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July 2020

To achieve the purpose of the study 20 University men football players were selected and their criterion variables namely Speed, Explosive Power, Leg Strength and Heart rate were measured prior and after the game by supplementing glucose and by not supplementing glucose. By using t-ratio pre and post tests were compared and the results showed no significant changes either in the physical or in the physiological variables.

Background: About one third of the community dwellers over the age of 65 and persons over the age 80 will fall each year. Fall is an unexplained event that results in a person inadvertently coming to the rest on the floor, ground or lower level. Falls are extremely common among the older adult population, account for the substantial morbidity and mortality. Postural control involves controlling body’s position in space for dual purpose of stability, balance and orientation.

This study aimed to ascertain the reading strategies used by and the level of reading comprehension of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in English students at Surigao State College of Technology, Surigao City. It looked into the profile of the participants as to their sex and year level. Moreover, it also probed the various strategies used by the respondents when grouped accordingly and the significant relationship between the reading strategies employed and their comprehension levels. The study made use of a descriptive research design.

Concrescence is a rare developmental dental disorder where the roots of the adjacent teeth are united by cementum. It occurs commonly in maxillary molar region. It may lead to periodontal tissue destruction through the loss of gingival architecture. Unpredicted extraction of an adjacent tooth, fracture of the maxillary tuberosity or floor of the maxillary sinus and oral-antral communication are reported at the time of extraction of concrescent tooth.

Cubitus varus (gunstock deformity) is the most common complication of supracondylar fracture of the humerus. Several osteotomies and various fixation techniques are described for its correction. The most commonly used is the lateral closing-wedge osteotomy, also known as French osteotomy with variable results. Persistent lateral condyle prominence leads to cosmetically unacceptable appearance and poor patient satisfaction. To avoid this problem, dome osteotomy is performed. We have evaluated results of dome osteotomy in our population.

Introduction: Chronic painful tendon disorders are common in both sport persons and common individuals. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is relatively more common among active individuals in the general population. Typical signs and symptoms include pain and tenderness over the lateral epicondyle, exacerbated by resisted wrist extension and passive wrist flexion and impaired grip strength. Aim of the study -To find whether autologous blood provides comparable functional outcome over local steroids and hence whether it can replace steroids in treatment of tennis elbow.

In this study, the aim was to assess the effect of ABO and Rh incompatibility on anemia and jaundice in neonates born in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi, India. In our study of 516 neonates, approximately 34.10% of live births were at theoretical risk for immune mediated hemolysis based on ABO and Rh incompatibility, of which 28.29% neonates had mild physiologic jaundice and 0.39% neonates had mild anemia.

Dental Anthropology is a scientific discipline, which deals with studies of sexual dimorphism, paleodemography, oral health, lifestyle, evolutionary trends, paleodiet, biodistance and paleopathology through the analysis of the dentition of extinct and modern human populations and hence, is concerned with the study of morphological variation (dental morphological features) and metrics of the dentition of human populations over time (prehistoric and modern) and in space (ie.ethnic influences) and their relation with the processes of adaptation and dietary changes that led to the evolution of

As Mark Twain put it “The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, it's that they know so many things that just aren't so.” Human history experiences a very strange period in which an unseen adversary struggles; the novel Coronavirus disease - 19 (COVID-19). Originally observed in the Wuhan,China and now spreading rapidly all over the world. The Current COVID-19 pandemic threatens the medical community with several theories. Because of its higher rate of transmission, the clinical and epidemiological findings of COVID -19 remain vague.

Desertification is a result of complex interactions within coupled social-ecological systems. Thus, the relative contributions of climatic, anthropogenic and other drivers of desertification vary depending on specific socio-economic and ecological contexts. The research aimed in contributing raise awareness, show the current status, future challenges and emphasized on researches that must be done through national strategies starting with determination the top priorities of research.

Anthropogenic disturbances pose serious threat to mangrove forest in Indian Sundarbans leading to shrinking pressure on halophytic floristic composition in this geographical locale. A vegetation study, during post-monsoon, along the upstream Matla estuarine belt belonging to central sector of Indian Sundarbans revealed a poor combination of four true mangrove species Acanthus ilicifolius L., Avicennia officinalis L., Sonneratia apetala Buch. Ham. and Exoecaria agallocha L. along with two mangrove associates Porteresia coarctata (Roxb.) Tateoka and Suaeda maritima Dumort.

COVID -19 has caused multi-faceted impact globally. Ethiopia’s vulnerability to the consequences of the pandemic is more severe compared to developed countries because of problems of responsiveness as the country is poor. This study examined the impact of COVID-19 and resilience strategies used based on information gathered from media outlets and literature. According to the findings,COVID-19 caused economic, social and political impacts in Ethiopia.

While traveling in space one of the hardest thing to do is stop or change directions without anything to push against or friction to slow things down spacecraft need to do all this hardwork by changing speed or path,. So they do this with the help of Pulsed plasma thrusters. The PPTs (Pulsed Plasma Thrusters) use Teflon, the same stuff that’s on the frying pan to make spacecraft move around in the universe. And this method is being used since the 1960s. The chemical propulsion is the best and only option for takeoff from the ground and leavesthe atmosphere but in space not very useful.

Sargodha city has a weather of utmost temperature in the summers and calm cold in the winters. Comparative study of Sargodha ground temperature which is the part M. Phil research was initiated by using thermal infrared (TIR), near infrared (VNIR), and detectable bands of Landsat metaphors with ground based instruments being measured by Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) to ascertain the variation of results.

Background: Ready to eat meat represents an important diet component worldwide and Costa Rica does not escape this trend. Generally, these products are made from poultry, beef and pork meat; however, the fraudulent replacement for horsemeat has been reported. Objective: The aim of this work was to determine the potential contamination with potential foodborne pathogens and the adulteration with undeclared horse meat of 120 mortadella and 120 sausage samples acquired in the four provinces that conform the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

The article discusses the main elements of myth and poetics in Kazakhstani prose. In Kazakhstani literature, the main postulate is still in demand that the only right way to revive the spiritual essence of Kazakh is in returning to one’s national origins, history, ethnos, connection with nature, in returning to national moral values, that is, to myth, folklore, to its deepest sacred meaning.

Au Sénégal, les plantes ornementales ont fait l’objet de peu d’investigations scientifiques alors que, la flore ornementale est considérée comme un des principaux vecteurs d’introduction de plantes invasives à travers le monde. En effet, l’invasion des communautés végétales par les plantes introduites est considérée comme une des plus sérieuses menaces par la biodiversité. Il est donc important aujourd’hui d’améliorer les connaissances scientifiques concernant ces plantes afin de limiter les risques d’envahissement.

Objective: This paper developed the mathematical model applied the artificial intelligence techniques of to simulated a wind turbine control system utilization PID,ANFIS and NARMA controllers . Wind power plays an important function in production of electric power and effected voltage and frequency stability. Rotary of wind turbines transmit vary types of loads and pneumatic loads, which cause rotor blades to deteriorate to the turbine Methods/Statistical Analysis: using MATLAB / Simulink to control of pitch angle to maintain turbine blades.

Current socio-economic and infrastructures development efforts are sustained by the use of environmental resources. This, sometimes, may leave environmental deleterious effects if the principles of sustainable development are not well integrated into development planning. It is against this background that sustainable cities, green building or sustainable construction as well as green economy are all embraced by sustainable development principles as the drivers of human welfare which support the theory of environmental sustainability and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

The practice of activities on the shores of the Ziga dam lake involves the use of products that may affect the quality of its water. The objective of this study is to assess the anthropic activities that may impact the quality of the water of the Ziga dam. In order to do so, surveys were conducted among market gardeners and breeders in order to know their working methods and their behaviour towards the resource. The results of the surveys showed that more than half of these two groups of users (78% of market gardeners and 54% of herders) have not attended school.

This study investigation of Exploring Impact and Usage of Electronic Mail by the Students and Research Scholars at Alagappa University, Karaikudi. The Electronic Mail (E-mail) has become one of the most important platforms in modern Information Communication Technology and education industries. I will definitely become an essential mechanism to communicate, connect and collaborate among the scholarly community. In this paper, we provide investigations of E-mail such as G-mail, Yahoo!

Au Sénégal, les palmiers ornementaux ont fait l’objet de peu d’études scientifiques. Or, la famille des palmacées est considérée comme l’une des familles les plus diversifiée de la flore ornementale du Sénégal. Il est donc important d’étudier les caractères distinctifs de ces espèces en vue d’une meilleure identification. Ainsi, la présente étude porte sur l’identification des palmiers ornementaux cultivés au Sénégal. Elle se propose d’élaborer une clé dichotomique en vue de faciliter leur l’identification.

The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the influence of leadership, career development and compensation to the employee engagement of PT. Garuda Maintenance Facility Aeroasia Tbk which has an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License. Source of data comes from primary and secondary data. Primary data is taken from the distribution of questionnaires, while secondary data from journals, company annual reports and books. Data distributed to 327 employees. The sampling technique uses simple random sampling.

Helically coiled heat exchangers are globally used in various industrial applications for their high heat transfer performance and compact size. Nanofluids can provide the excellent thermal performance in helical coil heat exchangers. Research studies on heat transfer enhancement have gained serious momentum during recent years and have been proposed many techniques by different research groups. A fluid with higher thermal conductivity has been developed to increase the efficiency of heat exchangers.

The study examined the impact of inflation on unemployment Ethiopia; for the period 1991-2018. Cointegration test, Error Correction Model (ECM) technique and Granger causality test were employed in the analysis. The variables utilized in the investigation include inflation rate, external debt and unemployment rate. Stationarity test was conducted and the results indicated that all the variables except Inflation were stationary at first difference; however, inflation became stationary at level.

The Lawyer as a Bar Advocate proudly proclaims himself as a member of the honourable legal profession, which indeed he is. But there has been an enormous public prejudice against lawyers as defenders of criminals. The irreconcilable difference in the minds of the uninformed public is how could one who proclaims itself as a member of the honourable profession represent and defend the case of someone to whom the society had adjudged a criminal and societal misfit. This has been the bone of contention.

The development of domestic and external trade relations of the Emirate of Bukhara in 1756-1868, the growth of the number of cities as major trade and economic centers opened ample opportunities for the production of qualitative and various products for domestic and external markets.

The matters on authority regulated underthe Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government and the distribution of regional taxes and levies under the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 28 of 2009 on Regional Taxes and Regional Leviesare the right of the Regency/City Government. It leads to a strong gap in the Original Regional Revenue (”ORR”) which causes inequality of development between regions and distribution of public welfare.

Aim: To compare the canal transportation using three different rotary and reciprocating single file systems. Subjects and methods: Sixty mesiobuccal roots of human permanent maxillary molars free of caries, cracks and restoration were taken. Pre and post instrumentation CBCT scans of all the roots were taken. Instrumentation was performed with the help of Hyflex EDM, Neolix Neoniti and S-One endodontic files. All the roots were examined at 3, 5 and 7mm from the radiographic apex. Results: At the coronal 7mm from the apex there was no significant difference between the files.

Introduction: Intussuseptionisan emergency pediatric surgical cases that are common encountered. The most common complications are necrosis and perforation on Intussuseption. Intussuseption that occurs in premature infants often leads to misdiagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), that results in incorrect or delayed surgical intervention. We tried to replaced CRP parameters with NLR, take the consideration that NLR is sensitive to inflammation or infection, and many reports a positive correlation was found between CRP and NLR.

Twin block appliance from its inception and evolution itself has been widely accepted as a more competent Class II corrector compared to earlier bulky monoblock appliances. Functional appliances can be used successfully in growing patients with certain skeletal Class II patients. Twin block appliance is very effective in a growing patient. The successful use of this appliance in the treatment of skeletal Class II malocclusion is based upon factors such as; age of patient, compliance of the patient and other case selection criteria.

Restoration of mutilated dentition is always a challenging task. Each case is unique by itself and involves meticulous planning of an appropriate occlusal scheme to reconstruct the debilitated dentition. There are many philosophies indicated for an occlusal rehabilitation. Pankey Mann Schuyler philosophy is a simple, organized technique in managing full mouth rehabilitation cases. This article describes modified Pankey Mann Schuyler philosophy by customising the anterior the guide table in accordance to the provisional restoration in a cardiac patient.

The impact of pandemic COVID-19 is observed in every sector around the world. The education sectors of India as well as world are badly affected by this. It has enforced the world wide lock down creating very bad effect on the students’ life. Around 32 crore learners stopped to move schools/colleges and all educational activities halted in India. The outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us that change is inevitable. It has worked as a catalyst for the educational institutions to grow and opt for platforms with technologies, which have not been used before.

Introduction: COPD is defined as a disease state characterized by persistent respiratory symptoms and airflow limitation that is not fully reversible and associated with multiple episodes of exacerbations. Thyroid dysfunction can be one such cause of acute worsening. Any thyroidal illness if present and leading to increased complication/exacerbation will go unnoticed and result in increased morbidity and mortality.

Introduction: Present study shows the changes in anthropometric measurements after post menopause. The aim of this study is to determine the anthropometric measurements in postmenopausal women it is a cross sectional study.

Cryoglobulinemia refers to the serum presence of cryoglobulins, which are immunoglobulins that reversibly precipitate and form a gel when the temperature is <37 degree Celsius and re-dissolve if the temperature rises to >37degree Celsius. The disease mainly involves small to medium sized blood vessels and mainly causes vasculitis due to cryoglobulin containing immune complexes.

Background: Sonographers while carrying out a scan involve a series of awkward movements such as twisting the body, stretching and a combination of downward pressure, twisting and rotating the wrist of the hand operating the scan Objective: The objective of the study was to find out the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in sonographers. Method: 30 radiologists in the age group of 30-60 years with minimum 3 years of practice were included in the study. Subjects were assessed based on case record form and questionnaire. Pain was assessed using Numeric pain rating scale.

We present diversity and habitat of various species of family Pyrgomorphidae eg: Chrotogonus (Chrotogonus) trachypterus trachypterus (Blanchard, 1836), Tenuitarsus orientalis Kevan, 1959, Poekilocerus pictus (Fabricius, 1775), Pyrgomorpha (Pyrgomorpha) bispinosa deserti Bey-Bienko & Mistshenko, 1951, and Atractomorpha acutipennis (Guerin-Meneville, 1844). The majority of the species were registered for the first time for the locality and the presence of Pyrgomorpha (Pyrgomorpha) bispinosa deserti is confirmed.

A numerical study of heat and mass transfers in a large water reservoir is presented. This water reservoir is being considered as a parallelepiped tank which vertical and lower walls are adiabatic and impermeable. The equations that govern the natural convection in water are solved using the finite volume method and Thomas algorithm. The adequacy between the speed and pressure fields is ensured by the SIMPLE algorithm.

Au Sénégal, l’oignon est essentiellement cultivé sous régime irrigué dans la zone des Niayes. La baisse de production est liée à de multiples contraintes telles que la péjoration pédo climatique, les nématodes et les adventices. Cette étude a été menée en 2018 pour déterminer l’effet de densité de Cyperus rotundus sur le développement de l’oignon et d’apprécier le stock semencier du Cyperus rotundus dans les parcelles d’expérimentation du département de Biologie Végétale de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar.

Background: In immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) there is premature destruction of platelets in the reticuloendothelial system. Splenectomy is a treatment of choice in chronic ITP refractory to medical management. Objective: The aim of the study is to assess the response to splenectomy, venous thrombotic episodes associated with splenectomy. Methods: A retrospective cross sectional study where the data Sentence Reconstruction for ITP in appostrophe Medical college Banglore was analyzed for side effects of treatment presplenectomy; response and thrombotic episodes post splenectomy.

This study examined teaching strategies and instructor characteristics perceived by students to be effective in teaching accounting. A descriptive survey design was employed and the sample consisted of accounting students in Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. The average mean score and multiple regression were used for data analysis. The findings showed that student-centered learning, professional knowledge, technical skills, and attitude were perceived to be effective in accounting teaching. These were significantly and positively correlated with effective teaching.

Introduction: Cardiovascular disease has emerged as a major health burden in developing countries. atherosclerotic disease of the coronary arteries is the most common cause of luminal narrowing there are multiple non atherosclerotic causes to it and the subsequent clinical coronary events. ECG is used to diagnose and predict the culprit artery and also level of occlusion in the culprit artery in patients with myocardial infarction. .

Betacoronaviruses cell immunity is taken on consideration as well as aerosol transmission and asymptomatic infectivity of COVID-19 carriers. The hydroxychloroquine and serotherapy are studied after identification and spreading of the virus. Its cell epitopes play a role on viral pathogenesis that influences morbility and mortality according to interstitial pneumonia, lymphokinestorms and thromboembolic happenings. Kawasaki syndrome and kidney involvement are discussed with other main pathologies before its prospectives from oral poliovaccine to more proper and specific vaccines.

For several decades Moroccan agricultural cooperatives have been faced with a radical change in their environment, as well as changes in agricultural policy. The aim of this article is to explore the explanatory factors for the sustainability of dairy agricultural cooperatives in an imprecise environment. To do this, an approach based on the exploratory study of four dairy cooperatives is mobilized.

A graduate survey is a critical tool to track the employment condition of the alumni in any academic program. Remarkably, the employability of the graduates serves as a significant index of program effectiveness of higher education institutions (HEIs). This study described the demographic and employment characteristics of the graduates of Sultan Kudarat State University in the different baccalaureate programs among nine (9) campuses from 2016 to 2018. A descriptive type of research was employed in the study which involved a sample of 1,115 graduates.

Intestinal parasitic infection are one the neglected tropical diseases listed by (WHO). They play a major role among all reasons to cause significant iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition especially among school going children located in rural areas. Our study mainly conducted to estimate the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection and iron deficiency anemia among school going children. The main aim is to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection and also to correlate their comorbidities among school going children.

As the name implies, windcatcher is a part of the building’s framework of the hot and dry or wet and dry climates of Iran, in which by directing the windflaw and enjoying the clean energy of the nature has a particular rule in coordinating the residential space to a comfort temperature for human being. In this study Semnan has been selected as a case study of warm and dry area. The method of study is descriptive- analytical and the reason for choosing the samples is their proximity to each other and their differences in the size and other key features of the wind catchers.

Studies have revealed that parents world over influence talent development of their children through guidance and counseling, payment of required levies, acting as role models and sponsorship. From the year 2011 to 2013 in Kisumu East and Central Sub-Counties, the girl child’s talent development was low compared to their counter parts in the neighboring sub-counties namely Kisumu West, Muhoroni, Nyando, Nyakach and Seme.

Studies have revealed that parents world over influence discipline of their children through guidance and counseling, payment of required levies, acting as role models and sponsorship. From the year 2011 to 2013 in Kisumu East and Central Sub-Counties, the girl child’s level of discipline was low compared to their counter parts in the neighboring sub-counties namely Kisumu West, Muhoroni, Nyando, Nyakach and Seme.

Globally countries have invested huge amounts of money in education. In Kenya Free Secondary Education (FSE) policy was introduced in 2008 to improve retention rates. In Emuhaya and Vihiga sub counties retention rates from 2008 to 2012 were 53.1%, 55.8%, 53%, 56% and 55.4% respectively for Emuhaya sub county; and 54.6%, 58.3%, 56.5%, 57% and 55% for Vihiga sub county which were lower than national retention rates of 84.1%, 86.2%, 87.4%, 88% and 88.3% for the same period.

Worldwide, studies have revealed that countries have invested huge amounts of money in education. In Kenya, Free Secondary Education (FSE) policy was introduced in 2008 to improve retention rates, completion rates, transition rates and student academic performance. Emuhaya and Vihiga sub counties completion rates were 51.1%, 52.8%, 53.2%, 51.7% and 54.7% for Emuhaya, 47.6%, 48.6%, 51.5%, 50% and 52% for Vihiga which were lower than national completion rates of 86%, 88.8%, 87.1%, 89.1% and 89.6% for the period 2008 to 2012.

Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) strongly recommend exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) for the first six months of the infant's life to achieve optimal growth, development, and health. This study aimsto estimate the prevalence of EBF up to the age of six months and to identify the factors associated with EBF among mothers that attended the Well-Baby Clinic,Al-Nawariyah Primary Health Care (PHC)Center, Makkah, Saudi Arabia in 2018.

India is land of diverse cultures and festivals. In these gay festivities the lighting of crackers play an integral role. Not only in festivals but in marriages and various functions of the family, the fire crackers play an integral role. This holds especially true in Indian sub continent. Every year hundreds of individuals, from children to adults report to various hospitals for treatment due to various injuries resulting from fire crackers. This varies from mild corneal abrasions to frank perforations.

Dental diseases are the most prevalent diseases in human being. However, the dentist to population ratio is ill-assorted in India especially in the rural area. Paucity of dental clinics in rural areas and high cost of any dental treatment has lead to increase in the number of charlatan i.e. “quack” who provide immediate services to the patient which are unhygienic, non-scientific and done in an unconventional manner under the guise of being their benefactor.

Introduction: Hepatobiliary (HB) scintigraphy is a radionuclide scintigraphic method frequently used in evaluation of various liver and biliary tracts disorders. Objective: To evaluate the usefulness of this method in diagnosis of various HB disorder; to clarify the scintigraphic patterns of each disorder, to establish the final diagnosis using this technique; to find out the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of this technique.

Objective: To analyze the pathological and clinical features of silent pituitary adenoma (SPA) under the new 2017 World Health Organization(WHO) Classification of Tumors of Endocrine Organ, and to provide relevant experience for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of SPA. Methods: Under the new 2017 WHO Classification of Tumors of Endocrine Organ, histopathological features of silent pituitary adenoma were evaluated between 2018 and 2019 in single centre.

The Objective of this study is to show the versatility of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) in secondary correction of craniofacial defects. The goal of secondary correction is permanent cerebral protection in an esthetically acceptable fashion. Reconstruction of cranial defects can be performed with several different materials and methods. Alloplastic materials, such as poly eth-methacrylate, is an alternative frequently used at our institution. We have shown cased case reports of 4 patients who has underwent secondary correction using polymethylmethacrylate.

The decision between retention of endodontic ally involved teeth as opposed to extraction and implant treatment is a clinical decision that requires a careful evaluation of the pre, intra and postoperative factors that may influence the outcome of the proposed treatment. A careful and extensive consideration of indications, contraindications, risks, and benefits of both single-tooth implants and the natural restored tooth is of critical importance if an accurate evaluation of treatment options is to be presented to the patient for their informed consent.

Introduction: The clinical features and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients with COVID-19 is Unclear and understudied. Here, there is pulmonary tuberculosis patient with COVID-19infection who were prospectively followed from hospital admission to discharge. We provide information and experience with treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis case with confirmed COVID-19 infection This case has given an insight that COVID 19 infection may aggravate a latent or an occult tubercular infection, but more studies and cases need to be investigated to confirm this uncommon co-infection.

Background: Perinatal asphyxia is a serious problem and is a common cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity. Various predictors have been used to predict perinatal asphyxia but correlation between the clinical and biochemical markers have been poor. NRBC count has been found associated with adverse fetal outcome. Aim of study: To assess NRBC count and its relation with perinatal outcome. Methods: This prospective case control study was conducted in Lalla-Ded hospital GMC Srinagar from Mar 2019-Mar 2020.

Aims: To assess and co-relate the healing efficiency of Modified 3 mix plus Dexamethasone combination paste and metapex in pulpally involved primary molars. Methods and Material: This study comprised of 60 Primary mandibular molars, which were divided randomly into Group A and Group B, Each treated case was recalled for Clinical and radiographic evaluation at one week, one month and six month interval.

In this study, hydrodynamic and magnetic anisotropiesas buoyancy-driven convection effects in a two-dimensional horizontal cavity are investigated analytically. The porous cavity filled with a porous medium is heated isothermally by the sides and its horizontal walls are thermally insulated or conducted gold. The main directions of permeability are oriented in the direction of that is oblique to gravity. Based on scale analysis, solutions for the flow field, temperature distribution, and Nusselt number are obtained.

The rate at which the population exceeds over a particular time affects the natural equilibrium of the region. The growth rate gives sign of the causes which may be the reasons such exceeding growth rate if any. The growth of the regions shows wide disparity on a whole. In this paper the present study reveals the tahsil wise growth of population in the study region during 1991-2011. Jamner is the first largest tahsil regarding the geographical area and Chalisgaon second largest tahsil in respect of population in the study region.

Introduction: A t was conducted by Meeran Rani in the partial fulfillment of the requirement of M.Sc. Nursing degree course at descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding prevention of acne vulgaris among the adolescents at Govt. Model Girls Senior Secondary School Portmore in Shimla (H.P.) with the view to develop information bookle Sngnc, IGMC Shimla. Objectives: 1) To assess the knowledge regarding prevention of acne vulgaris among the adolescents 2) To determine the association of knowledge with selected demographic variables 3) To develop an information booklet.

Species diversity and density of trees were assessed in forests of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary of Jharkhand comprising mostly of tropical deciduous forests. We compared tree community characteristics like stem density, basal area, diversity index, Beta(β diversity), Girth class, Canopy height class and species composition of tree species in all three zones (Altitude between 199 -603m) in the study area. A total of 41 tree species of 25 families, 71 genera, and 95 species were recorded. Gramineae (10) family is most represented followed by Euphorbiaceae (6).

Background: Thalassemia is one of the most common human genetic disease which affects overall health of children. Approximately 20% of all children have a chronic illness like thalassemia and 65% suffer an illness severe enough to interfere with daily activities. It is very difficult for both the children and their parents to deal with thalassemia and its treatment. Children with thalassemia often experience poor quality of life due to regular blood transfusion, frequent visit to hospital etc. Successful family adaptation to chronic illness needs nursing interventions.

La fragmentation des habitats est actuellement l’une des menaces majeures pour la biodiversité urbaine à l’échelle globale. Considérée comme un écosystème particulier, la réserve spéciale botanique de Noflaye (RSBN) est aujourd’hui menacée par l’urbanisation. Les tendances évolutives de la flore et de la végétation de ce milieu ont montré que la flore de la RSBN s’est appauvrie de 30% entre 1957 et 1991. Ce travail entre dans cette perspective et se fixe comme objectif générale de contribuer à la gestion des écosystèmes forestiers de la région de Dakar.

Le genre Indigofera est le plus diversifié des plantes à fleurs dans la classe des Dicotylédones de la flore du Sénégal avec 44 espèces. Cette diversité élevée du genre Indigofera est la principale cause de difficulté d’identification des différents taxons spécifiques. Ainsi, une confusion est observée entre Indigoferaastragalina et I. hirsuta var. hirsuta. L’objectif de cette étude de permettre une meilleureidentification de ces deuxtaxons à partir des traits de caractères morphologiques pertinents observables aussi bien à l’état naturel qu’au niveau des spécimens des herbiers.

The study presents the results of rainfall data comparisons from three sources, namely the Kilifi Plantation Limited (KPL), Pwani University (PU) and Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission’s (TRMM), TRMM3B42v7 satellite derived rainfall. The study aims at evaluating the ability of TRMM data to substitute local rain guage data as a sub-daily input parameter due to its finer temporal resolution. The study is motivated by the need to know the characteristics of sub-daily rainfall that would be useful in groundwater artificial recharge studies.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has been divided into four economic regions namely, western, eastern central and Bundelkhand region. The entire state has nine agro climate zones and the present study area (Kanpur Dehat) falls under central plain agro climatic zone. The district receives 683 mm of average rain fall with the maximum temperature running in between 450 C and 480C during peak of summer.

Open source 3d printing technology, for some years, has been preparing to respond to the needs of society where autonomous manufacturers take on challenges that until now were reserved for large companies in the industry. Schools work in laboratories taking on new challenges and opening new scenarios and teaching mechanisms. The world of architecture and home design is heading towards land that until now was unexplored and novel.

A new protocol for the synthesis of -substituted--unsaturated -lactones was developed. Selective reaction of 1,3-dilithiopropyne with ketones, followed by addition of ethyl chloroformate formed ethyl 5-[(ethoxycarbonyl)oxy]-5-substituted-2-ynoates, used as the basic framework for the synthesis of -substituted -unsaturated--lactones.

This study aims to understand the biology of the giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta) and its ethological characteristics for optimal management. Little is known about the social and reproductive behaviour of the Niger giraffe. This information enables conservation measures to be adapted for the sustainable management of the giraffe. The present study was conducted in the area between 13°00' and 14°30' north latitude and 2°30' and 3°30' east longitude.

The Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, grievously impacted the US economy. In response to economic turmoil the US administration implemented rigorous stimulus packages to revitalize the economy and prevent another Great Depression. The objective of this study is to look at the efficacy of macroeconomic policies implemented during the Great Depression and to compare it with those policies undertaken by the US government during the current COVID-19 crisis.

It is commonly recognized that, the development of humanity inevitably passes through education which sets the means for any society to ensure its sustainability. But the reality within the Congolese education’ system in general, and that of high schools network in particular, shows that the paramount role of a school is no longer valued. In other terms, the Congolese educational system is plagued by the issue of absenteeism, involving both teachers and learners. Therefore, the goal of this study was to examine the main factors impinging the teaching and learning process.

Background: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has been used extensively for heating, cooking and as a fuel in vehicles and generators. This study was designed to evaluate renal and liver profile of LPG plant workers in Benin City, Edo State. Methods: A total of one hundred (100) subjects between 20-60 years were recruited for this study which consist 50 liquefied gas plant workers and 50 subjects who do not work in LPG plant stations (controls). Blood samples (10ml) were collected from the cubital vein of each subject with the aid of syringe and needle into plain plastic containers.

Investment is the backbone of the development of a nation because the collection of the savings of the people from various categories are very much relevant for the industrial and economic development of a nation. More than 80% of the savings of the nation are scattered around the small and medium income people including the senior citizens especially the pensioners. In short the senior citizens in all categories either pensioners or non-pensioners are playing an important role in the capital formation and economic and industrial development in all states in India.

This paper will be exploring the definition of the term ‘fiction’, and how the genre has evolved over the years, with the change in the socioeconomic atmosphere in gaming. Also, would be diving in examining the modern-day trends of storytelling. Will be discussing different cultural, psychological and societal nuances, concerning writing a storyline for an immersive and inclusive gameplay and ultimately for a game to be successful with a large audience; specially focusing on the local players’ preferences.

In spite of the great interest of the international educational community regarding the issue of transition during pre-school age, only a limited amount of research regarding such has been conducted in Greece.

The recent pandemic COVID 19 is taking many nations into its grasp. The medical workers are working as the frontline force in tackling this global epidemic. The virus being very contagious, it is necessary to prevent the spread from an infected person to the medical personnels. This requires the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits by the medical workers. The PPE kits are available in both disposable and non disposable variants. The PPE kits such as coveralls and protective gowns are manufactured commonly from HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene).

Background: Banking sector plays an important role in stimulating the economy of the country especially where the capital market of that country is infant. According to Rousseau and Sylla (2001), security markets with good performance encourage the country’s economic growth. Due to that fact, commercial banks have to evaluate whether their performance is stable or it is just for the short run. In this case, both external and internal factors are to be scrutinized due to their effect on the banks’ performance.

Studies on the quality of dried tomatoes (var. UTC) treated with Aframomum danielli were carried out. Samples were sun-dried and oven-dried at 600C. Tomato samples were treated with 2.5%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% concentration of A. danielli. Dried tomato samples treated with no A. danielli served as control for dried tomato samples treated with A. Danielli. The treated tomato samples were evaluated for moisture content, ash, pH, crude fibre, titratable acidity, ascorbic acid, total carotenoid, lycopene and total viable and fungal count using standard methods.

Medicinal plants are most important indigenous source of herbal medicine for developing country. There are few of medicinal plants were used for treatment of breast cancer have been documented. The present study aimed to assess the cytotoxic effect of Moringa oleifera plant leaf extracts on three different cell lines (MCF-7, MDA-MB-468 and MDA-MB 231).

Background: Elastofibroma dorsi is a rare benign soft-tissue tumor with a characteristic location and imaging appearance. Aim of the study to present, strategy for treatment, operative technique and literature review. Methods: During a 7year period a retrospective study took place. Twelve (12) patients treated for Elastofibroma dorsi, at Thoracic Surgery Department at General Hospital of Nicaea-Piraeus Agios Panteleimon –and Department of Thoracic Surgery, Oncological Hospital of Kifisia-Agioi Anargyroi, Athens Greece.

Cette recherche vise l’examen des relations entre le sexe, le soutien social reçu et le risque de dépression chez des retraités. Pour ce faire, 30 retraités dont 15 femmes et 15 hommes âgés de 63 à 68 ans, d’une Association des retraités de la commune de Cocody ont participé à l’étude. Les échelles de mesure du soutien social reçu et du risque de dépression ainsi qu’un guide d’entretien semi-directif ont permis de collecter des données qui ont été analysées à l’aide du Test Khi Carré.

Background: With increasing COVID-19 cases in India, hospitals and doctors have been facing the brunt of the crisis. While government hospitals treating COVID-19 are limited, private hospitals are charging unimaginable rates. It has become the biggest challenge to accommodate the increasing number of cases. Dentists have been confined to their homes, due to the high risk nature of the profession. The medical background of dentists has inspired the government to start employing them to help in the fight against COVID-19.

In this study, the aim was to assess the prevalence of jaundice and kernicterus in a group of neonates born alive in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi, India. In our cross-sectional study of 661 neonates (601 term neonates & 60 preterm neonates), the results showed that almost all neonates had transient unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in the neonatal period, with more than ninety percent affected during their first week of life.

Mobile learning (M-learning) can play an important role in the development of teaching and learning methods for higher education. Nevertheless, the successful implementation of m-learning in higher education will be dependent on users’ acceptance of this technology. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate students’ attitudes towards using tablet computers in learning through exploring factors that influence students’ motivation to use and their acceptance of tablet use in learning.

Objective: Histomorphology and immunohistochemistry are essential tools for evaluation and classification of haematolymphoid malignancies. The present study was conducted with the aim to study and categorize various haematolymphoid malignancies in lymph node and bone marrow biopsies using routine H & E staining and IHC markers and to study usefulness of Pax-5 in differentiating various lymphomas and leukemias. Material and Methods: The present study was conducted in Department of Pathology at PGIMS, Rohtak.

A key event in the evolution of the Covid-19 disease is represented by coagulation disorders and this is confirmed by more and more evidence and observations. Coagulopathy (CAC) associated with Covid-19 has been defined as a fulminant activation of coagulation, resulting from diffuse thrombosis, which falls within the ISTH criteria for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).

A comparison has been made between Indian philosophy and it's influence on the culture of Emerson and Thorea. John De Crevecour rightly said that America is a man who acts on new principles and ideas. America was ripe for a literature with a new voice, grounded in a nationalism which welcomed many traditions. This new American culture, unique in the cultures of the world, would also be a universal culture.

The development of nuclear power is an important part of the national energy security strategy. Nuclear power safety is the most basic requirement for the development of nuclear power. Based on the testing historical data and expert data of nuclear power heat transfer tubes, the integrity of heat transfer tube degradation is evaluated by using the theory of total probability and Bayes formula.

Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement/ retention and deployment of those individuals with high potential who are of particular value to an organization. Management education in India is considered as professional education and hence it comes under the purview of AICTE which is a regulatory and quality maintenance body of Govt. of India. The guidelines for faculty recruitment are prescribed but their other service related benefits are not ensured by the promoters of these institutions.

Women education is powerful instrument for development of socio-economic status of country because it holds the half resource of country. If we want to development of a nation through healthy population it cannot be possible without making women population healthy and wealthy. For the utilization of women population with its potential level women education is most important factor. It is well known fact that educated women are the weapons who yield positive impact on the child health as well as on society through giving healthy human recourses.

Background: The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is the cornerstone of the Indian economy that enables the economic environment to progress leap and bounds. It is considered as the economic growth engine since it helps in fostering equitable and inclusive growth. But, this sector has been badly hit due to the pandemic outbreak. The MSMEs are faltering under crisis by chocking its operational activities and are not in a position to pay their employees, creditors and other dues.

The aim of the research sought to identify the link between the academy and the industry forniture for the training of specialized human resources by taking international and national theoretical references through models such as the Triple Helix (Etzkowitz, 2018) and public-private (Casalet, 2015).

Depuis la fin de l’année 2019, le monde vit une crise sanitaire, économique et sociale à cause d’une pandémie qui prit le nom de pandémie du Covid 19. Aucun pays arabe n’a été épargné de cette pandémie et cette crise, malgré leur climat chaud respectif et leur richesse. Cet article est une contribution à l’histoire et à la mémoire des pays, affectés par la pandémie, ayant causé des problèmes d’ordre sanitaire, économique et social. Cette contribution met en avant les marqueurs d’explication de la propagation du coronavirus dans le monde arabo musulman.

COVID 19 infection is spreading all over the world like a wildfire. It is an acute respiratory tract illness that was first identified in Wuhan, China. Non-communicable diseases are already a public health problem in most of the countries. Among them, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are one of the leading cause of mortality. Patients with comorbid cardiovascular diseases are more susceptible to COVID 19 infection. All the comorbidities increases the chance of complications like acute cardiac injury, heart failure, shock, arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

Over the last two decades, private tutoring has emerged as an important issue in determining the level of academic achievement, as its demand has been growing all over the world. Going for private tuition over the holidays is common practice despite the government’s policy that forbids it. However, the extent of the outcome of private tutoring is not yet clear and distinct. The study examined the influence of private tuition on students’ academic performance in public secondary schools in Gucha South Sub County, Kisii County, Kenya.

Orthopedic trauma involving leg constitutes one of the commonly involved practice by every surgeon. With the advent of increasing motor vehicle accidents the practice is increasing day by day. The injury ranges from closed to open and may extend to degloving of skin. Fracture pattern may include simple to comminuted and may involved segmental fracture patterns. The study involves analysis of 100 cases presented with compound 3b tibia fracture between Feb. 2018 to Dec. 2019. Degloving injuries and segmental tibia fractures are being excluded from study.

Back Ground: Insomnia can lead to major of side effect although there is limited data about its prevalence and risk factor among the adolescent age group Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of insomnia among secondary school female students in the east sector of Makkah, 2019, and to list the associated factors related to insomnia particularly smart devices use. Design: Cross-sectional analytic study Setting: Secondary schools in the east sector of Makkah. Patient and methods: random selection of students and distribution of the valid questionnaire.

Thorough knowledge of internal and external root canal morphology contribute to the successful root canal treatment. A mandibular molar having Radix Entomolaris (Additional lingual root) and Radix Paramolaris (Additional Buccal root) with two distal roots is an interesting example of anatomic variation. This paper describes 3 cases of each of mandibular 1st, 2nd and 3d molar with radix entomolaris.

Traditional knowledge of local vaidhyas about medicinal plants and their importance in local health care is well known since Vedic period.Plants are considered as divine in origin and were worshipped as Mother(Goddess). Screening of medicinal plants has become a otential source of bio-dynamic compounds of therapeutic value in phytochemical researches. Ethnobotanical documentation is one way of capturing this body of knowledge.

Introduction: Induction of labor is defined as the process of artificially stimulating the uterus to start labor. Aims and Objectives: The study was done to compare the maternal outcomes of using dinoprostone gel and dinoprostone insert for induction of labor. Material and Methods: A hospital-based prospective comparative study was conducted in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SMS Medical College, Jaipur from April 2018 to November 2018.

Background: India has one of the highest prevalence of Diabetes mellitus globally. One of the leading micro-vascular complication of diabetes mellitus is diabetic neuropathy. Smoking is a huge public health problem in India and is known to affect blood supply of peripheral nerves. Hence, both smoking and diabetes mellitus can adversely affect the peripheral nervous system. Aim & Objectives: To study the effect of tobacco smoking on nerve conduction velocity in male patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Materials & methods: The study comprised of 3 groups with 25 individuals each.

Calcium Hydroxide is a material which has been used for a variety of purposes since its introduction in dentistry in the early part of the twentieth century. In its pure form, the material has high pH and its dental use is based chiefly on its ability to stimulate mineralization and its antibacterial properties. A range of products have been formulated with different therapeutic actions, the effects of which are partially dependent upon the tissue to which they are applied.

Purpose: The case report highlights the fabrication of an auricular and ocular prostheses of a burns' patient establishing it as a primary treatment modality in similar cases. Method: After thorough case history, an auricular and an ocular prostheses were planned for the patient. Conventional impression making with a few alterations were undertaken. Wax patterns were fabricated with the help of indexing from the contralateral auricle and eye respectively. After a thorough try-in the patterns were processed in RTV silicone and heat cure acrylic respectively.

The question-answer centered theory is another important discovery after the three major theories of modern education (student centered theory, subject centered theory and culture centered theory), and it is also the divergence of educational models between western countries and Eastern countries. Problem centered teaching is a theme of quality education in recent years.

The conventional prosthetic treatment for the tooth loss can superiorly be improved by implant dentistry. Dental implants are used in oral cavity with the intention of improving the stability of a dental prosthesis. The predictability of well osseointegrated implant rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw as described by Branemark et al, introduced a new era of management of edentulous patient. A fixed restoration gives the psychological feeling similar to natural teeth, whereas overdenture, even though a fully implant supported, remain a removable prosthesis.

Introduction: Reduction of bone density and development of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women is very commonly seen in India and causes significant morbidity. Many of these women were found to have age of menarche and age of menopause affecting the bone mineral density of postmenopausal women. derangements in lipid profiles especially serum cholesterol levels. AIMS AND Objectives: To find a correlation between age of menarche as well as age of menopause and Bone mineral density in post menopausal women. Material & Methods: The study was carried on matched cases and controls.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of surface roughness and material type on bacterial adhesion to provisional resin materials. Materials and Methods: Standardized specimens of six different materials were fabricated using a stainless-steel mould/computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. A profilometer was used to measure surface roughness. Each group was divided into two subgroups, which were treated with Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans suspensions, respectively.

Idiopathic granulomatous orchitis (IGO) considered as inflammatory process of the testicles. It is about a 17year old male diagnosed with IGO, underwent uneventfully radical orchiectomy. An interesting case report presented, analyzed differential diagnosis dilemma, strategy for therapy – orchiectomy and pathology report too.

Background: Evolution of risk-adapted therapies has improved our ability to treat Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This study was planned to evaluate prognostic factors for disease remission, including age, gender, leukocyte count and blasts percentage at presentation, immunophenotype and early bone marrow response. Methods: Thirty-seven newly diagnosed cases of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, aged 14 years and above were recruited for the study. The patients were diagnosed based on cytological and immunophenotypic criteria.

Introduction: DHS is a commonly used fixation procedure in stable inter-trochantric fractures. The proper placement of lag screw is important in reducing the incidence of implant failure which depends upon the fluoroscopically assisted placement of guide pin in centre –centre position. This guide pin often gets erroneously removed during reaming or tapping procedures mostly in osteoporotic patients.

As the world is technologically evolving, speedy solutions show up at any time. Starting from 2019 onwards, a new member of corona viruses has appeared which is COVID-19. The world witnessed a dramatic spread of this virus that it has become a pandemic. The educational system was about to fall apart without the appearance of what is called online learning. In previous times, most educators relied on traditional learning; some did on blended learning, and a few on distance learning.

In our Indian Agriculture, the traditional knowledge or local knowledge has very good prospective for novelty specifically at the grassroots level. Several knowledge of the traditional tools are on par with the recent knowledge and have been delivered by the native societies with comfort and self-support. Agriculture practices through indigenous are mostly organic in nature, do not cause loss to soil and water, air and also safe to human beings.

Acceptance sampling procedures are practical tools for quality assurance applications involving product control. In this article we have developed new method for designing sampling plans based on range of quality instead of pointwise description of quality by invoking a quality regions approach. The Quality Decision Region proposes wider potential applicability in industry ensuring a higher standard of quality attainment for a product. This paper provides a selection of chain sampling plan of type (0,1,3) with Repetitive Group Sampling plan indexed through quality regions.

In this study, we present the preliminary monitoring results of 15 digital archives in France, Austria, Spain, the USA, Japan, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. The purpose of this paper is to give the list of worldwide digital archives and other projects, where old fashion magazines (late 19th and early 20th century) have been digitized and made available online. To obtain the research results, the following methods were used: descriptive research, secondary data analysis, sampling process, interpretive analysis, direct observation.

Nearly 38 percent of the individual are facing the eye power issues like long sight and short sight. Comparing to the Gene and all the day to day activities due to oner usage of the mobile phone, tablets, television and video games the eye power can be increased. There are different parameters where individual feel that the power is increased by improper vision. So individual will visit near by ophthalmologist (Eye physician) .And meeting an eye physician is not an easy way where all requires prior appointment to meet him.

Emotional intelligence of teachers plays vital role in managing their own life and deal effectively with the feelings of others. Emotionally healthy teacher behavior is reflected in characteristic ways of thinking, identifying, managing and expressing feelings. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand own emotions and those of people around. The concept of emotional intelligence means persons have a self-awareness that enables to recognize feelings and manage his emotions.

Charcoal is the main fuel used for domestic cooking in urban and peri-urban areas, with wood being used more often in rural areas in Benin. The quality of charcoal and the anhydrous weight yield of wood charcoal depends on several factors, including charcoal temperature and wood species. The lack of control of these data by charcoal makers in Benin causes socio-environmental and economic problems. The objective of this paper is therefore to determine the optimal charcoal temperature range and wood species best suited for optimal production of excellent quality charcoal in Benin.

Work-life balance is a vital aspect of the overall economic and cultural growth of an organization. However, there is a need to explore the factors that affect the ‘work’ and ‘life’ balance and then the resulting outcome in improving organizational performance. Employees are the basic building blocks of every organization. Family and work both are essential elements of life. In case of disruption or conflict between any of these elements, it will negatively affect the well-being of both employee and employer.

Background: Cervicogenic headache is a syndrome characterized by chronic hemi-cranial pain thatis referred to head from either bony structure or soft tissue of the neck. Adverse neyrodymanics as well as altered biomechanics of the cervical spine contribute to this. Objective: This study identifies the effect of neural mobilization and postural correction exercises on reducing pain and improving cranio-vertebral angle in patients with cervicogenic headache. Methods: 30 patients who were diagnosed with cervicogenic headache were divided in to two equal groups.

Correlation of Softening and Polyamines levels during the Controlled Atmospheres Storage of Avocado were examined. The fruit was harvested then stored for 9 weeks at 0oC in Controlled Atmospheres (CA) containing 2.5, 7.5 % O2 with 5 and 10 % CO2 in all combinations (4 mixtures) and air (20 % O2). The incidence of CI, textural change and polyamines concentration, rates of respiration, ethylene production was determined. Fruit stored for 9 weeks in 2.5 % O2 and 10 % CO2 softened after transfer to air while fruit from other mixtures containing 10 % CO2 did not soften.

As we are facing a critical pandemic since last 2.5 months. This pandemic not only impacted the financial and social life of people but made us change the conventional way of managing patients. This pandemic created a completely new normal for the world, and to face this new normal, we required a completely new armament to face challenge of pandemic. Epilepsy Foundation is NGO from Mumai India. From long time, Epilepsy Foundation dedicatedly worked for People with Epilepsy who are not able to get the comprehensive care.

Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds (Sesamum radiatum Schum and Thonn, Pedaliaceae). Sesame oil is composed of fatty acids like linoleic acid, oleic acid palmitic acid, stearic acid and small amounts of other compound. Although other species of sesame have been studied, there has been little study of S. radiatum in Togo. The aim of our study is to compare the quality of sesame oil, Roasted sesame seeds (RS) and Unroasted sesame seeds (US) and to optimize the oil extraction yield.

Teenage pregnancy leads to dropout of girls from school. As a consequence, it makes the girl child incapable of fending for herself and to become socially and economically unproductive in society. In Nyamira South Sub-County, the number of teenage pregnancies is on the increase despite the various government interventions to mitigate the vice and enable teenage mothers continue with their studies. Such interventions include the government policy of integration of the teen mothers in school which was introduced in 1994.

To feed one self is for the human being a primordial necessity. A good diet is the first medicine to keep your nutritional status normal. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of infant and child mortality. Nutritional problems observed in infants and young children, are closely related to complementary feeding practices. A study was conducted on the nutritional practices and nutritional status of children aged 0-2 years in Brazzaville. Its objective was to assess the nutritional practices and nutritional status of children aged 0-2 in Brazzaville.





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