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August 2020

Background: Hydatid disease is still a problem in developing countries. Although the disease is often asymptomatic for many years owing to slow growths of the cyst, it poses a technical challenge to the attending surgeon due to involvement of a variety of organs. Man is an accidental host. However the parasite can cause cystic lesions in various organ systems of the body. Intra-abdominal hydatid cyst continues to be a challenging problem.

The frenum is a tissue fold which act as a bridge in the oral vestibule that connect the lip and the cheek to the alveolar mucosa, the gingiva, and the underlying periosteum. The aberrant frenum may jeopardize the gingival health, either due to interference in the plaque control or due to a muscle pull. In addition to this, the maxillary frenum may present aesthetic problems or compromise the orthodontic result in the midline diastema cases and causing a recurrence after the treatment. The management of such an aberrant frenum is accomplished by performing a frenectomy.

Background:- Clear aligners have provided patients willing to undergo orthodontic treatment with a highly aesthetic and comfortable alternative to conventional braces and hence are gaining popularity especially among adults who wish to have their smile corrected. Clear aligner technology has evolved over the last 20 years and is continually being modified to achieve most predictable tooth movements possible. However, there is not enough clinical research available to describe the complete predictability of the appliance and hence the overall efficiency of outcome is controversial.

The self-employment sector provides an avenue for workers to earn a living. The returns to the self-employed remains unexplained. In Kenya studies indicate the increasing entry of school graduates of all levels of education entering the self-employment whose returns remains unpredictable. The study objectives were to; analyze the returns to levels of education of the self-employed in computer industry, analyze the returns to education of levels of education of the self-employed in spare parts industry. The study used descriptive and correlation design.

This article is discussing abuse of the authority in government implementation in Indonesia. This article examines two legal problems as follows: (1) The essence of preventing abuse of authority in government implementation; and (2) forms of abuse of authority prevention in government implementation. In general, the objectives of this research are to theoreticallycarry out study and to analyzes philosophical thinking, legal theory, and legal dogmaticson proper Laws and Regulationsin preventing abuse of authority in government implementation in Indonesia.

Working capital management is one of the most important and crucial function of financial management that ensures the smooth function of the business organisation and it denotes the index of sound position of the business. The success and failure of a business enterprise depends on how it can manage the liquidity and working capital. The finance manager of a business organisation is used to spend more time for managing the short term or working capital management. The purpose of this paper is to study the working management of the construction industry based on their financial statements.

This paper has the objective to assess the indigenous cultural practices of child with disability rearing and handling practices of Gumuz society. The research was conducted in one of the traditional societies in which indigenous child rearing is highly observed that is the Gumuz community in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State of Mundura Woreda. Both primary and secondary data were employed in this study. Qualitative method of semi-structured, participant observation, informal discussion and focused group discussions were utilized for primary data gathering.

Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndrome type 1 is a rare disease caused by mutations in the autoimmune regulator gene (AIRE) leading to immune injury of multiple organs (mainly endocrine). We describe a case with autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndrome type 1 presented with features of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and hypoparathyroidism. End stage renal disease was found and the renal biopsy confirmed tubulo-interstitial nephritis which is very rarelyencountered in these patients. Molecular genetic analysis of AIRE gene showed homozygous variant c.274C>T p.

Background: The process of gastrostomy has been used for long time for health purposes while the procedures been evolving according to the requirements and advancements of times. This research study is based on the comparison between Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy and One-Step Gastrostomy regarding the infectious rate in hospitalized Children at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Background: Various methods of sand blasting are used to improve the implant stability which in turn improves the osseo-integration and reduce the chance of implant failure. The most common method used to determine the stability is resonance frequency analysis. Aim : Dental implant is becoming common option for replacement of lost teeth. Various techniques are used to improve the stability of the implant after insertion. Most commonly used is modifying the surface of the dental implant that improves the wettability, resulting in improved osseointegration and implant stability.

Aim: To assess the psychological impact of early childhood caries in children. Method: Children between 4-6years of age were selected for study and were divided into Group A- sever early childhood caries and Group B- caries free. Face image scalewas used to evaluate the children’s perception of their own teeth in both the groups and children with the help of investigators were asked to fill the simple questionnaire, to evaluated psychological impact in children. Result: The children with severe early childhood caries felt sadder about their teeth compared to caries-free children.

A retroperitoneal tumors is uncommon and neurofibromas still rarer. Solitary neurofibromas are frequently detected in the skin, appendix, stomach and jejunum. However, it has rarely been reported as occurring in the retroperitoneum. Most NST’s are small solitary and benign and rarely exceed 6 cm in diameter. Symptoms do not appear until they have attained gigantic dimension or start compressing surrounding structure. A 17yr old male patient presented with a painless lump in the left lumbar region for last 6 months. A lump is palpable in the left lumbar region of about (10x8) cm.

Administration of medication is the most important nursing responsibility. The need for accuracy in preparing and giving medications to children is greater than that of adults. Since the paediatric dose is often relatively small in comparison with the adult dose, a slight mistake in the amount of administration of drug represents a greater error. Due to insufficient knowledge about dosage given to the children, it can create severe problems. So, the researchers felt a need to assess knowledge & practices of staff nurses regarding drug administration.

Objectives: Elevated blood pressure in the early morning is associated with increased cardiovascular risk. It is crucial that antihypertensive medication controls blood pressure to minimize this risk at this time. The ARB with the longest half-life is telmisartan. Its potential to reduce blood pressure in the risky early morning hours has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies using Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Introduction: Insulin resistance is a feature of a number of clinical disorders, including T2D/glucose intolerance, obesity, dyslipidaemia and hypertension clustering in the so-called metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance in skeletal muscle manifests itself primarily as a reduction in insulin-stimulated glycogen synthesis due to reduced glucose transport. Material and Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar, U.P., India..

After tooth loss, alveolar ridge resorption is a common phenomenon, which alters the size and shape of the host bone available for the dental implant placement. In clinical practice, though patients often demand osseointegrated implants to replace their missing teeth; the deficiency of bone volume is the primary reason for avoiding such treatment options. The solution to such situations lies in the re-establishment of the ridge height consistent with prosthetic design and with suitable load-bearing lamellar bone for implant placement and long-term stability.

The dreaded pandemic of corona virus disease 2019 is spreading rapidly. Though the cause was identified at a lightening pace, that it’s the new corona virus named SARS CoV2, our knowledge on this novel virus remains very limited. Tremendous infectivity of the virus, lack of desired antiviral, no vaccinations has made things challenging. As a result of which large human population dwells with asymptomatic corona infections.

Colon specific drug delivery system has attracted considerable attention for the last few years in order to develop drug delivery system that are able to release drug specifically in the colon in predictable and reproducible manner. Colonic drug delivery has gained increased importance not just for delivery of drugs for the treatment of local disease associated with the colon like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc. but also for the systemic delivery of proteins, therapeutic peptides, anti-asthmatic drug, anti-hypertensive drugs and anti-diabetic agents.

Online buying platform in India is moderately to highly developed, especially in urban and semi-urban areas. It has been estimated, out of total retail sales in 2019; almost 5% is through online mode and it has also been estimated that retail e-commerce sales will touch 45 billion dollars figure in 2021 from 16 billion dollars in 2016, in India (Statista Research Department Publication, 17.12.2015). The report has also pointed out that size of India’s e-commerce industry will touch 188 billion dollars in 2025 from more than 50 billion dollars in 2017.

In this study, the aim was to find out the risk factors associated with neonatal jaundice in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi, India. In our cross-sectional study of 661 neonates (601 term neonates and 60 preterm neonates), the results showed that almost all neonates had transient unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in the neonatal period, with more than ninety percent affected during their first week of life. The prevalence of physiologic jaundice in neonates was 86.99% and the prevalence of pathologic indirect hyperbilirubinemia in neonates was 13.01%.

La performance énergétique d’un bâtiment est considérablement influencée par les paramètres de l’enveloppe du bâtiment, sa toitureet ses configurations géométriques (la forme, l’orientation, les matériaux…). Cependant, déterminer les configurations optimales de forme et de l'enveloppe du bâtiment demeure un défi. Différentes méthodes ont été utilisées dans la littérature pour optimiser les paramètres de l'enveloppe du bâtiment, sa toiture et ses configurations pour atteindre une meilleure performance énergétique.

Reversible logic gates, in which the number of outputs is equal to number of inputs and each input, must give equal output pattern. These gates are reversible gates as it also helps in recovering inputs from outputs. The reversible 5x32 decoder consists of a reversible 4x16 decoder and fredk in gate which again consists of peres gate,one TR gate,one NOT gate, three CNOT gates,28 Fredkin gates. Reversible decoder 5x32 is designed with 4x16 decoder and fredkin gate with minimum cost, both delay and power consumption are reduced compared to normal decoder.

The most important variables for measuring performance in soccer are physical condition, technical skills and tactical performance. Physically active people possess considerably less total body fat than their active contemporaries. Body composition and anthropometric measures are the important factors among other important variables, which influences the soccer playing ability. Proper soccer training for specific age group improves these qualities.

The recent economic turn down has taken toll of large number of companies all over the World that has claimed many organisations as casualties. Employees who are well paid today found their jobs gone overnight. This nightmare is across in all sectors are equally affected. In relate to this, the challenge of HR (human resource) professional is to survive him and then playing a key role to make the organisation survive during trying times.

Triazoles can exists in two viz. 1,2,3- and 1,2,4- isomeric forms. The compounds with 1,2,4-triazole ring core have attracted the researchers all over the world due to their broad spectrum of synthetic and biological activities. There has been a significant interest in recent years in developing simple, clean, non-toxic, cost-effective and eco-friendly procedures for the synthesis with or without metal catalysts, and the exploration of these molecules to wide range of biological potencies.

The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of debate on innovations in Nursing among 1styear B.Sc.(N) students in, CON, SVIMS, Tirupati. Objectives • To assess the level of knowledge on innovations in nursing, among1st year B.Sc.(N) students • To assess the effectiveness of debate, among1st year B.Sc.(N) students • To find out the association between level of knowledge and selected demographic variables, among1st year B.Sc. (N) students. Methodology: By using convenient sampling technique, a Pre-experimental research design was adopted, 100 B.Sc.

The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of panel discussion on quality of care at hospital among 1styear B.Sc.(N) students in, CON, SVIMS, Tirupati. Objectives • To assess the level of knowledge on quality of care at hospital among 1st year B.Sc.(N) students. • To assess the effectiveness of panel discussion among1st year B.Sc.(N) students. • To find out the association between level of knowledge and selected demographic variables among1st year B.Sc. (N) students. Methodology: By using convenient sampling technique, a Pre-experimental research design was adopted, 100 B.Sc.

Tinospora cordifolia, which is known by Giloy, is a herbaceous vine, commonly found in India. It is widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. This review reveals the phytochemistry and cultivation practices of Giloy, along with the economic importance of the plant.

Background: Despite big progresses in early management of trauma patients, traumas still represent an actual subject at international scale being the main cause of death for persons younger than 44 years. Polytrauma is the most unexplored and unsearched category of traumas. There is no international consensus according the most efficient scale, many of them returning different results in estimating the patient’s condition complications and patient’s mortality risk in case of trauma.

Background: One of the primary aims of anaesthesia is to alleviate the patients’ pain and agony, there by permitting the performance of surgical procedures without any discomfort. Any expertise acquired in this field should be extended into the postoperative period, the period of severe, intolerable pain requiring attention. It is well known that when pain is treated pre-emptively, the amount of drug required is considerably less than which would be required, if treatment is delayed until the pain becomes apparent.

The surge in financial scandals, widening gaps in social inequality, increasing political and financial muscle by MNC’s, global uncertainties as well as environmental degradation has put the spotlight on firms to strengthen their involvement and be sensitive to socially responsible activities.

Adenomatoidodontogenic tumor (AOT) is a relatively rare, benign, hamartomatous, and cystic odontogenic neoplasm that was first described more than a century ago. The lesion still continues to intrigue experts with its varied histomorphology and controversies regarding its development.

Diversity of fish species of Beles and Gilgel Beles Rivers were studied. Fishes were sampled using gill nets of various stretched mesh sizes, and hooks and lines. Identification of fish was made to species level by comparing the sample characters with taxonomic keys found in literatures and specimens deposited. Shannon diversity index (H`) was used to evaluate species diversity of fishes. A total of 1124 individual fishes belonging to 5 orders, 7 families, 13 genera and 23 species were caught in Beles and Gilgel Beles Rivers.

Background: Blood or saliva is considered as a direct carrier of infection, whereas contaminated equipment's, surfaces and airway carry infection indirectly, and the transmission is mainly due to lack of hygiene standards, disinfection and sterilization procedures. This study was conducted to assess the knowledge and practices of dental impression disinfection among the graduates and undergraduates of Baqai dental college, Karachi. Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted among the graduates and undergraduates of Baqai dental college, Karachi.

Books are the principal tools of the profession of education. This hand book is useful for the beginners to get interest in the field of statistics. Statistics is a branch of mathematics concerned with the interpretation of large data or vague data into a more scientific and systematic understanding to draw to a finite decision.

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has show a global spreading trend. Early and effective predictors of clinical outcomes are urgently needed to improve management of Covid-19 patients. Lung ultrasound (LUS) combined with D-Dimer (DD) testing could be a new strategy for early diagnosis in patients with suspected COVID-19 pneumonia associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and helpful prevent the progression of intravascular pulmonary coagulopathy. Modern assay for D-dimer are monoclonal antibody based.

The use of ceramics has a long history. During the last 200 years, there have been many changes in the way of performing endodontic treatment. Bio ceramics are ceramic materials specially designed for its use in medicine and dentistry. Bio ceramic are inorganic metallic bio compatible materials. They are chemically stable, non-corrosive and interact well with organic tissue. Bio ceramics offers a new treatment options for improving prognosis in many operative and endodontic procedure.

In view of the demand for fodder in the bulk, great importance is being laid on the involvement of high yielding, short duration and nutritive varieties of fodder crops as a result there is a glut of fodder during the peak periods of growth and scarcity during other periods, particularly in summer. The most practical solution of such fodder scarcity lies in conserving supplies of green fodder available during the favourable season to use during the scarcity period (Sohane and Chaudhary, 2001; BalwinderKumar et al 2019).

Introduction: Hepatitis B is the single most important cause of viral hepatitis in developed and developing world. Hepatitis infection leads not only to acute viral hepatitis but in a number of cases it leads to carrier state which may progress to chronic liver disease, liver cirrohosis and ever liver carcinoma. Material and Method: Patients were taken attending medicine and blood bank of PMCH, Patna. Total no of cases were divided in to three groups.

In the last two decades, the Nigerian banking industry had undergone some reforms and regulations with the main aim of making the industry more impactful to the growth and developmental goals of the economy. This had undoubtedly tampered with the structure of the nation's banking industries and perhaps negates some previous empirical findings on the structure and performance of the industry. Therefore, this study re-examined the structure, conduct, and performance paradigm in the Nigerian banking industry.

This study examines the link between cyberdependency and school performance among students in the 3rd grade of the Mamie Houphouët Fêtai High School in Bingerville. It covers a sample of one hundred and ninety (190) female students between the ages of 14 and 17. Students' addiction to the Internet and social networks is measured using a questionnaire based on Vavassori et al (2002) and Young’s Internet Addiction Test in its French version validated by Khazaal (2008). As for academic performance, they are verified using the end-of-term scoring matrices..

Background: The dynamic business environment in Saudi Arabia and the world at significant increases the volatility of the labour market. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia experiences high rates of unemployment among the youth. Objective: This study aims to explore ways of narrowing the gap between employers' expectations and accounting graduates' soft and technical skills. Materials and Methods: A survey was conducted among a group of 55 employers in the taxation, auditing, and accounting firms and 60 accounting graduates from higher learning institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Aim: The aim of this article is to give a brief review on clinical features, diagnosis and treatment options of mesiodens. Background: The most common type of supernumerary teeth found between the two central Incisors is the mesiodens. It can cause several complications including compromised aesthetics and malocclusion. Till date surgical extraction and orthodontic correction are considered as excellent solution for the management of mesiodens. However aesthetic rehabilitation with direct composite veneers could be considered as an alternative minimally invasive treatment option.

Polymeric materials have been gaining increasing importance over the past. This is due mainly to the flexibility in regulation of characteristics of polymers at our convenience. At times, these materials compete with numerous metals and alloys in critical sectors like aerospace and defence owing to their easy processibility and lighter in weight. However, these sectors do not involve polymers in their parent state rather as composite polymers and nanostructured polymers.

The objective of this study was to assess factors associated with education enrolment of Gumuz people female students at school level. The study was conducted at public primary and secondary schools in Madura Woreda. From 33 schools, 265 teachers and 10346 students of the public schools in the Woreda 7 schools, 270 students and 64 teachers were taken using purposive sampling techniques. In the study Quantitative research method was used in collecting information from the sample. The study used four categories of research instruments to collect data.

Banking sector is deemed to be one of the major vital sectors for the economy to be able to function as it is the ‘Lifeblood’ of economic activity from collection of deposits to providing credits to the public. It is also being one of the key service sector in India, witnessed an explosive growth and expansion. Banking is an evolutionary concept. There is continuous expansion and diversification as regards the functions, services and activities of a bank. The use of technology has brought a revolution in working style of the banks.

This study was conducted to assess the overall status of harmful traditional practices against women and children in Yem special woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia. It involved the use of cross-sectional research design with the purpose of exploring the issue in focus. Methods of data collection such as key-informant interview (KII), FGD and structured interview were used to gather data required to meet to objectives of the study. The data and discussions showed that HTPs that affect children, particularly ‘feeding butter to babies’ are found to be more prevalent as compared to other forms.

Background: The utilization of STI’s clinic is done to suppress the spread of STIs among the commercial sex workers, men, gays, and the STI's high-risk groups such as public transportation and becak drivers through the health services implemented at STI’s clinic. Aims: analyze the relationship between sociodemographic (age, education, tribe, occupation and the distance the venue of service facility) and the behavior of public transportation and becak drivers and the utilization of STI’s clinic.

This study is geared towards the determination of the challenges facing principals in newly opened secondary schools in Ebonyi state of Nigeria. The study is a descriptive survey research work carried out in Ebonyi state, south eastern Nigeria. The study was guided by two research questions and one hypothesis, all derived from the purpose of the study and the literature. The population of the study comprises a total of 340 secondary schools. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample size of 36 secondary schools which is about 10% of the entire population.

In this study, we present the preliminary monitoring results of 15 digital archives in France, Austria, Spain, the USA, Japan, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. The purpose of this paper is to give the list of worldwide digital archives and other projects, where old fashion magazines (late 19th and early 20th century) have been digitized and made available online. To obtain the research results, the following methods were used: descriptive research, secondary data analysis, sampling process, interpretive analysis, direct observation.

CeO2 nanoparticles were characterized by SEM and TM analyzes that showed a size of about 10 ± 0.46 nm and a ployed shape. By Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) was obtained the thermograme that releved the absence of cerium oxide sample peaks due to the high melting point 2400°C, the temperature range in which the sample was analyzed being between 35°C and 500°C. Two ypes of CeO2 dispersions were made, in ultra pure water (UPW) and solvent.

Background: School Health policy in Sri Lanka aims at improving nutritional status of school children of all ages. Ensuring the health of school children is essential to get the maximum from educational opportunities and to have healthy and productive adulthood.

The novel biologically active two mononuclear tetra coordinated copper (II) complexes were synthesised and formulated as [M(L)(L1) H2O].2H2O,where L=ligand and L1=1,10-phenantholine. the newly synthesized complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, UV-Visible, IR, mass spectra and magnetic property studies. The spectral studies have shown that the complexes are paramagnetic and tetrahedral structure. The metal complexes were tested for antibacterial and antifungal activities show some complexes exhibit moderate activity.

Like many remote areas in the world, the Indian rural population suffers huge disparities and lack of healthcare services, which led to the development of a novel system by Intel health called HxGuide. This paper focuses on assessing HxGuide to serves its mission to minimize the gap in healthcare delivery. The paper consists of a strategic plan with clear identification of internal and external inputs. The plan starts with a description of the target population and the Indian Healthcare system. Like many health care systems, many stakeholders involved in the delivery of health services.

“BIO MEDICAL WASTE” is any waste, which is generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings. This waste is also generated during research activities or in the production or testing of biological material. Today, there is increasing demand for the broader level of knowledge and skills to handle the waste from doctors, nurses, ward attendants, sweepers, laboratory technicians and all others working in the hospitals. For safe Bio medical waste management hospital workers should be familiar with the rules and regulations, practices of biomedical waste management.

Introduction: Hypertension is usually called "the silent killer" since no symptoms are there till serious complications develop. Hypertension is directly related to the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Method: A intervention, randomised ,pre and post study. 40 essential hypertension (EH) patients in the age group of 20-40years, including both sexes and taking treatment since 5 to 10 years . By random selection 40 patients with essential hypertension were allocated to the study. The study had 2 groups namely control and study.

Objectives: This study is a record and representation of what efforts and modalities were used in delivering online Anatomy course to “Net generation / Millennials”. The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of students towards e-learning during the lock down. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was done with a questionnaire and survey sent to MBBS students of Dubai Medical College. Results: Students preferred real time lectures and recorded version of the same.

In this paper we establish that every Fredholm operator F on a Hilbert space has a decomposition F=F+ K , where k is a finite rank operator. It is also shown that the product of two Fredholm operators can again be Fredholm.

In the present study, an attempt has been made to classify the different soil and geomorphic units of Kumbakonam town Thanjavur district, Tamilnadu. The drainage, contour and delineated geological units have been overlaid on IRS-ID LISS III satellite imagery (bands 2, 3 and 4) the system to delineate and characterize different geomorphological units and analysis of their processes based on the field observations. The study area is basically of sedimentary in origin with different geomorphological formations and is influenced by the various processes.

Introduction: The aim of this study was to critically review the available data about the association between the deep bite and temporomandibular disorder and to discuss, evaluate based on the scientific evidence. Material and methods: Electronic databases were searched.

The welfare economists have been confronted with the controversies of interpersonal comparisons or of value judgments for a long period of time. Following Pareto most of the conventional theory of welfare economics rested on the assumed value judgment that if one person was better off and no one was worse off welfare was increased. But without the knowledge of utility or welfare function none can be sure that satisfying those conditions is better than violating them.

Education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of economic development. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. . In fact, Economic development is a complex process in which financial and human capital are combined in sophisticated and productive ways, and that is why certain countries advance in this process much more rapidly than others. So the human capital and physical capital are both required for economic development and that each has a positive external effect on the productivity of the other.

Marine microorganism has required setting up opinion based on bioactive metabolites and approaches a unique possibility to both enhance the amount of aquatic natural foodstuffs in clinical trials as well as speed up their progress.





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