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February 2013

Understanding traditional medicines better has been the priority for scientists looking for a safer alternative for their synthetic counterparts. In the present study, an attempt was made to understand the anti-cancer potentials of Mukia maderasaptana (Linn) M. Roem. leaf extracts against human colon cancer cell lines Colo320 DM. The plant materials were subjected to sequential cold percolation extraction in Hexane, Chloroform and Methanol solvents. The phytoconstituents were determined using standard procedures.

Viscosities and apparent molar volumes of different concentrations of lanthanum chloride from 1x10-2 to 9x10-2 mol dm-3 have been studied in absolute and aqueous ethanol mixtures at temperatures ranging from 303 to 323 K. viscosity and density data were analyzed by using two different relations for the prediction of nature of lanthanum chloride in absolute and aqueous ethanol systems. A and B-coefficients of Jones-Dole equation show ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions respectively.

In the present study, the effect of Bamboo seed extract was evaluated in endosulfan treated testes of male wistar rats. Effect of pesticide treatment and pesticide along with bamboo seed extract were studied through serum hormonal analysis (FSH, LH and Testosterone), testicular biochemistry (ascorbic acid), sperm function analysis. Administration of bamboo seed extract in endosulfan treated rat shows the revival of reproductive function by protecting the reproductive organ from endosulfan induced oxidative stress mediated testicular toxicity.

Several diseases affect maize plants and one among them is black bundle disease, causal organism of which is yet to be confirmed with conflicting reports appearing in literature. In the present work, an effort was made to record the disease incidence by carry out filed surveys in Southern most district of Karnataka state, India and also to isolate and identify the causal organism. The surface sterilized pith tissue from the infected plants was cultured on PDA medium to identify the organism in the affected vascular tissue.

The sublethal toxicity of quinalphos on histopathology of tissues such as liver, kidney and gill was investigated in fresh water fish, Labeo rohita exposed to 1/10th of sublethal concentration of the chemical for a period of 7, 14 and 21 days. Though, acute exposure has not resulted in death, it led to many histological variations such as histolysis, lesions, necrosis and vacuolation etc. There are many degenerative changes in the tissues studied suggestive of impairment of normal function when compared to controls.

Panel testing (PT) slides were prepared by Bleach Ammonium sulphate (BAS) and N-acetyl L- Cysteine (NALC) methods. A total of 150 slides were prepared, 80 slides were stained and two different technologists validated 60 slides. Consistency was found true when compared with standard consistency table for all grades in both methods and M±2SD was within the limits. This study suggests that BAS method is equally good as NALC sputum concentration method.

The principal object of this paper is to prove three theorems based on integral representations of the generalized M-series which is introduced recently by Sharma and Jain[8].

The present study was undertaken to find and compare the adjustment problems of retired working and non-working women on rural and urban background. 200 retired working and non-working women were selected by using purposive cum stratified sampling technique. Old Age adjustment inventory developed by Shamshad Hussain and Jasbir Kour was uses for data collection. The data was subjected to statistical treatment by using Mean, Standard Deviation, and ‘t’ test. It was found that retired working and non-working women differ significantly on adjustment problems.

Croton scabiosus Bedd. (Euphorbiaceae), an endemic tree of southern Andhra Pradesh, India is known to represent a small population and found primarily affected by recurrent fires and secondarily by seed pathology and poor germination in the natural habitat warranting immediate conservation attempts. With an objective to propagate the species in vitro through somatic embryogenesis, an attempt has been made to develop a protocol for callogenesis by using different explants collected from natural population.

Glucose, glycogen, protein, amino acid and lipid are the major components of the body play an important role in the body construction and energy metabolism. The biochemical estimation were made in the tissues of the fat body, testis, seminal vesicle, vas deferens and male accessory reproductive glands (MARGs). The present study was find out the effect of (phytopesticide) Piperidine on Odontopus varicornis. The insects were exposed to Piperidine for 48h of duration differ significantly, the sub lethal concentration for Piperidine was found to be about 0.15%for 48 hours LD50.

The Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) under the World Trade Organization came into effect on 1st January 1995. The AoA insists to establish a fair and market oriented system through the process of negotiations of commitments on support and protection through operational rules and disciplines in the areas of market access, domestic support and export subsidies.

A thorough and extensive germplasm exploration survey was undertaken during 2009 and 2010 to assess the distribution and variability in seed traits of Jatropha curcas L. in Senegal. Nineteen accessions from different agro ecological zones of the country were collected to evaluate variability in seed characters. Trees aged at least 5 years only were considered. Among the seed traits studied, 100 seed weight ranged from 63.68 to 77.83 g and seed length from 17.89 to 19.15 mm. The highest 100 seed weight (77.83 g) was recorded for the accession Jc-16 collected from Mampatim.

This study attempts to examine the role of ethical treatment towards customers in enhancing enterprise performance. In this study respondents are the farmers contracted to Mumias sugar company which subcontracts cane transport services to private cane haulage companies. A total of 138 questionnaires were distributed and 100 were returned. To test the conceptual frame work, a structural equation modeling to analyze the data was done.

In this work a preliminary investigation of the average daily solar insolation in Ihite Uboma LGA of Imo State, South East Nigeria, has been made. Method employed the use of the correlation between solar insolation and the solar resistance of a cadmium sulphide photoresistor cell mounted within the locality. Experiment suggests that the location has average daily insolation figure of about 10.0kWhm-2 per day. In comparison with NASA’s report of 2002, the LGA appears to fall within the high radiation zone of the globe and so can support solar projects.

Rubber products are widely used in our daily life these products are mainly made up of Natural rubber (NR) which is obtained from the latex of tree Hevea brasiliensis commonly called Rubber tree. The average composition of the natural rubber latex is 25-30% polyisoprene, 1-1.8% proteins, 1-2% carbohydrates, 0.4-1.1% neutral lipids, 0.5-0.6% polar lipids, 0.4-0.6% inorganic components, 0.4% aminoacids etc., and other 50-70% water. The different rubber products are manufactured by using vulcanized natural rubber.

The immense emphasis given to economic growth has shifted in the last two decades to concerns with sustainable development. A development path is considered to be sustainable if it ensures that the stock of overall natural capital remains constant or increases over time. The new advances in the field of accounting theory renewed the importance of ‘greening’ the national income accounts. That is, the depreciation or depletion of natural capital should be included in any aggregate indicators of net national output.

This paper presents the results of a study on traditional healthcare practices of local herbal healers known as Vaidya and other knowledgeable people of Jhansi district of Bundelkhand region. Since knowledge of traditional uses of various medicinal plants is limited to mostly traditional herbal healers, it is of extreme importance to compile and document this heritage for coming generations. In the present study, 100 plant species belonging to 43 genera and 50 families are used traditionally for the curing of more than 45 ailments and diseases.

Urbanization and regional development are closely associated. Allocation of higher and lower order facilities and specialization of business influence urban growth which diffuses its benefits to the surrounding countryside. Subsequently, socio-economic development of the region comes into being. The continuous increase of urban size cannot be sustained rather declining growth will certainly set in long run. Optimum level of its growth depends on the capacity of an urban centre to provide required facilities to the people in fair manner.

Most African countries have put in place policies that ensure delivery and achievement of the time lines for the provision of Education for A (EFA). Decentralization of education services is one of the many reforms put in place by many Governments for effective service delivery to its citizens. This paper thus outlines the implications of Decentralization of Education services on Access, Equity and Quality. The authors highlight the concept of Decentralization and the rationale of Decentralization of Education services.

For policies to solve women problems, their interest, determinant and level of their participation in agriculture have to be understood. This study was conducted in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria, to identify the factors motivating the interest of women in poultry egg farming. A stratified random sampling technique was adopted in selecting 60 registered women poultry egg farmers and 60 registered women non-poultry egg farmers respectively making a total of 120 respondents. Data was collected by administering a structured questionnaire to the sampled women.

Silicate solubilising bacteria (SSB) are used as biofertilizer to crops as it solubilises silica and potassium from soil silicate minerals. The investigators use different types of media containing an insoluble silicate mineral of their choice to determine the solubilisation potential of the isolates. However no specific medium is recommended either for isolation or for enumeration and screening.

The Molluscans are helpful in purification of water in their capacity to act as scavengers. The Molluscans play an important role in the assessment of water quality that is they are used as Bio indicators. The rivers are always selected as the sites for drinking purposes. The biodiversity of Narmada River is quite varied, rich and needs regular monitoring and conservation as the river is subjected to various sources of point and non point pollution which are posing threat to these biota.

Participatory development paradigm has increasingly been associated with people and their aspirations to make decisions affecting their own lives. Central to these aspirations is their desire to plan and participate in the identification, planning and management of their needs without outside prescriptions. Community participation in project planning and management is essential in enhancing development at the basic community level, a critical for tool and sustainable development and a foundation for national development.

Marine sponges are rich sources of novel secondary metabolite and they are potential drug molecule to antitumor and antiprolific drug development. Hyrtios erectus was extracted and purified through different solvent fractions methods. Pure compound was obtained as brownish amorphous powder. The positive test for dragendorff reagent was indicated as alkaloid group. Cytotoxicity was tested on Normal (Vero) cell line non tumor cells, Human Breast cancer cell line (MCF-7) and Human epithelial larynx cancer cell line (Hep-2) using microculture tetrazolium (MTT) assay for anticancer activity.

Polymerase chain reaction was applied for the detection DNA of the pathogenic protozoan Toxoplasma gondii based on 35-fold-repetitive gene (the B1 gene) as a target. Blood from (65) recurrent abortive women who were positive for (ELISA) and (25) apparently healthy pregnant women with no history of abortion as control group, were taken to extract DNA from it and to detect the B1 gene if present. The B1 gene was present and conserved in all T.

This paper revealed the characteristics of arable-land resources and utilization, the basic process and regional difference of changes in arable-land area and current direction of cultivated land according to the arable-land statistics data during the reform and opening-up over the past 20 years and detailed survey and altered data of land use during the recent five years. Also, the major driving factors and influence mechanism for the changes in the cultivated land area were discussed.

Cobalt ferrite is a well-known hard magnetic material with high coercivity and moderate magnetization. Its nanoparticles at ambient temperature were effectively synthesized via the reproducible solvothermal process. The crystal structure morphology of the sample was determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM). The X-ray diffraction spectrum shows that the synthesized particle has been spinel structure. The average crystalline size was 32 nm.

Dawadawa is a fermented seed meal of a tropical tree plant; Parkia biglobosa. It is commonly used in Ghanaian homes as flavour enhancers in varieties of meals. This study was conducted to determine the effects of dawadawa as a spicing agent on sensory characteristics and nutritional qualities of meat products (smoked pork sausage and burgers). Fresh boneless beef and pork were minced separately and were used to formulate burgers and smoked pork sausages, with various levels of dawadawa inclusions.

Social networking sites are gaining popularity in recent years all around the world. Users of these sites are generally population below 40 years mostly school students, professional students, corporate world etc. Facebook is the most popular social networking site having more than 90 million users. Many studies had showed usefulness of facebook as informal e-learning tool for professional students and faculty, to hold discussion and online interaction with each other. Beside all these benefits, some studies have showed potential hazards of these sites.

As part of research towards enhancing the value chain of sorghum utilisation in Ghana, a study was conducted in four districts in the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana, to investigate the marketing prospects for commercial sorghum malt. Purposeful sampling technique was employed to select the communities and snowball sampling was used to identify the brewers and maltsters in the communities. Two hundred and fifteen (215) respondents were interviewed and the data obtained was analysed using descriptive statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16.

The synthesis of polymers based on anthranillic acid( o-amino benzoic acid) ,p-chloroaniline and o-methylaniline by aniline–initiated ammonium peroxydisulfate oxidation method has been attempted. Poly(anthranillic acid),poly(p-chloroaniline ),and poly(orthomethylaniline) thus synthesized were characterized by using infrared spectroscopy(FTIR),1H –nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy(1H-NMR),X-ray diffraction (XRD) and thermo gravimetric analysis(TGA).

The large demand and lower yield of bis indole alkaloids (vincristine and vinblastine), which are present in the leaves of catharanthus roseus, promote research effort for the development of superior stocks. The seeds of C. roseus have been treated with different doses of gamma rays and ethyl methane sulfonate alone and in combination with more attention towards increased percentage of bis indole alkaloid production to meet current medical demand.

The involvement of the community in sustainable forest management needs to be anchored on sound knowledge and vast understanding of forests, forest resources and their sustainable exploitation mechanisms. Humans encroachment into the Nandi Hills Forests, compounded by urban expansion, unsustainable timber harvesting and agricultural practices have over the years threatened to annihilate this catchment area. The study was undertaken in three districts; Nandi South, Nandi Hills and Nandi North Districts.

In order to evaluate of six corn genotypes for drought stress tolerance an experiment was conducted under field conditions at Satloo station of agricultural research center of west Azerbaijan province in 2010-11 seasons. A strip plot experiment with the based on complete blocks design was carried out at four replications. Three drought stress levels including control, water held at flowering stage and ear emergence arranged as main plots and six genotypes single crosses of 704, 700, 640, 540, 500, and 260 were at subplots.

Green gluing of ayous (triplochiton scleroxylon) and frake (terminalia superba) from Cameroon was investigated. Two room temperature curing glues namely resorcinol-phenol-formaldehyde (RPF) and one component polyurethane (1C-PU) were used. Each wood species was conditioned at various moisture contents and their influence on bond linesshear strength assessed. Block shear specimens for RPF were tested dry (in tropical conditions). Wood glued with 1C-PU was tested dry, cold soaked and vacuum- pressure treated.

This paper examines the role of culture in organizational performance. It is a research carried out using the secondary data done by different researchers. The main objective of the study is to assess the roles culture play in the performance of an organization. The elements of corporate culture were identified as business environment, values, heroes, rites and rituals, cultural network, norms, artifacts and basic assumptions. Similarly, the elements of cultural web were noted as rituals, stories, symbols, power structures, cultural systems and organizational structure.

The mass media is the primary source of information on science and technology for the layman. How cartoonists “define” a science concept or issue for instance can contribute significantly to how the public forms an opinion about a topic that is not known or clear. Hence, this study was conducted to determine how cartoonists in Philippine national newspapers “define” crop biotechnology. A sample of cartoons published during 2000-2009 was analyzed as to message, tone, and use of frame and symbols.

Background: Migration is found to be an important transmission mode of HIV infection mainly through unsafe sex with Female Sex Workers. Many workers have chances and choices to get FSWs. If sex behaviour is unsafe with FSWs, there will be more likely for HIV risk. Keeping the above in view, an attempt is made to find the relationship between the marital status and Female sex workers contact of male workers in hotels of Chennai and Madurai Districts of Tamil Nadu.

The research of the present work was to investigate the removal of Chromium ion from aqueous solution by using Abutilon Indicum (AAAI). Generally, metal ions are used in chemical, textile, paper, printing, leather, plastics and various food industries. The need for the treatment of metal ion contaminated waste water passed out from the industry. In this study, Abutilon Indicum was studied for its potential use as an adsorbent for removal of Chromium ions.

The aim of the present study was to compare the antioxidant system of two algae harvested from the Tunisian north costal region. Also we searched a potential resource of new antioxidant compounds, which can be used in health field or for food quality determination. Two Mediterranean, green and vigour algae: Codium bursa (Olivi) C. Agardh and Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Sonder) Verlaque, Huisman and Boudouresque were chosen for this purpose. The two species belonging to the Ulvaceae, grew in Sidi Raies a coastal region in Tunisia.

Survey of avian fauna in Dachigam national park, Srinagar, Kashmir was conducted from October 2010 to September 2011. A total of 111 species belonging to 80 genera, 14 orders and 35 families were recorded. Out of these: 74 were resident, 6 were winter visitor, 21 were summer visitor and 10 were local altitudinal migrants. The prominent bird species include wagtails, kingfishers, bulbuls, doves, crows, warblers, chats, thrushes, woodpeckers, flycatchers, tits, magpie, sparrows and buntings.

The present study is aimed at making a comparative study of the direct spectrophotometric determination of 5-nitroimidazoles such as metronidazole, ornidazole, tinidazole, secnidazole and satranidazole with 0.5% sulphanilamide and 0.3% NEDA. Each of the drug samples was boiled for 90 minutes at a temperature of 90oC followed by the treatment with the reagents 0.5% sulphanilamide and 0.3% NEDA. It exhibited a stable instantaneous reddish purple, colour, which showed maximum absorbance at 540nm.

Riverine plains are gifted with regular supply of water and silts inevitable for the sustenance of the existing functioning of the ecosystems. Periodic floods sometimes proved beneficial to those ecosystems which human had long adjustments for production activities. The abandoned courses of river play the role of inundation canals with capacity either to carry water to the low lying wetlands or to hold the excess water for a longer time from which water for irrigation during dry spells could be available.

Ephemeroptera is an important group of insects used in the bioassessment and monitoring of freshwater bodies worldwide because of their relative abundance in a wide variety of substrates and their increasing chances of detecting pollution impacts. In present study limnological studies on various sampling sites of river Narmada were carried out from August 2009 to July 2010 to enumerate the diversity of mayfly fauna. Four sampling sites viz; Punasa dam (Narmada Nagar), Omkareshwar, Khalgat and Koteshwar (Barwani) were sampled quantitatively.

Stochastic Models have been used to analyze the inflow rate of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant (STP) of Southern Mysore. Based on the daily inflow data of 217 days (November 2011 to June 2012), many possible combinations of the orders ‘p’ and ‘q’ were made with the differencing one (d=1). On the basis of diagnostic check, ARIMA (1, 1, 2) was selected which has a combination of significant R – square value of 0. 899 and a least Normalized Bayesian information Criterion (BIC) value of 1.681.

In the present study, the molecular structure, vibrational and electronic analyses of 3-(4-fluorobenzoyl) propionic acid (34FBPA, C10H9FO3) were presented using experimental techniques (FT-IR, FT-Raman and UV-VIS) and density functional theory (DFT) employing B3LYP exchange correlation with the 6-31G(d)basis set. FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra were recorded in the regions of 4000–400 cm−1 and 4000–100 cm−1, respectively. The UV–VIS absorption spectra of the compound that dissolved in ethanol and water solution were recorded in the range of 190–400 nm.

Adolescence and identity crisis is a much discussed phenomena. In Indian culture adolescents stay at home and with parents till or even after they become adults. It is therefore assumed that home environment plays an important role in the life of an adolescent. The present study attempts to explore the relation between home environment and identity crisis of adolescents if any. In the present study, standardized tests were administered to obtain the scores on self image of students (considered as one of the indicator of identity crisis) and scores on different aspects of home environement.

Pune city is one of the emerging cities of the Modern India. Three major rivers (Pavana, Mula and Mutha) are flowing through this city. All the domestic sewage, industrial effluents and solid waste find its way to these rivers via channels which affect the quality of flowing water and also creating health problems. In the present study an attempt has been made to assess the flowing water pollution in the Pune city. 14 physicochemical parameters were analyzed. Among the two rivers, Mutha was found highly polluted.

Due to wide industrial use, chromium and copper are considered as serious environmental pollutants. Hexavalent chromium is one of the heavy metal and it was found to cause variety of clinical problems like asthma, pneumonitis, bronchogenic carcinoma, skin allergies and so on. Cu toxicity also causes problems like abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhoea, respiratory difficulties, anaemia, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney failure and death. Plants are becoming more efficient producers of food, fiber and medicines.

To assess Cd and Cu phytotoxicity, experiments focusing on germination of barley (Hordeum vulgare L. var. ‘Manel’) seeds were germinated for two days in a solution containing CdCl2 (25, 50 and 100 µM) or CuSO4 (100, 300 and 500 µM) . The growth of radicles and shoots decreased while the water content in stressed seeds remained near control values. A decline in α-amylase, acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase activities was also observed in endosperms while β-amylase activity was only slightly modified by heavy-metal treatments.

The promotion of groundnut sector in Benin required not only the usual seeds oil extraction, but also high-priced exploitation of rejected seeds cake. This residue entered manufacture of patties locally called kluiklui particularly prized by populations. Those fritters/patties were obtained at the end of frying of defatted dough of crushed seeds. The mastery of qualitative characteristics and industrial parameters for manufacturing groundnut patties ought to expand consumption range at regional and international levels generating more incomes throughout increasing foreign exchanges.

A simple HPLC-UV-DAD method was developed for rapid identification and quantitation of tectorigenin in five species of genus Iris viz Iris crocea, Iris ensata, Iris germanica, Iris kashmeriana and Iris spuria growing wild in Kashmir valley. The analysis was performed by using Chromolith RP-18e analytical column (5 μm; 4.6 mm × 100 mm) at isocratic elution of methanol and water (30:70, v/v) with diode array detection at 265nm. The calibration curve showed good linearity (r2 > 0.998) within test ranges and recoveries were 98.2 to 101.2%.

The present study utilizes two indigenous bacterial strains Salmonella sp. S1 and S2 for biotransformation of Cr(VI) into Cr(III). The interactive effect of three crucial operating parameters via pH, temperature and initial Cr(VI) ion concentration were studied. The experiments were designed using Box-Behnken matrix and Response surface methodology. For the construction of quadratic model, total seventeen experiments were conducted for the two bacterial strains.

Shrimp culture in ponds has been one of the major sources of livelihoods for the fish farmers whereas shrimp disease is the most serious problem that the farmers have been facing. Although shrimp farming has been quite successful and the technology has continually improved, it has caused some environmental damage such as eutrophication, sedimentation in coastal area, chemical bioaccumulation in waterborne and deleterious pond bottom soil.

Foraminifera unicellular protozoan whose high level taxonomical studies are based on shell mineralogy can be categorized into four groups as taxa with organic shell, agglutinated taxa, calcareous perforate taxa and calcareous imperforate and habituating in marine environments such as coral reef and mangrove. For the present study benthic foraminifer fauna has been collected in the Van veen grab sampler in the Sosistris Bay and North Bay of Port Blair India.

Nanobiotechnology is emerging day by day in the today’s technology. Here we are giving the different synthesis procedures of silver nanoparticles and the results of their characterization. All the particles obtained shows nearly similar characteristics. Plant mediated , Algae mediated and fungal mediated are the three different souces taken here. Finally applications of these nanoparticles are mentioned. These nanoparticles are quite impressive and have wide bandwidth of applications.

The biological basis for women’s insecurity is their relative physical weakness and their major role as the gender responsible for the survival of the human race. These make them incapable of self defense in the face of stronger sex. This paper examined the role of women in National Security. It utilized secondary data from books, journals, write-ups by International Organizations to buttress the fact that women have always played significant roles in national security despite hindrances by culture and religion.

Cigarette smoking is associated with development and progression of numerous chronic diseases worldwide. In India smoking is a common habit in both rural and urban areas. Cigarette smoking is associated with alterations in inflammatory markers among smokers and it causes various effects on body including blood. It is well recognized that smoking is one of the most important factors contributing to the evolution of atherosclerosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Most of India’s people, and most of its poor, still live in rural India. The burden of disease and its effects are disproportionately seen in the poor, with a clear ingredient in illness and mortality. There is a crisis in rural heath scenario in India and Bihar. There is widely prevalent myth that people in rural areas have small health problems which can be addressed by a minimally staffed and equipped heath centre. This paper completely debunks this illusion.

The study was carried out In Phagwara Tehsil of Punjab to determine various physical and chemical parameters from Industrial effluents. The industrial effluents are thrown into the river Kali baien through Gandanala. Midstream samples were collected for analysis from phagwara to Khera. The samples were analyzed for temperature, E.C, Turbidity, PH, total hardness, Dissolved Oxygen, COD and Alkalinity. Temperature was recorded to ± 0.10C accuracy, immediately after collecting the samples. The temperature varies from 6oc to 38oc during December to May.

In the present investigation, 140 species of phytoplankton belonging to 4 classes, viz., Cyanophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Bacillariophyceae and Euglenophyceae were recorded. They belonged to 46 genera and 11 orders. Among the phytoplankton population, Bacillariophyceae constituted 40%, followed by Chlorophyceae (30%), Cyanophyceae (20%) and Euglenophyceae (10%). The Bacillariophyceae was the dominant group of the phytoplankton population in all the stations followed by Chlorophyceae, Cyanophyceae and Euglenophyceae.

Sustaining agriculture and food security in the face of serious and widespread problems of resource degradation and more ominous climate change related issues has emerged as a major challenge of the present century. In the past most interventions to enhance agriculture have aimed at improving crop yields through the supply of seed improved cultivation and inputs and little consideration has been given to sustainable resource use management.

Series of 5-amino-N-(substituted phenyl)-1-(substituted)-3-[(3-chloro-4-fluorophenyl) amino]-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxamide. Were synthesized from N-(3-chloro-4-fluorophenyl)-2-cyanoa 3, 3 Bis methyl sulfonyl acrylamide using various hydrazines. All the synthesized compounds were characterized by physical data (M.P. & TLC) and spectral Data (IR & 1H NMR). The synthesized compounds were screened for in vitro anti-inflammatory activity by using Diclofenac sodium as standard of concentration (100µg/0.1mL). And in vitro antioxidant activity (300µg/mL).

Foraminifer a single shelled protozoan whose high level taxonomical studies are based on shell mineralogy can be categorized into four groups as taxa with organic shell, agglutinated taxa, calcareous perforate taxa and calcareous imperforate and habituating in marine and mangrove environments. For the present study benthic foraminifer fauna has been collected in the Van veen grab sampler in the Sosistris Bay, North Bay, Aberdeen jetty, Chidyatapu, and Wandoor of Port Blair India.

The aphid B.brassicae is a key pest of various cruciferous crops like cabbage, cauliflower, kale and other such Brassica species. The objective of the present work was to evaluate the effect of texture/morphology of two cruciferous crops viz. cauliflower and turnip on the biology of B.brassicae under natural conditions of temperature and humidity. The mean developmental period, reproductive period, adult longevity and total longevity so recorded were subjected to t-test. The developmental period on turnip was recorded as (9.91 days) and on cauliflower as (8.75 days).

Perishability, nature of different variety of tea urges proper and timely marketing for minimizing the loss in producer’s side and maximizing the benefit in consumer’s side. Over the century, auction has served as a better price discovery mechanisms as well as media for marketing of bulk tea shrouded with transparency. However, significant change has emerged in the auction system in recent years when compared with the earlier century.

This article is devoted to modeling the mechanism of fouling in heat exchangers plates unsteady. The used simulation is based on the monitoring of the evolution of the ice at the changing phase (solidification) in water flowing in a rectangular section pipe, externally cooled. Cooling is done so that the heat exchange coefficient is uniform between coolant in a turbulent flow and the wall.

Tridax procumbens Linn. is an important medicinal plant known as ‘akdandi’ used as an It is used as an antidiabetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. The species is also well known in ayurvedic medicine for wound healing (R.Nia et al.).. The species is also well known in ayurvedic medicine for liver disorder. The present paper reveals the botanical standardization on the stem of T. procumbens.

Allelopathic effect of 3-agroforestry tree spp (Salix alba L., Juglans regia L., and Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle) on germination and seedling growth of 4-crops (Zea mays L., Phaseolus radiata L. Hepper, Cicer arietinum L. and Brassica nigra (L) Koch) was evaluated The aqueous extracts < 5 % concentration of Populus ciliata, stimulated the germination and seedling growth of some crops (Brassica nigra and Zea mays), but > 5% concentration caused inhibition.

Fruit extract of Piper longum (Pipericeae) are used in India for reducing oxidative stress and also for its anti-bacterial activity. The objective of this study is to investigate the phytochemical constituents. Phytochemical screening of Piper longum fruit powder in different organic solvent revealed the presence of alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids. Antioxidant activities were evaluated by using In-vitro antioxidant assay models like phospho-molybdenum and reducing power assay.

Punnakayal is a mangrove ecosystem located in the south east coast of India where Thamirabarani River joins the Arabian Sea. Mangroves especially Avicennia sp. are abundant and domestic waste, fish waste, human and animal excreta are disposed in this region. The present investigation was carried out to find out the changes in physicochemical including heavy-metal concentration in the Punnakayal estuary of Tuticorin coast. Among the various parameters, salinity and electrical conductivity are low; turbidity was high during monsoon due to the river run off.

This study involves comparison and validation of Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) radiance of OCEANSAT-2,OCM sensor derived from 6S radiative transfer model with insitu TOA. The 6S is to derive total radiance (Lt), by applying suitable atmospheric corrections, to remove the errors occurs due to gaseous absorption and molecular & aerosols scattering effects suggested by (T.Suresh, 2006). The in-situ measurements were taken coastal water off Goa, (15° 25 N and 73° 43 E).

The present study was planned to compare the histopathological and residual effects of the lufenuron on the liver and kidney of albino mice. Administration of dosage 0.8 unit to albino mice with one-tenth of their median lethal dose for three months (day by day), the toxicants were withdrawn for 60 days to allow recovery from toxicity. The histopatholoical investigation indicated that the dose caused venous congestion in the liver, focal necrosis of hepatocyates in the portal and periportal areas. Many of the hepatocytes are pale-stained and a few exhibit early vacuolation.

This work aims to disclosing the capability of the well known insecticide Match N-[2,5-dichloro-4-(1,1,2,3,3,3,-hexafluoro-propoxy)-(phenyl)amino]carbonyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide (CA)that is widely used for controlling certain fruit and leaf caterpillars in inducing. The results also showed that Match has a capability to interfere with spindle fibers of mice spermatid cells, since a significant number of polyploid cells were obtained.

Pistia stratiotes L. var. cuneata Engl. is an aquatic, floating, stemless, stoloniferous and huge herb found growing in different parts of the tropical as well as subtropical regions of India. It has immense diverse economic potentialities. Phyto-sociologically it is very much related with six constant associates like Ipomoea aquatica, Eichhornia crassipes, Lemna perpusilla, Enhydra fluctuans, Typha elephantina, Marsilea quadrifolia and 31 other plants like Alternanthera sessilis, Cyperus rotandus, Monochoria hastata, etc. which are known as flexible associates.





Rosane Cavalcante Fragoso, Brasil


Chief Scientific Officer and Head of a Research Group

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