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July 2019

Aim: Pharmacological evaluation of neuro protective effect of Ferulic acid in animal model of neuropathy. Materials and Methods: Diabetes was induced in rats by intraperitoneal injection of single dose of STZ (60 mg/kg). Neuropathic pain was assessed in diabetic rats by pin prick method, cold allodynia and hot plate method. Pain was developed at 4th week. At the end of experiment animals were scarified and biochemical changes (Lipid peroxidation, SOD, reduced glutathione and CAT content) in sciatic nerve were evaluated.

A healthy smile provides a boost of confidence to an individual. Gingival hyperpigmentation is a common complaint among individuals when esthetics is a prime concern. Gingival depigmentation is a periodontal plastic surgical procedure whereby the epithelium is denuded of pigment cells so as to produce a more desirable pink colour of the gums. The current review aims at providing a wholesome knowledge of gingival pigmentation, its physiology, pigments in the human body, classification and treatment modalities available for gingival depigmentation.

Local skin flaps are the best covers for digital soft tissue loss, meeting the goals of reconstruction, in providing adequate stable cover with similar skin quality, preserving adequate tactile gnosis sensibility, functional lengths, and acceptable cosmetic appearance.

The condition of the oral and oropharyngeal cavities is inextricably linked to the general health and well-being of an individual. Colonization by pathogenic microorganisms or an imbalance of the physiological microbiome in the oral cavity can play an essential role in the development of biofilms as well as many common oral and oropharyngeal conditions, as diverse as dental caries, periodontal diseases and diseases gingivitis.

Uterine fibroids, also known as leiomyomas, are the commonest uterine neoplasms. Although benign, they can be associated with significant morbidity and are the commonest indication for hysterectomy. They are often discovered incidentally when performing imaging for other reasons. Usually first identified with USG, they can be further characterized with MRI. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is the most accurate imaging technique for detection and localization of leiomyomas.

The study was designed to investigate if there existed a significant difference in the assessment of the level of participation, benefits and challenges encountered in participating community extension program when grouped according to profile variables. A total of 185 were selected as the respondents using stratified proportionate sampling. The study utilized the quantitative technique wherein the data was analyzed using different statistical tools such as frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and Analysis of Variance.

Background: Hepatitis is a serious public health problem worldwide and major causes of chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection accounts for 40-50% of HCC and 20-30% cases of cirrhosis in India. Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection accounts for 12-32% of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and 12-20% of cirrhosis.

The study concerns the adsorption of methylene blue which is an organic dye by the corn cobs activated at the base powder (BACCP). The analysis of the time parameter allowed us to determine the adsorption equilibrium time which is 15min. The maximum adsorption capacity obtained is 11.904 mg / g at a normal pH of 6.5 and at the temperature of 25 °C. Experimental data are analyzed by the Freundlich and Temkin isotherms. The kinetic model of pseudo second order and Elovich were applied with the correlation coefficients of R2 is more than 0.99.

Introduction: Paragangliomas(PGLs) are rare neuroendocrine neoplasms originating from cells of the primitive neural crest. Head and neck PGLs represent nearly 20% of all PGLs. Retroperitoneal localisations are rare and represent less than 2% of all PGLs, and are known to be exceptionally nonfunctional. Case report: In this article we report a case of a 46-year-old female who presented, in 2013, a jugulotympanic PGL for which radiotherapy was delivered. In 2016, a second PGL occurred in the retroperitoneum and was completely resected by surgery alone.

Objective: To explore the possible mechanism of lentinan in improving the immune function of patients with advanced NSCLC through a variety of pathways related to lung cancer immunity, and to provide a theoretical basis for the improvement of immunity of lentinan and its anti-tumor effect. Methods: The subjects were the same as the Part Ⅰ. The fasting venous blood was taken before and after treatment. The PBMNCs were obtained after PBMNC separation, centrifugation and washing.

Within hours of the 9/11 terror attacks on New York and Washington D.C., American commentators were already comparing the event to a new ‘Pearl Harbor’. The comparison of September 11 with Pearl Harbor was natural because both were surprise attacks that killed many Americans, but most interesting about it was its implication: that an age of innocence and isolation had passed, and that American invulnerability was gone.

Laminate veneers are considered highly functional and esthetically indirect restorations that treat unaesthetic anterior teeth with minimally invasive preparation. The more improvement in ceramic material, adhesive luting cement and preparation techniques offer many options for clinicians. The success of veneer cases depends on proper case selection, resolution of initial esthetic issues, patients satisfaction and good integration of a restoration with surrounding tooth and soft tissue.

The quality of herbal products which varies with the time under the influence of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, moisture, other ingredient or excipient in the dosage form, microbial contamination, adulteration, lack of good manufacturing practices, poor quality control procedures, poor agriculture and post harvesting methods. Therefore qualitative and quantitative evaluation of herbal drugs can serve as an important tool for monitoring the safety herbal formulations.

The Level of formal education can influence one’s perceptions to causes and approaches to diseases and wellbeing. Communities or individuals who have high level quality education are of tenlikely to seek medical attention and treatment of certain diseases. This is because they are able to read and comprehend instruction hence could even self-medicate and appreciate the need for healthcare.

Background: Low back pain is a pain syndrome occurring on the low back regions are the result of a variety of reasons. It is often experienced by those who work with the wrong posture. Based on data known to the high proportion of physiotherapy visits disobedience do physiotherapy in patients LBP (71.7%) in the General Hospital Pirngadi Medan year 2016. Object: To identify relationship between family support and adherence to physiotherapy in low back pain patients. Methods: the research used descriptive correlation quantitative with cross sectional approach.

Cheating in internal and external examination is by now growing at alarming rate. Thus, the main objective of this study is to investigate the cause and techniques of cheating in examinations in the secondary schools of Wolaita and Dawuro zones. To this end, 4 schools, 12 students, 8 teachers 4 principals were selected. All sample respondents were selected by purposive sampling. Interview and documents were data gathering tools employed to solicit the required information from sample respondents.

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is a common chronic lung disease in premature babies, especially those with very low body mass. Being a multifactorial disease, BPD requires complex pathogenetic, syndromnal, and symptomatic pharmacotherapy. In addition to oxygen therapy, it should include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment, sparing prescription of glucocorticosteroids. It is also advisable to use antioxidants, proteinase inhibitors, drugs for the relief of apnea, diuretics.

Dental Anomalies are most commonly observed in maxillary anterior region. Palatogingival groove is one of them seen with maxillary lateral incisor either unilaterally or bilaterally. It is an artifice for plaque accumulation which leads to osseous defect. Diagnosis – proper diagnosis is base for treatment plan, which is made on the basis of clinical examination, along with radiographic examination as well as CBCT scan.

Introduction: Every eight seconds someone, somewhere in the world, dies as a result of tobacco use. It has been reported that there is an increased trend of tobacco habits among the heathcare students perusing healthcare education like any other youths. Methodology: A questionnaire based study to assess the prevalence of tobacco use among undergraduate students of Indira Gandhi Dental College Campus in Jammu on 170 students.

Introduction: Dizziness is a subjective feeling of postural instability or of illusory motion of self or environment either as a sensation of spinning or falling. It can be caused by a wide spectrum of peripheral and central disorders. BPPV is one of the commonest causes. Dizziness affects the quality of life of the patient and hence a subjective assessment using Various Scales is essential. Methodology: We have assessed 30 patients of BPPV using the Dizziness Handicap Inventroy (DHI), and used the same for determining treatment outcomes.

Background: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, commonly found in males above the age of 60. Increased life expectancy due to better health care and aging population will see a proportional rise in case of PD in India during next three decades making it a major health problem. Objectives: There was no well designed longitudinal study on PD from Kashmir, North-India.

The child narrator is a popular narrative technique in children’s literature, especially magical stories and fantasies. However, most authors prefer adult narrators when narrating issues like political instability, gender-based violence, the AIDS scourge and religious exploitation, as this voice projects a feeling of seriousness and authority of experience to potentially attract a bigger readership, especially the adults in the society.

Background: Stoma is a disorder that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and the opening results are made by surgery of the intestinal tract where the effluent (dirt, mucus) is diverted out of the body by using artificial openings. One of the stoma management strategy is education in the hope of increasing knowledge of self-care, by involving the patient's active role in the various self-care management strategies in managing and maintaining the patient so that the self-care ability can be fulfilled.

Les lésions orthopédiques sont réputées thrombogènes et constituent l’une des indications majeures de la prophylaxie thrombo-embolique. De ce fait, la survenue des embolies pulmonaires (EP) en milieu orthopédique n’est pas rare. Nous rapportons un cas d’EP grave consécutive à un traumatisme fermé du fémur négligé dans un milieu à ressources financières limitées. L’angioscanner pulmonaire a permis de poser le diagnostic.

A series of novel pyrazol-3-yl-pyrimidine, pyrazole, and pyran derivatives have been synthesized in good yields. Thus, the reaction of 5-oxo-1-phenyl-4-(2-phenylhydrazono)-4.5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-3-carbaldehyde(1) with malononitrile mixture with thiourea, guanidine hydrochloride, barbituric acid, thiosemicarbazide, or phenyl thiosemicarbazide in one-pot synthesis produced the corresponding compounds (2-6). treatment of (2) with o-bromobenzoic acid gave compound (7).

The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of entrepreneurial orientation factors on the performance of the company through a variety of innovations and competitive advantages in Jember cafes in East Java, Indonesia. The sample consisted of cafe owners in the Kaliwates sub-district, Sumbersari sub-district and Patrang sub-district which numbered 41 people.

This paper presents synthesis, thick film fabrication and characterizations of the nanostructured SnO2 powder by disc type ultrasonicated microwave assisted centrifuge technique. The selected material is low cost and readily available. Synthesis procedure is quite simple. The obtained SnO2 particles are in nanometer scale and dispersed with very large surface areas. Nano-scaled grains exhibit high surface to volume ratio. Thick films of as synthesized powder were fabricated by simple screen printing technique followed by the calcinations at 500oC for 1 hr.

Background: Wearable devices for tracking fitness are currently used among young adults such as health care professionals for their ease in self-monitoring of individual fitness goals. Objectives: To determine the usage and attitudes towards wearable fitness tracking devices among health care professionals. Methodology: A Google docs survey using a pre-tested questionnaire was designed and survey link was shared using social media networks. The respondent data was received in real-time and analyzed.

Background: The epidemiologic transition from communicable to non-communicable disease has become a major public health concern. Diabetes is one of the causes for the increased burden of NCD’s. Among the many complications of diabetes, hypomagnesemia is a manifestation which is overlooked. Objectives: This study was designed to assess the effect of glycaemic index on serum magnesium levels.

α-L-rhamnosidases cleaves terminal α-L-rhamnose specifically from a number of natural glycosides. Most of α-L-rhamnosidases reported so far have their pH optima in the acidic pH range. α-L-rhamnosidases with different physicochemical properties are suitable for different applications. Therefore, there is a scientific need to identify different sources of α-L-rhamnosidases with different properties suitable for different applications. The α-L-rhamnosidase has wide occurrence in nature and has been reported from animal tissues, plants, yeasts, fungi and bacteria.

Grape is one of the most commercial horticultural crops of the world. Grapes are very nutritious, rich source of minerals and different vitamins. It revels from the figure, the Thompson seedless raisins treated with Changes in the hydroxyl ion scavenging potential in the Thompson and Sonaka seedless raisins treated with different chemical compounds on the basis of percent inhibition are presented are shown in Figure.

Background: Diabetes is a major worldwide health problem, that needs to comprehensive medical care and patient self-management, education and support. Objectives: The aim of this study was to study the factors influencing the diabetic diet knowledge among diabetic patients attending Primary Health Care Centers in Central Sector in Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study carried out primary health care centers in central sector in Jazan region including 400 diabetic patients. The validated self-administered questionnaire was distributed for the patients.

Dicoumarol (3) obtained from 4-hydroxy coumarin (2) through different routs has been found pharmacologically active and responsible for anticoagulant properties. Mechanistically interesting 2-nitroso-2-methyl-1,3-indandione dimer (11) has been synthesized by the nitration of 2-methyl-1,3-indandione (9) when the reaction is carried out at 00C. In a patent work phthalimide derivatives (13) synthesized from the reaction of phthalimide with hydrazones have been found to be potent insecticides. Phthalimide esters of the type (14) have also been synthesized and evaluated as potential prodrugs.

Background: preparedness faces an illness that will impact Extraordinary Events along with the elements as the cause by applying an epidemiological surveillance technology used in strengthening responsiveness to alertness, prevention efforts and outbreak control activities that are fast and precise. Aims: Implementation of Early Dengue Disease System in the work area of Dumai City Health Office. Methods: this study used a qualitative approach method with descriptive. Thirteen informants who voluntered to participate in this study. Data collection used the method of in-depth interviews.

Background: Some factors which cause nurses’ intense turnover are organizational commitment and satisfaction. Nurses who have low commitment will withdraw from an organization and will eventually retire from the hospital. Likewise it is with job satisfaction where the feel dissatisfied with their job tend to leave an organization. When the condition of dissatisfaction continues, they will leave the organization. Aims: to find out the influence of organizational commitment and job satisfaction on nurses’turnover intention at Malahayati Islamic Hospital, Medan.

Tulaipanji is one of the oldest indigenous aromatic rice varieties of the state of West Bengal, India mainly cultivated in some scattered restricted pockets of Uttar Dinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur district of the state. Cultivation of this rice is being done here for more than 100 years back. Thus, this rice variety adapted and evolved itself in its microhabitat or niche. Though its productivity is less than half of the HYVs of rice, but due to its taste and aromatic quality, its market value, sometimes reaches to thrice than any of the HYVs of rice cultivated in this area.

Purpose: To obtain the normal time period for 5 time sit-to-stand in diabetic neuropathy patients. Objectives: To study the performance of 5 time sit-to-stand test in healthy individual and diabetic neuropathy patient and compare the 5 time sit-to-stand test performance in healthy individual and diabetic neuropathy patient. Methods: Cross Sectional Study design assigned by convenient samplingwith30 Subjects in each group. Outcome Measure: Five times sit to stand test.

Dengue is one of the major public health threats in India. Every year, blood samples with dengue-like illness are referred to us from different medical colleges and hospitals in Uttar Pradesh for the detection of dengue infection in them by PCR. A total of 198 samples were referred to us for that purpose. All the samples were tested for the detection of IgG antibodies and by antigen by ELISA method, followed by RT-PCR test for the detection of serotypes. 72 samples were ELISA positive. Out of 32 antigen positive samples, all were RT-PCR positive.

Land resources in montane highlands often represent common property prerequisites for the survival and sustenance of the human in communities that are dependent thereof. The Oku and Mbessa communities on the northern fringe of the Ijim-Kilum citadel have in the course of manning their respective base resources sowed a spectre of edgy perceptions and practices of ownership entitlements that have hatched land resource conflicts.

Subclavian arteryinjuryis uncommon as it is protected by the subclavius muscle, the clavicle, the first rib, and the deep clavicle fascia, as well as the costo – coracoid ligament, a clavi – coraco - axillary fascia portion[1]. It is a challenging complication of blunt and penetrating trauma. Physical examination of the upper limb, as well as diagnostic imaging techniques like Contrast CT are of diagnostic importance. While arteriography offers both a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic approach.

Objectives: To determine a frame work for significant prison environment and health systems factors influencing transmission of HIV/STI/TB and Drug Abuse in prisons. Methods: Data base: Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane Library and WHO Journals, Reports/Policy. Documents that review the progress of prison health care were identified. The sources for the study were chronologically examined under historical development of prison health care trends since 1900.

Vital to Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach is the emphasis that leaning is most effective when learners put theory into practice. This research established what PBL approach in teaching Chemistry can contribute in learner’s skills and competencies and determined the benefits and challenges in the utilization of PBL. This is an experimental research which utilized the Quasi-experimental research design specifically the Non-equivalent Control Group Design with Pretest and Posttest.

Background: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) that includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary Embolism(PE) is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in hospitalized patients, and It is often under diagnosed due to lack of information on VTE risk and prophylaxis. International recommendations suggested that active monitoring of VTE prophylaxis can improve the quality of it is practice in Hospitals and prevent death (Bottaro and Emery, 2012; Dorfman and Chan, 2006).

Aim: To determine the prevalence of low back pain (LBP) among health sciences students and to identify the associated factors. Methods: Cross-sectional study was conducted among 1163 students from five health sciences colleges during the academic year 2016–2017. Self-administered questionnaire was conducted and included 4 sections: demographic characteristics, risk factors, Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire and Oswestry disability questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Results: Mean age was 20.74 ± (1.59 years). 70.9% of students were female.

Introduction: Prediction of gestational age (GA) based on sonographic fetal parameters is the cornerstone of modern obstetrics. In the third trimester all the individual parameter measurements become less accurate but recent studies have shown that fetal transcerebellar diameter is one such parameter that has remained consistently superior in prediction GA in both singleton and twin gestation.

Background: Brand recognition is one of the key components for the development and growth of a startup venture. This research paper aims at creating brand recognition for a startup venture of construction chemicals and its related new products for developing sustainable building protection solutions. Further, this research aims to recognize a brand establishment strategy for start-ups that can promote brand awareness and loyalty in Indian market. Method: The samples are collected from the set of 30 start-ups from the B2B sector.

The paper examined the participation of women in Trade Union in Nigeria. The main argument is that rather than attribute the low participation of women in Trade Union on biological, cultural, economic and educational factors, Trade Union and indeed women should be held responsible. The paper relied on secondary sources of data and adopted structural functionalism as an analytical construct which presupposes the fact that the structures (parts) that make up a system perform specific functions for the adaptation, stability and sustenance of the system.

Terson Syndrome is subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) with sub retinal hemorrhage flowing through channel. Reduced vision in such fresh case is due to hemorrhage itself, blocking macula / other photo receptors in the long run macular cellophane retinopathy which causes profound visual loss. SAH causes neurological problems which can become a risk factor for evacuating blood from vitreous. Hypertension is commonest cause to cause Terson Syndrome, but trauma is also devastating cause as it can lead to irreversible visual consequences like total loss of perception of light or blindness.

Let R be a ring with unity and let M be an R-module. Let R(+)M be the idealization of the ring R by the R-module M. In this article, we investigate when Γ(Zα(+)M) and Γ(Z_(p^(α_1 ) ) α(+)Z_(p^(α_2 ) )) are divisor graphs.

Background: Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) represents a substantial burden to the Health care system. Pneumonia imposes a staggering clinical and economic burden to our community. Despite being the cause of significant morbidity and mortality, pneumonia is often misdiagnosed, wrongly treated, and underestimated. No perfect bio-marker or scoring system is available to this date to evaluate the severity of CAP patients.

Universidade da Paz (UNPAZ) is an academic institution and established since year 2003. In fact, happening, innovation and flexibility which is owned by the direction of every unit are rigid and at the time of decision-making related to the crucial actions that still have not been fullest due to fear of sections moved.

Neutron field of 241Am-Be calibrator was standardized in terms of corrected free field dose equivalent (FFDE) by applying several correction factors. Subsequently, characterization of nine inch moderated neutron remmeters (BF3 counter) were performed in terms of the standardized neutron field. Several correction factors were determined to standardize the neutron field. The geometrical correction factor, air scattering factor and room scatter factors lie in between 1.004 to 1.018, and 1.004 to 1.044 and 1.0004 to 1.005, respectively at the distances from 0.595 m to 2.0 m.

The activity concentration of Naturally Occurring Radio-nuclides such as 238U, 232Th and 40K in the collected soil sample from the selected area were measured by using Gamma ray spectroscopy employed by HPGe detector to perform the measurements. The average activity concentration values was found to be 46.93, 110.6, 847.65 and 2.43Bq/Kg for 238U, 232Th,40K and 137Cs respectively. These values were higher than the world average values given by UNSCEAR (2000).

Aim: To compare the efficacy of carbetocin with oxytocin for prevention of postpartum haemorrhage. Materials and Methods: This was a double-blind randomized controlled trial conducted at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Southeast, Nigeria between 3rd January 2018 to 31st December 2018. One hundred parturients at high risk of postpartum haemorrhage following vaginal delivery were randomly assigned to receive either intramuscular carbetocin 100µg or oxytocin 10IU within one minute after delivery of the baby.

Soil erosion is a natural phenomenon, where environmental determinants, such as climate, soil, topography, and vegetation affect the extent and magnitude of soil loss. Human impact on the natural system through deforestation, intensive land cultivation, uncontrolled grazing, and construction activities are often accelerating the rate of soil erosion. Spatial and temporal change of land use/land cover (LULC) is increasingly recognized as an important driver of environmental change such as soil degradation.

In recent years, recurrent floods have been observed in many countries around the world that may have led to overtopping dams, resulting in dam breaches and catastrophic floods on the downstream of these structures. This leads to various damages such as loss of social wealth, large-scaled economical expenses, and the loss of lives.

Background: Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is an important cause of stroke in young. The Exact etiology and prevalence of the disease are yet to be fully understood. However various risk factors that predispose to the development of CVT have been identified. Cerebral venous thrombosis is most commonly seen in females, now there is no gender disparity.

Fertilization becomes an important factor in plant production management. The availability of pastures in cattle’s industry, therefore, becomes a prerequisite step. Current research was then aimed to know the effect of combined-fertilizers between cattle’s manure and urea to the growth of three species of grasses which commonly cultivated for grassing, including their best combination as part of a good management practices on crop production.

The article will address deals with some indexes of the flower dynamics and seed efficiency of Aegilops L. in conditions of Uzbekistan. Another aspect which will be covered is morphobiology features of some species of genus Hordeum L. are given in this article and Triticumaestivum L.

The essence of revenue generation is to advance the welfare of citizens of a country with focus on promoting economic growth and development through the provision of development activities. Despite remarkable growth recorded in revenue generation the physical state of the nation in terms of social amenities and infrastructure remain backward.

Introduction: Women using low-dose of combined oral contraceptive (COC) present fasting triglycerides, postprandial lipemia, and higher C-reactive protein. This condition seems to be related to the decrease in the action of the lipoprotein lipase enzyme due to decreased insulin sensitivity. Objective: To test whether there is a difference between the function of beta-pancreatic cells of women using or not COC and to verify the association between these indexes and the fasting lipid profile in this population.

The study was aimed at studying the comparisonbetween Doppler guided haemorrhoidal artery ligation with mucopexy vs open haemorrhoidectomy in the management of grade ii and grade iii haemorrhoids. This study was conducted in the Department of General surgery, ESI-PGIMSR, over a period of 17months. One hundred patients diagnosed with grade II and III haemorrhoids were enrolled in the study. They were randomized in to two groups A and B. Group A undergone Doppler Guided Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Group B Open haemorrhoidectomy.

Objective: To evaluate the intra-hospital care to the victims of external causes and their outcomes in service of Medium Complexity. Method: Longitudinal, prospective study of quantitative approach. Data were collected by instrument, manual search in the medical record and direct interview with the victims. Results: Of these victims, 72.5% were young men, mean age 40.6 years, 67.0% of occurrences occurred during the day. The Charlson Comorbidity Index scored zero at 66.7%.

This work had been made to determine the physicochemical, nutritional and functional properties of Annona muricata fruit puree and juice. Nine lots of juice were produced. The batches differ from each other by the pH or the dilution rate of the puree. The pH values of the types of juice produced were 3; 3.5 and 4.5; the dilution rate (water/mash) are 50/50, 60/40 and 33.33/66.66. Only the puree went under the physicochemical, nutritional and functional analyzes and as for the juice, the pH, titratable acidity, soluble sugar content and dry matter were the parameters evaluated.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, word Ayus, means "longevity", and Veda, means "related to knowledge or science". It is an ancient Indian science that mainly involves the use of naturally occurring herbs and shrubs to provide a cure for medical ailments without causing any undue side effects. With the recent boom in holistic and herbal medicine and an ever-growing trend among the general population towards herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical therapies.

The present work aim is to evaluate the antioxidant properties of the essential oils extracted from Thymus vulgaris and Ocimum gratissimum in order to promote their use in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is about to establish a link between the chemical composition of these oils and their antioxidant properties. The composition of the essential oils was determined by gas chromatography. The antioxidant powers are evaluated using the reducing power of the ferrous ion and the trapping power of the radical DPPH°.

Background: Phantom tumour or Vanishing tumour stands for a localized transudative interlobar collection of pleural fluid in congestive heart failure. It is named so because of the resemblance to a tumour on the CXR and its tendancy to disappear following therapy for cardiac failure. It was first reported by Stewart in 1928 as ‘’interlobar hydrothorax ‘’. Case report: A 80 year old man presented Shortness of breath and swelling over legs generalized tiredness and dry cough since five days.

As it is known, the “neutronization” is the process in which protons (Ps) and electrons fuse to form neutrons (Ns) and release electronic neutrinos(e): e + P N + e (1) This is possible because the electron in the neutronization equation is equipped with a very high energy (200MeV) so as to fill the conspicuous energy gap between N and P. However, equation (1) appears incomplete because it does not explain the appearance of the e. In our opinion, equation (1) implies some intermediate steps not represented.

Rural women's economic and social development is necessary for overall economic development of society and nation. Rural women are now increasingly run their own business yet their entrepreneurial potential, managerial skill and socio-economic contribution remain largely neglected. Women entrepreneurship development is the instrument of women empowerment. Empowerment through entrepreneurship leads to self-fulfillment and makes women aware about their status, existence, right and their position is in the society.

A 45 year old male presented to emergency department with history of sudden onset difficulty in breathing and swallowing over the past hour. On oral examination, he was noted to have uvula edematous. This finding was concerning for Quincke’s disease. In this case study, we will further discuss presentation, examination findings and treatment plan.

Microrhizomes were successfully induced in Zingiber officinale and their in vitro and ex vitro conversion potential was investigated. The six weeks old axenic plants derived from vegetative bud culture induced microrhizomes with 78% response when transferred to LS liquid medium supplemented BAP (8.88μM) and Sucrose (7%). The average number, yield and average weight of microrhizome was found to be 5.4g, 2.65g and 0.49g respectively.

We present a case of a middle aged lady who presented to Emergency with acute onset severe 9/10 scale pain and numbness in right upper limb with no history of any previous morbidities. Myocardial infarction/acute cervical radiculopathy/CVA were being considered as working diagnosis after primary and secondary survey. An ECG done as P.O.C test showed AF with FVR. A detailed history at this stage revealed patient having received Injection Benzathine Penicillin for 5 years during her childhood but no other complaints suggesting rheumatic heart disease.

The current study aims at analysing the basic learning methods of Montessori kids and comparing the methods of learning between boys and girls. The Montessori education is concentrated on the self-directed activity, hands on learning and scientific observation of children. The two Montessori’s of south Bangalore Leo kids and Samskruti were selected as the study area. The age group considered was from 3-5 years and were grouped as PKG (Pre Kinder Garden), LKG (Lower Kinder Garden), and UKG (Upper Kinder Garden). Out of 115 children, 67 were boys and 48 were girls.

The current study aims at analysing the basic learning methods of Montessori kids and comparing the methods of learning between boys and girls. The Montessori education is concentrated on the self-directed activity, hands on learning and scientific observation of children. The two Montessori’s of south Bangalore Leo kids and Samskruti were selected as the study area. The age group considered was from 3-5 years and were grouped as PKG (Pre Kinder Garden), LKG (Lower Kinder Garden), and UKG (Upper Kinder Garden). Out of 115 children, 67 were boys and 48 were girls.

The garbage dumps near human settlements of hunting and food gathering, emerged out as the nucleus of agriculture. Nearly ten Thousand years ago man learnt to grow the plants of his own choice from seeds & propagules as he saw them growing on garbage dumps. For present investigation Phaseolus mungo crop was taken. From stand point of determination of yield, sink parameters i.e.

The disposal of industrial waste in a secure manner is the concern of many countries in the world. Herein, zinc oxide obtained from dangerous waste "Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD)" that produced from steel manufacture. In addition, raw Egyptian kaolinite (white kaolinite and rich iron kaolinite) are used to enhance the photocatalytic activity of the separated ZnO by the formation of W-K@ZnO and Fe-K@ZnO, respectively.

The cooling for air conditioning or foodstuff refrigeration is ensured in most cases with compression refrigeration machines which are high electrical energy consumers. They are responsible of much greenhouse effects, especially when chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), or certain hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) are involved as refrigerants due to their high global warming capacities. A promising alternative to these systems is the use of absorption type refrigeration machines.

Delegation is the transmission of authority partially or fully to another person, usually from the manager to employees. If delegation is applied fittingly, then it will lead to prosperity of the organization and will with no doubt be a significant factor for increasing productivity. Despite the importance of delegation, but still it is an attribute that is missing among a large segment of leaders since it requires total trust of leaders in their followers. In this study a quantitative approach was adopted to 80 respondents where 69 were verified as acceptable for our study.

Background: Tuberculosis (TB) still remains the major public health threat in India. Early diagnosis, so as to initiate early treatment is a priority as any delay, may complicate the prognosis further leading to the failure of an effective control. India accounts for 6% incidence of pediatric TB cases in a population that has 40% as estimated latent TB cases. Pediatric samples as the key population. Tuberculosis remains the commonest cause of childhood meningitis in high burden countries (Raj et al., 2014).

As Essentially, this article examines the contribution of Catholic Missionaries in the social development of Nkongho-Mbo from1936 to 2001. What used to constitute Mbo as an ethnic entity was divided in 1916 following the defeat and ouster of the Germans from Kamerun and the partition of the territory by the British and the French. The line of partition divided the Mbo group, giving birth to French-speaking and English-speaking Mbo. This study is focused primarily on the NkonghoMbo people who belong to the, English-speaking sector of the large Mbo ethnic group.

This review focus on several emergency drugs which should be always present in the pediatric dental office for the treatment of medical emergencies or to prevent their occurrence in dental clinic. Drugs used for adults can be inadequate for treatment of medical emergencies in a pediatric dental patient. So emergency drugs should be individually prepared for use or they can be commercially available as emergency drug kit.

This paper intends to measures the impact of Socio-economic status on quality of life of primary stakeholders of NGOs working in rural areas of Telangana state. The objectives are to know the socio economic status of primary stakeholders of NGOs and to assess impact of socio economic status on quality of life of the primary stakeholders adopted by the sample NGOs. The descriptive and analytical research design is adopted to measure the quality of life of the primary stakeholders of NGOs. Using stratified disproportionate random sampling method NGOs were selected for the present study.

The study area, Nirmal Chor is encumbered with both physical and socio-economic compels. It is the piece that such areas are too poor to be developed but actually, it has different. None but the thing is that these areas needed some inputs and ventures.

The present study was undertaken to find out the attitude of secondary school teachers of Aizawl district towards teaching profession with a sample of 100 teachers which was selected randomly. The attitude scale developed by H. Malsawmi and Mary L. Renthlei was used for data collection.

Background: Patients presenting with chest pain are a common daily occurrence in emergency medicine. Chest pain is quite common and up to 25% of the general population experience it in some form during their lifetime. The causes for cardiac-mimicking chest pain are numerous, but the most common causes can be narrowed down by system: musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, psychological, and pulmonary. Proper management of non-cardiac chest pain will lead to better utilization of resources, reduced health care costs, and an increased quality of life for patients.

The concept of credit for business was alien to Nigeria until the establishment of banking institutions at the tail end of the 19th Century. Prior to the growth in trading activities from about 1861 in Lagos, the entire country was agrarian with bouts of illegal trafficking in persons and minor trading in basic consumer goods. The stoppage of slave trade made British merchants to shift to trading in raw materials like rubber, bauxite, iron for their nascent factories.

The Flexner Report "Medical Education in the United States and Canada" is the publication on medical education among the proponents and detractors of this pedagogical proposal. This model has disadvantages within which the scientific approach is noted away from the integral vision of the human being. Clinical reasoning is the centerpiece of medical practice and is an undefined construct and that formal programs of medical schools do not include.

This study was carried out to examine youths’ interest in traditional political activities and online political activities before and after exposure toPolitics Today program intervention on YouTube. The quasi-experimental pretest-posttest non-equivalent control group design using questionnaires was utilized in studying sixty (60) participants who were chosen through the purposive sampling technique from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Introduction: Pain from the lateral aspect of the elbow was first described in 1873, and has since then been given different names such as tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis, epicondylitis, epicondylalgia and lateral elbow pain. The etiology and pathogenesis of tennis elbow is not known, but the condition is considered to be an overuse injury of degenerative nature (Jozsa and Kannus, 1997 et al.). The pathology found in tennis elbow is addressed to the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) muscle origin (Nirschl and Pettrone, 1979).

Inclusive growth is a concept that advances equitable opportunities for economic participants during economic growth with benefits incurred by every section of society. Despite India boasting economic growth rates higher than most developed countries in recent years, a majority of the country’s population still remains unbanked. Government launching the various programs for cashless society and transparency in transaction of money but without the financial inclusion these programs cannot be succeeding in India.

Introduction: Shaken baby syndrome is a serious brain injury caused by forcefully and violently shaking a baby. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome reported that > 500 shaken baby syndrome cases, either fatal or nonfatal, occurred in the U.S., the District of Columbia, 2013-2014.Objective: To assess the level of knowledge on shaken baby syndrome and its prevention among care givers of young child. Design: Descriptive research design was used. Participants: 100 care givers of young child were selected using Convenient sampling technique in Para area of MCH centre Tirupathi.

Back ground: Hip fractures are breaks in the neck and Perirtrochanteric region. These are serious injuries that most often occur in elderly persons and create a major social, psychological, economical and public health problem in this old age. Most hip fractures require surgery, hospitalization, and extended rehabilitation. This puts lot of economical and social burden on the public and government sectors. Objectives: To assess the risk factors of hip fractures among the patients of all age groups presenting for cognitive assistance.

The title of the article was stressed on “Rethinking Curriculum Implementation, Paradigm, Models and Teachers’ Works.” by Cho, Jeasik (1998). The Paper was has been Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (San Diego, CA, April13-17, 1998). The paper was start with introduction and over view in line with the current conceptual map regarding the curriculum implementation scene in terms of the twofold fidelity and adaptive position of view. On another hand it was also address the outlook curriculum enactment.

Background: Sexuality is an integral part of human life. It carries the awesome potential to create new life. It can foster intimacy and bonding as well as shared pleasure in our relationships. It fulfils a number of personal and social needs, and we value the sexual part of our being for the pleasures and benefits it affords us. Yet when exercised irresponsibly it can also have negative aspects such as sexually transmitted diseases--including HIV/AIDS--unintended pregnancy, and coercive or violent behavior.

The study was undertaken with the prime objective of evaluating the role of World Vision in improving the livelihood of the rural community in Soddo Area District, Wolayta Zone. Descriptive survey design was used. Household survey was conducted among 175 households who were randomly selected from five kebeles (villages) on proportionate to their population size. Structured questionnaire was prepared, pretested and distributed among the sample respondents for collection of primary data.

Hairy-cell leukemia (HCL) is a rare slow-growing mature B cell neoplasm of the blood (2% of lymphoid leukaemias) (1). The median average age lies between 50 to 55 years. Can occur at any age from 20-80 years (1). Children are very rarely affected (1). Male to female ratio is 5:1(2). Diagnosis of HCL is based on clinical symptoms, morphologic findings in peripheral blood and bone marrow, flowcytometric immunophenotyping of blood cells and cytogenetics studies.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of investment which contribute to raising the gross national product, so developed countries seek to develop this sector. The study aims clarifying the vision of 2030 and highlighting the tourism investment of the Kingdom because of its geographic position and cultural, natural and Islamic resources.

Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events. The way our body and mind react to life changes. It's the way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. These events are called stressors. Among various life stages Teenage stress is of great concern. It can cause more harm than just a few pimples. Teenage stress has been proven as an indirect cause of eating disorders, depression, physical ,social emotional changes, and even sometimes as serious as suicide.

Sensory marketing creates an impact on the sense of the consumer, where it also affects perception, judgment and behavior. The main objective of the Sensory marketing is to send a direct message to the consumer’s brain creating an interest, tempting the client to purchase that particular product creating a bond between the client and product. Since the five senses play an important role in the human life, establishing brands with great importance is a key factor in the ever increasing brands in the market.

There are a variety of different kinds of braces that offer excellent teeth straightening solutions for the variety of unique smiles we see every day in Orthodontics. From clear braces to the traditional metal kind, there are so many benefits that come with achieving straight, perfect teeth. One of the biggest, most noticeable advantages beyond a transformed smile is overall self-confidence. It’s one of the most anticipated rewards.

Human Resource Development (HRD) is a continuous process of enabling and ensuring the development of employees in a systematic and planned way. No organization can grow and survive in the present day environment without growth and development of its people. Developing the human resource by upgrading their skills, extending their knowledge and competencies would lead to organizational development. Human Resource is the most important and valuable resource of every organization. Dynamic people can build dynamic organizations.

This aimof this study was to evaluate STIKes KESOSI (Sekolah Tinggi Kesehatan Kesetiakawanan Sosial Indonesia) as a nursing college in Jakarta that trains students to graduate asprofessional nurses. The study used a CIPPO (Context, Input, Process, Product) approach that added outcomes (o) component at the end of the evaluation model. The study used a qualitative methodology with data collected through documentation analysis, interviews, questionnaires, field notes, and observations.

The rising number of incidences of psychological and nervous breakdowns and open psychiatric illnesses among children and adolescents are resulting into society’s, (parents and teachers in particular) inability to offer appropriate nurturance to them (children and adolescents). Parents and or caretakers with society at large are faced with difficulty to understand the childhood and adolescence stages.

Face recognition is a task of identifying an individual in an image using a set of images stored in a database. The applications of this activity are vast, few of them include automatic attendance marking system, security issues concerning smartphones and other smart devices, law enforcement and so on. Most of the existing systems focus on image to image face recognition, whereas our system can perform sketch to image recognition. The system can either implement Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) or Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG).

Background: Appropriate utilization and compliance of Surgical Safety Checklist reduces occurrence of perioperative surgical complications and improve patient outcomes. However, data on compliance of surgical checklists are scarce in the study area. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate compliance of checklist completionat ayder comprehensive specialized hospital, mekelle, Ethiopia. Methods: Institutional based cross sectionalstudy was conducted among 132 patients undergoing elective and emergency surgery from April to June 2017.

The existence and mechanism of synchronicities, or “meaningful coincidences”, is hotly debated. The effect of prayer on synchronicity occurrence has yet to be quantified, even though prayer may predispose to synchronicities by suppressing conscious awareness. Here we describe the case of a 60-year-old woman who experienced an increased number of synchronicities after three months of undertaking a focused and intensive prayer programme.

Background and Aim: Life expectancy of people is increasing hence the edentulous population as well. It is of utmost importance that the post insertion instructions to be given by the dentists and followed by the patients earnestly for the success of the prosthetic rehabilitation. In view of this the aim of the present study was conducted. Materials and methods: A self administered questionnaire was administered to the patients to assess their attitude and knowledge about denture care. Results: Out of the 260 patients assessed 76 were males and 184 were females.

Background: Glycemic variability takes into account the intraday glycemic excursions including episodes of hyper and hypoglycaemia. This study was planned to compare effects of teneligliptin and glimepiride as add-on to metformin on glycemic variability in Indian patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methods: This was a prospective, randomized, open-label, multi-centre study in 52 T2DM patients uncontrolled on optimal metformin dose (HbA1c 7.0%-9.5%).

In this work the authors synthesized a new crystalline ceramic Titanium Substituted Manganese -Zinc Ferrite System Mn0.8+xZn0.2TixFe2-2xO4 with x=0.10 by conventional solid state reaction route involving mechanical mixing, ball milling, calcination and sintering. Most important dielectric properties of the material such as dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and impedance of the material are evaluated as a function of temperature and frequency. Variation of electrical conductivity with frequency is found out and it is verified to be in accordance with Jonscher’s power law.

Background: Terminal conditions become a various physical problems. Physical symptoms that are indicated include changes in vision, hearing, nutrition, fluid, elimination, skin, vital signs, mobilization, and pain. Nurses must be responsive to physical changes that occur at the terminal client because it causes discomfort and decreases the client's ability to self-care. Objective: To describe the experience of nurses proving terminal care. Methods: this study was a qualitative design with a phenomenological approach with interview techniques.

Introduction: Dental anomalies in tooth number, shape, size and position usually result in problems in maxillary and mandibular arch length and occlusion, which may greatly influence orthodontic treatment planning. Digital radiography (Panoramic radiography) is most accurate for diagnostic purposes as it allows complete visualization of maxillary and mandibular teeth. Aim: The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of dental anomalies, that could bethe cause of malocclusion in the Vidarbhian population.

The aim of this study was to describe parental awareness towards the safe use of medications to their children with autism. Method: Cross-sectional study was conducted on April 2016, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia one hundred parents out of two hundred (Response rate of 50%) were answered validated survey questionnaire assessing their awareness about the safe use of medication to their children with autism.

This paper presents a survey conducted on Sustainability of Small and Micro Enterprises. Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) has a vital place in the economic development of any nation. In the State of Oromia, for example Small and Micro Enterprise (SMEs) sector contributed over 50 percent in the economic development and created significant number of new jobs despite number of difficulties that the SMEs are facing. Past statistics indicated that two out of five unable to survive during the first six months.

The study fits more broadly in the perspective of the communication of the organizations. The author brings together, in the same context, other paradigms in information and communication sciences, which help to better understand the problematic of event communication in general. The fields of institutional communication, social, political and marketing, are exploited in a general way, but with a particular interest for Ivory Coast. The main reason is that in this country, for ten years, communication based on the creation and staging of events, is in the process of acquiring its acclaim.

The public assembly buildings like outdoor and indoor stadiums are prone to acoustical defects arising out of multifold reasons observed during many stage events. This investigation was carried out with an aim to do away with the obstructions intervening during the gala events. The factors identified to influence the acoustics of buildings are geometrical properties of the building, materials used for construction and interiors, openings in buildings, orientation and positioning of sound systems, number and capacity of sound systems and so on.

The urban experience of Indian cities is mixture of formal and informal spaces, both in context of spatial arrangement and material experience. The new paradigm of globalized smart cities fails to plan/ consider the presence of such street/ block activities in the planning process.Considering street vending playing a major role in contributing to India’s informal economy, this paper critiques the various policies in place at international, national and at Karnataka state level.

This paper aims to study the viability of converting a putrescible goat stomach into novelty leather in order to produce small leather goods adding value to the waste of goat. In this study, eight pieces of goat stomach were taken which were turned into leather through the stages done in general leather processing such as soaking, liming, de-liming, bating, pickling, tanning, dyeing, finishing etc. After that some physical (tensile strength, stitch tear strength, tearing strength and colour rub fastness) and chemical tests (chromic oxide content, fat content and pH) were performed.

Measurement radiation level at Atati, Butajera, Mercy and Woliso hospital was carried out using THERMO/RadEye PRD (personal radiation detector). The radiation level results obtained range from 3.074±0.144623mSv/y to 4.179±0.141461mSv/y with an average of 3.6205±0.13417mSv/y respectively. These results showed that the radiation levels in all of the internal (inside) radiation room were higher than the recommended values for patient that 1 mSv/y maximum permissible limit for the public set by International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).

An attempt has been made of study the effect of different biofertilizers such as Azotobacter and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) on yield and yield components of Maize (Zea mays L.) varieties viz.Eco-92 and African tall. The experiments were carried out in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The yield parameters like weight of cob, diameter of cob, length of cob, number of rows per cob, weight of grains, number of grains per cob, weight of 100 grains, grain yield Kg/ha .

Resorption of mandibular ridge poses a challenge towards fabrication of a successful stable mandibular denture. Neutral zone concept plays a significant role in overcoming these challenges. Neutral zone is the area where the forces between the tongue on one side and cheeks and lips on other side are neutralized. This technique is most effective in cases where there is highly resorbed ridge along with history of denture instability. This case report also describes a way to record flabby tissue over the ridge using Hobkirk technique.

Brassinosteroids (BRs) can be lucidly considered as the 6th group of plant growth regulators (PGRs) capable of plant growth and development as well as potential alleviators of abiotic stresses in plants. Curcuma longa L. commonly known as turmeric is a medicinally important ingredient in the Indian Cuisine. It is cultivated in Nizamabad district which comprises of semi-arid tropical soil on a large scale.

Salivary glands are the first organs of digestion secreting their digestive juices into the oral cavity. Parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands are the major paired salivary glands in the decreasing order of their size. The imaging is directed to the major salivary glands. Although a lot of refinement of the older techniques and advancement in terms of newer techniques have happened in this field of imaging studies, but it is always better to learn and understand each and every technique available for this special group of disorders.

This experimentation was carried out the effect of tannery effluent on seed germination of Abelmoschus esculentus .L (Ladies finger) seeds under the tannery spiked soil condition. The treatments were made by mixing measured amount of tannery effluents in ground water i.e.5%,10%,15%,20%,25%,and 100% concentrations on seed germination of Abelmoschus esculentus .L (Ladies finger). The seed germination experiments were carried out in completely randomized design (CRD) with six effluent concentrations (treatments), each experiment carried out in triplicates.

Background: People living with HIV (PLHIV) in resource limited settings should have access to essential interventions to prevent illness and HIV transmission. Under Universal access, agreed to by the G8, efforts to scale up all prevention interventions, to promote provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling services and to integrate these into the care and treatment of PLHIV are underway.

Endophytes are known for their antifungal activity. Aspergillusflavus is a dominant endophyte isolated from stem and leaves of Acacia nilotica. .Aspergillusflavus screened for their antifungal activity against some plant pathogenic fungi. Antifungal activity was checked by using Dual culture method on PDA medium. The zone of inhibition was calculate. The maximum inhibition was recorded against Rhizoctoniasolani followed by Fusariumsolani, Aspergillusniger and minimum inhibition was recorded against and Pythiummyriotylum.

Ameloblastoma is most common tumor of odontogenic origin. Ameloblastoma has high rate of recurrence and are abominable for their fast growth. Unicystic ameloblastoma has several clinic-radiographic, histological types. Here we are presenting a case report of a 19 years old male patient.

Tripikon is a pipe usage model as a means of modified infiltration ditch as an effort of water pollution minimization. The purpose of this research was to analyze the decrease of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Most Probable Number (MPN) Coliform level of domestic waste in tripikon infiltration ditch at narrow field. This research was an experimental research with a group of pre and posttest design.

The period of adolescence (10-19, with “youth” defined as up to 24)i represents a critical window of opportunity when young people are learning to make independent decisions and forming their own attitudes and beliefs. However, the period of adolescence is also a time of vulnerability and many adolescents experience threats to their sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR).Poor SRHR in adolescence – across both humanitarian and development settings – has both immediate and long-term consequences on health, education, and livelihood outcomes.

Introduction:-According to WHO, Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more than 1 billion adults overweight- at least 300 million of them clinically obese and a major contributor to the global burden of chronic disease and disability. Obesity is an increase in body weight as the result of excessive accumulation of body fat and obesity results when the caloric value of food intake exceeds energy output. Overweight and obesity are considered the core of many diseases.

The scientific assessment is included with freshwater ichthyofaunal diversity, distribution and evaluation of diversity indices analysis which are found in Doyang reservoir’s different distinct stretches, Nagaland in between the year 2015 to 2018. Total 64 numbers of freshwater fishes in which 6 order and 16 families were found where most dominated order is Cypriniformes and family is Cyprinidae.

Background: Anemia is a commonly encountered health problem in India. Beta thalassemia and iron deficiency anemia (IDA) are one of the important causes of microcytic hypochromic anaemia. Their differentiation is important because they not only require different management but also have different implications to the community. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is currently the gold standard in diagnosing haemoglobinopathies. However, in a resource poor country like India HPLC may not be widely available, especially in rural areas.

Background: Freezing of gait is a disabling core feature of Parkinson’s disease. Several studies have proven that implementation of visual, auditory cues have improved freezing of gait, which requires conspicuous horizontal lines, audio instrument such as metronome. Objective: Our aim is to evaluate the effect of imaginary cues in freezing of gait in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Methodology: 22 patients who presented with freezing of gait and diagnosis consistent with Parkinson’s disease were included in the study. Patients were asked to perform the 50 feet walk test.

The synthesis of N-[3-(prop-1-yn-1-yl)phenyl] benzenesulfonamide was performed and its antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was determined. Minimalinhibitory concentrations (MIC) of 12.5 µg/mL and 25.0 µg/mL were obtained respectively.

Many challenges determine the strategies agricultural mechanization/motorization promotion in Benin: to enter in the world tendency through development projects; to integrate the financing or/and the promotion of agricultural mechanization/motorization in the crop production activities; to be concentrated in the reduction of work hardness and the increasing of cotton cultivated lands; increase farmers’ incomes and that of the State, to be equipped with consequent strategy.

This is a clinical case of a maxillary right first molar with four root canals using a hyflex edm rotary file system. A successful endodontic treatment of a tooth depends on shaping, cleaning and filling of the canal system.With the innovative mechanism of HyFlex EDM files which are produced using process called Electrical Discharge Machining. The EDM process results in a file that is extremely flexible and fracture resistant. In fact, HyFlex EDM files are up to 700% more resistant to cyclic fatigue compared to traditional NiTi files

Sweet potato tuber posses various nutritious content makes them fit for food source, whether consumed as the whole, or their derivatives. These plants are susceptible to diseases including scabies. Current study was aimed to show polimorphism patterns of 10 different scabies-infested sweet potatto cultivars using 10 RAPD-PCR primers.

Objective: Cardiovascular risk prediction models are very effective way to assess the 10 years cardiovascular disease risk prediction among the populations. The present study determined the validity and utility of two important risk prediction models Framingham Risk Score (FRS) and Globorisk among Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) subjects with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and without CVD. Methods: Consecutively 208 subjects with T2DM were recruited and they were categorized into 2 groups: Group 1 consisted of 103 patients with CVD and Group 2 consisted of 105 patients without CVD.

Objective: To study the cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with migraine. Background: Migraine is an episodic disorder commonly encountered in daily practice. Multiple hypothesis have been proposed for the pathophysiology of migraine. It is a state of altered excitability capable of activating trigeminovascular system. It is a neurovascular coupling disorder where the cerebrovascular reactivity is malfunctioning. The neuronal hypersensitivity to different external and internal stimuli is the primary pathophysiological changes in these patients.

Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is popular worldwide as a source of food, fiber, fuel and fodder. Sorghum is a grass plant related to Maize and Sugar cane (Paterson et al., 2009), also having great importance as fodder for cattle. Sorghum is a nutritionally rich fodder crop. For livestock production sorghum fodder usage is increasing extensively as it is a drought tolerant and water use efficient crop. Present study was aimed at studying the variation in traits related to stove yield and quality in sorghum.

Background: The aim of the present study is to determine the relationship between dental findings and mucosal abnormalities of the maxillary sinus among dental patients, using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). Materials and methods: Two hundred forty-nine CBCT scans of dental patients were studied.

The rhabditid genera, Heterorhabditidis, Steinernema and Oscheius are used for insect control due to their high and rapid infectivity and easy manipulation. They are safe for non-target vertebrates as well as environment. They are easily applied using standard equipment. All these advantageous characteristics as a bio control agent have triggered the rapid development and commercialization of entomopathogenic nematodes.

Adhesion is a phenomenon of general significance that governs the evolution of microorganisms and their interaction in all the environments in which they occur, that is to say in the whole of the biosphere. The elucidation of the mechanisms at the molecular level of bacterial adhesion to solid surfaces has not been fully accomplished. The oral cavity is part of these environments, the bacterial adhesion is interested in different structures in the mouth: dental structures, mucosal structures and structures of therapeutic interest (composite, brackets, orthodontic wire, ceramic, titanium…).

Fishes constitute an economically significant group of aquatic animals due to their importance in providing food to riverine communities and urban centers. As a food, fishes provide a wide range of nutritional gains, including fish meat, fish protein, manure, shagreen, isinglass, glue and other products. The term “fish” is usually a convenient description for a group of poikilothermic (cold blooded) aqutic vertibrates under the chordate phylum that breathe with gills (Nelson, 2006).

Ankyloglossia is a congenital anomaly that restricts the tongue’s range of motion. Lingual frenulum connects the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth with a band of tissue which is tight, thick and short. This results in difficulty in speech and tongue movements. Lingual frenulum is a small fold of tissue. Lingual frenectomy which is also known as a frenulectomy, frenulotomy or frenotomy is the removal of a frenulum. A novel surgical technique known as presuturing technique in the management of ankyloglossiahas been used in this case report.





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