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November 2016

Introduction: Adrenal myelolipoma is a rare benign tumor composed of mature lipomatous and hemopoietic tissue. It is often discovered as an incidental finding on imaging of the abdomen for some other reason or at autopsy. These are harmonally inactive. They are associated with a fluctuating clinical course during anaesthesia and surgical intervention. Case report: A 64 year old male patient, ASA Grade II diagnosed to have left adrenal myelolipoma as evidenced by CT scan showing 7.6 X 7.8 X 6cm fat density lesion of left adrenal gland, posted for left adrenalectomy.

Introduction: Saliva plays a significant role in oral homeostasis. Nevertheless, its diminution or absence can cause significant morbidity and a reduction in a patient’s perceptions of quality of life. Aims and Objectives: The study aimed at finding the effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on whole salivary flow rates and comparison between healthy adult subjects and patient with xerostomia. Materials and Methods: Un-stimulated whole saliva and TENS stimulated whole saliva was measured in control as well as study (xerostomia) groups.

Malaria continues to be a main vector-borne public health problem in Iran. The endemic foci of malaria are mainly located in south-eastern part of the country. Iran is now launching the elimination of malaria. Susceptibility of malaria vectors to insecticide is essential. Mosquitoes were collected from different breeding places in Hormozghan province and reread at insectary and F1 generation was used for susceptibility tests. All the impregnated paper provide by WHO and tests was carried out according to WHO guideline.

In this study an attempt has been made to find out the difference in job anxiety, job satisfaction and mental health of working teacher couples. The sample consists of 50 working teacher couples Selected randomly from various secondary schools from Yadagir districts of Hyderabad Karnataka. Job anxiety, Job satisfaction and mental health inventories were used to collect the data. The data were analyzed by means of t-test and Pearson coefficient of correlation.

This study examined the quality of life of the elderly, and relationship between caregiver psychosocial factors and the quality of life of the elderly. A multistage sampling method with a sample of 400 elderly and their caregivers was used. A modified Older People’s Quality of Life scale, in addition to a structured questionnaire, were used to collect the data. The data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 software. The findings of the study showed that, the quality of life of the elderly is above average.

A beautiful smile is a key to many hearts! What more would be a tragedy than not having this natural and captivating smile for a sixteen year old girl? The impairment is not just of form and function or for that matter aesthetics! The debilitation extends to the social outlook and psychology of the affected individual. It was such a problem that, the adolescent female having Turner Mosaic syndrome reported to Department of Prosthetic Dentistry. An interim overdenture was provided for the patient.

A teratoma is a true neoplasm, containing tissue from the ectodermal, mesodermal and endodermal layers. (Ward and April, 1989) Teratoma of the head and neck region are very rare, true neoplasms of unknown etiology, composed of an assemblage of tissue often alien to the site in which they arise. (Becker et al., 2007; Haghighi and Cleveland, 2004; Tolentino et al., 2005). The present article describes a case report of a lesion with an unusual location and a detailed description of the histopathology.

Parry Romberg Syndrome (PRS) is relatively rare condition of debatable etiology, usually restricted to one side of the face, rarely being bilateral or involving the limbs. Characteristically, the atrophy progresses slowly for several years and become stable after certain time period. After stabilization of the disease multispeciality approach including physicians, dental surgeons, psychologists and reconstructive surgeries can be performed to correct the deformity. PRS is frequently associated with localized scleroderma, known as “en coupe de sabre” (ECDS).

Unicystic Ameloblastoma (UA) refers to those cystic lesions that show clinical, radiographic or gross features of a jaw cyst but on histologic examination show a typical ameloblastomatous epithelium lining the cyst cavity with or without luminal and/or mural tumour proliferation. (Nagalaxmi et al., 2013) A number of morphological variants of ameloblastoma have been documented in the literature and at times, may pose a diagnostic challenge to the pathologist.

Aim: To access the Prevalence of malocclusion and oral hygiene status in school children of 8-12 years of age in Bhopal city. Materials and Methods: This is a cross sectional longitudinal study. A sample of 1019 school going children was randomly selected out of 28 schools, divided in 14 zones* of Bhopal (Map Issued by Bhopal Municipal Corporation, 2012). It includes one Private and one Government school from each zone. The study included 8-12 years of student with prior consent and who are able to understand the instructions.

Background & Objective: Marriages between close blood relations are extensively researched as being a risk factor for new borne but this aspect of research has not been done in our setup. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of consanguinity on birth come. Methods: A comparative cross sectional study was conducted on 356 new borne delivered in various hospitals by filling a pre designed questionnaire. Intra uterine deaths, premature births & low Apgar score at birth were the selected variables for the study.

Background: Dental procedures have a potential risk of cross infection- that is, the transmission of disease from patient to patient, patient to clinicians through direct contact or to even transporting laboratory personnel through indirect contact. As clinicians, we must not only prioritize health of our patients and ourselves but also should consider the assistants, technicians and helpers who work with us. Therefore thorough knowledge of sterilization and disinfection is extremely essential for all the clinical practitioners.

Background: Safety is a concern in many professions including healthcare. Medication use in hospitals is a complex process and depends on successful interaction among healthcare professionals functioning at different areas. Medication errors may occur at any stage of prescribing, documenting, dispensing, preparation or administration. Objective: • To study the frequency of drug administration errors. • To study the types of drug administration errors.

The association of Grave disease of with the syndrome of Gougerot remains rare. The purpose of the presentation of this observation is to make it a meta-analysis through the literature and to work towards an early treatment. We are reporting a case of Myasthenia associated with a syndrome of Gougerot-Sjögren in a 32-year-old patient that were lately diagnosed. The diagnosis was retained in front of the myogenic syndrome with muscular deficit, a left (awkward) unilateral ptosis on the left side, a poly arthralgia and a Sicca oculo-buccal syndrome.

The present study is to assess the association between environmental triggers and asthma severity in children. The parental questionnaire was obtained from 500 respondents (202 non asthmatic & 298 asthmatic) between the age of 2-15. The questionnaire consists of patient demographic details, socio economic status, family history of asthma/atopy and environmental risk factors which leads to asthma exacerbation. Most of the patients were diagnosed with controlled (45%) or uncontrolled (15%) asthma.

The patients who attended to KIMS OPD with the complaints of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) are enrolled in this study after written and informed consent. 60 of the patients who met the required criteria are subjected to relevant clinical examination and investigations. Local causes of bleeding were excluded in these patients. These patients were subjected to TVS and Hysteroscopic examination respectively. Results: In the present study, transvaginal ultrasound showed an accuracy of 83.3% in detecting the proliferative phase and 66.67% in detecting the secretory phase.

Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a cliniconeuroradiological entity presenting with headache, confusion, visual disturbances or blindness, and seizures. Parieto-occipital white matter changes due to vasogenic oedema can be observed on imaging modalities. It rarely occurs without seizures and usually occurs after delivery. We are reporting 9 post-partum patients with and without history of preeclampsia complicated by PRES with seizures and other clinical features at the postpartum period.

Background: Is to study the glucose, hemoglobin, creatinine, red blood cell level, gender, age and blood white cell level in patients with kidney stones in a Wasit government. Aims of study: Cross-sectional study of two groups of during the whole year, comparison between two groups; 1st group have kidney stones and the 2nd control group.

Biomechanical preparation is a very essential step for successful endodontic treatment, which removes the root canal debries and disinfect the root canal. Practitioner will be able to achieve this aim easily with nickel titanium (niti) rotary instuments. The recently introduced Single file NiTi-rotary systems such as Neoniti rotary file system, WaveOne, Reciproc, OneShape, Neoniti, Hyflex EDM & F360, Self Adjusting File claim to be able to completely prepare and clean root canals with only one instrument.

Background: Facial attractiveness plays an extremely important role in the human mating success and explains more variance in overall attractiveness than bodily attractiveness. Understanding patients perceptions of their dental appearance is an important aspect of patient management which may assist dentists in planning treatments that are acceptable to the patients leading to higher levels of patient satisfaction.

The peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) is a reactive gingival overgrowth usually arising from the interdental papilla. It is a relatively common benign and non-neoplastic lesion in adolescents. Because it is possible to misdiagnose POF as pyogenic granuloma, peripheral giant cell granuloma, or odontogenic tumors, histopathological examination is, therefore, essential for accurate diagnosis, and differential diagnosis is important because of POF's tendency to recur.

The urge to live, the fear of death, the desire to youth and the quest for rejuvenation have always attracted mankind from antiquity to modern times. The average life span of humans are found to be decreasing gradually in recent times. It is a result of decreased immunity, caused by so many public health issues. The focus of public health intervention is to improve health and quality of life through prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions, through surveillance of cases and health indicators, and through the promotion of healthy behavior.

Aloe barbadensis Miller showed significant results in management of dysmenorrhoea in the form of Musabbar i.e. 25.11% more relief than Swarasa, significant at p<0.05. (t =3.283). To evaluate the reason of pharmacotherapeutic difference, analytical study was done to analyse phytochemicals in both formulations. Kumari contain properties as: - Guru, Snigdha, Pichhial Guna; Tikta, Madhur Rasa; Sheeta Veerya whereas Musabbar has: - Laghu Ruksha, Teekshna Guna; Katu Rasa; Ushna Veerya. Swarasa was exuded from pulp and sap of leaves.

Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to review an evidence based tool and intervention strategies to make sure patients with dementia receive effective nursing care in the medical setting. Currently in the medical setting dementia is under diagnosed and geriatric patients are not receiving evidence based interventions.

Ectrodactyly [Split hand/foot malformation (SHFM) or cleft hand or claw hand or lobster anomaly or central ray deficiency] is a limb malformation involving central rays of autopod and presenting with median clefts of hand and feet, hypoplasia/ aplasia of phalanges or metacarpals or metatarsals and variable syndactyly. It can occur either as part of a syndrome like EEC (ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft syndrome) or isolated non-syndromic malformation. Inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant with variable penetration.

The patient was a18 year old girl with a Class II Division 1 malocclusion, a large overjetand a horizontal growth pattern. Treatment started with a fixed appliance therapyfollowed by a fixed functional appliance.

The nursing profession contains two main parts, the first is the theoretical part, which reflects the knowledge that is received in the classroom; while the second is the practical part, which focus on the enhancement of the students’ skills in the clinical area. The aim of the present study is not only to evaluate the theoretical learning Gap perceived by Nursing students, but also to evaluate the practical one.

The article present clinical sings, diagnosis and successful treatment of trypanosomosis in crossbred jersey cow presented to veterinary dispensary in Rasipuram, Tamilnadu. Clinical examination revealed high fever (105ºF), pale mucous membrane, diarrhoea, with the history of anorexia, dullness, excess salivation, dyspnoea, ocular discharges. Blood smear examination revealed presence of Trypanosome evansi in the peripheral blood. The cow was treated with single dose of inj.

Aim: To compare the healing of mandibular third molar extraction wounds with and without Platelet Rich Plasma. Materials and Methods: This was parallel comparative double blind study involving two groups viz group A and B. In study group (group A), Platelet rich plasma was placed in the extraction socket before closure of the socket in 30 patient. Group B consists of 30 patients who will be the control group where the extraction sockets will be closed without any intra socket medicaments. The patients would be allocated to the groups randomly.

Ethics are moral conduct which we learn throughout life. Ethics are essential in every walk of life. So, ethics are paramount importance in medical and in research. Unethical practices may be harmful for the subjects being treated in study or may bias the results of study. The objective of this article is to highlight the importance of ethics in medical research.

While the internet has long been a source of medical information, it has only recently been used for online private patient-doctor consultations. Online Medical Consultation (OMC) is now offered by many providers internationally with diverse models .This study reports a review of the literature on OMCs and an empirical analysis of existing OMC web sites to explore their major themes, these features have been studied for a better understanding of the promise on which these services operate.

Waiting time for elective care is defined as the time that elapses between firstly the physician’s decision to admit a patient for elective surgery following clinical assessment and secondly the date of hospital admission (Merehau Cindy Mervin and Sukhan Jackson, 2009) The 2005 edition of the Fraser Institute Report on Hospital Waiting Lists in Canada indicates that wait times for plastic surgery are the second lengthiest of all specialties (The 2005 edition of the Fraser Institute Report on Hospital Waiting Lists in Canada).

Aim and Objectives: The purpose of this study is to define role of MRI in evaluating and grading various ligaments tears. Another objective of this study was to correlate joint effusion with ligamentous injuries. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted using Siemens Essenza 1.5 T MRI machine. Ninety cases were studied and descriptive analysis performed. Joint effusion was measured by documented methods in lateral suprapatellar pouch in antero-posterior measurement at its widest point. Statistical analysis was performed using these values.

Candiduria is an increasingly difficult problem to recognize and manage. It is associated with high mortality, especially in patients with comorbidities. Secretory aspartyl proteinases (SAPs) have been recognized as virulence factors and are considered to be key enzymes that contribute to Candida infection by promoting damage to the host mucosa. In the present study we investigated the extent of Candida urinary tract infection (UTI) among hospitalized patients and the presence of Sap genes as virulence factors.

Background and objectives: Adjuncts to local anaesthetics for brachial plexus block may enhance the quality and duration of analgesia. Clonidine, an Alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, is known to produce antinociception and enhance the effect of local anaesthetics when given epidurally, intrathecally or in various peripheral nerve blocks. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of Clonidine added to brachial plexus block by supraclavicular approach.

Hyperdontia is a condition of having supernumerary teeth, or teeth that appear in addition to the regular number of teeth. Supernumerary teeth are considered to be most common dental anomalies affecting the primary and permanent dentitions. About 90% of all supernumerary teeth have been found in the anterior maxillary region. Multiple supernumerary teeth without any associated systemic conditions or syndrome are relatively rare.

Alveolar ridge deficiencies are the most often problems encountered during implant placement. Reconstruction of these alveolar ridge deficiencies through different bone augumentation technique is very much necessary before implant placement. These Osseous defects occur as a result of periodontal disease, trauma, congenital anomalies, prolonged edentulism and infection, and they often require soft and hard tissue reconstruction. Pouch and tunnel technique is a new technique which helped in good retention of the Autogenus graft and GBR membrane for ridge augumentation.

Background: Patients receiving chemotherapy (CT) for haematological malignancies usually present febrile neutropenia (FN), defined as fever and neutropenia <0.5 x 109/L. The usual treatment is empirical (antibiotics with known action against the usual pathogens in place). Objective: To compare the success rate of the antibiotics schemes used for management of FN in the hematology department of Centro Médico Nacional“20 de Noviembre”.Methods: A randomized, retrospective, longitudinal, descriptive and comparative study of FN cases between 1994 and 2014 was conducted.

Objective: To investigate the presence of dysphagia in neurological patients after mechanical ventilation (MV) in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Method: Study case control study carried out in the ICU of a public hospital in the South. We evaluated 38 patients with primary neurological disorder, divided into group dysphagia and no dysphagia, which were on MV for a longer period than 24 hours and they were in the process of extubation of endotracheal tube (TOT) or Weaning from tracheostomy (TQT).

Material and method: The study was conducted on 16 apparently healthy Murrah buffaloes, maintained at dairy farm GADVASU, Ludhiana. Study was conducted in two phases i.e. Pre-summer and Summer season. Cervico-vaginal mucus samples were taken from all the animals at the time of artificial insemination during both the seasons. Various physical parameters of CVM viz, Transparency, Viscosity, Fern pattern, pH and Spinnbarkeit were observed.

Recently the measurement of C-reactive protein in maternal serum has been suggested to have a predictive value in the diagnosis of preterm labour. CRP can prove useful in identifying early infection which could lead to preterm labour. Study is to assess the role of maternal plasma CRP levels in early and mid-pregnancy as a diagnostic marker for predicting preterm delivery. Material and Method: The present study comprised of a total of 100 pregnant women with singleton fetus with gestational age less than 28 weeks.

Subject Area: Health Sciences Introduction: The health of teeth could be considered an indicator for evaluation of the exposure to different environmental contaminants and for appreciation of the nutritional status of individuals. Aim: There is need to evaluate the relationship between the risk assessment levels of trace elements in water and decayed tooth dentin.

The present study was undertaken to evaluate the role of colposcopy as a screening and diagnostic tool in women presenting with cervical erosion, to co-relate colposcopic findings with histopathology of cervical biopsy and to find out the outcome of different treatment modalities for cervical erosion. Methods: All the women included in the study were subjected to colposcopic examination. Colposcopic guided biopsy was taken in cases with abnormal colposcopic findings and the results were compared.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the induction of phytoalexin gliceolin in soybean cotyledons by homeopathic products Nosode of Macrophomina phaseolina, Sulphur, Arsenicum album and Sepia. Two experiments were conducted to assess the inducing activity of phytoalexin gliceolin being the first using the homeopathic medicines Nosode of Macrophomina phaseolina and Sulphur and in the second test it was used the homeopathic medicines Arsenicum album and Sepia. In both assays, the boosting used were 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48CH.

Completing graduation or post-graduation in any field of dentistry does not make the dentist a good clinician. Some additional skills are required apart from the theoretical and practical knowledge to be a successful dental professional. In this article, the authors have described a few of these skills. It is important that skills which enhance the practice management in a practitioner, like time management, self development and organization skills are included in the dental curriculum (BDS: Bachelor of Dental Surgery; and MDS: Master of Dental Surgery).

Background: Identification of a person is the goal of forensic investigation. Elevations and depressions on the lip form a characteristic pattern called lip prints, the study of which is known as Cheiloscopy. Cheiloscopy is an established forensic technique that can be used to identify a person. The lip print pattern is unique for each individual, even for monozygotic twins. The lip prints also show differences according to ethnic origin of a person.

Introduction: Reconstruction of bony defects represents a challenge for the oro-facial reconstruction team. Defects in the facial skeleton present several prosthetic, functional challenges unique to the stomatognathic system. The major aim of the reconstruction is to achieve complete regeneration and restoration of function. However, this becomes a daunting task as the body’s immune and inflammatory mechanisms come into play simultaneously allowing repair to occur; instead of complete regeneration.

Aim: orthodontic corrections are required to maintain the periodontal tissues in health. When doing such treatment, there is a more chance of causing periodontal destruction which is a result of plaque present surrounding the orthodontic materials used. It is the duty of the orthodontist to reinforce the patient in maintaining the oral hygiene.The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the knowledge of an orthodontist towards the periodontal health care during orthodontic treatment.

Most of the geriatric patients in the population undergoes nutritional deficiency. This is due to inability of having inadequate intake of proper nutrients in the diet, their improper food choices or their low socioeconomic status. These affect their general as well as oral health. Adequate diet and nutrition can improve their oral tissues that will lead to success of the prosthesis. This article gives a brief information about the importance of nutrition in diet for geriatric patients.

Introduction: The profile of the geriatric population, who are coming to a health institution is an essential step to lay down the premises for planning any strategy to provide proper health-care facilities for this group of people. The present study was undertaken with the objectives: (1) to find out the magnitude and the trend of cases reporting in geriatric clinic at a tertiary care hospital over a period of eight years, and (2) to find out gender and seasonal differences of geriatric cases, if any. Methods & results: Secondary data for eight years i.e.

Gingival recession is a frequent periodontal pathology in our present day life, which is often associated with dentinal hypersensitivity and unpleasant looks. It is regarded as a major barrier for preserving the gingival health and is considered the most important and challenging tasks esthetic dentistry is facing today. Although, there are a variety of treatment options available for gingival recession ranging from the free gingival grafts to guided tissue regeneration, every technique has its own merits and demerits.

The study investigated Demographic factors as predictors of health problems among prison inmates in south-south region of Nigeria. The study aimed at identifying which demographic factor predicts health problems among prison inmates in the region. One research question and one hypothesis guided the study. The study adopted a correlational research design. The population comprised all the 4,752 prison inmates from three prisons in south-south region. A sample size of 1,520 inmates was determined using proportionate stratified and purposive sampling techniques.

Introduction: The 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene is located on chromosome 1 at 1p36.3. MTHFR enzyme catalyzes the conversion of 5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate into 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is the major circulating form of folate. Its deficiency results in insufficient methylation of crucial metabolites and direct toxicity of homocysteine, the two factors which have been suggested as possible mediators of teratogenesis. Objective: To find out the cause for neural tube defect and multiple congenital anomalies in the case under scrutiny.

Introduction: Appendicectomy is the most frequently performed urgent abdominal operation, often the first major procedure performed by a surgeon in training. Recently, elevation in serum bilirubin was reported in acute appendicitis, but the importance of the elevated total bilirubin has not been stressed. This study aims to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of serum bilirubin as a diagnostic marker of acute appendicitis and its complications.

Background: Vitamin D deficiency is common at all ages, and although vitamin D deficiency has been documented as a frequent problem in studies of young adults, elderly persons, and children in other countries, there are limited data on the prevalence of assess the status of serum vitamin D pathway with serum vitamin D level in elderly people in Iran. Design: We measured the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in 3156 subjects aged 60 to 90 years old men and women in ShafaghlabLaboratory of Iran.

Cases of vulval cancers are in a increasing trend in young population. This may be attributed to the increasing trend in HPV infections. The vulval surgeries pose risk to conception in these patients. Hence fertility is a matter of concern. Though the surgeries for carcinoma vulva are less radical now, the conception in these patients is still less due to various factors.

Sweet potato weevil is considered as one of the most significant pest of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) in Karaikal region. Field trial was conducted in a season with two different cultivars. Two different cultivars of sweet potato were studied during the year 2010-2011 recent years have appeared Moderately susceptible to Sweet potato weevil in the field condition. Pest assessments based on the proportion of infested to healthy vine cuttings about the plant crown were conducted. Significant differences in the levels of infested vine were found between two cultivars evaluated.

All technology developed by plant breeding programs is spread through seed and image analysis has proved to be a promising technique in assessing the viability of seeds per constitute an objective method, economical and practical. Thus, the objective with the survey was evaluate the physiological quality of coffee seeds submitted to drying and to estimate the seedling vigor through the Seed Analysis System (SAS ®) in order to correlate them with the quality seeds. Coffee seeds were dried until they reach levels of 40%, 20%, 15% and 12% of water by slow drying in the shade.

The research was conducted for the source of resistance against leaf rust of wheat caused by Puccinia triricina. In the present study, eight varieties/advanced lines were evaluated in 2013-14 against this disease using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) at the experimental research area of Department of Plant Pathology, University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha, Pakistan. During the month of March, 2013-14 seven genotypes/successions viz.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of sowing date on yield and physiological components aiming to identify the period that enhances the increment of the components and analyze via multivariate techniques the dissimilarity and the relative contribution of traits in elite wheat genotypes. The experiment was carried out during the 2014 agricultural year in a randomized block design (11 wheat genotypes x 2 sowing dates) with three replications.

Biochar is an option in agriculture have been used with fertilizer and soil conditioner. Ultisol, Oxisol and Entisol with electronegative character were used for studies of electrochemical properties, before the addition of poultry litter biochars. Soil samples were incubated for 100 days with different treatments. After this period, the soil samples were dried, sieved, analyzed for pHH2O and pHKCl. With the values of pHs were calculated the values of the zero point of charge (ZPC) of electric charges and the surface electric potential (Ψ0).

A field experiment was conducted during the kharifand rabi season 2011 at UAS, Bangalore to examine SSNM effect on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of the sunflower cropping system. Application of soil test value based NPK along with limiting micronutrient, boron and FYM (5t/ha) along with Trichodermavidride (T6) has recorded significantly higher seed yield (2367kg/ha) and oil yield (970kg/ha) as well as a higher growth and yield parameters viz.

The objectives of the study was to determine the quality attributes of the aggregates such as sand and pea gravel as to sieve analysis, moisture content, unit weight/mass determination, specific gravity, and absorption; to determine the compressive strength of the concrete hollow blocks using two different treatments- 1:2:4+0% (without abaca fiber) and 1:1.88:3.76+6% (with abaca fiber) after 14 days curing period; to determine the significant mean difference between the two treatments; and to determine the cost and return analysis.

The effect of Silicon treatments on 11 durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) seed germination under in vitro drought stress conditions was studied. The laboratory experiment was performed using a factorial completely randomized design with three levels of drought stress (0, 100 and 200 g/l PEG8000) and five Silicon concentrations (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 mg/l Si) with three replications for each treatment. Fresh weight, dry weight, germination percentage, seedling length and vigor index were measured under the experiment conditions.

The field experiments were conducted in pearl millet kharif, 2010, rabi, 2010-11 and 2013-14 in young plantations of Pongamia pinnata and Meila azedarach at Agroforestry research block, Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad, T.S. All field experiments were laid out in randomized block design, replicated thrice with nine treatment combinations in Sweet Sorghum, pearl millet and finger millet. The experimental soil was red sandy loam in texture, neutral, non saline and medium in organic carbon, low to medium in available NPK.

The fish diversity in Pakhal Lake, Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana State, India, the survey was focused mainly on fish biodiversity and undertaken during the year 2013-2014. A total of 22 species of fishes belonging to 18 genera, 11 families were identified. Cyprinidae were found most family represented by 8 species followed by Anguillidae with 1 species, Bagridae with 2 species, Siluridae with 2 species, Notopteridae with 1 species, Channidae with 3 species, order Perciformes with 4 species and family Belonidae with 1 species.

Pesticides is a common pollutants of freshwater ecosystems where they induce adverse effects on the aquatic biota. Freshwater carp fish, Oreochromis mossambicus is an important carp species in Tamil Nadu region having good nutritional values. Fishes living in close association with may accumulate pesticides. In the present investigation, the toxic effects of the malathion LC50 0.25 ppm on some biochemical characteristics (total protein in gill, kidney, liver and muscle) of the freshwater carp fish, Oreochromis mossambicus were estimated.

Impact of pesticides is common pollutants of freshwater ecosystems where they induce adverse effects on the aquatic biota. Freshwater fish, Oreochromis mossambicus is an important carp species in Tamil Nadu region having good nutritional values. Fishes living in close association with may accumulate pesticides. In the present study, the toxic effects of the malathion LC50 0.25ppm on some Haematological parameters (RBC, WBC, Hb and MCH) of the freshwater fish, Oreochromis mossambicus were estimated.

Terrestrial insects are most diverse groups of animals and contribute to the biodiversity to a large extent. Light trap sampling is commonly used in insect biodiversity studies. A wide variety of light traps with different light designs are being used. Numerous light sources have been used to access the photo response of the different insect species since last forty years. However, not all the light sources proved efficient to attract and collect all the nocturnal insect species insects in a particular habitat. The success of light traps is affected by a wide variety of factors.

Recently increased interest in the natural balance of the biosphere to achieve environmentally sustainable development and achievement the positive interaction to its vocabulary where became the biodiversity issue from priority concerns because of its great importance in the environment and its disproportionate effect on the international environmental variables in general, including Iraq by especial form, the importance of this research, where the wildlife an important part of the ecosystem, in the case preserve their balance and stability so will be an important indicator for the human se

This paper deals with avifaunal diversity of Pakhal lake, Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana State. Observations were carried out during the period of 2013-2014. Visual method was used for counting the different birds. During the study period 23 genera belonging to 15 families and 7 orders were recorded. Pelecaniformes were highest among the observed birds.

A field experiment was conducted to study the integrated weed management practices in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) during rabi 2016 at college farm, college of agriculture, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, PJTSAU with 10 weed management practices in 3 replications.Weed free check (two hand weedings at 15 and 40 DAS) was found more effective to control weeds recorded highest pod yield and lowest nutrient removal by weeds.

Essential oils (EOs) have received increasing attention as the natural additives for the shelf-life extension of food products, due to the risk in using synthetic preservatives. These are concentrated liquids of complex mixtures of volatile compounds. Essential oils, also called volatile odoriferous oil extracted from different parts of plants, for example, leaves, peels, barks, flowers, buds, seeds, and so on. They can be extracted from plant materials by several methods like steam distillation, solvent extraction, and so on.

The plant based foods are rich in nutrients and dietary fibers that improve health. The plants are consumed as leaves, flowers and fruits in raw salads and cooked multiple cuisines. The leafy vegetables from amaranth are inexpensive in cost though enriched with phytochemicals that support healthy body. In the present study, extracts from leaves of Amaranthus gracilis Desf., A. tricolor L., A. polygamus L., Alternanthera repens L., A. sessilis L., Aerva lanata L., (Amaranthaceae), and from fruits of Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.

Myristica fragrans is an evergreen tree commercially cultivated for their valuable essential oils present in the mace and nutmeg. India is a leading producer and exporter of these spices. Unfortunately, the Indian market and world market markets have been flooded with the mace and nutmeg obtained from their wild relatives with inferior qualities. There should be some checks for the detection of adulterants from the original one. The present investigation explores the possibility of utilizing FTIR spectral analysis for detecting the possible adulteration.

Several molecular methods for detecting wood decay fungi have been developed, but methods for direct extraction of fungal DNA and fungal species identification during the incipient stage of decay could benefit to save the timber from decay. Timber degrading fungi was collected from different areas of Gujarat. The samples were brought to the Lab for their DNA isolation and quantification as well. Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis was used to determine the % variability in the genomic profiles of Lenites sterioides, L. betulina, L. exima, Flavodon flavus strain 1, F.

Currently, due to the growth of vegetable crops seeds market there is a demand for tests to evaluate the physiological potential quickly and efficiently for selecting vigorous commercial lots. The study aimed to adapt the electrical conductivity test methodology to stratify lots of arugula seeds into vigor levels according to seedling emergence. Five lots of arugula seeds were used. The initial quality of seeds were evaluated by the water content of the seeds, germination, first count, seedling emergence.

A total of eight rhizobacterial strains were isolated from the root nodules of Vigna trilobata plants raised in soils of different districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. Morphologically all the strains were rod shaped gram negative and mucus producing. All these strains were positive for biochemical tests such as ammonia production, catalase test, oxidase test, nitrate reduction test, and urease test. These strains gave negative results for Ketolactose test, growth on glucose peptone agar medium and Hoffer’s Alkaline medium. For amylase activity, three strains Sinorhizobium sp.

This study was conducted to highlight antibiotics’ residues in eggs from laying hens consumed in Burkina Faso. 400 eggs from four areas of Burkina Faso were collected. The presence of antibiotics residues has been put in evidence by a microbiological method using Geobacillus stearothermophilus, Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli as test microorganisms. It appears from this study that 41.75% of eggs laying hens consumed in Burkina Faso contain antibiotics’ residues. Evolution in the prevalence of antibiotics residues in eggs ranged from 39% to 46% from one zone to another.

An ethnobotanical survey of wild edible plants used by the Paite tribe residing in Churachandpur (Lamka) hill districts of Manipur was carried out. The information was collected from 70 informants of various ages from 16 Villages of Churachandpur district of Manipur. A total of 115 plant species belonging to 46 families are listed. Ethnographic data related to vernacular names, various parts used, recipes had also been recorded.

Enterococci are Gram-positive bacteria that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals as commensal flora. In recent years two species, Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium, have become an increasing medical concern by virtue of their ability to gain and spread antibiotic resistance. In this study, genomes of vancomycin-resistant isolates of E. faecium from pig, chicken and calf were sequenced using 454 platforms. The assembled genomes were annotated and compared with human E.

The rice-beer is extremely popular among the tribal people and is probably therefore the most ancient method for brewing alcoholic beverage from cereals by herbal formulation of yeast culture. The rice beer is an integral part of several tribal communities of Assam and is known as jumai by the Bodos, suze by the Deoris, morpo by Mikirs, chu by Garos, jou by Meches and Dimasas, zu by Tiwas, apong by Mishings, laopani and mod by some other tribal communities.

In this study, the effects of ash and slag on the physical and mechanical properties of the concrete were investigated experimentally, and the change in the cost of concrete was examined. For this purpose, concrete samples containing a series of standard concrete, 3 series of ash and 2 series of slag were poured. As a result of the study, ash and slag generally increased the beginning and ending of setting times.

In Latin America, the socioeconomic development models are based, generally, on the exploitation of natural resources with a poorly planned vision. Promote the environmental fragility. The producer typology, in Mexico, is composed of the ejidatarios, comuneros and the intermediate or in transition individuals, and the agro industrials. The changes of agro cultural habits cannot be achieved by decree, without losing sight of the fact that public policies favor the globalized agricultural market, not the interim.

Rotary knife cutter is a part of cane chopper machine that mounted on the machine shaft. The number of rotary knife cutter mounted on the machine are 24 pieces that arranged to 6 lines and each line has 4 pieces. Chopper machine is driven by steam turbine, when the engine is operated shaft rotates and rotary knife cutter also rotating because it being tied to the engine shaft. Sugarcane entering through the hopper machine will cut into small parts with a size of 1 - 1.5 cm and further the pieces of cane will be processed on a hammer machine.

The Cloud Service Providers (CSP) is deployed to support data storage and computational resources for the users. Data owners share the data values under the Cloud Service Providers. Authorized users access the data from the CSPs. Increasingly more and more organizations are opting for outsourcing data to remote cloud service providers (CSPs). Customers can rent the CSPs storage infrastructure to store and retrieve almost unlimited amount of data by paying fees metered in gigabyte/month.

In this paper we introduce the concepts of generalized higher centralizer and generalized Jordan higher centralizer of rings R as well as we proved that every generalized Jordan higher centralizer of rings is generalized higher centralizer of R.

In this article the effect of temperature on optical properties of nano crystalline ceramic Ferromanganese nickel zinc oxide Fe2Mn2Ni2Zn2O11 were studied. Using the Tauc model, the absorption spectrum method was applied to estimate the optical band gap. The sample was synthesized thermo chemically by solid state method at different treating temperatures. A characteristic feature of all solid-state reactions is that they involve the formation of product phase(s) at the interfaces of the reactants. UV-VIS analysis of the sample was carried out.

Any electronics system is the comprises of basically three units: first is an input device to give the command to the system, second is the processor to perform the specific operation according to the command received and last is output device to get the result in the different form of information like graphical form, mechanical work, numerical value etc. Generally all the available input devices uses the different type of switches, these all devices have different no. of demerits such as large power consumption, bulkier in size, occupy large space etc.

The present work is about the design and installation of the heat pump and vertical aquarium energy management system (VAEMS). This design is new invention to the world. The main concept of this project is to recycle the waste hot water produced from the power plants. This hot water after processing is filled in the vertical aquarium for aquaculture. The vertical aquarium means building the aquariums one over the other to reduce the space occupation.

In order to design the optimal well-being cow system, it had researched the fully electrical driving system for automatic milking robot, which can reduce the stress of cows such as actuator noise sound and mechanical vibration. The milking robot can detect exactly the nipples position in the moving condition of a cow. Also, the robot manipulator must control tracking the teat cup to the detected nipple position. The proposed milking robot is designed by the fully electrical driving system.

In the last two decades, the research on biomimetic fish robots has fascinated scientific communities’ attention progressively. With its character of high flexibility and intelligence, biomimetic fish robot has developed in the field of underwater robots. Predominately, Biomimetic robot systems are robots that mimic the structure and function of biological systems such as natural fish, cheetah, ant, kangaroo and snake etc.

In this paper, it is examined how executives, employees in their workplace and students in the universities with or without learning difficulties can work using technologies. In this investigation, the participants are evaluated on handwritten exercises and on exercising by using technology for development of text and words. This research aims to explore the use of technology in order to improve the organization and the performance of adults with and without learning difficulties.

The basic objective of this research was identifying and discussing the obstacles that affect knowledge sharing among Assosa university academic staffs. Descriptive survey research design method was used to achieve the objective of the study. The target population of the research was all Assosa university academic staffs including faculty deans. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the academic staffs and interviews were also used to collect data from the faculty deans. Data was analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods.

The article presents the results of a qualitative research analyzing the knowledge to be taught on the concept of energy of classical mechanics of four (4) physics textbooks classes first, scientific series used on the period from 1980 to today in Côte d’Ivoire. It shows that these structures provide few tools to reduce the trouble and bring the transfer of relevant skills, despite the succession of reform programs and changes in the theory and practice, and discusses educational implications of this analysis.

Waste containing toxic elements has been found in the project area Hazaribagh in Dhaka. This paper aims to explain & mention the various types of toxic elements & their intensity in the study area. Pollution of living environment with inorganic and organic metallic species is one of the serious problems in the world. (Pollutants cycles in the environment (Environmental Chemistry, UNEP, 3rd edition, (1979), Pollution of the living environment with inorganic heavy metals is one of the serious concerns because of its non-degradable character.

Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry at present. The market for nature holidays is certainly a growing one. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has estimated that nature tourism generates 7 percent of all international travel expenditure, the relations Eco- tourisms this is widely used today, but is rarely explain. It is often used interchangeably with others terms such as soft tourisms responsible tourisms and nature tourisms.

Alzheimer is a serious ilness which usually occurs over 65 years old people. The number of patients with this disease are very high in our country and the world. This disease begins as forgetfulness then extends up to an inability to perform daily activities and can be fatal if not treated within 7-8 years. In this study was conducted a study to be diagnosed with 5 data through 32 questions test data for patients suspected to be suffering from Alzheimer benefiting from data mining.

Using Combinatorial Group Theory an area of mathematics arising from Abstract Algebra, the so called Word Problems can be effectively understood. With the objective of finding applications of the elements of fundamental groups, an attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the word problem in the form of finding the generators in the English Alphabets. These ideas can be widely used in Cryptography, the science of secret codes.

In this Paper, we see about “Graceful Graphs” and have discussed the important application of Graceful Graphs in the field of Computer Science, namely, MULTI PROTOCOL LABEL SWITCHING (MPLS) related to Networking. The MPLS technique has many useful applications in networking, for example, it can be effectively used in ATM network infrastructure, as the labeled flows can be mapped to ATM virtual circuit identifiers, and vice-versa. This feature signifies the existence of graceful labeling concept in Computer Networks via MPLS.

Single crystals of triglycine sulphate (TGS) doped with L-proline have been grown from aqueous solutions by low-temperature solution growth method. The Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy has been recorded in the range 400 to 4000 cm–1 and the functional groups of the grown crystals have been identified. The structural studies on the grown crystals were carried out by X-ray diffraction analysis technique and found that the grown crystal crystallizes in monoclinic structure. The lattice cell parameters of pure Triglycine sulfate are a = 9.5020 Å, b = 12.6010 Å, c = 5.271 Å.

Groundwater samples have been collected from 105 various location of major costal area, 35 revenue village of sirkali Taluk of Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu, India and these samples were used to assess the water quality for drinking purposes. The study area is sirkahi Taluk of Nagapattinam district coastal region in the southern Tamilnadu State located in the coastal region of Bay of Bengal 11.02903730N Latitude and 79.85068150 E Longitude.

Meghnad Saha (1893 – 1956) is a prominent architect of modern science in India. He was the physicist of international reputation. His theory of thermal ionization was a breakthrough in astrophysics. Each of his contributions – as a physicist, teacher, an active social thinker, educationalist, scientific institution builder and Parliamentarian – is important in Indian history. His work as a Parliamentarian is unknown even for the well educated people. Here I overview this dimension of his multi-faceted personality.

One of the most common problems encountered in vegetable seedling production this time of year is "damping-off". Damping off is a disease that results in the rotting, collapse and finally death of seedlings just before or soon after they emerge. It often starts out in a few plants but can spread quickly throughout the entire flat and into neighbouring flats. Chemica lcontrol is an important tool for managing diseasesincluding soil borne ones particularly when the disease is prevalent in the field. Efficacy of eight fungicides was tested against R. solani by poisoned food technique.

This paper deals with the study of Bianchi Type-Vcosmological modelwith wet dark fluid and electromagnetic field in general theory of relativity. For solving the Einstein field equations, weassumed that the magnetic field is in xy-plane; therefore the current is flowing along the -axis. Thus is the only non-vanishing component of the electromagnetic field tensor . Also somephysical and kinematical properties of the model are discussed.

All students, irrespective of their sex. race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability have the right to have equal opportunity in education (Klironomos et al., 2006), and to be considered as being an integral part of the learning community. This paper looks at the issue of E-Inclusion by referring to the concept of Universal Access to Education.

The status of women in India, both historically and socially has been one of the respect and reverence. Our Constitution and other enactments are providing their protection to the utmost level. Usually respect of women is considered as the respect of nation. But in our society, monsters in the face of human being are prevailing, as a result of which inspite of so many enactments, the women in every phase of their life are being deprived and being made target of various heinous crimes from ancient era to till today.

Ownership structure, as a mechanism in corporate governance to expedite improved efficiency of a firm, has been believed to have effect on firm performance for many years. However, research interests in the field are far from been exhausted, and the research encompassing the role of ownership structure on firm performance in emerging economy is scanty. Hence, this conceptual study proposes a model for the impact of ownership structure on the enhancement of firm performance in the context of Jordan.

La recherche en Management public a fréquemment mis l’accent sur la mise en place du système de contrôle de gestion dans le secteur public. En effet,il apparaît que face à une grande diversité de structures, le contrôle de gestion propose des démarches et des outils ayant un caractère general.

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s lives during their growing up years. They help shape their children’s skills, behaviour, attitudes and value systems that are necessary for successful adjustment in an ever changing society. Parenting Styles are a composite set of behaviours, practices and an emotional climate which provide the context in which children learn social and instrumental competence. For several decades, researchers have been interested in the influence of parenting styles on development of children.

The cooperative sector is one of the main partners of economy; the cooperatives have more reach to the rural India, through their huge network of credit societies in the institutional credit structure. The cooperative sector has plays a key role in the economy of the nation. The cooperative covers almost cent percent villages. The place of cooperatives in Indian economy and its role in social and economic affairs has developed a new dimension with the beginning of the planning. The cooperatives, which are the life, blood of the economy and the mechanism for any development programs.

Health care facilities unlike any other amenities, is vital for any society irrespective of its population size and administrative area. It is to be highlighted that health care facilities are not only meant for providing medical facility for unhealthy people, to save life in case of emergency, but also to spread awareness about healthy life in every area where there is a presence of human life. Hence each and every life on earth is important, so is the presence of health care facility.

Rape is a global challenge that confronts women in all context and from all race. There has been an increase in rape cases and rape prevalence in Kenya, especially in major urban centers. The research is a qualitative study done in Nairobi, to study the phenomenon rape. Interviews were conducted with the rape victims, Church clergies, and Activists. The study found that, the factors leading to rape are many, however those discussed in this article are, media, cultural factors, poverty and robbery to name but a few.

Social responsibility accounting is the ability to provide accurate information in the financial statements regarding the estimated social cost occasioned by the production externalities on the environment and the public and how much deliberate intervention cost had been incurred to bridge the gap between the marginal social cost and the marginal private cost by a firm. The objective of this paper is to establish whether there is any significant relationship between social responsibility accounting and profitability of selected firms listed in Kenya.

Instructional leadership practices refer to the activities that the principal engages in or delegates to others that promote growth in student learning. It is envisioned as the most ideal leadership model for principals in secondary schools and one that can lead to an improvement students’ academic achievement. The purpose of this study was to explore the differences between the instructional leadership practices by principals in high performing and low performing schools with a focus on Chemistry, Physics and Biology in Makueni County, Kenya.

The growing attention has been given for rural development during past two decades in most of the developing countries over the world. This is because of majority peoples live in rural areas where problems of poverty, inequality, unemployment etc. are increasing rapidly. Like other developing countries, Government of Bangladesh has given priority to the development of rural peoples. Beside Government, non-governmental organizations are also playing an important role in rural developmental activities.

The focuse of the research how is the utilization of internet as a learning source for Tarbiyah Students at IAIN Kendari. This study is descriptive qualitative research. The population of the research was taken from the students of Tarbiyah at IAIN Kendari, the researcher used purposive sampling. The technique of collecting data used open-closed interview. The technique of data analisis was applied by descriptive qualitative technique and presentation.

Multinational companies invest in the form of either greenfield FDI or merger and acquisitions and a massive empirical literature is available on determinants of aggregate FDI.The aim of this study is to extend the previous work through the analysis of panel data of five Asean countries, over the period 2002 to 2015, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and Vietnam in order to identify macroeconomic determinants of greenfield FDI.

Online shopping is an important revolution of the Internet retail marketing in this new digital era. It has attracted many users to try online shopping as a preferred shopping channel. The number of consumers preferring internet for their shopping needs has been constantly gaining importance mainly because of its easy convenience and availability at all time. As modern day consumers are running short of time many consumers do their transactions online.

Most of the inventive efforts offered by African American writers are to be located on the level of self-preservation and the attempt to regulate themselves where they are denied, in the society, and to complaint due to the secondary position of persons of African ancestry through their history in America. One of the great poets of African American descent was Nikki Giovanni who was capable of transforming Black Power into amazing Black Art using this art for the sake of defending herself and people due to her race-consciousness.

In the past libraries were regarded as store, houses of books they were not for use. Information is indispensable for any human activity aiming at social progress. ICT has developed to such a stage that it has given access. To information at fingertips. Developments in ICT have made significant impact on all spheres of human life. ICT libraries are also playing a very important role in facilitating access to global information and knowledge resources.

The study is about the retention factors in automobile components manufacturing industries in Coimbatore district. Industries to remain successful and competitive, it must keep its biggest assets; its people engaged and committed for the long term. This study examines the perspective of the employee to examine the morale of the employees and to identify the effective retention factors.

This article overviews the issue of interaction and its role in second language acquisition (SLA). The role of interaction in L2 learning and in second language classrooms has long been a controversial issue. The article first introduces some definitions of input and interaction hypothesis and then reviews the studies and researches concerning the interaction theory, its role in second language acquisition and its application in second language classrooms.

The development of this research work is due to the thought of reflecting on "search for divinity" as part of the principal theme of the doctoral thesis we have underway. In it, from discipline of the History of Art, we deepen on into the tourist activity, in particular the product called Cultural Tourism through the route of the Holy Grail, which extends from the city of Jaca in Aragon to the city of Valencia, in Spain.

The aim of this study is to theoretically investigate the relationship between interest and noninterest income impact on insolvency risk of banks. The study reveals that in case of U.S banking and financial holding companies, the relationship between noninterest income is positive but at certain level of diversification, is beneficial for banks. Whereas, in case of E.U countries noninterest income is beneficial for profitability and it reduces insolvency risk. These results are similar to the studies which are conducted on Asian and Emerging economies.

The objective of this work to estimate the monthly aridity index for the Piaui State. This index is given by the relationship between the amount of rain and reference evapotranspiration. It was used in this study daily data records of rainfall of 165 sites, 145 are located in the state of Piauí and the other in the states of Maranhão, Bahia, Ceará and Pernambuco. For the same locations was estimated monthly reference evapotranspiration by Thornthwaite Method, allowed to calculate the monthly index of aridity.

Today the needs present and future of public services are exponential, due to the increasing size of the population and the quality of services they require, derived from the above, is necessary generate proposals to collaborate with local, regional and national governments of Latin American nation. In addition to the projection of solutions that exceed the time limits of governments.

The study was conducted to assess the Mental Health Status of the adolescents of Jorhat district of Assam. Four hundred and twenty adolescents of aged 14-16 years from five private schools and five government schools were taken as the sample of the study. Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire (SDQ) both Teacher report and Self report was used to evaluate the mental health status of the adolescents. The tool consisted of five subcomponents namely Emotional symptoms, Conduct problem, Hyperactivity, Peer problem and Prosocial behaviour.

The main objective of this study is to explore university EFL instructors’ and students’ perception and motivation towards one-to-five team learning in Ethiopian public universities. To achieve this objective, relevant data were collected using a five point likert scale close- ended questionnaire (filled out by 28 EFL instructors and 80 third year English Language and Literature students). Results of the quantitative data were analyzed via frequency, percentage, mean and two tailed Pearson correlation using SPSS version 20.

Currently, Rwanda is engaged in a process of poverty reduction. It is in this context that the country considered its development in its Vision 2020. The study ascertained households’ perception towards the role of local government in community development in Rwanda. In order to meet the objective of the study, a total of 322 respondents comprising household’s heads participation in community development programmes and non-participation in community development programmes were selected through stratified random sampling technique participated in the study.

The quantitative analysis of drainage system is an important aspect of characterization of watersheds. Using watershed as a basic unit in morphometric analysis is the most logical choice because all hydrologic and geomorphic processes occur within the watershed. The geographical position of watershed is 300 14’ to 300 23’ N latitude and 780 37’ to 780 46’ E longitudes. The elevation of the watershed ranges from 605 m to 2278 m. The study was carried out using the method of Horton and Strahler, to rank the stream segments using ERDAS IMAGINE 9.1.

This report presents the results of a professorial research that analyzed the concept of public space from their observation as a collective right, as well as from the perspective of the people who use it for economic purposes, for which reference was usedthe Public Policy formulated by the city of Bucaramanga (aimed at the recovery of the Public Space), the sentences handed down by the Administrative Tribunal of Santander and some Administrative Courts of Bucaramanga, in the period 2008-2015, also statements of the Constitutional Court and the Council of State in the same period.

The paper entitled “Dalits as Homines Sacri: The Politics of Inclusive Exclusion in Select Dalit Poetry” is an attempt to read select Dalit poetical texts from an Agambenian perspective and thereby exploring the political underpinnings of inclusive exclusion suffered by dalits. Homo sacer is a Roman outlaw who is included in the juridical order in the form of exclusion; a figure that questions the nature of law and power. Agamben considers politics as the space where you translate your bare life (zoe) to good life (bios).

This case study is about Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., also known as PAL, an Indian FMCG which has registered phenomenal growth in the last 5 years. The case tracks the different factors which worked for Patanjali Ayurved Ltd (PAL) in the hyper competitive Indian FMCG sector. Main driving forc e behind Patanjali Ayurved Ltd is Baba Ramdev, an ascetic and yoga guru of Indian origin. The case narrates the growth of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd and key role played by Baba Ramdev to bring it to its present stage.

The standard protocol regarding traditional seafarers training was based first on theoretical teachings in the classroom, followed by practical training onboard the ship. This teaching method underwent profound changes in the 1980s, due to economical and practical reasons; reduction of crew size, improvement of technology and better access to simulator based training proved to be determining factors that changed the way training was completed.

Objectives: Chronic anal fissure is one of the most common disorder in the anal region. In the treatment, surgical methods and topical treatments are used together or as a single. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a new medical topical treatment combination and its comparison with lateral internal sphincterectomies in chronic anal fissure. Materials and Methods: A total of 144 chronic anal fissure patients, were divided into two groups.

Women empowerment is a process in which women challenge the existing norms and culture, to effectively promote their wellbeing. The main theme of the present study is to describe the aspects of women empowerment and to give an overview on the major steps taken by the nation in that connection and on the concept of Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The study highlights some of the main objectives of SHG’s with regards to women empowerment. The attempt was made by the researchers is to bring out the importance of women empowerment in the present scenario and involvement of SHGs in it.

Diagnostic tests for pulp vitality are indecisive in cases of traumatized teeth. The major drawback with present pulp testing methods is that, they measure the neural response and not the vascularity. This case report confirms the efficiency and reliability of pulse oximeter as a definitive diagnostic tool for determining pulp vitality status in recently traumatized permanent teeth with open apices.

Group A rotaviruses are the most common causative agents of acute gastroenteritis among the children less than 5 year of age around the world. This study was performed during 2014-2016 to detect electropherotype of group A rotavirus infection and characterize G genotypes circulating in Haryana. In the present study 300 stool samples collected from diarrheic children (<5 years of age) hospitalized in six major hospitals and medical college of Haryana. Rotavirus group A confirmation assay was done by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE).

The success of the endodontic treatment depends upon the fluid tight seal between the intraradicular space and the periradicular tissues, both apically and coronally which should prevent microleakage. In some cases according to periapical conditions indicated for periapical surgery where in this procedure includes exposure of involved apex by flap reflection, removal of necrotic tissue, resection of the apical end of the root, root end preparation and placement of retrograde filling restorative material.

Dysphagia can be due to a variety of causes in a psychological disorders. It could be globus hystericus, side-effect of anti-psychotic medication, manifestation of a psychotic disorder oroesophageal motility disorders likely to be “inherent” in psychiatric disorders. We report a case of dysphagia in a young lady with dysphagia as a singular symptom of her psychosis. We would specifically like to emphasize the need to look beyond hysteria and broaden the psychiatric differential diagnosis in such cases with ambiguous presentation of medical symptoms.

Background and Objectives: The contemporary results of open ventral hernia repair are not that satisfactory because of high rate of wound complications, recurrence rates and increased morbidity. Laparoscopic repair of ventral and incisional hernias (LIVH) can be accomplished in a simple, reproducible manner while dramatically lowering recurrence rates and morbidity. The aim of this study was to compare laparoscopic verses open ventral hernia repair. Materials and Methods: It was arandomized prospective study conducted over 1 and 1/2 years.

Introduction: Dental caries is the most common childhood illness with nearly half of children aged 2–19 have had dental caries in their teeth. Fluoride varnishes prevents dental caries by increasing remineralization. Aim: To determine substantive fluoride release from 3 different fluoride varnishes over a period of 6 months time. Materials and Methods: Sixty extracted human deciduous anterior teeth were divided into four groups, i.e., ClinproTM XT, Flouritop SR, Flourprotector and Control group.

Television, internet and video games are common forms of technology that are used for entertainment and because they all involve a screen they are sometimes referred to as “screen media.” A lot of TV, internet and video games are designed to engage children and youth through fast paced images and increasingly violent content. The aim of the study is to assess the effect of Electronic Media on physical activity and physical health among school age children in selected schools at Nellore. A quantitative descriptive survey research design was adopted.

Fabricating a crown with inadequate interocclusal space may be challenging to the clinician. Endodontically treated teeth with the loss of coronal tooth structure when left untreated for a long period may cause supraeruption, tipping, and rotation of adjacent and opposing teeth. This may be challenging to the clinician, when tooth with less remaining crown height is indicated for post and core followed by crown to restore normal anatomy, function and esthetics. Patients with reduced interocclusal clearance and having very steep incisal guidance are most difficult to manage.

Aims and Objectives: To assess cardiac manifestations in patients of dengue fever and to find out the correlation of cardiac manifestations with prognosis/warning signs of dengue fever. Methods: It was conducted at Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital, Bareilly in the Department of Medicine in the month of July to September 2016. Fifty patients of age 20 years or more with positive dengue serology were interviewed and examined after taking an informed consent. ECG was done for all patients and few suspected patients underwent echo evaluation.

Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare and locally invasive benign neoplasm found exclusively in the jaws. It commonly occur in the second and third decade. The mandible is more involved than maxilla. The lesion often grows without symptoms and presents as a painless swelling. The radiographic features are variable, and the diagnosis is therefore not easy. Radiographically myxomas appear as unilocular or multilocular radiolucencies. The radiolucent defect can contain thin, wispy trabeculae of residual bone which are often arranged at right angles to each other.

Aim of study: Etomidate and Propofol are popular rapid acting inducing agents. Present study is undertaken to compare the hemodynamic response to induction of anaesthesia with Etomidate and Propofol and various untoward effects on patients. Materials and Methods: A randomized study of Eighty ASA I and II patients of age group 18-60 years scheduled for elective surgical procedure under general anaesthesia were divided into two groups of 40 each receiving either Etomidate 0.3mg/kg or Propofol 2.5mg/kg as an inducing agent.

Background: Factors related to parental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour have been associated with parental abilities to promote adequate dental health behaviour in their children. Aim: To investigate the influence of behaviour of parents on their child’s oral hygiene among preschool children of Bhopal, India. Settings and Design: Cross sectional study conducted among the Pre-school children and their parents of Bhopal City, India. Materials and Medhods: The modified WHO oral health assessment proforma (1997) was used for this purpose.

Background: Occupational stress is becoming increasingly globalised. Research scientists, technicians and labourers are under stress due to irregular work pattern and prolonged working hours, making this group vulnerable to change their regular dietary habits and lifestyle.

The syndrome of apnea and obstructive sleep hypopnea (SAOSH) are respiratory disorders that occur during sleep, causing total or partial obstruction of the upper airway (UA). The etiology is multifactorial, mainly associated with obesity, craniofacial abnormalities and systemic diseases due to this therapy is multidisciplinary, requiring the exams for modified Mallampatti classification, Epworth Sleepiness Scale and polysomnography for the diagnosis and evaluation of severity of SAOSH.

India is the nation which is hub for patients to provide wealth to their health capturing many needy patients from different country for their various deceases, it made name in other country for health care in other country for providing right treatment with trained Doctors where they are specialized and researched in their field to get acquaintance with patients.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is geared towards the identification, evaluation, and modification of situation thoughts (i.e., automatic thoughts) that patients experience after diagnosis of cancer. The present study is to assess the effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy on depressed cervical cancer patients. Sample of 80 cervical cancer patients from various hospitals in Chennai are selected. All eligible patients completed the consent form, demographic sheet, and Hamilton depression scale (HAM-D).

There are a vast range of cases seen in the department of plastic and re-constructive surgery like road traffic accidents, trauma cases, burn injuries, animal bites. Trauma forms a significant part of the workload in plastic surgery. Delays to treatment currently exist and may result in poorer clinical outcomes. Despite an increase in provision of emergency plastic surgery trauma lists, the average wait for emergency plastic surgery is increasing (Khan et al., 2011).

Objectives: To evaluate size, shape, number of Haller’s cells and its correlation with maxillary sinus pathologies, nasal septum deviation. Study Design: 56 full FOV CBCT scans were retrospectively analysed. All the CBCT scans were obtained from same CBCT centre over a period of 6 months. Size of Haller’s cells were measured by measuring the maximum mesiodistal diameter on coronal slices of CBCT scans bilaterally. All the above scans were then analysed. Maxillary sinus pathologies were categorised as Mucosal thickening, Poypoidal thickening, Opacification.

Introduction: Enlargement of thyroid gland (goiter) is a commonly encountered endocrine problem in clinical practice and accurate preoperative evaluation of thyroid disorder becomes important for proper management of the patient. Epidemiological studies suggest an annual incidence of 0.1% to 1.5% of nodular disease. Aims and objectives: This study designs to determine the clinical parameters, probable clinical diagnosis and comparative results of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and definitive histopathology (performed postoperatively) of thyroid swellings.

Objective: To discuss treatment plane of Grad 2 Medial Meniscus Injury with Posterior Horn Contusion. Design: Case Study Main Outcome Measures: The management plan was structured into separate stages of progress between 3 different weeks. The improvement for each stage was measured. Results: At the end of the treatment plane the footballer gained full stability during multi-planned movement and he was able to balance on unstable-based devices.

Today mortality from SCI has declined dramatically partly owing to the improved management of urologic dysfunction associated with SCI. Neurogenic bladder dysfunction represents one of the most common and devastating sequelae of SCI.Urinary continence and volitional control of voiding influence a SCI patient’s potential for independence and the ability to function in the workplace. Early prediction of bladder function might optimize counselling and patient-tailored rehabilitative interventions.

We review the literature for the association between prenatal cannabis and its derivatives use onthe human development. The psycho-active ingredient in cannabis; is prenatally transported transplacentally and later is secreted in breast milk as well. It has been found to causephysical and neuro-behavioral consequences among children.Various scientific studies in pregnancy outcome and fetal growth; and neurological, cognitive and behavioral development among children borne by cannabis users.

Attrition is defined as the “Loss of a material or resource due to obsolescence or spoilage” Attrition in human resources refers to the gradual loss of employees over time. In general, relatively high attrition is problematic for companies. Human Resource professionals often assume a leadership role in designing company compensation programs; work culture and motivation systems that help the organization retain top employees. The attrition may be either voluntary or involuntary, though employer-initiated events such as layoffs are not typically included in the definition.

Introduction: Although temporomandibuular joint (TMJ) ankylosis is one of most commonly encountered condition it is also the most overlooked and under managed conditions in dental practice. TMJ forms the cornerstone of cranio-facial integrity and hence its ankylosis adversely affects the growth and development of the jaws and occlusion. Impairment of speech, difficulty in mastication, poor oral hygiene, rampant caries and acute compromise of the airway are the consequences of ankylosed TMJ. Aim: The aim of this article is to present review of cases of TMJ ankylosis seen in Nepal.

Today, pharmacy profession faced street drugs, which represent both a major public health issue and a serious threat for pharmacies viability. Such situation may under certain conditions, cause non compliance pharmaceutical practices, with respect to deontology rules. Our study which consist to compare deontology rules respect by holders in urban and suburb areas, has highlighted similarities and differences on some holders behavior.

We describe a 9 years old female with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus type 1 (DM1). She was noted to have a painless skin rash at leg which was provoked by mild trauma when she was 5 years of age. Biopsy showed granuloma annulare (GA) which is a rare skin manifestation of diabetes mellitus.

Background Iran is a tropical country and yet there is widespread vitamin D deficiency among our infants and children. Ourstudy was conducted toassess the Vitamin D statusinchildren in and around Iran. Methods This cross sectional study was conducted in196children from the newborn period to 18 ears of age. Under strict aseptic precautions 2 ml of blood was takenfrom each childand serum levels of 25(OH) Dlevels were measured by the direct ELISA method. Results Median age was 59 months (range 2–161); 3.1% were vitamin D deficient, 19.4% insufficient.

Objectives: To verify if the electrical stimulation (ES) associated with the training of the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) as conservative treatment reduces urinary incontinence (UI) in prostatectomy men. Patients and methods: Patients with UI were randomized into two groups: PFM Exercises (PFME group) and electrical stimulation exercises more PFM (EE + EPFM group), with a weekly frequency from twice to 20 sessions. Results: Five of the 20 patients EPFM group and 10 patients in the 15 EE group + EPFM become continents, or no longer needed daily use protectors contain urine lost.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an ecological disorder of the vaginal microbiota that affects millions of women annually, and is associated with numerous adverse health outcomes. The study aims: To evaluate the effect of intervention program on non Pregnant women's knowledge and genital hygiene practices regarding bacterial vaginosis. Research design: A quasi- experimental design was used in this study which conducted in Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic, at Zagazig University Hospital. Sample The study subject included 80 non pregnant women and diagnosed as bacterial vaginosis.

Vulval tumors are rare disease and account for 4% of gynaecological malignancies. (Newman and Fletcher, 1991) These rare tumors are disease of elderly age group. Primary vulval sarcomas account for 1-3% of vulval malignancies (Newman and Fletcher, 1991; Disaia et al., 1971; Curtin et al., 1995). The most common subtype is leiomyosarcoma of vulva. Few subtypes of vulval sarcomas are seen in adolesents and young adults. One of such rare type vulval sarcoma is epitheloid sarcoma. The epitheloid sarcoma variety of soft tissue sarcoma is seen in proximal and distal extremities of body.

Today’s era is the “Space Era”. Our body is very well acclimatized to the gravity that is experienced on the planet earth. Under such conditions the normal functioning of the human body tissues & the oral tissues takes place at 1-g (gravity) on exposure to the routine environment. The behaviour of these general body tissues & oral tissues gets totally altered when they are exposed to the situations of microgravity almost 0-g. Space travel in the long term & outer space habitat dwelling might become a reality of tomorrow.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Amartya Sen has said “Development should be a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy, in other words giving them the opportunities and choices that will enable them to take control of their own lives. So, it is not a case of talking about people or on their behalf; rather, the role of development policy is to help them articulate and assert their own interests and rights”. Indigenous knowledge is considered as the social capital of the poor.

The plastochron is an important parameter in the use of agricultural modeling for annual crops. The objective of this study was to determine the plastochron soybean cultivars in different spatial arrangements. Two experiments were conducted in the field, one in the crop year 2012/2013 and other 2013/2014. The cultivars used were BMX Ativa RR, BMX Turbo RR e BMX Potência RR and spatial arrangements 45, crossed, 20, 20x40, 20x60, 20x80 cm, with three replications.

Textiles and clothing are the most suitable interface between environment and human body. It can reflect, absorb and scatter solar wavelengths, but literature sources claim that, it does not provide full sun screening properties. The present work was conducted to develop UV protective fabric and evaluate the ultraviolet protection factor by comparing the finished with unfinished fabrics. Syzygium cumini (L.) leaves extract was applied on cotton knitted fabric by using pad-dry cure process.

Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) is originally from China, as the greatest Fabaceae economic importance in the world. Driven by the expansion of demand, particularly internationally, soybean began to expand more strongly in Brazil in the second half of the 70s. It began to be cultivated in Rio Grande do Sul, as a rotation option with wheat. The soybean producers sought to locate their production in higher regions, which usually occur mild temperatures.

This article is about the breeding behavioral pattern and natural incubation of of ostrich (struthio camelus) which were reared in the captive condition. Male and female attains maturity at 30 months and 24 months respectively. Walking, feeding and running are the most common behaviour in both sexes. Breeding season begins from august to march in southern hemisphere. During this season kantling (male), soliciting (female) and agonistic (male and female) displays are the predominant reproductive characters of ostriches reared in captive conditions.

The present study deals with the effect of heavy metals Zn, Cu, Pb and Cd on the total protein, DNA and RNA content from different soft body tissues like mantle, gills, digestive glands and whole soft body tissue of bivalves species, Lamellidens corrianus, Lamellidens marginalis and Parreysia cylindrical collected seasonally (summer, monsoon and winter seasons) from Gangapur reservoir during November 2010 to October 2011.

The physiological maturation, is characterized as the point where the vigor, germination and dry weight are the highest, indicating the ideal time to carry out the harvest in order to produce seeds of physiologically high quality. However, when harvested at this time, the plant is still in a relatively large amount of green and moist leaves and stems which substantially hinder the use of harvesters, besides having greater mechanical injury due to the high water content.

The current British Pharmacopoeia requirements, quality testing of Insulin glargine involves identification, related proteins, HMWP and assay by HPLC methods. RP-HPLC is used for tests on identification, related proteins and assay while SE-HPLC is the method of choice for determination of HMWP. Current BP 2015 method on determination of HMWP of the Insulin glargine employs two HPLC columns in series with run time of about 65 minutes. However, IP 2014 describes the HMWP test on Human insulin using single HPLC column with run time of about 35 minutes.

The evolution of the human diet over the past 10,000 years to our current modern pattern of intake has resulted in profound changes in the dietary behavior leading to lifestyle diseases reaching an epidemic proportion in industrialized countries, with similar trend being observed in developing countries. Foods contain a wide range of bioactive compounds with multiple physiological properties. Because of the importance of a healthy diet on lifestyle disease prevention and management, potential health benefits of naturally occurring bioactive compounds in foods are of greater interest.

Passeriformes bird’s are generally regarded as insectivorous bird’s. These avian predators play paramount role to control the insect pest population form different cropland and forest ecosystem.

An experiment was conducted to know the influence of biostimulants on growth, yield, quality and economics of chrysanthemum under naturally ventilated polyhouse at department of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, College of Horticulture, Mudigere during 2015-16. 12 biostimulant formulations in 2 different concentrations were used for the study.

A rapid, simple and reproducible protocol for in vitro multiple shoot induction and whole plant regeneration was developed from two cultivars of Lathyrus sativus L., viz. Nirmal B1 and a locally available variety. Cotyledonary node, shoot tip of five-day-old germinated seeds and nodal explant of ten-day-old seedlings were used as experimental material. The explants were cultured in Murashige and Skoog (MS) media fortified with different concentrations (0.125-2.5 mg/L) of 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP) and Thidiazuron (TDZ) for multiple shoot proliferation.

This study investigated in levels both the field and laboratory during the period of 2006 to 2014. Detailed distribution, phenology, taxonomy and propagules of the plant collected from natural population and further research carried out from the plants growing in RET plant conservatory of M. S. Swaminathan Botanic Garden. The screening of phytochemical constituents, proximate analysis, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties of methanolic leaf extracts of Beaumontia jerdoniana Wight were done and results tabulated here. The results of this study indicate that leaf extracts of B.

Phosphate sorption relating to soil properties in soils of Kohora watershed of Assam, India was studied. The soils were acidic in reaction with varying texture. Clay and CEC increased concomitantly down the slope. In all soils, Fe-P dominated over other P fractions contributing 29.9%. Phosphate adsorption data fitted better to Freundlich equation. Medium land soils had greatest affinity for P yielding highest sorption maxima (b = 2044.03 µg P g-1) and Freundlich K.

Knowledge of epidemiology provides the basic information to develop efficient and workable plant disease control methods. Environmental factors play an important role to disease development. The various weather variables such as temperature (T), relative humidity (RH) and rainfall influence different parameters of infection process and disease development. Interaction between these weather variables (independent variables) and disease development (dependent variables) pave the way for the development of the prediction models.

Spermadictyon suaveolens an ancient Indian herb used as a various medicinal products. In present investigation the callus induction of Spermadictyon suaveolens Roxb. were carried out by using Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium with different concentration of hormones. The explants, collected from the Matwan gaon, Taluka Dapoli, District Ratanagiri (Maharashtra) and grown on the garden of Department of Botany, University of Pune. The leaf explant respond well for callus and cell culture biomass by using MS with 1.2 mg/l TDZ.

The present study was focused on the evaluation of diazotrophic Azotobacter biofertilizer potential of strain on the growth of Sorghum bicolor. Two potential Azotobacter strains were mass cultured and used as diazotrophic biofertilizer for crop study with S.bicolor in various treatments as individual culture and its combination using pot culture for 30 days. The result of pot culture studies reveals that the combined application of Azotobacter Strain 1 and 2 increased the growth of Sorghum crop.

The tomato variety Anagha was raised in Ebb and flow hydroponic system (flood and drain system) at Department of Olericulture, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara to evaluate the ideality of growing media (coco peat, expanded clay pellets and pebbles). Plants grown in coco peat medium performed the best, followed by pebbles. The coco peat medium contained comparatively high amount of potassium and also possessed high water holding capacity. Performance of plants grown in expanded clay pellets was very poor.

Acampe rigida (Buch-Ham Ex. SW) P. F. Hunt an epiphytic orchid of N. E. India, has immense floricultural appeal. It is a robust species with 60-90 cm long stem bearing beautiful aromatic flowers of pale yellow colour with transverse crimson bands. Like many other orchids of this region, this species is also considered to be endangered due to large scale denundation of forest areas. So, in order to preserve it from possible extinction, attempts are made to multiply it through in vitro culture of seeds. BAP at concentration of 2.0 mg/ L. increased the number of seeds germination.

Bentonite is a clay mineral with high cation exchange capacity and it has been evaluated as an alternative sorbent in removing metals in diverse environments. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of bentonite clay in adsorbing copper present in lower quality water in radish, corn and pasture grass. The experiments were carried out in a greenhouse, with a completely randomized design with four replications. The experimental units were plastic pots with a capacity of 5, 14 and 8 kg of soil for radish corn and grass, respectively.

In Latin America, the socioeconomic models of development are generally based on the exploitation of natural resources with a poorly planned vision, they promote the expansion of the extraction and processing of activities of natural resources. Providing a greater environmental fragility while attacking the biodiversity ecosystem. There is the important need to balance the dynamic energy in the agro ecosystems.

This experiment was conducted to standardize the quantity of bulky and concentrated organic manures required for tomato as a substitute for the inorganic fertilizers. Solarization was done for a period of 6 weeks during April-May 2009, using 300 guage transparent polythene sheets. As per the schedule of treatments, basal dose of manures were incorporated before solarization. After the removal of trap, transplanting of solarized tomato seedlings were done on 3rd day leaving 2 days gap.

This study attempts to explore and focuses the framework for developing categories of an Airports in India. The airport is the gateway of any country. India’s aviation sector has undergone rapid transformation since the liberalization drive that began in 2003. The country has one state-owned airline, Air India, and eight private airline groups, which between them carried just over 70 million domestic and 17 million international passengers in 2014/15. Total passenger numbers handled at Indian airports were 190 million, making it one of the ten largest markets globally.

Face Recognition is the process of identification of a person by their facial image. This technique makes it possible to use the facial images of a person to authenticate him into a secure system, for criminal identification, for passport verification. Face recognition approaches for still images can be broadly categorized into holistic methods and feature based methods .Holistic methods use the entire raw face image as an input, whereas feature based methods extract local facial features and use their geometric and appearance properties.

In this communication a generalized measure of ‘useful’ information is defined which has a utility scheme and two probability distributions respectively. The recent development in information theory is described to the study of characterization results based on the purely functional equation approach. In this paper, a characterization theorem is proved here with help of a functional equation.

Analysis of the ground level ozone concentration is vital for the purpose of forecasting and in identifying the changes and impacts that are very crucial for an agro-based economy like the city of Chennai. The paper examines Ozone concentration and meteorology in Chennai at Koyambedu which is a major big Bus terminus. This will be very useful for further research and future researchers. A linear ARIMA model was used for the forecast of Ozone over the study area. The performance evaluation was also done to check the best fit model for forecast.

The five membered cyclic imide derivatives were synthesized by reacting succinic anhydride with different substituted aromatic amines to get 1-(N-methylpyridin-2-yl)pyrrolidine-2,5-dione.The six membered cyclic imide derivatives were synthesized by reacting glutaric anhydride with different substituted aromatic amines to get 1-(N-methylpyridin-2-yl) piperidine-2,6-dione. All these derivatives were screened for antimicrobial activities.

The dye Direct Black 168 was purified using ultrafiltration technology and water based ink-jet inks were prepared for digital printing applications. The suitability of the inks for novel printing applications was evaluated via measurement of pH, conductivity, surface tension and viscosity over a period of 90 days. The inks were applied to cotton and polyamide fabric by digital printing. Also, dyeing with the dye before and after ultra filtration was done. Colour measurements and fastness properties were performed for the dyed and digitally printed samples.

Dental informatics is a sub-discipline of biomedical informatics and is the implementation of information science to improve practice of dentistry, research, education and management. This is an interdisciplinary field which applies knowledge and techniques from other disciplines such as information science, computer science, cognitive science and telecommunications. Image processing, digital imaging, computerized patient history records, clinical decision support and teledentistry are some popular research topics in dental informatics.

The exponential growth of Internet due to the emergence of advanced applications and services has provided significantly enhancement to the educational domain, especially e-learning. Currently, e-learning becomes an attractive educational domain in which the acceptance progress and more people are taking courses based on the use this platform. Principally, e-learning platform uses Internet infrastructure which has become a site for illegal events and actions, particularly exposed to a set of intrusions or threats.

Investigation of the optical parameters of nanocrystalline TiO2/CoO Core-Shell Thin Films was done within the UV, Visible and NIR regions. XRD analysis confirmed orthorhombic nanocrystralline structure for TiO2/CoO Core-Shell Thin Films. The optical parameters of interest in this article were energy dispersion, refractive indices (n), reflectance (R) and extinction coefficients (k). The dependence of these parameters on the post deposition (annealing) temperature was particularly studied.

In the recent scenario of emerging infectious diseases, studies on immunomodulations as an effective and protective approach have become inevitable. Demand for safe therapeutic agents in the treatment of cancer is on the increase. The immunonature of the ethanol extract of Ecteinascidia venui was determined against Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) bearing Swiss albino mice. After tumor inoculation, the extract at the dose of 100, 150 and 200 mg/kg body weight were administered orally and compared with the standard drug Vincristin (80 mg/kg bw).

Pristine and indium doped ZnO thin films were prepared on fused silica substrate using chemical spray pyrolysis technique. All films were vacuum annealed at 4000C for three hours at a vacuum of 10-5mbar. The XRD analysis revealed a shift of preferred orientation from (002) to (101) direction at higher indium doping concentration. A minimum sheet resistance of 1.986 X10-2 Ωcm and a maximum transmittance of 93% were achieved for 2 at% indium doped ZnO films. The band gap of ZnO films showed an increase with doping concentration, majorly due to Burstein Moss effect.

In this work, iron nitride coating produced on CK45 steel by electrolytic plasma nitriding was investigated. Two types of electrolytes were used: electrolyte (A); 2 g/L Ca(NO3)2 + 2 g/L NH4NO3 + 6 g/L Na2CO3 and electrolyte(B); 2 g/L NH4NO3 + 2 g/L NaNO3 + 6 g/L Na2CO3. Structure analysis of the coating layers was investigated by X-ray diffractometer (XRD) and surface morphology by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Corrosion resistance of samples in 3.5% NaCl solution was evaluated by anodic potentiodynamic polarization and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

We find ourselves in the midst of a surge in big data use. The number of businesses, organizations, and institutions now utilizing big data solutions has exploded in recent years, as has the amount of data collected. By analysing big data many organisation are achieving Success. The main issues why these organizations are not begin their planning stage to implement the big data strategy because they don’t know enough about the big data and they don’t understand the benefits of big data. In this study, an attempt is made to review the role of big data in the business.

In the paper an overview on self – regulated thermal process and new its characteristics are provided. These specific characteristics of self – regulated thermal process are widely discussed concerning real and effective heat transfer coefficients and Kondratjev numbers Kn. It is underlined that the real heat transfer coefficients (HTCs) should be considered when calculating temperature fields during transient nucleate boiling process and they should refer to boiling point of liquid, not to bath temperature.

Polyhexamethylene Bisguanidine (PHMBG), a new compound with potential antibacterial activity was used as additive in the dyeing of cotton, wool and polyacrylonitrile fibres. The fastness properties and colour coordinates of the dyed samples were measured. The antibacterial agent applied by exhaustion with after treatment of the dyed fabrics did not affect the fastness properties of the dyeings while the colorimetric data of the dyed samples were slightly affected.

I had attempted to optimize the time needed to calculate the greatest common divisors in the Euclidean domain .

Ozonation of wood is considered as a pretreatment of vegetable raw materials with the aim of a subsequent cellulose processing. The process of ozone consumption by aspen wood of various moisture content (MC) was investigated. The data on wood and cellulose transformations in the course of wood ozonation are presented. Yields of ozonized wood, water-insoluble wood ozonationproduct (WOP), water- soluble ozonation products, and cellulose were found. The lignin and cellulose content in WOP was determined.

The shaping of kluiklui is the only unit step that has never been mechanized in the peanut processing into kluiklui. In order to reduce difficult working, the development of an extruder of kluiklui has been made. The method used combines functional analysis, product design, testing equipment, performance evaluation and sensory test. Materials in contact with the food product are made in stainless steel materials and wood that are adapted to food.

Natural forms of vitamin K include phylloquinone which is vitamin K1, and a family of molecules called menaquinones which is MKs or vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 deficiency may impair the activity of VKDPs and increase the risk of osteoporosis, fractures and heart disease. Phylloquinone is found at high concentrations in green leafy vegetables and certain plant oils, therefore the deficiency of it is very rare. But most menaquinones are usually found in animal livers and fermented foods.

In this paper, we have developed a deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items in which demand rate and holding cost are quadratic and linear function of time. During deterioration period, deterioration rate can be controlled using preservation technology (PT). In the model considered here, deterioration rate is constant, backlogging rate is variable and depends on the length of the next replenishment. Shortages are allowed and backlogged. An analytic solution which optimizes the total cost is derived. The derived model is illustrated with a numerical example.

Piliostigma reticulatum is a pioneer species of Sahelo Sudanian fallows. It contributes to degraded soils recovery. This study aimed to measure impact of P. reticulatum on fallows soils in north and south sudanian zones of Burkina Faso. Two fallows were used for experimentation: Saria site in north sudanian zone and Sala in south Sudanian zone. Soil samples were collected on soil layer 0- 20 cm under crown, limit of the crown with a control and followed four cardinal directions for chemical and biological analysis.

The present study discussed an agricultural production and productivity trend in India during the liberalization period from 1990-91 to 2014-15. Data on important variables like, Agricultural production, area under cultivation, yield and agricultural exports were compiled from the period 1990-91 to 2014-15. For analysis of this study were used the statistical tools like Simple Linear Regression Model, Semi- log model and annual growth rates.

Due to the fact that we are located in a historical geoghrapy, there has always been debate as to which criteria are needed for planning without disrupting the cultural texture. In order to provide those who live in a historical environment with the opportunities of contemporary life and to adapt the buildings and places into today’s needs and contemporary lifestyle, an interdisciplinary study is required.

The problem of water pollution by heavy metals is all over the world especially in developing countries. This problem of groundwater contamination with heavy metals becomes one of the most important environmental issues because some of these metals are toxic in their nature even at low concentrations. Groundwater is the major source of drinking water in urban and rural areas in Yemen, and is an important water supply source worldwide.

It is the developed countries with capitalism that creates luxury brands. However, there are many developing countries with people willing to buy luxury products. In 21st century of global economy, sales of luxury goods are ever increasing. Especially, in case of developing countries, as their income level increased, the demand for luxury goods has increased as well. However, increase in consumer’s income level cannot fully explain constant demand for luxury goods. So, behavioral economics that studies decision making psychology of consumers is needed.

Ethics in organisations now gets added focus due to the rampant violations of ethics seen in many quarters. Sometimes it becomes a moral catch-22 situation while comparing ethical and moral standpoints with financial gains. However, many organisations do stick to what they preach in and their business decisions are a reflection of their beliefs. This paper explores how a better workplace can be built (specifically based on the GPTW framework) by having robust ethical standards in organisations.

The world ‘land’ includes all the characteristics and qualities of the earth. Land may take many physical forms, plains, swamps, hills, mountains and valleys. It may have many kinds of vegetation such as forests, Prairie or tundra, and it may have anon of many kinds of climate, from hot to cold, from humid to arid with any inclusive ideas, especially one which has population as well as professional use. Land obviously means different things to different people.

Population growth of an area over a period of time is likely to create dynamic spatial mosaic. Such spatio-temporal demographic dynamics may be perceived through size and density growth of population in the concern area through different statistical measures. All the different measures prompt concentration, de-concentration and spilling of population in different segments of the area over time. This enquiry attempts to capture the reality of block wise size and density growth of Bankura district from 1951 to 2011.

Assamese folksongs have been originated from the Tribal culture of Assam and it collectively expresses the inherent traditional and cultural dimensions of Assam.

Purpose: To determine the role of magnesium in the changing of intensity of the expression of specific Gelatinase B in the gastric tissue in an experimental ulcer. Material and Methods: The experiment was performed on 24 white Wistar rats. The Acetate gastric ulcer was simulated according to Ocabe S. The Investigation of Gelatinase B by immunohistochemistry was performed by standard methods. The magnesium levels in plasma and lymph were determined with a special set (Lachema), while the content of magnesium in red blood cells was judged based on the reaction with titan yellow.

More than any other invention of our time, the Internet has unlocked possibilities we could just barely imagine a generation ago. And here's a big reason we've seen such incredible growth and innovation: Most Internet providers have treated Internet traffic equally. That's a principle known as net neutrality and it says that an entrepreneur's fledgling company should have the same chance to succeed as established corporations.

Work is a purposeful human activity which is directed towards the satisfaction of human needs and desires. It is obvious that work needs to be satisfying the job for a mutual beneficial relationship between employee and employer. Job satisfaction creates innovative ideas among the employees and thus individuals may become more loyal towards the organization. It is nothing but having a work environment where an employee’s activities become more important. This means implementing procedures or policies that make the work less routine and more rewarding for the employee.

The article explores the fundamental relation between economic growth and international trade. In addition, it analyzes the effects of export instability to financial growth. Based on the findings of the study is proved that there exists a long lasting relationship between exportinstability, income terms of trade instability, investment and economic growth. An effective strategy may contribute to governmental efforts in order to differentiate country’s international trade policy.

The article deals with the essence of the processes of integration and globalization taking place in the modern world, liberal options and models of globalization, negative and positive sides of influence of globalization having economic and social consequences. It is noted, that globalization means the transformation of national economy into a part of world economy, susceptibility to its external economic influence.

The objective of the present study was to know the administrative and cultural problems related to access, retention and learning of tribal children and from these problems drawing out the administrative and cultural adaptations. To study the problem four district of Gujarat Aravalli, Narmada, Dahod and Dang were selected randomly. From each district stakeholders like tribal children, their parents, teachers, Principals, SMC and community members, CRCC, BRCC, BRPs, TPEO and DPEO were interviewed and classroom activities and school activities were observed in 64 schools.

Introduction: This prospective study was done to determine the use and effectiveness of transabdominal ultrasound (TAUS) for intracavitary brachytherapy in carcinoma cervix. Materials and Methods: 20 patients of carcinoma cervix of stage II and III, treated with chemoradiation and intracavitary brachytherapy were assessed. Patients received external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) on Linear Accelerator to a total dose of 50 Gy in 25 fractions along with weekly Cisplatin. HDR Brachytherapy three fractions 7Gy per fraction, 3 fractions.

The present study was conducted to identify the bovine Mycoplasmas/Acholeplasmas on clinical examination and PCR based laboratory confirmation from 1590 buffaloes and 470 lung samples collected from Abattoir Karachi during 2014 to 2016. Clinical field survey along with macroscopic examination revealed that total 467 (13.48%) buffaloes had signs of respiratory distress including sticky nasal discharge, sunken eyes, dyspnea and fever. Out of 470 lung samples collected from slaughter house183 (16.76%) were found culture positive for Mycoplasma species.

Introduction: As we know it is difficult to remove plaque on all surfaces with the help of mechanical plaque control agents alone, hence there is need for chemical plaque control as an adjunct to mechanical plaque control methods. Unfortunately in low-income individuals who are unable to afford dental self-care products and thus research is required to provide efficacious and low cost plaque control agent.

Glass ionomer Cement is the most commonly used restorative material in pediatric dentistry because of its desirable properties such as anticariogenic action due to fluoride release, biocompatibility, chemical bonding to tooth structure and ease of manipulation. A 12 month follow up study was done to evaluate the success and failure rate of glass ionomer restoration in various types of cavities in different teeth. Children of age group 6-7 years having similar diet, life style, water supply and under supervised oral hygiene maintenance were selected from a residential school for this study.

Background: Maternal and child health services are appropriate measures put in place to tackle maternal and child mortality. Aim: To determine the degree of utilization of maternal and child health services among child bearing mothers accessing tax-supported health facilities in Southeast Nigeria and to verify the null hypotheses of no significant differences. Methods and Materials: A descriptive survey research was conducted on 650 child bearing mothers accessing tax-supported health facilities in Southeast Nigeria using convenient sampling procedure.

Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the tensile bond strength of denture adhesives with respect to time interval of upto 12 hours. Material and methods: 40 pair of cylindrical acylic resin samples with flat ends was fabricated with the help of brass moulds for dimensions 20mm diameter and 20mm height. Commercially available denture adhesives such as Fittydent, Secure and Fixon in powder form were tested with artificial saliva.

Objective: We conducted the study to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of image guided FNAC of benign and malignant disorders of lung. Materials and Methods: Over a period of one year 71 Sonography and CT-guided cases were collected. Results: Out of 71 cases, 51 cases (72.85%) were male and 20(27.15%) were female. The youngest patient was 25 years old whereas the oldest was 92 years old. Malignancy was the predominant lesion found in this study with 48/71 cases (67%). Among the malignant lesions, adenocarcinoma was the commonest malignancy followed by squamous cell carcinoma.

Masticatory function, aesthetics is affected due to tooth loss. Loss of dentition leads to constant remodelling and bone loss is inevitable. The main aim of tooth supported overdenture is to preserve the alveolar bone and maintenance of proprioception. Improved retention, stability, decrease in alveolar bone resorption can be achieved by tooth supported overdenture.

Introduction: For the management of diabetes pharmacological treatment alone will not produce excellent result. For proper control of fluctuating blood glucose level, every individual must be counseled on life style modifications, diet and exercise. To prevent diabetes complication, a patient must be aware of basic knowledge of diabetes. Aim: The main objective of the present study was to evaluate the knowledge of diabetic patients residing in derayans community regarding diabetes, associated risk factors, complications and management.

Purpose: The clinical decision as to whether an endodontically treated (ET) tooth requires a post and a crown possess a challenge to dental practitioners.It is agreed that the successful treatment of a badly broken down tooth with pulpal disease depends not only on good endodontic therapy, but also on good prosthetic reconstruction of the tooth after endodontic therapy is completed.Restoration of teeth after endodontic treatment is becoming an integral part of the restorative practice in dentistry.

Malignant lymphomas of lymph nodes are rare entities in maxillofacial region. The extranodal Hodgkin’s and Non- Hodgkin’s lymphomas account for 10 – 20 % of all lymphomas; with an incidence of 0.1 – 5% in oral cavity. Those involving salivary glands are uncommon, and account for less than 5% of lymphomas with parotid gland being most frequently involved. These neoplasms pose a great challenge for clinicians and their prognosis is based on early clinical diagnosis and immunohistochemistry.

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a chronic progressive disease affecting a significant proportion of the population and becoming an epidemic worldwide. Increasing evidence in both experimental and clinical studies suggest oxidative stress (OS) plays a major role in the pathogenesis of both types of diabetes mellitus and its complications. OS leads to damage of cellular biomolecules such as lipids, proteins and DNA. OS enhance the extent of DNA damage.

Introduction: Common bile duct stones are found in 10-15% of patients having gall stone disease and the incidence increases with the age, both in India and in western countries.Since the majority of common bile duct stones are secondary to gall bladder stones, their incidence is more in Northern India. Aim of this study is to know the incidence of choledocholithiasis in our institute. Aim and Objective: To study the incidence of common bile duct stone in patients having gall stone disease in Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi.

Introduction: In the field of Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopeadics, for correct treatment of various malocclusions, diagnosis of facial skeletal type is very crucial. Sometimes results obtained from lateral cephalograms are not sufficient to determine the facial skeletal pattern. Hence, the relationship between size of sella turcica and various skeletal patterns can help in determining the skeletal type and can help in taking precise decision for treatment planning.

Purpose: To analyze the contribution of Visual Inspection with iodine (VILI) as a visual method for cervical cancer screening. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted during five years, in the department of obstetrics and gynecology and the division of pathology, anatomy cell biology of the Teaching Hospital of Brazzaville. Were included, women who agreed to undergo a visual screening, and in whom biopsies were performed.

Objectives: Diaper dermatitis is a prevalent disease all over the world, regardless of social and economic conditions. In some cases, it can lead to troublesome situation for parents and babies. Conventional treatment is applied successfully. In surgery, Povidone-iodine impregnated drape is used to reduce the surgical wound infection due to it has broad antifungal and antibacterial properties. Additionally, it has barrier properties in the mechanical trauma during cleaning and irritation of the urinary and stool.

Reproductive problems of caprine, ovine, bovine and equine significantly reduce their productivity which is of great concern of production worldwide, because most reproductive problems adversely affect the future fertility. A four year retrospective study of reproductive problems of caprine, ovine, bovine and equine presented to Nyala Veterinary Hospital, South Darfur State, Sudan was conducted with the objective to determine the prevalence of reproductive problems in study animals between January 2012 and December 2015.

Background: Zinc as a second trace element of human body plays an essential role in numerous function. Abnormality in the metabolism of zinc in renal problem especially nephrotic syndrome is well documented. We aim in this research to measure the serum zinc level in patients with relapsing nephrotic syndrome. Patient and method: A hospital based case control study that conducted at nephrology clinic at Al-Sadder and AL-Zahra teaching Hospitals for period between 1stJanuary 2013 to end of October 2013.

Objective: To observe effects of transplantating allogenic bone marrow mono-nuclear cells on apoptosis in cardiomyocytes of rats after acute myocardial infarction. Methods: 30- Healthy, male wistar rats were randomly divided into 2 groups, control and transplant group, n=15 each. As soon as myocardial infarction (MI) model was established, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium-low glucose (DMEM-LG) medium and BM-MNCs labeled with Bromodeoxyuridine (BrDU) were injected in the peri-infarct area in the control and transplant group respectively.

Accessory and Cavitated Uterine Mass is a rare congenital anomaly seen in young females, present with chronic recurrent pelvic pain and progressive dysmenorrhea. It is an haemorrhagic fluid filled cavity lined by endometrium and myometrium, most commonly located below the round ligament and does not communicate with normal uterine cavity. The ultrasound and MRI are two important tool in diagnosing this rare disorder. A 21 year old nulliparous female presented to us in OPD with complains of severe dysmenorrhea and pain in left iliac fossa since 5 months.

This case report describes the orthodontic treatment of a 16 year-old woman with a skeletal Class III malocclusion. Nonsurgical orthodontic treatment of the patient with true & pseudo Class III malocclusion, reverse overjet, increased overbite is described. Although the treatment options included an orthognathic approach, high cost of the surgical procedure was the main reason for extreme dental compensation to have been performed. Intermaxillary Class III elastics were used to correct the malocclusion at the expense of increasing the initial dental compensation.

The benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a (noncancerous) malignant growth in the size of the prostate. This enlargement of the prostate gland is produced by a relative increase in estrogen (female hormones) on testosterone (male hormone), which appears in men with age. Objective: To determine the relationship of PSA, with the size of the prostate in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia admitted to General Hospital de Candelaria Campeche during the period from September 2015 to June 2016.

In grooves, developmental groove become reason for periodontal disease involvement and progression. Maxillary incisors shows common occurrence of labiocervical grooves, which can Predispose to localized periodontal tissue involvement. Cervical grooves act as a locus for plaque accumulation and can cause localized periodontitis. The clinician should have an eye for early detection of such defects to prevent further tissue loss and early control of disease spread.

Generalized aggressive periodontitis is a form of periodontitis which shows rapid destruction of periodontal tissues. Subjects tend to lose their teeth early in life due to the severity of the destruction and it often has led to challenge in prosthetic rehabilitation of such patients. In the present study two case have been discussed which were diagnosed with generalized aggressive periodontitis and implant supported prosthesis was planned.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the Phyto -constituents present within the different extracts of Clitoria ternatea root and to estimate total phenols, total flavonoids and anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory activities. Phytochemical studies confirmed the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, alkaloids, glycosides, resins, steroids, saponins, phenols, flavonoids were analyzed using spectro photometric technique, based on Folin - Ciocalteau reagent and aluminium chloride colorimetric assay, respectively. Gallic acid was used as for total phenols and Rutin for total flavonoids.

The authors return a case of observed bilateral mammary tuberculosis to him fallen from Brazzaville in Congo, at a teenager of 19 years flot possessing identified other bacillary localization. Clinical picture makes swilling of the two breasts, having evolved toward an abscess fistulised. The diagnosis has been assured by an anatomo-pathological exam. The recovery has been gotten after medico-surgical treatment.

Background and objectives of study: Varicose veins of lower limb is a common clinical manifestation, which starts early in the life but assumes an innocent course for variable length of time. The adult prevalence of visible varicose veins is 25–30 per cent in women and 15 per cent in men. This study intends to know the predisposing factors, management of varicose veins of lower limbs effectively and to prevent its complications. Methods: 150 patients admitted to the hospital, who met with inclusion and exclusion criteria were subjected to detailed clinical examination and investigation.

Aims & Objectives: To compare the outcome of penetrating trauma versus blunt abdominal trauma patients coming to emergency ward in RIMS, Ranchi. Methods: A total 50 cases of abdominal trauma were studied out of which 32 were of blunt trauma and 18 were of penetrating abdominal trauma. All underwent exploratory laparotomy and outcome of the cases were studied. Results: Penetrating injuries mostly led to early rush for hospital, early exploratory laparotomy and hence better prognosis.

The purpose of study was to explore correlation if there exists any between resilience and self esteem, resilience and emotional competence and emotional competence and self esteem. 289 victims of Kashmir Flash Floods (2014) served as participants, who were selected through purposive sampling. 14-item resilience scale (RS-14) developed by Wagnild (2010) was used to assess the resilience of participants.

Living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) is now routinely performed upon a lack of liver grafts from deceased donors. In addition to surgical technique, anesthetic management for LDLT is also important for both the safety of recipients and good surgical outcomes. Three phases, which are preanhepatic, anhepatic, and neohepatic phases, constitute the process of LDLT. Recipients, who already have physiological derangements caused by a nadir of hepatic function, encounter physiologically challenging conditions specific to each phase.

Background: True solitary nodule occurs in 4-8% of the population and in autopsy it is seen in 50% of cases. The prevalence of thyroid nodule increases with age and women have a higher prevalence than men. Seventy percentage of solitary thyroid nodules are benign, indeterminate15%, malignant 5%, nondiagnostic in 15%. Increasing numbers of nodules are being detected serendipitously because of rising use of imaging technique.

Background: Triple negative breast carcinoma (TNBC), defined as tumors negative for ER, PR and Her 2 Neu receptors with distinct clinical entity characterised by aggressive behaviour, no specific targeted therapy and poor outcome. Aims and objectives: 1. To study clinicopathological variable in TNBC 2. To study outcome of different modalities of management in TNBC. Materials and Methods: A retrospective study was conducted based on hospital records in Department of General Surgery between March 2012 and October 2014.

Purpose: Oxidative stress plays a causative role in pathogenesis of periodontal disease. It has been reported that Spirulina platensis or its active ingredient C phycocyanin (CPC) exerts anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and inhibitory effects on prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis. So aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of dietary spirulina as an adjunct to SRP on salivary antioxidants level in CP subjects.

Ankyloglossia (more commonly called “tongue-tie”) is a congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormally short lingual frenum, which may restrict tongue tip mobility. Ankyloglossia in the pediatric age group is a subject of ongoing controversy among various professional individuals as well as specialty groups. Oral surgeons, pediatricians, speech therapists, Otolaryngologists and lactation consultants may all voice different opinions regarding the various aspects of ankyloglossia (AG).

The purpose of the present case report is to illustrate the possibility of inserting immediate implants into the fresh extraction socket in the infected site with the presence of a pre-existing periapical lesion. The case report : A 50-year-old man, presented with a periapical lesion developed on the labial side of right maxilla. The radiograph showed a radiolucent image in the periapical region of 11 12. Extraction and implantation including bone grafting to substitute 11 and 12 had been performed in two appointments.

Objective: To estimate the frequency of trauma and treatment induced nerve injuries in cases of displaced supracondylar humerus fractures in children. Materials & Methods: This retrospective observational study was conducted in department of orthopedics, Liaquat National Hospital from January 2011 to December 2015. All the cases of displaced supracondylar humerus fractures in the above mentioned period treated at our institute were analyzed.

Background: Despite major redevelopments and changes to existing health care delivery infrastructure a range of pathologies and associated health problems prevail that impact on society as a whole. Many of these diseases and health problems are directly attributable to lifestyle choices and environmental factors. One of these diseases is Schistosomiasis (also known as bilharzias), a condition still prevalent in countries such as Nigeria, with school age children most commonly affected.

Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the chest radiographs of patients having history of crystalline silica dust exposure while working in mines and further to evaluate these findings with respect to the duration of exposure to silica dust and finding correlation between the two. Materials and Methods: Data for the study was collected from 258 patients having crystalline silica dust exposure while working in the mines in Nagaur, Ajmer and Bhilwara districts of Rajasthan, who presented to J.L.N. Medical Collage, Ajmer with respiratory complaints.

Background-The relationship of stress and chronic periodontitis was assessed using serum cortisol levels. Aim – To evaluate the relationship between stress and chronic periodontitis by estimation of serum cortisol levels. Settings and design- A case control study having 30 cases of chronic periodontitis and 30 age and sex matched healthy controls. Methods and materials- stress analysis was performed using standardized questionnaire method, social readjustment rating scale (SRRS).

Background: Teeth exposed to thermal stress have the potential of not only aiding in identification but also understanding circumstances surrounding the fire. Paucity of research on the effect of deciduous teeth exposed to high temperatures necessitates research in this area. Aim: The present study therefore aims to investigate the type and extent of microscopic and macroscopic changes that can occur in deciduous teeth when exposed to high temperatures.

Presently, cell salvage or autologous transfusion has been incorporated in various surgeries including orthopedics. Especially in spine, hip revision and pelvic surgeries as the anticipated blood loss is always high. In this paper, we review the literature in regard to cell salvage in orthopedics surgery. In terms of indications, contraindications, cost effectiveness and complications. We performed a literature search on PubMed and included the relevant articles.

Vascular transformation of sinuses is characterized by a conversion of lymph node sinuses into a complex network of anastomosing endothelial-lined channels. It is an incidental finding in lymph nodes excised during tumor surgery. Vascular transformation of sinuses is an unusual vaso proliferative lesion that is mostoften found in intra-abdominal lymph nodes removed in lymphoma staging procedures and in axillary lymph nodes removed after radical mastectomy3. A patient with vascular transformation of sinuses involving the femoral node following varicose vein is been reported.

Background: Diabetes mellitus (DM) has acquired an epidemic form and requires immediate attention. Depression is found to be common among patients with diabetes and it is associated with poor outcomes in disease control. However, the data on this important relationship are limited from North–Eastern India. Aims: To study the prevalence and severity of depression in diabetes and to identify its correlation with sociodemographic variables, glycaemic control and other factors.

Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a common malignant tumor occurring with increasing frequency among individuals. The survival rate of oral cancer is 60-80% if detected during its early stages; however this number drops to 30-40% when the cancer is diagnosed during advanced stages. Direct contact between saliva and the oral lesion makes measurement of tumor markers in saliva an attractive, non-invasive, chair-side diagnostic/prognostic aid and alternative to serum testing.

Dental pulp consist of vascular connective tissue contained within the rigid dentin walls. It is the principal source of pain in the oral cavity and also a major site of attention in endodontics and restorative procedures. Thus the knowledge to pulp is essential not only for providing dental treatment but also to know the rationale behind the treatment provided.

Gardener et al. in 1987 described Glandular odontogenic cyst as an uncommon developmental odontogenic cyst. It may manifest as an intra-bony solitary or multilocular cyst of odontogenic origin. It has a high rate of recurrence similar to that of the keratocystic odontogenic tumor. The increased recurrence rate shall be due to its multilocular nature, intrinsic behaviour and incomplete removal of the lining. We report a case of large glandular odontogenic cyst in the anterior mandible treated by enucleation followed by chemical cauterisation with carnoy’s solution.

Untill now we can not drive and regulate the intensity of metabolism reaction during diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterinemia to more usefull needed direction because we do not know in which place of cells are existed driving point of regulations subjected to action of such kinds of manipulation and medicaments.

Background: Fluorosis may change the mineralisation of the teeth. For this the first study was done by Vandana K L in 2007 to assess the dentinal surface changes in fluorosed teeth after chemical root biomodification. Aim: To compare dentinal surface changes in fluorosed and non-fluorosed teeth after application of EDTA and Tetracycline Hydrochloride. Materials and Methods: Thirty two human teeth extracted due to advanced periodontal disease and orthodontic treatment planning was used in this study.

Background: Sacrococcygeal Teratomas (SCTs) are germ cell tumors arising from sacrococcygeal region containing derivatives of all three germ cell lines. It is predominantly affecting neonates, infants and children along with female preponderance. Classifying SCTs according to its location and histological grading in respect to presence of immature elements are helpful in early diagnosis and therapeutic decisions, providing better outcome.

The most common mode of transmission of pathogen from patient to patient and within healthcare environment is healthcare worker’s hand. So the hand hygiene is very important measure for preventing the spread of infection and antibiotic resistance. This study aims to evaluate the knowledge and awareness about hand hygiene practice among dental students in puducherry.

Introduction: Klotho, an anti-aging protein primarily expressed in the kidney is the suppressor of the expression of multiple aging phenotypes. Aims and Objectives: Present study aimed at analyzing the soluble alpha-Klotho levels in serum, prevalence of its KL-VS (F352V) and promoter (G-395A) polymorphisms in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients & controls and their influence on soluble alpha-Klotho levels. Materials and Methods: CKD (N=100) and healthy Controls (N=97) were enrolled for the study.

Urethral mucosa prolapse before menarche and so in the child is an uncommon entity that affects the distal urethra and is rarely diagnosed. It is associated with significant morbidity and there is a danger of urethral loss if appropriate treatment is not initiated promptly. Here we manage a case of urethal prolase by medical management. Case report: A Patient of age 7 yr belonging from low socio ecomnomical condition presented in our OPD with a complain of vaginal bleeding & painful micturation for 1 month.

Hundred and eighty broiler chicks were divided into three treatment groups of six replicates each to study the effect of dehulling sorghum grains as a method of reducing its tannin content on broiler performance and carcass characteristics. Three isocaloric, isonitrogenous diets were formulated to contain whole sorghum grains (A), dehulld sorghum grains (B) and equal proportion of dehulled and whole sorghum grains (C). Diets were randomly divided into the three chicks treatment groups.

Hand on experience (result demonstration), adoption rate, constraint faced and suggestion are important part to boost the production and economic wellbeing of dairy farmer. The result demonstration on feeding bypass fat to dairy animals showed higher milk production and milk fat%. Adoption study revealed that feeding colostrums to newly born calves, milking time and milking intervals had higher adoption (64-71%), whereas feeding bypass fat to dairy animals had lower adoption (19%).

Consumption of refined and fast foods along with the lifestyle modification and stress has compounded to the problem of premenstrual syndrome in majority of women of reproductive age. Various studies have pointed out that there is alteration in the iron, calcium and magnesium levels among women with and without premenstrual symptoms. The present study was aimed at formulating a health mix cookies made of locally available cereals and pulses that supply good amount of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and B-complex vitamins.

Lindane; an organochlorine pesticide has been used in agriculture and domestic purposes for several years. The aim of present study was to analyze the oxidative effect of lindane which caused biochemical and ultrastructural changes in adult male wistar rats and to evaluate the possible protective effect of curcumin. Tissues damage was assessed by histopathological observation. Curcumin plays an important role as an antioxidant and is consequently expected to protect tissues from damage caused by reactive oxygen metabolites. Rats were divided into seven goups.

Nitrogen is the most required and limiting nutrient in the yellow passion-fruit yield. Fertilization through irrigation water provides more rational and efficient use of fertilizers. This study aimed at assessing productive and qualitative parameters of yellow passion-fruit based on different sources and doses of nitrogen through fertigation in Vale do Gurgueia – PI. The experiment was conducted from June 2013 to August 2014 in the city of Cristino Castro – PI. The experimental design was randomized and arranged in a 2 x 5 factorial scheme, with four replicates.

The investigation was carried by planting tissue culture banana plants of cultivar Grand Naine. The highest pseudostem height (234.51 & 233.51cm) at shooting stage was recorded in S2 (2 x 1.25 x 1.25 m) and F1 (100 % RDF) and their interaction compared to other treatments.

Over 40% of the world population lives in area where plasmodium infection is common including Pakistan. Pakistan is endemic for Plasmodium infections and incidence rate is one case per thousand populations. These parasites not only decrease the Hemoglobin level but also reduce immunity. The present study was based on identification of anemia due to plasmodium among conceived women of district Mardan.

This study was carried out in order to identify and characterize the transition region between juvenile and mature wood of Tectona grandis L.f. with 17 years old, from the PU farm, located at Urutaí, Goiás, Brazil. The regions of juvenile and mature wood were characterized by anatomical studies - length of axial fibers using discs obtained at the DAP trees, following the recommendations of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. The fiber lengths were obtained from a diagnosis and image analysis equipment.

Taxonomic classification of vertebrates and invertebrates is one of the most important and challenging method for biologists. Previously, species discovery and taxonomic classification were based on morphological features, ecology, reproductive isolation, or behavior. However, most species remain unidentified due to the slow progress and lack of expertise in the relevant field. Furthermore, there is very little morphological variation in cryptic species, making it difficult to discriminate between them.

The contamination of soil and water with toxic metals as aluminum (Al) is an obstacle to agricultural crops resulting in productivity losses of the affected plants. The objective of this work was to evaluate aluminum tolerance of chia during the germination process. Seeds were placed on paper embedded in an aqueous solution of aluminum chloride at concentrations of zero, 30, 60, 90 and 120 mg L-1. The parameters evaluated were germination percentage, first count, germination speed index, and length and dry mass of seedlings.

This study was conducted at the seed quality analysis laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Assunção. Sunflower seeds (Helianthus annus) L. were exposed to stationary magnetic fields with different intensities and exposure times aiming to evaluate the influence of static magnetic fields on seed germination and vigor. The variables analyzed were germination, shoot length and root length. The results showed a positive effect on shoot length when seeds were magnetized.

Background: Gerbera hybrid seeds were obtained by half sib mating and the lines were raised in half strength MS medium. The response of in vitro leaf explants of Gerbera jamesonii to callusing and regeneration was recorded when cultured on full strength Murashige and Skoog's (1962) media supplemented with different concentrations of 2,4-D or BAP or IAA and Kinetin. Leaf explants cultured on MS medium fortified with equal concentration of BA (1 mg l-1) and 2, 4-D (1 mg l-1) produced green and greenish white granular callus within 25 days.

India is predominantly a nation of small farms. Small and marginal farmers are the main providers of food and nutritional security to the nation and face a number of challenges. To meet these challenges, the sector needs to use knowledge more intensively and put innovations to use in the shortest possible time. Innovations play an important role in increasing food production and optimizing resource utilization by farmers. Despite herculean extension efforts, there is still a wide gap between agricultural technologies developed at research institutions and their adoption by farmers.

The praying mantids (Order Mantodea, Class Insecta) are a group of over 2500 carnivorous polyneopteran insects distributed in tropical and subtropical habitats of the world, from the rainforest to the desert ground. The order Mantodea comprises over 20 families, out of which the family Hymenopodidae, commonly known as flower mantids or orchid mantids is the most attractive with brilliant colours and camouflaging adornments and often mimic flowers.

This study fits into the framework of the valorisation of the resources of the region of Al Haouz-Rhamna (central Morocco), medicinal plants and their traditional uses. Also, this ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants has been carried out in this region, with a view to establishing the catalog of medicinal plants to diuretic property anti-gallstones and used in traditional medicine in the said region. The information requested have focused on the plant, its local name, its parts used, its toxicity and medical practices relating in the region studied.

Flamboyant [Delonix regia (Bojerex Hook.) Raf.] is an exotic forest species highly adapted to the Brazilian edaphoclimatic conditions; thus; it has been widely used in afforestation of parks and streets in all Brazilian regions due to its high ornamental value. Therefore, this work aims to determine the main physical and biometric characteristics of the Delonix regia fruits and seeds and establish correlation estimates among the variables. Ripe fruits of D. regiawere collected in fifteen seed trees, in Cassilândia, MS, Brazil.

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act-2005 provides the enhancement of livelihood security to each household in rural areas and put emphasis on conservation of land and water. Many studies unfolds its positive outcomes such as social benefits viz.

Objective: Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of iron oxide nanoparticles prepared by of Passiflora foetida aqueous extract. Methods: Iron Oxide nanoparticles (Fe2O3 NPs) were synthesized by the reduction of iron chlorides using phyto-chemicals as bio-reductants. The synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles was confirmed by UV-Vis spectrophotometry and the average particle size was determined by X-ray diffractometry (XRD). Morphology of the synthesized Fe2O3 NPs was identified using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

AlternantheratenellaColla (Amaranthaceae), commonly called “Joy weed”. They are use as food and medicinal properties by folk and ethnic communities. The correct identity of aerial parts of the plants plays a pivotal role in the stability of herbal preparation. The epidermal trichomes act as a marker and taxonomic significance of plant identification. They exhibit more diversity of their distribution, type, form, size, structure and function.

A trypsin- like protease was purified and characterized from the mid guts of Helicoverpa armigera using ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration on QAE- sephadex column. The protease activity was found to reside in two protein peaks. High BAPNAase activity was associated with a second peak eluted with 0.3M NaCl. The enzyme was found to be homogeneous by the criteria of native PAGE. SDS-PAGE analysis in the presence of 2-mercaptoethaonol gave a single band corresponding to a molecular weight of about 30.4 kDa.

Aiming to increase the yield and quality of tomato and pepper fruits, alternatives are sought, such as the use of biostimulants applied to the seed. The objective was to evaluate the effect of the application of different doses of a biostimulant on the physiological quality of tomato and pepper seeds. The research was carried out in the period between March and July 2016 in the Laboratory of Seed Quality Analysis of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of the National University of Asunción.

Green leafy vegetables being the treasure trove of micronutrients finds a place in combating the menace of nutritional anemia. Green leafy vegetables are used since ancient periods as source of food as they contain many nutrients and minerals which are helpful in maintaining human health. Methodology: Based on the consumption pattern of micronutrient rich foods among the target population (adolescent), three green leafy vegetables namely Araikeerai (Amaranthus tristis), Manathakkali (Solanumnigrum), Thandukeerai (Amaranthus gangeticus).

Infestations of virus vector insects have caused a significant increase in the production cost of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus). However, the lack of knowledge about these species, especially of thrips associated with the crop, difficult the establishment of management strategies. Thus, this study aimed to identify the trips species associated with watermelon crop in the state of Tocantins, in Central Brazil. Thrips specimens were collected in four municipalities during the harvests of 2013 and 2014, mounted in permanent microscope slides and identified following taxonomic key.

Paper aims to evaluate the effect of aqueous extracts of Baccharistrimera (Less.) DC. and Bacchariscoridifolia DC. on the germination of seeds of Eragrostisplana Nees These results show that gorse and myo-myodecrease the germination of tough love grass seeds, when appliedseparately, being effective to control this invasive species.

This plant evaluates the antifungal activity of methanolic extract of Putranjiva roxburghii Wall. of Euphorbiaceae. For centuries plants are used as food and medicine. The present study focuses on the antifungal activity of leaves of P. roxburghii. Strains of Aspergillus candidus, Chrysosporium tropicum, Rhizopus stolonifer, Microsporum canis and Trychorphyton rubrum are the fungal strains used to check the mode of action. Methanol leaf extract (sample1) showed highest activity against M. canis strain than methanol bark and methanol root extracts.

Despite growing concern for the decline of sacred groves, measures for implementation of the various conservation strategies suggested by various organizations and researchers are still on the rough track. This study was conducted in West Khasi Hills and East Khasi Hills districts of Meghalaya using standard social science methods. It was found that several sacred groves of the district have been immensely degraded and a good number of them have lost their sacredness with time. Some of them have been converted into community forests while others have been commercially exploited.

Environment provided by the parents, parental behaviour, their interaction with the child and other related factors such as socio personal and economic factors tend to influence the development of children. Many psychologists believe that three to six years in the life of an individual is the most important period of development especially for psychosocial wellbeing. The psychosocial and environmental variables are uniquely related to the development of young children (Jose, 1997).

Aim: The aim of this study is to apply experimental design to optimize extraction of total flavonoid and total antioxidant from Dacryodes edulis leaves. Study Design: D. edulis leaves were collected from March to April 2016 around Agboville in the southern part of Cote d’Ivoire. Afterwards, the leaves were transferred to the laboratory for drying. Place and Duration of Study: This study was carried out from June to July 2016 in the Chemistry Laboratory of Water and Natural Substances, at Felix Houphouet Boigny National Polytechnic Institute of Yamoussoukro, Cote d’Ivoire.

Lagenaria siceraria (Bottle gourd) was described in ancient Indian text ayurveda for varied health benefits. We have previously reported that the crude latex sap from L. siceraria with potent lectin activity significantly regresses the tumor progression by targeting angiogenesis and inducing cell death. In this present investigation the semipurified latex lectins from L. siceraria latex were investigated for antiproliferative activity in mice models. The L. siceraria latex sap agglutinin (LSA) were isolated by ammonium sulphate precipitation.

Plants have been used as traditional medicine for several thousand years in the treatment of various diseases for human healthcare. Although, the different authors and workers have documented the uses of various medicinal plants from the different areas of India. Yet, the information on the ethnomedicinal plants medicine have been lacking from many interior areas of Aligarh district. The paper presents ethnomedicinal remedies for the treatment of fever. The paper highlights some less known ethnimedicinal practices related to 38 plant species in Aligarh district, U.P., India.

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of different substrates on germination and emergence of Punica granatum L. seeds. The seeds were removed from the fruits and submitted to fermentation and drying. The germination and emergence tests were performed using the following substrates: washed and autoclaved sand, fine texture vermiculite, carbonized rice husk, commercial substrate (Tropstrato HT®), and the mixtures - washed and autoclaved sand + carbonized rice husk and commercial substrate + carbonized rice husk.

The main purpose of this paper was to realize why the policies were ineffective to implement in Pakistan. A review of previous literature, research articles and reports on policies were discussed in this study. The review of different authors shows that a total at least nine reports were based on the educational policies and only one document was contented the remaining all of the other approved papers were ineffective to distribute for the public welfares, this is due to lack of funding, political uncertainty, incompatible administration of the public sector.

Indian economy has entered into a new phase of ‘Inclusive Growth’ after the eleventh five year plan of 2007 – 2012. The rising inequality in economic growth has pushed the Planning Commission to consider ‘Inclusive Growth’ for balanced economic development. The concept “Inclusion” should be seen as a process of including the excluded as agents whose participation is essential in the very design of the development process, and not simply as welfare targets of development programmes (Planning Commission, 2007).

The diversity and distribution of molluscs have been studied in different stretches of Subarnarekha River-Estuary (upstream, middle stream and downstream) during the period of July 2012 to June, 2014. A total of 23 species of molluscs belonging to 16 genera under 13 families were recorded. Out of all recorded species, 9 species were found to inhabit in freshwater habitats, 14 species preferred to reside in saline environment while 4 species were encountered both in freshwater and brackish water zones.

As there has been a tremendous rise of atmospheric greenhouse gases, there is a threat to the climate which in turn shows the effect on the living creatures. To overcome these problems, some scientists these days are finding ways to scrub the key pollutant, carbon dioxide (CO2), right out of the air. The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has attracted international attention due to its impact on global climate. Countries below poverty line release much less atmospheric carbon compared to richer countries in the terms of industrial emissions.

Introduction: Chess is considered as a cognitive game because of the engagement of mental resource &playing chess is believed to improve some of the cognitive domains. Aim: The study was aimed to assess & compare the cognitive functions and reaction time in adolescent chess players and non-players Materials and Methods: This was a cross sectional study conducted in 30 healthy adolescent chess players and non-chess players of either sex between age 12 and 17.

Oxalate oxidation, which has environmental implications, is performed by oxalotrophic bacteria. In this study, forest survey was conducted in Bhujighat (BHU), Nainital district of Uttarakhand state in India. Biomineralizing tree, Terminalia alata was identified with the help of 10 % HCl treatment which showed effervesce. Soil samples were collected at different depths of soil profile. The Schlegel's agar medium was used to obtained microbial diversity. Microbial analysis of each soil sample was done by dilution plating method.

In this work, the fibers were extracted from the plant Hardwickia Binata and investigated in detail. The effect of alkali treatment on the chemical composition, tensile properties, morphological and thermal degradation of Hardwickia Binata fibers was studied. Chemical analysis and FT-IR indicated lowering of amorphous hemicellulose content on alkali treatment. Wide-angle X-ray diffraction studies indicated increase in crystallinity of the fibers on alkali treatment. The tensile strength, modulus and thermal stability of the fiber increased on alkali treatment.

A total of 50 dung samples were collected from non-descript cattle. Similarly 50 gastrointestinal tracts of non-descript cattle was collected in and around Vembakkam Taluk, Thiruvannamalai District. The work was carried out for six months from March 2016 to August 2016. Parasitological examination of dung samples revealed the eggs of Amphistomes, Moniezia sp, Strongyle, Strongyloides and Eimeria sp. The overall prevalence of parasitic eggs and oocysts was 76.00 per cent. Amphistome egg was the only trematode parasites identified in this study.

Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus at different age group of both sexes were taken up for the present study. A total of 100 diabetes mellitus of the both sex (male 56, and female 44) have been taken for the present study. The age group of male patients ranged between 30 – 80 years. Out of 56 male patients the incidence of diabetes mellitus is high 39% (22 patients), in the age group between 50 – 60 years. The lowest incidence of diabetes mellitus that is 4 cases (7.14%) in the age group between 30 – 40 years.

In this thesis a brief discussion of definition and concept of GDP and methods of computing were presented. The Components of GDP, Consumption, Investments, Government expenditure and Net- exports, were studied. The major objectives of this study are to study the trend of GDP and its Componets, to examine the causal relationship among GDP, Consumption, Investments, Government Expenditure and Net-export for Ethiopia using time series data and to forecast the GDP for Ethiopia.

Wireless networking is the recent wonder in current communication era. This provides a vast scope of infrastructure less networking arena called as cognitive radio mobile ad hoc systems shortly coined as CRAHNs. This part of doctoral research emphasize in proposing a spectrum aware cluster based routing protocol (SACBRP). SACBRP contains a node joining appliance by which making a non-clustered node to become a member in a cluster. Cluster head election is then carried out followed up with routing. Simulations are performed using NS2 network simulator.

The present work aims to study the effect of calcination temperature on structure and phase formation of BaTiO3 powder. Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) powder was synthesized by mixing high purity BaCO3 and TiO2 powder using agate mortar in acetone medium for 6 hours. The powder mixture was dried and kept at 60oC. The soft agglomeration was broken and the sample was divided into three portions each weighing 5gm each. These three samples were calcined at 700oC, 800oC and 900o C for 5 h with heating and cooling rates of 10oC/min.

Alkaline protease, a hydrolytic enzyme from a novel strain of halophilic bacteria Bacillus sp. was purified up to 1.42 fold purification with a recovery of about 5% and then characterized at various operating conditions. Zymography of the different fractions showed the hydrolysis of casein by the enzyme. The maximum activity of purified alkaline protease was observed at pH 9.0 and at a temperature of 50˚C using casein as substrate, respectively. Certain metal ions like MgCl2, CaCl2 andβ-mercaptoethanol enhanced alkaline protease activity while HgCl2and EDTA inhibited the enzyme activity.

In the paper an universal correlation is proposed for calculating heating and cooling time of any steel part during its hardening. The equation contains Kondratjev form factor K, Kondratjev number Kn, average thermal diffusivity of a material and a function depending on how N - times core temperature of steel part differ from its initial temperature. It is shown that these parameters are enough to calculate recipes when heating and cooling the steel parts of any configuration.

A taxi-sharing framework that acknowledges taxi travelers' continuous ride demands sent from cell phones and timetables legitimate taxis to get them by means of ridesharing, subject to time, limit, and money related limitations. The fiscal imperatives give motivating forces to both travelers and cabbies: travelers won't pay more contrasted and no ridesharing and get remunerated if their travel time is extended because of ridesharing; cab drivers will profit for all the temporary route separation because of ridesharing. A portable cloud engineering based taxi-sharing framework is developed.

The Praseodymium doped potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate (KDP) crystals were grown by Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy (SR) method and slow evaporation technique with the vision to improve the properties of the crystal. The chemical composition of the grown crystals is confirmed by EDAX Analysis. The grown crystal was characterized by PXRD analysis confirm the crystalline nature and shifts in peak positions due to doping is observed. Using Scherer's equation particle size has been calculated. The SHG efficiency is determined by Kurtz powder technique.

This paper screened for potentially harmful heavy metals such as As, Pb, Cd and Hg in earthenware clay deposits at Vume in the Volta region of Ghana using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric (AAS) technique. The concentrations of As in the clay samples ranged from 0.90µg/g to 2.04 µg/g with a mean of 1.49 µg/g, and standard deviation of 0.47. Lead levels ranged from 2.85 µg/g to 4.08 µg/g with a mean of 3.67µg/g, and a standard deviation of 0.38.

The methodologies used to characterize the structural elements have experienced a major boom in hydrogeology. It happens that these methods have limitations manifested by a high failure rate because of the risk of subjectivity. The aim is to propose a methodology for establishing a fracturing card minimizing human intervention and as close as possible to reality. SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) images were used for this study. The Sobel filter was applied to accentuate the major litho logical discontinuities.

Alcoholysis-polyesterification method was used in the study of consumption of dehydrated castor oil and linseed oil in the formulation of rosinated medium alkyd resins. The extracted oil with the iodine number for castor oil is 86-90 and for linseed oil is 175-180 were applied in the preparation of middle alkyd resins and the physicochemical characterization indicated it is semi-drying in nature Three grades of alkyds were formulated at 40%(I)-short alkyd resins, 45% (II)-middle alkyd resin and 55%(III)-long alkyds.

A mobile ad hoc network comprises of many mobile wireless nodes. MANET is a self configuring network and such network can be organized easily without any base station. MANET can be very efficiently used in salvage related area, military and law enforcement. But it faces the issues of security and confidentiality, especially when used in susceptible areas. Safe routing protocols have been refined to provide protection and confidentiality at various levels for e.g.

Background: Weight-bearing exercises provide an effective way to stress important sites of bones enhancing the improvement of bone mineral density. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Weight-bearing Exercise for Better Balance program on bone mineral density in postmenopausal females with osteopenia. Methods: Twenty-four postmenopausal females with osteopenia were randomly assigned into two equal groups; experimental and control.

Aircraft’s both for combat and civil purpose work under different environment conditions, especially when it is a combat Aircraft or a jet trainer it will be more often subjected to high level of turbulence due to max manoeuvring and shorter runway takeoff operations. The environment conditions at which civil and combat aircraft operates are unpredictable and will change from one location to other based on weather and climate conditions.

With the current advancements quality-of-life of individuals has become a focal theme in the development of advanced techniques for health care related modules and particularly to recover from cardiac abnormalities. A PSO-PID controller is designed for the dual-sensor based pacemaker to meet the desired performance specifications by using PSO optimization algorithm. The gain parameters of the PID controller are designed and applied to the controller system. The closed loop response of the controller is observed for ISE, IAE, IATE and MSE error criteria.

Disaster consciousness is an utmost tool in the mitigation of disaster hazards, thus individual should be disaster conscious if they are to have a higher chance of surviving the onslaught of disaster. Disaster risk awareness and evacuation strategies awareness are among the most crucial areas of hazard mitigation, hence there is a need to establish these areas of awareness in the population which has been determined to be vulnerable to the harmful impact of disaster. The study aimed to determine the disaster risk and evacuation strategies awareness of the participants.

The Indonesian government declared the imposition of Luxury GoodsSales Tax on luxury smartphones to reduce the number of imported luxury smartphones. Luxury smartphones will be charged at 20%.The criteria of luxury smartphones affected the imposement ofluxury goods sales tax still and it is still under discussion by the government. The imposition of luxury goods sales tax plans on luxury smartphones also has reaped the reaction among the public.

The need for transformational ‘Leadership’ in the public sector is made most evident by the pressures for change felt by today’s public managers. With this motive an attempt has been made to analyse, “Impact of technological changes in work place on the behaviour of private sector employees”.

Macroeconomic theory has not yet come to grips with major issues of the twenty- first century. These include environmental pressures, demographic changes, the size, structure, and power of multinational corporations, and growing economic inequality. Existing macroeconomic theory also does not deal adequately with normative issues, focuses excessively on market solutions, assumes that a single macroeconomic theory can apply to all situations, and ignores issues concerning the scale of economic activity and the speed of change.

Productivity of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr) is primarily limited by unavailability of planting material and improved management practices. This study was conducted to determine effect of spacing on growth and development of macro- and micro-propagated pineapple. Micro- and macro-propagated pineapple plantlets were evaluated at three spacings at RAB Rubona station located in mid-altitude zone of Rwanda during 2011/2012 season; the experimental design used was a randomized complete block (RCBD) with three replications.

This study aims at understanding the concept of "tellutemmaserang" and "duatemmalesseng" as a cultural value system embodied in the ethos and worldview of Bugis Fishermen in Toronipa Village KonaweRegency, the function and effect of the ethos and way of life in going through the socio-economic life as well as a shift or change of the ethos and worldview principles in relation to the dynamics of social and cultural changes occurring hitherto. The data in this study were obtained through field observations and in-depth interviews and analyzed in a qualitative descriptive way.

The study was undertaken to assess the quality of life, physical and material well-being of non-working females residing in Kashmir both rural and urban. This study shows the participation of non-working women in different sects and their learning power. Besides it also shows their willingness towards exercise, cleanliness status and purchasing of food commodities. Also it reveals the concept of balanced and rainbow diet and the type of allergies regarding food items.The results of the study shows that mostly subjects did not participate in public affairs organizations.

Mother education plays an important role in transition of egocentric child to the socialized one. She is the first informal teacher of the child who prepares the child to face the strange world with confidence. The present investigation was carried out in Hisar district of Haryana state. From Hisar district two areas were selected i.e, urban and rural. The sample consist 100 girls between the age group of 7-8 years and their parents (both mother and father).

Philosophy of Mind is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of the mind. Human Behavior refers to the full range of physical and emotional behaviors based on human philosophy. Facial expressions play a major role in Face Recognition Systems and image processing techniques of Human Machine Interface. There are several techniques for facial features selection like Principal Component Analysis, Distance calculation among face components, Template Matching.

Background: Sexual activities are natural phenomenon that comes with some levels of satisfaction, interest, urge, desire and sensation which usually decline with advancing age. Objective: To determine the status of sexuality among healthy older Nigerian adults accessing recreational facilities and to verify the null hypotheses of no significant differences. Methods and Materials: A descriptive survey research was done on 480 healthy older Nigerian adults accessing recreational facilities using simple random sampling procedure. Data was collected through interview method and questionnaire.

Low velocities corresponding to the distorted reflections at depth has been examined with respect to the implications they could have on the enhancement of hydrocarbon recovery in onshore Niger delta. Detailed velocity analysis using VITAL revealed these low velocities, which were observed to remain low with increase in depth beyond 3seconds.

The present investigation was carried out in Garo Hills District of Meghalaya. The objective of the study was to find out the variation in the cost of milk production due to the variation in the size of dairy units. There were 142 annual varieties, 31 alternate variety, 24 crossbred and only 3 combine breed cattle samples out of 200 samples selected by stratified random sampling technique. The milk producing dairy units were classified into small (1-3), medium (4-6) and large (7 and above) herd size category using cumulative square root frequency method.

The aim of the present study is to find the achievement motivation of special education student teachers in Tamil Nadu. The present study was conducted under survey method. Sample of the study were selected using purposive cluster sampling technique which includes 350 special education student teachers from 12 Special Education Teacher Training Colleges and institutes from 7 districts of Tamil Nadu, India.

Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (INQF) is the frameworks for leveling learning outcomes that can be equate outcomes of formal, non-formal, and informal education or work experience in order to acknowledgment the work competence in accordance with the the structure of employment in various sectors. Building the nation's autonomy means understanding the process of autonomy as one of the efforts to build a nation that able to resolve any issues in order to build an equitable, prosperous, and dignified society.

In this study is researched validity of Environmental Kuznets Hypothesis, which investigates the relationship between economic growth and environmental pollution, for the Turkish economy for 1960-2015 periods. The validity of Environmental Kuznets Curve in the relevant period is tested by means of CO2, GDP, energy consumption, industrial production and service production variables. At the end of the study, the relationship in inverse U-shaped between environmental pollution and economic growth that Environmental Kuznets Curve put forth has been confirmed.

Almighty Allah has made this universe of which earth is best creation of Allah, because human beings are living on it Allah has created all men and women and has given equal rights. The Islamic laws recognize the full property rights of woman before and after marriage. Over 1400 years ago Islam gave woman rights women in the west have only recently began to enjoy.

The Vishnugad–Pipalkoti Hydroelectric Project, a run-of-the river (ROR) scheme is located on Alaknanda River, a major tributary of river Ganga, in Chamoli District in the state of Uttarakhand. The project constitutes a 65m high diversion dam near village Helong (79°29’30” E and 30°30’50” N), a 13.4 km long Power tunnel (PT) and an underground power house to the south of village Hat (79°24’56” E and 30°25’31”N) to produce 444 MW of electric power.

The study aims to learn the creation of Azerbaijan personal names. This article deals with the researching history of anthroponyms in Azerbaijan Onomastics. In this scientific work the origin and meaning of personal names are investigated scientifically. The linguistic features of onomastic unites have been attracted to the scientific research and have been received interesting facts. And also it has been used from the list of rich literature.

Creative accounting a euphemism, referring to process of maintaining books of accounts by the rules of standard accounting practices to reap the desired results. The study has been conducted to get a detailed view of accounting practices adopted by companies in India which fall under creative accounting. It also examines the motives and reasons of adopting such fraudulent practice by companies. It has also observed that continuous use of accounting distorts the basic objective of preparing accounts and financial statements and threatens the integrity of financial reporting.

At present time we live in the era of global village, where the cultural dynamics affects the dissension making strategies of the corporates and the government. These dynamics are the byproduct of the cultural traits which are inherited by the people of a particular country or a geographic region. Hence the researchers in this paper try to establish a real-time relationship between the personal traits and associated culture of that country. This research is a descriptive study of two factor analysis theory based on secondary data availed from Geert Hofstede dimensions of national culture .

Hardy is considered as a novelist cum poet. He abandons the writing of novels from 1890 and then afterwards goes for the writing of poetry. He succeeds in both of the fields but his tragic dilemma is more found in his novels rather than in his poetry. He is a fatalist and his characters always fall in the hands of fate. Chance and coincidence is at the core of his works. The poetic self of the writer is patently greatly intimidated by the potentiality of the human spirit which makes the atmosphere around him so exciting and vibrating.

The purpose of the study was to investigate the practices and challenges of co-curricular activities (CCAs) in colleges of teachers’ educations (CTEs) of Oromia regional state. The study particularly, investigate the extent to which EFL teacher-educators and learners were engaged in the practices of CCAs and enhance English language proficiency and improve quality of education and factors that affect the implementation of effective CCAs in the colleges.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), can be described as, the continuous dedication by companies towards the socio-economic development of communities in which they operate. It is a powerful way of making sustainable competitive profit and achieving lasting values for stakeholder. Corporate Social Responsibility is considered as an important instrument that provide competitive advantage and improves reputation of the business concern.

Demonstrative pronouns are placed under the category of central pronoun in Assamese a Neo-Indo Aryan language used in India. They are resultant from a derivational process and are derived by suffixation of a set of plural markers or classifiers to the demonstrative particles- ei ‘this’, ħei ‘that’ and ħɔʊ ‘that’ encoding proximal, distal and far distal differences respectively. The semantic differences of animacy and humanness reflected in the demonstrative pronouns emanate from the specific classifiers and plural markers suffixed to them.

Online social network sites use has been emerged as a most powerful tool for communication and exchange of information all over the world. More recently the Wats app, Twitter, Face book, Instagram apps have provoked a revolution and unlocked a new dimension in the field of communication and technology; this ongoing digital revolution has touched and turned almost every sphere of life of its users whether its physical, social, emotional, moral or ethical.

The overall objective of this study is to analysis the impact of climate change on weather variability in different water using regimes in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. Climate has a vital role on biosphere of the earth. A very slight change in the climate will lead to a major change in plant and animal life. For example, some crops will not tolerate even a minute variation in temperature. In India for the past four decades (1969-2005), surface temperature has increased by 0.3 °C or by 0.08 °C per decade.

Tamil Nadu is an agricultural state with water constraint and depends upon its available surface and groundwater resources for irrigation. More attention on groundwater irrigation was found in recent years in TamilNadu since more than 95 percent of surface water resources were exhaustively used.Of all the districts, the coastal districts though received high rainfall also found characterized by high groundwater extraction and water scarcity in post – monsoon period.

Open and Distance Education by nature makes the teacher and the learner work apart each other (at a distance). Distance and Open Learning system will IF provide the much sought-for openings for academic advancement of self for i our men and women who need remedial, continuing, professional education; skill acquisition, life-long education and so on. This situation when achieved will bring rapid development as many will reach their self esteem; perform better in their various life endeavour and contribute maximally for the development of our nation.

The paper examined the concept of Academic Freedom and Responsibility. It exposed the logical relationship between the two concepts. It further revealed the various ways the paradox sickness plaguing the Nigeria society did not spare the academic in respect of his responsibility. The paper finally posited that if the nation will escape going down the drain, the academic needs radical reformation while the government should urgently review the conditions of service of the academic.

An investigation entitled “Evaluation of F1 hybrids in snake gourd (Trichosanthes anguina L.)” was carried out in the Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India.





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