inner loop with a complex liquid flowing in multiple branches. Further, the relationship between viscous and unsteady forces is governed primarily, by the Womersley number, a non-dimensional frequency parameter. By the Finite Element method, the researcher is able to resolve the resultant nonlinear implicit system related to partial differential equation. By generating secondary flow in branches and curves, the normal arterial flow remains laminar.

This study compared the Effects of Scaffolding and Collaborative Instructional Strategies on Science and Technical Students’ Achievement in Basic Electronics in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Two research questions and three hypotheses were formulated for the study. The study adopted a quasi-experimental research design; specifically, the pre-test post-test non-equivalent control-group experimental design was used.

This paper aims to present a study carried out in a municipal school in the city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas (Brazil). The purpose of the proposal was to assess students' perception of the concepts advocated by the circular economy and how environmental education contributes to circular actions in order to boost the local economy. Since environmental education is a political and pedagogical process, it was intended to assess the lifestyle, consumption habits and values of the students involved and their relationship with their environment.

Rapid urbanization is accentuating urban challenges, mostly leading to urban sprawl and development of informal settlements in the cities, as result affecting the reduction of agricultural land, natural and rural areas surrounding the cities. Increasing level of improper consumption of land, threat sustainable development, destroy the earth’s regenerative capability. The most important is the worsening state of climate change. In fact, the cities and urban areas are more responsible for climate change.

Fungi play an important role in the soil ecosystem, it decompose nutrients and elements to simple compounds for plants growth, also play a rolein biological control for suppression of plant pathogens. Isolation, purification of soil fungi using conventional microbiological techniques is hard but it needed for study the distribution of fungal community in soil rhizosphere.

Nanotechnology is extremely diverse and multidisciplinary field, ranging from novel extensions of conventional physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly to developing new materials and machines with nanoscale dimensions. Nanotechnology is based on the perception of generating functional structures by monitoring atoms and molecules on a one-by-one basis. It deals with all physical, chemical, and biological properties of structures with their components at nanoscale magnitudes.

Artists react and re-present the existential realities that surround them in different ways. While some creatively and realistically present these realities as they are, others conceptualise these realities, in diverse artistic styles and orientations. In deviation from the prescriptions of authors such as Lamb (1976) who wrote an extensive exposition on the use of conventional materials in creating art works, unconventionality has, for a while now, permeated the world of art such that, virtually any solid entity can be used in creating artworks.

The growth of electronic money transactions in Indonesia at 2019 increased by 230.25% and making any financial enterprise technology (fintech) more competing. Digital Payment OVO Instagram used social media to expand their marketing activities, thus forming a digital communication between companies and customers. Communication is a form of Electronic Word Of Mouth Activity (EWOM)in social media. The purpose of this study to determined how big electronic word of mouth on social media Instagram influence brand loyalty OVO.

The HR function holds a primordial place today in private organizations. In fact, any organization brings together actors who have personal needs, specific aspirations and who lead a life outside the organization. However, some private companies attach little importance to the establishment of a social policy and the HR department exists only by name. Social policy is nonexistent and employees work under pressure. This article builds on previous work, and semi-structured interviews with managers at this company.

The quantum of xenophobism have been a major source of concern for the globalizing and liberal world at large. This is as a result of its recurring nature and complexities as it creates economic nationalism against preaches for opening of different nations' economies. In Africa, the reverse has been the case as lives and property of Africans had been lost, and tensions created between South Africa and other Africans, including Nigerians.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among females in India. Cervical cancer usually spreads by local extension and through the lymphatic drainage to the lymph nodes. Choroidal metastasis is a very rare kind of hematogenous metastasis seen in cervical cancer. We report a case of a 50-year-old woman who presented with unilateral right sided progressive visual impairment since 40 days. Fundoscopic examination revealed presence of multiple choroidal masses and posterior exudative retinal detachment, suspicious of choroidal metastasis.

The HR function holds a Providing high-quality, safe medical care is the primary goal of health systems. When the public is alerted to quality failures, such as preventable medication errors resulting in patient harm or death, concerns about the quality of healthcare arise. As experts in medication delivery, pharmacists play an integral role in preventing and managing medication errors; however, ensuring safety in the health system is a team effort. Pharmacists need to broaden their responsibilities by taking on roles in quality and performance improvement projects.

Rickettsial and related infections are infectious, re-emerging, polymorphic, life-threatening and globally prevalent diseases. These pathologies prevail in Guinea in several forms with a variation of the etiological agents. The objective of this study was to identify the infectious agents responsible for rickettsial diseases and related diseases in the regions of Kindia and Mamou. The investigation work was carried out from January 6, 2016 to February 6, 2017. A total of 6 types of infectious agents were found by PCR, 2 at Mamou Coxiella burnetti and Bartonella spp.

Introduction: Culture includes customs, beliefs, laws, religious practices etc acquired through generation, which impacts prosperity and sickness.1 Breastfeeding is influenced by economy, religion, kinship system and the growing sophistication of communications and medical technology. Though there are many advantages in feeding breast milk, there are many cultural practices regarding breastfeeding are still present. Breastfeeding is culturally well accepted but inadequately practiced.

The purpose of the study was to explore the effects of non-monetary incentives on employee performance. The specific objectives of the study were to:identify the various types of non-monetary incentives; find the determinants of employee performance; identify the challenges of non-monetary incentives; and find the effects of non-monetary incentives on employee performance. This was a case study approach was adopted in which purposive and simple random sampling technique was used to select 63 respondents from Zenith bank and Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) in Sunyani municipality.

Haemangioma is the most common benign tumour of vascular origin of the head and neck region. The possible sites of occurrence in oral cavity are lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, and palate. Despite its benign origin and behaviour, it is always of clinical importance to the dental profession and requires appropriate management. Phleboliths are calcified thrombi found in veins, venulae and sinusoidal vessels of hemangiomas formed due to Changes in blood flow dynamics in the head and neck. Phleboliths nearly always signal the presence of a hemangioma.

Objective: To assess Burden of road traffic accident among victims admitted to Dessie Referral hospita at Dessie town, South Wollo Zone, Ethiopia 2018 G.C. Results: A total of 306 injury victim medical records were considered and of which 270 were actually included in this study. Of which 51(18.9%) were due to road traffic accidents. The male to female ratio was 2:1. The highest number 177(66%) of victims who came to facilities were between 25-40 years of age. Concerning the place where the accidents happened, major accidents 258(95.6%) was occurred on the streets.

Aim: This study was conducted to assess and compare the oral health status and treatment need of hearing and speech impaired children and normal children. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive survey was conducted among 250 children with ages ranging from 6 to 13 years. Out of that 125 children’s had hearing and speech impairment and 125 children were normal with no disabilities. Data were collected using a standard method recommended by WHO for the oral health survey in 1977.

Objective: The aim is to determine the perception of pain and discomfort by the patient during the placement of orthodontic separators. Methods: Elastomeric separators were placed mesially and distally to the first molars in 200 orthodontic patients, and the participants were given self administrated questionnaires to document perceived pain, type of pain felt, pain upon chewing, and the severity of pain's affecting daily life, using a visual analog scale for three days.

Background: Resin based composite materials are widely used for aesthetically restoring primary teeth. Fundamental mechanism for resin - enamel adhesion relies on resin - micro tag formation. This is achieved by acid etching, where the smooth enamel surface is transformed into an irregular surface with increased surface energy. Primary enamel has increased organic content than permanent teeth which stand as a barrier in the way for achieving generalised retentive surface over the entire acid treated surface.

Objectives: Resin adhesives could be used as a carrier of nano-hyrdoxy apatite particles added to treat early enamel caries. The aim of this study was to evaluate micro tensile bond strength of a remineralizing enamel infiltrant to early carious enamel lesion. Methods: An artificial caries model was used to induce early partially-cavitated enamel caries-like lesion in maxillay centrals. Nano hydroxyapatite particles (nHA) were applied in two forms to a low shrinkage low viscosity resin adhesive (TTEMA/TEGDMA): particles were directly added to resin adhesive or silanated before addition.

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is one of the established treatment modalities for systolic heart failure with wide QRS morphology on electrocardiogram (ECG). It acts by synchronized pacing of left and right ventricles in order to coordinate systolic contraction of the left ventricular septum and the free wall. Predicting proper responders to the CRT still remains elusive.

Shalakya Tantra is one of the Eight specialties of Astang Ayurveda which deals with diseases occur above the clavicle specially related to the sensory organs. In this the eye is an important sense organ for vision and it is responsible for social and intellectual development of human being. In Ayurvedic classical texts various types of eye diseases are described. Ex: Sandhigata Rogas, Varthamagata Rogas, Shuktagata Rogas, Krishnagata Rogas, Sarvagata Rogas, and Bhaya Netra Rogas. Among them Shuklagata Rogas are the diseases which occur in conjunctiva.

Black subjects' hypertension (hypertension) is characterized by high blood pressure, more frequent heart and kidney complications, and ineffective system inhibitors (ACE inhibitors or ARAIIs) as monotherapy. The objective of this work was to evaluate the profile, characteristics of black hypertensive subjects balanced by monotherapy with ACE or ARB II 18 patients with hypertension out of 258 or 8% were balanced by monotherapy with ACE or ARB II. The average age was 38.5 years.





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