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November 2018

Anger is a disruptive emotion that manifests in an individual and aggravates symptoms of other psychiatric conditions. Previous studies have shown that anger deepens symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, a condition that impacts negatively on millions of people in the world. These studies had pointed out that there seems to be a link between anger and anxiety. This study sought to investigate the correlation between anger and anxiety among students in public secondary schools in Nakuru sub County, Kenya.

The paper disclose the activity of mosques in Tashkent city in the second half of the XIX century. The author studies the role of mosques in social life of the city, the influences of Russian colonial policy on religious institutions and economy of mosques. Besides, there has been illustrated the staff of mosques and their incomes in the article. The functions of mosques apart from being praying houses has also been researched in the article. Archival documents, the works of scholars of studied period have been foundation to prepare the article.

A civil code is a systematic collection of laws designed to deal with the core areas of private law such as property, family, contracts, torts, unlawful enrichment and business related lawsuits and practices. A jurisdiction that has a civil code generally also has a code of civil procedure. In some jurisdictions with a civil code, a number of the core areas of private law that would otherwise typically be codified in a civil code may instead be codified in a commercial code.

Socioeconomic factors which are inclusive of formal education, natural resources and how they are governed by culture and central government define the level of development in any community. The levels to which local cultures interact with global cultures enhance the degree to which people adapt to external influences which would support their positive development in global lenses. While young people seek more economic opportunities and claim further property rights, their participation in community development projects remains low in comparison to adult participation.

Construction labor has changed in the United States. The ability for members of the construction industry to find qualified labor has gotten harder over the decades. This study will look at what changes have occurred in the population of the United States since the 1950’s. Specifically how these changes in population and the increasing development of construction projects effects the ability to find construction labor. The study will compare population data with the amount of construction work being done.

Logical exploitation of technology and innovation management graduates a start-up venture to scale-up. This is through a process of stabilisation, permeating the trend obstacles and achieving their objectives. Environment has been shifting at a rapid pace ever since we have started involving with it, but due to the speedy nature caused by technology, it has become increasingly volatile. Changing business environment is a boon and volatility offers tremendous opportunity to innovate and hence emerges room for manoeuvre to entrepreneurs.

In this paper, a fully fuzzymulti - objective linear fractional programming is applied for multi- item solid transportation (FFMOMISTP) problem. To minimize the problem, the order relations which represent the decision maker's performance between fuzzy costs, supply, demand and conveyances are defined by flat fuzzy numbers. Using the fuzzy number comparison introduced by Rouben's method, 1996,the problem is converted into the corresponding crisp FMOMISTP problem.

This study ascertained the usage of cooperative learning in teaching Science. Students were randomly selected and equated wherein each group has equal number of subject-respondents. Data needed for this quasi-experimental research were obtained through a fifty-item teacher-made test then scores in the pre-test and post-test were used to determine the significant relationship and difference between the groups. As to comparing the groups, paired t-test and independent sample t-test was used in determining the significant difference of the two test mean scores between groups.

The present, makes an analysis of the process of the assessment of mathematics within the context where it is tried to apply neoliberal didactic strategies that have been supported by international organisms. In this work, problem solving is analyzed from the teaching point of view and given their experience; if it provides adequate information to ensure that the student has developed the mathematical skills that are sought, and if these, can allow the construction of knowledge. Many countries adapt themselves under this teaching perspective to pass the PISA exam.

Development of soft skills is the most demanding area of education worldwide. Millennium development goals also emphasized on developing both hard as well as soft skills in order to increase human potentials.

The study on the satisfaction of customers when using cards at commercial banks in TraVinh province was conducted by surveying 350 customers using ATM cards at 12 commercial banks in TraVinh province, Viet nam by the use of the multivariate regression method, the research has found that there are a number of factors affecting the satisfaction of customers using ATM cards: Tangible means, sympathy, ATM network, service efficiency and reliability. Of which, tangible means, sympathy, ATM network and card service fees have the strongest impact on customer satisfaction.

Natural resources have been constantly destroyed from the time of mankind until the present day. This has led to gradual deterioration of the ecological balance. Particularly the benefits realized in order to meet the needs of energy, housing and nutrition have led to irreparable impairments in all natural resources and the structure of natural populations and gene frequency have changed in the negative direction. These negativities have also reduced the biological diversity of all living things.

The Pagla Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) was first started in 1968 with 4 facultative lagoons which were further renovated in 1977 to serve about 500,000 citizens in Dhaka city. The present PSTP had been rehabilitated in 1992 by JICA to treat a capacity of 120,000 m3/day. The plant is located 8 km away at the south-east portion of Dhaka city and about 1 km north of the Buriganga. The plant has been designed considering influent BOD5 of 200 mg/l and effluent BOD5 of 50 mg/l which indicates that PSTP is designed to treat domestic wastewater.

The Government of India implemented a drastic change in the economic environment on 8th November,2016, by demonetizing the high currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Demonetization was a step taken by the honourable Prime Minister to eradicate black money and to flush out the fake currency being in circulation from the economy. The objective of this paper is to deeply go through the issue of demonetization and to study the hardships being faced by the rural people due to demonetization.

The discovery of thermoelectric phenomena two centuries ago, and the search for new alternatives for generating energy, has allowed a continuous advance in thermoelectric technology in recent years. The Seebeck effect consists of generating electrical current by subjecting the union of 2 different metals to a temperature difference; On the contrary, the Peltier effect tells us that, if an electric current is applied to the union of 2 different metals, a difference of temperatures in the joints will be appreciated.

In the context of agricultural land degradation in Burkina Faso, there is an increasing interest in Jatrophacurcas L. as potential source for crop production sustainability. In order to evaluate the chemical properties of Jatropha biomass and compost, trials were carried out in 2017 (May 2016-June 2017) in Torokoro and Tin locations with jatropha growing farmers in the south Sudanian zone of Burkina with annual average rainfall of 1200 mm. At each location, two (02) farmers were selected to conduct the trials (biomass collection and compost production).

Erosion is one of the major problems in oil and gas industries. For example, on transporting oil, gas or water in the presence of sand particles through a long pipeline at different fluid properties may lead to material loss and decrease in the flowrate. Erosion occurs in different types on basis of the concentration and size of the particle and flow parameters. So it is very essential to predict the erosion rate in pipelines in order to have the better flow rate at different operating conditions.

Procurement fraud remains endemic in most modern economies. E-Procurement fraud may manifest in various ways, including collusion by parties involved in procurement as well as falsification of documents. A procurement officer may be induced, through bribe, to favor a particular supplier. For protection against procurement fraud, organizations have tried to implement some control measures, hoping to discourage fraud that is directed on institutions. Complex fraud does not revolve around the breaching of controls, but bypassing them.

Health policy is an essential pillar of human welfare. Given the high degree of externality, the State has to play a significant role in health and healthcare provision. Unfortunately, evidence shows that public spending on healthcare in India is low and out of pocket spending by people is more than four times the government spending. While the low level of public spending on health is a known fact, reliable data on the actual public expenditure on health and its trend over time is not easily accessible.

Portuguese State relations with the Vatican during the colonial period under the presidency of Oliveira Salazar. How was it possible to preserve a multi-continental imperial space, which evolved into the conception of a "one and indivisible Portugal" as the design of one's own national identity and the preservation of Salazar in power. The difficult relationship with the Holy See even though it was a government that supported Catholic electorates in Portugal and was supported by these same elites. The difficult period of the Second Vatican Council.

This paper discusses certain ethical concerns in project management, contract and procurement management. The purpose is to advance awareness within the project management community about principles in project management, contract and procurement management to increase the level of ethical exercise in project management administrations. The paper centers on understanding the specialized and ethical responsibilities. Furthermore, the paper argues some of the approaches on how to report ethical concerns.

Synbiotic ice creams formulated with three probiotic variations (free L. plantarum, encapsulated L. plantarum, and a mixture of commercial Bifido. Sp and L. plantarum) were observed for their rheology and sensory properties. Microencapsulation of L. plantarum isolated from fermented cacao beans via freeze drying with 6% (w/v) lactose, 6% (w/v) skim milk and 3% solution of k-carrageenan coatings has shown the highest viscoelastic properties based on high fat content due to the addition of vegetable oil during the encapsulation process.

The study was conducted to determine workplace relationship between employer and employees and among employees of Divine Word Colleges inIlocosRegion, Philippines and its effect on the job satisfaction. Literatures and studies were reviewed, and questionnaires were used to gather the data related to workplace relationship and job satisfaction. The respondents of the study are employees of the Divine Word Colleges of Ilocos region which include Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. The study is a descriptive study involving survey and fact-finding inquiry.

In his book entitled Towards a global civilization of Love and Tolerance M. Fethullah Gülen defines love as the strongest relationship among individuals that forms family, society and nation. I would personally say talking about love between two people, that love is the fact of being present for your partner, being ready to defend the interest of the later wherever and whenever need may be. Unfortunately it happens that one of the partners ignores this principle of love. Sometimes people prefer their own interest than the interest of the group.

Egypt and China faced the same kinds of international crises, but their respective responses and the subsequent results were different. China successfully managed the crisis, while Egypt failed to do so and paid a heavy price as a result. Hong Kong, an island off the coast of China, was leased to Britain for 99 years according to the terms of a treaty drawn up in 1898. China wanted to regain the island, but it never took any steps towards achieving this goal on a unilateral level. It engaged rather in peaceful negotiations with Britain.

This article investigates, in the motivational perspective, factors preventing students to develop effective communicative performances and their influence on students’ motivation. The participants were 58 sophomore EFL students from Marien Ngouabi University and 11 lecturers. Qualitative and interpretative research techniques involving classroom observation, semi-structured interviews, and questionnaires were employed to collect relative data.

It has been almost two decades since Ethiopia commenced the cumbersome procedure of accession to the WTO in 2003. However, the procedure being rigorous by its very nature and as revealed from the accession experience of other acceding countries it may not yet be considered as an exemplarily late accession procedure after all.

Nowadays, non-performing loan (“NPL”) and the settlement of such NPL in banking sector in Indonesia still constitute as crucial issues. This article aims to: (1) find out provisions on Good Governance in relation to auction process over guaranty with security right attached to it in relation to NPL settlement in banking sector in Indonesia; as well as (2) to dig deeper the obstacles in settling NPL through auction institution. This is a normative legal research that uses primary and secondary legal sources through literature study as well as supporting data from various articles and cases.

In the historical process, the fact that rebending the rights, which were acquired during the processes of organization, for capitalism to overcome the crisis, recreated precarious work. Thus the term “precarization” became a current issue and it started to be discussed. At this process, the form of labor employment, production area, working hours were bent; their legal and union rights were decreasingly exposed to change and unions gradually fell into a decline.

Introduction: A lump in the breast is of great concern to the patients and is also a challenge to the diagnostic judgement of the surgeon. Early diagnosis of breast cancer has increasingly resulted in a more conservative surgical approach to the disease. Methods: The present, comparative study was conducted in the Postgraduate Departement of General Surgery and Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, Government Medical College Srinagar,for a period of obout two and a half years. A total of 60 patients underwent clinical examination by surgeon, FNAC by pathologist.

In Niger, the valorization of agri - silvo -pastoral products is an urgent necessity, especially in a country where livestock is the second of the economy. The aim of this study is to contribuer to the improvement of manufacturing processes kilichi for a better regulation of the sector. To this end, a modern kilichi transformation process is compared with traditional ones. The kilichi is a product made from thin strips of sun-dried beef, coated with a spicy paste and grilled. As such, thirty Kilichi manufacturers chosen for convenience are surveyed.

Tinospora cordifolia is one of the most important medicinal plants and used in formation of important drug in ayurvedic system of medicine. It is prescribed for many diseases such as fever, general debility, diabetes, urinary infections, jaundice and skin diseases. Aqueous and Methanolic extracts of Tinospora cordifolia was evaluated for their phytochemical analysis. FTIR of methanolic stem, leaf and aqueous stem, leaf is analyzed.

In this present research, we have synthesized graphene oxide (GO) by modified Hummer’s method using graphite flake as starting material. Boron atoms were successfully doped into the GO framework with an atomic percentage of 1.641.89 at. % by hydrothermal reduction using boric acid as a precursor. The presence of B–O, B–C and C–O bonds was predicted from the FT-IR spectral analyses. Shifting of XRD peak from 10 to 26 presumably indicated the reduction of GO by the incorporation of boron atoms. The crystalline defect was further confirmed by the Raman spectroscopy.

The human GIT has normal flora of bacteria which play important role in homeostasis of human gut. The imbalance of gut flora is induced by traditional treatment such as antibiotics which causes increased prevalence of disorders and diseases. This disruption of host microbial can be manipulated by using probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotic is microorganisms that produce metabolic by-product which exerts beneficial effects on biological functions and modulate the immunity of the host.

Some azoles have proliferative effect on liver cells that showed it can cause angiogenesis as we observed in this study. In this study, HepG2 cells are used as liver cell line. As angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels, this drug can initiate the proliferation of more and more cells in liver which can lead to the regeneration of liver cells. This in-vitro study was based on one group of cells treated with our drugs of interest and other was untreated group.

Bacteriological characterization of waste dump sites, soil and air environment of an urban and a rural market during wet and dry days was conducted to determine the bacterial population and distribution in order to ascertain the market hygiene and environmental safety. A total of 64 soil samples were collected within three months and examined for heterotrophic bacterial counts. The mean bacterial counts ranged from 13.08 ± 2.29 х 104 cfu/g to 22.39 ± 5.38 х 104 cfu/g and 10.85 ± 0.66 х 104 cfu/g to 21.50 ± 1.67 х 104 cfu/g in the urban and rural markets respectively during the dry days.

Egypt has countless prestigious buildings and diversity of cultural heritage which are located in many cities. Most of the researchers, archaeologists, stakeholders and governmental bodies are paying more attention to the big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, due to the country’s centralization nature. However, there are other historic cities that are grossly neglected and in need of emergency conservation.

Intestinal diseases are caused by parasites, due to the great increase of predominance and different forms of clinical manifestations, characterize a disorder of great relevance to public health. In the contagion of intestinal parasites, soil, air, water, flies, hands and food stand out as the main means of propagation of protozoa and helminths. This research had as objective the parasitological analysis of lettuces marketed in a free market.

During the postharvest period, chilling injury cause important produce losses in peppers. The chilling injury of pepper is revealed especially low temperature during storage. So, this study is contucted to determine the effect of ultrasound (52 dB) and oxalic acid treatments on chilling injury (CI) and color maintain of Capia peppers at 4°C temperature. The peppers harvested at the mature-green stage divided into four group and the following treatments were done; 1. Control (C, dip to water at 25°C for 15 min), 2.

A decrease of water resources around the globe in irrigated agriculture has resulted in a steep decline in irrigation water availability. Therefore, management options for efficient use of available irrigation water are inevitable. In addition to that, the judicious use of combinations of organic and inorganic resources is a feasible approach to overcome soil fertility constraints. Hence, effects of drought, fertilizer and mulch on maize biomass and some soil properties were examined in a green house.

The present study was carried out Seasonal variation of physico chemical parameters from Willington Lake (Latitude: 11° 20' 10" N; Longitude: 79° 32’ 40" E), Tittagudi taluk, Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India. The sampling was carried out for a period of one year from January 2016 to December 2016. The Mean (± SD) value of the Physico chemical parameters viz. Atmospheric Temperature, Water Temperature, Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solid, Electrical Conductivity, pH and Salinity was observed.

The use of feed technology greatly influences the decision of households in carrying out production activities, allocation of labor and consumption, so it is necessary to conduct research on the relationship between the use of technology and household decisions in carrying out their activities. By studying the impact of technology on household decisions, it can be calculated how much household income is due to the use of technology in the study area.

A sense of identity starts with the concept of birthplace, and from there starts the question of rootedness, rootlessness, belongingness, unbelongingness, homeliness, unhomeliness, ‘de-territorialisation’ of the psyche and ‘re-territorialisation’ of the mind. In “The Courter” of the collection of short stories, East, West, Salman Rushdie depicts the psychological ‘de-territorialisation of the Indianness in the main characters as they settle down in England.

At present, emerging information technologies or computer technologies are all pervasive and have tremendous benefits but also raise some ethical and social concerns. Let us have an understanding of such issues before we may think of addressing the possible social and moral fallouts arising out of it. In this paper, it has been tried to highlight the importance of ethics among information technology professionals to ensure that computer technology is not used in the wrong way which can harm people, our environment and the society.

The FASN is essential enzyme in de novo fatty acid synthesis that converted into phospholipids which provides resistance to drug uptake in malignancies. The FASN over expression and intrinsic/acquired both types of drug resistance reported in carcinomas. To assess the FASN up-regulation overall therapeutic response in drug screened cancer cell line data from Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) by a rational CCLE GDSC gene expression - drug sensitivity correlations tool.

In an effort to psychologically oriented solution to the menace of terrorism in the Nigerian state, we employed a 2x2 factorial design to examine risky framing and certainty effects on counterterrorism tactics adoption. Eighty students of psychology, (mean age = 24.35 years, SD =2.85 years) were involved in the study. Framing was varied into positive and negative framing levels, while certainty was varied into certainty and uncertainty levels. A 2-way Analysis of variance (ANOVA) result revealed significant main effects of framing and certainty on counterterrorism decision.

The plant world is a Pandora of active chemical compounds. Nearly half the medicines that we use today are of herbal origin, and a quarter contains plant extracts or active chemicals taken directly from plants. Aloe genus, which belongs to the family Xanthorrhoeaceae, produces a number of metabolites in good yields and some have been shown to possess useful biological activities. Many compounds belonging to different classes, including anthrones, chromones, pyrones, naphthalenes and flavonoids have so far been reported from the endemic aloe of Ethiopia.

The purpose of this paper is to present parameters of Shewhart control charts to monitor the mean and variability of an automotive industry process. The process consists of preparing and applying polyurethane glue for attaching glass of a panoramic roof to a vehicle. The amount of glue applied must follow the height and length standard specified by Engineering. These are the two quality characteristics considered critical regarding quality and safety for customer.

Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that directly convert chemical energy to electrical energy. Among fuel cells PEMFC is unique and only kind of low temperature fuel cell that uses solid polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM - Nafion®) which operates at relatively low temperature (60-120°C). In PEMFC stack the gas diffusion media is sandwiched between the bipolar plate and the catalyst layer to form the gas diffusion layer (GDL). In the present study GDL macroporous layer were prepared using coir pith carbon fibers along with PVA as binder and Pani as co-binder.

Malaria is a destructive disease distressing human being caused mostly by mosquitoes. In general this disease can be avoided by preventing mosquito bites by mosquito net and chemical repellents. Chemical repellents which are applied in cloth are allergic to human and create irritations on skin and breathing troubles.

Background: pregnancy is associated with maternal physiological, biochemical and hormonal changes. The aim of this study was to assess the serum lipid profile and thyroid hormones among Sudanese pregnant women. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional case control study conducted at Hafiz Almisbah private medical center, Khartoum Sudan in the period from April to September 2018. Sixty pregnant women; as cases; (20 from each trimester) and sixty non-pregnant women; as controls; were included in the study.

The present study is carried out to find out the long-period variation of seasonal temperature of the districts Bankura and Purulia of West Bengal located on Lower Gangetic Basin. Temperature is a prime element which determines the Climate of the districts Bankura and Purulia. In this study, temperature has been analyzed statistically to determine the variability in magnitude over the period 1901-2000. The temperature data of the districts Bankura and Purulia have been collected from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune.

This article is concerned with the achievement test on mathematics for grade X students. The test consists of the 50 multiple choice items extracted from the grade X mathematics course. Moreover, the purpose of this study is to develop and standardize the achievement test to measure the students' cognitive level of grade X mathematics. The preliminary instrument consisted of 60 multiple-choice items and first it was tested on a sample size of 50 students of grade X. After the refinement of the test items using different procedures, 50final achievement test items were designed.

Focusing on the cosmological and non-cosmological redshifts existing in the quasars, in this work, we proposed that the different gravitational fields will lead to the changes of the electronic structure of matter. Therefore, the large spectra redshifts in the quasars are well explained based on the changes of the electronic structure of the matter. In the external strong gravitational field, the stable states of atoms (ions or molecules) are different from that of the earth region.

Precise diagnosis for a wide range of diseases infecting the human eye is a commitment. Therefore, developing new, smart algorithms is necessary to enhance doctors’ diagnostic decisions. The recently invented Pentacam® is a measurement system that introduces topographic maps for the cornea, measures changes upon it, and helps doctors to make a precise diagnosis. This study extracts features from corneal topographic maps to improve the Pentacam® readings and further support precise diagnosing by using deep learning techniques, with an analytical view of the extracted features.

Compulsive buying is usually considered as an abnormal consumer behavior on buying things or an irresistible urge to buy beyond someone’s need. In the high tech environment compulsive buying turned into online compulsive buying due to more advanced aspects. The aim of this study is to identify the impact of online compulsive buying behavior on positive and negative emotions. A survey was conducted among 388 post graduation students by using convenient sampling technique.

Hydrothermal synthesis was carried out for synthesis of Zeolite W under the static conditions. The synthesize sample was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope-Energy Dispersive spectroscopy (SEM–EDAX) and Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) spectrocopy. Zeolite W was used as an adsorbent for the adsorption of malathion from aqueous solution. Adsorption studies were performed in a batch system.

Excessive weld penetration is a weld defect that affects weld quality and the service life of Engineering Structures, such defects can be eliminated by the optimum selection of welding process parameters. This study is carried out to optimize the heat input, An experimental matrix was developed with the design expert software, which resulted in a composite design. Mild steel plate of 10mm thickness was cut to size measuring 80mm in length and 40mm in width, the samples were grinded, polished and welded with the Tungsten Inert Gas.

Software development agile approaches are mainly characterized for prioritizing the development of functionalities through executable code rather than the production of extensive written documentation and also for presenting quick responses to changes. In this context, this work aims to report the application of Scrum in an undergraduate classroom environment in the Computer Science course of the State University of Paraiba, during the development of a project for the Project Management subject, by presenting the entire project execution process.

Background: Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is under diagnosed, undertreated, poorly understood, and much more common than previously thought. In primary care practices across the United States, 29% of patients who are older than 70 years or who are older than 50 years with a history of smoking or diabetes have been reported to have PAD.

Esthetics is commonly thought as one of the fundamentals of oral rehabilitation. Thus, the selection of artificial teeth is one of the vital steps during prosthetic rehabilitation of edentulous patients particularly those with no available pre-extraction records (1,2). The proper choice of the maxillary incisor in terms of the size and form of the upper anterior teeth considering the patient’s gender and age can contribute significantly to attaining greater facial harmony (3-5).

Background: Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) is an acquired disease . PMLE is characterized by recurrent, abnormal, reactions to sunlight. The prevalence of PMLE in India varies from 0.56% to 1.34 %. Present study was done to study the clinical pattern and its epidemiological features Methods: This study was done over the period of two years. All patients with history of photosensitivity and clinical manifestations were included. A total of 120 cases of PMLE were registered. Detailed history, clinical examination and relevant investigations .

Background: Despite the efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through programme interventions targeting individuals, the persistent high rates of HIV/AIDS through heterosexual relationships in Nigeria further underscores the need to examine the effects of relational variables such as sexual intimacy on sexual behaviours, multiple partners and HIV/AIDS risk. It has been acknowledged that sexual networking could influence the spread of HIV, however, the role of relational variables in the spread of HIV amongst stable relationships, and sexual networks remains unclear.

The cold-tolerance of ‘Kristal’ (Euro-Amur-American origin), ‘Dostoyniy’ and ‘Krasnostop AZOS’ (interspecific hybrids of Euro-American origin) grapevine varieties in the conditions of the Russian South winter is characterized by the second (true dormancy) and third (induced dormancy) winter-resistance components. Here we used complex approach to estimate the plants adaptability to abiotic stress factors.

This research paper goes over the definition of AI, and its macroeconomic and microeconomic impacts in terms of economic and productivity growth, and labor demand. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is widely being developed and expected to be used more broadly. Thus, many experts and papers are estimating its economic value and possible impact. Many reports state that AI technology will bring in considerable revenue. The revenue will increase due to improved productivity which will reduce costs, and advance the quality of products.

Activity of the Central commission on fight against hunger in Turkestan ASSR, created under the leadership of Turar Riskulov, is covered in this article, and also the activity of national communists. In it are considered hunger scale in Turkestan and fight against it on the basis of archival documents and other materials.

The objective of this study was to investigate the use of literacy input to improve language literacy skills of primary school students in Ethiopia. It envisaged the effort of primary school English language teachers to improve the learners’ English language literacy, and to introduce the strategies of improving literacy skills that promote achievement of the country's development goals. The study was conducted in two primary schools in the South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' region of Ethiopia.

The crime of corruption today is not only done by officials or citizens of a country but also done by foreign nationals who are present in a country to run its business activities that can harm the local country, it is time for Indonesia to anticipate the occurrence of criminal acts that are cross-state by engaging in bilateral agreements be it extradition treaties or mutual legal assistance agreements in the criminal matter with other countries.

The objective of this study was to prove the beneficial effect of using the diode laser vaporization in treating selected cases of CIN II. Fifteen women with CIN II were analyzed; two of them have been undergone total abdominal hysterectomy without salpingo oopherectomy, eight of them have been treated with electrocautery diathermy and five with diode laser vaporization and then to be followed up after six weeks and then every five months. Among the women treated with diode laser; four women had negative results after six weeks follow up with Pap smear and one showed recurrence.

A survey conducted in the forest zone of Togo with 317 coffee and cocoa farmers, made it possible to identify the species appreciated or detested by the farmers in the coffee and cacao orchards. It also helped to know the reasons why these species are preserved or not. In the coffee plantations, the first most appreciated and suitable species to be preserved were Erythrophleum suaveolens (76.2%), Khaya grandifoliola (76.1%), Albizia adianthifolia (72.3%), Milicia excelsa (68.4%), Albizia zygia (56.1%), Terminalia ivoiriensis (40.1%) and Terminalia superba (40.1%).

The development process often produces spatial inequality among different regions. As a result of this some regions may appear to have more than their average share of some facility and this evident in developing countries where the urban centres usually have concentration of essential goods and services compare to the rural counterparts. This research paper is an attempt to examine the spatial disparities in infrastructural facilities in different Districts of Indian state of West Bengal and intern analysis its impact on regional development.

A this article emphasizes that the Russian colonists have made great contribution to the expansion of our country’s homeland base, expanding the fields of cotton processing, paying attention to oil and soap-making, working against for fire and its prevention, preventing mistakes and defects.

The present study explores the research trend and productivity in the field of Mechatronics and the data was downloaded from the Web of Science Database for the period of 2000 – 2017. The study is aims to analysis the data in terms of year wise growth, Most Productivity Authors, Most Productivity Journals, Relative Growth Rate and Doubling time. Further study is also aims to find Form Wise, Language wise and Country wise Distribution of research data. It is evident from the table that highest number of records is published in the year 2015.

Over the past two decades, there has been a plethora of literature centered on low reading comprehension skills among students. As such, it is essential to identify the possible reasons behind this predicament, consequently assess, and determine the most effective and efficient reading methods and strategies to improve reading and comprehension skills for students. Typically, reading is one of the most fundamental process students learn.

The IT industry has not only catapulted India's representation on the global platform, but has also fuelled economic growth by revitalizing the higher education sector especially in engineering and computer science. The IT sector provides employment to a major chunk of working force of every economy. But in the modern times, Long and stressful working hours, cut throat competition, increasing automation ,heavy workload and monotonous nature of work has made employee engagement a big Issue in IT sector. This study deals with the two very important challenges of IT sector .i.e.

“It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom” - Michael Morpurgo The main purpose of this paper is to bring out an overview or feedback of initial trainee teachers on regular classroom teaching observation. The researcher acted as a mentor, observed the trainees, their behaviour and found their difficulties to face real classroom teaching through observation. Classroom observation is a formal and informal observation of teaching.

Gum Arabic used to be the top cash crop before losing its grounds to A survey of mobile cloud computing: architecture, applications, and approaches of crop quality, were due to drought of mid 1970s and 1980s, plus political instability and the weakness of marketing structure. Those factors resulted in new gum Arabic producing countries such as Chad and Nigeria. The main objective of this study was to investigate, and evaluate constraints concerning gum Arabic production, processing and marketing in Sudan.

The article studies the attitude of the Soviet government towards material culture memorials in Uzbekistan through scientific literature and primary resources.

“Absolute Unconditional Zero” is explained which was the condition before the creation of the Universe (Before the Big Bang) equal to non-existence of Space, Time and Mass-Energy. Because of non existence of Relative Conditions (like Space-Time and Energy), Absolute Unconditional Zero projected itself as “One Dimensional Unidirectional Upward Positive Imaginary Straight Unconditional Absolute Infinite Line {i; i=Sqrt (-1)}” which was equivalent to “Infinite Imaginary Mass” with no existence of Space-Time. Its point like Dark Shadow i.e.

In the present article the clinical the presence of the company should contribute to the public, so that the business activities of the company get support from the public. A form of corporate commitment and contribution to the public can be realized through various programs that benefit the public. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a means for companies to realize their commitments. Although CSR is a voluntary effort from the company to the public, practically many CSR providers consider the program to be limited to efforts building the company’s reputation.

Background: Muscle energy techniques are usually indicated to relieve pain and improve range of motion, however there are studies indicating their usefulness in COAD patients in improving chest expansiondyspnoea, chest mobility, exercise tolerance, autonomic dysfunction in a way improving vital capacity and consequently, quality of life. Both PIR and RI techniques of MET have opposite mechanisms of working, and have proved to be effective in treatment of COAD patients. However, there is no documented evidence to find out which technique is the best MET technique on respiratory function.

True experimental research design was adopted. Sixty samples (30 in each group) including mothers with flat and inverted nipple were selected by using simple random sampling technique (lottery method).The pre-test data collection was done by Bristol breast feeding assessment tool. Group I includes Double syringe method, it was used for 2 minutes about 4 times a day for a period of 3 days to promote breast feeding. Group II includes rubber band method, it was applied towards the nipple about 3 times a day for 3 minutes before breast feeding for a period of 3 days.

This study aims to study the prevalence of pattern of partial edentulism and its associated factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and systemic diseases among rural population. The data were collected from 100 patients aged 22 - 60 years of both genders. The survey was based for determining the incidence of Kennedy’s classification with respect to age, gender, occupation and systemic diseases. Kennedy’s class III in both dental arches was the most dominant pattern, with class IV being the least in number.

Background: In different studies it has been pointed out that the school may be the best opportunity to get information to the students about the care of the environment, as indicated (SOSA, 2010, p.44). "The school represents the main source of environmental information for students, unlike the general population of Mexico, who have their main means of scientific information on television, radio and newspapers (DE LA PEÑA, 2005).

The word euthanasia triggers a spate of controversy worldwide as there are different forms of practicing euthanasia. At the extreme ends of disagreement, few country have different opinion on euthanasia who support it and saying that patients has right to die. At the other end, there are opponents of euthanasia who believe that this method is a form of murder. In the present article, the authors give a brief description about the subject, different types of euthanasia and act of euthanasia in different country.

Aim and objective: The study was aimed to evaluate the soft palate morphology and need’s ratio in skeletal class I and class II subjects with various growth patterns. Materials and methods: The study was conducted on 240 subjects (aged 15-25 years) who presented to the department of orthodontics for orthodontic treatment. The subjects were divided into skeletal class I and class II which were further subdivided into hypodivergent, norm divergent and hyperdivergent growers. The soft palate morphology was examined and subjects were divided into 6 types.

Introduction: The ultimate aim while placing class II restorations is obtaining precise proximal contacts and creating exact proximal contours. Proximal contact tightness is important to protect the periodontium from damage due to food impaction. Stronger proximal contacts are obtained when Class II restorations are placed using sectional matrices and high viscosity or ‘packable’ restorative materials. The aim of this study was to evaluate proximal contact tightness between Cention N and Zirconomer Improved.

Innominate bone or the hip bone is a large and irregular bone. Determination of gender and outcome of normal delivery are main study area that the bone helps in, attributing to its irregularity and variables it serves as an interesting and yielding by many variables. It is a bone of interest from anatomical, anthropological and forensic fields. This study is aimed to find out the sex from an intact full adult ossified hip bone in South Indian population.

This reflection article is derived from the coincidences of research work on the nursing students’s conceptions of humanization of the health of two faculties in the cities of Manizales and Tuluá. The experiences observed in the heart of the Corazones Risotones research group and the theoretical dialogues that the authors of this document have had in this regard, are intended to explore the possible relationships between the categories of citizenship training, citizenship and humanization of health.

Background: Khat (Catha edulis) is a flowering shrub, native to the region extending from Eastern to South Africa, as well the Arabian Peninsula. The plant is seedless and hardy, growing in a variety of climates and soils. The taste is astringent and slightly sweet. khat chewing habit was started in the 15th century, just before the start of use of coffee. The crop now grows well at higher altitudes of Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula where khat chewing has a long history as social custom dating back thousands of year. The harm from Khat has been debated globally.

Appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdomen in emergency department. The etiology of acute appendicitis is still debatable. There have been few advancements in the past few decades. Diagnosis a patient suffering from acute appendicitis with is important for management of patient. Any patient presenting with an acute abdomen differential diagnosis of acute appendicitis is always there. Many methods in abdominal examination and scoring systems have been described in literature for evaluating a case of appendicitis.

Exclusive breastfeeding in infants in Indonesia is only 40.6%, this is still below the national target of 80%. Inhibiting factors in breast feeding is the breast milk production itself. Less and slowly production of breast milk can causes the mothers not give enough milk to her baby. The aim of the study was to determine the relationship of oxytocin massage and breast care with breast milk production. The research is a quantitative analytic with cross sectional approach. The research sample was 100 breastfeeding mothers in the of Bulili Public Health Center area.

Clinical skills had been taught since the early years. Methods in clinical skills learning need media as mannequin and standardized simulated patient. Clinical performances are skills needed by medical students to become a doctor. Motivation is needed to complete a task. To determine the difference of performance and motivation of students using standardized and low cost male catheterization mannequin. This experimental study included 48 fourth year medical students, whom were divided into each 5 of experimental and control groups.

Aim: Therefore the aim of the present study was to compare the pain intensity associated with local anesthetic injection between standard syringe needle prick and super-fine 30 G short needle prick before periodontal surgery. Method: A total of 100 patients with age range of 35-50 years with no previous dental treatment experience requiring need of administration of local anesthesia were randomly selected for examination.

Esthetic demands have considerably increased over the years in routine clinical practice. A pleasant smile can give supreme confidence to an individual’s personality. A perfect smile is dictated by a perfect balance of the white (teeth) and pink (gingival) display. Excessive gingival display, usually referred to as ‘gummy smile’ is a major problem in an overall personality of an individual. This case report demonstrates the management of excessive gingival display with lip repositioning procedure along with crown lengthening.

Oral Verrucopapillary lesions are a group of growths in the oral mucosa which exhibit verruciform and/or papillary surface projections. These lesions can be caused by several factors like infections, inflammatory reactions, neoplastic growths or idiopathic causes. Clinically these lesions bear close resemblance to each other and are thus often quite confusing. Proper diagnostic approach guided by thorough clinical examination, accurate histopathological evaluation and at times special investigations are necessary to identify the lesion and establish the treatment plan and prognosis.

Context: Patients with multiple bone pains due to metastatic cancer in bones presenting in the clinic are very challenging for all oncologists. Along with conventional medical and interventional techniques, the option of radioisotopes for bone pain palliation especially in the multiple bone pain setting is not very popular. Aims: We describe our initial clinical experience with Sm-153 EDTMP in a tertiary care centre set in a hilly state and briefly review the potential of radioisotope methods for bone pain palliation in such a setting.

Introduction: Incidence of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is increasing exponentially due to changing societal structure. There has been a great advancement in the minimally invasive spinal surgery in the recent years. Minimally decompressive procedures have been proposed for the treatment of spinal stenosis. The objective of the study was to compare the surgical outcome of laminectomy versus Laminotomy for the surgical management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.

Background: Thrombocytopenia is not a disease but a symptom. For investigating causes of thrombocytopenia in patients, the aetiology can be achieved by taking a good clinical history, physical examination and basic laboratory tests. Thrombocytopenia has an inverse relation to mortality and morbidity is various febrile illnesses, serial monitoring of platelet counts has prognostic value. This highlights the importance of thrombocytopenia in various febrile disorders. Objective: To assess etiological factors of thrombocytopenia in acute febrile illness in indoor patients in our hospital.

Regulation of inflammation and increasing healing are the great challenges faced in clinical research and surgical denstistry. The use of platelet‑rich fibrin (PRF) is one of the promising innovations in the field of surgical dentistry. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) belongs to a new generation of platelet concentrates having simple process of preparation without biochemical blood handling. It accelerates the healing mechanism of the tissue and reduces the inflammation.

In this clinical case report we present case of swallowing of an endodontic hand file in 13 years old child. And discuss the validity of dentist action following the accident.

The main objective of the present study was to address phenotypic characterization of resistance mechanisms in bacteria with their trends in poultry and pig farms. More specifically, a few resistance mechanisms were investigated in bacteria isolated from farms in the Western Region of Cameroon.

The present survey addressed the trend of bacterial resistance to antibacterial agents in poultry and community connects. It was initiated to gather necessary information on bacterial communities in farm waste, animal food and water; as well as the types of antimicrobial agents used with susceptibility/resistance profile to common antibiotics. Chicken excreta, food and water collected from four farms in Bafoussam and Bandjoun (neighbourhoods in the Western Region of Cameroon) underwent microbiological analyses according to standard protocols.

Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of several hematological parameters in the diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis and cystitis, as well as in differentiating between these two diseases. Materials and Methods: The patients were divided into two groups: those treated for acute pyelonephritis (APN) and those treated for cystitis. Complete blood counts were obtained from all the patients, including the mean platelet volume (MPV), platelet/lymphocyte ratio (PLR), neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR), and platelet count.

Although the acute appendicitis is usually a clinical diagnosis, atypical clinical presentations and radiological investigations can cause diagnostic confusion. Presence of appendicolith on imaging in presence of abdominal pain without urological pathology warrants diagnostic intervention to rule out associated appendicitis as appendicoliths are associated with complicated appendicitis

Successful endodontic treatment depends on accurate diagnosis and a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the tooth and morphology of the root canal. Clinicians should be aware of anatomical variations in maxillary premolars and be able to apply the knowledge in radiographic and clinical interpretation. The maxillary second premolars are among the most difficult teeth to be treated endodontically.

Background: The study of medullary cytology is essential for the diagnosis, management and follow-up of many haematological disorders. The myelogram allows a cytological analysis of the bone marrow after aspiration of the medullary sap. Objective: This work aims to determine the indications of the myelogram in our context and to review the contribution of this examination to the diagnosis process. Results: We present the results of a retrospective study, covering all myelograms performed in the hematology laboratory of Avicenna Hospital in Marrakech between May 2016 and June 2018.

Nuts consumption has been attributed to and recognized as a source of high energy food and good nutrition. The research assessed the effect of cashew and groundnuts consumption on the levels of some minerals (sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, iron and total iron binding capacity). The nuts were administered to male subjects and the effects on electrolyte levels were assessed by comparing the results obtained before and after consumption of the nuts.

ADEM is theorized to be an immunologically mediated demyelinating disease triggered by a febrile illness or recent vaccination, eliciting an inflammatory response affecting the central nervous system (CNS). Here is a case of a young female presented as mumps which triggered ADEM diagnosed by T2/FLAIR MRI scanning and was treated accordingly.

Background: Nurses in the critical care setting know that the causes of medication errors are both varied and complex. Medication errors have serious direct and indirect results and consequences on patient outcomes and the healthcare system overall. Nurses are considered key players in the medication administration process and may cause or report different forms of medication errors. The perception of nurses about medication errors has not been well-investigated to date in Jordan.

The aim of this study's to determine the role and effect of digital hearing aid with tinnitus masker in management of tinnitus patient in Iraq. It’s a Prospective clinical case series study in Department of Surgery and Audiology, Al-Jamhori Teaching Hospital. From the period2013 January to April 2018 of 100 patients. Inclusion Criteria: Tinnitus associated with sensorineural hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, conductive type hearing loss(e.g. Otosclerosis), retro cochlear type hearing loss.

Introduction: Objective of this study was To determine the role of facial midline as a guide for positioning maxillary dental midline for patients during fabrication of prosthesis. Furthermore the study will help in indicating character as well as perception of discrepancies between dental and facial midline. Materials and methods: A total of 40 dentate patients with the age range 18 to 28 years were selected randomly. No fixed proportion was proposed. The patients having permanent dentition from 2nd molar to 2nd molar in maxillary arch were included.

We herein report a case of Pancreaticopleural fistula, which is a rare clinical problem. It is seen rarely in acute and chronic pancreatitis or after pancreatic duct trauma. It poses a diagnostic challenge. It may be silent or can present with predominant chest or abdominal symptoms. The diagnosis should be suspected if a patient presents with pleural effusion in a setting of pancreatitis or alcohol intake. The significantly raised amylase in the pleural fluid offers an important clue to the diagnosis.

Background: Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of genetic diseases which is especially prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Pre-marital carrier screening is imperative to control this huge burden of morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is therefore to assess the level of awareness, knowledge and attitude about Sickle Cell Disease and pre-marital carrier screening among undergraduate students. Methods: This cross-sectional, descriptive study was conducted with undergraduate medical and pharmacy students studying in the National University Science and Technology.

Objective: To evaluate the incidence of neurosensory changes in infraorbital nerve follwoing zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) fractures post-trauma and to evaluate the recovery of neurosensory function subsequent to treatment of ZMC fractures over period of six months. Materials and Method: Twenty five patients with unilateral ZMC fracture were included in the study.

Primary objective of the literature is recognize and evaluate the wide array of oral manifestations associated with red blood cell disorders which would eventually aid in diagnosis of the lesions associated with the disorders for the practitioners. It starts with petechiae, spontaneous gingival bleeding, herpetic infection in aplastic anaemia to hunter’s glossitis in pernicious anaemia. Literature also includes enamel hypoplasia associated with erythroblastis fetalis, atrophic glossitis in iron deficiency anemia with symptom of glossodynia in megaloblastic anemia.

Introduction: Fatigue and poor sleep is highly prevalent in cancer patients receiving chemo-radiation and it has a significant impact on patient’s quality of life. In literature, exercise has been recognized as one of the most effective intervention to combat against these commonest symptoms either related to cancer or its therapy.

In the present article the clinical and laboratory procedures that were carried out for the elaboration of an immediate prosthesis are described. The importance of preserving the vertical dimension of occlusion and in this way leading a transition from a partial dentate to an edentulous state with a bilateral balanced occlusion scheme is emphasized.

Background: Satisfaction is the health care recipients’ reaction to their service experiences. According to pediatric treatment triangle given by Wright, treating a child patient involves a 1:2 transaction. But unfortunately, most studies concerning dental patients’ satisfaction in pediatric dentistry have focused on the parent or care giver’s satisfaction & not on the child’s satisfaction. Objectives: To evaluate the level of parents’ and the child’s satisfaction with pediatric dental care provided at PG clinic of Pedodontics department & correlate both of them.

A congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) is a type of melanocytic nevus found in approximately 1% of newborn infants at birth. To remove CMN with a traditional laser without complications is very difficult because of the extension of nevus cells into the deep dermis in this lesion. Unfortunately, there is no standard laser therapy for CMN yet. Therefore, this study was performed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Dr. Hoon Hur’s Optimal Melanocytic Suicide-4(OMS-4) Parameter Therapy using a 308nm eximer laser for treating CMN.

Background: In India, CKD one of the major public health problems with many complications. Its progression, can lead to haematological abnormalities including low hemoglobin levels .Increasing renal anemia can further lead to morbidity and mortality in the patients. Aims and objectives: To study serum iron profile and hemoglobin level in patients with CKD. Materials and Methods: 70 patients out of total 96 patients with CKD were studied in the Department of Medicine, BRD Medical College from September 2015 to August 2016.

Aims: This study aims to determine the prevalence of relapse in those receiving MMT and study the harmful practices done during the relapses with their perceived causes. Background: Opioid dependence carries a high cost to society by resulting in unemployment, crimes and family disruption; not to mention transmission of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. Harm reduction practices, namely Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) and needle exchange programme has been in Malaysia since 2005.

Background: Convolvulus pluricalis an herbal drug is known medicinal plant used extensively in the Indian system of medicine. In this regard to this several experiments has been conducted to know the LD50 and the actual effective (therapeutic) dose, but the results are inconsistent. Thus the acute oral toxicity study was carried out to find out the median lethal dose of the Hydro-Alcoholic extract whole plant extract of Convolvulus pluricalis, which will be used for further experiment to know its effective dose and the clinical trials.

Background and Objectives: Removal of plaque, stains and preservation of periodontal health as well as dental caries are some of the benefits of tooth brushing with cleansing action depends on the abrasive agent which might cause abrasion and sensitivity. Herbal products have been in market as they are easily available and biocompatible. They are used for regular maintenances as well as desensitizing agent. This study was done to evaluate and compare the abrasiveness of herbal abrasive based and herbal enzyme based and non herbal regular tooth paste.

The household-scale composting process can use the basket or Takakura method. Another concept, Hot composting, is a method that prioritizes the comparison of the balance between wet waste and dry waste in composting. This study uses both methods. The source of wet waste or green biomass comes from kitchen waste while the source of dry or brown waste comes from fine sawdust. The composting process is carried out in a basket with a household scale with an aerobic process and the addition of bio activators of stale rice moles.

The aim of the study is to design and optimization of crankshaft for a single cylinder four stroke over head valve (OHV) spark ignition engine. This paper used reverse engineering techniques, in order to obtain of an existing physical model. A three-dimensional crankshaft has been created with the help of SOLIDWORKS and, it is imported to ANSYS environment for the coupled steady-state thermal structural analysis. The material used for crankshaft is AISI 1040, AISI 1045, AISI 4140 and AISI 4615.

Introduction: Resting tooth-lip relationship virtually leads the clinician to analyse photographs of the smiles and test the reproducibility and reliability of posed smile. Aim of the study is to assess smile aesthetics using ‘variables of smile’ among pre and post orthodontic subjects and implicating it to the orthodontic treatment planning. Methodology: Pre and post-treatment smile photographs (50 subjects) were taken with DSLR Camera (Canon 700D) in NHP and assessed using AutoCAD version 2007.

Background: Heart failure is a dominant cause of deaths now a day as there are tremendous contributing factors that cause it so that it is a component of concern in these days as it cost health, life as well as expense too. Different remedies either they are pharmacological or non-pharmacological use to prevent. Factors that are in hand of patient that we called patient related factors are very important to know in order to prevent heart failure.

The schools today are facing a lot of problems regarding the undesirable effects of disasters. Situated in a low–lying area, Butuan City, Philippines gained nationwide attention regarding vulnerability to frequent disasters that cause loss of lives and damaged properties. The Butuan City public elementary schools are no exemptions to this destruction. The researcher took interest on how the disaster-prone schools of Butuan City dealt with the pressing issue. The study focused on the program initiated by the Department of Education, the School Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program.

Stroke recovery research on living humans has made recent strides toward a consensus in support of new knowledge-to-action interventions. This venue could become fertile ground for future milestones, driven by the conceptualization and dissemination of standards that can aid the aggregation of large datasets for further interpretation in the stroke recovery science. For example, a meta-analysis could identify biomarkers that predict recovery, or outcome measures that detect neurological recovery.

The study was conducted with the aim of evaluating the Food Safety Knowledge, Attitude and Practices followed by the Street Food Vendors in Chennai. A total of 138 street food vendors were surveyed over a period of one month by convenient sampling from southern parts of Chennai. A structured questionnaire consisting of 15 questions was used to record the responses of participants. Quantitative and qualitative methodology was adopted to collect the responses from the vendors.

The analysis of soil samples from six different localities of the campus of institute were carried out. It was found that the organic nitrogen in soil samples ranged from 140 g / hector to 420 g/hector. The low amount of organic nitrogen was noted in soil samples A,B,C,D while medium amount was found in sample E and F. The percentage of organic carbon content ranged from 0.74 % to 0.78 %. In soil sample B,C,F the organic carbon content found was low whearas it was noted medium in soil sample A, D, and E. The chloride content in the soil ranged from 283.6 mg/ liter to 368.7 mg/liter.

Aim: The current study was designed to study the toxicological evaluation of Vrikshamla herbal formulation for weight management. Material and method: The whole study also includes the standardization of selected herbal formulation with various parameters like Ash value, extractive value, moisture content, pH and phytochemical investigation.

Air sampling over vegetable field was carried out by using continuous Tilak air sampler from 1st November 2016 to 30th January 2017 for Rabbi season. The main aim of this experiment is to find out the concentration of air borne Curvularia spores and their relation with the disease incidence. In the investigation Curvularia spore concentration was16578 spores/m3 of air recorded during the season from Aerobiological sampling the fluctuation in the concentration of Curvularia spores wear observed in different growth stages of the crop.

Amphotericin A and cyclosporine are an important antibiotic and immunosuppressive agents, respectively; however, nephrotoxicity is one the main adverse effects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of inhibiting the p38 MAPK (p38) signaling pathway in nephrotoxicity caused by amphotericin A and cyclosporine from the assessment of stress oxidative, nitric oxide production and cell death in LLC-PK1 and MDCK cell lines.

Background: Romantic relationship is one of the development markers in adolescent’s life which involves the social, physical and emotional aspects. Being in a romantic relationship helps in determining the self-esteem, personality and functioning of an individual. Romantic relationship can exert both positive and negative affect on the outcomes of academic performance of an adolescent student. Having a romantic relationship may motivate and inspire most of the people on their endeavours.

The field study was under taken during autumn season at Regional Research Station, Mainpuri, C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur (U.P.) with the objective to findout suitable combination of nutrients and variety of vegetable pea for degraded edaphic condition. Sowing of cultivar Azad P-1 gave significantly higher dry kernel yield by 12.15 q/ha over Arkel (8.94 q/ha) and Azad P-3 (8.82 q/ha).

India is a rich source of medicinal plants due to the diversity in soil, their altitudes and other eco-geographical conditions. Economic plants play a vital role in providing nutritional and economical security to the poormass in rural areas. Overexploitation and destructive harvesting have made many medicinal plants scarce in their natural habits and costly in the market. East Indian arrowroot (Curcuma angustifolia) is a nutritionally and medicinally important crop belongs to family Zingiberaceae. It is an important medicinal plant of tropical and subtropical India.

For many decades cellulose fabrics has been subjected to different chemical treatments in order to improve resistance against shrinkage, creasing, flexibility, tensile strength and absorbency. Such chemicals include urea and melamine formaldehyde resins. These chemicals are expensive and pose danger to the environment. Polycarboxylic and nitric acids have also been used on cellulose base fabrics for easy care finish. Recently ionic cross linking, polyurethane with nanomaterials as catalyst or co-catalysts has been considered.

Background: Since the release of the study that the periodontal disease is one of the abortive risk factors in 1996. It becomes spread throughout the world that the importance of prevention activity from an earlier stage to the health care including the oral cavity of pregnant women. However, it is not enough the consciousness of the necessity of oral care in pregnancy period in the maternal ward staff and oral hygiene management currently positively. Objectives: I clarified the consciousness for the oral hygiene of the nursing staff and pregnant women.

An experiment was conducted during winter season of two years to study the efficacy of three varieties HFP-4, KPMR-157 and KFPD-24 of dwarf field pea (Pisum sativa L.), three spacing (20, 25 and 30 cm) and two seed rate (100 & 125 kg/ha). Cultivar KPMR-157 proved better than other genotypes and gave highest seed yield of 34.63 q/ha. However, it was almost on a par with yield levels of KFPD-24 (31.43 q/ha) and HFP-4 (30.05 q/ha).

Trace elements are essential elements despite their name and quantity that is required by the animal organism, as they have many important effects on well-being and performance of cows. These elements, naturally present in cattle feed ration in an inorganic form, are not well assimilated by the animal and therefore the majority of them will be present in the feces; leading to a toxicity to the environment and human.

The purpose of this study investigates the impact of spirulina and ashwagandha on the biochemical and economic characteristic of B.mori. Nutrition of silkworm is sole factor which almost augment quantity and quality of slide fortification of mulberry leaves by nutrient supplementation can be increased the quality and productivity of silk. Spirulina is blue green algae. It contains 18 amino acids and vitamins. The nutrients are very easy to digests protein and carbohydrates. W.somnifera commonly known as ashwagandha, are used in traditional medicine.

Merremia emarginata whole plant was subjected to preliminary phytochemical investigation and was found that it possess alkaloids, steroids, glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, carbohydrates and proteins. The extracts prepared by using polar solvents have demonstrated the dose dependent Antioxidant activity.

This article reviews the use of detergents and fertilizers in agricultural activities that lead to water pollution, the consequences for the environment and public health.

In India sorghum is traditionally consumed in the form of unleavened pan cake/Roti/Bhakari. Because of sorghum is a staple food in many parts of the country. Though sorghum grains are nutritious, the consumption of this cereal is decreasing due to non-availability of easy cooking raw materials from the sorghum. The other major reasons are; dying traditional food habits, requirement of special skill for preparing sorghum rotis.

The family Scrophulariaceae includes several ornamentals and plants with medicinal importance. In the present investigation foliar epidermal characteristics of three plants useful in ethnic/folk medicine - Cymbalaria muralis, Kickxia ramosissima (both used in diabetes treatment) and Linaria dalmatica (used to stimulate liver function) are studied and their salient epidermal features of leaf are presented in detail here.

Abnormal uterine bleeding is one of the most common clinical problems the gynecologists come across in their clinical practice. It affects a woman’s physical and mental health and has a huge impact on clinical workload. The present study was aimed to study the accuracy of hysteroscopy in evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding and to correlate hysteroscopic findings with histopathological findings.

Background & Objectives: Dengue fever is associated with significant morbidity and mortality there by initiation of timely management of the patient to prevent complications is the need of the time. Our study focuses on biochemical alterations associated with dengue fever which would help in early identification and management of patients. Materials & Methods: In this case-control study, clinically diagnosed patients of dengue (n=50) and age-matched healthy controls (n=50) were enrolled.

MTA appears to be a valid option for apexification with its main advantage being, the speed at which the treatment can be completed. A major problem in performing endodontics in immature teeth with necrotic pulp and wide open apices is obtaining an optimal seal of the root-canal system. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), has been proposed as a potential material to create an apical plug at the end of the root-canal system, thus preventing the extrusion of filling materials.

Background: Paediatric ART coverage is only 20%, leaving a gap of 80%. The household members of HIV-positive persons often are also infected, but unfortunately, are frequently unaware of their HIV status. Early diagnosis and treatment of paediatric HIV is key as mortality of untreated patients is very high in the first two years of life and reaches 80% by four years. Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in two principal health facilities offering PMTCT/Paediatric HIV services in Calabar, Cross- River state, Nigeria.

Introduction: A lump in the breast is of great concern to the patients and is also a challenge to the diagnostic judgement of the surgeon. Early diagnosis of breast cancer has increasingly resulted in a more conservative surgical approach to the disease. Methods: The present, comparative study was conducted in the Postgraduate Departement of General Surgery and Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, Government Medical College Srinagar,for a period of obout two and a half years. A total of 60 patients underwent clinical examination by surgeon, FNAC by pathologist.

We present a case of unusual finding on nuclear renal scan in a child of 9 years. Latter on that was diagnosed as a case of renal vein thrombosis. The child presented in pediatric outpatient department (OPD) with complaint of intermittent abdominal pain. On abdominal ultrasound there were asymmetrical kidneys in size. On nuclear scan there was peripheral rim sign/doughnut sign not mentioned or explained in literature previously that was reported as suspicious for renal vascular insult. Renal vein thrombosis was confirmed on renal Doppler ultrasound.

Background: Lichen Planus is an inflammatory, immune mediated, mucocutaneous disease of unknown aetiology, characterized by alternating periods of symptomatic remission and exacerbation. Different treatment modalities have been tried, but with limited success. Due to the lack of a definitive treatment and the side effects of current treatments, efforts are still being made to find new treatment modalities. Steroids have been found to be the first line of drugs in treating symptomatic Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) by reducing pain and inflammation however with potential side effects.

Background: Global warming is one of the major problem that could negatively affect the ecosystem and the health of humans. Global warming occurs when greenhouse gases(carbon dioxide (CO2) and chlorofluorocarbons) and other air pollutant which include particulate matter, benzene, toxic metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and ozone(O3) accumulate in the atmosphere and absorb solar radiation and sunlight and eventually bound off the earth’s surface. Global warming may cause unalterable damage if no effort is made to avert it.

Congenitally missing teeth, particularly the maxillary lateral incisor present dental clinicians with numerous challenges. These involve treatment planning and smile design; preparation; patient perceptions and expectations relative to aesthetics; interdisciplinary collaboration that meets the functional, health and aesthetic needs and, a critical factor for the overall success, that of choosing a suitable restorative material.

Aim: To compare the shear bond strength of sixth generation and eighth generation bonding agents to dentin. Materials and methods: Flat surface of dentin were exposed after reducing the enamel surfaces of forty human molar teeth and were divided into two groups(n=20), which were then bonded using Sixth-generation bonding agent, Prelude Dental Adhesive (Danville) and Seventh-generation bonding agent, Prelude One (Danville) which is a one bottle adhesive. Group I- Prelude Dental Adhesive system which is two bottle system (n=20) was applied as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Over extension of denture border is the main cause of denture-induced fibrous hyperplasia (DIH) especially with immediate denture. We report a 53-year-male with the chief complaint of a loose immediate maxillary denture as well as pain and discomfort during mastication and asking for new denture. Patient was examined and medical history was taken. Intraoral examinations revealed that folding with deep fissure covered by white granulation tissue in the maxillary right labial sulcus and left buccal sulcus related to the overextended thin denture borders and diagnosed as DIH.

Background: Zinc as a second trace element of human body plays an important role in numerous function. Abnormality in the metabolism of zinc in renal problem specially nephrotic syndrome is well documented. The Aim of Study: To study change in serum zinc concentration in children with relapsing nephrotic syndrome. Patients and method: A hospital based case control study that conducted at nephrology clinic at Al-Sadder and AL-Zahra teaching Hospitals in Al Najaf Al Ashraf included patients with nephrotic syndrom for period between 1st January 2013 to end of October 2013.

Background: physical activity improves quality of life, helps to improve daily activities and have a good impact on health. Physician’s health matter and studies showed that doctors' own physical activity practices may influence their clinical attitudes towards physical activity. Methods: A Cross-sectional study was conducted among resident physicians in Saudi Arabia from October 2015 to January 2016. We used an online survey, which INCLUDES demographic data, residency program and counseling their patients, and the short form of international physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ).

A study on establishing the role of RDW and NLCR as biomarkers for the early detection of sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock and in prediction of outcome was conducted. A total of 85 subjects meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria and diagnosed with mild sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock were selected. After a thorough clinical examination, blood sampling was done for all the subjects, within 3 hours of presenting the illness. The values of RDW and NLCR were studied on the day of admission, after 72 hours and after 7 days.

Locally in the context of care and prevention of malnutrition, in Niger, communities use plants. The general objective aimed at through this study is to inventory and ofto map the plants used in children under 5 in the Mayahi department of Niger. To do this, an ethnobotanical survey was carried out on 100 women, mothers / grandmothers aged 35 or older and 23 traditional / retailers, all over 50 years of age. This study shows that 15 families of plants used left century in 23 genera and 24 species have been recorded.

Neonatal sepsis categorized as early and late onset. Early onset sepsis (EOS) occurs in the first 7 days of life with 85% occurs in the first 24 hours of life. Late onset sepsis (LOS) occurs after the first week of life and is mostly acquired from care giving environment. The study was performed to determine the incidence of pathogenic agents, risk factors and outcome of septicemia in neonates admitted to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in central teaching hospital for children in Baghdad governorate.

Vernal keratoconjuctivitis (VKC) is a common clinical entity which causes considerable ocular morbidity. It is an external eye disease with recurrent attacks of exacerbation and remission caused by several external (and sometimes internal) allergens charecterized by pink or red coloration of the eyes associated with itching, discomfort, burning sensation, swollen eyes and blurring of vision. It affects mainly children and early adulthood.

This paper discusses a theoretical perspective about Medical learners’ life-long learning. This is the extensional studies for the first-year undergraduate whose compulsory course in “Introduction to Clinical Medicine”. A theoretical model has been created for conceptual framework. Trajectory, occupation and self-beliefs as three core directions, effectiveness and periodic segmentations impact also has been considered. Additional hypotheses were developed about medical learners’ competence, professionalism, life-long learning self-beliefs.

Transformation leadership is on rise in western countries as well as also in India. There are number of transformational leaders in various fields. The researcher wants to see the impact of transformational leadership educational programme of head nurses on performance and job satisfaction of staff nurses working in public hospitals of Mumbai. Methodology and Material: The research has used quantitative , quasi- experimental pre-test, post-test, study, & control group design, non-probability purposive sampling technique and size was calculated by power analysis.

Background: Dentinal hypersensitivity is a leading problem and herbal based formulations have been in use recently for the same. Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of novel herbal toothpaste-mouthwash (HioraK) combination with a Complete Care toothpaste-mouthwash (Hiora K) combination in reducing dentinal hypersensitivity in vivo.

Introduction: The aim of this study is to study the epidemiology of hip fractures in a tertiary care hospital in north India. Method : This is a retrospective study conducted among admitted patients with fractures around hip in Government Medical College Jammu. Relevant clinical information like type of fracture, gender, age , mechanism of injury and associated injuries were recorded. The data recorded were analyzed in frequencies. Results : A total of 522 patients were admitted with hip fractures from June 2016- May 2018.Hip fractures were seen more among females than males.

Objective: the hypothesis tested in the study was that strengthening health system, especially leadership and management skills of health teams, will result in an improvement of maternal and child health outcomes from 2015 to 2017. Methods: this is a before and after design study without control group in the health region of Agnéby-Tiassa-Mé.

The aim of this paper is to report a case of myoepithelioma in the neck which is a rare neoplasm with uncommon presentation of site. Usually it is the tumor of salivary gland and more common in parotid and less common in the minor salivary gland of the oral cavity predominantly in palate. Here we are discussing a case of 10 years old female child who presented in our institute with complain of swelling over right mid cervical region of neck which was clinically suspected as reactive cervical lymph node.

Cemento-ossifying fibromas are rare fibro-osseous benign neoplasms that are seen in the jaws. They are included in the group of mesodermal odontogenic tumors and commonly present as a progressively growing lesion that might attain great size with resultant deformity, if not treated. Cemento-OF (COF) is a benign neoplasm that arises from the periodontal membrane which contains multipotential cells that are capable of forming cementum, lamellar bone and fibrous tissue.

Resorption is a pathologic process that often eludes the clinician with its varied etiologic factors and diverse clinical presentations.Internal resorption may progress slowly or rapidly. If progression is rapid, it may result in a perforation of the crown or root within a few weeks. This is a case report of a 32 year female patient presenting with internal resorption due to trauma.





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