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January 2019

This paper presents findings of a study undertaken to analyze the influence of socio-economic factors on the extent of women’s willingness to pay back microcredit loans in Uganda under the women guaranteed loans scheme. The study was undertaken between April and June 2018 in central Uganda within the Zirobwe Brac micro finance branches. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data from a random sample of 75 respondents who consisted of 40 women guaranteed clients and the rest being non WGL clients.

This paper presents the findings on the development of key attributes that form the local community’s perceived impacts scale of ecotourism development in Tasik Kenyir, Malaysia. The study was guided by the specific objective: to develop a measurement scale that captures the local community’s perceived impacts on ecotourism development in Tasik Kenyir.

This presents the results of a study that was conducted in central Uganda to expound on the issues of Solanum aethopicum (Nakati) value chain, perception of losses in the supply chain and the consequent solutions to overcome the challenges. The specific objectives of this study in central Uganda were to; (i) identify and map the value chain actors of S. aethiopicum (Nakati) vegetable production and marketing and (ii) evaluate farmers’ perception on issues of vegetable losses in S. aethiopicum supply chain.

Poor solubility characteristics of curcumin limits its biological application though it possess various activities such as antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antifungal , antibacterial. This study describes the development of the curcumin loaded nano structured lipid carriers for the enhancement of solubility of the curcumin. Particle size is found to be 153.8 nm with a polydispersity index of 0.234 and entrapment efficiency 91.86± 12 and zeta potential 31.1 Mv. Besides the solubility enhancement and increased in vitro dissolution of the nlcs as compaired to drug curcumin is observed.

The antibacterial activity of Moringa oleifera Aqueous and alcoholic leaf extract the highest concentration of extract is (100 mg/m l) and the lowest one is (12.5 mg/ml) against different four pathogenic organisms Bacillus cereus pseudomonad aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium were carried out by using a disc diffusion technique.

Rapidly increasing population and industrialization, pollution of the earth's atmosphere, underground and aboveground sources, chemicals that are added to and accumulated in the consumables, unnecessary and overuse of medical drugs disrupt human health, adversely affect the quality of life and shorten life-expectancy.

In the earlier study, the newly synthesized anticancer drug HUHS1015 decreased pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) in MKN45 human gastric cancer cells due to autophagic degradation. The present study was conducted to gain further insight into the mechanism underlying HUHS105-induced autophagic degradation of PKM2. HUHS1015 phosphorylated at Thr172 and activated AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). HUHS1015, alternatively, phosphorylated at Thr180/Tyr182 and activated p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (p38MAPK).

AIMS To study the uniqueness of Premature coronary artery disease in Indians with respect to clinical behaviour, risk factor profile, and treatment response. METHODS Registered under Clinical Trials Registry of India (CTRI/2018/03/012544). This is a Prospective Multisite Descriptive Observational study of young Indians (≤ 40yrs) with CAD from index admission till 5yrs follow-up.

The polycrystalline chalcogenide semi-conductors play a vital role in solar cell due to their flattering optical properties. Among the chalcogenide semi-conductors, CdZnS is one of such kind of materials, which is an imperative for applications in various modern solid state devices such as solar cells, light emitting diode, detector etc. Due to their applications in assortment of electro-optic devices, group II-VI semiconductors have been studied extensively. In recent years, major attention is given to the study of electrical and optical properties of CdZnS thin films.

The Indian Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis), is primarily bounded to the north-eastern parts of India. Formerly the animal dwelled along the Gangetic plains but now more than 70% of the Indian Rhino population is mainly confined to Assam. Kaziranga National Park, being the largest protected site and home for Indian Rhino in Assam, witnessed terrifying poaching cases in the early years, despite its top-notch security. A distressing sum of 239 Indian Rhinos were killed by poachers from the year 2001 to 2016 due to which the Indian Rhinoceros fell into the category of vulnerable species.

Plant-parasitic nematodes are the most damaging pest in agriculture throughout the world. Biological control offers a striking alternative to the use of chemical pesticides. Nematophagous fungi are one of the biocontrol agents for suppression of plant-parasitic nematodes. Among the nematophagous fungi, Beauveria bassiana has shown some promise of the use of fungi.

This study was conducted in northern Côte d’Ivoire to investigate pig gastrointestinal parasites infections. For this purpose, a total of 210 faecal samples were collected from 5 localities of Korhogo’s department to inventory gastrointestinal parasites species and to determine their infections prevalences taking account risk factors as sex, age group and locality. Out of 210 faecal samples, 75 animals were found to be positive with various gastrointestinal parasites infections contributing an overall prevalence of 35.71%.

Cloud computing is modifying the way many organizations are managing their data, because of its robustness. Privacy concerns come up whenever sensitive data is transferred on to the cloud. A simple method for protecting data privacy of data is to apply certain privacy techniques on data, and then uploading the modified data on cloud. The privacy methods used in existing research shows that privacy violation of data for cloud computing happens by external or internal attackers.

Candesartan (CV-11974) is the active compound of the prodrug candesartan cilexetil (TCV-116) used in treatment of hypertension by selective blockade of Angiotensin II receptors and thus inhibits the effect of renin-angiotensin-aldosteron system. Chemical modification of the hit compound (CV-11194) yielded the lead compound (CV-11974) which passed through series of in vitro and in vivo studies successfully.

This paper focuses on the environmental determinants of child mortality in Ethiopia. The data for this study were obtained from the demographic and health survey conducted in 2014. It specifically examines how child mortality is related to the household's environmental characteristics, such as mother's education, source of drinking water, type of toilet used, type of cooking fuels, antenatal visit and place of delivery. A survival analysis was used to analyze the determinants of child mortality.

Personality has become a major focus in organizational research, leadership development, derailment, and particularly employee selection. All pharmacists are not possessing personalities that are favorable to field being practiced and may not perform their best in and ultimately fail to perform their expected role in health care system. The present study was designed to assess the relationship between personality traits and job performance of pharmacists working in different fields in twin cities of Pakistan. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used.

The major system providing lateral load resistance in steel telecommunication towers is bracing system. There are different types of bracing systems for steel towers. The heights of these towers in Ethiopia vary from 20 to 102 meters, based on the practical requirements. This study has focused on identifying the economical bracing system for a given range of tower heights. Towers of height 35m, 45m and 50m have been analyzed and designed with different types of bracing systems under seismic and wind loads.

Background: According to World health Organization (WHO) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. Rajyoga Meditation is a simple and scientific technique to elicit physical and mental relaxation response to change one’s attitude and transform life style. Regular practice of it brings transformation in overall wellbeing of individuals.

Temperature change isn’t a new phenomenon in the world history. In developing countries like Ethiopia, climate hazards are high due to low adaptation capability. This study predicts future temperature change scenario by using statistical downscaling model (SDSM) and the second generation Canadian Earth System Model (CanESM2) General Circulation Model (GCM) output. For SDSM calibration and validation, the baseline period was divided into two: 1988-2003 and 2004-2016 respectively.

Many people suffer and demise from chronic, recurrent, drug-resistant or biofilm-developing infections such as leishmaniasis, colitis and carcinogenesis throughout the globe annually. Despite the progress in medical treatment, drug resistance, adverse side effects, inadequate therapeutic index, poor bioavailability, insolubility and toxicity have hampered the disease curing process. Recently, nanotechnology-based metal nanoparticles have emerged as nanomedicine for the treatment of various diseases.

Background: Regional landscapes createnatural barriers which restrict movements of groundwater within tectonic plates. This forms a vague groundwater containment which is likely affected by evaporations, fissures, and mineral dissolution. The effect is localized in such it accumulates certain kinds of chemicals resulting in a temporal build-up of unique contaminants. The unique or landmark contaminants destabilize the physicochemical and microbial composition of groundwater, resulting in the considerable risks upon consumption of such water.

Contamination of insecticides of different groups were evaluated in the fish species Mystus seenghala in Kharun river (near Atari village Nandanvan Raipur), Chherikheri pond (rural pond) and Navagaon pond (urban pond) of Raipur district collected during the two years months of March to June 2017 and March to June 2018. Sample collection time is 6.00 am. The fish organs- gills, brain, stomach, intestine and gonads from fish were carefully dissected for determination of insecticides. The insecticidal residues were analyzed by using AAS (atomic absorption spectrophotometer).

Urban spatial expansion is very common and principally increasing in fast economic growing developing countries. Ethiopia is not only least urbanized, but also most urban areas in the country are predominantly unplanned. Currently, Ethiopian cities are experiencing unprecedented growth and Mekelle a regional capital city of Tigrai province is one of the fast growing city which engulfing the nearby suburbanized fringe kebelles like Debri-Dingur area.

Investigations were carried out to ascertain the prevalence of Salmonella species in raw chicken and quail eggs isolated from selected farms in Jos Plateau state. One hundred and eighty egg samples each from chicken and quail were randomly collected from five poultry farms from the three Local Government Areas namely, Jos north. Jos south, and Jos east making a total of 360 samples. Samples were examined for the presence of Salmonella species using standard microbiological techniques. Isolates were confirmed phenotypically using biochemical characterization.

Background: The construction industry is one business sector where time is of affluence. For this reason, most construction projects have well-stipulated timelines in the schedules to control and manage all sections of the project. Conversely, there are possible expectations beyond reasonable control where the extension of time in construction is necessary. However, extensions do not come cheap. The cost implication which could be very devastating is dependent on the size of the project, the intended project purpose, as well as the new scheduled completion date.

The study was conducted to find the effects of different evaluation strategies – Multiple Choice Test, Constructive Response Test, and no test given to the three group of students. It also tried to find if there is difference in the performance of students given the three different evaluation strategies. It further discovered if there is difference between the pretest and posttest of each group as well as the difference in the posttest results of the three different groups. Experimental research design was utilized.

This was a hospital based prospective, comparative study in which we compared the safety and efficacy of single intravitreal injection of triamcinolone acetonide (IVTA) (1.0 mg) and single intravitreal dexamethasone implant (IVD) (0.7 mg) in treating macular edema (ME) dueto retinal vein occlusion (RVO), including both Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion (BRVO) & Central Retinal Vein Occlusion(CRVO). 40 patients with ME having central macular thickness (CMT) >300µ on optical coherence tomography (OCT) were randomised to two groups.

Background: Placenta previa accreta is a morbidly attached placenta villi to the uterine wall with absence of the decidua basalis. Objective: to evaluate the diagnostic value of sonographic criteria in placenta accreta and to develop screening tools for antenatal evaluation.

Early childhood caries (ECC) causes premature loss of primary maxillary anterior teeth that hampers the child’s growth and adversely affects psychology. Aesthetic restoration of the lost primary tooth aids in speech, mastication and in overall well being of the child. Fixed functional space maintainers, Groper’s appliance does not need the cooperation of the child patient and hence more successful in maintaining the aesthetics as well as preserving the arch length. Minimum amount of palatal coverage by the appliance also increases its acceptance.

ZMC fractures are fairly common in a trauma setting. A maxillofacial surgeon deals with them day in and day out. They are fairly easy to diagnose with modern investigative methods like CT scan, however in the absence of CT it can be diagnosed with a PNS x-ray combined with the clinical status of the patients.

Background: Pain post caesarean is discomforting and drives the mothers to seek help. It would be useful to know if any change in surgical technique could have effect on the post-operative pain which affects the woman’s activities. Hence, the study was undertaken to note the difference in postoperative pain on performing lower segment caesarean section by Pfannensteil Kerr and Misgav Ladach method. Method: It was an interventional study done over one year in a tertiary care hospital. Detailed history, investigations, operative details and postoperative pain was recorded and analysed.

Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement of missing substitute. The use of dental implant for replacement of teeth has provided many treatment options for both patients and clinicians. As a result of recent advancements and newer implant designs, materials and techniques the use of dental implants has increased tremendously over the past decades and is expected to expand further more in the future.

White spot lesions or enamel demineralization around fixed orthodontic attachments affect the esthetic outcome of a successfully completed orthodontic case. The purpose of this article is to review the evidence regarding evaluation, prevention and treatment of white spot lesions in orthodontic patients and to provide clinical recommendations useful for both the general dentist and the orthodontist.

Sodium hypochlorite is a globally used irrigant in dental practice during root canal treatment. Although, generally regarded as being very safe, some potentially severe complications can arise when it comes in contact with soft tissues, skin or even clothing. Unintentional extrusion of sodium hypochlorite beyond the root apex results in widespread soft tissue or nerve damage. Its chief shortcomings in dentistry are the noxiousness of its action to vital tissues.

Background: ADHD is a neuro-developmental childhood disorder that is characterized by three core symptoms; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity 1. ADHD has been diagnosing and treating in Nepal, but we have no valid ADHD diagnostic tool to fit Nepalese culture and language till date. Current study is intended to develop and validate the ADHD scale for children in Nepal. So, initially pilot study was done as a part of tool development and validation.

Background: Scuba diving is associated with certain dental complications, with which a majority of the scuba divers and dental practitioners are not familiar. Knowledge of these two groups has been found to be on the lower side as far as the barotraumas are concerned. Objectives: The aim of this paper is to evaluate the knowledge of dental practitioners and scuba divers regarding management and prevention of dental complications during, before, and after scuba diving activities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Methods: This is a dual survey-based study.

The used of world wide web and social media platforms in Saudi Arabia is in sky rocketing and one of these many areas of research, readings and sharing is in the field of medical information for awareness, education and services. Such experience has contributed to the development of social phenomenon specifically on the behavioral dynamics among Saudis. The internet became a significant tool in shaping medical education and research development among Saudi in seeking medical information to provide them substantial data on their study is a behavioral indicator.

The Pregnant patients with a prosthetic mechanical valve are at high risk for valve thrombosis and the optimal treatment strategy in the pre-pregnancy period and during pregnancy itself is a matter of debate. Prosthetic heart valve (PHV) thrombosis is a rare condition with serious life-threatening complications diagnosed optimally by TOE followed by a radio-cinema; and which needs to be revaluated frequently by echocardiography transthoracic in case of an increase in trans valvular gradient.

Aims: Thrombolysis and anticoagulation were the main treatment methods for acute pulmonary embolism. Anticoagulation therapy is recommended in the guidelines for patients with intermediate-low and low-risk PE, and emergency thrombolysis is recommended for high-risk or massive PE, in order to stabilize hemodynamics and reduce early mortality. Warfarin has been the anticoagulant of choice for pulmonary embolismHowever, there remains controversy about the treatment of acute intermediate-high-risk PE.Novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) are increasingly used as an alternative.

Background: Pre-eclampsia accounts for the majority of referrals in a tertiary care centre as it stands one of the major causes of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. The objective of this study was to study the maternal and fetal outcome in patients with severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in a tertiary centre over a period of one year. Methods: Total 150 women with severe eclampsia and eclampsia after 20 weeks of gestation were included.

Introduction: There is variation in the in vitro efficiency of antibacterial agents against bacterial pathogens causing conjunctivitis. Thus, the current trends in the aetiology of conjunctivitis and its antimicrobial susceptibility must be updated to make a rational choice of initial antibiotic therapy. The study aim to identify bacteria causing conjunctivitis in children less than 2 years age and to analyse their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern. Method: A study was conducted among 40 patients with conjunctivitis less than 2 years of age.

Aim: To find the correlation of preoperative ultrasonography (USG) and post operative histopathology report in thyroid disease. Objective: To correlate pre-operative USG and post operative histopathology report in benign and malignant thyroid diseases. To study the incidence of benign versus malignant lesion of thyroid disease in our setting. To determine the sex predilection among benign versus malignant thyroid disease in our setting. Methods: It was a prospective, descriptive, cross sectional study.

Context: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a special form of diabetes mellitus (DM) that begins or is first detected during pregnancy. Periodontal disease has been found as a risk factor for different systemic conditions, among which DM has been widely studied. Though some studies show the association between periodontal disease and GDM, others fail to observe such correlations. Aims: The present study was planned to determine the association of maternal periodontal disease and GDM. Methods: The study comprised of 40 pregnant women, of which 20 were cases and 20 were controls.

A study was conducted “to evaluate the effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching (VAT) on Practice of Diabetic Foot Care among diabetic patients receiving Insulin Therapy in selected Health Centers, Puducherry”.

Objectives: The main aims of study were to compare toxicity profile of IMRT with conventional Radiotherapy (2D RT) in head and neck cancer. Methods: The Study was a prospective one in which we included Eligible patients known case of head and neck cancer like oral cavity, nasopharaynx, oropharaynx, and hypopharyanx to received either definitive chemoradiation alone or adjuvant. Eligible patients in conventional group randomized to receive radiotherapy with parallel opposed lateral fields and one direct anterior lower neck.

Dental trauma in sports is the major linking channel between sports and dentistry sports dentistry is the prevention of oral facial atheletic injuries and related oral diseases and manifestations. The most important aspect in preventing sports-related orofacial injuries is wearing basic protective devices such as properly-fitting helmets, facemasks and/or mouth guards. The dentist can play an imperative role in informing athletes, coaches and patients about the importance of preventing orofacial injuries in sports.

A study was conducted to assess the dietary intake of 300 women of Nanded district of Marathawada region of Maharashtra state. Socio-economic status was assessed pre tested questionnaire. Dietary intake was assessed by 24 hour recall method. Nutrient intake was calculated on the basis of food intake. Percent adequacy of food and nutrient intake was calculating using RDA. The study revealed that majority of women were joint families in (52.33 percent). More percent of families were vegetarian 64.33 percent. Maximum women were belonging to income group 10,000-15,000/- per month.

Introduction: Acute lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in infants. Acute LRTI is known to affect the pulmonary pressure. Noninvasive early diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and intervention in infants with acute LRTI may reduce the progression of disease to advanced stage and improves the survival rate. Objective: To determine hospital based incidence and association of pulmonary hypertension in infants aged 2 months to 1 year with severe acute lower respiratory tract infections.

In today’s tourism and hospitality business, training and developing tourism students’ for management role has been the focus of many institutions of higher learning. With explosion and competitive related course for the past several decades, the importance of tourism and hospitality landscape cannot be overemphasized. The purpose of this research is to explore the assessment of student’s perspective on recent campus job fair and its effectiveness. The data on this qualitative study was based on the information gathered from the five participants who took part in the study.

Objective: To evaluate and compare the platelet profile of pregnant women with gestational diabetes and normal pregnancy and to assess the changes in the platelet profiles of gestational diabetes patients before and after 8-10 days of their treatment. Methods: A prospective study was performed on 70 pregnant women between 24 – 28 weeks of their pregnancy: 30 cases with gestational diabetes and 40 healthy controls.

This study is proposed to explore, inspect, scrutinize, and discuss about how the home environment can be very effective and crucial in the improvement of youngsters’ literacy proficiencies. In effect, this study is planned to shed light on the impact of home environment on the children’s literacy development. To achieve the aim of the study, some of the principal subjects, topics, theories, and points which can be connected to the objective of article are introduced, clarified, and discussed. Afterword, they are followed by a precise discussion and conclusion.

Over the last three decades, empirical research has been conducted on examining the relationship between transformational leadership and the improvement of school units. Under that context, leader characteristics have been found to be important factors in explaining the implemented leadership style.

Variation in language-use exists in everyday interactions and in all societies. This variation is real and cannot be overlooked. It is worth noting that this variation is systematic, i.e. it is done intentionally and to serve particular purposes. Status, solidarity, authority, power, control, and hegemony are goals served by language use. They are established and inculcated through economic and military supremacy and other formal governmental institutions. In referring to language-use as discourse, discourse is preferably perceived as a form of social practice and as a carrier of ideology.

Christ the telos of the Law is an examination of what Paul meant when he says Christ is the end of the law in Romans 10:4. Literature researchers reveal that scholars generally cast their vote for the fact that the coming of Christ spelled the eclipse of the law e.g. C. H. Dodd, O. Michael, Paul Athans, E. Howard, J. Lagiange etc. Paul meant to say that the pursuit of righteousness through works of law is lapsed, because righteousness comes only by faith in Christ, who was instrumental in God’s hand to acquit sinners, since it is Christ alone that met the demand of the law.

Hanoi zoo is a place to display animal species serving the people and foreigners to visit, play and entertain. At the same time, the zoo is also a place for scientific research into animals, contributing to the preservation and education of the preservation of the natural environment. The zoo has been constantly upgraded and renovated to meet the needs of entertainment, education for people both of the capital and the country. With the number of millions of visitors every year, it is said that the park is attractive and effective.

The purpose of this research is to highlight the current etiological and therapeutic concepts of aggressive periodontitis which is rapidly progressing and aggressive in nature with photographic depiction. It leads to destruction of periodontal tissues and loss of teeth. The need in present time is requirement of advanced diagnostic techniques to learn about current disease activity and rate of progression.

This study aimed to provide those interested, details about a new method of improving the quality of life by relieving the back pain. For this purpose, we combined several physical and technological methods. In parallel with the implementation of certain evaluation tests regarding the back pain and the quality of life (Visual Analogue Scale and Nottingham Health Profile) we used specific gymnastics techniques in combination with solutions offered by two devices of great complexity (Ceragem Massage Bed and Mind Sinergy).

Introduction: A 'high risk' pregnancy (HRP) state has been associated with an adverse perinatal outcome. There is so much data on the occurrence of HRP in Gujarat. Such information is critical for planning interventions in the state to reduce the maternal mortality rate, infant mortality rate and the incidence of low birth weight babies. Objective: The objectives of the study were to investigate the incidence of HRP at a tertiary care referral hospital, and to study the short term in - hospital' outcomes of these HRP, using the 'normal risk' pregnancies as a comparison group.

Background: There is still debate about the effects of daylight saving time (DST) on both energy saving and social activities. The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of extension of DST on the frequency of road traffic accidents. Methods: This cross-sectional retrospective study involved 1.548 road traffic accident patients who were referred to emergency departments from December 2015 to February 2016, and from December 2016 to February 2017. The type and time of the accident, as well as the demographic characteristics of the patients involved, were recorded.

This qualitative phenomenological study investigated the types of knowledge and skills that 10 Nicaraguan English teachers applied in the EFL classroom. Data were gathered using one-shot semi-structured interviews. Findings revealed English teachers’ knowledge and skills were contextualized and changed over time due to students, the teaching milieu, the curriculum, learning goals, and so forth.

Introduction: Infected wounds irrespective of their location are such a burden to the patient and the healthcare which is beyond any description we can make. Presence of infection is a complex problem especially in extremities, which leads to spectrum of complications such as soft tissue loss, exposure of sensitive structures like tendons, nerves, bones etc and even amputation. Infections have always been a matter of worry for the surgeons and especially orthopedicians. Wound healing process can be at times complicated by infections resulting in prolonged hospitalization and even death.

This exploratory sequential mixed methods study investigated the effects of using sentence structure formulas to teach EFL university students basic academic writing skills. Thirty level B2 EFL students from an Ecuadorian university participated in this research. Two types of data were collected and analyzed, namely, qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data were gathered through semi-structured interviews.

This study shows that how we clean the covered land area from old/damaged car/ auto vehicle. We develop the dis assembly line to remove the auto parts from the cars/ auto vehicles and if it is recycle and reuse we recycle and reuse and if it is not recycle or reuse we dumped it properly into the earth. We also developed the formula to find out the disassembly rate and cost estimation formula to find out the this strategy is profitable or not

Background: Low birth weight is a crucial and substantial factor contributing to infant mortality. Zinc deficiency can lead to clinically relevant disturbances in tissue functions and may affects birth weight of neonates. Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between maternal serum zinc concentration and the low birth weight (<2500g) of their newborns. Design: Cross sectional, case-control study. Patients and methods: A total of 70 women were enrolled in this study. Thirty five women as case and 35 women as control.

This article investigates the multifaceted impacts of refugees on the host communities in south Eastern Ethiopia. Throughout the world, the UNHCR engaged in hosting, feeding, sheltering, clothing and educating the refugees and addressing the impacts on the host communities. In hosting refugees, many communities face various forms of socio-cultural influences and economic challenges. Many hosting governments have restricted refugees to camps because they consider long-term refugee presence to be un economic burden and social challenge.

Aim: This study was conducted to know the factors associated with acceptability of immediate post placental IUCD insertion in women and to know the level of safety efficacy and expulsion of post placental insertion of IUCD. Material and methods: This study was conducted in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Department of C.U.SHAH medical college, surendranagar over period of 8 months. Women admitted and delivered at CUSMCH were counseled regarding IUCD like its advantage side effects and complications.

Background: The livestock sector in Ethiopia is the largest in Africa. Livestock production and marketing is a major livelihood in the pastoral areas of Ethiopia. The pastoralist community like Borana, livestock marketing development covers enormous scope for their socio economic development. Although few studies are available in the areas of livestock marketing, an in-depth analysis on the marketing practice, challenges and opportunities in livestock marketing is found to be scanty in Borana Zone.

Introduction: Mental foramen is an important anatomical landmark situated on the antero-lateral aspect of the body of the mandible and transmits mental nerves and vessels. Knowledge regarding the position of the mental foramen is important when administering regional anaesthesia, performing periapical surgery, dental implant surgery and open reduction of the mandible fractures as the mental nerve bundle can be traumatized during surgical procedures resulting in the paresthesia/ anesthesia in the area innervated by the mental nerve.

The most common cause of anemia is deficiency of iron. A number of intravenous iron formulations have been developed. One of the recent addition to the list of available parenteral iron preparation is Ferric carboxymaltose. It is still relatively new in India and is yet to find its place in India for routine use. One clinically important but less common adverse reaction of Ferric carboxymaltose is increase in the Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) as well as Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) levels.

Aim: To determine the adhesive properties of strains of Bifidobacterium bifidum 791, Bifidobacterium bifidum LVA-3, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 and the effect of egg lysozyme on their adhesive activity in vitro experiments on human erythrocytes. Material and Methods: The bacterial adhesion and the effect of lysozyme in the concentrations range from 3.13 to 1500 μg ml is determined on human erythrocytes I (0) Rh (+) blood group.

The objective of the case study is for the treatment ofAngle Class I with lower central incisor congenital missing case by ISW (Improved Super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy wire, developed by Tokyo Medical and Dental University).A young female (16 years old) came to our clinic with a chief complaint of maxillary protrusion and mild crowding. Clinical examination revealed lower central incisor congenital missing, large overjet, and anterior crowding. In order to relieve crowding and to correct large overjet, extraction of #14 #25(due to large decay) was performed.

Extraction of phytochemicals from medicinal plants is an important first step in preparing different formulations. Various modern methods have now come to the forefront which preserve the phytochemicals and prevent their degradation as compared to the ancient methods. This article focusses on elaborating the principles of different extraction processes with their pro’s and con’s and different factors influencing the process.

Many research studies have been conducted in the area of retailing services, but there has been no research that takes into account both service quality and retail store features and identifies the factors that lead to customer satisfaction in nigiris supermarkets. Customer satisfaction is defined as the extent to which a product or service meets or exceeds the customers’ expectations.

Acute pancreatitis is an inflammation of pancreas of variable severity and variable etiology. The severity varies from mild to severe attack like necrotising pancreatitis which portends bad prognosis on the patient and it is associated with complications which may lead to death. Many prognostic indicators were developed to prognosticate the patient.

Plant a purple Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) on dry land is one type of vegetable plants that are favored by the community because in addition to having a delicacy also contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. But so far the public is still constrained by the increased crop production. One alternative is the awarding of organic fertilizer to the soil can influence and improve soil properties either physics, chemistry or biology of the soil.

Field experiments were conducted from 2010 -11 to 2011-12 to evaluate the different colored traps to monitor and trap the chilli thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis (Hood) population at Horticultural Research Station, Dr YSR HU, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. In 2010-11, among the five traps blue traps were early and effectively monitored the thrips population from September IInd FN to February Ist FN than others. Population trap-1 ranged from 2.9 to 922.72. Early detection of population was recorded with blue traps, i.e September IIndFN (79.22), highest no.

The aim of the study was “To assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on Care of Children with Febrile Seizures among mothers of under five’s at selected Urban slum areas, Suryapet”. A Quasi -experimental single group pre-test, post-test design was adopted. The study was conducted in Rajiv Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar (Urban slum areas), Suryapet, Telangana, India. The population were mothers’ of children under five years numbered 50. Convenient sampling technique was adopted for the study.

This study was carried out to determine the concentration of heavy metals present in the feed and faecal samples of layer birds from commercial poultry farms at I kenne Local Government area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Feed and faecal samples were collected by random sampling from bags of feed and farm dumpsite respectively at seven commercial poultry farms with bird population of 2,000 and above. Collected samples were analysed for heavy metal concentration with atomic absorption spectrometer AAS model 210GP after wet digestion.

A field experiment was conducted at experimental block of the Department of Plantation, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops, Kittur Rani Channamma College of Horticulture, Arabhavi, Belagavi district, Karnataka during Rabi-2015-16 and 2016-17 to study the effect of growth regulators at different stages on growth and yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.). The experiment was laid out in split plot design with three replications.

Sea mango leaf and fruit (Cerbera manghas, Linn) are very toxic, therefore some people in Southeast Asia and South Asia use them as fish poisons and rat poisons, besides that some people have also used them to treat several diseases, such as, diabetes, digestion, fever, malaria and infectious diseases. This study aims to determine the potential of dichloromethane and ethyl acetate extracts of sea mango (Cerbera manghas, linn) leaf against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Background: By the second half of 1980s, health sensitivity had started to rise in food and agricultural product consumption. In addition to health consciousness, rising environmental awareness and emphasis over achieving sustainability of agriculture, the definition of organic product was set forward and markets for both production and consumption of these products had started to emerge. Development of any sort of market can be achieved with evaluation of consumer expectations in developing countries.

Assessment of Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) of selected 10 tree species found in vicinity of quarrying area in Thelliyoor (Pathanamthitta dist., Kerala) was done. Based on the selected dominant trees from disturbed site, same tree species were spotted from a undisturbed area of St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry Campus. Present study showed the impact of air pollution on ascorbic acid content, chlorophyll content, leaf extract pH and relative water content. These separate parameters gave conflicting results for same species.

Background: Child resembles a white paper. Which you can draw on it, his personality and conduct. A child is accepting any external impact and information affecting his character in the future. Since any behaviour or activity the child sees may influence his individuality. Television is what attracts the children most and shapes their behaviour. Usually most of the shows that children’s watch is cartoons. Kids shows are one of the everyday propensity for our children, yet animation impacts the kids decidedly and adversely both.

This research aimed to improve student mastery of chemistry learning of the colloidal system by integrating Science Technology Society (STS). A pretest-posttest control group design was used which involved three year XI secondary school classes. The students engaged with different issues using STS principles. They used different sources from the environment which linked with the Colloid concept. A concept map was used as the research instrument along with multiple-choice test items.

Background: The emergence of Vancomycin resistance Enterococci (VRE) is a cause of concern. They have become important nosocomial pathogen, which is very difficult to treat and control. So it is necessary to prevent their spread by early detection and monitor continuously such infection in hospital. Objective: The present study was undertaken to evaluate the two different methods - Epsilometer test (E- test) (Himedia, India) and HiCrome VRE Agar, Modified (Himedia M195, India) in detecting VRE.

CD28 and Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) co-stimulatory signals are required for recruitment and expansion of naïve T-cell, CD28 regulates both the development of T-regulatory cells in the Thymus and their peripheral homeostasis. These T-regulatory cells (CD25+ and CD4+) constitute 5-15% of the peripheral T-cells these cells are involved in the autoimmune disease as they act as immunosuppressant, studies shown that targeting of CD28 with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) produces as significant increase in CD4 cell count in peripheral blood, spleen and the lymph nodes.

Introduction: Biofilms formation plays an important role in bacterial and fungal pathogenesis. Biofilms have been considered a virulence factor contributing to bacterial infections. Therefore, a reliable method for their diagnosis is necessary. Materials and Methods: In this study, biofilm formation of 86 isolates of bacteria and yeasts were detected by Test tube method, polystyrene petri dish method and glass slide method and the results were compared.

Background: Antiplatelet drugs are the cornerstone in the management of acute coronary syndrome. Recent studies suggest variability in response to aspirin and clopidogrel. A few patients on preventive therapy with aspirin and/or clopidogrel got recurrent attacks of thromboembolic episodes, further pointing towards an uncertain response. Method: A cross sectional, observational study was conducted in a tertiary care rural hospital in central India.

Every day, every minute, experts in the health care fraternity and scientists are learning something new about the Alzheimer’s disease as the incidents of the same is on the rise, Globally. As per the research evidences it is proved that the knowledge about the disease and it’s preventive measures among common people can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease to an extend. Hence the main aim of this research was to assess the existing knowledge on Alzheimer’s disease among patients and to develop an informational booklet regarding prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Introduction: Exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute positively to reducing surgical risks and strengthening the immune system. Objectives: The objectives of the study is to assess the pre test knowledge and practice of post operative exercises, to evaluate the effectiveness of video assisted teaching, to associate the selected demographic variables with the knowledge and practice of post operative exercises and to correlate the knowledge and practice of post operative exercises among abdominal surgery patients.

All the 18 lakes and ponds in Bhopal District, were studied. The pollutants and drastic environmental variation have also adversely effected and changed water qualities i.e. color, hardness, turbidity , alkalinity, PH. COD, BOD and TDS etc. Aquatic life, thus, also is affected. Changes in morphology of amphibian, like- color, pigmentation, length, weight mass, etc. may occur. This can not be ignored that the afore-mention variation may be responsible to develop new varieties or sub species. Unfortunately, negligible work is done in relation to amphibian fauna of the area in recent-past.

Background: Student feedback about the effectiveness of teaching strategies that are aligned within the curriculum can be an effective approach to help improve the quality of teaching material. Objectives: the purpose of this paper reports on a case study that explored how teaching and learning can be enhanced through engagement with student feedback. Design: Qualitative research methodology used, and data were collected in the form of open-ended questionnaire for each participant. Settings: The study was conducted in the College of Nursing in Saudi Arabia.

Nitrogen has been the most essential element that directly affects the growth of plants. It is present in the soil in insoluble form which cannot be used by the plants. The plants require soluble form of nitrogen in soil to grow and sustainability. One such important compound that provides the plant with required nitrogen is Amino Acid (protein). It can be extracted from different plant or animal matter.

Objective: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the correlations between obstetrical and anthropometrical parameters of women in labor and the anthropometrical features (weight, height, and cranial perimeters) of their newborns instantly after deliverance at a tribal health center in the northern Côte d’Ivoire. Methods: It is a descriptive prospective and analytical study carried during five months at the maternity department of the tribal health center of Tioroniaradougou in the rural area of Korhogo, including 201 women in labor and their 202 newborns.

The differences between the academic achievements and motivation level of 10th grade students in solving word mathematical problems with different solution methods were examined in this research, as the examined solution method is using tables versus solving by linear solution, solution through graphs and solution through series. The research rational is to clarify that the table method solution is preferred better than the other methods in academic achievements.

Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of substances including gases, particulates, and biological molecules are introduced into Earth's atmosphere. The concept of monitoring of air quality by plants is a well-established fact. It is known that some plants are very sensitive to air pollutants; they are thus used as indicator species for bio monitoring of air quality. The use of lichens and moss for air pollution level mapping in urban and industrial area are the finest examples of plant bio monitoring of air quality.

In this Modeling and analyzing the water flow rate between two tanks, the mat lab simulink were used to analyze the water flow rate between them and level the tanks heights. The differential equation in terms of the water tanks heights and state space equation were derived and the simulink model was constructed for two water tanks reach its steady flow at the heights of 3m. At is level, the velocity flow of water is not changed and the flows of water in two tanks were the same.

The trend of anonymous messaging, social networking, and general communication applications (e.g. Whisper, Secret, etc.) has been gaining traction recently. This stems from a growing need among internet users for speaking and communicating freely, without associating their content with their identities. However, in all the existing applications, anonymity is guaranteed by the server managing the network, where the users’ messages have to go directly through the server before they are anonymously shared with the selected audience.

As the number of world’s population continues to increase, the amount of solid waste that people produce is increased. Definitely, disposable products required high engineering technology. Solid waste varies such as plastics, soda cans, polyethylene bags plastics or bottles of water…etc., but the accumulation of these products has led to increasing amounts of plastic pollution around the world. As plastic is composed of major toxic pollutants, it has the potential to cause great harm to the environment.

In this work we study the the energy of particles transfer through the finite the square well potential. Derive the wave function particles from finite the square well potential. Employing the approximation of linear variation method,I calculate the energy of particles transfer through the finite the square well potential.

The core of this paper is to integrate between a Geo-database model and detector instrument (version-XTpc pipe and cable locator, and HWg-WLD detector ) for monitoring the network operation; breakdowns, leakages, flow and pressure variations can be adopted and linked directly from cable telephone line(or wireless internet service) to a control room. HWg-WLD detects water leaks or water floods along the entire length of the sensing cable. The sensing cable detects even the smallest volume of water; HWg-WLD features a built-in web server.

In recent years, credit inter-mediation is shifting, with the traditional dominance of the banking sector yielding ground to non-bank intermediaries, including the asset management industry. In addition, mutual funds play an important role in equity, debt and money markets as efficient allocates of resources. The debt portfolio of mutual funds mainly comprises corporate debt instruments, which include floating rate bonds, non-convertible debentures and public sector undertaking bonds.

Breast Cancer serve as one of the diseases that make a high number of deaths every year. It is the common type of all cancers and the main cause of women’s deaths worldwide. Due to the vital role of the aberrant DNA methylation during the disease development such as cancer, prediction mechanism had become essential in the recent years for early detection and diagnosis. The high-dimensionality and noisiness of the DNA methylation data may lead to the reduction of the prediction accuracy.

This article is the result of the first stage of a project named Digital Learning Project registered in the Postgraduate and Research Office in the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen. This project has a specific objective of promoting environmental education through technology, and it presents the diagnostic obtained by the application of surveys, to know what knowledge do middle school students have about the sustainable development. Focusing in the possible ways of improvement those zones where a high level of contamination exists.

Drought is a creeping and recurring hydro-meteorological event, which originates from reduced precipitation, high temperature, and high evaporation over extended period of time. It is normal in any climatic region and, perhaps the most complex natural hazard, because it develops slowly, is difficult to detect and has many facets in any single region. Drought preparedness and mitigation depends upon timely information on drought onset, development in time and spatial extent.

This paper debates the Islamic perspective on the organizational design. It aims to explore the fundamental design of organization that derived from the main sources of Islam, Quran and Sunnah. The rational of this research lies in the fact that there is a major need to develop an organizational design in light of Quran and Sunnah, and to the best of the authors’ knowledge there is no previous studies dealt with this issue before.

Introduction: Permanent first molar is the first tooth to erupt in the oral cavity when the child is about six years old. It stays in the mouth for longer period and plays an important role in the growth and development of the jaw and occlusion which subsequently maintain the overall health of the dentition. Loss of this tooth due to either caries or periodontitis at the very early stage of life leads to progressive destruction of remaining teeth.

Russell's Vipers cause vasculotoxic features resulting in acute kidney injury, bleeding manifestation. In our case a 50 years old man with history of snake bite was presented in casualty. He was unconscious; 20 minute whole blood clotting time was deranged, and renal function was abnormal. CT scan of head showed large area of infarct in left hemisphere. Though cerebral hemorrhage is much common, cerebral ischemia following viper bite is an uncommon feature.

Background: As osseointegration is now considered highly predictable. Conventional techniques of reflecting a flap for first and second stage surgeries have been routinely carried out. The current trend is to develop techniques that can provide function, aesthetics, and comfort with a minimally invasive surgical approach. Objective: To achieve these goals, flapless implant surgery using a tissue punch technique has been suggested. It maintains the tissue integrity, minimizes time for healing and also provides a clean site without the need for a second stage surgery.

Introduction: Infertility is a bane of modern living. It inflicts devastating emotional trauma on the individual for being unable to fulfill the biological role of parenthood. In India, 10-15% of the couples are infertile. There is an increased demand for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for management as infertility is a social stigma. This study is aimed to assess the role of hysteroscopy in workup of female infertility and analyze if this is the primary method in evaluation of infertility after hormonal profile and semen analysis.

The the peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM), is a rare cause of cardiomyopathy occurring at the end of pregnancy or during the months following the birth. This condition can be life-threatening and is characterized by significant left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure It’s a diagnosis of exclusion, which must be confirmed by the measurement of systolic function nearly always less than 45%. It is a rare pathological entity whose pathophysiological mechanism in question remains poorly understood.

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to adulthood. Mother is the first teacher for a child and her occupation play a great role in the development of a child. Loneliness is a feeling which mainly grows in the hearts of adolescence due to ignorance felt by them tn their childhood. Loneliness is a feeling which isolates an individual from social groups even when he is present in the crowd.

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to adulthood. Mother is the first teacher for a child and her occupation play a great role in the development of a child. Loneliness is a feeling which mainly grows in the hearts of adolescence due to ignorance felt by them tn their childhood. Loneliness is a feeling which isolates an individual from social groups even when he is present in the crowd.

Background: Vomiting is one of the postoperative complications of tonsillectomy. Aim of the study: This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of preoperative intravenous dexamethasone on postoperative emesis, starting oral intake and shorten the period of intravenous fluid. Methods: In a double – blind, placebo - controlled clinical trial,112 patients aged 5—12 years, ASA classes I were randomly selected to receive 2 mg / body weight (wt.) IV dexamethasone ( n = 56 ), as study group or an equivalent volume of saline preoperatively, as control group.

The Infective endocarditis (IE) is a rare and serious condition due to its complications classically by hematogenous spread of septic emboli to different organs. Endogenous endophthalmitis is a rare and potentially blinding ocular infection of the innereye. that occurs in the blood. We report the case of a diabetic 50-year-old woman with endogenous endophthalmitis as the first clinical manifestation of native mitral valve infective endocarditis that rapidly progressed to death.

Introduction: Health care associated infection or hospital acquired infection is one of common problems faced by hospitals in all countries. Ventilator-associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a major healthcare burden in terms of mortality, escalating healthcare costs, increased length of ventilator days and hospital stay. Despite advances in antimicrobial therapy, better basic care of ventilated patients on mechanical ventilation and a wide variety of preventive measures.

In the recent times, with the increasing expectations of the patients to an esthetically good and functionally stable treatment result, the practice of dentistry is changing from a single specialist practice to that of a team approach involving general dentist and various specialists. In orthodontic treatment, the endodontic procedures (like root canal treatment and restorations) and periodontal procedures (scaling and root planning) must be carried out before initiation of orthodontic treatment.

The present study was conducted to compare and evaluate the intravenous dexmedetomidine-butorphanol and dexmedetomidine-midazolam as preanaesthetic with propofol anaesthesia in dog. The study was conducted on 14 (fourteen) clinical cases of canine of either sex, irrespective of age presented to the T.V.C.C., COVAS, Parbhani for various surgical interventions randomly divided into two groups each consisting of seven dogs. All the dogs in study were administered with inj. Atropine sulphate @ 0.04 mg/kg body weight subcutaneously. In group A, after administration of inj.

Introduction: Patient call bell generated from the patient room is an alert sign to the health care professionals about patient need. Attending a call bell by nurse should be immediate and if it delays safety and emergency intervention required can be at stake. Many a time patient call bell response delayed is directly proportional to patient satisfaction and patient outcome. Call bell is a communication key for the patient when hospitalized and nurse should always give priority to attend call bell.

Aim: To evaluate the incidence and amount of periapical root resorption of maxillary and mandibular canines during fixed orthodontic treatment using friction and frictionless mechanics. Materials and Methods: The study population included patients aged in between 14 to 20 years undergoing orthodontic treatments in the Dept. Of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

The causes of female infertility are multifactorial and necessitate comprehensive evaluation including physical examination, hormonal testing, and imaging. Given the associated psychological and financial stress that imaging can cause, infertility patients benefit from a structured and streamlined evaluation. The goal of such a work up is to evaluate the uterus, endometrium, and fallopian tubes for anomalies or abnormalities potentially preventing normal conception.

This is a case of a younge female who presented with b/l lower limb weakness and then paralysis. Loss of sensation of both lower limbs and loss of bowel and bladder control. On examitaion and tests patient was found to have paraplegia and csf was positive for anti nmo antibody called as neuromyelitis optica. The patient was treated with iv steroids and then with oral steriods and supportive treatment

Background: Appendectomy for acute appendicitis is the most common urgent abdominal surgical procedure. Closure of peritoneum tends to cause ischemia, necrosis, inflammation and foreign body reaction to the suture material resulting in more post-operative pain. This study aims to evaluate the role of no peritoneal closure technique in reduction of post-appendectomy pain. Objective: To compare the postoperative pain levels on visual analogue scale in closure versus non-closure of peritoneum in open appendectomy.

To compare small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) versus LASIK for post-refractive dry eye disease. Its Prospective, comparative, nonrandomized clinical study. thirty patients scheduled for bilateral myopic SMILE and 30 age-, sex-, and refraction-matched patients scheduled for bilateral myopic LASIK were enrolled and followed for 6 months after the surgery.

Our study highlights the alarming rate of cannabis misuse prevalence (23%) in the department of Psychiatry in Toamasina Hospital during the first half of 2017. Men between 20 and 30 years old are the most consumers (32%), followed by those between the ages of 30 and 40 (31.82%). There is the presence of women consuming (4.55%). The criteria for cannabis addiction by the DSM-5 of American Psychiatrist Association was used. Thus, most cannabis users in our study (40.90%) develop medium dependence with score between 5 and 6. However, 27.30% are dependent with a score higher than 6.

Introduction: A diabetic foot infection is one of the leading causes of the hospitalisation among diabetic patients. Many studies have reported on the bacteriology of diabetic foot infections over the past 25 years but the results have been varied. Diabetic foot wounds are commonly infected, and hence infection leads to the formation of microthrombi causing further ischaemia, necrosis and progressive gangrene.

Background: TB is one of the most infectious diseases resulting in considerable mortalities especially in low income countries. World health organization estates that About one-quarter of the world's population has latent TB, which means people have been infected by TB bacteria but are not (yet) ill with the disease and cannot transmit the disease. In KSA, the National tuberculosis program was established more than 30years ago in all regions of the kingdom following World health organization guidelines for the program.

Obstructive sleep apnea, cessation of breathing during sleep, is potentially life threatening and requires prompt intervention. Despite the numerous advancements in our understanding of the pathogenesis and clinical consequences of the disorder, amajority of those affected remain undiagnosed. Simple queries of the patient or bed partner for the symptoms and signs of the disorder, namely, loud snoring, observed apneas, and day time sleepiness, would help identify those in need of further diagnostic evaluation.

Introduction: Urinary tract infections are among the most common infectious diseases in humans. The incidence of candidiasis is on the rise in hospitalized patients. The incidence of Candida has been on the rise worldwide. Urinary tract infections as a result of Candida species are becoming common in hospitalized patients. The species identification of Candida is important, as non-albicans Candida species are increasing in number and more resistant to antifungal drugs. The present study was aimed to speciate, characterize and perform antifungal susceptibility testing of the Candida spp.

Introduction: Otomycosis is an acute, subacute or chronic superficial fungal infection of external auditory canal, commonly seen in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is a common problem in the warm and humid areas and among Rural community. The commonly found causative fungi include Aspergillus and Candida species. Proper identification of causative agent is mandatory in order to prevent recurrences and complications. Material and methods: A total of 50 cases of symptomatic patients suspected to be of otomycosis were studied.

Endometriosis is defined as the presence and growth of ectopic endometrial tissue outside the uterus, with caesarean scar endometriosis being a rare entity reported in 0.03% to 0.5% of women following caesarean section. The diagnosis of endometriosis is usually established by a biopsy. However, we present a case of abdominal wall scar endometriosis in a woman who presented as a swelling on abdominal wall, diagnosed by FNAC and confirmed by cell block preparation with PR and CD 10 positivity on IHC.

The role of women is a fundamental question for the development of all societies. Development means total development in political, social economic, cultural and other dimensions of human life as well as the development of economic and other resources. The Objective of the study was to find out the existing entrepreneurial competencies among service class women. Purposive random sampling was done in order to meet the purpose of the study. Fifty service class women of different categories were selected to study the knowledge of the entrepreneurship.

Early diagnosis of liver cirrhosis is important. Ultrasound-guided liver biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. However, its invasiveness and sampling bias limit the applicability of the method. Basic imaging for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis has developed over the last few decades, enabling early detection of morphological changes of the liver by ultrasonography (US), computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They are also accurate diagnostic methods for advanced liver cirrhosis, for which early diagnosis is difficult.

Introduction: Neonatal septicemia is the commonest cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity. To reduce the mortality caused by Neonatal septicemia, it becomes essential to diagnose it as soon as possible and treat with administration of appropriate antibiotics. Material and methods: The study was done on neonates coming to Patna Medical College and Hospital, Patna. About 100 neonates were screened in the study for a time period of 6 months. Results: Out of 100 clinically suspected cases of neonatal septicaemia 68 (68%) were blood culture positive and 32 (32%) were blood culture negative.

Purpose of study: The aim of this study is to compare the antiplaque efficiency of chlorhexidine mouthrinse and cacao bean husk extract mouthrinse in children. Materials and methods: This study conducted on 50 children of both sexes aged 6- 10 years.The group of 25 children were given 10 ml of 0.2% Chlorhexidine mouth rinse,and another 25 children were given 10 ml of 0.1% Cacao Bean Extract mouth rinse,to rinse the mouth twice daily for 30 seconds. The plaque samples were collected in Dentocult SM vials on pre rinse and after seven days, 1 month and 2 months.

Background: The pregnancy outcome in Chinese women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) has been controversial. Research looking at predictive factors in this population is sparse in China. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the frequencies of abnormal pregnancy outcomes in a Chinese cohort and to identify clinical factors predicting adverse fetal and maternal outcomes in Chinese women with SLE.

By the one of genetic method, quantitative analysis of digitopalmar dermatoglyphics, we have made research in thirty female have made research in thirty female cerebral palsy children, in the prevention purpose. We have found statistically signific.

Objective: To evaluate the profile changes following treatment in adult female patients with bimaxillary protrusion of Dakshina Kannada region. Materials and Methods: Twenty five Class I bimaxillary protrusive adult female patients treated with MBT appliance after first premolar extraction were included in the sample. Pre and Post treatment lateral cephalometric radiographs were evaluated and the obtained data was compared using Paired t test or Wilcoxon signed rank test.

Pyogenic granulomas and hemangiomas of oral cavity are well-known benign lesions. The gingival occurrence of capillary hemangioma is considered relatively rare. The purpose of this article is to report, the clinical diagnosis of such an uncommon occurrence can be quite challenging as they sometimes mimic benign as pyogenic granuloma & in reality, it could be a more serious lesion such as malignancies. Dentists should therefore be aware of these lesions when making diagnosis and attempts at excision of apparently innocent lesions may result in serious bleeding.

Mimicking can be done by using either by natural substitutes or Synthetic substitutes. Biomimetics is defined as the study of the formation, structure or function of biologically produced substances and materials and biological mechanisms and processes especially for the purpose of synthesizing similar products by artificial mechanisms which mimic natural ones. A material fabricated by biomimetic technique based on natural process found in biological systems is called a biomimetic material. Why synthetic materials are preferred?

A study was conducted in Korhogo Department to evaluate the reproductive and growth performance of pig riders. To achieve this, a survey was conducted in four localities namely Karakoro, Tioro, Napié and Sohouo, chosen at random. In each locality, six farms were selected at random. A total of seventy-two (72) piglets were weighed for two months with 12 piglets in each farm. In addition to this follow-up, a questionnaire was administered to forty (40) farmers distributed equally in these different localities.

The present study to estimate the childhood mortality, i.e., neonatal mortality rate (NMR), infant mortality rate (IMR) and under-five mortality (U5M) among Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, Others Backward Classes and Others social group; and assess the Childhood mortality differential in social-religious stratification i.e., Schedule Tribes, Schedule Castes, Others Backward Classes and Others social group in northeast state, India.

Background: Esthetic and Cosmetic dentistry is gaining attention of both common man and dental professionals in 21st century. An important aspect of this branch is selection of proper dental shade. Aim/Objctives: To evaluate the reliability of two commonly commercially available shade guides for the shade selection of maxillary central incisors in the local population of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Material and methods: A single examiner evaluated shades of maxillary central incisors in 200 subjects using Vita Classic and Vita3D Master shade guides.

Plants Magnesium is very important in health and medicine. Magnesium deficiency affects every system of the body. Magnesium is a crucial element for mediating the vital functions of the nervous and endocrine systems. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve functions, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong. Aims and Objectives: The present study was undertaken: 1.

We report here a case of black fly bite on the face of a middle-aged Arab lady. She presented with a fairly large-sized, painful swelling of size 7*5 cm on her left cheek of 3 days duration. She visited a picnic spot on the mountains of Dhofar two days prior to the hospital visit and developed a large abscess on her cheek. Incision and drainage done under local anaesthesia. Black flies infection was rampant in the monsoon season, on the mountains of Dhofar region in Oman. These flies are hematophagous flies and affects cattle, wild animals, birds and humans.

Background: MRI load of low back ache patients is quite high. Nearly 75% of populations suffer from low backache (LBA) with or without sciatica at some or the other time during adulthood. Majority of these patients, after a clinical diagnosis of Prolapsed intervertebral disc, are referred for an MRI, primarly not only for the confirmation of the diagnosis but also for the patient satisfaction (demand) and medico legal reasons. The study was conducted to understand the significance of MRI findings in the production of LBA with Sciatica and its role in its management.

Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is a technique used in cranio-maxillofacial surgery to achieve high bone volume gain in all spatial dimensions based on the biological principle of bone callus mechanical elongation through slow and progressive separation under tension of two bone fragments surrounding the callus to achieve new bone formation. It falls under reconstructive techniques of correcting the orofacial defect.

Introduction: Endodontically treated teeth are at higher risk of fracture than vital teeth due to the decreased moisture content in dentin and most of the times, compromised structural integrity. The cast post and core technique has been advocated as the gold standard restoration for decades, but the traditional technique is time consuming and involves great laboratory and material costs. Introduction of prefabricated metallic post systems and esthetic post systems such as fiber-reinforced and zirconia ceramic posts have improved the results significantly.

Advances in dentistry, as well as the increased desire of patients to maintain their dentition, have lead to treatment of teeth that once would have been extracted. Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is an autologous biologic material created by centrifugation of blood. Choukroun and his associates were amongst the pioneers for using PRF protocol in oral and maxillofacial surgery to improve bone healing in implant dentistry. Autologous PRF is considered to be a healing biomaterial and presently, studies have shown its application in various disciplines of dentistry.

It can be say that there are more close relationship between common descent of all life on Earth and long time formation of membrane - redox potentials three - state line system like structures from the cyanobacteria to Homosapiens during last 4,5 billion years, which generated ATP and NADPH. “Phylogenetic relationship” refers to the relative times in the past that species shared common ancestors.

A large number of medicinal plants are used as alternate medicine for diseases of man and other animals since most of them are without side effects when compared with synthetic drugs. Each plant whether it may be shrub, herbs, algae have its own significance in pharmaceutical, medicinal, agricultural, industrial, biochemical and chemical sciences. The present investigation was focused on the preliminary phytochemical and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectral analysis and Antimicrobial Studies of solvents extracts of Spatholobus purpureus Benth.

Background: Body Mass Index, isoften used in clinical practice as well as in epidemiological studies.However, it is not clear how strong the relationship between BMI for age Z score (BMI – Z) and body fat percentage (BF %) among children.The study determined the (BMI – Z) and (BF %) relationship, in a group of South Asian adolescentsand to examined the influence of age, gender in this relationship andassessed its’ linearity or curvilinearity. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 1374 adolescents.

Gallbladder removal is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Gallbladder removal surgery is usually performed with minimally invasive techniques and the medical name for this procedure is Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (LC). Gallstones occur worldwide, however it is commonest among North American Indians and Hispanics but low in Asian and African populations. Increased experience and improvements in the application have proved LC to be safe and feasible in patients with acute cholecystitis, and LC has been shown to be preferable to open cholecystectomy.

Sneha Kalka is one of the primary wastes generated in Ayurveda pharmaceutical industry. This is because Ghrita and Taila (Sneha) are an important dosage form used in practice, thus widely prepared. The so generated Sneha kalka is discarded as a waste or at the most used as fuel (for Puta in teaching pharmacies). In an attempt to use this Sneha Kalka and up cycle it to another useful dosage form, this study was designed. Here Dhoopa Varti was prepared by using the Sneha Kalka, and adding a few Dhoopana Dravyas to it.

Background: Hemodynamic stability during peri-operative period is of vital importance. The anaesthesiologist’s conventional approach to provide anaesthesia for laparoscopic procedures has been the emphasis on maintaining hemodynamic stability by avoiding hypertension, hypotension and tachycardia. Objectives: To study • Hemodynamic responses associated with Intubation and Pneumoperitoneum. • Associated adverse effects like Bradycardia and hypotension. Methods: Prospective double blinded randomized clinical study was conducted in the department of Anaesthesia.

Aims of Study: Pelvic injuries in elderly patients are usually missed because osteoporotic cancellous bone fractures of Pelvis are poorly visualized, especially with poor quality portable X rays and this becomes a bigger problem, not only from treatment angle but due to medico legal and consumer forum implications. So, this study was undertaken to compare the results of clinical, radiological, computed tomographic and MR imaging of pelvic injuries. The fragility of bones due to senile osteoporosis, makes the elderly population vulnerable to fractures of the pelvis, following minor trauma.

Missing anterior teeth is common in children and adolescents. This will impair esthetics and function. The choice for replacement is in wide range from removable prosthesis to fixed prosthesis with more preference for fixed prosthesis. Fixed prosthesis include fixed partial dentures and implants. They are time consuming and require multiple visits. Fiber reinforced composite-fixed partial denture is a good alternative for immediate replacement of missing teeth. This case report is on replacement of missing anterior teeth using fiber reinforced composite-fixed partial denture.

Aim of distalization is to move molars distally so as to gain space. This procedure has gained popularity due to the fact that by distalization of maxillary molars, many Class II molar cases can be treated without extraction. Traditional upper molar distalization techniques require patient co-operation with the headgear or elastics. Recently, several different intraoral procedures have been introduced to minimize the need for patient co-operation. This article reviews and describes the various methods of molar distalization.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in October 2015 to December 2016 in eleven (11) peasant associations (PAs) randomly selected from three purposively chosen districts (Gimbi, Lalo Assabi and Nedjo) of West Wollega Zone, Oromiya Regional State, Western Ethiopia to estimate the prevalence of donkey trypanosomosis and to identify the trypanosomes species involved and their relationship with the mean PCV. Blood samples were collected from the ear vein of randomly selected 384 donkeys and examined by Buffy coat technique.

Context: Ratol is a rodenticide (rat killer paste) ,it contains yellow phosphorus, a severe local and systemic toxin causing damage to gastrointestinal, hepatic, cardiovascular, and renal systems. Among these liver is the most commonly affected organ and acute liver failure with coagulopathy is the most dreaded complication. These toxins damages the liver by depleting glutathione stores.

Aim: This study aimed to compare the eating habits of the children from lower socioeconomic status and higher socioeconomic status. Introduction: Nutrition is the intake of food, considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs. Good nutrition an adequate, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity – is a cornerstone of good health. It is beneficial for the physical, neurological and cognitive development of individuals. In the larger perspective, good nutrition defines the quality of health in a community.

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the FF (AMH) levels and quality of oocyte and embryo, fertilisation and pregnancy. The process of in vitro fertilization depends on many factors.The failure of oocyte morphological assessment to predict in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcome has led the researchers to examine biochemical criteria of follicular fluid (FF). Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), an important marker of ovarian reserve, is secreted by the granulosa cells.

Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of different type of medicated and non-medicated gutta-percha points in reducing bacterial colonization in root canal system. Methodology: Three different bacterial strains were used Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli, Enterococcus Faecalis .Disc was prepared from Whatmann filter paper. Then with the help of tuberculin syringe, 1 ml of the specific solution of gutta-percha points, was added on each disc separately. Then it was allowed to dry at room temperature to avoid excessive moisture accumulation and stored at 2 to 8˚C.

This is a continuous retrospective and prospective study which was planned and performed in Saddam Teaching Hospital in Najaf city for the period from the first of January 2001 to the thirtieth of August 2002 to study the correlation between the histological grading of breast cancer cells with the ipsilateral A.L.N involvement in relation to the size of the cancer to have an idea about the pattern and aggressiveness of the breast cancer in this city, with a note to the age and sex of the patient and the residence whether rural or urban.

Introduction: Smartphone is one the developing information and communication technology capable of providing information services quickly and accurate so as to make the smart phone as a necessity for all most people today. Some of the positive impact on Smartphone is for students or learners include: accelerate access to information to widely and quickly increase knowledge insight, facilitate in communicating, especially if used to create discussion forum.

Background: Rational prescribing of insulin and improved patient knowledge, attitude and practice regarding insulin usage will optimise insulin therapy in diabetes mellitus. Objective: The study aims to assess the knowledge, attitude, practice of insulin therapy. Study method: A cross sectional study was done in various in patient departments using KAP questionnaire. A total of 70 filled questionnaires were evaluated and analysed using Chi- Square test.

This study attempts to investigate antecedents of workplace accident of six selected factories in Hawassa city. The objective of the study was to examine determinant of injuries at work. Primary Data was collected from 130 employees working in six factories. The study evaluated five elements of occupational health and safety management system as determinants to accident using logistic regression. Management commitment, employee participation and employee commitment were found to be strong predictors of workplace accident/injury.

A classic case study example of multidisciplinary approach where an expert radiologist superbly assisted cardiologist to do a rare difficult procedure is presented here. A 75 years old female referred for severe painful swelling in right groin showed a large soft tissue swelling filled with blood and communicating with femoral artery diagnosed as pseudo-aneurysm. Attempt was made to compress the neck which was not clearly defined, which failed. Hence, patient was taken for intra-lesion injection of fibrin sealant in Cath lab for guided usage of firbin sealant.

Back ground: Prevention of dental caries requires new researches utilizing experimental set up due to strict ethical issue. Aim: In vitro creation of monospecies (Streptococcus mutans) biofilm induced microscopic human enamel demineralization using a batch culture technique and evaluating it using scanning electron micrograph and Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis. Study design: Human tooth enamel sections of Group 1 (control group n=nine), Group 2 (Study group n= Nine) were incubated in fresh BHI broth with 5 % sucrose for fifteen days.

It is known that within normal cells, genetic mutations don’t occur and normal cells don’t develop into cancer cells, but within abnormal cells if genetic mutations do develop, the p53 tumor protein should normally monitor this and guard the body from these dangerous cells developing or being replicated – like with cancerogenesis and tumorigenesis.

Teachersplay an incredibly important rolenot only in imparting knowledge, but also in shaping students’ lives. Recent discourse on education considers gender equity and equality as crucial milestones for sustainable development. A gender equal society is one in which boys and girls, women and men have equal opportunities to realize expected educational and other forms of learning outcomes. There is evidence that for boys and girls to realize the same learning outcomes, it is important to consider different gender needs and address them appropriately.

Reading comprehension represents a fundamental orientation for the development of linguistic skills on human beings: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The process is focused on English as a foreign language. Moreover, it is an approach that serves as a reference for developing the educative and formative short, medium- and long-term processes. Understanding how you read is related with the capacity of understanding students in a language, and knowing how to use it in a specific context. Restructuring of knowing “what” and knowing “how” plays a role in student’s learning process.

This study investigated the funding, utilization and secondary education effectiveness in Cross River State, Nigeria from 2006-2016. To achieve the study, two purpose of study and two research questions were raised to guide the study. Ex-post facto research design was adopted. The population is 246 Secondary Schools in the study area. Principals were used to answer the research questions and questionnaires. Census sampling technique was used since the population was manageable.

Integrating technology in teaching students is an effective tool to enhance students’ performance in the learning process. Most of the researchers and experiments prove that teachers who rely on technology devices on their teaching methods have positive attuited towards students. Also, it effects on the students' outcomes to be more interactive and engagement in the classroom. However, some teachers face a lot of barriers that prevent them to rely on technology tools.

One of the most important problems of employment in Turkey is the employment of graduates in fields other than they studied. In other words, it is understood that the bound between education and employment has been weakened. Although the individuals begin their undergraduate education with the anticipation and hope to be employed in the field they study, they encounter with a reality that is different from their anticipations and hopes when they graduate and become obliged to work at jobs they are able to find rather than the fields they studied.

In the present work, an investigation of the KPIs (performance indicators) was carried out, taking as a study object the fans page in the social network Facebook of the companies Toyota and Chevrolet in Ecuador, which allowed us to make an analysis of: the growth of The number of fans, the activity that both pages have, the interaction in the publications, level and services among others through the tool Fans page Karma which allowed us to compare both pages and to know which one has the most influence in The users as well as which works in the emgagement of its clients in the aforementione

The countries with special needs in the region continue to face daunting structural impediments to reducing poverty and achieving inclusive and sustainable development. These impediments have prevented them from harnessing their development potential and have kept them on the periphery of dynamic regional and global economic growth. People of Sunarpani VDC used maximum local resources such as human resource, physical resource and improved skills in programming.

The study aimed to identify the concept of quality in general and the quality of university libraries in particular, and to identify the positive aspects and knowledge of the obstacles and difficulties in the application of quality university libraries. The study also aimed to identify the standards of library quality in terms of different buildings and services, with the link to obtaining institutional academic accreditation. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method to divide the case study to fit the study objectives.

The study investigated the relationship between marketing strategies and the growth of the insurance sector using a case study of Jubilee Insurance Company, Uganda. The research was guided by the following objectives: to establish the relationship between market segmentation and growth of the insurance sector; to find out the relationship between product differentiation and growth of the insurance sector and to find out the relationship between positioning strategy and growth of the insurance sector in Uganda. The study adopted a correlational research design.

While Hope includes the belief that plans for achieving the aim, hopelessness includes negative perspectives for the future. If hopelessness can be defined as a state of losing hope, it is necessary to know what hope is supposed to be. For this purpose, we aimed to investigate, in amateur sports clubs, the levels of hopelessness of soccer players in reaching the goal of playing in an upper league. The population of our study, which deals with the level of sports and hopelessness, consists of 75 male athletes between the ages of 17-19.

The study aimed to find the influence of non-academic factors in the academic performance among education students. It was conducted at Eastern Samar State University main campus during the second semester of School Year 2017-2018 with 264 respondents. It utilized the stratified-random sampling method of selecting the samples. The study employed a descriptive-correlation research design.

The aim of the study was to investigate the school principals’ leadership behaviors and its impact on teachers’ job performance in secondary schools of East Haraghe Zone. Descriptive survey design was employed. Questionnaire also employed to collect data from 72 school-based supervision committee members who were selected using availability sampling technique, and 172 teachers were selected using stratified random sampling technique.

Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors - both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment The Government, public healthcare system comprises limited secondary and tertiary care institutions in key cities and focuses on providing basic healthcare facilities in the form of primary healthcare centers in rural areas.

The concept of intrapreneurship was evolved from the North American business lexicon and it has become a fast- growing concept in the organizational growth. Successful intrapreneurship in an organization, enables a unique competitive advantage to the small and medium scale manufacturing enterprises. Innovation, strategic renewal and ventures are the main focused fields of the intrapreneurship orientation that foster organizational growth. SMEs are developing sector under a huge number of constraints in Sri Lanka.

English language has become a world language. It is the official language not only of the native countries (U.K., U.S.A) but also of almost all the countries across the globe. The number of people who use English as a means of communication exceed much more than the number of people who speak it as their mother tongue. If we talk about India, English has been used directly or indirectly for almost two centuries. Teaching of English language in India as a second language is affected by many factors.

The paper intends to throw light on the critical analysis in detail and its effect on women characters. It will also examine the contribution of the novelist, Jane Austen in her work, 'Pride and Prejudice'. It is a brief survey of the selected text of Jane Austen from the entire canon of British literature. The nucleus of this survey is the portrayal of women in the 19th century. Their recognitions were little during the Victorian age. Women were subordinated to men during the 19th century. This novel picturises women who were dependent on men.

This Research Discusses Problems in Forms of Deradicalization Communication of the Indonesian National Police as an effort to prevent terrorism Cases in Poso Regency. Data of this qualitative research was collected throguh observation, in-depth interview (Indepth Interview), and documentation study. Research Informants was selected due to considerations that the informants engage directly to the deradicalization programs. Target of this research were formerprisoner, family and sympathizer.

Paper deals with the analysis of citations of research papers covered by the Web of Science database. The period covered is for 30 years; citations depicted by Web of Science for the period January 1989 to December 2018. Study projects the research performance of six well established universities in the state of Karnataka with regard the number of research papers covered by scholarly journals and number of scholars who have cited these research papers. Also projected is the average citations per research paper and h-Index of authors.

Child labour by definition refers to engaging children in work, thereby depriving them their childhood and their right to education. This has been a major issue of concern in developing countries for a very long time now. In India, child labour is now being recognized as a grave and enormous problem that has a long term social and physical impact on children.

Digital analytics basically consists of the collection, analysis, visualization and interpretation of digital data which explains about the behavior of the user in a website, or a mobile site and mobile application. The wide range of use of modern gadgets has helped the marketers to monitor and collect engagement information at the touch points of the purchasing funnel. Digital analytics are the major part if digital intelligence which helps the brands and website owners to understand how their sites and apps are searched and used.

Crowdfunding is a united effort by people who connect and fund collectively for a personal, societal cause or a business idea. Though it sounds very similar to the traditional concept of charity or social support, funding here is done with an objective of earning some return either monetary or intangible. The present day crowdfunding is connected with internet and the use of social media for fundraising. In India crowdfunding is still in its embryonic stage even though the potential is incredibly high.

This is a theoretical discourse of the misconception and discrepancy between auditors’ responsibilities on the one hand and shareholders, society and stakeholder’s perception of their responsibilities on the other. The study is aimed at assessing the duties expected to be performed by the auditors and the perception of their duties by the stakeholders. This study aimed at assessing the duties expected to be performed by auditors and prospects of shareholders on the responsibilities, which are expected to be carried out.

Plants mainly require Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium for their growth and development. Secondary required nutrients like magnesium, calcium and sulphur are also required along with other micro-nutrients like zinc, copper, ferrous, manganese, boron and molybdenum. The micro-nutrients depend on the type of soil and hence their requirement differs with changing geology. For the purpose of this paper, the state of Maharashtra regulations have been followed (Iron-2.5%, Zinc-3.0%, Copper-0.5%, Manganese-1.0%, Boron-1.0% to be at-least present in the product formulation).

Purpose: The aim of the study was to evaluate the success of levator resection in congenital ptosis. Materials and Methods: This was a prospective interventional study carried out at Postgraduate Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College Srinagar, a tertiary eye care facility in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. A total of 26 eyes with uncomplicated congenital ptosis of 20 patients were taken up for this study. During the study period, 20 patients (12 Male, 8 Female) underwent surgery. The age of operated patients ranged from 6-28 years with a median age of 12 years.

Integrating Internet of things with cloud computing having popularity in the recent trends. For adopting cloud services in IoT there are various considerations. Aim of the paper is to present the role of Cloud computing services in IoT implementation and focused on integration of cloud platform also how they are most suitable for Internet of Things concept. It explicitly defines those parameters from the point of view of IoT implementation, Integration and performance.

We conducted a short report on the topic: Superficial Tension (ST) and Icterycea Processes (IP). Basically the strength that acts on the surface of the liquids is named ST, the IP is characterized by the yellow coloration of the skin, and mucous membranes that occurs as a consequence of liver diseases (increased bilirubin level). The collected data expose how much ST is important to IP considering that the intermolecular forces on the surface can be broken by increasing the concentration of substances that lower ST, thus releasing more bilirubin in the current Blood.





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