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September 2017

Background: Mothers with increased cariogenic oral bacteria have a higher tendancy of infecting their children at an early age. Thus Gynecologists, the Primary Health Care providers, for expecting mothers bear the unique responsibility to detect and diagnose oral health problems for timely preventive interventions. Thus the aim of the study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of Perinatal Oral Health Care (POHC) among Gynecologists of urban Bengaluru.

Dental lesions can pose a diagnostic challenge in many situations. The dental tissue consists of the endodontium and periodontium. Disease of one tissue may lead to secondary disease in the other as they have embryonic, anatomic and functional interrelationships. The perio-endo lesions have seemingly unclear, overlapping symptoms, inturn making accurate diagnosis difficult. A rationale diagnosis can be arrived at only with clear understanding of various diagnostic modalities.

Objectives: This study was to evaluate the frictional resistance produced by various contemporary ligation systems in comparison with passive self-ligation system Materials and methods: The study was done using 0.019 X0.025″ Stainless steel wire of 7cm length with 0.022" MBT pre adjusted edgewise maxillary 1st premolar brackets and 3 different types of ligation-0.009” stainless steel ligatures, Superslick ligatures, Slide ligaturescompared to Smart Clip 3 passive self-ligating brackets. The study was conducted in dry and wet conditions at 7 and 21 days intervals.

Abnormal vaginal discharge (AVD) is an initial and one of the commonest clinical problem of women belonging to reproductive age group. It is considered to be the second most common problem after menstrual disorders. Cases of AVD is increasing with time especially in the rural population due to poor hygienic practices, low socio-economic status, structural and social inequalities and lack of awareness about the disease and its various complications.

Introduction: Normal development of the fetal kidney in prenatal period is crucial to neonatal outcome and knowledge of the fetal kidney is important for the identification of abnormalities. Aim: To study morphometric and histological quantitative changes of nephrons during the development of the kidney in later half of gestation. Material and method: The study was conducted in the Department of Anatomy, Pt.J.N.M.Medical College Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. The material for study (fetuses) were obtained from the labour room of the R.N.T.District hospital Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh.

Carbapenemases producing or Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Resistant Klebsiellapneumoniae (ESBL/KPC) strains are pro-growing threat. This research focused on isolation and Identification of K.pneumoniae especially ESBL producers from raw white soft cheese and its whey made from Cows raw milk in Baghdad.

Intertrochanteric fractures account for approximately half of the hip fractures in elderly, out of these more than 50% fractures are unstable. Sliding devices like dynamic hip screw have been extensively used for fixation. However, if the patient bears weight early, especially in comminuted fractures these devices can penetrate the head, bend, break or separate from the shaft.

Bronchial Asthma is the most common respiratory disease which needs awareness among public. Homoeopathy is a unique system of medicine which treats the patients based on symptomatically and individually considering the susceptibility of the person affected. In recent era more research are done to focus on controlling and relieving the symptoms of Bronchial Asthma.

Biofilm producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a highly versatile opportunistic food borne pathogen that contaminate food and causing serious problems in man, animals and food processing-manufacturing cycles. This research focused on isolation and Identification of P. aeruginosa from normal raw and mastitic cow’s milk from some regions in Baghdad.

Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG) is described as “a rapidly destructive, non-communicable, gingival infection of complex etiology”. It is characterized by necrosis of the crest of the gingival papillae, spontaneous bleeding, pain and halitosis. If left untreated, it may spread laterally and apically to involve the entire gingival complex, including the mucosa and alveolar bone, leading to necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis to necrotizing ulcerative stomatitis and finally Noma.

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short noncoding RNA molecules that plays an important role in regulating enormous number of cellular processes. Its role in the field of stem cells pertaining to stem cell differentiation and function proves to be an excellent field for research. Increased expression of oncogenic miRNAs can alter the protein products of Tumor suppressor gene while reduction or loss of tumor-suppressor miRNA may lead to elevated oncogenic proteins, thereby both of these can be employed as biomarkers or therapeutic targets in cancer management.

Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a common cause for women in the reproductive age group to be diagnosed with Adenomyosis. The prevalence of adenomyosis varies widely from 5% to 70%which is probably related to inconsistencies in the histopathologic criteria for diagnosis. The present study recorded a prevalence of 48.6 %. Two cases have been observed which showed cystic changes along with bleeding tract formation besides the uterine canal.

Background: Gall Bladder Cancer (GBC) is a malignancy of aggressive nature with ethnic and geographical patterns. It is most commonly reported from Chile (16-27/100,000), Japan. In India, its incidence is from 1.01 per 100000 to 10.1 per 100000 in males & females respectively. Aim and Objectives: The objectives of the study were to analyze the demographics, incidence, histopathological findings with immunoprofiling in gall bladder carcinomas.

Instability of atlantoaxial joint secondary to Tuberculosis or Myeloma is a rare entity. Biopsy along with stabilisation is a described operative procedure. We presented a case of 47 years old male with C1-2 affection treated with occipitocervical stabilisation and biopsy proved as tuberculosis. Antituberculosis treatment was started and clinical improvement was apparent in 5 months. Aggressive progression of diseases after 5 months prompted us to investigate further.

Introduction: Satisfaction of the patient with dental treatment provides an important aspect of quality of treatment and determines the future utilization of services. Fulfillment of patient expectation and demands as well as positive assurance, good responses to patient as well as resolve confusions and doubts of the patient provides better satisfaction and result in a future return of the patients to receive subsequent good quality of treatment. Feedback on contentedness regarding dental care is vital for continuous improvement of the service delivery process and outcome.

Dentigerous cysts are most common bony lesions of oral cavity. Most of cases are reported in second and third decade of life, and it shows slight male predilection. (3:2) Dentigerous cysts are commonly seen in mandibular third molar region and maxillary canine region, as they are the most commonly impacted teeth. Radiographic findings cannot be considered as ultimate tool to diagnose dentigerous cyst because odontogenic keratocysts, Unilocular ameloblastomas, and many other tumors show similar radiological findings. Thus, histopathological examination holds important in its diagnosis.

Introduction: Interocclusal records are essential to relate dental casts to an articulator. The advance of the polymer science introduced elastomeric interocclusal recording materials in the field of dentistry. But their properties are not completely understood. Aim: To evaluate and compare the dimensional stability and surface hardness of two commercially available Vinyl Polysiloxane and Polyether elastomeric bite registration materials at various time intervals. Materials and Methods: The materials tested were ImprintTM bite, Futar® D and RamitecTM.

The ascent of products from stark commodities to prominent brands all through the 20th century was a salient development in consumer industries. In the 21st century, the internet makeover is impelling the industries’ mutation. In conjunction with technological evolution, the subtler but still imposing propellers of social and behavioral conversion have also provoked consumer industries to remodel.

In an age when people use Twitter rather than the newspaper for the latest updates, digital media is overpowering traditional media in many ways. Things are no different when it comes to marketing, where businesses are leveraging the advantage of new-age media solutions to enhance business impact and build their brand. Today, paid media (e.g. TV, radio or print commercials) are not seen as being on par with earned media (e.g. third-party blog posts, etc.) or owned media (e.g. company websites).

The new media spring has brought several issues including the Diaspora community into the limelight thus making the presence of citizen journalists felt. The minorities generally do not find a place that easily on the television but the internet and other new media do map their representation. It is said that after the internationalization of the mediaoccurred, there are no long distances.

The study is an effort to assess the orientation of the present syllabus of Home Science being followed at undergraduate level in the University of Delhi, towards preparing students for the world of work. The strategy followed included critical analysis of Home Science syllabus with respect to vocational efficiency through inductive textual analysis. Alumni of the Home Science Department of the University of Delhi were interviewed to obtain real time feedback with reference to vocational efficiency of the syllabus and shortcomings contained therein.

Drainage characteristic of a micro watershed of Katla river has been studied by using topographic map of 1:50,000 scale and satellite data under GIS environment. The drainage network and morphometric parameters of the micro watershed were delineated and computed by using Arc GIS 10.2. Various morphometric parameters including linear, areal and relief parameter has been computed by standard method and formulae. The streams of Katla river basin shows trellis drainage pattern and in somewhere sub-parallel drainage pattern with maximum stream order of 5.

Background: HIV is one of the leading causes of death globally with approximately 10% mortality in pediatric population. Pediatric HIV infection is associated with a wide spectrum of lesions in the oral cavity and more than 90% of HIV infected patients will have at least one HIV related oral manifestation in the course of their disease. The rationale behind this study is to create awareness about oral health knowledge among the caregivers of the children living with HIV. Objectives: 1.

Introduction: Acute life-threatening illnesses are rarely encountered conditions at pediatric medical emergency wards but require fast and adequate management to save patient’s life. The aim of this study was to assess acute life-threatening illnesses epidemiology, outcome and factors associated with death of patients at a university pediatric hospital’s medical emergency department in Morocco.

WHO defines normal birth as: “spontaneous in onset, low-risk at the start of labour and remaining so throughout labor and delivery. In normal labour the foetus is delivered spontaneously in the vertex position between 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy . After birth, mother and infant are in normal condition” Aim and Objectives- 1.To evaluate the role of Basti (Vasadi Kwatha+Dashamoola Taila) and Yonipurana (Eranda Taila) procedures in onset of labour, various stages and duration of labour after completed 8th month of pregnancy. 2. Effect of above drugs along with procedures on mother and baby.

Background: The importance of vitamin D was recently emphasized when it was reported to be involved in cell differentiation, proliferation, immune function and important for optimal function of many organs and tissues throughout the body, including the central nervous system. This vitamin may reduce seizure frequency and treating adverse effect of anticonvulsant drugs so its supplementation is associated with decreased seizures as it regulates pro-convulsant and anticonvulsant factors.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious pathology able to engage the vital and functional prognosis. It remains a public health problem by its frequency which is still high due to the use of precarious heating means. The aim of this study is to give an epidemiological approach to this pathology and to study its clinical and evolutive profile in children through a prospective study conducted at the Pediatric Medical Emergency Department of the Children's Hospital of Rabat-Morocco.

A technical unit of measurement called the Defined Daily Dose (DDD) is defined as “the assumed average maintenance dose per day for a drug used for its main indication in adults”. Measuring drug utilization in DDD/100 bed-days is proposed by the WHO to analyze and compare the utilization of drugs. DDD can be used as a tool to analyze drug utilization with the ultimate goal of improving drug use. DDD are advantageous for comparing the use of drug in hospitals or regions. This comparison will provide valuable information when establishing appropriate usage level of drugs.

Objective: Post total knee replacement patients experience severe pain, anxiousness & discomfort which interfere with the patients’ functional mobility leading to slower recovery &increased pharmacological requirements. This study aims to find the effect of unconventional techniques, namely music on pain and anxiety in post-operative total knee arthroplasty patients.

Lipomas are common tumors in the human body, but are less frequent in the oral cavity (1-4%). They commonly present as slow growing asymptomatic lesions with a characteristic yellowish color and soft, often located in the buccal mucosa, floor of the mouth and tongue. We present case of a 70-year-old man with an asymptomatic buccal mucosa. The lesion was removed locally and was sent for histopathologic diagnosis, and final diagnosis of fibrolipoma was made.

In well planned cities, vehicular emission is one of the major causes of air pollution. The capacity of plants to act as bio indicator of air pollution differs from plant to plant. To identify the tolerance levels of plants APTI values were calculated based on four physiological and biochemical parameters such as leaf Relative Water Content (RWC), Ascorbic Acid (AA), Total Leaf Chlorophyll and Leaf Extract pH. By absorbing pollutants, plants create areas of clean air pockets.

The management of resorbed ridge has always posed a challenge to the prosthodontist for years. Obtaining a satisfactory stability in mandibular dentures has long been a challenge for every clinician. Severely resorbed ridges as in Atwood’s Order V and Order VI pose serious difficulties in providing successful dentures. Stability of lower denture in such cases is usually becomes the determining factor between success and failure.

Purpose: Type 2 diabetes mellitus is the commonest form of diabetes. The common complications associated with DM are retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, microvascular disease, infection and impaired wound healing. The relationship between oral health and diabetes has been extensively studied, particularly with respect to periodontal disease, but effect of diabetes mellitus on dental pulp is less documented in the literature.

Introduction: Intraoral radiographic examination is an inevitable and integral part of Pediatric dental practice. Long hours of practice in closed clinical set up and continuous exposure to negligibly low dose radiation on a long term basis pose a potential source of health hazard among Pedodontists. Hence optimization, dose limitation and radiation safety practice is very much essential for the protection of the child and the Pedodontist.

Bioenergy as a source of sustainable energy production from organic wastes has exaggerated research in this area in the past few years. Bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and bio-electricity produced from a hybrid bioreactor consisting a combination of the fermentor, photobioreactor, and microbial fuel cell, has shown a promising result in producing eco-friendly fuel with economical benefits.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) is defined as live microorganism, when administered in adequate amount confer a health benefit on the host. Raw cow milk was serially diluted, spread plated, sub cultured and pure cultured. Screening of isolates (MK-2 and MK-4) was performed on the basis of zone formation and characterized. The morphological and biochemicalcharacterization was carried out and it was identified as MK-2 (Lactobacillus sp) and MK-4 (Bacillus cereus). Both the organism were screened for Folateproduction by inoculating the microorganism in folate production media.

Panchawalkala is a poly-herbal formulation comprising of equal parts of the dried stem barks of five medicinal plants named, Ficus benghalensis, Ficus racemosa, Ficus religiosa, Ficus tsiela and Garcinia cambogia. The direct aqueous and sequential organic extracts of Panchawalkala were obtained by 3 extraction procedures to represent hot and cold conditions. The preliminary antibacterial screening was carried out using Cut-well diffusion method and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined using micro-broth dilution assay.

Water is the elixir of life. Modern human society not interested with the environmental quality, especially with water bodies. Careless attitude towards inland water bodies lead to not only the extinction of precious water ecosystems but also the unimaginable loss of biodiversity. In this aspect most affected groups are aquatic organisms and floral species which highly depended on the inland ecosystem. Most studies have clearly explains the impact of water quality on the aquatic organisms.

The experiment was conducted on sesame comprised of a half-diallel set of seven parents and their 21 crosses and it was laid out in randomized block design with three replications at college farm, N. M. College of agriculture, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari during Late kharif, 2016-2017.

The present research was conducted to study the perception of primary school teachers regarding the importance of divergent thinking skills for children. The sample for the present study comprised 100 teachers (both male and female) of 200 children who were categorized as HP (High Performer) and LP (Low Performer) on the basis of their performance on Divergent Production Ability Test (DPAT). A Self devised Teacher Perception Questionnaire was used to assess the views of teachers regarding divergent thinking ability of children.

Water quality evaluation is of paramount importance due to the population explosion and unprecedented industrial growth. In Indian context, water quality is a serious problem in many of the river basins due to unplanned development of urban and semi-urban areas. One of the major cities which is fast developing in Karnataka is Belagavi (previously known as Belgaum) which is located on the north western part of Karnataka.

Concrete is the very important product used in all types of constructions. It plays a very vital role in every construction. Concrete is a freshly mixed material which can be molded into any shape. The relative quantities of cement fine aggregate coarse aggregate and water mixed together control the properties in the wet state as in the hardened state. Cement is manufactured in factories and it is made available up to the required optimum quantities for the construction field. But aggregates are naturally available and their availability is limited one.

Silver (Ag)- Poly ethylene glycol-4000(PEG), Silver-PEG nanocomposite materials were synthesized by a microwave assisted method. The synthesized Silver-PEG nanocomposite contains weight percentage 50 (50 wt%) silver. The Silver-poly ethylene glycol nanocomposite was characterized using Transmission electronic microscope (TEM), UV– visible and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The UV absorption pattern indicated the presence of silver in the nanocomposite. The spherical morphology of silver nanoparticles was confirmed from the TEM image.

21st Century is proving to be a huge paradox. While prosperity is getting relatively democratized globally, however it is also creating a new huge, huge problem never witnessed by mankind before. The Garbage Crisis is hitting all the cities, towns, rivers, lakes, seas, roads all around the globe threatening the basic well being and health across all species of living beings. Developing Countries are finding it more and more difficult to cope with the crisis. In India it has taken the top politicians and intellectuals to make us realize the gargantuan level of problem.

The collection of the literature on the particular discipline will determine the concept of promoting the academic quality of the discipline as well as community in general. Of course, all these intellectual contributions made by the researchers has been changed the both academic and society. The main objective of the study is to investigate the relationship between the literature growth contribution on scientific productivity in the field of psychiatry and mental health. We applied search strategy by using psychiatry term. We narrowed the search to 2000-2012.

The extension services needs a strong media support to cover widely placed farming population. Radio, television and printed material are the powerful tools in multidimensional transformation of horticultural information for the benefit of farmers. Among the various mass media used in a country like India, newspaper occupies a place of prominence because of its low cost per copy, wide circulation and variety of contents. Along with non-horticultural information, horticultural information is also published and read by the extension personnel’s, farmers, scientists and rural people.

The purpose of any state is for the preservation of property of their citizens that is, lives, liberties and estates. State and government exist to provide security, welfare, well being and happiness to the citizens living in it territorial jurisdiction. This can be achieve through maintenance of law and order, promotion of awareness of human rights. In any form, human rights violations by individual, group of individuals or state is considered as a crime against humanity.

The Economy and Financial needs of the Family made the women to come out the home and work for livelihood. They try to perform various jobs and sometimes may opt for the difficult jobs in order to satisfy the above need. The present study was on Female Police Personnel which was conducted in Telangana State Police Department, TS, India particularly on Women Police Constables and Head Constables. The study has aimed to find the impact of family Support on Work life Balance.

The purpose of the present study was to study the effect of perceived social support on the subjective well being of the working women who are living away from their families. The role of educational attainment on the subjective well being of the participants was also investigated. The sample for the present study consisted of total of 80 working women who are living away from their families and living in the hostels.

Morphometric analysis of a river basin is useful for understanding the hydrological and geomorphological behavior of a river basin. The hydrological and geomorphological characteristic of any river is closely related to its morphology indicating its shape, drainage pattern, stream order, bifurcation ratio etc. Each and every river basin has its own unique morphometric characteristics which make it differ from other river basins. The present study is based on the morphometric analysis of Kadalundi river basin using geospatial technology. Kadalundi river basin is a sixth order stream.

The introduction of economic reforms in India, need arose for the liberalization of Indian Financial System which is broadly based on the recommendations on Narsimhaman Committees. Thus, Capital Market reforms constituted important part of economic reforms. Capital market reforms have their main objectives of achieving efficiency in the allocation of resources by liberalizing the existing stringent controls.

This paper empirically examined the impact of International trade on Economic Growth in Nigeria from 1980 to 2015. Nigeria is still experiencing macroeconomic instability and the benefits of International trade are not yet felt. The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of International Trade on Economic Growth using Foreign Direct Investment, Balance of Payments, Exchange rate, Trade Openness and Interest rate as International Trade Variables, while Gross Domestic product served as Economic Growth Variable.

In my work as professor of Visual Arts and Semiotics in the career of Design with a mention in Visual Communication of the PUCE SD, I felt the need to investigate epistemological and methodological issues that allow me to develop the interpretation and construction of critical discourse. That is why I intend to support some theories and strategies - from a narrative perspective - that strengthen the critical view of the visual artistic object.

This article focuses on the industrial sector that is said to be low-tech or completely non-investigation and often has been formed the whole industry. The focus of this research, above all, is created by the critique of the mainstream of innovation, focusing on its high level technology. However, industry research with low and medium technology (low and medium technology industries) can structurally demonstrate that the completely non-research industries are innovative surprisingly, and play an essential role for the development of modern economies.

Throughout history, child sexual abuse has been a global phenomenon. Various studies have been documented on the causes and outcomes of such an act on a child. This study however aimed at investigating the gender differentials in nature and experiences of child sexual abuse. Using various methods and techniques like descriptive designs, in-depth interviews and qualitative and quantitative methods, the study based its research on 70 respondents, 10 boys and 60 girls, between the ages 8 and 18.

This study explores the needs of elderly learners regarding the curriculum design and teaching strategies of flipped learning, summarizes the conclusions and suggestions, and offers suggestions on how to adapt the learning and learning strategies of elderly learners to improve their interest, willingness to learn, learning outcomes, meet their learning needs, and achieve the learning objectives.

Background: Aflatoxicosis resulting from consumption of maize contaminated with aflatoxins mainly due to poor harvesting and storage of grains, poses a significant public health problem in many countries. Furthermore Aflatoxins related disease outbreaks, associated with a degree of mortality at times have been reported in Makueni County in Kenya. Objective: To determine maize pre-storage conditions and practices that influence development of aflatoxin in Makueni County, Kenya.

Introduction: This case study describes the psychological follow-up of an elderly patient (90 years), attended for three consecutive years. In the initial consultation, the family informed, as complaint, depression and medical diagnosis of Alzheimer's syndrome. The follow-up went with monthly case study with professionals in related fields: nursing, occupational therapy and phonoaudiology. The termination occurred when the patient affected by lung disease was hospitalized.

Most challenging area of: Oral cavity to place implants is maxillary posterior region. Factors leading to failure of implants in this region include; unfavorable anatomical region, decreased bone quality, resorbtion pattern following tooth loss and enlargement of antrum with age. One of the options for rehabilitating posterior maxillary resorbed ridges was the use of posterior cantilever on implant prosthesis. But cantilever are avoided for they lead to, screw loosening, fracture and bone loss.

Background: Donation of different medical equipment to developing nations from different international and multinational organizations has been currently increasing. Donation of medical equipment to developing countries account 80% of the total equipment in their facilities, more than 70% of the donated medical equipment found out of service in Sub-Saharan African countries. Hence, this study was conducted to assess the utility of donated medical equipment and associated factors in Jimma University specialized hospital as a base line research.

India account for nearly 30% of global Tb burden (1).Tb account up to 4% acute pericarditis and 7% cases of cardiac tamponade (2). Here we report a case of 15 year old male who presented with fever, productive cough, dyspnoea since 15 days and eventually diagonosed as pulmonary Tb with cardiac tamponade after radiological and pericardial fluid analysis. He underwent emergency pericardiocentesis and responded well to anti tuberculosis treatment.

Radiation exposure have been proven to be one of the major means of diagnosis which have gone a long way in improving health care services in diagnosis, treatment and patient management in severe cases. The aim of this study is to ascertain patients’ awareness and attitude towards radiation exposure in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, Anambra state Nigeria. This is a prospective cross sectional survey design of 284 respondents consisting of (50.4% male and 49.6% female) using a well-structured questionnaire.

Purpose: Lately immediate loading of implants at the time of placement is becoming a viable treatment alternative, mainly in the aesthetic zone when replacing one or two teeth in the anterior maxilla. The main advantages are the reduction of patient discomfort, treatment duration and costs. In fact the patient could enter with an edentulismand leave the same day with an aesthetically acceptable implant-supported crown.

It has always been a query in the minds of the homoeopaths and scientists, what actually happens when the magical strokes given to the dilutions of the homoeopathic medicines during the process of potentization. The latent inherent curative powers of the drugs are aroused and increased by the methods of potentization, the crucial stage of which are succussions and trituration.

Mushrooms have medicinal properties and have great demand in pharmaceutical industries. Mushrooms have been collected for eating throughout the world and people become ill or died when they consumed poisonous mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms have different types of toxic substances that should not be consumed without proper identification.

The combination of interventricular communication and left ventricular aneurysm is a rare situation. The interventricular communication is a lethal complication of myocardial infarction; it is a diagnostic and therapeutic emergency; it is observed in the anterior infarction and it is associated with a poor prognosis, the treatment involves surgical repair. The rupture of the basal portion of the septum is much rarer.

Background: Medical students and practicing physicians, in comparison with the general population and that of other professions, are exposed to academic and professional stress and therefore are vulnerable to psychosocial health problems and certain specific dysfunctions that may compromise their physical, mental, and social health. Objectives: To determine the prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress among the undergraduate medical students.

Introduction: Dissection as a part of anatomy brings students to a close encounter with human mortality. They experience a variety of emotional reactions during their first exposure to cadavers. Dissection forming an integral part of knowledge helps in developing a tactile appreciation of the structure of human body unlike learning from prosected specimens and computerized teaching. Methods: In order to assess the level of excitement or apprehension we prepared a questionnaire with 15 questions 14 were to be answered on a Likert’s scale and 1 was open ended.

Periodontitis is a group of inflammatory diseases that affect the connective tissue attachment and supporting bone around the teeth. A number of possible pathogens have been detected on the basis of their association with disease progression and also because of their possession of virulence factors which can damage the tissues. Attempts to relate microbiological data to clinical events have proved difficult due to the variability and unreliability of clinical diagnostic methods.

Acute intermittent porphyria is an unusual pathology with potentially severe consequences when not detectedearly. The porphyrias are a heterogeneous group of rare, primarily hereditary, metabolic diseases caused by a partial deficiency in one of the eight enzymes involved in the hemebiosynthesis, that can lead to severe disease that requires early diagnosis to avoid complications.

For the first half a century since its discovery, the peptide hormone Relaxin (RLX) encountered little attention as it was considered a pregnancy hormone only producing interpubic ligament elongation and uterine quiescence. Recently, however, RLX has emerged as an intriguing biological and pharmacological agent a very potent and intriguing bioactive agent and new promising pharmacological tool. It resembles insulin and insulin-like growth factors, its receptors have been well characterized as has as its main mechanism of action through AMP and nitric oxide (NO).

The main purpose of the study was to determine the causes for the breakage of complete dentures of patients reporting to the Department of Prosthodontics, SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Data collected from 200 patients reported for repair of their complete dentures. Data was collected from patients, aged between 30 to 80 years (Mean 55 plus/minus 25 years), from both the genders. Investigations were done on factors causing the breakage. After the analysis it was observed that the ratio of breakage of upper to lower denture was 1:3.

India Abdominal surgeries are the most common procedure performed in general surgical practice. In emergency settings surgeries for intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation(s), acute appendicitis are common whereas hepato-biliary, pancreatic diseases and gut malignancies are common indications for routine abdominal surgeries. All these procedures are prone to complications and may require redo surgery after them. Aims and objectives 1. To document the occurrence and pattern of redo procedures after abdominal surgeries, in elective and emergency setup. 2.

Haemoglobin D trait (heterozygous form) is an abnormal haemoglobin variant which when present is clinically asymptomatic but its coinheritance with other haemoglobinopathies like haemoglobin S (Hb S) or thalassemia can cause sickle cell disease and chronic haemolytic anaemia of moderate severity. Also patients with haemoglobin D (Hb D) trait can pass the trait to their children. Hb D disease (homozygous form) is a rare disease and usually presents with mild haemolytic anaemia and mild to moderate splenomegaly.

Purpose: To study the awareness and knowledge about glaucoma in patients presenting to ophthalmology outpatient department of at tertiary care hospital. Methods: A hospital based cross-sectional study was conducted on 300 patients attending ophthalmology outpatient department.

Dental implants have become a predictable treatment option for restoring missing teeth. The successful outcome of any implant procedure depends on a series of patient related and procedure dependent parameters. Bone density has been suggested as one of the main factors influencing implant therapy success. Purpose: To compare the bone densities of maxillary and mandibular bones in pre and post-menopausal women. Methods: Data was obtained from cone beam computed tomography of 2 groups: 20 premenopausal women and 20 post-menopausal women.

The purpose of this article is to present conservative nonsurgical successful endodontic treatment of an odontogenic cutaneous sinus tract with exuberant extraoral granulation tissue .This case report emphasises the need for more awareness in differential diagnosis of extraoral sinus tracts by dermatologists and other medical practitioners.

Background: Dental implants offer several benefits over conventional tooth replacements. Angulated abutments or a combination of angulated and straight abutments were used to support prostheses. Implant placement relates to emergence profile of the implant prosthesis and use of preangulated abutments to fulfill esthetic and functional objectives in selected cases. Aim and Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate stress patterns on the bone around an implant of vertical and angulated abutments using finite element analysis.

Pyogenic granuloma is a reactive inflammatory process in which there is a vigorous fibrovascular proliferation of the connective tissue, secondary to low-grade chronic irritant. It is an excessive growth of the oral tissue, which usually arises in response to nonspecific infection. This kind of oral growths mainly affects females than males although they can develop in people of all ages & also usually seen in pregnant women.

Introduction: Precise sonographic assessment of gestational age and fetal growth based on population specific references is essential for optimal obstetric management. This cross sectional study was conducted to establish ultrasound dating formulae in specified North Indian population. Methods: Fetal parameters in 583 singleton pregnant females were ultrasonographically measured for subsequent statistical analysis.

The current study aims to assess the Knowledge & Attitude regarding Health awareness among Menopausal women at selected rural areas of Anand district, Gujarat. India has a large Population, which has already crossed the 1billionmark with 71 million people over 60 years of age and the numbers of menopausal women about 43 million. Projected figures in 2026 have estimated the population in India will be 1.4 billion, people over 103 million menopausal women.

Cervical tuberculosis is very rare disease, accounts for 0.1- 0.65 % of all cases of tuberculosis. We are reporting case of 23 year old nulligravida lady presented with 4 years history of primary infertility, infrequent menstrual cycles and post coital bleeding. On examination, external genital was normal on inspection. On speculum examination cervix was replaced by irregular fungating growth which bled on touch. Bimanual examination showed normal sized anteverted and mobile uterus. There was slight thickening of left fornix with no palpable adnexal mass or tenderness.

Brucellosis is a zoonotic infection caused by the bacterial genus Brucella. The bacteria are transmitted from animals to humans by ingestion through infected food products, direct contact with an infected animal, or inhalation of aerosols. Whether this entity is highly prevalent among the carcinoma patients, not known and not yet reported. We came across an advanced carcinoma GB with highly reactive Brucellar antibody who optimally responded to antibiotics against Brucella.

 The purpose of this article was to review the occupational hazards related to the practice of orthodontics, including all the risks involved. The classification of hazards was based on major sources of risks by system or tissue and by orthodontic office area.

Aim: The main purpose of this study is to determine the factors which influences pediatric emergency nurses to report medication errors. Methods: The study utilized descriptive correlation design with 200 conveniently selected pediatric emergency nurses from the tertiary hospitals in Saudi Arabia. SPSS Ver. 17.0 to was used to determine the average weighted mean, standard deviation and rank. Results: The fear towards the consequences, being blamed, and punishment by the organization hinders the nurses from reporting medication errors.

Introduction: The stature prediction occupies relatively a central position in the identification necessitated by the medico legal experts or medical jurisprudence and also in the anthropological research. Assessing the height of an individual, from measurements of different parts, has always been of immense interest to forensic medicine experts. Tooth and skull are useful in providing valuable clues for forensics for intricate identification in stature estimation.

The article deals with the research the aim of which is stating the effect of early intervention on the impaired motor development of infants depending on the beginning of early intervention. In order to assess the motor development of infants Munich functional development diagnostics was used. There participated 210 infants attending early rehabilitation service at consulting polyclinics for children’s disease clinics. The first assessment of the complex motions of infants was made in different age groups (group I – 3±0,5 months; group II – 6±0,5months).

Sarcoidosis possibly will involve the kidneys in several ways. Incidence and prevalence of renal involvement in sarcoidosis remain uncertain. Usually, aberrations of calcium metabolism include hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, and nephrocalcinosis, are responsible for the renal manifestations of sarcoidosis. Granulomatous infiltration of the renal interstitium produces severe derangements of renal function. Glomerulonephritis can occur with sarcoidosis, although the pathogenesis remains unclear.

Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the reliability and validity of the Supportive Care Needs Scale (SCNS – SF34) in Identification of nursing care needs for cancer patients and examine the psychometric properties. Methods: Approval of the ethics committee and the institution was taken from the hospital where the data were collected. The sample comprised 450 patients with cancer. Pre-implementation approval was obtained from the patients. Forward-backward translation of the SCNS-SF34 from English into Turkish was conducted.

Introduction: Indian Cancer Register reports the proportion of childhood cancers relative to all cancers as 0.8-5.8% in boys and 0.5-3.4% in girls. It’s imperative that dentists be familiar with the medical history and oral manifestations of Pediatric Malignancies in order to detect, diagnose and plan for effective intervention. Objective: To enumerate the types of Pediatric Malignancies as seen at Regional Cancer Center, Bengaluru, and to correlate it with their dental findings.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and progressive condition among the most common metabolic diseases in general medical practice. Intensive lifestyle intervention and metformin can prevent or delay progression to diabetes. Over the past decade, lifestyle interventions have been translated across various settings, but little is known about the translation of evidence surrounding metformin use. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of metformin extended release formulation on the glycemic control gastrointestinal tolerability and patient satisfaction.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) employs a non-toxic dye, termed a photosensitizer (PS), and low intensity visible light which, in the presence of oxygen, combine to produce cytotoxic species. PDT has the advantage of dual selectivity, in that the PS can be targeted to its destination cell or tissue and, in addition, the illumination can be spatially directed to the lesion. PDT has previously been used to kill pathogenic microorganisms in vitro, but its use to treat infections in animal models or patients has not, as yet, been much developed.

Aim: to assess Dentist Awareness of Basic life Support (BLS) among Dental colleges of Ghaziabad U.P India. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was carried out in randomly selected 3 dental colleges out of 6, pursuing post-graduation courses in Ghaziabad. A questionnaire with 20 questions regarding the awareness and skills involved in BLS was used to assess the levels of awareness to BLS and its practical knowledge.

Aim: To assess the knowledge, attitude and awareness about cleft lip among dental students. Background: Cleft lip is a congenital deformity which functionally and esthetically compromised the patient. Therefore, correct identification, treatment and management of cleft lip would improve the quality of life for a patient with cleft lip. Materials & Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study, which utilises a well-structured and modified questionnaire from other similar questionnaires. This study was conducted among the clinical students of Saveetha dental college.

Background: Many epidemiological studies describe the role of toxic metals in the complex etiology of neurodegenerative diseases (ND): multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s disese (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Urine-sample analysis after provocation testing with chelating agents allows quantification of the toxic-metal burden in human subjects, including those affected by ND.

In a preliminary study for the assessment of the sanitary status of olive trees in Egypt during April and May in the two successive season 2014-2015. Three hundred shoots were collected from symptomatic and asymptomatic ten olive cultivars from three different locations in Egypt i.e., Siwa, Marsa Matrouh and Beheira. RNA was extracted and used directly for one step RT-PCR with specific primer for each virus.

Bloodstains and bloodstain are some of the most common form of physical evidence encountered during the forensic investigation of incidents involving violence against a person. Blood and blood stains are a very important entity in medico legal practices as factors like source of blood and their stains help in solving the crime of violence, accidental cases. This study was carried out at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, and Ewing Christian College of Allahabad.

Tidal power, also called tidal energy, is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power. The ocean, covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, produces a vast amount of mechanical energy in the form of tides and waves. Tidal power has the potential for future electricity generation. Tidal power is a major growth area, with a global potential up to 100GW installed capacity. As non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil etc., are being tapped out, new and innovative ways of creating energy of our needs being explored.

Coronary artery disease (CAD) the primary cause of disability and death worldwide is also one of the top five causes of death in India1. For the past few decades as there is stupendous increase in coronary artery disease globally, identification of risk factors has become an essential prerequisite to bring down the incidence. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of various risk factors of Ischemic heart disease (IHD) in Acute Myocardial infarction (AcMI). A total of 50 patients admitted in the Cardiology department S.V.R.R.

India has a very rich biodiversity, unique physical and ethnic diversity, and traditional culture. In recent years, the habitat loss due to developmental programmes, overgrazing, animal husbandry and tourism has resulted in the loss of biodiversity. Natural causes such as floods, earthquakes and landslides also add to this tragedy.

The crystal structure of the title compound, (C12 H16 N8 Ni O2, 2(Br) is shown below. The cation Ni(II) ion sits on an inversion centre and is octahedrally coordinated by four imidazole rings. The compound contains a six-coordinate Ni(II) ion lying on an Inversion center, which is bonded to four imidazole N atoms and two O atoms. Intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions are present, linking the nickel complex cations and bromide anions in the crystal structure. A two-dimensional perpendicular network is formed via N2-Br1, N4-Br1 intermolecular hydrogen bonds.

The total concentration of calcium in bile is much higher (25 meq/lt) than the plasma concentration due to calcium binding by other components of bile, especially bile salts. Vitamin D plays an important role in regulation of bile salts and megalin thus preventing gallstones. Since an increase in Biliary Calcium was found during gallstone formation in various studies.

Mass rearing of the rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica Stainton is a key component in mass production of several entomophagous biocontrol agents, for use as the factitious host/prey in commercial insectaries. Improvements in the larval diets for mass rearing of C. cephalonica constitute one of the strategies to enhance the efficiency and economics of large-scale rearing. The present study compared the relative efficiency of four larval diets (maize alone, sorghum alone, maize+ millet and maize +sorghum) in C.cephalonica mass production.

Vietnam has natural conditions suitable for the growth and development of tea plants. Tea production plays an important role in the structure of agricultural production and tea products are important export items. Growing shan tea in the form of forestation is a technique that is very suitable to the land conditions, labor and farming practices of ethnic minorities in the uplands. Out of seven cuttings at different time annually on: January 15; Fabruary 15; March 15; September 15; October 15; November 15; December 15, those of the last two (Nov.

Mannitol is a major compound related to carbon metabolism in the parasitic plant Striga hermonthica despite Mannitol 6-Phosphate Reductase (M6PR) that is the key enzyme of mannitol biosynthesis in plants is likely absent in the parasite. Previous studies suggest that M6PR activity is driven by a Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase (CAD) in striga. This work aims to characterize the CAD isoforms of the parasite and to check their activity as M6PR.

Introduction: Taste perception is the basic sensory activity for the right selection of food and beverages which we eat daily. Tongue recognizes five fundamental tastes out of which salt provides more than just salty taste to the food. Salt provides sodium and chloride ions which are needed by the body. But the habit of tobacco consumption alters taste perception. Nicotine the core content in tobacco is leading cause for decreased effectiveness of gustatory system. This eventually leads to excess salt consumption by tobacco chewers causing other health problems.

Biotechnology is applied of bioscience and one of the modern technologies in the field of biology, including in agriculture. Since the discovery of Dolly sheep cloning in 1997 and baby tube technology, ethics in biotechnology (bioethics) becomes a discourse. Ethics as values and moral principles used by a person or a group as a guide to his behavior. Ethics as a set of principles and values relating to morality (what is considered good or bad). Ethics as a science that studies human behavior from the point of norm and moral values.

Background: Dental anomalies in deciduous dentition are commonly encountered by dental professionals. Early detection and careful management of such conditions can help in usual occlusal development. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of dental anomalies in deciduous dentition among Indian children from rural population. Materials and Methods: The study sample comprised of 2809 children from 2-8 years (1641 boys, 1168 girls). The children were examined in outpatient department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry.

This work studied the effects of fine aggregates on the strength properties of building blocks. The fine aggregates used were sharp sand, quartz sand, granite dust and run-off sand. A cement-fine aggregate mix ratio of 1:6 and a water-cement ratio of 0.5 were used throughout the work. Sixteen hollow blocks of dimension, 450mm x 225mm x 150mmand 12 solid blocks of dimension 600mm x 150mm x 150mm were cast for each of the fine aggregate samples.

Imidazoline quaternary-ammonium-salt corrosion inhibitor and thioureido-imidazoline quaternary-ammonium-salt compound corrosion inhibitor were synthesized using oleic acid, diethylenetriamine, benzyl chloride and thiourea as theraw materials. The resulting samples were characterized by static weight-loss method, electrochemical polarization curve, X-ray photoelectron spectrometry (XPS) as well as scanning electron microscope (SEM).

Background: Hematological derangements are among the common complications associated with HIV infection. HIV infection may affect any cell line causing, anemia, thrombocytopenia, and leucopenia or may cause pancytopenia. Patients and Materials: This study was conducted at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad from March 2017 to June 2017. Patients were diagnosed as HIV positive as per WHO criteria. Detailed medical history, physical examination, and investigations were conducted. Data was collected and analyzed on SPSS version 21.0.

In the present study, an attempt was made to explore the flow behavior of non-Newtonian fluids in coiled micro tube. The non-Newtonian fluids were aqueous solutions of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), a polymer, with concentrations of 0.1 wt% and 0.5 wt%. Initially, the numerical procedure was validated by comparing the present predicted pressure drop of Newtonian fluid flowing in straight micro tube with known experimental data.

To accomplish flourishing accomplishment of total productive maintenance (TPM), first of all, literature review was completed meticulously to comprehend the fundamental perceptions of total productive maintenance. Outcomes achieved all the way through the observed revise divulges the anecdotal leanings in the overall equipment effectiveness and productivity of the machines. Further, observed study was conducted about automotive industries based on real time training was done to obtain achievable results.

In this paper, the combined effect of surface roughness and transverse magnetic field on the performance characteristic of the annular plates lubricated with conducting couple stress fluid (CCSF) has been studied. On the basis of the Christensen Stochastic model, the generalized stochastic Reynold’s equation is derived. Modified equations for the non-dimensional pressure, load-carrying capacity and squeeze film time are derived. The results are presented both numerically and graphically and compared with conducting smooth surface case.

Designing passive filter for the voltage source converter is very popular. In this paper a new approach to design a LCL filter is proposed. The step by step design procedure is shown which is missing in most of the papers published recently. The proposed method meets the traditional practical limits, while guarantees more stability even in the presence of wide grid inductance variations and filter parameter uncertainties. The performance of the proposed method are verified by simulation results

This paper discuss about Survey done for the digital circuit design using different VLSI technologies. In digital electronic world, delay and power consumption improvement are the most important performance parameters of a circuit. To achieve this goal, we can reduce scaling of the feature size.

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between human resource management practices on perceived organizational support in telecommunication firms in Palestine. A literature review covered the relationship between human resource management practices have a good impact on perceived organizational support. The author used a quantitative method in this study. Were the questionnaires distributed to individuals working in a virtual environment. The questionnaire required the respondents to answer all questions.

Benzodiazepines are well known class of antianxiety and hypnotic agents. They have replaced the traditional barbiturates and dicarbamates which were used for such treatments in 1990’s. Benzodiazepines are more effective in alleviating anxiety and stress as they have fewer and less severe side effects. BZD’s are also frequently prescribed as drugs for heart and circulatory problems. Objective of this review is to present a literature survey of preparation methods of [1,4] and [1,5]-benzodiazepines and their uses in synthetic organic chemistry.

Nanostructured Nickel cobalt oxide Ni0.5Co2.5O4 powders were prepared by co-precipitation of hydroxides technique from mixed stoichiometric amounts ofhexahydrated nickel nitrate Ni(NO3)2.6H2O and of hexahydrated cobalt nitrate Co(NO3)2.6H2O (Aldrich) as sources of nickel and cobalt, respectively. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns showed that the oxides crystallize in a cubic spinel phase. Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) confirms the stoichiometric proportions of metals in the cobaltites of nickel.

The utilization of advanced technology in colleges and universities has led to increase efficiency in processing and exchanging of records, maintaining data quality, and production is leading to increase quality education and services. The study aimed to design and develop a computerized system to improve the student record management at the Guidance Office of Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Katipunan Campus, Philippines.

The evaluation of software is paramountly important for an organization to have a quality and reliable system that is in compliance with the international standards. System evaluation administered on a periodic basis can remarkably improve the management and effectiveness of the organization.

Extracting marine phytoplankton pigments is a frequently-used analytical technique for determining the main groups present in samples. Determining these compounds (carotenoids and chlorophylls) is done mainly by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), with visible UV detection and fluorescence, using a range of published methods. But the preliminary extraction required to determine them is a little-studied step that requires optimising.

With popularity of smartphones and the explosion of mobile applications, it has become necessary for the mobile devices to function with high performance processing tasks in comparison to the static clients along with the servers. The computational resources of a device can be limited due to the weight, memory, battery life, and heat dissipation. To overcome the limitations in the mobile devices, studies have realized cloud computing as one of the best solutions.

There have been have been various studies investigating factors that influence hotel performance in Kenya mostly in coastal region in the recent past. These studies have analyzed the strategies, drivers and factors influencing performance focusing at reasons why some hotels perform outstandingly while other do not. This study focused on how information quality affects 3 to 5 star rated hotels performance in Nairobi, Kenya. The study adopted a survey design which allowed easy sampling and analysis of data.

Data and information are spread all over the world. So the secrecy of data is important to our digital world. To maintain the secrecy of data, two efficient approaches are introduced- Cryptography and Steganography. Steganography is the science that deals with conveying secret information by embedding into the cover object invisibly. In steganography, only the authorized party is aware of the existence of the hidden message to achieve secret communication. The message that is to be hidden and the cover medium where the message is hidden may be text, image, audio, video and protocol.

Aims&Objectives: The area under curve (AUC) method is the first quantitative method measuring antioxidant protection against lipid oxidation, with a slightly different order of antioxidative effectiveness from reductive assays because of interfacial effects. In this study, peroxidation of copper (II) -induced linoleic acid (LA) emulsion was investigated using a new method of ‘area under curve’ (AUC) approximation based on iron thiocyanate colorimetry.

This paper mainly deals with study of mechanical properties of Al 7005 alloy based hybrid MMC’s. Two types of reinforcement materials were used to obtain hybrid composite. Reinforcements were in the form of fibers and particulate. Stir casting method is followed to obtain the required composite material with proper mixing of reinforcements. By different combination of composition three castings were obtained with same base material of Al 7005 alloy.

In this present world monitoring Organizational Performance has become a mandatory prospect. If we are able to diagnose the weakness as well as the flaws in the organizational performance it will make our day to day activities even better in every aspect. There has been creation of different performance model by academic and industrial veterans. Thus the objective of this research paper is to find the flaws of the existing performance models and initialize the better ideas within them to finally construct the rewarding universal performance model for aviation organization.

This study is to investigate should who manage governing body to ensure and delivered of public services such as public interest to intend outcome at all times for society and services users. In this research focus on the Bandung Sub-District Office of 30, that is introduce and proportional sampling of 5 as service users on 2016. The method of this research is time order decision by Johnson and Onwugbuzie’s, (2004). This approach is selected considering during the data are collected through interviewing related respondents to re-confirmation the data from questionnaires.

Background: Sweeping of membrane is a simple outpatient procedure performed to initiate onset of labour by increasing local prostaglandins production. Objective: To study the effect of sweeping of fetal membranes in initiation of onset of labour and its complications in postdate pregnancy (40-42 weeks) at OMH 2015. Methodology: This is a descriptive, prospective study, conducted at (OMH), during 2015. All low risk pregnant women attending antenatal clinic (ANC), who completed 40 weeks or more (40-42) were included after an informed consent.

This document deals with the results of a research project on actions undertaken by women victims of gender violence in the modality of violence of couple and the institutional responses from health and justice sector, their demands or requirements. It describes the main obstacles to the accessibility of services and it`s likely part of the implementation of the law 1258 of 2008 of prevention, promotion, care and punishment of violence against women in Colombia.

This article highlights the increment in the level of importance in the supply chain that companies implement in the activities and processes that they constantly carry out inside themselvesand through the adoption and good management of these methodsto obtain better results and opportunities for growth and, economic and business development of organizations to successfully meet the challenges of globalization.

The research project entitled "Characterization of total logistics in the SMEs in Tuluá - Buga as a fundamental tool for the development of international trade" was developed based on the need to raise awareness among students of the International Trade Program from the Faculty of Administrative, Economic and Accounting Sciences (FACAEC by its name in Spanish), about the need to obtain competences in the field of research as a fundamental element for the integral training of professionals; Since logistics is one of the key areas of the program offered by the Central Unit of Valle del Cauca

Recent evidences indicate that a large increase in FDI inflows to African countries including Ethiopia. And this FDI has seen as a crucial source of capital inflows and stimulants of economic growth in the country. And in order to attract this FDI, Ethiopia took some steps towards liberalizing trade and the macroeconomic regimes as well as introducing some measures aimed at improving the FDI regulatory frame works. But empirical literatures find mixed evidence on the impact of FDI on Economic growth in the host country.

Reading is a complex psychological activity which enables receiving the information in written form and its comprehension. The perception of signs has a major importance in the beginning of reading, but, as the child improves, it relies more on the content of reading. Enabling pupils in elementary school to realize and understand the facts in the text and the whole text, and to develop individual comprehension of the text, can significantly improve their school success, and, generally life success.

This paper compared high and low academic achievers in respect of study. This study consisting of 30 items on different aspects of learning ways. The scale was administered on the sample of 100 students those were studying in class IX in different schools of Vijayapura district. Similarly, academic performance was measured through marks obtained by the students in the school level examination of class VIII. The analysis revealed that the learning way of secondary school students is related with their academic achievement. The high achievers have better learning way than the low achievers.

This paper discusses demotivational factors and emerging issues demoralizing secondary school teachers and creating low learning outcomes. Negative behaviours including frequent strikes, cases of examination irregularities and insecurity suggest moral decay and lack of values among learners. This indicates a decline in the quality of secondary education in the country. Teacher motivation is linked to improved student good performance in the national examinations. This review analyzes possible threats to teachers’ motivation and remedial measures.

This paper explores the intertextual elements in Shazaf Fatima Haider’s (2013) How It Happened. The study is based on the theory of text and intertextuality proposed by Roland Barthes (1977). This theory suggests that no text ever exists in individuality. All the texts are interwoven, interlinked and dependent to each other by the intertextualelements. No text stands apart and claims to be original, and contains the aspects of creating a mosaic. The intertextuality is used and molded in accordance to the cultural needs, requirements and cultural context.

Arabic poetry is the earliest form of Arabic Literature, and the Arabs expressed their greatest mentality in the domain of their poetry in flowery art of language. Generally poetry has the capability to touch the heart of human being, while it bears moral values in its contents. Like many other philosopher poets, AbȗTammȃm (d. 788 A.D.) compiled an anthology entitled Kitabu’l-Hamȃsah comprising of 884 Arabic poems; they are accommodated with ten to eleven chapters; of which third chapter finds as Bȃbu’l-Adab i.e. “chapter of the manners”.

Culture according to behavioral perspective is a total way of life, while educational perspective sees culture as something abstract that is educational, which form a system of knowledge, spirit, belief, meaning, ethos, values, the capability of mind functioning in shaping patterns of behavior typical of a community group. School culture is the culture of the organization in the context of schooling, so that the school culture is roughly equal to the culture of educational organizations.

Nowadays, an audit committee (AC) is being looked upon as a distinct culture for CG and has received a wide-publicity across the globe. Government authorities, regulators and international bodies all have indicated that they view an AC as a potentially powerful tool that can enhance the reliability and transparency of financial information.

Sewage sludge generated from wastewater treatment plants are being merited greater attention in light of their potential for improving soil properties and for providing important nutrient and trace element supplements that are essential for plant growth. Because of the differences in sludge characteristics among sludges that undergo different levels of treatment as well as the extensive and variable nature of pollutant inputs to wastewater, the fertilizer potential and pollutant risk of sewage sludge intended for agricultural application has to be specifically evaluated for each sludge.

This study wanted to know the culture organization of Hindu religious adviser in Pasraman education development at the Mataram city. This study used field research method with qualitative descriptive analysis, which is carried out against Hindu religious adviser in the Ministry of Religious of West Nusa Tenggara Province. In the effort to develop theory based on field data, also use the method of observation, in-depth interview method and document study and cross check data (triangulation) so that data will be obtained more accurate.

“This IPO is for investors who really want to buy our share and be benefitted in the medium term. If someone intends on punting with the IPO, we are not the bank for such people. With punting, we feel that a customer does not become a shareowner.” (, 2013) The above statement was mentioned by the former MD/CEO of Amana Bank (“The Bank”) FaizalSalih in the end of the year 2013 when the bank started floating its shares in initial public offering (“IPO”) under the slogan: “Own your share in our journey of success”.

Churches face challenges in paying their clergy and financing church projects. The transition from missionary support to self-reliance, self-propagating and self governance has seen many local churches face financial constraints. One of the ways of financial sustainability is through Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs.The main purpose of the study was to determine the effect of KAG-SACCO in raising the income of the clergy, members and churches in Gusii District of Kenya Assemblies of God Church.

The application of the culturological approach allowed buildinga qualitative theory of money, which ensures the innovative development of the economies of the countries of the world. Using the model of social and political order, it becomes possible to correctly assess the indicators of the quality of national money. This opens the way for further development of methods for analyzing economic policy.

This study was carried out in 12 primary schools of Makindye Urban council, Kampala district in Uganda to establish the dominant management styles used by head teachers of Makindye Urban Council primary schools, as well as to find out whether there is a difference in the head teachers’ management styles between private and public primary schools in Makindye Urban Council, Kampala district. Using cross-sectional survey design with a quantitative approach, the data was collected from 360 respondents, 350 of whom were pupils and 10 were head teachers.

This study was carried out in 12 primary schools of Makindye Urban council, Kampala district in Uganda to assess the primary school pupils’ level of moral behavior in Makindye Urban Council, Kampala district. Using cross-sectional survey design with a quantitative approach, the data was collected from 360 respondents, 350 of whom were pupils and 10 were head teachers. The findings indicated that the pupils’ level of moral behavior was high despite the general outcry of moral decadence in the world.

The civilian nuclear enrichment specifically focuses on economic development and technological advancement of the country. The paper raises a central question on the link between the nuclear programme and socio-political transitions in Iran. People of Iran had a significant historical role in determining the socio-political structures of the country. For instance, Islamic revolution of 1979 was resultant in establishing Islam-centric political and social system in the country.

Microteaching is a compulsory part of any teacher’s training program to be taken before a student is allowed to go for the practice teaching. This indicates the importance of microteaching to prepare the future teacher trainees to teach in school. However, there are some modification in the practices of microteaching according to situations. This research had been carried out to investigate the attitude and perception of B.Ed. and M.Ed. students and teacher educators in Darbhanga district. 150 students from the B.Ed. and M.Ed.

Goal orientation refers to the goals individuals implicitly pursue while attempting to attain certain performance outcomes (Dweck and Leggett, 1988). Communication climate is the tone of interactions among individuals in a work environment, with tone reflecting not only the quality of those relationships but also the organization's effectiveness. The data for this study was collected through survey method. Executives those who are above 45 years of age were prefers neutral style of communication. Further details were discussed in this paper.

Effects of stachytarpheta cayennensis on haematological parameters were investigated in thirty (30) albino rats for a period of two (2) weeks. There was significant (P<0.05) decline in red blood cells values with increase in extract concentration as compared with control but the values were within the normal range. There was increase in packed cell value with increase in extract dosage but the difference was not significant (P> 0.05) except in high dose that showed low value with increase dosage concentration and was significant (P< 055) as compared with control.

Aim: The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitudes and awareness of the use of flexible dentures among dental practitioners. Material and Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted at Saveetha Dental College and hospitals, Chennai. The study instrument was a structured, self administrable questionnaire consisting of eight multiple choice questions (MCQs), encompassing major aspects of flexible dentures conducted through an online survey. Results: The survey was conducted among 100 dental practitioners.

Background: A major component of quality of health care is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is multifaceted and a very challenging outcome to define. Patient expectations of care and attitudes greatly contribute to the satisfaction; other psychosocial factors, including facilities and treatments services are also known to contribute to the various patient satisfaction levels. Aim: To measure patient satisfaction about facilities, services and treatments offered by a dental hospital in India.

Aim: To assess the awareness of dental students and general public about oral cancer. Background: Oral cancer is one of the most common malignancy seen in head and neck region. The common causes for oral cancer include tobacco consumption (smoke and smokeless), areca nut, betel nut and others. Materials and Methods: 2 groups were formed with 150 participants in each group. The groups included dental students (final year BDS students and Interns) and general public from Chennai. Awareness of etiology, clinical features and management of oral cancer was assessed by means of a questionnaire.

Processing a poorly soluble drug is a challenging task during formulation development. Nano suspension is one of the techniques that can improve the dissolution of poorly soluble drug. Nanosuspension is the fine dispersion of uniform-sized solid particles in an aqueous vehicle. The present work was aimed at the formulation and evaluation of nanosuspension of Nifedipine, a poorly water soluble anti-hypertensive drug. The nanosuspensions were prepared by nanoprecipitation alone and in combination with ultrasonication method using acetone as solvent and water as antisolvent.

Aim: To study the effect of enzymatic and sodium perborate denture cleansers on tensile bond strength between permanent resilient liner and heat polymerized denture base immersed in different durations of immersion solutions. Materials and Methods: Sixty three samples with the resilient denture liner sandwiched between two polymerized PMMA blocks were divided into three groups A, B and C with 21 samples in each subgroup. All samples were stored in artificial saliva in an incubator at 370C for 15 days.

Sialolithiasis has been reported to be the most common disease of the salivary gland affecting 12 individuals per 1000 of the adult population. It is the most common cause of acute and chronic infections of salivary gland and accounts for greater than 50% of the diseases involving large salivary glands. Sialolith greater than 15mm in any one dimension or 1 gram in weight have been classified as giant sialoliths in literature. Residual cyst may be radicular, dentigerous or any other cyst which persists after the removal of its associated tooth.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the oral hygiene maintenance in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. This will help the patients to maintain the oral hygiene in an effective way in terms of aesthetic as well as the success of orthodontic treatment. For evaluating the oral hygiene 150 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment were selected from school of dental sciences, Karad. These 150 patients were divided in 3 groups. 50 patients were allotted in group A, who were instructed to carry out their normal oral hygiene methods.

The most common helminthic infection in Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) is considered to be Enterobius vermicularis and when it affects appendix it produces symptoms of acute appendicitis. Its association with acute appendicitis varies from 0.2% to 41.8%, most predominantly affecting children and rare in adults. We present a case of 22 year old male clinically diagnosed as acute appendicitis but pathological examination revealed Enterobius vermicularis infection in appendix which is an infrequent finding.

Background: Maxillofacial fractures in children are rare, but present challenges that may adversely affect growth and development. Objective: To analyze the pattern and management of maxillofacial bone fractures in patients aged one to 12 years. Materials and Methods: A retrospective review was conducted on 47 pediatric patients with maxillofacial fractures that presented to our hospital over a 20-year period. Data on etiology, clinical characteristics, treatment and complications were analyzed.

Introduction: The term menopause simply refers to the last menstrual period which is defined by not having had a period in 12 months. Although a technical definition of menopause refers to your last period, it is not an abrupt event but a gradual process. The cessation of menstrual cycles at the end of a woman's reproductive period is termed as menopause. Menopause before age 45 is considered premature in industrialized countries. The age of menopause is largely a result of genetics; however, illnesses, certain surgeries, or medical treatments may cause menopause to occur earlier.

Introduction: Early childhood, that is the first six years constitutes the most crucial period in life, when the foundations are laid for cognitive, social and emotional language, physical/motor development and cumulative lifelong learning. Child malnutrition may be defined as a pathological state resulting from inadequate nutrition, including under nutrition (protein-energy malnutrition) due to insufficient intake of energy and other nutrients.

Acute pancreatitis is a rare entity when presenting in a patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Since it was first described in 1939 less than 200 cases have been reported in literature. We are reporting a case of a 17 year old girl, a diagnosed case of SLE, who had developed sudden onset abdominal pain, and subsequently diagnosed with Lupus induced Acute Pancreatitis. She was started on steroid therapy after the diagnosis but consequently succumbed to the illness, after developing lupus pancreatitis related ARDS.

In globally growing of dental treatment provider’s, while providing best treatments to the patient, it is extremely important for a dentist to follow a protocol to facilitate cross infection control in the office and to prevent cross-contamination between the patients, dentists, assistants, and paramedical staff, yet cross contamination and its modes still remain the same. To ensure risk free practice it is essential to follow the two basic R’s: Reduce –the infection, Reevaluate the status.

AIM: To do the morphometric analysis of the hard palate. OBJECTIVE: By analysing the palatine length and breadth, which is used to determine the palatine index, the position of the greater foramen (GPF), the distance of GPF from the middle maxillary suture (MMS) and the variation in number of lesser palatine foramina (LPF); the variations of the hard palate in South Indians can be seen.

The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of patient management for dental professionals and thus making it a necessity in the regular dental curriculum. By finding the importance of patient management, we improve the communication skills of a dentist towards a patient and thereby creating a healthy professional and humanitarian relationship.

In 2009, Sacramento County Mental Treatment Center (SCMHTC) shut down half of the 100 inpatient beds in the only Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in the county causing patients who depended on the county mental health with limited resources. The lack of resources in the community resulted in long wait times for appointments in the county outpatient facilities. Due to these complications, psychiatric patients resorted to the Emergency Departments (ED) for their treatment, causing an influx of psychiatric patients, poor and sometimes sub-therapeutic care from the ED clinicians.

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. They are being used for various periodontal therapies. Low level lasers have wavelengths suitable for periodontal healing. Diode laser is an excellent soft tissue laser and it helps in significant bacterial reduction, removal of the inflammatory products while creating excellent hemostasis. A flexible fiber optic delivery system allows the clinician easy and safe access around the periodontal pocket.

Introduction: Epilepsy is one of the recognized Central nervous System (CNS) complications in HIV infected patients. However, so far there were unknown researches conducted regarding the prevalence of epilepsy among HIV infected adult patients in Ethiopia in general and in the study area in particular. Objectives: The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of epilepsy among HIV infected adult patients who were on Anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in Adama Hospital Medical College, 2017.

Introduction: Blepharophimosis, ptosis and epicanthus inversus syndrome (BPES) is a developmental disorder for which diagnosis is based on 4 major features: Blepharophimosis, Ptosis, Epicanthus inversus and telecanthus). This condition is caused by mutations in the FOXL2 gene and is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. Case report: A 12 year old girl presented ptosis with strabismus in eye OPD. The patient had bilateral ptosis. On basis of ophthalmic examination diagnosis of BEPS made.

Background: In recent years forensic odontology has gained a lot of importance in age estimation of an individual. Developing teeth are used to estimate age in number of disciplines using various techniques of age estimation. Aim: To compare chronological age with age estimated by Nolla’s method in children of 6-13 years. Materials and Methods: Digital orthopantomogram of 100 children (50 males and 50 females) visiting Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital, Pune in the age group of 6-13 years were selected.

Objectives: To understand the trend of sale of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) at various Paan (betel quid) and Chemist shops across Noida city and devise a model to promote its social marketing. Methods: A pre tested, pre validated questionnaire was administered to 136 Paan and 136 Chemist shopkeepers. Questions like the availability of NRT, most common forms sold (chewing gums, patches, E-cigarettes etc.), most popular brand at both the settings, whether or not patients buy the product with prescriptions and estimated monthly sale were asked.

Background: Caudate surgical resection is considered to be the most effective method and the main indication for treating tumors in the caudate lobe and that is still a challenge for hepatobiliary surgeons. Our objective is to present two new main concepts; one is the fourth porta hepatis, the other is that large caudate lobe tumors could be defined if the size of the tumor is larger than 5cm. Methods: of the 22 patients who underwent caudate lobe tumors resection between January 2013 and December 2016, we performed various surgical approaches for resecting the caudate lobe tumors.

Majority of tribal’s are living below the poverty line, possessing meagre assets and are exclusively dependent on wages, forest produce and agriculture. The income and living condition of the elder tribes in comparison with other community elder people are much discouraging. In order to get a clear view of this issue, this study attempts to examine the changing pattern in socio-economic condition and livelihood of the elder in tribal community of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Introduction: The complex root canal anatomy has been the reason for great research by the dentists worldwide. Frequent variation like apical deltas, accessory canals, and multiple orifices, have great significance in pediatric dentistry because of the close anatomic relationship between the primary teeth and the follicle of succedaneous permanent teeth.

Introduction: According to WHO, 12 billion intramuscular injections are administered annually throughout the world. On administering intramuscular injections, patients are experiencing pain and discomfort. Trying to provide injections with minimal pain is a part of nursing care to achieve greater outcome. Few researchers has found that injections and injection techniques revealed significant positive findings with non-pharmacologic pain management technique.

Aim: To understand and deduce the prevalence of mandibular fractures in patients having maxillofacial injuries which includes isolated mandibular fracture, maxillo-mandibular fractures and poly-trauma from a 42 month retrospective survey in central region in India. Material & Methods: The data base of 42 months has been evaluated from trauma centers in Central India in which we have assessed only those patients whose case history was complete with radiographic evidence. A total number of 596 cases of mandible fractures either present as a single entity or associated with poly-trauma.

Introduction: Cervical cancer, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most common among Indian women. Two prophylactic vaccines are currently available and marketed in many countrieswhich are directed against oncogenic genotypes. To communicate to the community regarding the new vaccine, it is important to understand the awareness and attitude among caregivers. The study envisaged to study the awareness and attitude of our medical college post-graduate students towards HPV and its Vaccine.

Objective: To assess the efficacy and safety of Shenling Baizhu San (SLBZS) for the treatment of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through systematic review. Methods: Biomedical databases, including PubMed, EMbase, The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), CBM-disk, CNKI, VMIS and WFMO were searched from their inceptions until 31th October 2015.

Background: Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis (EHK) is a histopathological entity used for wide variety of clinical presentations. The primary pathological process is clumping of keratin filaments which is due to mutation in gene encoding for keratin 1 and 10 and thus they are clustered under a umbrella term ‘Keratopathic ichthyosis’. The estimated prevalence of the disease is 1:200,000~300,000.We are presenting 5 clinical cases of EHK of sporadic nature. Method: Clinically appearing cases of EHK further proven on biopsy were included in the study.

Foreign bodies that enter a patient as a result of trauma are contaminated and produce a range of symptoms. Gunshot injury are known to cause severe morbidity in head and neck region. The complex facial anatomy is a challenge to medical and oral surgeons in reconstruction. We report a case in which the patient gives history involving a gunshot injury to the chin. The patient did not have any major complaints relating to the bullet injury in his mandible or any symptoms. However the bullet injury caused severe comminution of the lower border of the symphysis of mandible.

Background: Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) are the most common benign epidermal lesions, which are raised brown or black papules with a “stuck on” appearance (Mackie, 2004). They may sometimes present with a plane flat verrucous surface which may be clinically confused with verruca plana (VP). Such lesions pose diagnostic challenge to the dermatologists. Since these two have significantly different etiology, treatment and prognosis, differentiation of SK from verruca is necessary.

Objective: The aim of the present study was to analyse the physicochemical characteristics of three different types of alloplastic bone graft materials used in periodontal regeneration. Materials and Methods: The materials used were Monophasic Hydroxyapatite – Biograft HA, Bioactive Glass- Perioglas and Tricalcium phosphate- Biograft TCP. The physicochemical properties of the materials were tested using Scanning Electron Microscopy, Thermogravimetry and Dissolution rates.

Hyperlipidemia is a condition where there is an elevation of serum levels of total cholesterol(TC) and triglycerides(TGL) due to the lipid metabolism alteration, with an increase in the liver lipogenesis and lipolysis in the adipocytes. It is well known that a causal relationship exists between serum lipid levels and systemic health particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and tissue repair capacity.

Introduction: Pressure ulcer is the lifelong and serious complications following the spinal cord injury. They have a potential to interfere with Physical, psychological and social wellbeing and to impact the quality of the life. Pressure ulcers are defined as the lesion caused by unrelieved pressure resulting in damage of underlying tissue (Bergstorm et al., 1992). They usually occur over the bony prominence and are classified as degree of tissue damage.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is an extremely complex disease with a tremendous social and economical burden. This risk of this disease is further compounded by various environmental, biochemical as well as anthropometrical risk factors. The present study focused on the association of life style factors with the onset and progression of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. A total of 450 patients were enrolled under the present study. On the basis of the information recorded from T2DM patients, males were more affected (61.3%) as compared to females (38.6%).

Several infectious diseases are transmissible by blood transfusion, especially viral infections. The most common blood-transmitted viruses are hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). These viruses cause fatal, chronic and life-threatening disorders. The purpose of this study was to establish the current distribution of hepatitis viruses (B and C), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Syphilis (VDRL test) and Malaria among donated blood units in a tertiary care teaching hospital.

Purpose: The Purpos of the article is to asses the improvement on speech quality analysis with spectrogram by modified maxillary denture. We should gain familiarity with acoustic cue features of consonants with spectrographic representations of sounds. Background: “Speech is a brief, physiologically generated and socially conditioned vibratory impact on the human organism upon the atmosphere”. The sound is characterized by phonation or articulation, or both plus resonances.

Frenum also known as frenulum or frena is a fold of tissue or muscle connecting the lips, cheek, or tongue to the jawbone. Ankyloglossia, commonly known as tongue tie, is a congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormally short/tight lingual frenulum, which restricts mobility of the tongue tip. Though the ankyloglossia or tongue tie is not a serious manifestation, it may lead to a host of problems including infant feeding difficulties, speech disorders, and various mechanical and social issues related to the inability of the tongue to protrude.

Background: Many patients with intussusceptions present late to the pediatric surgical department in developing countries. Several authors have described late presentation as a condition for failure of radiologic reduction. Methods: A retrospective review of data collected for all cases of intssusception was analysed with respect to clinical presentation, duration of symptoms and successful attempt at hydrostatic reduction. Results: 22 patients (35%) had reported late beyond 72 hours of being symptomatic.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the adherence and detachment of bacterial biofilms formed on glass surface modified with 10F2S-3I or FF01 using a PMbiofilm model. Modified and unmodified cover glasses were immersed in buffered McBain medium containing stimulated saliva, and theywere cultured to develop PM biofilms.

Odontogenic keratocyst of the mandible is a challenging pathology to treat in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Secondary infections in large Odontogenic Keratocyst can lead to histopathological misdiagnosis. In such cases final diagnosis is usually made after complete surgical enucleation. We faced similar situation in two cases which are reported in the article.Enucleation with open packing was used for their treatment and has been found to be a good conservative approach in its management.

PAN is a systemic disease which can have different skin manifestations including tender erythematous nodules, purpura, livedo reticularis, ulcers, and bullous or vesicular eruption. Here we present a case of rapidly progressing skin ulcers in a 67 year old male with a past medical history significant for seizure disorder, hypothyroidism, and chronic inactive hepatitis B. He was admitted for right lower extremity cellulitis with necrotic ulceration. Surgical excisional debridement was performed at the bedside on the left leg.

Background: Age related macular degeneration is the leading cause of visual loss in western population in patients older than 60 years old. As Oxidative stress has been implicated in the etiology of age related macular degeneration, antioxidant supplementation could be of benefit to prevent or slow the progression of this disabling disease. Objectives: The aim of this review is to investigate the relationship between antioxidant supplementation and the progression of age related macular degeneration.

Background: Hypertension is a major risk factor for cerebrovascular diseases including stroke, coronary heart diseases and renal failure. Therefore, prevention of risk factors through health education, becomes an important goal in overall efforts to reduce the incidence of hypertension related cererbrovascular complications and outcomes. Aim: The main aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of health education on prevention of risk factors of cerebrovascular accident among hypertensive patients.

The content of Pb, Cr, Cd, Sb and As was analyzed in breast milk and its protective factors (phagocytosis of breast milk macrophages, lysozyme concentrations, SIgA, IgA, IgM, IgG) of 72 women. There were 52 women with somatic and gynecological diseases. 24 women of them had an increased level of heavy metals in breast milk, and it did not exceed the norm in 28 women. 20 healthy women had a normal composition of the chemical elements of breast milk.

Children are the most precious assets of any nations; every nation is investing heavily in the education of its system. The children’s educational need full fill from special education. Learning disabled children have different personality character than normal children behaviors of an individual seem to fit together in a meaningful way. It is to be kept in mind that the nature of behaviors is dynamic and there may occur changes in the organization and structure of behaviors over a period of time.

Autistic disorder is an organic disorder characterized by brain abnormalities, especially the cerebellum and limbic systems. An understanding of the background of autism and available behavioral guidance theories is required for the management of patients with autism. The treatment approach to the individual patients would need modification by the practitioner. This case report aims to review the guidelines for management of an autistic child and presents a case report of ankylossia in an autistic child.

Coronary spasm is one of the mechanisms of myocardial infarction with non fixed organic stenosis of epicardial coronary arteries. Right ventricular ischemia with High-degree AV block and coronary spasm have been reported together rarely in medical literature.

The restoring dental professionals are often in a dilemma regarding the restoration of clinically short crowns. To successfully restore a short clinical crown, an understanding of the periodontal parameters involved in restoration is necessary. To achieve a satisfactory result, a comprehensive treatment plan and sequencing of therapy is required. The following case series of clinically short crowns aim to review the guidelines for management of the same.

Histoplasmosis is a mycotic disease caused by the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum which exists as moulds in fertile and humid soil, rich in bird and bat droppings and as yeast in infected tissues. It is classified clinically as acute pulmonary, chronic pulmonary or disseminated form. Oral manifestations account for 25-40% of the disseminated form of the disease and can present as solitary, variably painful, shallow or deep ulcer or less commonly in the form of nodules. It is commonly found in immune compromised patients.

With the advances in technology, most patients desire to maintain their natural dentition, when earlier they would have chosen extraction. Endo-perio lesions can be successfully managed with multidisciplinary approach and choice of treatment. Hemisection is one such procedure, where a multi-rooted tooth is sectioned with its crown portion and removed for cases with a loss of periodontal attachment and the original tooth structure is retained and restored with a fixed prosthesis. But for long term success, careful case selection is of prime importance.

The most commonly found impacted teeth are the maxillary canines. Their management, at times, proves to be frustrating for the orthodontist. The treatment planning and successful management of the impacted canines require a multi-disciplinary approach with the periodontist. The position of the tooth in the bone and other factors like the width of attached gingiva play a role in decision making for treatment of impacted canines. This article presents a case report of labially impacted maxillary canine and also aims to review the guidelines for management of the same.

Maxillary permanent incisor impaction is not a very common finding in the dental practice. This causes its management to be challenging to the orthodontist. Various etiologies can be attributed to causing this condition. Timely diagnosis and early management is the key correction of this condition. The aim of this case report is to review the guidelines for management of impacted maxillary incisor and present a case of the same.

The content of the investigation was to prepare and evaluate the floating-bioadhesive tablets of baclofen (BC) to sustain the drug release. BC is a skeletal muscle relaxant and is used to treat muscle symptoms and also acts as antispastic agent. BC have biological half-life of 1.5 to 4 h and also shows pH dependent solubility. Hence, it is considered as a potential candidate for development of floating-bioadhesive drug delivery system. The BC tablets were prepared by wet granulation method using guar gum and xanthan gum as gel forming agents and sodium bicarbonate as gas generating agent.

Background: An organ transplant may save a person’s life, or significantly improve their health and quality of life. People who receive a new organ can expect to survive and enjoy good quality of life. In India Five lakh people die due to non-availability of organs. 1, 00,000 people die of Liver diseases. Out of which only thousand get a Liver transplant. 2, 20,000 people are waiting for Kidney transplant out of which only 15,000 get kidney transplant. Aim: The present study aims to identify the level of knowledge and attitude towards organ donation.

The residual cyst is a type of inflammatory odontogenic cystic lesion, caused by an inflammatory periapical cyst that persists retained within the bone after extraction of the affected tooth involved, or arises after incomplete removal of an original cyst, motivating the persistence of a radicular cyst. Also known as asymptomatic inflammatory odontgenic cyst, these cysts may rise from inflammatory fibrous and granulation tissue at the apex/periapical region of a tooth not curetted at the time of dental extraction.

Lasers, which were first used in dentistry in 1960, are now an integral part of the dental practice. They are used in cavity preparation, surgical procedures and various other procedures. They can be used not only as adjunct but also as an alternative to conventional techniques. Soft tissue lasers can be put to use for a number of treatment options in periodontics. Here are case series reviewing the periodontal applications of soft tissue diode lasers.

Aim & Objectives: To assess the role of mastoid process in gender determination by analyzing its dimensions in a computed tomographic image. Methodology: Sample size of 100 CT images was determined, considering a confidence level of 95% and an error rate of +/-5%. Radiographic linear measurements were made using customized DICOM software to accurately analyze the dimensions of mastoids in CT images. Statistics analysis: Z test and Interval estimation was performed. Results: Dimensions of mastoids in CT images of males were found to be higher when compared to females.

Various reasons can be attributed to trauma to anterior teeth. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan ensures their successful management. Diagnosis and treatment planning can prove to be troublesome even for experienced practitioners owing to the various luxation and fracture types. The International Association of Dental Traumatology has given guidelines which offer maximum success in management of traumatized teeth. Here is a case report discussing the management of atraumatizedanteriortooth.

Leadership has been studied extensively due to the important role it plays in the management of organizations, especially in a rather competitive market. In this context, leaders play a crucial role in the growth of companies. Thus, the aim of this study is to determine the influence of female leadership in the development of the people under their leadership in a multinational company operating in the segment of cosmetics. To this end, the methodology that has been used in this study was the exploratory survey through a case study with a qualitative approach.

Introduction: The possibility of teleportation of humans and their organs has been described taking into account space-time relativity perpendicular to its movement. The objective is to study aspects of teleportation that can serve in the treatment of diseases, acting in their time and space of development. Methods: A theoretical model has been employed, in which a human organ is inside a moving tram. A close observer will determine the relative lengths and times of that organ in its approach.

The discovery of penicillin opened a new era in the treatment of infectious diseases, described as the “golden age” of antibiotic research (1940–1962). Discovery of other antimicrobials soon followed, and included widely used antibiotics like streptomycin, chloramphenicol and tetracycline. For the first time, many common bacterial diseases could be cured. However, with increasing use of antibiotics, more and more pathogenic bacteria developed resistance to their inhibitory effects.

Lip is an essential feature of the face reflecting ones persona as well as forms an essential part of the mouth. Double lip is a rare anomaly and presents as a hyperplastic tissue on either side of the midline appearing as a Cupid’s bow when it affects the upper lip. Double lip at times poses esthetic/functional glitches and can affect a young patient psychologically as a result of a marring effect on smiling. This article reports a 16 year old male patient who presented with double upper lip and euthyroid goiter sans blepharochalism.

Background: Serum creatinine is considered to reflect renal function; however, it is not a very accurate gauge, especially in detecting early loss of renal function. To estimate the role of serum creatinine, sodium, and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) as determinants of survival in patients with End stage liver disease (CTP-C). Methods: Patients with decompensated cirrhosis (CTP-C) and serum creatinine ≤ 1.5 mg/dl were included in the study. Patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, Post-transplant candidates were excluded. MELD was calculated by MELD Score.

Without ATP making bioenergetic reaction medium as “Donators + membrane - redox potentials three - state line system + O2 + АDP + Pi + H+ + nH + membrane space = (ATP + heat energy) + H2O + nH + matrix + CO2” where formed such very important macroergic compounds as ATP, ADP and powerful reducing agent as NADPH it is absolutely impossible the biosynthesis of purine base, therefore the biosynthesis of DNA and RNA molecules.

Liposarcomas of the Head and Neck region are rare. Laryngeal liposarcomas are even rarer with only 40 reported cases in the world literature. However, dedifferentiated laryngeal liposarcomas are even scarce. These tumours are often misdiagnosed and mistreated as other tumours, in some cases even benign lipomas. There is no reported case of high gradededifferentiated laryngeal liposarcomas from the Caribbean countries. We report the first case of a dedifferentiated laryngeal liposarcoma from the Caribbean with up to date literature search and its management options are outlined.

Aims: Thyroid pathologies are correlated to genetics, environmental and reproductive factors including pregnancy that has an impact on the thyroid gland, especially when it occurs on an iodine deficient ground. This study aimed to compare the ultrasonographic aspects of goiter in Chinese pregnant women with those of Congolese who consulted the department of endocrinology for thyroid disorders.

Background: Sepsis-induced multiple organ failure is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in critically ill patients. The precise mechanisms by which this dysfunction is caused remain to be elucidated. Because ATP production by mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation accounts for more than 90% of total oxygen consumption, we postulated that mitochondrial dysfunction results in organ failure, possibly due to nitric oxide, which is known to inhibit mitochondrial respiration in vitro and is produced in excess in sepsis.

Background: Body mass index (BMI) is commonly used in typical rural community health centers where the majority of people live in impoverished rural South Africa. We evaluated the correlation between BMI and Waist circumference (WC) with a view to recommend substituting BMI with WC as measure of insulin resistance in rural communities. Design and Methods: A total of 385 nondiabetic adult subjects attending community health centers in Eastern Province, South Africa, who had not eaten any break fast participated in the study. Anthropometric measures were done under trained supervision.

Purpose: Beta-blockers show promise in the attenuation of ischemia reperfusion during cardiac surgery, however its role on injury during liver surgery is not known. Methods: This preclinical study evaluated the use of beta-blockers during induction of anesthesia in a swine model of liver ischemia-reperfusion injury (metoprolol and control groups). Results: A total of 28 animals were studied and no difference was observed between groups in biochemical markers sampled before and after liver ischemia and reperfusion.

Purpose: Aglossia is a rare condition referring to the congenital absence of the entire tongue that is associated with activities such as sucking, swallowing, chewing, and phonation playing an important role in facial growth. The objective of this clinical case report is to demonstrate that adequate orthopedic and orthodontic procedures can re-adjust the buccal bone structures by redirecting the growth and the muscular adaptation, contributing to the improvement of the functions of the stomatognathic system.

Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is assiocated with increased insulin resistance and an inexorable decline in β-cell function usually requiring intensive treatment to achieve and maintain glycemic control. The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy and safety of insulin glargine (BASALOG®,BIOCON) as a basal regimen in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) who are poorly controlled with oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs) and/or other insulins. Methods: This observational, study included 110 adult individuals with T2DM from PANACEA Hospital, Bengaluru.

Protein abundance is a measure of expression of mRNA in a cell. The code of DNA is not expressed constitutively in all conditions; hence it is important to determine the population and abundance of proteins in a cell to determine cellular functions. Essential protein products are mandatory for functioning of a live cell. Thus patterns of abundance of essential and non-essential proteins may vary. A machine learning based framework has been applied here using neural net algorithm which could predict essential genes of S.

The tribal population is identified as the aboriginal inhabitants of our country. According census of India 2011, Schedule tribes comprise 8.6% of the population. Nutritional status as reflected by anthropometric measurements are true indicators of a population’s health status. The objective of the present study was to know the current socio-economic status, determine the nutritional status based on BMI and different components of adult soliga tribes. The Study was conducted in four taluks of Chamarajanagar District.

Sexual health is an essential part of good overall health and well-being. Sexuality is a part of human life and human development. A good sexual health is significant across the life span and it is critical in adolescent health. When children grow up both physiological and psychological changes occurs in different stages of development of life. Imphal city of East and West district is selected as a study region. For intervention 5 schools from east region and 3 schools from west regions were selected randomly.

Potato Dextrose Agar is general purpose medium used for the cultivation of broad range of fungi. Use of commercially available culture media for research purpose is costly so cheap culture media needs to be formulated. The feasibility of developing alternative culture media for PDA was assessed using locally available cheap materials such as Vegetables and fruits wastes, as they contain considerable amount of carbohydrate, protein and macro elements. These wastes are easily available in local shops, vegetable markets and kitchen.

Curves of time variations of evapotranspiration and precipitations have been plotted, their points intercept determined. This enable us to find out the seeding period and the duration of the useful rainy season which corresponds to the cultivation period in N’djaména and surroundings for the years from 1980 to 2007. This study has shown that the confortable time to begin planting is mid-July, the average duration cultivation period, from the moment of planting to the harvest, is fifty days. Outside this laps of time irrigation should be unavoidable.

Mass reared trichogrammatid egg parasitoid species are deployed globally for augmentative biocontrol of many lepidopteran crop pests. In India, Trichogramma chilonis Ishii is being recommended for release against of many caterpillar pests, while T. japonicum with longer ovipositor is advocated against yellow stem borer in rice or top borer in sugarcane to reach the eggs which are covered by the moth scales.

Recent studies reported that the occurrence of obesity is determined by both environmental and genetic factor. This study was carried out to investigate whether the FTO gene is associated with obesity and related disorders in the populations of Vindhyan region. In general, the genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood of healthy individuals and diseased individuals was subjected to PCR for polymorphism screening. The results were in normal subjects as mean of weights were 76.oo Kg, in overweight subject’s weight was calculated 90.4 Kg.

Gender sensitization is the process of changing the stereotype mind set of men and women, a mindset that strongly believes that men and women are unequal entities and hence have to function in different socio- economic space. Women play an essential role in the management of natural resources, including soil, water, forests, energy and often have a profound traditional and contemporary knowledge of the natural world around them. Sustainable development strategies must aim to foster women’s empowerment and effective participation.

Hypertension is rapidly growing as an global epidemic, and affecting all age groups. It occurs when the flow of blood in the arteries increases beyond normal, as a result the heart has to function more. Continued pressure on the hearts makes it weak and the person suffers from heart diseases, often leading to heart attacks. The prevalence of hypertension is fast growing due to changes in living standards and sedentary lifestyles. This article emphasizes the increase in its prevalence. Awareness is an approach to deal with this disease.

A review of the hatchery operation covering three states of India revealed a very gloomy picture in regards to the sustenance of the prized species of India i.e., Catla, Rohu, Mrigal. An in-depth study of the hatchery indicates that the persons involved in hatchery operation are not only illiterate but are devoid of any scientific training for practices of such a novel technology in captivity.

Ayurved is a Sarvaparishada Shastra which means this system of medicine is related to all its scriptures, takes into account even the mutually divergent views expressed in various philosophical systems so far as they do not oppose the Ayurvedic concepts. The most nearest allied branch of Ayurved is the Darshana Shastra (philosophical texts). There are similarities of some concepts of Ayurved and Darshana Shastra, but as the Prayojana (aim) of both Shastra are different, they have been advocated in a different way.

In this research paper 10 herbal slimming products were purchased from herbal medical stores and e-shopping were analyzed for the purpose of detection of adulterants. The branded and famous or non famous samples were selected for the study to determine the presence of sibutramine and fenfluramine and their analogs. After the examination it was found that out of the 10 samples, S3 (ketamine), S4 (methamphetamine), S5 (Methoxyetamine), S6 (Methoxyetamine), S7 (25I-NBOMe) and S8 (2CT-7) contained suspected adulterant, whereas S1, S2, S9 and S10 are free from any adulterants.

In this research paper the five different types of papers Plain paper (S1 to S5), Bond paper (S6 to S10), Newsprint paper (S11 to S15), Photography paper (S16 to S20) and Thermal paper (S21 to S25) had taken and prepared for smoldering. All types of paper samples were written by Blue ball point pen only with the text ‘BURNT PAPER MESSAGE HERE”. And these papers were burnt in a wood box. These burnt specimens were examined under VSC and Projectina with different illuminations for recovery the written content.

Health as well as diseases is dependent on various factors. As Acharyas had described that Ahara, Nidra and Brahmacarya are Triupstambha (three sub pillars), which support the body itself. Here Ahara has been placed first, which shows that it is most important to maintain and sustain the life. Man has always been interested in Ahara and the history of man to a large extent has been a struggle to obtain proper diet. Ahara supplies bio-energy to body. This bio-energy is supplied by proper and adequate nutrition in the form of its essential constituent’s viz.

The grasshoppers and locusts are considered as pests to many agricultural crops, and the increased concerns over the deleterious environmental and health effects of using chemical insecticides to control their outbreaks. Like other microbial agents Entomopathogenic fungi are also responsible for suppression of grasshopper and locust population. During the present study an attempt has been made to investigate the lethal effect of entomopathogenic fungi eg: (Aspergillus, Metarhizium and Beauveria) on many grasshoppers’ species under laboratory conditions.

Exposure to arsenic in individuals has been found to be associated with immune related problems via oxidative stress and inflammation. In earlier studies, we have demonstrated that amla protects against arsenic induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in thymus and spleen of mice. In continuation to that the present study has therefore been focused to investigate the protective efficacy of amla in arsenic induced elevated concentrations of serum matrix metalloproteinase (mmp)-2 and -9 and their associations with high risk of cardiovascular diseases in mice.

The present study was undertaken to evaluate the different modules for management of sheath blight of rice caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in field codition. The On Farm Trials(OFT) was conducted during Kharif, 2016 to evaluate various chemicals & biopesticides (Module) for management of disease.

Lead (Pb) is a potential heavy metal of Group IV B of the periodic table which is soft, malleable metal having bluish white colour. Besides having its useful properties, it causes the reproductive abnormality in male Swiss mice. Testis is the important organ of reproductive failure caused by the accumulation of lead that develops reactive oxygen species that results oxidative stress in the tissues of organism. In the present study, 0.2% of lead acetate in drinking water was given to the mother from the first day of pregnancy and was continued up to lactation phase.

Introduction: Pregnancy-induced hypertension is developed due to pregnancy which is affected after delivery. Assessments of serum levels of calcium and magnesium in normal pregnancy and preeclamptic pregnancy may benefit in recognizing whether changes in the levels of these micronutrients are contributory to the interconnection of preeclampsia.

The water samples were collected from Jurala Dam situated on Krishna river at. The present paper deals with the taxonomic enumeration of 10 taxa belonging to 3 genera namely –Nitzschia, Amphora and Cymbella which were investigated from Jurala Reservoir in Mahabubnagar district Telangana.

Generation mean analysis was carried out to study nature and magnitude of gene effects for yield, its yield component and fatty acid compositions in a cross of sesame (Sesamumindicum L.) The parents with their F1, F2, B1 and B2 were evaluated in replicated trail for ten quantitative and four qualitative traits. The analysis showed that scales A, B and C were highly significant for all the traits, indicating the predominance of non-allelic interactions or epistasis ofAdditive x Additive (i) and Dominance x Dominance (l) for almost all the characters in both thecrosses.

Generation mean analysis was carried out to study nature and magnitude of gene effects for yield, its component and fatty acid compositions in a cross of sesame (Sesamumindicum L.) The parents with their F1, F2, B1 and B2 were evaluated in replicated trail for ten quantitative and four qualitative traits. The analysis showed that scales A, B and C were highly significant for all the traits, indicating the predominance of non-allelic interactions or epistasis of Additive x Additive (i) and Dominance x Dominance (l) for almost all the characters in the cross.

The eight diverse genotypes were crossed in 8 x 8 half diallel mating system. The resulting 28 crosses along with their parents were evaluated to study heterosis and sca effects for yield and its components. The study revealed that the heterosis in seed yield was influenced by high heterotic manifestation in number of branches per plant, number of capsule per plant, number of seeds per capsule and seed weight. As regards earliness, plant height, length of capsule and oil content the extent of heterosis was moderately high.

Since grain yield is a complex trait, controlled by non-additive gene action and is believed to have low heritability, hence direct selection for grain yield per se is often not reliable and effective. Further intergenotypic competition and a large experimental error associated with yield measurements often bias the outcome of selection for higher yield. Therefore, several workers in different crop plants have emphasized the importance of indirect selection for yield through the use of component traits governed by genes with additive effect and with strong correlation on grain yield.

India has a very rich biodiversity, unique physical and ethnic diversity, and traditional culture. In recent years, the habitat loss due to developmental programmes, overgrazing, animal husbandry and tourism has resulted in the loss of biodiversity. Natural causes such as floods, earthquakes and landslides also add to this tragedy.

The present study was carried out to characterize seventy five farmers’ varieties of rice using twenty nine agro-morphological characters following DUS guide lines during Rabi 2012.

Aim: To compare and evaluate wear resistance of three tooth coloured restorative materials on the basis of wear resistance. Background: Tooth colored restorative materials are very prone to wear due to abrasion and erosion by the various constituents of saliva, food consumed and other factors. Therefore it is important to determine the best material for class 1 restoration on the basis of wear resistance.

Wireless networks are very popular nowadays. Wi-Fi® is a system of wirelessly connecting devices that use radio waves, allowing for connection between devices without the expense of cumbersome cables or without needing them to be facing one another. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity® and is used to define the wireless technology in the IEEE802.11b standard. It operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz radio spectrum, uses direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) for modulation, supports variable data rates up to 11 Mbps, and has a range of about 50 meters.

In thermal power plants coal is burn to heat the water in boiler and Making Steam to produce electricity through steam turbine. After burning coal, fly ash (coal ash) produce. It is collected in a large area and then flushed to the water resources. The water resources hardness is increase due to fly ash. In this study we utilize the fly ash as a foundation of making roads instead of mud and also make the bricks when adding concrete, clay as binder, cement and scraps of iron (called chips after machining the work piece) though powder metallurgy and compact press machine.

Pectin was extracted by a modified McGready (1996) method from Sinensis, Aurantifolia and Limon species of citrus and then precipitated by 95% acetone. Furthermore, the obtained pectin was qualitatively and quantitatively characterized to compare certain physical and chemical properties. Obtained results indicated that the three species have the same colour, brown and are insoluble in both cold water and cold alkali but soluble at elevated temperature.

This report was intended to investigate the effectiveness of innovativeness and management strategies on online purchase intention in e-commerce by using structural equation model of statistical analysis. A number of path analyses were conducted to indicate the impact of different factors.

The manufacture of borosilicate micropipettes is a process based on the heating of a glass tube through a flame or electrical resistance associated with a longitudinal traction of the tube. The heating of the glass makes it malleable which causes it to suffer a linear deformation and consequent reduction of the cross section, allowing the production of micropipettes of internal diameters tip (ID), less than 10m. borosilicate micropipettes are used in various applications to inject micro-fluids or substances into microstructures.

To overcome the future energy crisis, vegetable oils can be used as a promising alternative energy source of fuel. Many vegetable oils have been studied with C I engine by modification of oil (Biodiesel) in case of density/viscosity. The blend fuels of diesel with Karanja oil methyl ester (KME) at 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% by volume were prepared to test the diesel engine performance. From the results, performance parameters were found to be very close to that of diesel fuel.

ICT training plays an important factor in 21st-century instruction. Basic computer training provides a pedestal on which employees can build new skills on the job. With an ICTs particular computer, the internet and related engineering sciences are becoming more and more ubiquitous. One of the most commonly cited reasons for using ICTs in the classroom is to nurture a favorable learning environment. Technological literacy, or the ability to use ICTs effectively and efficiently, is thus seen as representing a competitive edge in an increasingly globalizing job market.

Glasses with compositions 80B2O3-20Li2O, 80B2O3-(20-x)Li2O-xK2O and 80B2O3-(20-x)Li2O-xCaO (where x = 0 to 10 in steps of 2 mol %) have been prepared using normal melt quenching technique. Structure that was investigated using X-ray diffraction has indicated the amorphous state of the prepared glasses. The density and the molar volume have been determined. Decrease in density and the increase in molar volume of the glass samples indicated the largeness of glass network upon addition of K2O and CaO. Furthermore, the optical and mechanical characterizations of these glasses were carried out.

In this present mobile world where people find no boundary for this valuable devices ranging from banking, e-ticketing, entertainment, social contact, Internet etc. This valuable technology becomes the fundamental needs in the fast changing 21 century. But most importantly technology where we put all the valuable information, data of our life has limited backup battery. Our paper Mobile to mobile wireless power transfer aim to wipe out this limitation by giving another feature of charging through the matrix of air from mobile to mobile.

This paper presents a new perspective of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although, number of attempts has been made to make an artifact intelligent, including evolution theory, neural network etc and a number of problems have been solved using these concepts but each of this theory covers only some aspect of human intelligence. Still there is a large gap between artificial intelligence agent and human being.

Gears are vital components of any automobiles, power generation systems and in heavy machinery industries, they need to have good fatigue properties such as fatigue life, endurance limit and fatigue strength for better life and performance of the equipment or machinery. The objective of this study is comparative simulation on zero-based cyclic loading conditions in the fatigue life analysis on general gear materials, and concludes which suits for the better purpose of usage.

In the future, intelligent machines will replace or enhance human capabilities in many areas. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is the subfield of computer science. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a popular field in computer science as it has enhanced the human life in many areas. Artificial intelligence in the last two decades has greatly improved performance of the manufacturing and service systems. Study in the area of artificial intelligence has given rise to the rapidly growing technology known as expert system.

Six Sigma's intend is to purge ravage and incompetence,in that way escalating customer satisfaction as a result of distributing what the customer is anticipating,in the end enhance quality. Six Sigma is a exceedingly obedienced route that aids to spotlight on expanding and distributing quality products and services. Six Sigma is a records obsessed tactic, and entails exact records assortment for the routes being evaluated. Six Sigma is as regards placing outcomes on Financial statements. Six Sigma chases a madeup tactic, and has delineated positions for the partakers.

This paper reports spectroscopic and thermal studies of cadmium doped manganese borate glasses of composition of x CdO - (40- x) MnO2 - 60 B2O3 prepared by melt quenching method. The influence of cadmium ions on physical and spectroscopic properties in the glasses were analysed using FTIR and TG-DTA. XRD traces suggest the amorphous nature of the samples prepared. FTIR spectrum confirms the presence of BO3 and BO4 units and the variations brought about by the modifying action of cadmium oxide. Thermal behavior and the stability of the system are understood by the TG-DTA studies.

Fiber optics and cloud computing growth has taken all the attention of various communities like researches, student, business, consumer and government organization. Big data is the main reason for coming of cloud computing in the show, everyday lots of data in the size of PETA bytes are uploaded in the digital world which required lots of storage and computing resources.

A special type of Red sandy dunal soil [Theri-soil] of Tamil Nadu is called Theri-soils. (Theri-soil) are located in Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts of Tamil Nadu. The Merits of Theri lands aredeep sand zone, good permeability and quality ground water. The Demerits of Theri lands are un suitable for agriculture, the surface of the soil is not plane, higher level of soil erosion, sand dunes, from the top to the bottom only sand, low nutrients and minerals and Low water holding capacity.

This concept of restriction on the power supplied to a device is known as AC power control. AC power control allows us to efficiently use the available power for various applications. There are two types of AC power control: ON-OFF control or pulse skipping modulation control and phase angle control. In on-off control, the load is connected to the AC supply for short interval of time and the AC supply is switched off for some interval. A fast switching device like a thyristor is used to connect and disconnect the load to the AC power supply.

Stevia rebaudiana is a South American plant native to Paraguay that traditionally has-been used to sweeten beverages and make tea. Previous phytochemical studies have revealed this genus to be rich in secondary metabolites including glycoside, flavonoids, lactones and terpenoids. A phytochemical study was conducted on the leaves of S. rebaudiana.Lupeol-3(4’-hydroxy) dodecanoate were isolated and identified.

Question document is the science that deals with suspicious and questionable documents including forgeries in handwriting, addition, obliterations in currency notes, cheques etc. on encountering such cases suspecting of a certain type of forgery, on examination it was seen that there were alterations in various number series of notes. Thus case study was performed to know how alteration can be detected.

Urban expansion has resulted in global pressurisation on sustainable food production. This has given rise to an increased interest in urban home gardens. In recent years, across developed and developing cities the “Edible Garden” concept has become popular within the home gardens. Urban residents who practise an ecological living concept; using vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants within their home gardens. In Cypriot cultural landscapes the “Kitchen Garden” culture has been passed down through generations.

Job satisfaction is different from motivation and morale. Motivation refers to the willingness to work. Satisfaction on the other hand, implies a positive emotional state. Morale implies a general attitude towards work and working environment. It is a group phenomenon whereas job satisfaction is an individual feeling. The survey was made regarding the job satisfaction among lower level employees in KLF will facilitate and enable the management to know the perception and inner feelings regarding the job they are performing on day to day basis.

The purpose of the study was to assess the practices of instructional supervision in supplementing teaching-learning process in secondary schools of Qersa and Omo Neda woreda of Jimma zone. It particularly treats issues of how instructional supervision is practiced in improving the holistic teaching learning process, how instructional supervisors render professional support to teachers to enhance classroom instruction, and what challenges are there in practicing instructional supervision in think of promoting the provision of quality education.

Road Network projects often aimed at socio-economic development in rural areas often results in a number benefits which accrue to all sections of the rural dwellers including less fortunate. Basing on this, the study sought to establish influence of road network projects on socio-economic development of the rural dwellers in Pokot South Sub County. This study was justified on grounds that issues pertaining road network projects in rural areas has not been focused so much in spite of them forming part of the Millennium Development Goals.

The objective of this reserach was to explore the socio-cultural context that underlying the defense of poor fishermen in Tanjung Tiram Village North Moramo District of South Konawe Regency. This research used qualitative approach that showed the poor fishermen were not in a vacuum world, but they were in a social habitat with full of values and norms that made as a reference to do an action. The socio-cultural context includes the economic resources aspect, the cultural aspect, and the structural aspect that gave feature toward thepoor fishermen’s defense.

Objectives: To understand the trend of sale of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) at various Paan (betel quid) and Chemist shops across Noida city and devise a model to promote its social marketing. Methods: A pre tested, pre validated questionnaire was administered to 136 Paan and 136 Chemist shopkeepers. Questions like the availability of NRT, most common forms sold (chewing gums, patches, E-cigarettes etc.), most popular brand at both the settings, whether or not patients buy the product with prescriptions and estimated monthly sale were asked.

Coronary spasm is one of the mechanisms of myocardial infarction with non fixed organic stenosis of epicardial coronary arteries. Right ventricular ischemia with High-degree AV block and coronary spasm have been reported together rarely in medical literature.

Background: Body mass index (BMI) is commonly used in typical rural community health centers where the majority of people live in impoverished rural South Africa. We evaluated the correlation between BMI and Waist circumference (WC) with a view to recommend substituting BMI with WC as measure of insulin resistance in rural communities. Design and Methods: A total of 385 nondiabetic adult subjects attending community health centers in Eastern Province, South Africa, who had not eaten any break fast participated in the study. Anthropometric measures were done under trained supervision.

In this paper, a parametric mixture model of two identical distributions is proposed to analyze heterogeneous survival data. Mixtures of Exponential-Exponential, Weibull-Weibull, Gamma-Gamma, Lognormal-Lognormal and Gompertz-Gompertz distributions were tested for the best fit to the simulated datasets as well as real survival datasets. Various properties of the proposed mixture models were discussed. The Expectation Maximization Algorithm (EM) is implemented to estimate the maximum likelihood estimators of the parameters of mixture models.

Specialty cosmetic formulations are meant for certain unique benefits that are linked closely with therapeutic effect and hence such formulations require high level of safety considerations. The cosmetic formulations meant for dry skin in Psoriasis, dry eczema, Atopic dermatitis, Ichthyosis vulgaries type conditions need to be very safe as the skin of these patients is very sensitive. More over the Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, eczema are auto immune diseases and the products for these should not have the potential for irritancy.

Diabetes continues to cause a great economic loss every year. With commercially available synthetic drugs having serious adverse events, traditional source of drugs like plants continue to play a significant role in search for a safer and effective treatment. In this study, the antidiabetic effect of ethanolic extract of leaves and flowers of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis (HRS) are compared along with a standard drug, metformin. Diabetes was induced using Alloxan in Wistar Albino Male rats and were divided into 4 group respectively.

Introduction: Rubella or German measles is an acute childhood infection, usually mild and of short duration, accompanied by low grade fever, lymphadenopathy and maculopapularrash. Infection during the first trimester of pregnancy leads to still births and spontaneous abortion. Material and method: This is a hospital based study. About 102 pregnant women irrespective of the age, immunization status, previous bad obstetric history and family history of CRS were included. About 2-3 ml of venous blood was collected after informed consent and questionnaires filled by the patient.

Present study deals with the medicinal plants and their utilization by the villagers of Doon Valley. Attempts were made for collection of medicinal plants in different seasons. 115 herbaceous plant species belonging to 95 genera and 40 families were collected from the Barkot forest in Doon Valley. Villagers were consulted to find the utilization pattern of medicinal plants. Documentation of traditional knowledge from the elder villagers of Doon Valley is of utmost necessity.

The toxic effect of NaF (1/10 of LC50 & 1/5 of LC50) was investigated after calculating the LC50 value, on gill tissues of the fish Mystus montanus after 90 days. Possible ameliorative effect by Probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus was investigated after 60 days. Fluoride induced hyperplasia, desquamation of the epithelial cells, complete fusion of secondary gill lamellae and congestion of blood sinuses were the significant histopathological lesions observed in the gill tissues of Mystus montanus. Fish fed with Probiotic bacterium L.

Infertility is a global proportions affecting on an average 10 -15% of couples worldwide. Low sperm count (Oligozoospermia), low motility (Asthenozoospermia) and morphological deformities (Teratozoospermia) of sperms are the main causative factor of male infertility and it is correlated with Shukragata Vata. There is no satisfactory treatment in modern medicine for these conditions. Ayurveda is the better option for these conditions. In this article we are focusing on the management of the Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia through Ayurveda.

Portable prehistoric art is rarely reported in rock art literature of India which focuses on graphic art of the caves or rock-shelters. In the name of portable art only a few engraved objects of chalcedony, bone and ostrich shells belonging to the Mesolithic/ Upper Palaeolithic period are recognised so far. Present paper reports five portable Pleistocene art objects, namely, a stone peacock on basalt, a stone peacock on chert, a bone pendant, a stone embryo-shaped pendant, and a painted cobble chopper.

Diabetes continues to cause a great economic loss every year. With commercially available synthetic drugs having serious adverse events, traditional source of drugs like plants continue to play a significant role in search for a safer and effective treatment. In this study, the antidiabetic effect of ethanolic extract of leaves and flowers of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis (HRS) are compared along with a standard drug, metformin. Diabetes was induced using Alloxan in Wistar Albino Male rats and were divided into 4 group respectively.

In the vast field of computer science, carries lots of work with that having lots of problem with it. one of the traditional problem is string matching that looks very simple but internally major issue in the speedy world. The string matching problem operates usually on the text (0….n-1) and the pattern (0..m-1) with particular matching scenario. The string matching starts from the very left or right of the text and checks for occurrence of pattern. If pattern not found, pattern will move one shift towards the right.

With increasing information, lot amount of data is stored in relational databases in organized manner. Structured query language (SQL) is primarily used for extracting information from a relational database and allows us to manage and access process on database. But this is insufficient as not all users are accustomed to write SQL queries if the user question is in Natural language (NL). Hence there is a need to develop a system where non-sophisticated users can access data freely without going into technicality by asking question in Natural language.

Coir fiber was selected for this study as it is non-toxic, low cost, high lignin content, low density, low cost, high lignin content, low density, low tensile strength, low tensile modulus and high range of elongation compared to other fibers. Composites were prepared using Coir fiber in the rough (raw) stage, after washing with tap water, and also subjected to various other treatments. After which their mechanical composition, Tensile, compressive, Flexural properties were determined and the results are discussed in the laboratory.





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