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June 2016

Introduction: Despite many therapeutic options available only one-third of hypertensive patients achieve target Blood pressure (BP). Different clinical studies have reported that reducing the blood pressure can substantially decrease cardiovascular risk and all cause mortality. Aim: The present study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy and safety of, fixed dose combination of Olmesartan 40 mg + Chlorthalidone 12.5mg, in the management of hypertension uncontrolled with Olmesartan monotherapy.

Introduction: Examinations are the bane of students. Passing or failing usually has strong consequences for one’s career development, so examinations cause psychological stress for most of the students. Aim: To assess mental stress on Serum IgA, Gingival status and TMJ disorder among class 12th students before and during exam. Methodology: A prospective cohort study was conducted at private tutorial institute, Jaipur.

Liver cirrhotic patients were investigated for their lifestyle, body mass index, biochemical and clinical signs of disease. The study included 500 liver cirrhotic patients who were visited and hospitalized in SKIMS and SMHS hospital Srinagar. The data was collected by using the self made questionnaire which was pretested on 10 patients. These ten patients were excluded from the study. Demographic data, level of education, biochemical values, clinical signs, weight, height and mid arm circumference was undertaken.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are common during pregnancy because hormonal, physiologic and mechanical changes cause vesico-ureteral reflux and urinary stasis which facilitate bacterial growth. The association between UTI during pregnancy and high risk for adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes are widely reported globally although findings are inconsistent. This study therefore determined the association between UTI during pregnancy and risk for adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in a tertiary hospital in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Background: A baby is said to be of low birth weight (LBW) if the estimated weight at birth is less than 2500g (5 pounds 8 ounces). LBW has serious and long lasting health implications for the baby, usually in the neonatal and infancy periods and may persist into adulthood. Several studies have been conducted in the past which looked into the relationship between exposure to ambient air pollution and the delivery of LBW babies with most of the studies concluding with inconsistent results.

In India very less researches has been devoted to parents-child relationship and dyslexia among young children. Though the child having dyslexia is entirely depends upon his parents and their relations with him. Keeping this significant factor in mind, the present study is aimed (1) to identify dyslexic children and (2) to explore the effect of parent-child relationship on dyslexic children. For that purpose 100 dyslexic and 100 normal children were selected (7-9 years), from different schools of Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

The present study aimed to obtain acidic silages of different types of waste from tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and its characterization through chemical, physical and microbiological analysis over the storage time. To obtain the silage different residues were used, which were divided into five treatments: T1 100% guts, T2 - 100% head, T3 - 100% carcass, T4 - 30% head + 70% carcass and T5 - 15% guts + 20% head + 47% carcass + 15% leather + 3% scales. Each treatment was performed by adding 5% acetic acid and 0.1% p/p of BHT / Kg.

Scalp swellings are commonly seen in surgical practise. Hard swellings indicate bony origin with metastasis being more common than a primary bone pathology. Lung and breast cancer are the common primary malignancies in such cases. We review the literature on HCC as a source of skull metastasis and report a case of 45 year old man who presented with an isolated scalp swelling. CT scan showed a metastatic lesion in occipital region with osteolysis. Trucut biopsy was suggestive of adenocarcinoma but CT Chest, Abdomen and pelvis isolate the primary.

The infraorbital swelling due to canine space infection is always reported. In this case report the 11 year child, etiology for canine space infection was unknown and the interesting part was the difficulty in finishing endodontic access due to missed foreign body at the root tip of 21 which was visible only after extraction of 21.The patient was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had not given any history of self inflicting injury to reduce pain.

Lassa fever is endemic to West Africa. It is a zoonotic disease first described in the 1950’s in Sierra Leone but was not recognized until 1969. It causes over five thousand (5000) deaths annually the world over. In Liberia there is an annual increase of the Lassa fever cases reported at the only Lassa fever treatment center, the Phebe Hospital, in Suakoko District, Bong County. Lassa fever is a challenge to the health of the people as a result of limited knowledge of the disease.

Background: Empathy is a fundamental value in health care. The present study was conducted to assess the empathy levels among students and assess the difference in empathy levels across gender and year of study and also to improve their attitude and skills towards the patients and their quality of service to enhance the dentist-patient relationship. Materials and Methods: Cross sectional descriptive studywas conducted to assess the level of empathy using a validated, self-administered questionnaire Jefferson Scale of Empathy, Health Care Provider Student version (JSE-HPS) in this study.

Both symptomatic and asymptomatic chronic Hepatitis B viral infections in pregnancy have been found to be associated with adverse pregnancy outcome for the mother and the baby. This comparative study compared maternal and perinatal outcomes of pregnancy between mothers with symptomatic HBV infection and those who were asymptomatic. The results revealed that HBV infected pregnant women with low income, low educational level and are rural dwellers are more likely to be symptomatic.

Background: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) from fish is known to have benefits on cardiovascular system by attenuating ischemic changes. Intending to produce alternative source to fish EPA, we have microbially synthesized EPA (mEPA) from α-linolenic acid from plant oil for pharmacological evaluation in myocardial infarction MI. Objective: The objective of present study was to evaluate cardioprotective activity of mEPA through effect on cardiac enzyme biomarkers and histopathology in experimentally induced MI.

Several hypothalamic peptides that participate in the control of ingestive behavior are produced in neuronal cell bodies of the arcuate nucleus and/ or the lateral hypothalamic area. Apart from producing orexigenic or anorexigenic compounds of peptidergic nature, these neurons also produce excitatory and inhibitory amino acid neurotransmitters. The role of GABA and glutamate in regulating energy balance has received less attention in comparison to neuropeptides.

Introduction: Ectopic pregnancy is one of the most important complications due to its role in increasing maternal morbidity and mortality. Early diagnosis provides more chances to treat it without complications. Aim: This study aimed to evaluate management plan of ectopic pregnancy Method: This retrospective study screened the medical records of all women admitted to ER department at King abdulaziz University hospital as an ectopic case throughout 2012-2014. Results: 120 patients were eligible and were included in this study. The mean age was 29.9±5.7 years.

India contributes a very high share to the global maternal mortality i.e death due to pregnancy related complications. Evidence from other countries shows that Midwifery based maternity care has reduced maternal deaths. Midwifery in India though an old profession not fully recognized by law, society, and health professionals. A study was done to determine the perception of nurse midwives regarding “Independent Midwifery Practice (IMP) in India”.

Background: To find out the efficacy of lumbar stabilization exercises by using pressure biofeedback and without pressure biofeedback on trunk angle in middle grade school students with no mechanical low back pain. Method: A total of 90 subjects participated in the study, 45 subjects assigned to each group with a 8 weeks’ intervention protocol.

Background: To find out the efficacy of lumbar stabilization exercises by using pressure biofeedback and without pressure biofeedback on trunk angle in middle grade school students with no mechanical low back pain. Method: A total of 90 subjects participated in the study, 45 subjects assigned to each group with a 8 weeks’ intervention protocol.

Plasma cell dyscrasias represent 1.4-2 % of all malignancies and among hematologic malignancies; it constitutes 10 % of the tumors. Plasma cell dyscrasias are composed of multiple myeloma, primary and secondary plasma cell leukemia. Primary plasma cell leukemia (pPCL) is a rare and aggressive disease, represents 1-4 % of plasma cell dyscrasias. The prognosis of this is very poor with median survival of 8- 11 months in different reported series.

Mucoepidermoid carcinoma is the malignant epithelial salivary gland tumor. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma shows a diverse behavior histopathologically. It resembles histopathologically with number of lesions, making a difficulty in diagnosis, merely on the basis of histopathology. As mucoepidermoid carcinoma most commonly occurs in parotid gland still this pathology shows grades, where high grade is an aggressive form and low grade favors initial malignancy. Thus a detailed histopathological study is must.

Purpose: To assess bone regeneration in peri-implant bone defects grafted by demineralized freeze–dried bone graft using platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin. Methods: Twenty patients who were to be rehabilitated by implant supported prosthesis were considered for the study. During placement of implants, the implant site was assessed for any peri implant defect and these patients with peri implant defect were divided into two equal groups randomly, one group to receive platelet-rich plasma with bone graft and other group to receive platelet-rich fibrin with bone graft.

The objective of this study was to establish the normative data of motor nerve conduction velocity of median and ulnar nerve in normal healthy adults around the Rohtak region of Haryana. Method: An observational descriptive study was conducted in randomly selected 60 healthy subjects of both sexes of general population around Rohtak who were between the ages of 18 and 66 years by using RMS EMG EP Mark-II. Motor studies were performed on the ulnar and median nerves, both proximally and distally along the forearm on both side of arm.

Radiation prosthesis is an artificially fabricated device that aids in the efficient administration of radiotherapy to the affected areas and thereby helps in limiting post radiotherapy complications. Radiotherapy is being used as an adjunctive form of treatment in the management of head and neck cancer. Adverse tissue reactions are associated with the use of radiotherapy in the management of patients with head and neck cancer. These reactions are painful and they diminish the quality of life, often discouraging the patient from taking treatment.

Objectives: To investigate the common symptoms and severity of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) in university students using Fonseca’s questionnaire, to assess the association between self-reported questionnaire-based bruxism and TMD and to determine the relationship of TMD to age, gender, and different levels of anxiety. Methods: Common TMD symptoms were diagnosed using Fonseca’s 10 questions. Bruxism was diagnosed using self-reported questionnaire-based bruxism. The level of anxiety was measured using Trait Anxiety section of Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI-T).

Purpose: Epidemiologic studies have shown that the incidence of epilepsy is the highest in the elderly population. As the elderly constitutes the most rapidly growing population in our country, epilepsy in this group has become an important health issue. To identify the characteristics of epilepsy in the elderly, etiology and effect of antiepileptic drugs on seizure control, we studied elderly population at tertiary care centre in this northern part of India for new onset of seizures.

Brain tumors are the most aggressive and devastating types of cancer and are one the most common or major reason for death among individuals. The chances of survival can be increased if the cancer is detected at its early stage. This paper present an artificial neural network technique, namely feed forward back propagation neural network to classify the magnetic resonance image (MRI) into normal and timorous MRI. Image processing technique helps in detection of tumor in MRI. Feature extraction from the gray level MRI achieves using gray level co-occurence matrix (GLCM).

Background: Human human milk may contain high levels of fat and toxins, which exist in our country based on many reports during the first postnatal week. Methods: This study was conducted on 50 mothers who gave birth to a healthy infant at Vali-Asr teaching hospital, affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, from 2014 to 2015. Within the first postnatal week, a 20 cc sample of mother’s human milk was obtained and was sent for laboratory analysis to measure PCB levels via GC Mass method.

Aim: To comparatively evaluate the regeneration potential of Hydroxyapatite β- tricalcium phosphate and autogenous bone graft in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects. Material and Methods: A total of 20 sites were selected from those attending the Out Patient Department (OPD) of Department of Periodontology and oral implantology at Swami Devi Dyal Dental College and Hospital, Barwala, Panchkula. Subjects for the study were selected randomly with no discrimination on the basis of sex, caste, religion or socioeconomic status. Complete medical and dental history was obtained.

Leukoplakia is the most common pre-cancerous lesion of the oral cavity with high incidence of malignant transformation. Several risk factors including tobacco usage and alcohol consumption leads to formation of leukoplakia and cytogenetically altered keratinocytes, arising from pre-cancerous oral epithelium results in its malignant transformation. Surgical excision and antioxidant therapy are the preferred line of treatment of oral leukoplakia.

The gall bladder is a flask shaped, blind ending diverticulum which lies attached to the inferior surface of the right lobe of liver by connective tissue. It is attached to the common bile duct by the cystic duct. The gall bladder is about 7 to 10 cm long with a capacity of about 50 ml. It usually lies in a shallow fossa in the liver parenchyma covered by peritoneum which continues from inferior surface of liver. The primary function of gall bladder is to store and concentrate bile.

Background: Dementia is a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what mightbe expected from normal aging. Dementia is often associated with physical, mental and financial burden. Care giving was associated with more psychological complaints & coping is most often conceptualized as a response to the demands of specific stressful situations. Aim: To assess the Burden in caregiver of persons with dementia and also assess the coping strategies used by the caregivers.

Hepatitis B viral load is directly related to the risk of disease progression. Studies reporting outcomes and indication for treatment are interpreted in relation to viral load. The main objective of this study is to determine the relationship between viral load and obstetric and neonatal outcomes in hepatitis B virus (HBV) infected mothers. Two hundred and sixty two pregnant women whose HBV status was determined by PCR and HBsAg were recruited for the study. They were categorized based on their viral load; viral load > 106 copies/ml as case and < 106 copies/mlas control.

Introduction: Epithelial–mesenchymal interactions are thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of odontogenic cysts. Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) is a benign cystic neoplasm with a characteristic parakeratinized epithelial lining, which differs histologically and behaviourally from the Dentigerous cyst (DC) and Radicular cyst (RC). Biological behaviour of OKC is dependent on both epithelium and the underlying stroma. Collagen plays an important role in maintaining structural integrity and in determination of tissue functions.

Introduction: Blood stream infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality despite the availability of antimicrobial therapy. Bacteremia due to Gram negative bacilli is a significant problem in hospitalized patients and frequent cause of sepsis. Aim: The aim of this study was to identify the distribution of Gram negative bacterial isolates and their antibiogram from blood cultures. Material and methods: A retrospective analysis was conducted from January 2014- June 2014 to identify the microbial profile in the blood culture isolates and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns.

Objectives: The present study was conducted to observe various mandibular measurements using digital panoramic radiography, which can be used for sex determination. The study was done among the Maharashtran population with a sample size of 500 out of which 250 were males and 250 were females of age group 20-50yrs.

Background: Head lice infestation caused by Pediculus humanus var. Capitis, is the most prevalent human ectoparasitic disease worldwide, head lice are haematophagous, head lice infestation is particularly frequent among children 3-11 stigmatization and psychological distress.

Aims and Objective: To study the role of laproscopic fulgration and Low dose danazol therapy for minimal to moderate endometriosis in case of infertility followed by comparision of both therapy. Materials and Methods: The present cross–sectional study was conducted in the department of obstetrics and gynecology SN Medical college Agra. Over the period from Dec2010 to Nov 2012. Symptomatic women (n=50) of age group 20-39 yrs coming to gynecology OPD were selected for study group.

There is high incidence of periodontal pocket formation and gingival recession on distal side of second molar after surgical removal of third molar. The periodontal pocket formation is commonly seen in mesioangular and horizontal impacted third molars. Scaling and root planning is not sufficient to reduce the distal pocket formation. In this study 20 patients requiring bilateral transalveolar mandibular third molar extractions which are mainly mesioangualar or horizontal were included after written informed consent. One side was randomly chosen as a test and the other side was the control.

Background: Maintaining a high level of good oral health throughout the force is an integral part of overall combat readiness as clinical dental resources are not always readily available in the deployed environment. Methodology: A total of 205 army personnel were included in this study. The interview comprised few questions to know their oral hygiene practices and deleterious oral habits. The answers to these questions as well as clinical data were recorded in the WHO form 2013. Results: Mean age was 30.4 ± 9.2 years among BSF personnel maximum subjects belonged to 26–30 years age group.

Green tea is the most soughtful beverage of both the young and old due to its numerous health benefits. The biological activity of its components like catechin constitute towards this quality of green tea. Numerous studies have proved the antioxidant properties of green tea. Present study investigates its role in reducing the count of streptococcus mutans in the oral cavity and its effect on the salivary pH. Aim: To evaluate the salivary ph and streptococcus mutans count in healthy individuals before and after rinsing the oral cavity with green tea.

Proximal humeral fractures, defined as fractures occurring at or proximal to the surgical neck of the humerus. Nowadays proximal humeral fractures account for almost 7% of all fractures and make up 80% of all humeral fractures. In patients above the age of 65 years proximal humeral fractures are the second most frequent upper extremity fracture, and the third most common non-vertebral osteoporotic fracture after proximal femur and distal radius fractures.

Missing first molars are a common intra oral finding in adult orthodontic patients. It is usually due to either caries or compromised periodontal conditions. It’s appropriate treatment possess a very challenging situation for the orthodontist. Impacted or lingually tilted molars require uprighting. There are several approaches by which molar uprighting can be accomplished, like Australian uprighting spring, cantilever spring, push spring appliance, NiTi coil spring, Mini implant, forced eruption by elastics, traction from removable appliances, surgical uprighting etc.

The present study examines self concept and state trait anxiety of pregnant jobholders and homemakers, 120 samples attending OPD and maternity clinics at Bijapur and Dharwad district of North Karnataka are selected, among them 60 are pregnant jobholders and 60 are pregnant homemakers. Self-concept scale developed by Mukta Rani Rastogi (1979) and State Trait Anxiety Test scale developed by Sanjay Vohra (1992) are used for data collection. The data is computed using Mean, SD, ‘t’-test and Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation.

Aim: Immediately placed implant is lucrative and offers several advantages. This study was done to find out any hard tissue changes around the implants in bucco-lingual direction before and after 6 months of implant placement. Materials and Methods: This study was done on 18 patients who has undergone extraction and immediate implant placement. Implant system used was Alpha-Bio®.

Introduction: Haemorroids is one of the commonest clinical condition that we have come acrossed in our surgical practice. It is one of the commonest troublesome disease also. It is usually diagnosed by their external appearance, symptoms obtained from the patients, proctoscopic examination, per rectal examination, and sigmoidoscopic examination. To rule out carcinoma rectum all cases should be screened by sigmoidoscopy.

Background: Valvular Heart disease patients are always have other system involvement due to their complications, In such kind of high risk patients if haemodynamic instability occurs during induction, intubation then it will be hazardous to the patients .Hence the ideal anesthetic induction agents if used will be be helpful to these patients. Hence we decided to study effects of etomidate and Fentanyl –Midazolam combination as induction agents as well as their effects on stress response of Intubation and cardiopulmonary bypass.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common cause of pain, reduced mobility and quality of life (QOL) in adults. People with knee osteoarthritis experience restricted participation in activities and behaviors of their choice, and thus it affects their social life. Given the increasing incidence of symptomatic knee Osteoarthritis and the role of non-pharmacological interventions in mitigating symptoms, it is important to find low-cost, easy to administer interventions.

Dental anomalies may result in problems in maxillary and mandibular arch length and occlusion. The possible etiological factor for these anomalies may be the mutation of genes in the prenatal and postnatal period which may result in anomalies in tooth size, shape, position, number, and structure (Basdra et al., 2000; Baydas et al., 2005; Garn et al., 1965; Kotsomitis et al., 1996; Sofaer, 1979).

The existence of horse manure around the neighborhood can lead to pollution. This condition is still existed in the Babakan Loa Cimahi settlement. The application of appropriate technology with horse manure can be processed to produce biogas. In addition to horse feces, water hyacinth (Eicchornia crassipes) can be utilized in the production of biogas because it has a large hemicellulose content. The aim of the research is to find out the effect of water hyacinth addition to the volume of biogas generated from horse manure.

Teeth maintain the integral balance between structure, function, and aesthetics. Loss of anterior tooth not only poses a social stigma for patients but also an additional challenge for the dentist as all patients seek immediate replacement, which in most of the cases is not practical and easily affordable. Most procedures involve preparation of adjacent teeth or are too costly in the form of immediate implants. Natural tooth pontic is less time consuming, easily fabricated, with a predictable outcome and can serve as an excellent interim restoration.

Background: To determine the short term effect of fixed orthodontic therapy on periodontal health and to find out which of the ligation techniques adhere more amount of micro organisms. Methods: Total of 30 subjects were selected in the age range of 18 to 25 years in the study. on the first day (T0) Quigely Hein plaque index was performed using two tone dye and bonding was carried out half of the quadrant was ligated with elastic module and half of the quadrant with steel ligature, patients were recalled after 2nd day(T1) of bonding, bracket bond index was carried out.

The aim of this retrospective study was to assess selective factors affecting the reversibility of the ischemic heart. The methodology carried out based on cardiac study at stress and rest for the distribution of 99mTc-MIBI with consideration to age, weight and gender.

Background: Myocardial ischemia is a metabolic phenomenon that occurs in patients undergoing open heart surgery like coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). In myocardial ischemia, secondary myocardial carnitine deficiency has been observed. Objectives: Recording the perioperative hemodynamic changes among patients undergoing coronary artery bypass. Evaluation of the intraoperative cardiac ischemia via biochemical assessment of serum levels of Pyruvate, Lactate, L-carnitine and calculation of lactate/pyruvate ratio preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative.

Background: Myocardial ischemia is a metabolic phenomenon that occurs in patients undergoing open heart surgery like coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). In myocardial ischemia, secondary myocardial carnitine deficiency has been observed. Objectives: Recording the perioperative hemodynamic changes among patients undergoing coronary artery bypass. Evaluation of the intraoperative cardiac ischemia via biochemical assessment of serum levels of Pyruvate, Lactate, L-carnitine and calculation of lactate/pyruvate ratio preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative.

Introduction: The link between pregnancy and periodontal manifestations has been indicated to pose alteration to the systemic health. There is a very high risk of pre-eclampsia & low-birth-weight, pre-term labour in pregnant females with periodontal problems. Aim: The aim of his study was to evaluate the awareness among the Obgy about the periodontal problems faced by the pregnant females during the 3 trimesters & oral health practitioners about the complaints reported by a pregnant female during the same time frame.

Botryomycosis also known as bacterial pseudo mycosis is a rare chronic granulomatous bacterial infection that affects the skin and sometimes the viscera. The lesions are characterized by tumefaction, deformity, multiple sinus formation and fistulous tract with deep abscess and ulcerated area of skin. Common organisms include staphylococcus, pseudomonas, E.coli, proteus and streptococcus species. Botryomycosis has been known to affect humans as well as other mammals.

Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma is a rare malignant soft tissue sarcoma that accounts for about 2-3% of all superficial soft tissue sarcomas. It mostly present in middle aged to elderly males with a predilection for lower limbs. Due to non specific morphologic features with a host of differential diagnosis, immunohistochemistry plays important role in arriving at the final diagnosis. We present the case of 77 year old woman with cutaneous leiomyosarcoma located on the upper back.

Vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) from infected mothers to their fetuses or new born either in utero or peripartum remain a major source of perpetuating the reservoir of chronically infected individuals globally. The main aim of this study is to determine perinatal transmission of the HBV in the Ghanaian setting. One hundred and sixty one (161) pregnant women who were positive for HBV and their respective neonates were enrolled in the study. Viral loads of the mothers were determined using peripheral blood sample and analyzed by PCR.

Idiopathic colonic perforation in adults is rare. We report a case of idiopathic sigmoid colon perforation in an adult male who presented to the emergency room with signs and symptoms of perforation peritonitis. On exploratory laparotomy, a single perforation was found on the antimesenteric border of the sigmoid colon, the biopsy of which revealed non specific acute inflammation. On evaluation, no etiological factor was found for the perforation.

Substance abuse is one of its complicated and multifactorial phenomenon with which many societies are suffering and prevalence of adolescent's substance abuse is a significant public health problem. The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge towards specific substance abuse among adolescent school children. Non experimental descriptive research design was adopted and stratified random sampling technique was used. 100 adolescent school children studying in 9th to 12th class of different schools were enrolled. Objective based tools i.e.

Back ground and purpose of the study: The ability to perform selective trunk movements is important predictor of functional outcome in post stroke individuals. However, studies evaluating effect of trunk strengthening aimed at improving trunk performance and functional outcome is sparse.

Dexmedetomidine has evolved as a panacea for various applications/ procedures in the perioperative or critical care settings with multiple promising delivery routes. It is fast emerging as a valuable adjunct to regional anaesthesia and analgesia, where future studies are required to build the evidence for its use in central neuraxial blocks, peripheral nerve blocks or even for local site infiltration.

Molluscum contagiosum (MC) is a viral infection of the skin caused by a DNA poxvirus called the molluscum contagiosum virus. Although benign, MC can be socially stigmatizing and have an adverse effect on patients’ and their families’ lives, causing emotional concern and anxiety. Diagnosis is established by histopathological examination demonstrating characteristic molluscum bodies within the keratinocytes correlating with clinical findings. Since the lesions are self resolving in majority of the immunocompetent patients, accurate diagnosis and proper counseling is sufficient at times.

COPD patients breathe against expiratory obstruction with low tidal volume and have ineffective ventilation while asleep. Such patients are at higher risk of developing nocturnal desaturation, which is considered a major determinant of disturbed sleep among COPD patients. However, nocturnal desaturation in each COPD patients depends upon severity of the disease. Early detection of night time desaturation in COPD patients can prevent further complications associated with hypoxemia like cor Pulmonale, pulmonary hypertension etc., by initiation of low flow nocturnal oxygenation.

Hyaluronic acid is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, which plays a major role in the functioning of extracellular matrices. Its presence has been found in connective tissues and is particularly concentrated in synovial fluid, the vitreous fluid of the eye, umbilical cords. Also it is found in periodontal tissues including mineralized and non mineralized tissues with a greater concentration in non mineralized tissues, such as gingiva and periodontal ligament.

Inflammatory jaw swellings such as periapical abscess, granuloma and periodontal lesions are very frequently seen in jaws. One of the causes of such lesions is the presence of lateral canals. In contrast non inflammatory jaw swellings such as odontogenic cyst tumors, benign and malignant neoplasms of jaws are caused by various genetic alterations of cells but only in selected population. The cause for such genetic alterations within cells, present in periodontium, is still not yet completely understood.

Ellis-van Creveld syndrome (EVC) also called as chondroectodermal dysplasia or mesoectodermal dysplasia is a rare autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutation in EVC1 and EVC2 genes (4p16). Classical EVC syndrome constitutes a tetrad of chondrodystrophy, ectodermal dysplasia, polydactyly and cardiac defects.

The present study was conducted to study the effect of graded doses of Sodium fluoride on the microanatomy of Liver in Albino Rats over different periods of time. Sixty male adult albino rats taken from the animal house of Govt. medical College Srinagar were divided randomly into four groups of 15 animals each. Animals of the first three groups were given fluorinated water in various concentrations to drink and fourth group served as the control group getting plain tap water to drink.

Background and objectives: Breastfeeding is the most natural way of meeting the infant’s nutritional demands due to which exclusively breastfeed for a period of at least 6 is encouraged. But still there is a common practice in some cultures to give pre-lacteal feeds. Objective: To study the practices of pre-lacteal feeding and its associated beliefs among the primary care givers. Methods: An exploratory study was conducted on 100 primary care givers visiting Pediatric OPD which were selected by convenience sampling technique.

To assess the knowledge and attitude regarding pubertal changes among pre – adolescents (girls and boys). Material and Method: A descriptive study design was adopted with 204 pre-adolescents (104girls and 100 boys) of age group 12-14yrs. selected by purposive sampling technique from two different Government schools of Ambala District. Knowledge and attitude was assessed using structured knowledge questionnaire and 5 point likert scale respectively.

The natural radionuclide’s 226Ra, 232Th and 40K and some heavy metals (Fe, Cd, Zn, Cu, Mn, Ni, and Pb) were measured in the rice and the flour samples consumed in Saudi Arabia. Gamma ray spectrometry was used to determine the activity concentration of the three nuclides. Heavy metals were analyzed by an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrophotometer (ICP-OES). The results indicate that the average concentration of 226Ra, 228Th, and 40K in the rice samples were 1.08, 1.19 and 83.08 Bq kg-1, respectively.

An experiment was conducted on “Effect of fertigation, splittingand mulching on first flowering height (cm), days to first flower initiation and fruit maturity after planting of papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. Red Lady” with twelve treatments viz., 1st factor three levels of N and K2 @ 100, 80 and 60 % of RD (200:200:250), 2nd factor two levels of split and 3rd factor two levels of mulching of black plastic mulch @ 20 % area coverage (50 µ) in RBD with factorial concept and three replications at two locations i.e. 1) Regional Horticultural Research Farm, Navsari. 2).

Spodoptera litura a serious pest for many types of plant and the larvae can defoliate many economically important plants especially those have soft leaves texture. Centella asiatica, Hydrocotyle sp. and Orthosiphon stamineus were used widely as medicinal plant for health cure. These three different medicinal plants were supplied to Spodoptera litura larvae to investigate their effects towards S. litura development and leaves weight consumed. Centella asiatica shown highest mean leaves weight consumed with 1518.5 mg followed by Hydrocotyle sp. and O.

The present study deals with Vegetative growth and yield performance of Cassia angustifolia under seven year old Emblica officinalis based Agroforestry system. Vegetative growth of Cassia angustifolia was significantly depressed under the canopy of 7 year-old Aonla based Agroforestry system as compared to control (without trees). On an average of two years, plant density, stem girth (cm), plant height (cm), the number of leaves per plant and the number of branches per plant reduced by 42.68%, 35.00%, 31.66%, 31.92% and 52.59%, respectively under tree canopy as compared to control.

Background: The majority of women with Candida vaginitis suffer from uncomplicated vaginitis characterized by sporadic attacks of mild to moderate severity due to C. albicans, and these attacks occur in healthy adult women without any predisposing factors. In contrast, approximately 10% of women suffer from complicated Candida vaginitis, in which attacks either are more severe, occur on a recurrent basis, or are due to non-albicans Candida species.

Background: People in our country are in waiting list for organ transplantation (OT) which could be overcome by deceased organ donation (OD). Our aim of the study was to evaluate the awareness regarding body/ organ donation after and before death in grass root level. Material and Methods: An observational study was conducted among post graduate medical students (Radiology group), non-medical students (Research group) and paramedics (Regular group) and. Staff (Nurses group) in our Institute population.

Thirty two guava genotypes were evaluated at ICAR-RCER, Research Centre Ranchi, on the basis of winter production during 2009-10. The fruit bud differenciation took place in growing vegetative bud and the differences between peak flowering and peak harvesting were about to 4 months for all cultivars. The eight cultivars like Mild Fleshed, Chittidar Alllabad Safeda, Sardar, CHG-1, CHG-2, Kairala Seedling and Nasik were very promising under eastern plateau and hill region. To sudy of the botany of these crop had emense imporatance to breeder, researcher and students.

The present study deals with in vitro antioxidant and antifungal activities of bark extracts of Soymida febrifuga Roxb. The antioxidant activity was done by using 2, 2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical, total antioxidant assay, and nitric oxide scavenging assay. This study ascertains that the S. febrifuga Roxb bark extract could serve as an important bio-resource of antioxidants for using in food and pharmaceutical industry.

The improving wheat technological quality constitutes an aspect of fundamental importance in the search for products derived of high quality. This study aimed to analyze the technological quality of different wheat genotypes for the use of different nitrogen managements in coverage and sources of nitrogen fertilization.

Background: The exposure of skin to ultraviolet-B radiations leads to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage and can induce production of free radicals which imbalance the redox status of the cell and lead to increased oxidative stress. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the protective effects of apigenin, against ultraviolet-B (290-320 nm) radiation induced cellular changes were investigated in human dermal fibroblasts (HDFa).

Bycatch is the global concern and it is causing number of problems to the fisheries. Recent WWF report estimates that 40% of marine catches and discards are juveniles. Higher level of bycatch has impact on diversity, community structure and biomass. Banning the destructive fishing practices is the very good approach for managing the fisheries. Nowadays bycatch reduction devices based on different aspects are being developed to make the fishing practices, environment friendly but it needs to be implemented properly.

The present paper reveals the estimation of soluble protein content present in Trichogaster fasciatus locally called as Ngapema (Schneider), Channa striata locally called as porom (Bloch) and Anabus testudineus locally called as ukabi (Bloch).The soluble protein contents were expressed as mg/g using Lowry’s method. Protein content was highest in Trichogaster fasciatus (145.83mg/g and lowest in Channa striata (17.9mg/g).This research work shows that these indigenous fishes contain high amount of soluble protein.

The carcinoma of the Prostate has been known to be a major health burden in high income Western countries. However, with changes in lifestyle and increasing life expectancy, the incidence rate of Prostate cancer (PCa) is growing rapidly in India as well. Due to this increased incidence rate, Indian male population needs increased awareness for the disease. The established risk factors for PCa include advancing age, race, family history and dietary patterns.

One of the man-made wetlands and natural inland waters in Qatar were investigated for the aquatic fauna from September 2010 up to June 2013 during random intervals. The investigations have revealed 24 species of macroinvertebrates: one Rotifer, 3 gastropods, one Notostracan, 2 Ostracods, 2 Copepods, one Cladoceran, one Odonatan, 2 Hemipterans, 5 Coleopterans and 6 Dipterans. Except Gastropods, Ostracods, Copepods and the Odonatan, all the remaining taxa are recorded for the first time in Qatar.

Food quality, including safety, is a major concern facing the food industry today. A number of surveys have shown that consumer awareness about quality of their food is increasing. The extensive of microorganism (total coliform, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella sp.), growth promoters, residues of pesticide and dioxin, antibiotics etc. make fear and unease to consumer about what they eat. Moreover, Bangladesh export fish to developed countries and they are very conscious to their food quality rather than price.

This research aimed to evaluate the metabolic responses of nitrogen forward the effects of water stress and flooding in young plants of pau-de-balsa. The experimental design was completely randomized in a factorial arrangement (3x4) in three water conditions: control (irrigated), water deficit and flooding in four periods of evaluation (0, 4, 8 and 12 days), with 5 repetitions.

In regions water scarcity the water reuse in irrigation is alternative for farmers. In this context, the study was conducted in order to changes the chemical attributes of organic substrates subjected to water replacement levels with different water qualities in pepper cultivation. The experimental design was randomized blocks in factorial design 2x5x2, being represented by two types of water (water supply and wastewater), 5 water levels based on water requirement (WR) culture [100% WR ( L5), 80% WR (L4), 60% WR (L3), 40% WR (L2) and 20% WR (L1)] and second substrates (cattle and goats).

This paper describes the methodology and results of classifications of multi-temporal Landsat 4-5 Thematic Mapper data of the River Yamuna in upper stretch, India for the years 1999 and 2011 respectively. Seven different land cover/use categories have been used, named built-up Area/settlement, forest, agricultural land, scrub land, wetlands, river/streams/drains and railways. The overall classification accuracies were 78.46% and 81.23% and Kappa as 0.7470 and 0.7795 for the year 1999 and 2011 respectively.

Introduction: The main purpose of this study is to measure the inferior angle between celiac artery and Abdominal Aorta (AA) in the Chinese population which underwent Multi-detector Computer Tomography (MDCT) or Computer Tomography Angiography (CTA) for various reasons. Methods: A total of 520 patients were analyzed under CTA of the AA from January 1st 2015 to July 31st 2015. There were 306 males and 177 females cases, and 37 cases were not included in our study due to restrictions whom we labeled as not evaluate.

Acrylamide has been shown to be neurotoxic, genotoxic and a carcinogenic compound formed during the frying or baking of foods by means of the Maillard reaction. To evaluate the biological consequences of continuous exposure to acrylamide at levels found in common foodstuffs and its protection by resveratrol, we studied the effects of acrylamide using an in vivo model, nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. As for growth and fecundity nematodes showed retarded growth with reduced body and brood sizes, at 500 mg/L of acrylamide. Lifespan decreased significantly even in 500mg/L of acrylamide.

Kenya is a multicultural country with between 42 to 63 linguistic and ethnic groups with distinct languages and cultural heritage. Consequently, secondary schools attract learners from varied cultural backgrounds which pose challenges in teaching English language lessons. Despite the profound influence of cultural background in learning of second language, little research is available in Kenya on how the diverse linguistic and ethnic groups affect the teaching and learning of English language.

Ethiopia is a country where major habitat block is contained within political boundaries, having a high degree of endemicity in both fauna and flora. This annotated checklist of birds exploresthe current status and distribution of the 926 birds’ species of Ethiopia, providing a text with a brief description and information on habitat, distribution, habits, breeding. Furthermore, threats and IUCN category are covered. Moreover, a complete list of all known localities is added for each species. I thought birds would be ideal. There was plenty of data available, much as yet ungathered.

Objective: The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the cardioprotective and antioxidant properties of Triphala and Trikatu against obesity induced cadiotoxicity in female albino rats. This was compared with standard herbal (ayurslim) and synthetic (sibutrex10TM) anti-obesity drugs. Methods: Animals were divided in to three groups. Group I: Control group, Group II: Short duration group, Group III: Long duration group. Group II and Group III were further sub-divided into six sub groups, each group consisting of five animals. 1.

Recently our research has allowed developing and using a novel electro-transformed strain of Lactobacillus LMG21688 as protective cultures for inhibiting Listeria monocytogenes in meat products. The result did not give total satisfaction because of the complexity of the matrix (meat) used. To show the total efficiency of this new strain against Listeria, another matrix less complex was tested.

Background Glaucoma is diagnosed by presence of “classical triad”- characteristic feature of visual field defects, morphological changes in optic disc (cupping) and raised intraocular pressure (IOP). Several studies related to blood pressure and ocular perfusion pressure (OPP) implicated vascular risk factors in the pathogenesis of glaucoma yet abnormal autoregulation in glaucoma is not fully clear.

Many researchers are stressing on the need to change the teaching methodologies to make learning more effective. Various new modes of teaching are suggested especially in the field of medical sciences. The studies mostly focus on the need to adopt Problem-based learning in medical field. The present study was undertaken to see the effectiveness of various teaching methodologies in undergraduate degree college in India.

The present study was carried out to evaluate the in vitro antibacterial activity of aqueous leaf and stem extracts of Tinospora cordifolia on HIV related opportunistic bacterial pathogens. The leaves and stems of T. cordifolia were powdered and subjected to aqueous extraction. Preliminary phyotochemical screening was done by using standard procedures. The antibacterial activity of the aqueous extract of leaves and stems of T.

The region of Bagé, RS presents befitting edaphoclimatic conditions for the production of said guard wines. Wines with Vitisvinifera grapes of the region are being produced 5 years ago, although research aimed at improving the quality of wines from the region are scarce, and production and winemaking protocols are used in other regions with different edaphoclimatic conditions found in Bagé.

Objectives: For the classification of respondents drawn from different populations and described by different sets of variables, six taxonomic neural networks designed in a similar manner, but supplied with different preprocessors for input data transformation, were applied. Methods: The standard method used to classify objects was implemented by an Intruder neural network variation (Momirovic, Hosek. Popovic & Boli, 2002) codenamed Intruds. This network only standardizes input data, but does not perform any additional transformations over them.

The study was carried out to assess the influence biodegradation on the nutritive value of cassava peels. Cassava peels were obtained from a ‘gari’ processing mill in Makurdi and sun-dried for a period of seven days to reduce the moisture content to less than 10 %. The dried cassava peels were milled using a hammer mill. Five hundred kilograms (500kg) of milled cassava peels were moistened with water on a concrete floor and covered with cellophane sheet and allowed to ferment for two weeks.

Cocoa orchard is the target pests as mirids that cause loss of very important to farmers production. To reduce the populations of these insects, leaches were conducted in seven districts of cocoa production in Ivory Coast. Sheeted cocoa underwent treatments with the insecticide super Callifan 40 EC. Insecticide treatments helped raise and identify different species of mirids. The results revealed the presence of four species of mirids: Sahlbergellasingularis, Distantiellatheobromae, Bryocoropsislaticollis and Helopeltis sp. The species S.

A rapid and sensitive HPLC-PDA method was developed for the quantification of metformin in rat plasma using phenformin as internal standard. The analyte and internal standard were extracted from the plasma sample using a solid phase extraction method. Chromatographic separation was achieved on a Thermo Accuacore Hillic (150 × 4.6 mm, 5 µm) column with a mobile phase consisting 20 mM sodium acetate buffer and acetonitrile (45:55, v/v with pH-4 ); at a flow rate of 0.7 ml /min. The assay was validated with a linear range of 0.062 – 2 µg /ml for metformin using 200 µL of plasma sample.

The current study conducted at nine sampling stations across the section of Khreisan River passing through Baquba city which is located in Iraq-Diyala in order to assessment the quality of water at this section of river by using of the most pollution tolerant genera and species for four groups of algae and employing of Palmer’s and Nygaard’s biotic indices as well as analytical of water samples for Dissolved Solids, Suspended Solids and Volatile Solids.

The camel is an important animal component of the fragile desert eco-system. With its unique bio-physiological characteristics, the camel has become an icon of adaptation to challenging ways of living in arid and semi-arid regions. The camelidus inhabit the most extreme climates on the globe and their process of multiplication is determined by the availability of food and protection for the newborn, consequently their reproduction is governed by these factors.

Different levels of two herbicides Pendimethalin and Pretilachlor based on their recommended agricultural doses (RAD) were administered into the testboxes with a micropipette (Lofs-Holmin, 1983) with five numbers age synchronized specimens of Perionyx excavatus in each box. The 96 hrs acute toxicity tests showed that Pendimethalin with an LC50 value of 0.022mg/kg soil was more toxic than Pretilachlor, LC50 value 0.094 mg/kg soil.

Histology under light and transmission electron microscopy was conducted on the pituitary glands collected from 35 Madras red ewes of different age groups. The chromophobes were round or irregularly oval shaped cells, which occurred in groups in the centre of the cell cords of the pars distalis adenohypophysis of prepubertal, pubertal and dry animals. Their population was more in the rostro-dorsal and rostro-ventral regions of the pars distalis with no affinity towards any of the acidic or basic dyes.

The protective effect of three types of maize stored on the mycotoxins production during storage has been tested. These are the traditional granaries (control) and on the other hand traditional and improved granaries treated with leaves of Lippia multiflora and Hyptis suaveolens and then cover with polyethylene plastic. Maize stored as cobs and grains are preserved in natural atmosphere in these granaries during 8 months and the contents of moisture, water activity, ochratoxin A (OTA), fumunosin B1 (FB1) and zearalenone (ZEA) were studied and monitoring.

Herbs are plants grown for culinary, medicinal, or in some cases even spiritual value. The green, leafy part of the plant is typically used. General usage differs between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs. A medicinal herb may be a shrub or other woody plant, where as a culinary herb is a non-woody plant. By contrast, spices are the seed, berries, bark, root, fruit, or other parts of the plant, even leaves in some cases; although any of these, as well as any edible fruits or vegetables, may be considered “herbs” in medicinal or spiritual use.

The aim of the study is to determine the total external lipid present in the wool fibre of goat. Different types of organic solvents such as methanol, chloroform, hexane and petroleum ether were used for extracting the lipids. The amount of lipid present in the chloroform:methanol mixture was about 0.82% to that of wool fibre of goat. The lipid figured from the methanol extract is much lower and is approximately 0.44%, considering the hexane and petroleum ether extract, the quantity of lipid is about 0.72% and 0.68% respectively.

Formamidine disulfide was synthesized by oxidizing thiourea in the presence of potassium permanganate. It was then reacted with various aldehydes to give formamidine disulfide Schiff bases. Each Schiff base was then condensed with maleic anhydride and phthalic anhydride to yield corresponding 1,3-oxazepine derivatives respectively. The phthalic anhydride derivative of benzaldehyde Schiff base was not synthesized as a result of low yield. The antimicrobial activities of the schiff bases were better than the oxazepines.

The present paper deals with morphological and chemical studies of two species of Aplosporella Speg. (=Haplosporella Speg.)The species under study found to be morphologically and biochemically distinct. The species were collected on different hosts of same angiospermic family on comparison with the known species it treated as new species viz, Aplosporella leucocephala sp.nov. on Leucaena leucocephala (Lamk)de wit. And Aplosporella pithecolobiella sp.nov on Pithecolobium dulce (Roxb.)

A study was conducted in bread wheat to estimate the magnitude of heterosis for grain yield and its seven yield components. 10 F1 hybrids were derived from crosses between two female lines and five testers using line x tester analysis and these F1s along with 7 parents and one commercial check varieties were evaluated during Rabi 2010-11 using Randomized Block Design. Highly significant differences were observed among the genotypes for all the traits studied.

Background: To define various categories of obese and nonobese subjects by BMI and physical conditions (underweight and overweight problems) and also to identify obesity-related hypertension in studied people. Methods: A population-based survey was conducted to gather data about obesity and hypertension and their associated risk factors (sociodemographic and biochemical) from 2,453 members of households of studied people. Blood samples were also collected from 114 willing participants for the biochemical analysis.

The objectives of this study were determined to effect of vacuum treatments and to measure densities and dry matter losses in vacuum-packed polythene bags silage. Maize (Zea mays L.) was harvested at two maturity stage (30% and 45% dry matter) and ensiled in packages. In the experiment was made 3 vacuum treatments (0.07mPa, 0.1mPa and -0.1mPa). And vacuum-packing machine a model CAS CVP 260 PD type was used. In all experiments, the chopped material was packed into polythene bags (dimensions 200x250 mm). Three different types polythene bags (PA/PE, BOPA/PE and OPP/PE/EVOH/PE) were examined.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”. It is a neurodegenerative disease associated with degeneration of motor neurons in the cerebral cortex, brain stem, and spinal cord characterized by distal muscle weakness, atrophy, normal sensation, pyramidal signs and progressive muscular paralysis reflecting. ALS2 is a juvenile autosomal recessive disorder, slowly progressive, that maps to chromosome 2q33 and is associated with mutations in the alsin gene, a putative GTPase regulator.

This study was aimed to determine variations of morphological characters (Morphometrics and meristics) of rabbitfish (Siganusargenteus.) andcompare them with the fork length, head length and other morphometric characters. It was also intended to determine the morphological characters usable for species identification. The fish samples were collected from Manado Bay waters, North Sulawesi, and there was a total of 3 individuals of S. argenteus whose morphological characters were analyzed.

The present study deals with the investigation of the macrophytic diversity of some major wetlands of Nalbari district of Assam, India and their economic prospects. The study was carried out for a period of two years i.e. from January, 2011 to December, 2012. Four wetlands namely Batua kamakhya beel, Borbilla beel, Borali beel and Ghoga beel were selected for the present investigation. While Borali beel and Ghoga beel are regularly affected by river flood water, the other two wetlands i.e.

The Myxobolus arcticus Pugachev and Khokhlov, 1979 (P.- Myxozoa; C.-Myxosporea; O.-Bivalvulida; F.-Myxobolidae) is a protozoan parasite residing in brain, nerves and spinal cord of the salmons (F.-Salmonidae). Its principal fish hosts are sockeye salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka, masu salmon - O. masou and Arctic char Salvelinus alpinus found in North Pacific coast of Far East Asia and North America.

Pseudarthria viscida (L.) Wight and Arn. belonging to the family Leguminosae is an essential component of many famous Ayurvedic formulations like Dashamoola, Mahanarayana taila and Dhantara taila. Major chemical compounds present in the roots are gallic acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, rutin, quercetin and oleic acid. Since Pseudarthria viscida has high commercial and medicinal values, the excessive collection has resulted in gradual disappearance of this plant from natural habitat and at present its number is highly reduced in the wild.

A study was conducted to estimate the extant of heterobeltiosis, standard heterosis and the nature of gene action for some quantitative traits using line x tester analysis. Among the parents, M1-10-29VL and TM07280 were the best performing parents for seed yield per plant and its components traits. Cross combinations IR77629-72-2-1-3 X IR64, Basmati 370 X CR2703, Sonam X NDR118 and IR7734-4-0 X CR2703 exhibited high significant effects with high per se performance and standard heterosis over PHB71.

This retrospective study was carried out to examine the patterns of drug prescribing for pediatric dental patients in and around Moradabad, city, U.P. Methods: A total of 200 prescriptions were collected from various dental clinics from march 2014 to may 2014. Patients older than 12 years were excluded. Out of 150 diagnosed conditions, only 35 conditions were treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics were prescribed preoperatively On 28 occasions and for a post-treatment condition such as swelling antibiotics were prescribed on 7 occasions.

In this paper, we address the development of a global optimization procedure for the problem of designing a water distribution network that satisfies tat specified flow demands as stated pressure head requirements. The proposed approach significantly improves upmon a previous method of Lahiouel et al. (2004) by way of adopting a simultaneous layout and pipe size otimization of water distribution networks. The necessity of a coupled solution of the layout and pipe sizing problem is shown.

In this modern era, a lot of data is available to all the organisations so the real task is to gather the useful information from the data. There is a need to develop a robust technique that can resolve this problem. Clustering is a technique in data mining that groups together the similar data items into cluster. The data in a cluster is more similar to each other than data in the other cluster. There are different types of clustering algorithms like K–means (partitioning based), greedy based, hierarchical based algorithms, density based.

This paper intends to review past studies regarding the addition of waste plastic in self-compacted concrete. SCC is one of the ingenuities products in concrete technology. It is also a special type of highly flowable concrete that does not require vibration for placing and compaction. Mixture proportion could be done by adding a different material to SCC mixtures to improve the properties of SCC. Innovative materials are generally used for partial replacement of cement, sand and a combination of two or more items.

In thermal devices like heat exchangers, improvement of convection heat transfer becomes an important factor in the development of modern industrial world. Inserting porous medium in a fluidic region is one of the effective methods among the passive heat transfer augmentation technics. Further it is preferred not to fully fill the system with the porous medium. This is to avoid the significant pressure drops occurring in the fully filled systems. This paper presents a brief discussion on the application of partially filled porous medium in a channel and circular pipe for forced convection.

Nanocrystalline tin oxide (SnO2) thin films were deposited on glass substrates by DC reactive magnetron sputtering technique under various oxygen partial pressures. The films composition was nearly stoichiometery at the oxygen partial pressure of 7x10-4 mbar. XRD pattern reveals that the films are polycrystalline nature and (110) plane was predominant. The size of grains becomes bigger and spherical in shape with increasing of the oxygen partial pressure. The films show high optical transmittance of 93% at the oxygen partial pressure of 7x10-4mbar.

This paper will explore the shape effect of building against the wind load using design software STADD pro and the load analysis are done on the basis of FEA method. For high rise construction needs to know the expected wind loads on the building so that to work out proper resistance systems to counteract the wind loads. The present study looks to examining the wind loading patterns on various shapes of building on direction basis. The computed wind loads are also benchmarked against standards code, IS:875-1987(part-3).

Cloud computing has brought revolution in IT industry. There are major benefits of using cloud environment due to the better utilization of resources and reduced cost. Cloud infrastructure consists of the use of virtual machines like hypervisor etc. and it is similar to the large network. The cloud storage consists of huge amount of information and that can be shared from anywhere in the world with secure access. Wherever, the network is designed and internet is being used that becomes vulnerable to attacks.

The binomial probability computation have since been made using the binomial probability distribution expressed as (n¦x) P^x (1-P)^(n-x) for a fixed n and for x=0, 1, 2…, n. In this paper, a new formular, f(x+1)= a (n-x)/(x+1) f(x), fashioned out of the existing binomial probability expression (distribution) is proposed where the expression is stated as a recurrence relations that is f(x+1) in terms of f(x).

This document gives brief idea about Sustainable Computing, Servergy- a sustainable product & innovative Sustainable Computing product proposed by us

The low lying Spectra and high spin states have been calculated for the isotopes (134Te,134Sn and 134Sb) in different model spaces. First set of calculations have been carried in (0g7/2 - 0h11/2) valance space. The second set of calculations have been performed in (1f7/2 - 0i13/2) valance space and the third set of calculations have been performed in (0g7/2, 1f7/2) valance space.

In any modern factory all types of DC motors, AC motors, power amplifiers are used. Therefore there is need of intelligent devices capable of controlling and driving a wide range of electromechanical devices. Series architecture of variable resistors is not good for controlling the speed of DC motor because it drops excess of energy and flux control is affected by commutation and armature control methods cannot provide speed control in the desirable range. Therefore Voltage control method is used to control the DC motor in which PWM signal is used to control electromechanical devices.

Probiotics are "live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host". For the present study three different strains of Lactic acid Bacteria were procured from NCIM, Pune and Dairy Science College, Bangalore. The strains include L. casei, L. brevis and L. lactis. These LAB strains were co-microencapsulated with the prebiotics to form synbiotic food products. These synbiotics formed with highly efficient strains of probiotics and are highly bioactive.

Nano ZnWO4 particles have been successfully synthesized through sol-gel process. The size and morphology of ZnWO4 nano particle can be controlled by adjusting the reaction time and temperature. The prepared nano ZnWO4 shows band gap energy of 2.9 eV calculated from UV-DRS, Scanning Electron microscope (SEM), EDS, Transmission Electron microscope (TEM) and FT-IR spectra techniques. The resultant sample is a phase pure ZnWO4.

The strength and durability of concrete depends on the curing of concrete. The use of shrinkage reduces admixtures such as polyethylene glycol, poly vinyl alcohol etc., influence on the hydration property and the strength of concrete. Any negligence in curing will interfere in the strength and durability of concrete. Self-curing concrete (SCC) is gaining importance in recent days as it avoids errors which were caused by human, structures which are not accessible, terrains where curing becomes difficult and in places where the fluoride content badly influences the property of concrete.

Power quality has become a topic of concern due to extensive emphasis by power utility on the power system efficiency and customer awareness of power quality issues. This has occurred mainly due to the sensitivity of the modern equipment which are non- linear in nature and thus results in deregulation of the power distribution system. In addition, there are usually very high losses both to power utility and consumers due to poor power quality supplies which are below the set standards.

This paper review the study of harmonics present in the system and harmonics filter of primarily used in electrical system. CFL loads Arc furnaces, converters, adjustable speed derives, switch mode power supplies and PWM modulated drives etc. are some of the non-linear loads that generate harmonics. In order to overcome harmonic related problems, passive filters have been used for a long time.

Background: Socioeconomic status of farmers plays a key role in agriculture. It is observed that eventually with time there has been a significant change in the overall life style of the farmers. Further the farmers are trying to increase their income level by investing more in agriculture activities. Purpose: The research work focuses on systematic assessment of socioeconomic status of the farmers from drought prone region of Maharashtra, India. Methodology: The area selected for the study was Khatav Taluka, a semi-arid region of Satara district of Maharashtra.

Analysis of the vibration signals is one of the most powerful techniques available for determining the condition of operating machinery. Most serious faults will result in an increase of vibration level before actual breakdown, and thus allow shutdown before catastrophic failure. One such machinery is a gearbox, which finds its application in many areas. Spectrum analysis helps in converting the time-domain signal from the gearbox into the frequency-domain, thus enabling identification of the troubling frequency.

Ethane flames, for four different fuel compositions and two flame configurations were simulated on earth and in zero-gravity. Temperature contours were compared with the experimental photographs. As expected, the flame temperature increases with oxygen enhancement for all flames. Gravity and oxygen variation did not have any significant effect on flame length for inverse flames.

In recent years, India has been considered as one of the Earthquake prone countries in the world. Studies are carried out to examine the seismic behaviour of the structure when hit by an Earthquake. Only few of the researchers have researched regarding the effects of vertical irregularities in a Structural Building considering Soil Structure Interaction. In this paper, attempt has been made to study the effects of Vertical Irregularities in a RC Building with and without Soil Structure Interaction. The structure was modelled and Analysed by Response Spectrum Analysis using E-Tabs Software.

VLF hiss emissions are the naturally occurring phenomena in audio frequency range electromagnetic signal propagating in whistler mode and readily detectable at middle and high latitudes. They have constant spectral density in the limited frequency band with right hand polarization. In this paper, we present some VLF hiss data were observed for the first time at the Indian Antarctic Station, Maitri, Antarctica (geographic latitude 700 46/ S, longitude 110 50/ E, geomagnetic latitude 660 03/ S, longitude 530 21/E) during February 17, 2001 has been analyzed.

Sprouting growth and yield of Aster (Asteraceae) flowering plant was made by irrigated with distillery spent wash of different concentrations. The spent wash i.e., primary treated spent wash (PTSW), 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 spent wash were analyzed for their plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other physical and chemical characteristics. Experimental soil was tested for its chemical and physical parameters. Aster (Asteraceae) sets were planted in different pots and irrigated with raw water (RW), 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 spent wash. The nature of sprouting and growth was studied.

Recycling is well known environmental solution for saving the raw materials and to consequently the contamination of zero waste environment. Bamboo leaf is one the forest waste materials, it has been utilized in the present study. Replacement of quartz by bamboo leaf ash in the production of ceramic electrical insulator was achieved as per industrial norms. The influence of bamboo leaf ash on the fabrication of insulator to enhanced the superiority of this product. Fabricated insulator was characterized by its physico-mechanical properties.

Cooler with solar panel for residential Cooling is very important During the summer as well as in the life to maintain the food, fish, many items at constant temperature to avoide the bad effect of virouses. But air cooling is very importanant part during the summer for a man. Cooling process employs the different method to cool the air. Today air cooling methods are very expensive for AC coolers, air conditioning, fans and dehumidifiers. To running these products required Ac supply/electrical.

Antioxidants consist of a group of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that have health enhancing effects for our bodies. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals before they do harm to our bodies. Free radicals are atoms that cause damage to our cells. They harm our immune system leading to many degenerative diseases. In this article the radical scavenging activity of Indian tropical fruit pineapple and grapes was calculated at different concentrations using DPPH method.

The main aim of this study is to determine the influence perceived customer value on customer loyalty in retail banking in Kenya. It examines the relationship between perceived customer value attributes and customer loyalty. To achieve this purpose, data was collected from a sample of 384 current customers of commercial banks on perceived customer benefits and perceived customer monetary and non monetary costs. A questionnaire was used to gather data. Correlation and regression analyses were used to determine the relationship between perceived and customer loyalty.

Language planners’ inconsistent attitudes towards teaching English in Bangladesh have made the standard of English really poor. ‘Whether or not it is from such inconsistent language planning, the standard of the students’ proficiency in English has been going down steadily over the years’ (Quader 1998:57). In the context of Bangladesh, with large classrooms and emphasis on examinations, the majority of intermediate L2 learners lack competency in speaking. Most have difficulties in pronunciation. Their limited vocabulary makes it difficult for them to continue conversation.

Buddhism is very popular in Vietnam, a South-East Asian country. From the past to modern age, Vietnamese Buddhism has developed considerably in various aspects including organization, education, and social welfare and so on. In this paper, I try to examine problems of introduction of English into Buddhist schools of Vietnam and give a suggested solution to that issue.

In an attempt to elaborate on the health and literacy attributes of a rural region in India, quantitative surveys were conducted over two six day periods in the village, Naga Valadia. Data describing the infrastructure, politics, and education as they relate to literacy and health outcomes are reported. Naga Valadia is unique in its sophisticated infrastructure and significant commitment to educating the youth; however, it, like most rural areas in India, it is plagued with substance abuse and non-sustainable sources of income.

In the recent years, there had been a great impact on the adoption of M-commerce in India. Large number of users is switching from desktop to mobile in order to achieve more desirable and effective transaction in the online markets. M-commerce had become prominent in India, swiftly during the past two years. The impressive growth rate in mobile penetration in India is due to increasing number of applications in mobile technology.

Background Glaucoma is diagnosed by presence of “classical triad”- characteristic feature of visual field defects, morphological changes in optic disc (cupping) and raised intraocular pressure (IOP). Several studies related to blood pressure and ocular perfusion pressure (OPP) implicated vascular risk factors in the pathogenesis of glaucoma yet abnormal autoregulation in glaucoma is not fully clear.

The recognition of noise as an environmental problem and its impact both on community and occupational environment is rapidly growing. Every day several thousands of vehicles are moving in and around Kolkata city and it creates immense heavy traffic congestion and severe noise pollution in the city.

The Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model has been used across the globe to engage communities in proactive action however the interpersonal dimensions of this process have not been explored in great detail. The ABCD model often focuses solely on the macro environment with little attention being given to the micro environment. However Relational-cultural Theory, most often used in interpersonal relationships, can be utilized to create growth fostering relationships which bridge the gap between community changes and interpersonal changes.

The Land Use Charge Law of Lagos state combined the three existing land taxes: the land rate, neighbourhood improvement charge and tenement rate with a view to generating more revenue for the provision of infrastructural services, and also to prohibit multiplicity of property taxes. The law stipulates that property owners are liable; meanwhile, economic theory suggests tax burden depends largely on elasticity of demand and supply. The paper sought the opinion of property owners and Estate Surveyors and Valuers in Lagos, Nigeria on the incidence of the Land Use Charge (LUC).

Groupwork is routinely utilized in social work practice due to its economic value and evidence-based outcomes. The purpose of this study was to deconstruct group development using common group assessments and comparing them to sociograms. Further, this study examined the parallel process in which interns in a field education learning unit experienced their own task group development in order to better implement groupwork with middle school students. The results indicated that individualistically-oriented interns began functioning as a team.

For this investigation to evaluate on impact of 12 weeks plyometric training to influence the resting heart rate and respiratory rate variables for college level men soccer players. In this investigation twelve men football players who are all studying college level were selected and based on their playing ability, as well who are all participated in district /inter collegiate level football tournament) as a subjects for this study, from Pondicherry university. Since this investigation involved following variables such as resting heart rate and respiratory rate.

Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au (from Latin: aurum) and atomic number 79. In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal. This metal has been a valuable and highly sought-after precious metal for coinage, jewellery, and other arts since long before the beginning of recorded history. The world consumption of new gold produced is about 50% in jewellery, 40% in investments, and 10% in industry. The primary purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between the Gold futures prices and Gold spot prices traded in India.

The main objective of this study is to explain about the development and validation of a Thinking Maps-aided Problem-Based Learning module for Year 5 Science subject of Physical Science Theme (energy, light, electricity and heat) which is less mastered by the students. The development of this module was based on ADDIE instructional design model that is the basis of other instructional design models. ADDIE model consists of five phases, namely analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

Study of the food habits of the large mammals is a prelude to any conservation strategies. Tiger is an endangered species of the country and is also considered as a flagship species in conservation. It occupies highest position in the Food Pyramid. Keeping this in mind, an attempt has been made to study the prey base of Tiger and the food habits of the prey base in Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR), India. Standard methods for field survey were adopted to ascertain the prey base of the Tigers in PTR. Enumeration of most common flora and fauna of the Tiger Zone of PTR was carried out.

Objective: To find out whether placental laterality as determined by ultrasound can be used as a predictor for development of preeclampsia. Methods: In this prospective study, a total of 200 singleton pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic were included. The location of the placenta was determined by ultrasound at 20-24 weeks of gestation. These 200 pts were divided into two groups with group A (100) having lateral placenta and group B (100) having central placenta. The location of the placenta was determined by ultrasound at 20-24 weeks of gestation.

The aims and objectives of Home Science education have been changed to a greater extent. It is treated as the systematic arrangement for the use of human and non-human resources for deriving maximum satisfaction to bring about qualitative change in life. Further, the study of Home Science opens avenues for a number of vocations. Hence, it was felt necessary to construct a comprehensive, valid and reliable scale and an attempt was made to develop a scale in order to measure the attitude of the students towards Home Science degree programme.

Action myoclonus is a rare complication that may follow after a successful cardiac resuscitation event. Lance Adams Syndrome, also known as chronic post-hypoxic myoclonus is an action myoclonus seen in patients who have regained consciousness after undergoing a cardiopulmonary arrest. It develops after days to weeks following the event. There are less than 155 reported cases in the world. Here we present the case of an 18 year old female who had complains of jerky movements in her upper limbs bilaterally after suffering two episodes of cardiac arrests.

Background: Keratocystic odontogenic tumour and ameloblastoma are classified under tumours by WHO. tumour development and progression involves tumour suppressor genes and down regulation of onco-genes. Apoptosis inhibition is an important event in tumour formation which increases the life span of these cells. Aims and Objectives: To investigate the involvement of apoptosis inhibition in these lesions, expression of Bcl-2 was examined in 10 cases of KCOT (keratocystic odontogenic tumour) and ameloblastoma each. Our study revealed over-expression of Bcl-2 in all the cases in both tumours.

Background: Adrenal glands are the least studied organ. Aim and objective: To study the gross and histomorphological changes of adrenals in various stress related conditions including mainly the non-neoplastic conditions and patients dying due to any kind of shock. Also to study the co-relation of changes in adrenals with the clinical presentation of the patient. Material and method: Retrospective and prospective study of one hundred and eight cases in a tertiary care hospital in a period between May 2007 to Nov 2009.

Objective: The aim of the current study was to investigate the influence of smoking in the clinical presentation of periodontal disease (PD) in patients with other cardiovascular risk factors. Methods: Patients and controls were obtained in database of a dental surgeon in the periodontics area who has been attending cases in the last 35 years. This study was conducted using data collected from 1975-2009, involving 106 patients with PD. The occurrence of other cardiovascular risk factors was analyzed.

Objective: A detailed study was done in the patients with hookworm infection found in the duodenum while doing upper gastro intestinal endoscopy in order to classify patients with hookworm infection into five stages based on anaemia and eosinophilia in patients with hookworms found in duodenum while doing endoscopy. Such classification of hookworm infection into 5 stages has not been described so far in the literature and is described here for the first time in the literature.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the attitudes of dental practitioners toward posterior composite restorations in terms of case selection and concerns. Materials and Methods: 120 questionnaires were randomly distributed to the dental practitioners working in state and/or privet dental clinics in Benghazi. The questionnaires were designed to elicit information regarding case selection criteria and main concerns while placing posterior composite restorations.

Daucus glaber Forssk, a wild annual herb, is distributed from the Mediterranean area to East Asia. This plant seems to be rich in important medicinally active secondary metabolites as volatile oils, phenylpropanoid esters, sesquiterpene lactones and flavonoids that have many biological activities. Experiments were carried out to optimize conditions for callus induction, somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis from leaf, stem and root explants of the in vitro germinated seeds of Daucus glaber Forssk.

Background and Aims: Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is an autoimmune blood disorder with a characteristic purpuric rash and thrombocytopenia. The disease can progress into chronic ITP when steroid treatment fails. A quarter of patients who had splenectomy due to chronic ITP may continue to have thrombocytopenia. In these cases, it is thought that testing positive for H. pylori may be perpetuating thrombocytopenia. Methods: We investigated the presence of H.

Gingival enlargement is often seen during puberty, characterised by enlarged, bleeding, and sometimes painful gingiva. As the person matures, the hormonal peak declines, usually bringing about a resolution of the enlargement. In cases where the enlargement does not subside, surgical intervention is required. This case report highlights such a situation in which the surgical management of the enlarged gingiva was done, along with the coverage of an adjacent denuded root surface.

Menopause is characterized by rapid and progressive reduction in estradiol which brings about physiological and psychological changes in a woman’s life.

Background: Endodontic-periodontal combined lesion is a clinical dilemma because making a differential diagnosis and deciding a prognosis are difficult. Lesions of the periodontal ligament and adjacent alveolar bone may originate from infections of the periodontium or tissues of the dental pulp. Peri-radicular bone loss secondary to endodontic pathos is typically seen in teeth with necrotic pulps. The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy is not only to maintain the natural dentition, but also to restore lost periodontium.

Goitre is an enlargement of the thyroid gland which often presents with a conspicuous swelling in the anterio-lateral region of the neck. We prospectively investigated the characteristics of 68 patients who attended our clinics over a 2 years period that previously patronized traditional healers in the course of their disease. Twenty two (32.35%) patients consulted orthodox doctors as their first and only point of contact, while forty six (67.64%) patients first consulted traditional healers prior to orthodox doctors’ consultation.

Aims and objectives: This study was conducted to evaluate and compare salivary electrolytes and total protein in diabetic patients with and without periodontitis and in healthy adults, to correlate clinical parameters with electrolytes in all the groups. Furthermore, the correlation between electrolytes of all groups was carried out. Materials and Methods: 45 subjects of age group 25-60 years were selected and divided into 3 groups, Group 1: Healthy individuals, Group 2: Diabetic patients without chronic periodontitis, Group 3: Diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis.

Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) and aims at achieving holistic health care for people, Gupta et al (2015) A study was designed to assess the effect of Sahaja Yoga meditation on Blood Pressure (B.P), plasma MDA levels and blood thiol level in 40 hyper- reactors to cold pressor test (in the age group of 20-25 years ) and was compared with B.P., plasma MDA levels and blood thiol levels in same hyper- reactors before starting the yoga.

The study included 1,850 pregnant women between 22 and 36 gestation week. In 21 patients placental lakes were noticed by ultrasound. No statistically significant difference was found between the pregnant patients with ultrasound diagnosed placental lakes and the control group in terms of gestation age at the time of delivery, fetal weight and its condition (Apgar score) and uteroplacental complications within the placental period.

Background and Aim: Thyroid hormones regulate the rate of metabolic activity and their alterations can perturb the activity of serum enzymes. The aim of this study was to determine the activity of serum Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in thyroid disorders and to evaluate the relationship between LDH and T3, T4, and TSH levels.

Gingival recession according to glossary of periodontics is defined as “Displacement of soft tissue margin apical to the cemento-enamel junction” (Glossary of Periodontal Terms). Gingival recession is a most common condition affecting the supporting structures of the teeth, in which the change in the position of the gingiva affects the esthetics and also leads to hypersensitivity due to the exposure of the cementum (SPK. 2012). Coverage of denuded roots has become one of the most challenging procedures in periodontal mucogingival surgery.

Background: to evaluate the interrelationship of severe early childhood caries and iron deficiency anemia in young children. Methods: A total of 102 children of age 2-6 years were screened by one of the pediatric dentists for the presence or absence of S-ECC according to the AAPD guidelines and were divided into 2 groups - study group (cases) and control group. Out of total 102 children screened, 60 children consented to participate in the study .The dental caries status, measurement of weight, and blood sample analysis were done for both groups.

Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) is the most common malignant salivary gland neoplasm. It displays a variety of biological behaviour. It affects both the major and the minor salivary glands. The clinical features and biological behaviour of MEC of the minor salivary gland has not been very widely documented. Low grade MEC usually demonstratres a benign nature. Here, we report a case of bilateral soft tissue swellings of the labial mucosa which presented as mucous retention cysts and later diagnosed histopathologically as low grade MEC of the minor salivary gland.

Background: Caudal epidural analgesia with bupivacaine is very popular in pediatric anesthesia for providing intra and post-operative analgesia. Several adjuvants have been used to prolong the action of bupivacaine. Objective: To compare the efficacy of Tramadol and Fentanyl in terms of quality and duration of analgesia they produce when added with bupivacaine by single shot caudal-epidural technique in children. Study design: Randomized Controlled Trial. Method: Sixty children, aged three to seven years, undergoing hypospadias surgery were prospectively randomized into two groups: 1.

Upper gastrointestinal bleed has varied etiology and clinical presentations ranging from single episode of malena to profound hypovolemic shock, requiring immediate fluid resuscitation and urgent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. The prognosis depends upon the volume loss, timely fluid resuscitation, immediate upper gastrointestinal endoscopy to find out correctable cause and expertise of the gastroenterologist.

The infection, known as Zika fever, often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever. Zika may spread from a pregnant woman to the baby. This may result in microcephaly and other severe brain problems. (Rasmussen, Sonja et al., 2016; "CDC Concludes Zika Causes Microcephaly and Other Birth Defects, 2016) Zika infections in adults can, rarely, result in Guillain-Barre. The Zika virus belongs to Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus, and is thus related to the dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses like other flaviviruses.

The infection, known as Zika fever, often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever. Zika may spread from a pregnant woman to the baby. This may result in microcephaly and other severe brain problems. (Rasmussen, Sonja et al., 2016; "CDC Concludes Zika Causes Microcephaly and Other Birth Defects, 2016) Zika infections in adults can, rarely, result in Guillain-Barre. The Zika virus belongs to Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus, and is thus related to the dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses like other flaviviruses.

Introduction: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are prevalent worldwide and are considered to be the most common type of bacterial infection in humans.The present study was undertaken to evaluate the use of chromogenic media as primary media for isolation of uropathogens and to compare it with the convention methods of isolation and identification of bacteria.

Background: Smear microscopy remains the cornerstone for the diagnosis, treatment initiation; follow up of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) in high burden countries like India. Aim of the study: The objective of this study was to compare the diagnostic efficacy of Ziehl Neelsen (ZN) and Fluorescent Auramine O (AO) staining for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis before and after sputum decontamination. Material and Methods: Fifty cases (n=50) of clinically diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis were included in the study.

Turnaround time has now-a-days become increasingly important. Conventional tissue processing is a time consuming procedure. Recently microwave tissue processing has been shown to reduce the processing time significantly. Laboratory microwaves are sophisticated costly instruments to be used routinely especially in developing nations like India. In the present study kitchen microwave was used for tissue processing to evaluate its usefulness in terms of quality and time saving in comparison with conventional one. 126 paired specimens were evaluated in a blinded fashion by two pathologists.

Radiolucency of the mandible is commonly occurring pathology. It should be differentiated from other pathological conditions as treatment of these conditions differs. As a clinician we should able to narrow our differential diagnosis so as to arrive at correct diagnosis. This case report highlighted an unusual case of bilateral radiolucent lesion of mandible & its differential diagnosis and emphasized the importance of radiographic examination prior to the removal of teeth.

Background: Some odontogenic tumors are clinically benign but they are locally aggressive and recur. Therefore such lesions should be completely evaluated for their mitotic potential. Routine staining procedures often pose a problem in differentiating mitotic cells. Although various new methods have been recommended for identifying mitotic figures (MFs) in tissues, the time factor and cost makes them less feasible. Thus, an attempt was made to evaluate the efficacy of crystal violet in identifying MFs.

Hear for all club started at the KEM hospital, Mumbai is an autonomous and selfless association that is dedicated to patients with congenital external ear deformity. Here, we focus on evaluating all patients with microtia and providing them with the best treatment plan. It has been one of the first efforts of its kind in the country. It works as a support group.

Aims and Objectives: 1. To study emergency presentation of groin hernias and its outcome 2. To study about various Acute surgical emergencies in groin hernia 4. To study various symptoms of presentation and complication 5. To study age and sex incidence 6. To study types of inguinal hernia that presented as acute emergency 7. To study the laterality among cases 8. To study content of hernial sac 9. To study duration of hernia before acute presentation 10.

Breast cancer appears to be a disease of both the developing and developed worlds. It is the leading type of cancer in women. Aim: To assess the knowledge and attitude among women on breast self examination. Methodology: quantitative descriptive survey research design was adopted. A sample of 50 women was selected using convenient sampling technique. Data was collected using structured questionnaire and a 5 point rating scale. Data analysis was done using descriptive and inferential statistics.

The mainstay of treatment in a chronic disease like glaucoma is topical medications. Most of these medications need to be preserved with a preservative as mandated by the US FDA. Benzalkonium chloride (BAK) is the most widely employed preservative. It causes corneal and conjunctival damage and leads to various ocular surface disorders (OSD) which affect quality of life of the patients. The causality assessment of BAK has firmly established its role in the patho-physiology of OSD. This is further reinforced by many in vitro and in vivo studies.

We have encountered three cases of advanced gastric malignancies in persons in their early twenties. All three tumours were reported by histopathology to be poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas with signet cells and one among them also had a neuroendocrine component, proven by immunohistochemistry. They all had aggressive disease and were the first cases in their respective families. The presentation of these patients, molecular profile of the tumour and management will be discussed.

Multiple Dental anomalies are rare findings in asymptomatic patient. Here, a case of multiple anomalies in permanent dentition is reported. Routine oral examination revealed fusion in mandibular anterior region. A mesiodense was observed in maxillary anterior region. In the panoramic radiograph view, multiple supernumerary teeth on either side were seen. The article describes unique case of multiple developmental anomalies in an asymptomatic patient and its review of literature.

Primary involvement of lungs is seen in various types of infections, neoplasms and autoimmune diseases. But secondary involvement of lungs is common and it is seen in almost all terminal diseases. Clinical features and imaging studies are sometimes nonspecific and clueless. Autopsy study of lung is of great value to know the pulmonary alterations and disease processes. Present study comprised of 475 medicolegal autopsy cases received in the Department of Pathology for histopathological reporting during a period from January 2014 to December 2015.

Background: Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults worldwide. The number of suicides in India during the last decade has recorded an increase of 25.0%. Suicide attempt rates are found to be higher than rates for completed suicides. Aim: This study is aimed to evaluate the socio demographic profile and psychiatric morbidity in attempted suicide patients. Settings and Design: The study was conducted in the Agartala Govt. Medical College & GBP Hospital, Agartala, Tripura.

The recent concept of periosteal distraction osteogenesis (PDO) is based on the potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (PMSCs) of the periosteum to differentiate into osteoblasts by mechanical stimulus of tension on the periosteum, to fill the space over the underlying bone. However, it also seems there is a role of both progenitor cells from the blood and osteoblasts from the underlying original bone in bone formation in this technique. Therefore the precise contribution of the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCS) and the old bone to de novo bone formation needs to be clarified.

Objective: The aim of this work is to review the literature on the role of periosteal distraction in osteogensis (PDO) in the cranio- maxillofacial region. Design: Using related key words, electronic search of English-language papers was conducted on PubMed and Science Direct data-bases in March /2016. Studies that assessed the role of periosteal distraction in osteogensis in the cranio- maxillofacial region were included.

Conflict begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to affect negatively, something that the first party cares about. For decades hospitals and other healthcare providers and organizations have recognized the need for managing conflict within the healthcare workplace in order to assure that conflict does not impede quality care and patient safety.

Central odontogenic fibroma (COF) is extremely rare benign neoplasm which stands for less than 0.1% of odontogenic tumors. COF is mainly derived from dental origin tissue of mesenchyme-like dental papilla, periodontal ligament or dental follicle. It has more predilections in the mandible than in maxilla. Radiographically it shows both unilocular as well as a multilocular radiolucent lesion with a sclerotic border. Histologically it shows dense mature connective tissue stroma consisting of mature collagen fibers and plenty of fibroblasts which are usually plump and active in nature.

Alcoholism effects almost every area of an individual’s life. Thus the present study has attempted to explore the social domain of an alcohol dependent person and bring about awareness of it through didactic therapy. The aim was to find out the effectiveness of didactic therapy on the social functioning. A pre experimental one group pre-test post-test research design was adopted for this study. 50 samples were selected using simple random sampling and the setting was selected rehabilitation centres in Pune city.

This paper is the result of discussions and data collection from Kashmir valley’s most volatile places (districts of Srinagar, Budgam and Kupwara) and the subsequent vulnerable populations including; the half widows of Dardpora (Kupwara), Widows of police martyrs (Srinagar), Widows of the persons killed unlawfully in cross firings (Budgam), Rape victims of Kunanposhpora (Kupwara) and the Mothers of disappeared persons (Srinagar and Budgam). The study addresses post-traumatic stress and its impact on the health status of these women who continue to endure plethora hardships on daily basis.

Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by the presence of non-caseating epithelioid cell granulomas. Growing literature on sarcoidosis in India has led to an increased awareness of the disease. With the advent of better diagnostic tools, rare manifestations of sarcoidosis are likely to be recognized. However, a lot of diagnostic dilemma is associated with sarcoidosis. Clinical, radiological and histopathological similarities with tuberculosis pose even a greater diagnostic challenge in countries endemic to tuberculosis.

Background: Knowledge about the health status of migrants is often limited due to lack of data. This is because migrants are often excluded from surveys. Immigrants from disease-endemic areas settle in urban slums with highly vector-receptive and unprotected housing, introducing new and drug-resistant strains. Aims and objectives: 1. Study of Morbidity Pattern among Migrant Workers Material & Methods: Migrant population in coastal city was the study population. Study duration: From December 2015 to April 2016. Study design: Cross sectional study.

Thiourea was oxidized in the presence of potassium permanganate to yield formamidine disulfide. This was then reacted with various aldehydes to yield formamidine disulfide Schiff bases. Each Schiff base was then condensed with maleic and phthalic anhydride to give corresponding seven-membered heterocyclic ring derivatives respectively. The structures were identified by their uncorrected melting point, FT-IR spectra and mass spectra fragmentation pattern.

Introduction, Objectives: The polymeric gel-forming mucins provide together with other proteins the structural framework of saliva and the mucus barriers that cover the mucosal surfaces of the oral cavity. The polyphenols content in green tea, which have many health benefits, are able however influence the barrier properties of these protective layers.

Vibrio is a diverse group of aquatic bacteria, currently include 72 species, 12 of which occur in human clinical samples. Some species are pathogens of fish, eel and frogs as well as other vertebrate and invertebrates. They account for a significant proportion of human infections such as gastroenteritis usually associated with consumption of raw or undercooked seafood, wound infections, septicemia and ear infections.

Helicobacter pylori (HP) eradication therapy do not always achieve eradication. One of the probable reasons for the ineffectiveness of eradication treatment is bacillary-coccoid transformation of HP. We present that in cases when HP eradication was not achieved after the first line eradication therapy, patients usually had had a high degree of gastric mucosa colonization with coccoid forms of HP before the start of H. pylori eradication therapy. So, we confirmed the hypothesis of helicobacter coccoid forms can avoid eradication.

OTC drugs are an inseparable attribute of democracy in which it is a human being who decides about their own future, including health OTC drugs provide people with an ability to treat the symptoms without thinking about the essence of the disease. Yet, every kind of freedom should be accompanied by knowledge and responsibility. The prevalence of self-medication practices is very high in the educated youth of India.

Malignant otitis externa (also known as malignant external otitis, necrotising otitis externa, necrotizing external otitis, skull base osteomyelitis and osteomyelitis of the temporal bone) is a rare and potentially life-threatening complication of otitis externa, historically with mortality rates as high as 60%. Management of this condition has varied over the years from radical surgical debridement to medical management only, to tempered combinations of the two.

'Mental Health' of adolescents in a nation has rightly been called the Mental Wealth of the nation. This investigation was carried out with a view to assess the mental health of adolescents in selected cities of Punjab. Such studies have been rare in this part of the country. The Analysis of Variance shows that the mean level of mental health was found to vary significantly with city of residence. Mental health was found to be higher in smaller cities while it was comparatively lower in larger cities.

Superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) is obstruction of blood flow through the superior vena cava (SVC). It is a medical emergency and most often manifests in patients with a malignant disease process within the thorax. A total of 286 patients (218 male and 68 female) were diagnosed with CA bronchus.

The present study examines how undergraduate students of Health Sciences represent the human body inner morphology. A quantitative- and qualitative-based longitudinal study was conducted where 123 health sciences students were asked to draw the inner morphology of a Healthy Person and of a Sick Person in two separate moments: (i) before and (ii) after taking a Human Anatomy course unit. Those drawings were evaluated according to a content analysis matrix specifically designed for the purposes of the current research.

The incidence of cleft lip and palate is very high among developed and developing nations. Craniofacial growth is affected with this deformity resulting in hypoplasia and asymmetry of the facial region, specifically the maxilla. Traditionally, orthognathic surgeries were performed in order to correct the deformity. The unsatisfactory outcome from orthognathic surgeries led to employ new approaches to correct the maxillary deformity. Distraction osteogenesis was introduced as a novel way to achieve acceptable results and patient oriented outcomes.

Purpose: Intrabony defects pose a clinical challenge in treatment practice. Various regenerative techniques have been proposed for the treatment of residual defects. In particular, for intrabony defects or angular defects with a ≥ 3 mm of intrabony component, osseous grafts have been widely used. They have shown bone fill in the deepest portion of the defect. The purpose of this study is to evaluate coralline porous hydroxyapatite as a bone substitute in treatment of such defects.

Background: Femoral neck anteversion (FNA) now frequently observed globally. Presently its higher incidence located in our country like India. Three-dimensional computed tomography (3D CT) by some investigators proposed as the gold standard for measurements of the femoral neck ante version angle (FNA).Particularly, developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a simple and reliable imaging method.

The Isipingo River and its catchment is regarded as one of the most severely impacted in KwaZulu-Natal. A series of highly publicized pollution episodes in the local media and general public outcry have cemented the impression that the degradation of the system is largely anthropogenic. This study identifies the significant land use changes following an extensive review of printed media, documentaries, photographs, prior research and interviews.

This paper deals with heavy metal concentration in the ground waters of Medak and Hyderabad districts located in Telangana, India. Four bore wells, SI, SII, SIII and SIV located in Medak and Hyderabad districts were identified and analyzed for a period of one year. Groundwaters from all these stations were used for drinking as well as other domestic purposes. In the groundwaters of Medak, Pb and Cd were analyzed while at Hyderabad, Zn, Pb and Cr.

P. pulnonarius produced laccase enzymes extracellularly both in stationary as well as in shaking condition. To obtain the optimum laccase production different cultural parameters were studied. Different carbon sources, nitrogen sources, and pH of the media showed differential influencing effect on laccase production. The laccase production was optimum in PSP (20% potato extract, 2% sucrose, 0.5% peptone) medium in pH 5.0. The value was 72.9 U/ml when measured using guaiacol as substrate. The enzyme showed more affinity towards ABTS than o-dianisidine or guaiacol.

Learning through education and training is important in defining human capital because access to education is necessary to improve the quality of human resources. In this study, the drivers of human capital were examined using secondary data on primary and secondary education enrolment rates in Nigeria, 1981-2013. Effects of socio-political stability, per capita gross domestic product, government spending on education, health and agriculture were assessed alongside government oil and non-oil revenues.

Puthen Dam is a small reservoir regarded as mother of irrigation projects of kanyakumari District receives water from both Pechipparai and Perunchani reservoirs. Five stations were selected from the associated water bodies. The study was carried from April 2013 to April 2014.This present paper deals with the dynamic changes of pH, electrical conductivity metal ions in water and sediments of the reservoir. The seasonal variations in the water and sediment characteristics of the reservoir are presented and the significance is highlighted.

Puthen Dam is a small reservoir regarded as mother of irrigation projects of kanyakumari District receives water from both Pechipparai and Perunchani reservoirs. Five stations were selected from the associated water bodies. The study was carried from April 2013 to April 2014.This present paper deals with the dynamic changes of pH, electrical conductivity metal ions in water and sediments of the reservoir. The seasonal variations in the water and sediment characteristics of the reservoir are presented and the significance is highlighted.

Every society makes provisions for health care delivery systems for its members with a view to providing medical and related services for the maintenance of good health and also prevention and treatment of diseases. Much before the advent of modern medicine, these societies developed their indigenous medicinal system through interaction with their environment. This paper, through literature review and survey, examines the features of commonly used herbal medicinal system in Assam which has often provided advantage to the people.

Static bioassays were carried out to find the LC50 96 hr value of Cypermethrin to Cyprinus carpio and it was found to be 2.0 ppm. Then a group of fishes were recorded in a selected reared sub lethal concentration of the pesticide (0.2 ppm) for 4 weeks. From the control and treated fishes, serum and tissues like gill, liver, kidney and muscle were selected and used for the estimation of antioxidant parameters. There was an overall reduction of various antioxidant enzymes such as SOD, GSH, GR and GPX and an elevation of TBARS level.

The effect of elevated aqueous SO2 (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 and 250 ppm) on total RNA and DNA contents, Ribonuclease (RNase) activity, incorporation of radioactive isotopes of 3H-uridine and 14C-thymidine of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. cv. PDM1) and amaranth (Amaranthus paniculatus L. a local cultivar) leaf discs under light and dark conditions has been studied. The synthesis of RNA and DNA were reduced in both the leaf discs incubated in aqueous SO2.

Agnikarma or thermal cauterization is one among the anushastras (substitute of surgical instrument) or para-surgical technique mentioned in Ayurveda. It is explained to provide complete relief in certain chronic diseases which are not cured by herbal medicine, surgical interventions and alkaline cauterization.

The success of establishing new plantations of a perennial crop like coffee mainly depends on the use of healthy seedlings with good vigour for planting. For this purpose, it is most essential to protect the seedlings in the primary and secondary nursery beds from attacks of pest and diseases. Coffee seedlings at the nursery stage are susceptible to fungal diseases. In the persent study four Trichoderma spp were tested for their ability to inhibit soil borne pathogen Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn. causing collar rot in coffee seedlings. Dual culture technique revealed that T.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are rather complex conditions, which may exhibit milder social abnormalities and communication impairment and less rigid interest restrictions in affected children. In some cases of ASDs there is a genetic cause either at the chromosomal or gene level. However many non genetic factors may also play an important role. The present study was focused on evaluating the possible non genetic causes especially to understand the potential risk posed by prenatal and post natal environmental factors.

The results marked the high prevalence of gene TEM.SHV, OXA, The majority of the strains carried two or more genes. This study points out the high resistance ESBL producing by Klebsiella pneumonia sample. A total of 28 clinical isolates of extended spectrum β- lactamase producing Klebsiellapneumoniae were sampled in Adjara region. The ESBL resistance was screened using disc diffusion method, while the resistance genes were detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Diabetes is recognized as a major risk factor for the development of kidney disease. Diabetic subjects with kidney disease may be at high risk for developing other health complications. The early detection of kidney dysfunction in subject with type 1 diabetes is of vital important to treat the progression to diabetic nephropathy. The aim of this study is to assess the level of cystatin C for studying early renal function decline in type 1 diabetic patients.

During the last decade, the considerable problem deriving from the growth of energetic consumption and from the environmental “emergency” due to the emission of greenhouse gases, push-people to find out new solution and new technologies for the production of primary energy fit for fulfilling the urging and growing energetic demand. The climate change is one of the most compelling global challenges of our time. There has been a considerable increase in the average temperature is attributed to the earth in past century. This rise in temperature is attributed to the earth in past century.

The aim of this study which was to determine the parasites of carp Cyprinus spp inhabiting the Dal Lake of Kashmir valley. During the study, a total of 24 common carps were caught in different regions of Dal Lake and investigated parasitologically. On examining 11 fish were found positive to harbour cestodes Adenoscolex and Bothriocephalus from the intestines; trematode Diplozoan from gills and acanthocephala Pomphorhynchus from Intestine. Highest prevalence was shown by cestodes (93.9%) followed by trematodes (4.1%), and acanthocephalan (1.8%) in succession.

A easy, sensitive and inexpensive method was evolved the usage of solid-phase extraction, together with high performance liquid chromatographic method with UV detection for determination Thiophanate-Methyl and Its Metabolite Carbendazim residues in okra fruit samples. The evaluated parameters consist of the extracts via C18 cartridge, using acetonitrile solvent. The method becomes established the use of okra fruit samples spiked with Thiophanate-Methyl and Its Metabolite Carbendazim at different fortification levels (0.01 and 0.1 µg/g).

Microalgae are a promising alternative source of lipid for biofuel production. One of the most important decisions is the choice of species to use. High lipid productivity is a key desirable characteristic of a species for biodiesel production. This paper reviews information about microalgal growth rates, lipid content and lipid productivities for 8 species of freshwater microalgae. The information provide a framework for decision-making and a starting point for further investigation of species selection.

Hindu mythology describes various Samskaras (sacraments/religious rites) outlined from birth to death of an individual. Out of the sixteen Samskaras described eight are for children they are Jatakarma, Namakaran, Nishkraman, Annaprashan, Chudakarma, Karanvedbana, Upanyan, Vedarambha.This article analyzed only Phalaprashanand AannaprashanSamkarars in detail and gives a critical approach to their relevance in light of modern scientific knowledge.They were significant in context of child health, provide strong digestive system and prepares one for the next stage of growth.

Fingerlings of Cyprinus carpio (C. carpio) fish were exposed to acute lethal toxicity (LC50/96 hours - 0.71 ppm/l) of phorate (ALTP) for one day and 4 days and the toxic effect of acute lethal concentrations of phorate on the histopathology of muscle was investigated in the present study. Lethal concentration (LC50) of phorate to C. carpio was determined by the probit method of Finney and the LC50 of phorate was taken as lethal concentration for acute toxicity study.

India is an ageing society with the rate of growth of ageing population exceeding the growth of the general population. The United Nation has designated 1999 as the year of older person. Aging is a problem of almost every family involving strain of caring stresses of intergenerational interaction. It has become an important socio-psychological problem of disease, disability and psychophysical deterioration occurs, ultimately the support from the family, community, society decreases. Major concern in old age is health.

In the present study it was aimed to identify the aquatic macrophytes growing abundantly in Nagaram lake of Warangal district in Telangana State, for which a survey was carried out for a period of one year during 2014-2015.A total of 30 species belonging to 11 families and 24 genera under 4 classes were identified, 12 species of 10 genera and 6 families under the class monocotyledons, 2 species of 2 genera and 2 families under the class algae were recorded.

The mangrove forest devastated by typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 was assessed to determine the rate of regeneration of trees and natural regeneration of seedlings in four sites in Eastern Samar. Two sites in the Pacific coast and two sites in the Leyte Gulf coast of Eastern Samar were studied. A 10 X 10 meter plot at 100 meters interval was laid parallel to the coast line at the center of damaged mangrove forest. The dead trees, length and number of regenerated shoots, number and height of seedling were counted and measured inside the plot.

Background: An ideal restoration in a tooth should be able to maintain the esthetics and proper form and function. Cavity preparation on a tooth reduces its fracture resistance. Composite resins as restorations have shown to increase the fracture resistance of the teeth . The drawback with these were stress development and low fracture resistance. These disadvantages forced the researchers to search for a newer generation of composite that has better fracture strength with less polymerization shrinkage.

Undomesticated crops species acquire huge possible and most precious gene which can be successfully utilized in crop improvement to develop high yielding rice varieties. The two hundred fifty eight rice germplasm accessions were used in present study. Simple statistics (means, ranges, standard deviation and coefficient of variation) was measured to have a reflection of the level of genetic variability. Frequency distributions of qualitative traits were short out the genotypes into diverse classes. In quantitative traits, days to 50% flowering and days to maturity readily exist C.V.

The aim of this system is to track person of interest in real time based on scenes obtained from camera modules. This system avoids potential human errors as we are using automatic monitoring. It is a histogram based real time tracking system. Moving objects are detected using background subtraction. Moving object detection, recognition and tracking are basic steps in processing video frames.

The phase shift calculations for the mirror nuclei by applying Gaussian 15 point quadrature method are done. The form factor, binding energy, normalization constants are the inputs in this case. The singularities are overcome by suitable techniques.

Department Information System-know soft provides a simple interface for maintenance of department information according to National Board of Accreditation (NBA) (Ilango, 2013). Know soft means getting complete details of Department through software. It can be used by educational institutes or colleges to maintain the records of students easily (Bharamagoudar et al., 2013). The creation and management of accurate, up-to-date information regarding a department is critically important in the university as well as colleges.

As per the technical evolution and technical trends taken into consideration so we have created a “Advanced Hybrid Multi-power Station Turbine Structure for Efficient Power Generation. This system uses an advanced savonius hybrid turbine which will rotate over multiple natural resources water force, wind power and related things having efficiency greater than aerodynamic turbine.

Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can be used as donor ligands for complexations of rare earth metals. Amoxicillin is non-steroidal, anti inflammatory drug and is used as extended-spectrum also penicillin and clavulanic acid act as β-lactamase inhibitor. The active components of drugs were detected at 210nm wavelength with the UV detector. Some new organo Erbium (III), Lanthanum (III) and Gadolinium (lll) derivatives of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs were synthesized.

The size as well as the complexity of the software are a substantial impact and are increasing with the increase of customer requirements and applications. As a result the maintenance of software becomes more and more tough. So in order to cope up the program complexity, slicing technique is performed. Program slicing is used for disintegration of a program. Slicing is a program analysis technique which is also used for various imperative programming languages. It aids understanding of data flow, control flow and debugging.

Thick films of bulk tin oxide powder were observed to be less sensitive to polluting, hazardous and inflammable gases. So, nanostructured SnO2 powder was synthesized by disc type ultrasonicated microwave assisted centrifuge technique. Thick films of nanostructured pure SnO2 powder were fabricated by screen printing technique. These films were surface functionalized by SrCl26H2O for different intervals of time followed by firing at 450oC for 30 min.

Document classification is an example of supervised machine learning. It is used to assign one or more categories to documents for making it easier to sort. Classification falls under Text mining. Complete task of text mining is to give the user, the benefit of the textual information and user could be able to perform the task of text retrieval, classification and summarization. The problem of assigning a specific category to a particular document can be done manually but when huge amount of documents exist, this task becomes practically impossible.

The liver is the largest organ in the abdomen. Liver cancer is one of the major death factors in the world. Most of the peoples who have liver tumour were died due to the fact of inaccurate detection. Medical image segmentation is difficult to detect the accurate results of tumour in liver. Tumour segmentation in liver CT images is a challenging task. This paper consists of various image processing techniques like image pre-processing and image enhancement which is used to improve the quality of the liver image. This helps to detect and segment the tumour in liver effectively.

As the data is growing everyday and comparatively less amount of useful information is made available on the internet, it becomes necessary to introduce a mechanism that can easily search out relevant information from that bulk of data. This is what has contributed toward the rise of the concept of multi-document summarization where the whole document is condensed to a smaller version retaining its original meaning. We are going to work on automated creation of summaries of one or more text documents using similarity measure algorithm – cosine similarity.

India is going through a rapid urbanization. With increasing population and increasing population density, arises the need of optimized and smart use of resources. With the ever developing science user friendly and custom made technologies serve the purpose of addressing the challenges faced. Thus comes the idea of smart city.

Visual cryptography is special type of technique for encipher the confidential visual information (e.g. printed text, handwritten notes, and picture) in such a way, that decipher can be performed by an authorized user with the help of human visual system (HVS) without any complex process. It also provides high security, so that hackers cannot observe any clues about a secret image from individual cover images.

The technology is allowing the users to communicate with each other. One of the most common way is to use the social networking like Facebook. The social networking sites will allow the users to create the account without any verifications and validation. As more and more user communicate with each other also causing the problem like deception. This is caused due lack of standards followed by the social networking sites. In the proposed paper a physical check mechanism is introduced with the help of which deception is going to be detected.

The Social Media Manager is an exceptionally energetic, imaginative individual with experience and an energy for interfacing with present and future clients. That enthusiasm comes through as he/she draws in with clients every day, with a definitive objective of transforming fans into clients. Group initiative and investment (both online and logged off) are essential to a Social Media Manager's prosperity. A vital segment is conveying the organization's image in a positive, bona fide way what will draw in today's cutting edge, hyper-associated purchasers.

The paper presents a collection of design techniques for building enterprise web services. By applying the techniques to web services development but not only the development increases reusability and productivity, but also the web services improve ability and compatibility. Enterprise web services require high grade of competency in designing web service contracts and A contract of web service formalizes an agreement between web service provider and consumer, in the forms of WSDLs, service schemas and policies.

The science of home automation took roots in the late eighteen hundreds. However, the practical implementation were realised not until early twentieth century. Voice interaction to communicate with computer applications is a relatively old idea initiated by Bells labs in as early as 1930’s. The use of voice in controlling elements in the home has not been extensively explored. There exist home automation systems that respond to voice, but these systems have a limitation. These home automation systems identify only a fixed close set of pre-specified voice commands.

The web is huge, diverse, dynamic, widely distributed global information service center. With the rapid growth of the web, users get easily lost in the rich hyperlink structure. User rely on the web for information, but the currently available search engines often gives a long list of results, much of which are not always relevant to the user’s requirement. Providing relevant information to the users to cater to their needs is the primary goal. Therefore, finding the content of the web and retrieving the users’ interests and needs from their behavior have become increasingly important.

Knowledge Management gives various blessings over normal gathering structures to change absolutely, absolutely assorted relationship to look at inside the world and centered markets. Regardless of these favourable circumstances, metric long measure has some vital consequences for the effectiveness. Through this paper a shot has been made to imagine the gains repercussions of this advancement related Indian assembling commercial ventures.

With the dramatic increase of digital form of data, it is difficult to manage the huge amount of documents. Whenever any individual tries to find any information about particular topic, he may receive a large set of documents on the internet. Some of these documents may be in .pdf format some may be in .txt format or simply any word document. The title of these documents may seem relevant to what the individual is looking for but the content in those documents may differ. Thus there was a necessity to read, understand and analyze contents of all the documents at one glance.

Combustion reaction in the internal combustion engine depends on many different variables, one of the most important factors in an efficient combustion reaction is the ability of the reactants, the fuel molecules and the oxidant molecules, to interact with each other, Most fuels used in internal combustion engines are in liquid state, like gasoline, diesel, biofuels, and since combustion occurs in the gas phase, achieving a substantially even dispersion of fuel molecules among oxidant molecules can prove difficult due to the vapor pressure of the liquid, Therefore, an efficient combustion r

Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a group of portable hosts without the required intrusion of any existing arrangement or centralized access point such as a base station. Due to the major characteristic of MANETs i.e. vigorous topology and lack of centralized management security, MANETs are vulnerable to attacks. Black hole attack is one of the possible attacks in MANET.

Sarcoidosis In view of increasing pressure on crude oil reserves and environmental degradation as an outcome, fuels like Methanol blended with Mahua oil may present a sustainable solution as it can be produced from a wide range of carbon based feedstock. The present investigation evaluates Methanol blended with Mahua oil as a diesel engine fuel.

A Solar Operated Pesticide Sprayer is a pump running on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels or the thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). Solar pumps are useful where grid electricity is unavailable and alternative sources do not provide sufficient energy.

The science and technology of nanomaterials has created great excitement and expectations in the last few years. The past few decades have seen an explosive increase in our ability to create nanostructures and nanosystems with a great degree of control, using a diversity of techniques. This ability has been accompanied by a similar enhancement in our ability to characterize structures and systems at the nanoscale. Nanoelectronics refer to the use of nanotechnology in electronic components.

Inherent uncertainties in demands and supply make it difficult for supply chains to achieve optimum inventory replenishment, resulting in loss of sales or keeping excessive inventories. An unkempt inventory can take up to one-third of an organization’s annual investment. Therefore, in order to compete with invariably erratic demands, it is not only challenging to develop an intelligent system to maintain and control an optimum level of inventory but has also become mandatory.

A now-a-days, application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has been increased due to its vast potential to connect the physical world to the practical world. Also, advancement in microelectronic fabrication technology reduced the cost of manufacturing convenient wireless sensor nodes and now it becomes a trend to deploy the large numbers of wireless sensors in WSNs so that to increase the quality of service (QoS). The QoS of such WSNs is mainly affected by the faulty or malfunctioning sensor nodes.

The synthetic and docking studies of Chromonyl linked thiazolidenedione (TZD), rhoadanine (RH), diethyl malonate (DEM), methyl acetoacetate (MAA), barbituric acid (BA) and thiobarbituric acid (TBA) analogues in an effort to develop novel peroxisome proliferator activated receptors ligands expected to exhibit PPARγ partial agonism in the management of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia for the treatment of type 2 diabetes is reported. Docking studies showed expected results.

The 2-HAAT novel polymer was synthesized through the acid catalysed condensation polymerization of 2-Hydroxy Acetophenone and Adipamide with Tioxane using proper molar ratio of the reacting monomers. The resulting polymer was characterized with Elemental Analysis, UV-Visible, FTIR and H1-NMR spectral data and SEM studies. The number average molecular weight of this novel polymer was determined with conductometric titration method in a non-aqueous medium. The chelating ion-exchange properties were also studied with the batch equilibrium method.

One of the major environmental problems today is groundwater pollution. Pollutants originating from both anthropogenic and natural activities classified into point sources and non-point sources tend to threaten groundwater. This polluted groundwater in turn threatens both human and environmental health through acute and chronic exposures. In order to provide protection to both human and environmental health, there is need to prevent groundwater pollution in the first place by ensuring the elimination of pollutants at their sources.

The Government of Ghana promulgated the Financial Administration Act, 2003, (Act 654)and its consequential Financial Administration Regulations, 2004 (L. I. 1802) for the purpose of improving accountability over the management of public funds. The financial management law in Ghana contains requirements for a robust and comprehensive financial reporting regime based on an accrual basis accounting system.

This paper dealt with the impact of four components (language, media, standard of living and historical changes) on the idiom of the residents of the city of Split in Croatia over the period 1960. -2060.with the information model that has been based on the assumed linguistic and historical situation in three stages of the observed period, i.e. in the years of 1960, 2010 and 2060. The variables comprised by the information model include: accentual system, language situation, standard of living, historical circumstances and media.

Whilst consumer welfare has been well documented in the economics and marketing literature, the same cannot be said about the conceptualisation of consumer harm. This paper will thus help to enhance the existing body of knowledge in Competition Law and Consumer Protection fields by providing a conceptual framework that will incorporate aspects of consumer harm from both the Competition Law and the Consumer Protection perspectives.

Pilomatrix carcinoma is the rare malignant counterpart of pilomatrixoma, a skin adnexal tumour arising from hair matrix cells that arises either as malignant transformation of pilomatrixioma or as de novo. Pilomatrixoma was first thought of having a sebaceous gland origin but was later found to originate from hair matrix cells. They are slow growing tumours, found in the lower dermis and subcutaneous fat and are predominantly found in the neck and the scalp region. They are rare tumours with 90 cases reported so far.

The aim of this study was to find out the effect of yogic practices and physical exercises on systolic and diastolic blood pressure among women patients with NIDDM. Sixty women NIDDM patients undergoing treatment in Government Hospitals and Diabetic Centres in Chennai were randomly selected as subjects in the age group of 35 to 45 and divided into control group, experimental group I, which underwent physical exercises, experimental group II which underwent yogic practices and control group did not underwent any special treatment / training.

Prevalence of diabetes is projected to increase to 80 million by 2030, placing an immense burden on the health care resources of our country. The aim of this study was to find out the effect of yogic practices and physical exercises on blood sugar and uric acid among diabetic women patients. 60 women NIDDM patients undergoing treatment in Government Hospitals and Diabetic Centres in Chennai were randomly selected as subjects in the age group of 35 to 45.

Peeling Back the Mask and Kidneys for the King are autobiographies. They are autodiegetic – the narrator is also the hero of the autobiographies. Miguna Miguna has applied the autobiographical first persona as a narratological strategy. The autobiographical first persona has an import on historiography. Autodiegesis has strengths and weaknesses. This impacts the portrayal of the historical process. This impact is elucidated using Miguna Miguna’s Peeling Back the Mask and Kidneys for the King.

The Indian economy is passing from the tough phase, leading to turmoils in various sectors and affecting them with negative shocks. One such effected industry with the present economic turmoil in India is Aviation Industry. India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, yet its airlines are deep in the red. All major carriers except Indigo are loss making and are burdened with massive debts.Rising fuel cost, heavy slide in rupee, low FDI, high interest rates are few factors affecting this sector adversely.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention with CBT in patients with chronic renal disease. The study findings are in the context of previous researches and existing theories. Searches were done in the professional literature related to different chronic diseases and respectively with Chronic Kidney Disease in children and adolescents. Many pediatric chronic diseases are difficult to be managed because of the limitations caused by the disease itself, consequently some of them need to be subjected to painful and difficult medical procedures as well.

The Kherai is the greatest religious festival or puza of the traditional Bodo people who worship Bathou through animal sacrifices. The Doudini is the epicenter of Kherai Puza. Any women or girl having knowledge of Bodo Gods and Goddesses and the worshipers of Bathou can become Doudini upto her capacity. She demonstrates various items of dance under the trance of Gods and Goddesses. It is said that she gives the lesson for human being through demonstration of different activities and dances. She tells fortune and misfortune also.

The essay examines Naguib Mahfouz's novel The Beggar and Adrift on the Nile, and and it attempts to understand the author's views on the Role of the Intellectual. Written in the mid 1960s, the novels reflect on the Nasserite regime and the ontological, social, and political crises of the Egyptian intellectual during that period. The essay addresses question of responsibility in Mahfouze's works and draws from other intellectuals, particularly Ali Harb and Edward Said.

The dimensions of tourism cultural capital have become a key component in creating the image of destinations. Despite their importance to tourism, the amount of research that has been conducted on conceptualizing tourism cultural capital dimensions and their relationship with destination image does not reflect their importance. It is unlikely therefore that such dimensions feature in the image of most tourist destinations to attract tourists. This study explored the relationship between seven dimensions of tourism cultural capital and destination image.

In this research, it has been aimed to develop a measurement tool that can determine the teacher candidates’ attitudes toward statistics. Study group of the research has consisted of 401 teacher candidates. In the study, item analysis based on correlation and exploratory factor analysis methods have been used and Cronbach’s alpha coefficient has been calculated. In the analysis of item analysis based on correlation made on 50 items formed during the development of the scale, non-significant items have been removed from the scale.





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