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October 2019

Closer investigation of the spaces within the cell indicates that signal transduction through conformational change may not be a plausible mechanism of information communication. As an alternative to this we have earlier proposed that non-local communication may exist between molecules in the biological cell. Recent experiments indicate that even complex molecules may exhibit quantum properties such as non-local communication thus indicating that non-local communication may not be impossible between complex biomolecules in the cell.

Background: The procedure of laryngoscopy and intubation is an integral part of modern day balanced anaesthesia. It is also the most delicate phase in general anaesthesia. It is performed for most major and some minor surgical procedures. The procedure of direct laryngoscopy and intubation is associated with significant haemodynamic changes such as increased heart rate, arterial pressure and dysarrhythmias in most patients (REID LC ct al 1940).

Torus palatinus and torus mandibularis being non-pathological and inconspicuous most of the time serves minimal attention from patients and clinician. On controversy temporo mandibular diseases (TMD) having a variety of eitiopathology and various grades of manifestations has always been an interesting area for clinicians. Though the prevalence of tori and their correlation with sex and age had studied widely, the reduced number of samples always been a limitation. This study was under taken to find whether a correlation exists between these two entities.

The breast milk is very healthy and full of nutrition, it provides the primary source of nutrition fornew-borns before they are able to digest more diverse food. The breast milk also contains balanced nutrients that arerequire for brain development, growth and a healthy immune system that act against viruses, bacteria, and parasites, since an infant’s immune system is not fully developed until the age of 2 yrs.It is required to timely evaluate knowledge and to bring about positive attitude in the staffs regarding the implementation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative policy.

With the advancement in the field of digital imaging, computational technology, artificial intelligence, data mining altogether brings out new era of practice. This evolutionary developments in field of pathology are going to be revolutionary in present and future. Tele-pathology is about the practice of pathology at a distance by pathologists. It includes all histopathology consultation including the generation of a written report, quality control, and quality assurance (QA) of all of the processes of light microscopy, interpretation, consultation with the patient’s physicians.

Trend analysis has become the most important aspect of research practice to examine changes in time and space. This research retrospectively looks at the prevalence and magnitude of early marriage and female genital mutation in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS). The study used mixed (Qualitative and quantitative) approach to collect and analyse data.

In this mini-literature review, we raised the question of the evidence-based specific effect of horse placenta extract. Questions on the diversity of both its chemical and biological composition are considered. The need for further study of the obtained extracts of horse placenta should depend on the method of their preparation, as this is the only way to exclude the inclusion of certain components of the horse placenta. That will determine the specific factor that has a positive effect on the body.

Background and Purpose: Cerebral microbleeds have important clinical implications in Stroke and dementia. We investigated the role of SWI in detection and risk stratification of chronic microbleeds. Materials and Methods: Hospital based , prospective, case-control study was performed in Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging , ASCOMS , Jammu using 1.5 Tesla Siemens Magnetom Essenza. Our study comprised of 30 subjects ( n = 30, M = 21, F=9, mean age 68 y) with an equal number of age and sex matched controls.

Sedation in the terminal phase of disease or outside any progressive pathology leads us today to rethink the paradigm of life, existence and destiny. This paper addresses the philosophical issue of the “desire to live” and the “un-willingness to live”. For any person – sick or not – who has no belief in “another” life, or in a superior being who is the master of their life, is it legitimate to force them to wait for their “death”? Should doctors or their relatives decide on their “life” and “death” by keeping them “alive” for the inevitable outcome?

The phytochemical composition of the methanol extract of Paullinia pinnata stems harvested in Dabakala (Côte d’Ivoire) was determined by GC-MS. The results revealed the presence of carboxylic acids with an abundance of gallic, vanillic, 2-methyl-2-hydroxypropanoic and palmitic acids. Biological tests have shown that P. pinnata stems not only have significant hemolytic and analgesic activities, but also have relatively low toxicity. Therefore, it can be concluded that the biological potential of P. pinnata stems is related to its phytochemical composition.

Background: Vaginal infections remain a major public health problem in Burkina Faso. A retrospective study was conducted at Saint Camille Hospital of Ouagadougou (HOSCO) to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with vaginal infections in women seen at gynecological consultation between 2015 and 2018. Methods: This is a retrospective analysis of women seen at gynecological consultation for vaginal infections at HOSCO from June 2015 to June 2018.The antibiogram and antifongigram of microorganisms isolated were determined using standard procedures.

Background: HIV continues to be a major global public health issue, UNAIDS having claimed more than 1,7millions women in Asia living with HIV and 90% being infected from husband or their sexual partner. Huria Batak Kristen Protestan (HKBP) AIDS Ministry as church committe who handled HIV-AIDS cases claimed than 603 people living with HIV and 138 died from HIV related causes and 6,8% cases among Batakness housewives. Being people who living with HIV causes not only dealing with disease conditions but also a very discriminatory social stigma.

The use of rubber dam is considered as the standard of care by professional organizations. The role of microorganisms in causing root canal infection is well known and the importance of eliminating them from the root canal system for successful root canal treatment. The use of rubber dam provides absolute dryness of the field, better control of cross-infection, prevents soft tissue contact of chemicals, and improves treatment efficiency. However, recently by the introduction of many newer variations, its use in endodontics has been made easy.

The creation of Nigeria-Niger common boundary cannot be treated outside the larger history of colonialism. The intrusion of the colonial powers in to Africa and their desire to achieve the greater possible benefits of the land, labour and capital of foreign land has indeed affected Africa negatively. The resultant effect of this is the division and disruption of lands and tribes of Africa into different socio-economic and political formations, living side by side. It also destroyed the continuity nature of several natural regions of Africa.

Background: Tomato, Grape fruit, Pink guava and Watermelon as a well known promising source of multiple beneficial nutrients for human beings. Processing of fruits by-products potentially represents a rich source of phenolic compounds. Fruit seeds which are generally discarded as waste in the environment, can act as potential nutraceutical resources. Due to their low cost and easy availability such wastes are capable of offering significant low-cost nutritional dietary supplements.

The testimony of Comendadoras Monastery of Madrid restorer, Emanuela Gambini, makes us reflect on the importance of the study and knowledge of the historical Memory that lies behind the heritage. His continuous search to understand the reasons that have conceived the historical heritage object of its restoration makes us witness the rich cultural background that the architect possesses, loving for his own saying of the old stones.

This study addresses the issues of strategies related challenges of vocabulary teaching and learning in the context of CLTA. To this end, identifying strategies related challenges of vocabulary teaching and learning was taken as a general objective of the study. To achieve it, identifying students’ vocabulary learning strategies, disclosing students’ vocabulary learning strategies related challenges, revealing teachers’ vocabulary teaching strategies and pinpointing their vocabulary teaching strategies related challenges were designed as specific objectives.

Food contaminants have many origins including soil, water and air. The latter environment may contain biological or non-biological particles that cause chronic respiratory disease and contaminate food exposed to it. Respiratory diseases rank fourth after cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases worldwide in the list of priority non-communicable diseases that are the leading cause of death in the world. Among the most frequent microbiological pollutants, some moulds are responsible for respiratory diseases. Thus, man is exposed to this danger both in homes and in some of his activities.

This study assessed the causes and consequences of violation of child rights of pupils in primary school in KebbiState. Descriptive survey design was used for the study. Head masters and Primary School Teachers and Pupils in five education zones of Kebbi state in North Western Nigeria participated in the study. Primary school pupils who are central to this study were sampled because of their experience as victims of violation of child rights.

Insecurity in schools is an international problem that is affecting all parts of the world and Nigeria in particular. To get the right antidote, the causes and forms of insecurity affecting schools must be correctly diagnosed. This paper therefore, assessed the causes and forms of insecurity in educational institutions in Kebbi State, Nigeria. In conducting this study a simple descriptive survey was adopted. Deliberate sampling was used to select 100 school administrators out of 460 comprising of headmasters, principals, provosts, rectors, and university administrators.

Introduction: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which has an estimated worldwide prevalence in adults of 0.8% and more frequently affects females, is characterized by joint inflammation and destruction and gives rise to functional limitations, working disability, and a poor quality of life. The etiology of this disease is unknown; however interaction between both genetic and environmental factors is thought to contribute to its occurrence. Consequently, the purpose of this study was to examinate correlation between RF, CRP, Uric acid and Anti CCP in patients with join pain.

Background & Objectives: Chronic alcohol consumption has long been associated with progressive liver disease from steatosis to inflammation, development of hepatic cirrhosis, and the subsequent increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. The present study focusses on alcohol induced oxidative stress associated with imbalance between oxidants and anti-oxidant defense system leading to molecular damage.

The study determined the hemostatic activity of import-substituting hemostatic material of local action, obtained as a result of oxidation of unregenerated cellulose, in models of laboratory animals (outbred dogs).It was established that the studied sample of oxidized cellulose has hemostatic and aerostatic activity, which in its indicators is comparable to that for the well-known material “Heprocel”:its use after applying a model of cut wound to the right lungs of dogs led to a decrease in the intensity of blood loss by 25% of the severity of spontaneously stopping bleeding, and the time t

Of the many meteorological parameters of the site weather station identified 27 quantitative factors from 01/05/2018 (bud break) to 20/08/2018 (the moment of maximum growth at the best registered birch leaves). The coefficient of correlation variation, that is, the measure of the functional relationship between weather parameters is 0.2754. As the influencing variable in the first place «Dew point temperature», in the second –«Maximum gust of wind». The same parameters were leading in the rating indicators.

Background: Soft tissues calcifications and ossifications are incidental findings seen in the digital panoramic radiographs. These are usually asymptomatic but can be a diagnostic aid for some calcifications which are life threatening and the underlying cause requires treatment. Aim of the study to estimate prevalence of soft tissue calcifications and ossifications in digital panoramic radiographs (OPGs) Objectives: 1.To estimate the prevalence of soft tissue calcifications seen on digital OPGs. 2.

Background: The Hyperplastic polyps (HPP) where the most common histopathological type of gastric polyps all over world. This was attributed to its association to the high prevalence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) globally. Patients with HPP have low but definite chances of future malignancies in polyps and background gastric mucosa. The present study was intended to evaluate the associations and determine the patterns of HPP in our population in Kashmir.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) provides live TV channels to users over IP in the form of streaming. Since each channel is transmitted on request, there is always the problem of delay between channel changes. The channel switching delay is familiar problem in digital television and widely researched in the context of IPTV systems. Several solutions have been proposed to reduce this delay. A few popular solutions suggest transmitting more than one channel to users at the same time. However, choosing these channels is not trivial as the next channel a user will switch to is not known.

In this paper, the researchers used the Complex Adaptive System (CAS) to identify the complex adaptive behavior that is found between the human development index and internet users. Specifically, the study determined the emergence of the self-regulation of the internet usage by the human development index. It is also conceptualized in terms of the stabilizing factors of the human development index on internet usage and self-regulated control of the use of the internet. To get the synergy of interacting agents, the synergy calculator was used.

In recent years, the world has faced significant failures of many giant firms and with major scandals pointing to inadequate corporate governance (Ali, 2016). The Banking sector was also a victim of such shortcomings. In the current time, the financial crisis in the banking sector is a common issue around the world (Ataur & Jahurul 2018). However, investigation of the root cause of these failures has revealed that among other factors, these scandals are primarily attributed to inadequate corporate governance practices as Ataur and Jahurul (2018) affirm.

Introduction: Hepatitis B infection is a common cause of chronic liver disease. The World Health Organization estimates that 257 million people are living with hepatitis B. In 2015, over 800,000 deaths worldwide were attributed to complications of hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis C virus is a globally prevalent pathogen and a leading cause of death and morbidity, is a major cause of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. The most recent estimates of disease burden show an increase in seroprevalence over the last 15 years to 2.8%, equating to >185 million infections worldwide.

There is a significant importance to improve the productivity and tool life as preferred by the manufacturers. The most emerging needs of modern metal cutting operations are to increase the Material Removal Rate with surface finish and high accuracy. These objectives can be achieved by reducing the tool wear rate, this rate of tool wear can be reduced by the reduction of heat generated during the metal removal process.

Background of the study: An estimated 253 million people live with vision impairment: 36 million are blind and 217 million have moderate to severe vision impairment in the World. (1) Around 81% of people who are blind or have moderate or severe vision impairment are aged 50 years and above. Methodology: The survey was conducted in rural villages of Kanchipuram district in the service areas of Chunampet Rural health training centre .Post-cataract surgery operated individuals were interviewed to assess the functional ability in performing the common daily-activities.

Lichen planus is chronic inflammatory mucocutaneous disease usually affecting older individuals but may also affect the children in rare instances. Although,the incidences of the lichen planus in children are a few and mostly reported in Asian countries. This case would highlight about the occurrence of lichen planus in a nine year old girl child with its clinical and histopathological characteristics.

The phenomenon is Burnout found in almost all health professions, including nursing. The phenomenon of Burnout has affected the performance of nurses in both public and private hospitals. This study aims to analyze and compare Burnout in nursing managers in state and private hospitals in Batam City. The type of research uses quantitative research with a comparative study approach. The total sample of 91 people consisted of 55 nursing managers at the State Hospital and 36 people at the Private Hospital.

Today, morethan one million people worldwide use GIS for thousands of different purposes, while the use of modern geospatial information for our daily use is still in its infant stage in Ethiopia. By combining geographic information with descriptive information you will be able to view the business information from a completely new perspective. The Geospatial Platform can effectively support problem solving and policy formulation for the complex issues facing our Nation.

Background: This trial evaluated efficacy and effective dosage of Sauveur 62 EC (Acetamiprid 32g/L + lambda-cyhalothrin 30g/L) insecticide for management of fall armyworm (FAW) Spodoptera frugiperda J.E. Smith (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on maize crop. Methods: The trial was conducted in two ecological zones: forest (Kwadaso) and forest-savanna transitional (Ejura). Three rates of the insecticide were tested, comprising manufacturer’s recommended dose (60ml/15L of water), and 10% increment (66ml/ 15L of water) and decrement (54ml/15L of water).

This is a conceptual paper and its primary goal is to assess the role of corporate branding in the promotion of sustainable business in Uganda. The new challenges of doing business in the 21st century coupled with the increasing demand of various stakeholders for firms and companies to consider the social and environmental problems associated with company’s activities have made the concept of sustainable business a favored option.

This study examines the effects of identity politics on nation building in Nigeria with specific reference to Goodluck Jonathan Administration between 2010 and 2015. The pluralistic nature and character of the Nigerian state has led to several agitations; politically, socio-culturally and economically. The Goodluck Jonathan administration witnessed such agitations which are believed in one way or the other negatively shaped his very government and administration.

In the article, the author explains that the process of modernization of the political system of society in Uzbekistan is an intensive continuation and mechanical use of the experience of state power in our country is not appropriate - historical traditions, psychics, mentalities and differences in living standards are also relevant. Therefore, some aspects of the issue, national originality must be taken into account. Western and Eastern ethics are also associated with cultural differences in attitude to government.

Osteomas are benign osteogenic lesions with very slow growth, which may arise from proliferation of either cancellous or compact bone. In the jaw, these are uncommon lesions. Osteoma usually asymptomatic and it is often detected incidentally on routine radiographic examination or until it causes facial asymmetry or dysfunction. The objective of this article is to present the radiographic features and histological features of one case of osteoma in the buccal and lingual site of the mandibular angle.

Cardiovascular disease is a medical condition which are blocking the blood vessels can cause the heart attack, angina pectoris, heart stroke, myocardial infraction and arrhythmia. Many times people are reckless in nature and taken huge amount of smoking, does not pay attention on its own obesity and there is following factors which enhancing the rate of cardiovascular disease. Heart attack are widely occur in human populations and they are following category of heart attack such as heart failure, atrial fabrillation etc.

Aim: To compare the shear bond strength of three different linersto nanocomposite restorative material. Material and method: Twenty sound human posterior teeth extracted for periodontal and orthodontic reasons were selected and sectioned mesiodistally to obtain forty samples. Class V cavities of specified dimensions were prepared on 30 samples using a straight fissure diamond bur with high speed hand piece under air water spray.

Due to various reasons like abnormal and unusual food habits, life styles and stress of various nature and origin, hyperlipidemia has become a common feature of the world in general and of developed countries in particular. This problem is affecting the human health and working potential of a large population and also threatening the life of many. Large quantum of work has been carried out worldwide to overcome this problem of the potent hypolipidemic agent screened; many plants are of Indian origin. Hyperlipidemia causes atherosclerosis which is a major cause of death in the world.

Reading is not only a cognitive, psycholinguistic activity, but also a social activity. Reading is a complex cognitive process requiring visual, auditory and motor skills to enable a child to recognize words and symbols, to associate them with the appropriate sounds and to invest them with meaning derived from previous experience.

Family can provide complimentary food (CF) by using local ingredients with the nutritional standards set by the government which are a minimum of energy of 400 Kcal, protein of 15-22 grams, and 10-15% of fat. The utilization of local food such as rice, catfish and spinach as the main ingredients can increase the nutrient content of children under five. This study aimed to analyse the nutrient content of the CF of beleyam (a mixture of rice, catfish and chicken) and its chemical properties.

Materials science developments are often invisible to users of technology, but they are at the heart of so many important advances. Materials research and development is a global pursuit. It covers a broad set of science and engineering disciplines and engages researchers across academia, industry and government laboratories. Value added materials (VAMs) are products whose worth is based on their performance or functionality, rather than their composition.

The cryosurgery used in patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer improved their quality of life, but mainly because of the pain relief. In postoperative patients, multifaceted changes in immunity were found, and the state of the immune system prior surgery often was a decisive factor to indicate whether further disorders in the postoperative period would be developing or by contrast, it would boost its recovery. Some patients receiving cryosurgery showed immune system imbalance and activation, and of antitumor immunity in particular.

This paper assumes that the linearity of morphemes and phonemes is revealed in the linguistic structure of the textuality of King Solomon’s Book of Proverbs. This assumption is supported by Corder’s theory of linear grammar, which treats the sentences of a language as a “string” of grammatical categories like beads in a necklace or alternatively as a series of “slots” to be filled by words of category appropriate to each slot. This study utilizes the descriptive method of research which focuses on the morphological and phonological segmentation analysis of textuality.

Background: In recent years lifestyle related diseases are increasing globally, one such condition is Metabolic syndrome. Low physical activity levels being one of the major causative factor. Information Technology professionals because of their sedentary job profile and erratic schedule can be considered to be at risk of Metabolic syndrome. Hencethe study was carried out to study the correlation between physical activity levels and Metabolic syndrome components. Method: A cross sectional study was conducted considering 150 males in the age group 25–50 yrs.

Every year, 220,000 new cases of tuberculosis are registered in the Americas, and more than 50,000 die as a result of this disease. It is worth noting that tuberculosis is both preventable and curable, however it still is one of the most important transmitted infections in the world. Multiple factors explain this situation, one of them being the lack of commitment to treatment, due the amount of pills the patient must take and the side effects they may have.

Sclerosing stromal tumor (SST) is an extremely rare benign tumor of the ovary that is derived from the sex cord stroma. It affects mostly young females in their second and third decade of life. Sclerosing stromal tumor of ovary most commonly presents as an abdominal mass with menstrual irregularities and pain in abdomen. Preoperative diagnosis of the tumor is difficult as it often mimics a malignant tumor. Oophorectomy is usually performed in many cases of young women, and diagnosis of SST is made based on post-operative pathological examination.

Research in the field of e-commerce have become a dynamic study area over the past few decades and is likely to become even more so as the importance of online trade is rapidly gaining momentum. Therefore understanding e-commerce will be viewed as increasingly important. India has been regarded as the youngest country in the world by the UN as it has the world’s largest youth population where more than 365 billion people are between the age group 10 and 24 years. This clearly indicates that the fate of the country lies in the hands of its Youth.

Amphotericin B (AmB - antifungal) and Cyclosporine A (CsA - immunosuppressant) are commonly used drugs in medical clinics; however, these often present Nephrotoxicity. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate if AmB and CsA nephrotoxicity could be associated to oxidative stress and if the PKA and p38 MAPK are involved in cell death, caused by these drugs, in two different segments of the nephron. For this, we used two different cell lines (LLC-PK1 and MDCK) from different segments of the nephron and treated these cells with AmB and CsA.

This paper is an attempt to study the use of electronic information resources, the collection of print and electronic journals its awareness among the users, and the places where the users are accessing these resources. A total number of 120 users from the, postgraduate, research scholar and faculty members were selected and their response was obtained with the help of questionnaire.

Kawal is an African and Sudanese meat substitute produced traditionally through solid state fermentation of sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) fermented leaves. The present study aimed to isolate and identify microorganism involved in kawal fermentation through conventional microbiological analysis and further molecular confirmation. Two samples of kawal were processed in Algeniana and Sinnar cities, Sudan (AK and SK respectively).

Background: Visual evoked potential (VEP) is a convenient and non-invasive tool for assessing the functional integrity of visual system. Apart from age and gender visual evoked potential can also be influenced by the varying levels of ovarian hormones in the different phases of menstrual cycle. Aim of the study: To observe the changes of visual evoked potentials in the follicular phase and luteal phase of the menstrual cycle in healthy young women.

This paper seeks to discuss the need to understand consumer perceptions on the important effect of typography on the Muslim Bumiputra’s entrepreneurs product packaging in order to correctly design product packaging.Packaging is now generally regarded as an essential component of our modern life style and the way business is organized. It is an important part of differentiating Muslim Bumiputra’s entrepreneurs products. It is also an essential stage in developing product with proper use of typography in order to achieve effective product positioning.

Ramgarh is a beautiful district town of Jharkhand state, about 40 km from Ranchi, situated at N.H.31. Forest, hills and rivers give it an attractive looks .The local population is totally depends on agriculture especially the production of vegetables villege,Chhattarmandu, Gosa, Jara, Kankebar, Koiritola, Murrambari, Murramkala etc. are the main vegetable producing villages.

Background: Cervical lymphadenopathy is commonly seen in surgical practice, tuberculous lymphadenopathy is most commonest cause of cervical lymphadenopathy ,the aim of study is to know the overall various diseases responsible for cervical lymphadenopathy. Methods: Study was carried out by prospectively collected 420 cases of chronic cervical lymphadenopathy from the Department of General Surgery Al Ameen medical college ,Vijayapura Karnataka. Results: Cervical Lymphadenopathy is more common below 30 years of age with 68.88%.

Background: To study the petterns of benign breast disease. Material and methods: This prospective descriptive study was conducted over 100 females presented as bening breast disease in the Surgery department at Al Ameen medical college bijapur.

In the earth there are near about 350,000 species of plants are found & each plant have a great medicinal value. The plant vinca is also known as catharanthus, Sodafuli, periwinkle & barmasi & which is belong from the family of apocynacae. It produce very preety flower the flower of vinca is blue, purple & also white in colour. It produce late springly to summer & grown any where in the garden.The vinca plant is very useful across the world-wide & it can be cultivated in dry & nutitional condition.

We present the most common ocular diseases during a free eye care program. Patients and Methods: It is a descriptive cross-sectional study carried out in the city of Oyo, over two months, from July 1 to August 31, 2018. After registration, patients underwent a complete ophthalmological examination. Patients with cataract and pterygium underwent surgery. Parameter analyzed: Age, sex, pathology presented by the patient. The data analysis was carried out with epi-info software 7.

This study was carried out in the Botany and Biodiversity Laboratory in order to evaluate the biocidal effect of Gliricidia sepium leaf extracts on weeds for the improvement of millet production. Chemical pretreatments are performed on weed seeds that are unfit for germination.

Introduction: Information provided to the orthodontic patients depends on the method of knowledge provision. Visual, verbal and reading play an important role in serving the purpose. Materials and methods: A pre and post survey design was used to assess the improvement in knowledge retention among 150 orthodontic patients. Results: verbal group of patients retained higher amount of information as compared to visual and reading groups. Conclusion: Information to the patients should be given using verbal mode of communication.

Background: Episiotomy is performed as one of the most common surgeries procedure to facilitate delivery and prevent complications of hard labor in both mother and her neonate. Routine episiotomy is a controversial issue among gynecologists. Objectives: To evaluate the controversial benefit of episiotomy by comparing planned episiotomy vs. planned non-episiotomy as regard to maternal and fetal outcomes during spontaneous vaginal delivery.

Ground water is one of the major alternative resources of the drinking water in Bhopal city, Madhya Pradesh, India. For present ground water study, Bhopal city is divided in to four corridors. North west, north east, south east, south west part of Bhopal city considered as corridor I, II, III and IV respectively. Nineteen monitoring locations were selected around at Bhopal city assessed for ground water quality for human consumption. Study of all physico -chemical parameters of ground water was carried out during different four quarters of year 2016 to 2018.

The purpose of this study was to identify the problems of educational investment in private primary school of Wolaita zone. The methodology used in this study was mixed method. Questionnaire and interview were used to collect data. Two school owners, 10 school principals, 11 town/woreda educational experts, 12-unit leaders and 64 teachers were included in the study.

The need for retail brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors by influencing consumer loyalty has elevated the perceived atmosphere at the point of sale into a strategic variable. Through this research, we try to highlight the preferences of consumers in the maquis(points of sale of beverages to consume on the spot) in Abidjan. The research was conducted using a mixed method: firstly, we conducted a qualitative study through semi-structured interviews in the municipality of Yopougon (Abidjan).

The Gedeo, one of the enset-culture peoples of Southern Ethiopia, have their own traditional religious system that has different practices such as culturally enriched annual ceremonies and life time events. This study signals two major practices of the tradition, Fachi'e and Deraro. Filed work, interview and text review were used to collect data which are explained qualitatively. The Gedeo believe in Megeno, One Supreme God. Their religion is traditional in its practice, indigenous in its origin, and strongly linked with the natural environment.

Effective cooperative leaders matters to the overall performance and well-being of cooperatives. Management committees are members elected by the general assembly to supervise and control the overall business and affairs of cooperatives. Thus, success of any cooperative is determined by the functioning of management committees. The major concern of this study is to measure the leadership effectiveness and competencies of management committees of consumer cooperatives in the study area. For this study, primary data has collected from 263 respondents (i.e.

Muslim relation is a paramount aspect in the Republic of Tanzania based on the historical information that identifies the two religions as major. The study has described the debate around the proposed Islamic kadhi courts in the constitution of Tanzania and its impact on Christian- Muslim relations in Mwanza, Tanzania. The Muslim proposal of the inclusion of the Islamic kadhi courts into the Tanzanian constitution would cause a split of the country.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the representations of women in Oromara proverbs of Ethiopia. The term Oromara is a currently coined concept that shows the sociocultural, political and economic relationship between the Amhara and Oromo society. The proverbs used for the study were 25 theme-relevant proverbs collected by interviewing systematically selected 10 elders, Focus group discussions and by analyzing Documents. Qualitative research design was used to conduct the study. Women were both negatively and positively represented in the Oromara proverbs.

Oil is a significant vitality asset. Change in global raw petroleum costs influences all parts of the economy. The conversion standard is one of the significant channels at the global unrefined petroleum cost stun to go to the genuine economy and monetary markets. The effect of universal raw petroleum value change on the swapping scale of oil-bringing in nations has pulled in increasingly more consideration. The US dollar is the primary receipt and settlement cash of the global oil showcase.

The object of the research is a study of the short-film of the song Thriller, given the legible effects of global culture about 35 years after its publication. The video clip Thriller, by Michael Jackson, published December 2, 1983, has been awarded, several times, as "Best video clip of history" (from MTV in 1999 and from Imaginaction, the first music video festival in 2018), accompanied by record sales of the album beyond all expectations, such as "The best-selling record in history" (certified by Guinness Book of World Records and Billboard).

This study empirically investigated the factors affecting the growth of micro and small enterprises in Dodola town. The types of research that was used under this study were descriptive and explanatory with quantitative and qualitative of research technique. The research design was cross sectional survey. The study used multi-stage sampling.From 169 micro and small enterprises, 119 of them were randomly selected. Primary data, through questionnaires, key-informant interview and focus group discussion, were collected from the sampled 119 micro and small enterprises from Dodola town.

Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour (IMFT) is an uncommon mesenchymal solid tumour commonly documented in children and young adults. It is usually located in lungs however; extrapulmonary involvement has also been reported. IMFT of the small bowel is rare and to our knowledge, only 27 cases have been reported to date in the literature under several names worldwide. Here we report a 28th case of IMFT in a 62 year old man presenting as an ileoileal intussusception. Intussusception in adults presents with non-specific symptoms and classical image signs facilitate preoperative diagnosis.

Background: Impression techniques for complete denture fabrication have evolved considerably over decades. However, it needs to be assessed whether the retention provided by different techniques is adequate enough to establish them as an alternative to conventional techniques. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the retention of complete dentures fabricated using two different impression techniques like selective pressure and functional impression techniques both subjectively and objectively.

Introduction: Hansen’s Disease is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. It primarily affects peripheral nerves and skin.Hansen’s disease can be diagnosed on the basis of skin lesions and peripheral nerves along with cytological and histopathological examination by demonstration of acid-fast bacilli. Objectives: Concordance between clinical, cytological and histopathological diagnosis in cases of leprosy using Ridley–Jopling scale. Material & Methods: The present prospective study was conducted in the Departments of Pathology and Dermatology.

17 yr old male having multiple hereditary exostos is was operated for large size tumour in left Calf 2yr back as it was restricting his knee joint mobility. Recently he was operated for massive growth around right hip and right scapula. Biopsy showed benign tumour. No complications regarding surgery and recurrence.

Flavonoids are the natural poly phenolic secondary metabolites of plants widely distributed in plant kingdom, which are responsible for the various colors of bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Flavonoids are now considered as an indispensable component in a variety of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medicinal and cosmetic preparations. They possess potentially antioxidant property and versatile fields of the health benefits.

Background: Marginal and internal fit play an important role in determining the longevity of the restoration. Several fabrication techniques have evolved in recent times, but little emphasis was advised to the fit of the restoration. Purpose: The aim of the study is to compare and evaluate the internal and marginal fit of Cobalt-Chromium copings fabricated by computer aided milling/computer aided designing, direct metal laser sintering and conventional casting method. Material and methods: A master metal Die was designed using CAD software and milled using Ni-Cr alloy.

Immediate implant placement and thereby loading the implant also immediately has been a desire to achieve for past few years. The most important aspect in immediate loading implant dentistry is to achieve both primary stability and adequate bone implant interface. The aim of implant dentistry is to provide prosthodontic rehabilitation, function, esthetic and comfort to the patient in limited time span. This article focuses on single piece immediate loading implant in esthetic zone, covering the criteria, advantages and disadvantages over conventional two piece implant placement.

Objective: There are several methods to determine anteroposterior dysplasia but the reliability of the landmarks used have always been questioned as misleading factors may provide false results. Thus the objective of this article is to develop a new composite method, using stable landmarks, to assess the antero-posterior sagittal dysplasia. Material and methods: Lateral cephalograms of 1500 patientswere selected for study.

The objective of this presentation was to demonstrate the significance of the Christensen phenomenon in the construction of the complete denture. Little information was available regarding the influence of the Christensen phenomenon on cusp’s angulation. The space that occurred between the upper and lower posterior teeth is called Christensen phenomenon. In order to avoid this phenomenon the curves Spee and Wilson must be constructed.

Background: Glaucoma is rising as a global health issue. Adherence to recommended medication is a challenge for patients and recognized as an essential component of the management of glaucoma. There are not enough data regarding factors associated with adherence to recommended glaucoma medication among patients with glaucoma in Sri Lanka. Therefore this study was conducted to determine factors associated with adherence to recommended glaucoma medications among patients with glaucoma at National Eye Hospital, Sri Lanka.

Granular cell tumor (GCT) is a common neoplasm that can occur in any part of the body, including the orofacial region with controversial origin. The tumor is usually benign, but there are case reports in which the tumor shows a locally aggressive behavior, malignancy and distant metastases. The most widely accepted hypothesis is that granular cell tumor arises from the altered metabolism of Schwann cells. The tumor is typically asymptomatic and appears as a nodule that does not exceed 3cm.

There have been many recent advances in airway management but still dental injuries remains one of the most common anesthesia related adverse events and cause for malpractice litigations against anesthesia providers. The precautions required for prevention of dental injuries are not always effective because these techniques involve contact and pressure exerted against maxillary anterior teeth. We describe a case of intubation using retromolar space in a case of panfacial fracture.

Orthodontic anterior intrusion for correcting deep bites often constitutes an integral part of orthodontic treatment in order to improve sagittal and vertical incisor relationships, in cases of pseudo-deep overbite, where the anteriors are supraerrupted true intrusion of the incisors is indicated and also in patients with gummy smiles and periodontal compromised teeth to correct the gingival line and restore the esthetics of smile. Intrusion is mainly achieved by use of various loop mechanics or implant mechanics or differential force concept given by beggs.

Background: Pediatric hemagioma is a benign vascular tumor and the most common tumor for children under one year. Since 2008, after the publication of C Labrèze and al., beta-blocker has become the reference treatment of all forms of infantil hemangioma. The aim of our study is to evaluate the efficacy and therapeutic tolerance of this beta-blocker in Malagasy children. Methods: We carried out a prospective descriptive study from 2008 till 2016 at the dermatology unit of Joseph Raseta Befelatanana Hospital Antananarivo.

Background: Tooth extraction considered one of the most common dental procedures that require the applying of local anesthesia. The aim of this study was to compare the pain during injection and during extraction between two techniques of local anesthesia, intraligamentary injection technique and mental incisive nerve block technique.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) presents as a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that can often demonstrate multisystem involvement. Since, immune-suppressive drugs are used in the treatment of this disease, it can possess an elevated risk of infection and delay healing. Moreover, damage to the salivary glands in this disease leads to reduced salivation. Together, these complications can be a primary concern in dental treatment procedures owing to inability to maintain oral hygiene and risk of implant failure.

The experiments aimed to describe the Types and the density of bacterial species and fungi on the surface of small sized clinics, clinical laboratories, classrooms and halls. One hundred and sixteen samples were collected using sterile cotton swabs that are soaked in sterile peptone water broth and the swabs were rubbed into a quarter of 20cm2 on the surfaces. After cultivation of the samples on appropriate growth, media a series of steps for purification and identification of microbial species were conducted.

Exercise is becoming a prescription for mental health issues due to its convenience and the fact that it can be done anywhere. Walking and running/jogging are the most popular exercises these days. But whether one is preferable to the other in terms of improving health has long been debated. Psychological well-being refers to one’s positive sense of subjective well-being. It taps six distinct aspects of human actualization: autonomy, environmental mastery, personal growth, positive relations with others, purpose in life, and self-acceptance.

A 40 year old female presented to the emergency department (ED) with complaints of loose motion, vomiting, spasmodic abdomen pain and rash all over the body after ingestion of 1 tablet of pantaprazole 40 mg, around two and half hours prior to arrival. In the ED, she was diagnosed with anaphylactic shock with gastrointestinal and skin involvement and hemodynamically instability. She was resuscitated with injections epinephrine, pheniramine, ranitidine, and hydrocortisone, along with intravenous fluid and oxygen, for management of anaphylactic shock.

Housing and job adaptability are two crucial themes for the adaptability of the urban migrant population. The purpose of this paper is to assess the status and influencing factors of the job-housing balance of Muslim migrants in Lanzhou city of China in order to serve as a guide for their management of housing and employment as well as the planning and development of mixed-use neighborhoods that integrate both labor productivity and residential living.

Smartphone addiction connotes excessive and repetitive use of smartphone on a daily basis. It is a destructive behaviour that has capacity of affecting an individual negatively in his/her physical and mental health, relationships, productivity and academic performance. The organismic variables that could dictate the severity of this addiction include gender, age, school factors, peer influence, parental socio-economic status among othersThis paper therefore, examined effects of Demographic factors on Smartphone addiction of students in a Nigerian University.

Assessment is the process of gathering data. The data provide a picture of a range of activities using different forms of assessment such as: pre-tests, observations, and examinations. Once these data are gathered, you can then evaluate the student’s performance. Evaluation, therefore, draws on one’s judgment to determine the overall value of an outcome based on the assessed data. It is in the decision-making process then, where we design ways to improve the recognized weaknesses, gaps, or deficiencies.

The review critically examined the current emphasis on both fluency and accuracy of language use, it seems clear, that integrated language skill teaching and learning as well as integrative instructional models, will need to continue to be refined and developed ( Breen, 1991; Swain, 1991). According to Richards and Rodgers (2001), integrative language skills teaching that engages learners in meaningful communication and enables them to attain their language skill learning objectives can be found in many ways, different teaching materials and techniques.

Introduction: Around the world, women have developed their own personal strategies to cope with menstruation. The issue of menstrual hygiene is inadequately acknowledged and has not received proper attention. Use of sanitary pads is essential practices to keep menstrual hygiene. Government launched ‘Amodini (happy girl child) Menstrual Health and Hygiene Programme’ on May 28, 2016. Under this project sanitary napkin vending machine and incinerator were installed in government schools and colleges.

Mankind has always been in urge to traverse from one part of the globe to another for exploring new destinations. His apprehensive nature never allowed him to live a serene life; hence he kept on discovering new horizons. From the individual journeys to the industrial scale tourism the travels of mankind are as old as he himself. Tourism when made compliant with religious rulings it becomes a religious code rather than a mere travel. Same is the case with halal tourism which is purely an Islamic phenomenon based upon beliefs and teachings of Islam.

Introduction: Absorption spectroscopy or reflectance spectroscopy in the ultraviolet-visible spectral region. This means it uses light in the visible and adjacent ranges. Objective: Recently, studies are undertaken to design newer techniques for particle size enlargement such as spheronization, tumbling melt granulation, fluidized agglomeration, spherical crystallization etc.

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Education creates awareness within people i.e. discovering themselves and around, acts as the major catalyst and prime factor for bringing out the social change and transformation. Though, a lot of work has been done by different agencies to bring social changes through education for the Bhoi tribe still it seems inadequate in terms of area spread and the quality.

Background: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a progressive chronic disease, so the patients are disturbed burdened. A chronic care model is very needed in the form of educational efforts based on patient's empowerment. Objective: To identify the effect of empowerment-based education on improving the self-care of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Methods: the study used quasi-experimental with one group pretest-postest design. Fourty eight respondents were selected using consecutive sampling.

Background: Heart failure is the inability of the heart to maintain adequate circulation to meet tissue needs for oxygen and nutrient. Heart failure is a public agenda due to increase of its prevalence, significant morbidity, high mortality and rapidly expanding health care cost worldwide. Objective: To assess treatment outcome of heart failure patients admitted in kemissie general hospital from January 1, 2017 to May 28, 2019. Method: Institutional based two years and five months retrospective cross sectional study was conducted from January 1, 2017 to May 28, 2019.

L’horticulture urbaine et périurbaine au Sénégal constitue un levier important pour la sécurité alimentaire, la création d’emplois et de revenus, l’amélioration du cadre et de la qualité de vie dans les villes. Dans ce secteur, on note de plus en plus un développement important de la floriculture au Sénégal et en particulier dans la région de Dakar. Toutefois, dans le secteur floral et ornemental, 90% de ce marché évolue dans le secteur informel, ne pouvant pas par conséquent être pris en compte dans des statistiques.

In this study, our aim was to provide a global overview of locally advanced rectal cancer (RC) epidemiology and its clinicopathologic characteristics as well as to identify predictive factors that may influence response to neoadjuvant therapy of a Moroccan population. Enrolled RC patients underwent neoadjuvant therapy, followed by surgery between 2011 and 2018 at the university hospital of Fez, Morocco. 250 patients were included in this observational retro-prospective cross-sectional study. 50.8% were women and 49.2% were men with a female to male ratio of 1.03.

The evolution of bacterial population size in the rhizosphere of maize through amendment with different organic materials from gliricidia plants was investigated. Greenhouse experiments were consecutively conducted for gliricidia biomass production and maize growth in Niayes zone soil. The plate count methods allowed estimation of rhizobacterial abundance in soil sampled from maize root systems. The density of two plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) groups, mainly phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) and fluorescent pseudomonads, was markedly affected by organic amendment.

Background: Preventing and handling infection are one of the indicators of the International Patients Safety Goals which is required to be practiced by a hospital in order to increase service quality. Structured and scheduled supervision is an IPCN’s routineness in which her responsibility, function, and task are intended to increase performance. Management system has to be able to facilitate prevention and handling program which is relevant to the expected result.

Cerebral venous thromboembolism is a rare cerebrovascular disorder reported in acute promyelocytic leukemia, witch is more known for bleeding complications as the leading cause of early mortality. We report a case of 28 years old Moroccan woman, diagnosed with cerebral venous thrombosis as an initial presentation of acute promyelocytic leukemia. As soon as the diagnostic was made, treatment by all trans retinoic acid combined to conventional chemotherapy concomitant to systemic anticoagulation were started.

The present research was conducted to estimate the association of yield contributing characters with grain yield and the estimation of heritability percentage in broad sense. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications at Latif Experimental Farm Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam in Rabi season 2013-2014. Three wheat genotypes, i.e. TD-1, Kiran-95 and Sarsabz, were evaluated for seven quantitative traits viz.

This paper takes School of Foreign Studies, Wenzhou University as the research object. Through a questionnaire survey of students who take Japanese as the second foreign language, the existing problems in the Japanese teaching are pointed out from macro perspective, in addition, suggestions and concrete implementation plans are also put forward. It is very important to change the teaching ideas and methods, to improve the scientific research ability of Japanese teachers, to introduce academic leaders and to improve Japanese teaching system and discipline system.





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