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April 2018

Nursing process is a critical thinking process that professional nurse used to apply the best available evidence to care giving and promoting human function and response to health and illness. It is the fundamental blue print for how to care for patients. The nursing process is also standard of practice, which when followed correctly protects nurse against legal problems related to nursing care. Nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgement about individual, family or community response to actual or potential health problem or life processes.

Doxorubicin (DOX) has been used in the treatment of variety of cancers but its administration is limited by a dose-dependent toxicity. Its cytotoxic effects on malignant cells, have shown an increase in the risk of cardiotoxicity, hepatoxicity, renal insufisance. Antioxydants have been explored for both their cancer preventive properties and chemodulatory of DOX toxicity.

Background: Die for making indirect restoration is vital. Die silicone material is user friendly and fast. But does it compare to Die Stone in accuracy. Aim: to compare the accuracy of reproduction of details between Die stone and Die Silicone. Methods: A metal die with known dimensions is made. Impressions are made with Polyether impression material. Dies are made out of Die Stone and Die Silicone. The Dimensions of the reproduced details are measured and compared. Results: Both Die Stone and Die Silicone produce comparable results.

Objective: Present study was aimed at evaluating the degree of severity of atherosclerosis by morphologic and morphometric indices. Study was also undertaken to correlate morphological grades with morphometric parameters. Materials and Methods: Present study comprised of 80 heart specimens from consecutive medicolegal autopsy cases. Detailed gross examination of heart and four coronary arteries viz right coronary, left coronary, left anterior descending and left circumflex artery was done for evidence of infarction and atherosclerosis respectively.

Indroduction: surgical radicality in rectal tumors is synonymous with local neoplasm control with increased survival. In the name of these objectives the quality of life has been sacrificed in the past, but with the evolution of surgical techniques and the greater knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate neoplastic disease, today we have arrived at a culture that places integrity in the foreground. and the psychophysical equilibrium as irremocratic elements in the complete realization of the present man.

Background - Cleland first described the anomaly later referred to as the Arnold-Chiari malformation, in 1883.78 Chiari and Arnold in 1891 and 1894 respectively,79,80 reported their descriptions and students of Arnold later used a single eponymic term to describe the various abnormalities.81 More recently, Peach82,83,84 and Carme| 85,86,87 have reviewed these early reports and others,88,89,90 and clearly delineate the anatomical features of the Chiari malformations.

Introduction: Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a collective clinical term encompassing primary snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). These syndromes currently are regarded to fall along a spectrum of severity concerning the same pathophysiological condition. Material and method: The study was conducted on 60 participants with 18 males and 12 female participants in study group and 16 males and 14 female participants among control group.

Background: The aim of this in-vitro experimental study was to evaluate the shear bond strength between the base metal Co-Cr alloy and laboratory-cured composite with mechanic retention, chemical treatment and the combination of both treatments on a metal framework. Materials and Methods: 200 alloy discs (Co-Cr) were prepared, half of the specimens were prepared with retention beads and the other half was grind.

Introduction: In the world of orthodontics, to find the sagittal discrepancy between maxilla-mandible varities of cephalometirc analyses with numerous angular and linear measurements have been proposed, since the introduction of radiographic cephalometry in 1934 by Hofrath (GERMANY) & Broadbent (USA).Sometimes inaccuracy have been found out in these cephalometric analyses because the factors they are relying came to be inconstant.

Background: WHO (2008) defines Maternal Near-Miss mortality cases as “a woman who nearly died but survived a complication that occurred during pregnancy, childbirth or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy”. This study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence and impact of acid-base imbalances in near-miss mortality in obstetrics patients. Material and Methods: A prospective cohort study was conducted from November 2015 to May 2017 at Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.

Meniere’s disease is a syndrome complex which consists of fluctuating low frequency sensorineural hearing loss, episodic vertigo lasting upto 24 hours, low pitched tinnitus and aural fullness which affects the endolymphatic system primarily and secondarily. It is managed by various treatment modalities. Surgical treatment is decreased recently following failures. Long term medical management is being followed mostly but it is not useful in acute episodes (1).

Background and Aim: Canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is the most highly infectious and contagious viral disease in dogs. Dogs of all age groups are susceptible but puppies of age less than 3 months are highly susceptible than adults. The current study was based on hospitalized patients, so a comprehensive study including all the dog population is required to precisely conclude about the prevalence and risk factors of CPV infections both in Bangladesh and India. Design and Methods: The hospitalized dogs were considered as study population.

Aim: The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the antibacterial activity of commercially available 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching agents on periodontal pathogenic bacteria with 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate. Material & Methods: Two commercially available bleaching materials containing 10% Carbamide peroxide were selected for the study against Chlorhexidine solution (0.2%). Different bacterial stock were used.

Objective: Obesity is recognized as a major public health problem and is associated with various musculoskeletal disorders including impairment of the spine. The initial aim of this work was to investigate the correlations between body mass index (BMI) and spinopelvic parameters (pelvic tilt, sacral slope, and pelvic incidence) in a large population of healthy young adults. Materials and Methods: This study analysed a total of 156(105 male and 51 female), healthy adult adults.

Introduction: Topical agents GC Tooth Mousse and Toothmin toothpaste show promise in their ability to prevent enamel demineralization during orthodontic treatment, however clinical data comparing the efficacy of these remineralizing is lacking. Therefore, the purpose of this in – vivo study was to investigate the efficacy of remineralizing agents available commercially which claim to reduce demineralization when applied topically adjacent to orthodontic brackets.

Introduction: Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a collection of symptoms that often appear and occur in young women, including in school-age girls who often interfere in the process of learning activities. Providing knowledge about the definition, symptoms, and cause to reduce symptoms, is expected to eliminate or reduce symptoms. Objective: The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness of counseling with leaflet media on knowledge and its relation to behavior and its impact on reducing Prementual Syndrom (PMS) symptoms on student.

Background: At the outset of olanzapine gaining popularity as a drug for Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting(CINV). Study was conducted with the aim to compare to antiemetic regimes Olanzapine, Ondansetron, Dexamethasone (OOD) with Aprepitant, Palonosetron, Dexamethasone (APD) in patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy.

Vascular thrombosis is a rare but well-recognized extra intestinal manifestation of ulcerative colitis. Thrombosis usually involves the peripheral veins and less commonly the cerebral veins and the arterial system. A case of a 26-year-old woman is presented with an acute flair of ulcerative colitis and developed extensive arterial thrombosis. Good clinical improvement was achieved after treatment with steroids, sulfasalazine, and anticoagulation with enoxaparin followed by warfarin. Early recognition of thrombotic complications is essential in initiating lifesaving therapy.

Background: Appropriate infant and young child feeding practices are essential for optimal growth, cognitive development and overall wellbeing in early vulnerable years of life. (WHO) World Health Organization recommends exclusive breast feeding up to six months, addition of complementary feeds after completion of six months onwards and continued breast feeding till two years of life. Apart from exclusive breast feeding initially, time of introduction, content and consistency of complementary feeds are critical for early nutrition.

Background: Spinal and epidural anaesthesia are regional anaesthesia methods that are widely used, especially in lower abdominal and lower extremity operations. Bupivacaine is the widely used local anaesthetic in regional anaesthesia. Stereoisomers of the agent are being developed for use instead of the isomers, in order to avoid the toxic side effects of local anaesthetic agent. Bupivacaine is available in a commercial preparation as a racemic mixture (50:50) of its two enantiomers, Levo-Bupivacaine, S (-) isomer and Dextro-Bupivacaine, R (+) isomer.

Background: Preeclampsia is one of the commonest complications of pregnancy. Calcium deficiency is implicated in the development of preeclampsia especially in developing Countries. There is paucity of studies on the role of serum levels of calcium in preeclampsia in Southern Nigeria. Objective: The main objective of this study was to determine the serum level of calcium in women with preeclampsia and those without preeclampsia.

Bilateral mandibular angle fracture is one of the common fractures that occur in a Road traffic accident. In which intra oral plating is always challenging when it comes to impacted third molar in the line of fracture that interferes the treatment plan weather to remove the tooth or not? In our case report the third molar in the line of fracture is not removed at the time of surgery but plating done over the tooth in the fracture line planned for second surgery at the later stage, to remove the plate along with the tooth.

There has been an increase incidence of hypertension and metabolic disorders in the community of people of both developed and developing countries. The complications of hypertension at times are coupled with those of patients of diabetes and obesity. Neuropathy, retinopathy, autonomic dysfunctions and nephropathy are the common complications in hypertension as well as diabetes mellitus. The changing life style and stress in jobs in this world of the surrival of the fitness further increase in incidence of hypertension in adult population is in evitable.

Background: Research has been carried out to develop biocompatible restorative materials that can preserve the health of the pulp and maintain the tight seal between the tooth and the restorative material. One of the outcomes of these studies is an alkasite restorative material, Cention N (Ivoclar Vivadent). To check it’s adaptability to Class V cavities compared with the established flowable composites resins that are used routinely to restore class V cavities.

Background/Introduction: Irrigation of root canal system is one of the most important steps in endodontic treatment. Combining different irrigants may modify the efficiency of the irrigation in removing organic and inorganic debris during biomechanical preparation. Aim/Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the chemical interaction that occurs during combination of various irrigating solutions and its effect on tissue dissolution.

Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a potentially malignant collagen metabolic disorder affecting the oral cavity due to the imbalance in collagen production and breakdown mediated by transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β). Numerous modalities ranging from behavioural therapy, physiotherapy, steroids, enzymes, nutritional supplements, antioxidants, interferons, turmeric, ayurveda to various drugs have been tried with weak evidence requiring better documentation of the studies performed with standardized criteria.

Objectives: Laparoscopic procedures have reduced postoperative pain. Nevertheless, incision-site pain still occurs. Although opioids are the cornerstone of postoperative pain management they have side affects. Moreover increased pain is self-reported at incision sites and abdominal wall. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of trocar site infiltration with local bupivacaine and lidocaine mixture for pain control after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG).

Introduction: Glass ionomer cements (GIC) are commonly used in restorative and pediatric dentistry for their long term fluoride release and ease of use. However, disadvantages related to glass ionomers; such as lack of strength, prolonged setting time, moisture sensitivity, dehydration, and poor esthetics have been reported. Due to these disadvantages of the conventional GIC, hybrid versions of the material were introduced. Among these, resin modified glass ionomers (RMGIs) that can be photocured is said to have better physical characteristics.

Background: As it is rightly said, ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. But the question is, how prepared are we to prevent? Mishappenings never knock doors. When they happen, they become a nightmare which neither the doctor nor the patient soon forgets. The purpose of this study was to evaluate that how prepared the dentists are, to manage medical emergencies at their dental offices.

Objectives: Low serum C- Reactive Protein (CRP) has been implicated in Systemic lupus Erythrematosus (SLE) pathogenesis, so we studied the CRP rs1205 polymorphism and its role in the risk association of both SLE and Lupus nephritis (LN). Methods: DNA from 90 patients who met the ACR criteria for SLE and 40 healthy controls was genotyped for CRP 1468G>A rs1205. Genotyping was performed using PCR-RFLP. Serum CRP levels were measured using particle enhanced immunonephelometry.

Introduction: Heterotopic pregnancy (HP) is defined as the coexistence of intra- and extra uterine gestations. We report a heterotopic triplet pregnancy with intrauterine twin gestations, presenting as hemoperitoneum, formerly misdiagnosed as corpus luteum. Materials and Methods: A 33-year-old pregnant admitted to the emergency room (ER) with cramping pelvic pain. Physical examination revealed diffuse abdominal tenderness. Hemoglobin was 6.1 mg/dl. Ultrasound revealed twin IUP with positive fetal cardiac activities and hemoperitoneum ascending to liver.

Background: Japanese encephalitis (JE) is the most prevalent and significant vector-borne viral encephalitis in human, with an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 of cases and 10,000 - 15,000 deaths annually worldwide. Mortality of JE is about 20% to 30% and 30–50% result in permanent neuropsychiatric sequelae. Aims and objectives: To determine the clinical profile and for a better understanding predictors of mortality of JE in children hospitalized with AES cases. Materials and methods: All cases admitted with symptoms suggestive of AES were included in the study.

Background: Parent who spent much of their time working outside of the home tend to cause a sense of more loneliness in their children. Therefore there is a serious concern over the harmful effects brought upon the children due to decline in the amount of quantitative and qualitative time parents spent with them. Children who are left alone have poor cognitive development also. So keeping all in this view, the present study aims to correlate the loneliness and cognitive development of latchkey children (age between 10-12 years).

Background: Family planning services have the potential to improve the quality of lives of people and their economic welfare. Increasing population growth is a worldwide problem today and our country with growth rate 16 million each year is second most populous country. Population growth is major obstacle to overall progress of nation. Objective: To assess the awareness and practice of family planning methods among married women of reproductive age group living in rural and urban Trichy.

Topic: When an organ is harvested from a dead donor, how should transplant coordinators handle the issue of contact between the donor’s family and the organ recipient? Methods: The authors—qualified by extensive practical experience and philosophical investigation— conduct a systematic discussion of the problem, setting out both the bioethical issues and the practical dilemmas which have to be faced and resolved.

The business context in which companies currently exist in has significantly changed over the years forcing organizations to change their competitive strategies in order to survive and compete favorably. International market penetration in itself is a competitive strategy, offering alternative options to the company on which direction to go to achieve maximum advantage. This paper highlights the concept of international business strategies, beginning out with the common reasons why organizations decide to go international.

Candida is one the most common fungi species of the normal oral flora consisting more than 150 species. Although, Candida exists harmlessly in mucus membranes-It is also considered as a common opportunistic organism- when marked imbalance in the oral flora. Candida infection have high prevalence with the increasing age and is also considered as most commonly encountered oral condition. Hence, knowing its risk factors and lab investigation is very essential for a dental physician.

In general gingival overgrowths are one of the most frequently encountered lesions in the oral cavity. These are caused by various etiological factors and every lesion displays a characteristic set of features. Irritation fibroma is a common benign exophytic oral lesion that develops secondary to tissue injury and is among the most common benign reactive lesions. It is extremely rare during the 1st decade of life.

Background: The dyslipidemia of diabetes in the postprandial phase is a major determinant of the atherogenicity. Postprandial high LDL and TG may account for up to fivefold increase in atherosclerosis in the diabetic patients. Objective: In this study we investigated the correlation of postprandial dyslipidemia with angiographic severity of CAD in type -2 diabetic patients. Methods: 50 type-2 diabetic patients (37 male, 13 female) were screened for glycemic control (HBA1C), WHR (waist hip ratio), BMI (body mass index), fasting and postprandial lipid Profile.

Cracked tooth syndrome is a very common and well documented condition. Many morphologic, physical and iatrogenic factors predispose posterior teeth to an incomplete fracture. A cracked tooth is a tooth in which there exists a partial or incomplete fracture of a stress plane that commonly occurs in that tooth. A tooth stress plane results from occlusal forces that are commonly imposed on that tooth that may cause, during a masticatory cycle, an incidence of higher energy to occur within the stress plane lead to incomplete fracture.

Background: Water comprises 45% - 60% of the body weight and total body water being divided into intracellular fluid (ICF) and extracellular fluid (ECF). The principal electrolytes in the ECF are sodium, chloride and bicarbonate, with other ions (such as potassium, calcium and magnesium) in much lower concentrations. In the ICF potassium and magnesium are the primary cations with phosphate and sulfate being the major anions and other ions in lower concentrations. Materials and Methods: A total of 3231 patients over 18 years of age and gender matched participated in the study.

The human oral cavity is similar to an ecosystem and interactions among oral bacteria is important for the development of oral biofilm. For survival in the bio film, these microorganisms may express intra and/or inter species communication mechanisms by means of physical contact, signaling molecules, exchange of genetic material or metabolic products etc.

Introduction: Child abuse continues to be one of the primary threats to the child’s emotional and social well-being globally. As students spend maximum time in school, teachers need to be trained to recognize physical and behavioural changes associated with abuse in order to confidently determine the cause and plan interventions appropriately. The inadequate knowledge and information lead to gap in the crucial role of teachers in identification and early assistance of an abused child.

The aim was to evaluate metabolic and enzymatic activity in young plants of soursop (Annona muricata) subjected to water deficit. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse. The experimental design was completely randomized with two water conditions: control and water deficit, with 15 repetitions, totaling 30 experimental units. The parameters analyzed were relative water content, nitrate reductase activity, glutamine synthetase, concentrations of nitrate, starch, sucrose and proline.

Herein, the medicinal action of a novel spiro-derivative compound ((2R,3R)-4-(4-bromophenyl)-2-(1,7,7-trimethylbicyclo[2,2,1] heptan-2-on-3-yl)-4-oxobutanoic acid, PSp-B) was tested against Blastocystis hominis (B. hominis) with enhancing its curativeness via being immobilized onto multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNTs). The infected mice were treated by 50 mg/kg/day drug dosage for five days. The parasitological, physiological and histopathological studies for B. hominis diseased albino mice were explored.

Aim: Fibrinogen is an inflammatory marker which is an acute phase protein, plays a key role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and complication of atherothombosis disease. Pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus is closely related with acute phase response which is predominately mediated by cytokine. By estimating circulating fibrinogen in type 2 (T-2) and type1 (T-1) diabetic patients, I tried to establish this hypothesis.

Compost is mixture of organic residues contain animal dung and urine along with other residues, such as fodder ruminant, stubble, weeds and leaves. Composted organic material can be used as a source of important nutrients for sustainable crop productivity. Therefore the investigated study was designed to evaluate the maize straw to integrated management of composting and vermicomposting. Experimental trial was carried out at Agricultural college, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) having three replications and four treatments.

Background and objectives: Dietary practices play a vital role in the nutritional status of children. In fact, it has been established that inadequate nutrition is one of the direct causes of malnutrition in children. The objective of this work is to make a comparative analysis and study the impact of infant and young child feeding practices on moderate acute malnutrition. Method: Thus, a quantitative survey based on a questionnaire was carried out in two groups of 75 mother-child couples malnourished and normonutris.

Objective: to determine the difference in serum Molybdenum and Malondialdehyde levels among Myocardial Infarction (MI) patients and healthy control subjects. Methods: 60 MI patients and 60 healthy volunteers as control were included in this study. Serum levels of Molybdenum was determined using Electro thermal atomic absorption spectroscopy (ETAAS), whereas Malondialdehyde (MDA) level was measured using UV-VIS spectroscopy.

The Uddanam region that lies in north-coastal Andhra consists of the mandals of Kaviti, Sompeta, Kanchili, Itchapuram, Palasa and Vajrapukotturu, accounting for more than 100 villages in total. As of 2015, It was estimated that more than 4500 people had died in the last ten years, and around 34,000 people were suffering from kidney diseases in this area alone. Mainly uddanam people are effected with chronic kidney failure. It was reported that each family in the area had at least one person suffering from a kidney ailment.

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of conservation tillage systems and water saving on the productivity of wheat and barley crops. The experimental work was conducted at Tamboul Testing and Training Centre, Sudan located at 150km south east of Khartoum during two different seasons (1995 -1996) in a heavy clay soil with an area of 2.4ha. The treatments were deferent tillage systems (zero tillage, ridging, shallow harrowing, heavy harrowing, disc ploughing, discing+harrowing, split ridging and ridging thrice).

Energy, entropy and exergy concepts come from thermodynamics and are applicable to all fields of science and engineering. Therefore, this article intends to provide background for better understanding of these concepts and their differences among various classes of life support systems with a diverse coverage and a study of these connections and a comprehensive and critical view on the most recent studies on this topic is presented.

Today ayurvedic medicines gain popularity world wide, as a safer therapy. The demand of herbal drugs is increasing day by day due to their excellent efficacy, fewer side effects and good faith by Indian community on herbal medicines and also their products. Rasashastra is a branch of learning of Ayurveda pharmaceutics, specially dealing with the mercury, minerals, metals and animal origin drugs having therapeutic and alchemical importance. In ayurveda, all metals, minerals, gems, animal products and plant products etc.are not used as such.

Cunninghamella sp. was isolated from Leaf Litter samples and partial identification was done by using the morphological characteristics. Production medium optimization studies were carried out in submerged fermentation and 4 different media compositions were designed among these CP03 showed high yield. Different parameters like pH, Residual sugar estimation, Dry cell weight, Oil content and harvesting time were evaluated.

Digital Social Entertainment and Media is a broad term that covers multiple aspects which people use to interact with each other. The aim of this study was to explore the perception of students in higher education on the effect of digital social entertainment on their well-being. The study was a qualitative, questionnaire based included close-, case-based and open-ended questions. The questionnaire was administered to 112 University students who are studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

Accumulation of heavy metals and their uptake by different plant parts depend on the concentrations available heavy metals in the soil and form of metals. In the present study the levels of some selected heavy metals (Mn, Zn, Cr, Ni, Cu, Cd and Pb) in onion and irrigation water sampled from selected Woredas of Gurage Zone (i.e.Meskan, Mareko, Sodo, Muhir Aklil and Cheha Woredas), Southern Region, Ethiopia were analyzed. The onion samples were weighed to determine the fresh weight and dried in an oven at 80 oC for 72 hours to determine their dry weight.

Climatic variability for a region is referred to prolonged modification in precipitation, humidity, temperature, wind, evaporation and other parameters of metrology. Quantification of climate variability is essential to identify the change that has already occurred, as this will not only assist to make prediction but also lead to a better preparedness for natural disasters. The purpose of the present study was to examine the variability in rainfall occurred in the Nari River Basin of Balochistan, Pakistan from 1962 to 1993 by analyzing monthly and yearly precipitation data of 12 stations.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the botanical origin and the physicochemical properties of honey obtained from hives installed in cashew orchards in Séguéla (Ivory Coast). The present study on honeys derived from modern beekeeping in Séguéla made it possible to know the botanical origin of these honeys and their physicochemical properties. Pollen analysis of the four samples revealed that three honeys are multifloral (MC, MF, MW), while only one (MB) is monofloral (Lannea acida).

Software defined radio (SDR) seems to be a solution for communications for rapid changes in the communication standards. Detector is the most important component of radio receiver. This paper describes the implementation of QAM-4 transceiver using very simple sampled matched filter detection technique. The advantage of using sampled matched filter is maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the output of the matched filter. The Transceiver also uses Forward Error Correction (FEC) in the form of Reed-Solomon (7, 3) coding and decoding.

The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Zimbabwe is among the highest in Africa, wherefore higher number of orphans and vulnerable children. These children face enormous problems ranging from economic, education, health, nutrition, psychological and emotional effects resulting from the stigma and discrimination which has warranted various projects from the government of Zimbabwe and other organizations to help them meet their needs. Although these interventions are making impacts in the lives of the OVCs, there are still challenges that impede their development.

Aging is associated with loss of teeth, residual ridge resorption and reduced tonicity of the facial muscles, leading to sunken cheeks causing a negative psychological impact on patient’s well-being. Slumped cheeks are unaesthetic and add to the person’s age. Disfigurement of face in patients in need of complete dentures can be improved with the help of cheek plumper to support the cheeks.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of the integration of ICT at the University Felix Houphouet Boigny of Abidjan - Cocody, in terms of uses. The introduction of ICT in our universities for a decade has had a qualitative impact on training. In our context where ICTs are gaining more and more weight in our dailies, this new technology can significantly reduce failure rates and significantly reduce massification.

Introduction: Diarrhea is an increase in frequency of bowel movements or an increase in the liquidity (greater looseness) of stool. Although changes in frequency of bowel movements and looseness of stools can vary independently of each other. Changes often occur in both. Acute diarrhea (including gastroenteritis) remains one of the commonest causes of death among infants and children in developing countries where poor sanitation, deficiency of clean drinking water, poverty and illiteracy are key factors. Viral infection remains another very important cause.

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds-phonemes in spoken words. Before children learn to read print, they need to become more aware of how the sounds in words work. Numeracy complements literacy and is sometimes called “mathematical literacy”. It is the ability to reason and to apply simple numerical concepts. Sibol is one of the seven Gawad Kalinga programs centered on Child Youth and Development.

This study assessed the impact of tramadol abuse on academic performance of undergraduate students in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt. Two research questions were formulated to guide this study. Multi-stage random sampling procedure were adopted for the study. The population for the study was 5117 students in the university. The sample size was 400 students. The instrument for data collection was the structured questionnaire which comprised section A and B for demographic characteristics, and items related to research questions.

This study on the yearly means of some meteorological parameters in some localities of Chad solves the problem of lack of meteorological data which is very crucial in developing countries. The main idea is to treat by the least square method the existing chronological series to establish regression functions for further use in the problems of interpolation and extrapolation. Our decision is based on the comparison of the degree of fitnessε of these functions and their corresponding standard deviation s.

Fibromyxoma represents a rare benign neoplasm that mostly affects the posterior region of the mandible. It represents 0.5 to 17.7 % of odontogenic tumors: the third most frequently occurring type. This case report represents a patient with fibromyxoma of left mandible. A 42 year old female was referred for the evaluation and management of non-tender swelling on left face region that had gradually increased in size over 4 months duration. The examination revealed a palpable firm mass. Mild blanch mucosa with no ulceration was observed over swelling.

Tourism activity supports the economy of many countries and regions; in the state of Guerrero tourism has been its potential for the last 70 years. Efforts to promote greater tourist flows for an offer that exceeds 30 thousand hotel rooms in the three consolidated destinations of the state: Acapulco, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Taxco; have not been sufficient to maintain the hotel occupancy that guarantees the desired profitability, so that the implementation of a tourism observatory, currently in the making, would strengthen the knowledge of the tourist reality of Guerrero.

The hiatus hernia is defined by the permanent or intermittent protrusion of elements of the abdominal cavity into the chest through the diaphragmatic esophageal hiatus. The migration of the stomach may be accompanied by various other abdominal organs such as colon, splenic flexure, small intestine, omentum, pancreas. Although the majority of hiatal hernias are asymptomatic and incidentally discovered, life –threatening complications may occur. Pancreatitis is one of the complications.

Introduction: In the recent years, there is an upward trend in the incidence of soft tissue tumors due to advances in diagnostic modalities. Histopathology is the reliable guide for diagnosis, but immunohistochemistry and cytogenetics provide greater accuracy. Aims and Objective: The present study was aimed at evaluation of spectrum of soft tissue tumours and to categorize them into revised WHO classification of soft tissue tumours 2013. Study highlights common type of tumours, age and sex distribution. Materials and Methods: The present study is a retroprospective study of 276 specimens.

This study was carried out to observe the efficiency of endoscopic sinus surgery in the management of middle meatus diseases. The study was done in our private clinics & in the ENT department of AL-yarmouk Teaching Hospital Baghdad - Iraq. This effort represent prospective study of 100 patient with sinonasal diseases who were underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery. The main presenting symptoms of patient were nasal obstruction (76%), anterior nasal discharge (67%), headache (56%), facial pain (62%), hyposmia / anosmia (30%), post nasal drip (53%).

Uremic cardiomyopathy is responsible for high morbidity and mortality rates among patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or end stage renal disease (ESRD) even though the patients on dialysis. Among dialysis patients with left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) are more than two thirds die from heart failure or sudden cardiac death. Present case is about a case of CKD on dialysis who died due to myocarditis and cardiomyopathy.

Tourism activity supports the economy of many countries and regions; in the state of Guerrero tourism has been its potential for the last 70 years. Efforts to promote greater tourist flows for an offer that exceeds 30 thousand hotel rooms in the three consolidated destinations of the state: Acapulco, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Taxco; have not been sufficient to maintain the hotel occupancy that guarantees the desired profitability, so that the implementation of a tourism observatory, currently in the making, would strengthen the knowledge of the tourist reality of Guerrero.

Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of M two, Protaper D Files, and R endo retreatment files to remove filling from root canal using stereomicroscope. Materials and Methods: Thirty extracted human single rooted teeth, having a single canal were selected. The teeth were cleaned and shaped using a crown-down technique to a size 40 and filled with gutta-percha and a zinc oxide-eugenol-based sealer using a lateral compaction technique.

The purpose of the present paper is to study the relationship between the use of information and communi¬cation technologies (ICT) and student performance in higher education. So far, economic research has failed to provide a clear harmony on the effect of ICT investments on student’s achievement. The second hypothesis advocates that ICT uses need a change in the organisation of higher education. While ICT equipment and use rates are growing very fast in the Chhattisgarh, the adoption of complementary orga¬nisational designs is very slow and differs from one institution to another.

Coconut shells and fibers are valuable aggregates as potential alternative for commercialization in concrete production. Fibers control cracking due to shrinkage while shells are hard stony endocarp but lightweight. Tests of sieve analysis, specific gravity, moisture content, mechanical property and the comprehensive test in accordance with the ASTM (Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregate, 2011) were employed to the hollow block-coco shell /fiber (HBsf).With the same curing age of 28days, HBsf is much darker than the (CHB) concrete hollow block.

An ocular prosthesis is an artificial substitute of an enucleated eye ball. Defects of the eye can result in removal of a part or the entire orbit. This is accompanied with patient becoming visually, aesthetically and psychologically handicapped. The loss of tissue can be congenital or traumatic, or from malignancy or radical surgery. Restoring the defect with a silicone‑ or acrylic based prosthesis restores aesthetics and confidence to the patient. It is a challenging endeavour for a prosthodontist to fabricate a maxillofacial prosthesis exhibiting compromised tissue-bed conditions.

Research supports emotional social learning in schools that show many benefits for students, including academic achievement improvement and social and emotional competence. Advocates of social and emotional learning often characterize the narrow and narrow edges of basic and secondary education. While research that supports the adoption of social-emotional learning does not have a clear concept on ethical competence. The lack of clarity of the problem for two reasons. First, contribute to the incorporation of social, emotional, and ethical competencies.

Ovarian tumours commonly present as adnexal masses which could be benign or malignant. To predict nature of ovarian tumours preoperatively is a great challenge for the gynaecologists preoperatively because of their bizarre and atypical behaviour. The present study was done to compare performance of Risk of malignancy Index 2, 3 and 4 in preoperative discrimination between benign and malignant ovarian tumours. Methods: 175 women with ovarian tumours were included after obtaining informed written consent in the study.

The study described the aspects of the student teaching program of the Bachelor of Elementary Education curriculum in a Teacher Education Institution. The aspects of the student teaching program include the objectives, content coverage, and pedagogical practices. The study employed the descriptive research method, which utilized questionnaire and open ended questions. There participants of the study were the 68 elementary student interns. The student teaching program had developed the student interns’ personal and professional competencies.

Empowerment of communities around the forest area conservation village of Bangkat Monteh done to improve the welfare of life through active participation in the activities of utilization, safety and preservation of the community achieve independence. This study aimed to conservation village development planning models. The research method used descriptive qualitative approach, with the determination of research subjects using snowball sampling.

The purpose of this study is to understand the role of social capital in avoiding resettlement. The methodology used in this study is case study. This research is about the settlement in Delhi known as Kathputli colony, where dwellers were avoiding the resettlement. This study is based on the Bourdieu’s theory of social capital i.e. social capital as “the actual or potential resources which are linked to a durable network which provides each member with their mutual support of the collectivity-owned capital with ‘credential’.”(Bourdieu, 1986).

Background: Bougainvillea spectabilis and Bougainvillea alba are used for the treatment of diarrhoea, stomach acidity and fertility control. Objective: The aim of this research was to examine the anti diabetic activity of Bougainvillea spectabilis and Bougainvillea alba flowers. Methods: To study the in vitro anti- diabetic effect α-amylase inhibition, glucose diffusion and non-enzymatic glycosylation of hemoglobin assay was performed.

With the development of industrialization over time, occupational accidents and diseases have appeared more than ever and the subjects “providing occupational health and security” and “their constant improvements” have gained importance. One of the working areas having serious risks in terms of occupational health and security is the forestry sector involving the facilities which process the non-wood forest products. Various methods exist for risk assessment and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is one of these assessments.

One of the major environmental problems today is hydrocarbon contamination related to the petrochemical industry. This study investigated the spatial distribution of 13 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and 10 aliphatic hydrocarbons in soil and surface water nearby a petrochemical industrial region in Albania. All analyze were performed by gas chromatography/flame ionization detection. The sum of PAHs’concentrations ranged from 5.73ng g-1 dry weight to 198.57 ng g-1 dry weight and from 44.43 mg L-1 to 466.95mg L-1 in soils and surface waters, respectively.

The main theme of the research is to analyse the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs). The study focuses on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The research also discusses the objectives tools and methods used to achieve the goal. It also focuses on the possibilities and future prospectus in this regard. The research analyse the different factors involved directly and indirectly during process to achieve sustainable development. The approach of the study is analytical and descriptive. The Primary and secondary sources have been used.

Organic Dairy Farming is a way for increasing the export of dairy products and also to strengthen the rural farmers. India the number one milk producer in the world, to compete in the global market India has to improve its standards and quality systems. To provide a focused and well directed development of organic agriculture and quality products, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, launched a National Program on Organic Production (NPOP) in the year 2000, which was formally notified in October 2001 under the Foreign Trade and Development Act (FTDR Act).

This research aims to find out how big the influence of human resources development against the competence of employees in the service of the population and the civil registry of the Regency of Banggai , For the collection of research data, the author uses the method of circulate a list of question or questionnaire, and field research or observations. While the data analysis technique used is qualitative in nature, i.e.

The greeting interest of consumers to preserve their crops in order to beat food deficiency and attain food security was a target to investigate a way to maintain red beet so as to use all over the year. The influence of oven, sun and microwave drying methods on nutrional values, total phenol, vitamin C, color and rehydration ratio of red beet root were studied. All the drying methods under investigation decreasing moisture content with enhancing the nutrional contents and resulted in dried red beet with excellent color and rehydration ratio.

This article deals about migration and its effects in two villages of south-western Bangladesh, named Char Khankhanapur and Degree Charchandpur. In this article I intend to explore the economic and social consequences of migration at Char Khankhanapur and Degree Charchandpur and investigate whether or not migration really means development and wellbeing for the people of the villages. My focus is to know whether the impact of migration is uniform for family members left behind by the migrants or varies according to the members’ position in relation to the migrants.

The five representative offerings that appear in the Old Testament are burnt offering, meal offering, peace offerings, sin offering and compensate offering. Of the five great sacrifices, the peace offerings (zebachselamim) have two distinctive characters that cannot be found in other sacrifices. From the perspective of co-eating, the peace offerings was supposedly the favorite of many of the sacrifices of the Old Testament. Because it was a kind of feast for those who participated in the sacrifice after having sacrificed sacrifices to God and sharing the portion of the sacrifice happily.

The purpose of the study was to examine the gender differences in marital adjustment and psychological well-being among the dual- career couples. The sample of the study consisted of 70 dual-career couples (70 male and 70 female). Marital adjustment was assessed by using marital adjustment inventory by Deshpande (1988) and psychological well-being scale by Bhogley and Prakash (1995). Results revealed significant gender differences in martial adjustment whereas no significant gender differences were found in psychological well-being of the dual- career couples.

This paper discusses the essence of regional integration. The central question is to interrogate why countries join or form regional economic blocs. The key objective is to examine the imperatives that compel countries to regionalism. Functionalism and federalism theory offer insights as to what process and path countries need to take in order to integrate. Baregu equally notes that regionalism is driven by imperatives which include; affection, gain, threats and forces of globalization.

Traditional systems of medicine have been in trend for treating numerous ailments in many develop and development countries such as India, China, Japan and Korea, Tavian since age-old time. Siddha system of medicine is one of the ancient traditional system of India and practiced mostly in its southern part of India for treating different diseases including even chronic conditions. Nathai choori chooranam composed of five plant equal composition (Borreria hispida seed, Zingiber officinale Rhizome, Cassia auriculata flower, Anddry fruit and Eleusine coracana seed).

At world level population-development-environment relationship has great environmental significance. Population, environment and development are inseparable. Resources, both physical and human create the physical as well as cultural environment. Physical environment provides the essential survival elements to human population as well as to the world community. Cultural environment, prepared by us determines the existence of other population groups. Population size, generally determined by the environment influences the environment again.

In this paper, some ratio cum median based modified ratio estimators with known quartiles of the auxiliary variable have been proposed. The performance of the proposed class of estimators is assessed with that of simple random sampling without replacement (SRSWOR) sample mean, ratio estimator and modified ratio estimators in terms of variance/mean squared errors. The performance of proposed class of estimators is illustrated with the help of certain natural population available in the literature.

Precise and Reliable Temperature Measurement is CRITICAL Particularly in High Temperature (eg. 1200°C to 1500°C) Processes like Steel / Metallurgical / Glass / Ceramic etc. Periodic Calibration of the High Temperature Sensors used for such Measurements is Essential to Counter the Effect of Ageing and Drift. Article Describes Innovative Techniques of Achieving Fast, Reliable and Accurate Calibration of these High Temperature Sensors.

Background: Hemostatic abnormalities have been frequently reported in patients with traumatic brain injury. These changes are reported to predict outcome. This study aimed at evaluating the association between coagulopathy detected within the first 12h and outcome in Indian patients with isolated head trauma. Methods: One hundred patients admitted within 12h of head injury were enrolled in the study. Based on the GCS, head injury was classified as mild (GCS13-15), moderate (GCS 9-12) and severe (GCS 3-8).

Genetic algorithms (GAs) are stochastic search algorithms inspired by the basic principles of biological evolution and natural selection. GAs simulates the evolution of living organisms, where the fittest individuals dominate over the weaker ones, by mimicking the biological mechanisms of evolution, such as selection, crossover and mutation. GAs have been successfully applied to solve optimization problems, both for continuous (whether differentiable or not) and discrete functions.

Every component adds up to the machine’s performance. For effective working of a machine, every component needs to have proper dimensions and without any kind of impurities on it. The main objective of this work is to design and manufacture washing and cleaning unit. Whenever a manufacturing process takes place, it includes contact with oil, coolant and some amount of burr will accumulate on the surface of the component. These things are not acceptable when the component goes for further operations.

Attributing the existence of three black holes on the two mass centers of gravity axis allows a more refined understanding of the gravity phenomenon. In the New Physics EVTD2 is the objects’ blackbody photon emission that actually creates photonic quantum fields, called gravitational in classical physics, who can generate mini black holes (MBH) that are electromagnetic effects. They appear, on the one hand, inwardly of the body in their centers of gravity (with pseudo-symmetry), and secondly, to the outside space, in zero resulting potential O between the two masses.

Encryptions and Decryptions are done using the public key and private key. These both keys are not stored on the client side or server side but only in the users devices like mobile, tablet in the form of Quick Response (QR) codes. This quick response codes can be used to Decrypt the users information and data. The Cloud computing standard as a new computing model which aim to provide reliable, Custom and quality of service certification in dynamic computing for the end users.

Impacting the skills required in producing soil blocks to building block manufacturers is important to ensure that high quality blocks are produced. This study evaluates the opinions of block manufacturers who were trained on the manufacturing process of fibre reinforced soil blocks. The study used a questionnaire to survey the views of the participants of workshop training organised for adobe block manufacturers in Ghana.

The effect of probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Lactobacillus rhamnosus) on the growth of two toxigenic fungi Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus were investigated in vitro by the well-disc diffusion method. The concentrated and un-concentrated cell-free extracts were examined, and it was found that the effect was non significant on the growth of fungi. The effect of the metabolites produced by the probiotic bacteria affect the growth of, A. flavus on solid medium and exhibited inhibition zone of 16 mm (p ≤ 0.05) in the presence of L. delbrueckii and L.

This work is a standalone automatic fan speed controller that controls the speed of an electric fan according to our requirement. Use of embedded technology makes this closed loop feedback control system efficient and reliable. Microcontroller (ATMega8 / 168 / 328) allows dynamic and faster control. Liquid crystal display (LCD) makes the system user-friendly. The sensed temperature and fan speed level values are simultaneously displayed on the LCD panel.

In this paper software defined optical networks (SDON), the centralized control plane may encounter numerous intrusion threatens which compromise the security level of provisioned services.

Geomorphology sub-fields of physical geography which studies landforms on the earth’s surface. Geomorphic processes and its landforms are the major domain of the subject. Although, various types of landforms glacial, arid, aeolian, fluvial, etc have its own processes and system. Fluvial processes are conscientious for the frequently change the earth landscape compared to other processes. The fluvial landscape is dynamic in nature, river affects a land in three ways i.e. erosion, transportation, and deposition, with the help of fine to coarse-grained erosional tools viz.

The study aimed to utilize the waste crushed concrete pavement as recycled or processed coarse aggregate for base course in concrete roads. Specifically, it aimed to determine the physical properties of the processed aggregate derived from waste crushed concrete pavement in terms of gradation, abrasion loss, Atterberg’s Limits, Compaction test, California Bearing Ratio and Field Density Test.

Organizations are becoming increasingly vulnerable to potential cyber threats which defined as network intrusions. Intrusion Detection is basically providing the security or managing the flow of data, information, managing the access of the system to only authorized user. In adaptive false alarms filter a combination of machine learning algorithms is used to increase the classification accuracy of the system. The experimental results in this research show that the proposed J48, Decision Table and k-star techniques reducing the false alarm rate and improving the accuracy.

This research focuses on the " Quality of service The nonlinear propagation of electron-ion (El) acoustic solitary waves in a degenerate quantum plasma (containing relativistic magnetized quantum electrons and light ions in presence of stationary heavy ions) have been theoretically investigated. The Korteweg-de Vries (K-dV) and modified K-dV (mK-dV) equations are derived by adopting the reductive perturbation method.

Background And Objective: The objective of this study was to access the stress patterns in the periodontal ligament of a central incisor with different root morphologies on different orthodontic loads, using the linear, non-linear and viscoelastic finite element analysis and to quantify the optimal force levels for roots with different root morphologies. Materials and Method: A finite element model of a maxillary central incisor with different root morphologies was taken and 60g of tipping forces were applied.

The aim of this paper is to study the market phenomena of demonetization in India. We are using a phenomenological approach to study this phenomenon as it focuses not on event or causes and factors responsible for it but on the way it is perceived and experienced by people from various walks of life in India. For this paper we used a narrative research approach and interviewed a sample of 6 people in India from various walks of life and social status. Most past research on market phenomena which is financial in nature is biased towards analysis of broader economic factors.

This study aims to determine the accountability analysis of accounting for cash receipts in cash PT. Prima Unggul to control system that is system of authority and responsibility especially to accountancy function and perform all phases of a transaction to give adequate protection to wealth, debt, income, and cost (Library Research). Data analysis using descriptive analysis method, that is by analyzing data from research object to describe or give description of the object under study.

The power struggle between India and China is significant in contemporary world politics.Since2009 military victory of Sri Lankan government against separatist movement of Tamil minority, its relationship with India turned out to be controversial as the latter emphasized for political solution while China addresses economic development of the county which was more attractive for then government and majority Sinhalese masses.

The project that I intend to plan, implement and evaluate will have the purpose of carrying out an intervention to promote a mediation program of gender education; with which it would seek to improve relations between peers influenced by gender stereotypes, by providing models of the relationship between men and women based on equal opportunities and mutual recognition and respect.

Family Apostolate Training and Research Institute (FATRI) stands for the families. It has a significant role for uplifting the families in the society today. In 1987, the congregation of Holy Family started FATRI at Velur, Kerala in order to equip the members more adequately to respond to the challenges of the modern world by empowering the family. FATRI is grateful to the people who molded it into the form of today. FATRI implies the families towards Holiness and Wholeness. In the current scenario, families are sick and unhealthy due to various reasons.

The purpose of this study is to assess whether the continuous running, which has an important place in the planning of soccer training, to be implemented by a 16-year-old football player at the beginning and at the end of the training in terms of the endurance development of the athletes. Target population of the study is 16 years old football players in Turkey. However, the material universe was designated as the Feriköy Sports Club operating in Istanbul.

Substance Use Disorder is conquering the younger generation of our world with a mighty hand of Multi Substance prevalence. The problem of substance use disorder is universal and in India, nearly 55,000 Adolescents per day are drawn into tobacco usage (Child Line). Substance Usage is high not only in the urban cities of India but also in villages. Substance has penetrated even the farthest corners of India. This Study attempts to compare the prevalence of substance use disorder among adolescents of an Urban Slum and a Village.

This research focuses on the " Quality of service Bureaucracy against the Behavior of population in Luwuk Banggai Regency, Subdistrict "research activities is expected to contribute to the assessment of the quality of service Bureaucracy Behavior of population in Luwuk Banggai Regency, Sub district. This Research Method using descriptive eksplanatori. This research uses techniques of quantitative analysis obtained by the respondent's statement contained on the questionnaire data, and for checking the accuracy of the data is done also interviews, observation and documentation.

This paper throws light upon Structuralism and its place in New Literary Criticism. Structuralism provides innovative grounds for the analysis of literature. It represents an attempt to rethink everything in terms of linguistics. It aims to reveal the universal structure of language as a constructed system of rules. Structuralism is built on the founding stone of Saussurrean linguistics. Bringing back home, Structuralism as sign a new role to the reader in the process of reading which makes a sense in the activity of reading.

The researcher starts this study to find a solution on the country’s banking industry credit risk management. The researcher evaluates this banks credit risk management practice by the credit risk management principles Basel committee on bank supervision. Because if the banks can manage their credit risk the availability of finance will be better and initiate the investors to invest more. The researcher tailored the methodology well framed and persistent to the objective. Normative natured comparative study was conducted targeting two specific banks, with a mixed approach.

Background: Marine sponges are well renowned for producing bioactive secondary metabolites with drug leads. Screening of anti-inflammatory compounds from marine sponges is highly appreciated in the field of marine pharmacognosy due to their effectiveness and specificity over the most of synthetic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In vitro models to test anti-inflammatory activity are considered obligatory prior to pre-clinical studies.

This protocol deals with novel method for the synthesis and characterization of Zeolite Linde type- L by hydrothermal method using PTFE-lined stainless steel autoclave. The synthesized zeolite LTL was used as catalyst for the Hantzsch reaction mechanism for the synthesis of Acridine-1, 8- dione derivatives. Efficiency of Zeolite-LTL has been observed at various parameters (i.e. different solvent, temperature, catalyst concentration, time interval and catalytic recycling) over the percentage yield of various derivatives.

The study of functions, characteristics and phenomena observed in the living beings, in order to apply such knowledge in the conception of new techniques and in the creation of new devices and machines. Having parts of the body that are electronic, and therefore able to do things that are not possible for normal humans. For such conception of knowledge we use two terms Bionics and Biomimetics. Bionics is Application of biological information to machines: the study of biological function and mechanics, and their application to machine design.

The Drug trade is a highly organized and creates a global black market economy that is responsible for the crime. However, in case of individuals who consume drugs excessively and commit crimes. These issues play an important role in understanding the risk of crime and drug use. Most addicts should be held liable for most criminals motivated by addiction, but that addiction can affect one’s capacity for self-control over one’s action.

Study of microbial diversity is important to understand the microbial ecology and their impact on human and other living beings in the ecosystem. In this study an attempt is made on how the solid waste is becoming breeding ground for the microorganisms thereby causing unpleasant atmosphere to the living beings. Physical properties of the soils pH, soil temperature and soil moisture is recorded and correlated with the microorganism inhabiting the wastes.

Zooplankton is defined as drifting ecologically important organisms that are an integral component of the food chain and also evaluate the ecological status of water bodies. Ecologically zooplankton are one of the most important biotic components influencing all the functional aspects of an aquatic ecosystem such as food chains, food webs, energy flow and cycling of matter.

Introduction: Now-a-days the smoking has been increased to a peak level not only in adults but also in youngsters. Smoking has various patho physiological effects among which the effect on hearing sensitivity is one, which has adverse effects on audition. Aim of the Study: To compare the effects of smoking on hearing sensitivity in active and passive smokers. Methodology: The study has been carried out on twenty males who have smoke exposure since 2 years, without any history of other health issues and hearing problems.

Metabolic disorder is a flashing issue in aging group. The controlled medication helps the population to lead life easily but the same way increases a factor as high risk to auditory sensory impairment Aim: To evaluate the impact of metabolic impairment on hearing status. Objective • To find the auditory findings in the metabolic disorders. • To estimate the role of audiologist in the metabolic disorders.

The purpose of this study is to critically analyse studies that are related to the use of probiotics to manage common oral diseases like dental caries, gingival and periodontal diseases as well as oral malodour. There is considerable evidence available supporting the fact that oral health has impact on general health and vice versa. Therefore, oral care is an important consideration in maintaining quality of life.

Asymptomatic bacteriuria is the presence of at least 105 colony forming units/ml of one or two bacterial species in a clean-voided midstream urine sample from an individual without any symptoms of urinary tract infections. The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria is influenced by various risk factors. In the present review, an attempt has been made to review the various risk factors associated with asymptomatic bacteriuria, pathophysiology of asymptomatic bacteriuria and its clinical presentation.

The health status of treated banana bunches in three boxes was assessed 48 hours and 21 days of storage for two consecutive years. The colonies grown on bananas after the conservation periods were isolated, identified and counted by fungal genus. Similarly, developed symptoms on bananas have been described. The prevalence of each observed postharvest disease was evaluated. The prevalence of crown rot ranged from 4 to 98% while the necrosis of the epicarp and the decay of the distal end ranged respectively from 0 to 70 and 0 to 61%.

Women in Islamic society have an important position and all their rights should be guaranteed, including the right of education according to the Islamic law. The education of Saudi women has received a great deal of attention since the time of King Abdul Aziz. This paper addresses the role of Agricultural and Food Sciences College at King Faisal University in educating and empowering Saudi women. A descriptive and quantitative analysis was carried out based on secondary data obtained from the annual King Faisal University statistics and Saudi Ministry of Education statistics.

Resorcinol (R), Semicarbazine (S) and Formaldehyde (F) were taken as starting materials for synthesis of new terpolymer which has been abbreviated as ‘RSF-III’. Acid catalysed condensation polymerization method was adopted for the synthesis. This terpolymer was characterized using modern techniques like FTIR, 1H-NMR, XRD and SEM. On the basis of physicochemical and spectral evidences the most possible chemical structure has been elucidated for the novel polymer.

Mast cells play a crucial role in the inflammation phenomenon in oral mucosa. The mast cells show presence of cytoplasmic granules which comprises of heparin, histamine and chondroitin sulphate. Mast cells can be demonstrated by using some special stains like toluidine blue and modified astra blue technique. They perform various functions and also play a major role in various oral diseases.

Diabetes mellitus is a major metabolic disorder. The acute and chronic complications of diabetes mellitus are major cause of blindness, renal failure, limb amputations, stroke, coronary heart diseases, diabetic foot, hypertension and other complications. Recent studies has provided with an unequivocal evidence for the crucial role of prolonged hyperglycaemia induce damage of the kidneys, eyes, nerves and arteries still remains to be observations.

In this review, we present a comprehensive and critical survey on image-based plant leaf disease prediction techniques. Diseases in plants cause major production and economic losses in agricultural industry worldwide. Monitoring of health and detection of diseases in plants and trees is critical for sustainable agriculture. To the best of our knowledge, there is no sensor commercially available for real-time assessment of health conditions in trees.

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the in vivo gastro protective and antioxidant activity of the marine red algae Griffithsia Pacifica Kylin (GPK) against indomethacin (IND)-induced gastric ulcer on experimental rats. The results revealed by the ethanolic extract of GPK produced significant reduction in gastric mucosal lesions, malondialdehyde (MDA), and tumour necrosis factor - α (TNF-α) associated with a remarkable increase in gastric juice, mucin content and gastric mucosal catalase (CAT), Nitric oxide (NO), and Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) levels.

The aim of this paper to evaluate generalized fractional integral operator involving the product of the general class of polynomials associated with the Aleph-function. Some interesting special cases of our main results are also considered.

The staphylococci are most frequently isolated from clinical specimens in the microbiology laboratory. These bacteria are widespread in nature and can be recovered from environment or as commensally inhabitants of the skin, mucous membranes and other body sites in humans and animals. Aim of the current study was to Identify the different coagulase positive (CoPS) and coagulase negative (CoNS) Staphylococcus species includes S. aureus, S. lugdunensis, S. epidermidis, and S. hominis isolated from sinusitis’s patients by multiplex PCR.

Pyrolysis of waste plastic is a prospective way of conversion of waste plastic into hydrocarbon fuel. The present research is focused on the conversion of waste plastic into hydrocarbon fuel by two processes namely vacuum and catalytic cracking (activated granulated charcoal, activated granulated charcoal with calcium oxide and calcium oxide). Waste plastic materials polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene were collected from local convenience store packing materials. Waste plastic material pyrolysis was conducted as individual plastics and as mixed feed in laboratory scale of flask.

One may see that, planets with no atmosphere like Mars; have not sufficient magnetic field, though whose core is solid nickel iron. And, here is the root of this innovative theoretical paper. We learn that the cause and origin of Earth's magnetic field is its iron core. But, to magnetize an iron core; a magnetic field is to be applied to hot iron in one direction continuously during its smooth cooling process. There is Ionosphere around Earth atop its atmosphere. The ionosphere of Earth contains electrical charges.

The objective of this project is to build an air traffic prediction system. The air traffic prediction plays a key role in the air traffic flow management system. The air traffic information in each regional control center is not integrated together in order to utilize complete data stored at each of them. Large collection of data is stored, but there is no effort made to extract useful information from the database to help in the estimation of flight delays, air traffic in any particular sector, etc. Statistics is frequently applied to data mining with various objectives.

The output of diesel engine combustion is strongly influenced by the characteristics of the fuel spray. An important role in the process of forming a mixture of fuel and air is to develop the characteristics of fuel spray, which will directly affect the combustion and emissions process. The characteristics of fuel spray depend on fuel injection pressure, fuel viscosity, fuel density, ambient pressure, and temperature. Among the parameters that are very important and directly affect the shape of the spray is ambient pressure.

Behavioral health problems are common and have a great impact on the patients. Therefore, delivering the services behavioral health within the main care setting improves access for caring produces improved patient outcomes. This study aimed at studying the followed methods to incorporate behavioral health services into primary care programs in order to build a base for any contributions for innovative models and methods to incorporate behavioral health services into primary care programs.

A water tank is a container for storing water. The need for a water tank is as old civilization, to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agricultural, fire suppression, agricultural farming, chemical manufacturing as well as many other uses. A ground water storage tanks (or surface tanks) are used for ground storage of potable drinking water, wastewater, treated water, rainwater collection, etc. And it is designed as crack free structures to eliminate any leakage. An overhead water tank is an efficient water distribution system.

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is widely used heat exchanger to meet the emission standard as specified by Euro norms And BS norms. The coolant passes through the shells to cool down the exhaust gas inside the tubes. Mainly EGR system is used to control the Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission. The emission reduction is an important task in the development of an internal combustion engine. To limit these emissions it is essential that EGR system should work in safe mode without damage. But due to improper design and manufacturing, failure of EGR system occurs.

Intelligent Marketing System (IMS) can be more personalized based on cognitive and affective behaviour. This provides effective communication during e-marketing process. In this paper a MAS architecture for the said purpose is proposed where number of agents manage both cognitive and affective model of the people, that are able to express emotions through emotional agents and to recognize the people’s facial expression in peer-to-peer e-business environments (Ben ammar, 2005).

A commercial scale synthesis of ultra-pure Iopamidol 1 has been achieved using a simple protocol employing with a total of 9 steps and easily isolatable intermediates. The key intermediate (S)-1-((3,5-bis-(chlorocarbonyl)-2,4,6-triiodophenyl)amino)-1-oxopropan-2-yl acetate 7 has been synthesized with high purity. The main advantages of the route include readily available inexpensive starting materials and good overall yield of 78%.

In this paper, we describe how prototype-based classification can be used for knowledge acquisition and automatic image classification. We developed the prototypical methods and techniques of the system in order to serve the special development issues of an expert when starting a new image-based application. Often an expert can present a catalogue of prototypical images instead of a large enough image data base for setting up the system. Starting with the set of prototypical images we can learn the important image features and the concept description of an image class.

The Goal written by Goldratt and Cox published in 1984 has been a best seller for over 30 years. The scientific management theory introduced in this book is Theory of Constraints (TOC). Since its introduction, TOC has been successfully applied to many different functional areas (production, cost accounting, sales, R&D, IT, logistics, etc.) organization environments (projects, supply chain, etc.) and industrial sectors (manufacturing, government, education, healthcare, etc.).

Although kNN search on a road network Gr(graph of mobile network), i.e., finding k nearest objects to letter of the alphabetuery a question user q on Gr, has been extensively studied, existing works neglected the very fact that the q’s social data will play a very important role during this kNN query. Several real-world applications, like location-based social networking services, need such a question. During this paper we tend to study a brand new problem: kNN search on road networks by incorporating social influence (RSkNN).

Organizational commitment is the relative intensity of an employee’s involvement in and identification with a specific organization Measuring organizational commitment is an assessment of the congruence between an individual’s own values and beliefs and those of the organization. Rigorous expansion in Technical education of Haryana state started in 1995 with granting of more Engineering colleges and since then the state has not looked back. The present study was aimed to measure the organizational commitment among the teachers of technical education.

A good source of energy provides adequate calorific value at normal ignition temperature with no or at least at minimum damage to environment and people. The main objectives of this study are to identify the facts converting the sources of nuclear energy into reasons for future disaster of people, environment and earth. The study also works on the prospects of Energy from Nuclear Fusion.

Big data concern extremely large volume and complex data both structured and unstructured to reveal patterns and trends. The organisation procure large data storage, data delivery on semi-trusted big data sharing platform. An enterprise can obtain huge amount of sensitive data by storing, analysing, processing these data. In digital world, keeping sensitive data secure from theft and vulnerability is very difficult .This abstract proposes a framework for secure sensitive data sharing on a big data platform using effective encryption algorithm.

In the year of 2011-12, 269.3 million of people are poor in India of which 216 million in rural and 52.8 million in urban area (Planning Commission, 2013). The major challenge of poverty eradication is a prime concern for improvement of life quality in India. In this context, paper is address population shared by poverty and comparative study of poverty level at state level in India for both rural and urban.

The climax of pre-service preparation is to develop competence and attitude needed by a teacher. Hence, this study has been envisioned to come up with a program designed to enhance the personality of the student teachers. Standardized tests for personality, work values, mental health, IQ and inter-personality relationship were administered. Statistical tools such as frequency count, percentage, mean and multiple regressions were used to summarize and infer the data set.

Introduction: It has been a challenging and interesting task for the hearing professional and medical advisor for the youth group of modern day. The basic terrible effect is “listening is hard”. Youngsters are calling an attention to the audio logical management by being modern and using mobile and MP3. This study aims to bring a awareness in the younger generation and presenting an audiometric outcome of mobile and MP3.

In this article, shortcomings of various traditional road sizing methods will be examined and the main conclusion arrived at is the following: they are too simplistic in a set of situations where the elastic layers model cannot be justified. In order to fine tune these methods and make them build on progress made in the domain of geomaterial rheology, it is necessary to use realistic behavioural laws that have been developed in sizing techniques relating to the calculation by the Finished Elements Method for roadway constituent materials.

The success of dental implant therapy depends upon a good amount and quality of bone present around the implant. During the first year of implant placement, most of the crestal bone undergoes resorption and this rate of resorption is 1.5-2mm around the dental implants after the prosthetic restoration which is clinically acceptable. This crestal bone resorption is restricted by many modifications in the implant system. Platform switching is one such concept which can be applied clinically to maintain the crestal bone level and consequently preserving the normal soft tissue contours.

In the field of business, various factors leading to total quality management in beverages production. In which low wastage rates, efficient use of resources and time and cost saving are the important variables in beverages production. The factors resulting in total quality management and its effect on low wastages rates on the beverages production are very necessary for every organization to make sure its achievement and parallel advancement.

This article aims to measure the most efficient physical arrangement for the products produced in the process by the company to the rotomoulding machine according to the demand and the capacity of the process. From the study of physical arrangement types and their characteristics, proposals were made to allocate work centers using the load distance procedure to optimize the movement of materials and people involved in the production stages.

The structure, elastic, electronic and optical properties of cubic perovskite Bismuth Indium Oxide(BiInO3) were calculated using full-potential linearized augmented plane wave method (FP-LAPW) in the density functional theory (DFT) using WIEN2k software. The calculated crystal structure of BiInO3 revealed that this compound possesses cubic crystal structure with Fd-3m space group. The calculated band structure for BiInO3 with generalized gradient approximations modified Becke-Johnson (GGA-mBJ) revealed the semiconducting behavior with an indirect band gap of 1.16 eV.

Constructivist paradigm describes the process of learning as meaning-making, in which individuals construct mental models that ground their understanding in a deeply personal and unique fashion. Constructivism places the learner at the centerstage. The constructivist approach is relevant to all subjects of study but more particularly to study of History. Students find it hard to retain the concepts and content of History as their interest level in history is often hard to raise, as they tend to see these topics as outdated and distant from their personal interests and concerns.

The intent of this paper is to know the working principle of variable frequency drive and the performance of VFD. Now a days the use of VFD has been increased. Recently we found the use of VFD not only in equipment but also in HVAC system as well. This paper gives idea to understand basics terms in VFD, operation of VFD, power factor improvement and harmonic mitigation by VFD.

Introduction: Gastrointestinal stromal tumors are mesenchymal tumors found in stomach, jejunum and ileum and represent 9% of all small bowel tumors. Their intraluminal occurrence in small bowel is rare phenomenon as they predominantly grow extra-luminally, so rarely causing small bowel obstruction or intussusception.

Background/aim: To investigate the protective role of intraoperative infusion of N-acetylcysteine (NAC), and excess fluid on liver injury and blood pH levels during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Materials and Methods: Forty-five consecutive patients who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for treatment of obesity between september 2016-june 2017 were randomized into three groups each with 15 patients: Group 1 (control group) was applied neither NAC intraoperatively, Group 2: 10 mg/kg intravenous NAC and 30 mL/kg fluid, and Group 3: 30 mg/kg NAC and 50 mL/kg fluid intraoperatively.

Aim: The aim of this case report is to enlighten about an intra oral lesion that had a clinically challenging presentation, which highlights the importance of the differential diagnosis of oral pigmented lesions. Background: Melanocytic nevus is the accumulation of melanocytes predominantly in the dermo-epidermal junction. They are often quite darkly pigmented, mostly macular or very thinly papular with minimal elevation above the skin. They are an acquired lesion and may change characteristic to that of a compound nevus.

The present investigation entitled “A study on Health problems among female desktop computer users” was conducted with an aim to assess problems faced by female computer users in Ludhiana. The parameters included were physical characteristics of selected respondents and health problems encountered by them due to work stress. Ergonomic Stress Index worksheet was administered to the respondents in order to recognize the common pain symptoms experienced by the desktop computer users at workplace.

Background: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a serious and fatal disease, that can significantly impair the recovery of the hospitalized patients. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence rate, beside identifying the most common risk factors that associated with VTE among critically ill and hospitalized patients at King Khalid hospital in Najran. Materials and methods: It was a cross sectional study that conducted during the period from October, 2017 up to February, 2018. 194 patients were chosen randomly from 4 areas in the hospital.

Background: Adolescence is a key phase of human development. The rapid biological and psychosocial changes that take place during the second decade affect every aspect of adolescents’ lives. Thus growth spurts, menarche, poor diet and no added iron supplementation puts them into the high-risk category of iron deficiency anemia. Nutrition knowledge and nutrition education is considered a long term approach to combat iron deficiency and anaemia. Objective: Hence an effort made to assess the impact of nutrition education on knowledge level and heamoglobin status among the adolescent girls.

The Café-au-lait spot (CALS) is a benign hyperpigmentary skin disorder which may vary in color from light brown to dark brown. Generally, treating CALS with traditional laser therapies including 532nm Nd:YAG laser, 694nm ruby laser and 755nm alexandrite laser can provoke side effects such as purpurae, crusts, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), mottled hypopigmentation and scarring. Unfortunately, there is no golden standard for the laser treatment of CALS yet. Therefore, in order to investigate the efficacy and safety of Dr.

The study examined the prevalence of non adherence to diet modification, follow up clinic visits and the associated factors among type 2 diabetic adults at a tertiary hospital in Enugu State Nigeria. This descriptive cross-sectional study purposively enlisted 200 respondents who met the inclusion criteria. Data was collected using validated Researcher- developed questionnaire. Analysis used proportions and percentages for descriptive statistics and logistic regression for inferential statistics at 0.05 level of significance.

The film Tereddüt was analyzed with the Lacanian psychoanalytical approach. Imaginary period, symbolical period and real period, which constitute Lacan’s argument, were grounds of the study, and the relationships of female characters’ lives were investigated with these periods as a part of the film narrative. Important actions that fall within the narrative and affect female characters’ lives, and also the effect of these actions on the mental worlds of women characters were explained by psychoanalytical facts.

Introduction: Anemia is a major public health issue affecting both developed and developing countries. As per WHO report (2011), globally 29.4% of women of reproductive age group and 38.2% of pregnant women are anemic. Same report revealed that 54% of pregnant women in India are anemic. There are various causes of anemia, most common being iron deficiency anemia, followed by nutritional deficiency anemia (folate, riboflavin. Vitamin B12) and many other causes.

Introduction: “Tobacco – weapon of mass destruction”– Kendrick Meek. Tobacco is the world’s biggest preventable killer. Our universe is in a state of tobacco epidemic, with larger population of tobacco users, emerging day by day. India is the world’s third largest tobacco growing country, which produces an average of 58,0000 tones every year. According to WHO, tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world due to carcinomas of lips tongue, cheeks, gums and floor roof of the mouth.

Introduction: CRP is shown to be elevated in many malignancies including lung cancer. In patients of NSCLC, elevated CRP levels prior to therapy are related with bad prognosis. Studies have shown that high CRP is also related to advanced stages. CRP level is much higher in malignancy cases than only inflammatory condition like COPD. In cancer, CRP is possibly increased by tissue inflammation and cytokines released by tumor cells indicating a higher tumor burden.

Osteomyelitis of the craniofacial skeleton must be uniquely managed and is more difficult to treat than osteomyelitis of other bones of the body, owing to the complex craniofacial skeletal anatomy and associated aesthetic concerns. Though these days, occurrence of osteomyelitis has become less common due to the advent of antibiotics and also the progressively higher standards of oral and dental health, we encountered a case in an otherwise young healthy patient.

Introduction: Background and objectives: The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of demineralized freeze dried bone graft with platelet rich fibrin (PRF), and demineralized freeze dried bone graft with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and collagen membrane in healing of extraction socket of maxillary and mandibular anterior and posterior teeth. Materials and method: 60 extraction sites were selected and divided into group I and group II. Group I consisted of DFDBG and PRF and group II consist of DFDBG and PRP along with collagen membrane.





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