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September 2016

Background: Iatrogenic injury can be defined as any trauma that has been induced by the dentist's activity, manner, or therapy. Any dental treatment during any phase can become iatrogenic. Dental iatrogenic treatment can produce injury to either on hard tissues or soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Background: In Malaysia, injury is one of the leading causes of death and disability. The aims of this study are to determine the prevalence of home injury and its associated factors among elderly population in Malaysia. Methods: This study is a cross sectional population-based survey design using two-stage stratified random sampling of households. Data was collected using a validated questionnaire by face to face interview and analysed using SPSS version 19.0.

Sheehan’s syndrome also known as postpartum hypopituitarism or postpartum pituitary necrosis is a condition in which hypopituitarism develops after severe bleeding during or immediately after childbirth. Here we report the case of a lady who presented with hyponatremic encephalopathy, and was diagnosed to have Sheehan’s syndrome after detailed evaluation.

Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of lip prints for sex determination in children in 12-14 years of age. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 100 subjects, which included 50 males and 50 females, in the age group of 12-14 years from various schools in Patiala. After applying lip stick evenly, the lip-print of each subject was obtained on a simple bond paper. The lip-print was then analyzed and interpreted to determine the sex of individuals.

Background - Smokeless Tobacco, betel quid and areca in various forms are widely used in the Indian Subcontinent. The habit is not restricted to the elderly but also increasingly gaining popularity among adolescents. The association between these habit and OSMF is well proved, however the influence of age and variables related to the habit on the prognosis and behaviour needs further study.

In today’s world, shorter treatment duration with con¬sequent lower costs are important to all patients, particularly to adults who have been increasingly seek¬ing treatment. It is challenging to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatments and it is one of the common deterents that an orthodontist faces. A number of attempts have been made to create different approaches both preclinically and clinically in order to achieve quicker results which can be categorized as Biological, Physical and Surgical.

Rhizosphere soils from nine medicinal plants were used to identify the plant growth promoting ability of rhizobacteria. The bacterial isolates were purified and identified based on their morphological and biochemical characteristics. Altogether twenty nine bacterial species were identified belonging to seven genera (Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Neisseria, Serratia, Streptococcus). All the isolates were identified up to genus level except the potential isolates. Results showed that the colonization of rhizobateria vary among the medicinal plants.

Introduction: We compared the effects of addition of intrathecal clonidine and midazolam to 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine in terms of efficacy of sensory and motor block achieved and observed the side effects if any. Method: Forty patients of ASA Grade I and II between 18 – 60 years age of either sex undergoing lower limb surgeries were randomly allocated to any of the groups of 20 each by lottery method. Group M: Patients received Midazolam 2.5 mg preservative free (0.5 ml). Group C: Patients received Clonidine 75 micrograms (0.5 ml).

Introduction: Infertility leads to a variety of psychological problems. This study examines the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in infertile women and its relation with depression and anxiety in patients referred to the infertility clinic of Vali-e Asr Hospital. Method: In this study, 60 women suffering from primary and secondary infertility referring to the infertility clinic of Vali-e Asr Hospital from February 2014 to February 2015 were studied.

Introduction: Iatrogenic lesions of recurrent laryngeal nerve may occur during thyroid surgery and may cause paralysis of the vocal cords. The aim of the present study is to determine the relationship between recurrent laryngeal nerve and the inferior thyroid arteryto identify and save the nerve during surgery. Material and Methods: 60 specimens (120 sides) of thyroid gland of both sexes were studied. Configuration of recurrent laryngeal nerve and inferior thyroid artery in each specimen was noted and documented.

Background: Dental caries is the single most prevalent chronic childhood disease worldwide. It affects 60-90% of school going children in most developed countries and in several developing countries the prevalence rates are increasing. Dental caries is a multi factorial disease. Some socio-demographic and behavioural indicators that prone an individual to increased caries experience include: presence of plaque, poor oral hygiene, increasing age, gender, inadequate tooth-brushing habits.

Background and objectives: Oral submucous fibrosis is a well-recognized and most prevalent premalignant condition of oral mucosa in India and Southeast Asia. Frequent and prolonged chewing of tobacco exerts undue pressure on muscles of mastication, which in turn may result in work hypertrophy of muscle.

Objective: To observe the effect and significance of low-level laser irradiation (LLLI) on expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in rat model of myocardium infarction (RMMI). Method: 110 SD rats were randomly divided into Sham, control and treatment group. Control and treatment group established rat model of myocardial infarction (RMMI) by ligation of left anterior descending artery while Sham group performed only threading around the same site of ligation.

Baker’s cyst is a synovial fluid filled cyst found in the popliteal fossa. It usually presents as a localized swelling in the popliteal fossa. We present an unusual case of long Baker’s cyst located antero-lateraly in the leg, extending from the popliteal fossa to the lateral malleolus, diagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology. Rupture of Baker cyst can lead to medical emergency like acute compartment syndrome.

Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease of the axial skeleton and surrounding tissue causing widespread fibrous ossification of intervertebral joints and spaces leading to ankylosis. Extra articular involvement is common with severe AS manifesting as aortic insufficiency, conduction defects, restrictive lung disease and lung fibrosis. Anaesthetic challenges are plenty and compounded by the involvement of cervical vertebrae which make it arduous to manage with difficult airway and intubation protocol.

Background: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), is a neuro developmental disorder, which is defined by developmentally inappropriate symptoms of inattention, impulsiveness and behavioral over activity. Objective: To assess motor skills and physical fitness in elementary school children with ADHD and compare them with typically developing children. Methods: Nineteen (19) typically developing children and seventeen (17) ADHD children between 8 and 12 years were recruited as participants.

The paraoxonase has anti-atherogenic activity which may be altered by the coding gene polymorphisms. The purpose of this study was to assess the genotypes distribution and allelic frequencies in paraoxonase 3 gene Ala99Ala polymorphism in Beninese different ethnic groups. The paraoxonase 3 gene Ala99Ala polymorphism distribution of 228 subjects from three different populations, was studied respectively using Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism technique and compared with those in other word populations.

A case of primary cardiac carcinosarcoma of left atrium is presented because of extreme rarity and poor prognosis of the tumor. The patient was a 70 year old man admitted with sudden cardiac arrest and dyspnea. He was resuscticated and operated for a large left atrial tumor.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The present study was carried out to evaluate the anti-cancer activity of methanolic extract of Lagenaria siceraria on skin Papilloma model in mice. Lagnaria sciceria leaves and fruit extract against 7, 12 - dimethylbenz (a) anthracene (DMBA) induced papillomagenesis in Swiss albino mice was studied. The methanolic extract of Lagnaria sciceraria was analyzed for chemopreventive activity.

Introduction: During the past 10 years, there has been a worldwide effort in all medical fields to base clinical health care decisions on available evidence as described by thorough reviews of the literature. Hip fractures pose a significant health care problem worldwide, with an annual incidence of approximately 1.7 million. Globally, the mean age of the population is increasing, and the number of hip fractures is expected to triple in the next 50 years. One-year mortality rates currently range from 14% to 36%, and care for these patients represents a major global economic burden.

Background: With advancement of technologies, medical education has been changed vastly. Audiovisual aids like overhead projections (OHP) and power point presentations (PPT) are replacing traditional teaching methods of using chalk and board (C&B) alone. Recent and vast knowledge in a limited time of lectures cannot be provided to the students by chalk and board only. So, use of different audiovisual aids can supplement our lectures for better illustrations, learning, and understanding of the topic.

MRI has become the modality of choice in acute knee injuries. It assists the clinician in diagnosing ligamentous & meniscal injuries. Also subchondral osseous contusion known as bone bruise can be assessed. These occult osseous injuries produce persistent pain, loss of function. They are not detected by clinical examination or x rays. The present study aims to assess significance of bone bruise following trauma of knee & their presence in isolation or in association with soft tissue damage

Isoniazid (INH) has been associated with neuropsychiatric side effects commonly peripheral neuropathy and psychosis. A case of mania is rarely reported in this context. We report a case of classical mania and peripheral neuropathy in a patient diagnosed with extensively drug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis. We discuss the role of high dose of INH and pyridoxine deficiency in development of these symptoms.

Tubular adenomas are rare benign epithelial tumors of the breast, occur commonly in young women of reproductive age. Very few cases were reported in the literature. Preoperative diagnosis is often difficult as they mimic fibroadenomas both clinically and radiologically. Histopathological examination is necessary for correct diagnosis. Tubular adenoma must be differentiated from other benign and malignant lesions, which are closely related such as fibroadenoma and tubular carcinoma respectively.

Introduction: Duplex ultrasound (DU) provides a simple, portable, reproducible, and non-invasive assessment of blood flow. Measurement of luminal diameter and blood velocity allows estimation of blood flow and peripheral resistance and the detection of arterial occlusive disease. Owing to its size and anatomic position, the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) is also accessible to DU. Applied to the superior mesenteric artery; the method confirms that blood flow in this vessel increases in response to a meal.

Introduction: Pesplanus is one of the most common foot problems. It is characterized by-fatigue during the gait, metatarsalgia, pain in the forefoot, rearfoot, ankle, medial edge of the foot, near the insertion of the posterior tibialis, dorsal part of the foot (in case of a rigid foot), The patient has difficulty in standing, walking, running, etc.

Organophosphates are commonly used for the control of insects in agriculture and public health in developing countries like India. Many of them have become less effective due to the development of resistance by the target insects. To combat this problem, novel phosphorothioate derivatives of hydroxybenzaldehyde were synthesized and screened for their toxicity to the stored product insect Rhizopertha dominica and Tribolium casteneum in comparison with the standard methyl parathion.

The article deals with the results of the study of 21 endemic plant species in Ajara and Ajara-Lazica on the content of biologically active compounds applying tandem chromate mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) method. Basically, the content of biologically active compounds containing nitrogen was confirmed in 11 species: Erysimumcontractum Somm. et Levier., Seselifoliosum (Somm. et Lev.) Mand., Astragalussommieri Freyn., Quercuspetra var. dshorochensis c.

Objective of this study is to emphasize importance of early diagnosis and management of vitamin D deficiency, an easily manageable problem which could otherwise lead to significant morbidity for the patients and subsequent burden for the health system and to the family as well. Methods: This prospective case series was conducted in Shah Bhitai district Hospital Hyderabad, Pakistan, from March 2015 to September 2015. Children and adolescents of the age less than 18 years with clinical and radiological evidence of vitamin-D deficiency were included.

Qualified as a very rare disease, the Pentalogy of Cantrell comprises a number of defects, such as: anterior abdominal wall defect, lower sternum defect, diaphragmatic and pericardial defects, and congenital heart malformations. The typical form of the pentalogy includes all these five defects. The cases of the complete pentalogy described in the existing literature are only a few. The first description of the pentalogy was made by Cantrell et al. in 1958, who gave an account of 5 cases presented with this abnormality. Cases with only two, three or four of the defects are more frequent.

Tooth impaction is defined as any tooth that fails to erupt into a normal functional position and remains unerupted beyond the time at which it should normally erupt. Reports of impaction and eruption failure in primary teeth are relatively rare compared to permanent teeth. Several factors contribute to the impaction of a deciduous tooth. Impacted primary teeth may be associated with defects in development and eruption of their permanent successors, long-term observation is therefore necessary until the permanent successors erupt.

An alarming increase in the prevalence of diabetes globally, this research study analysis the efficacy of aerobic (n=50) and resisted exercises (n=50) among Indian type II diabetic subjects. With control group (n=50) for a period of 24 weeks duration. Results were encouraging for RET subjects P<.001, aerobic subjects P<.05 and control groups have shown insignificant outcome. Quality of life RET was two times improved than aerobic subjects with their subjective rating score, with control group showing no betterment.

Josef T.K. Linkosh was first to refer this condition as a hernia in 1764. This hernia is also known as interparietal, interstitial, intermuscular or intramural hernia as it is usually located between the different muscle layers of the abdomen. Spigelian hernia is rare and its diagnosis is difficult because of its location and vague symptoms. As these hernias are situated between the muscular layers and are not obvious, therefore may be overlooked. The presence of strangulated meckel’s diverticulum in obstructed spigelian hernia is very rare phenomenon. C.T.

The family planning becomes very important issue in every society. It is linked with many different aspects. In this article are presented the purpose and the components of the genetic counselling. The main goal of genetic counselling is to set specific and accurate diagnosis with information regarding the aetiology and recovery risk, manifestations, treatment and reproductive alternatives. Also the components of genetic counselling and the need of collecting genetic information about the health of each child are emphasized.

Suicide is the seventh leading cause of death in the US. An estimate of 37,000 people dies every year by suicide in the US, of which 6 percent are attributed to inpatient suicide. Despite taking certain measures to prevent inpatient suicide like assessing the risk factors and treating the underlying psychiatric condition appropriately, continuous monitoring and making patients sign no-suicide contracts, the rate has not decreased significantly. Sixty-five percent of people who commit inpatient suicide sign the no-suicide contract beforehand.

Development of biofilm by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in wounds infection caused severe threat to patients and prevents the healing of wounds. To control such infection it’s important to characterize the pathogenic biofilm forming bacteria of wounds infection. The present study was aimed to isolate and identify the biofilm forming Pseudomonas aeruginosa from wounds infection. Ten P .aeruginosa were isolated from different wounds infection and identified based on morphological, biochemical and fatty acid methyl esterase analysis.

Background: Muscle compartment syndrome is a known morbid complication of physiologic and mechanical lower extremity trauma. Determining the critical range in different centers for optimal management is suggested. Methods: In a two sectional prospective clinical study, 149 referral patients of lower extremity trauma and vascular injuries were recruited for compartment pressure assessment during eleven months by Whiteside apparatus.

Introduction: Controversies relating to the application of lasers in the periodontal therapy have been persisting despite of enormous available literature. This review intends to analyze and clarify the hiding facts about lasers application in periodontal therapy which can develop a new ray of hope in its treatment aspect.

Background: Oral health is an integral part of general health. It directly and indirectly reflects the overall well-being of an individual, thus maintaining oral hygiene becomes a crucial factor.Tooth brushing plays an important everyday role for personal oral hygiene and effective plaque removal. Regular toothbrush care and maintenance are also important considerations for sound oral hygiene. This study was designed to evaluate the antibacterial bristles self-protection among the Miswak stick, toothbrush with silver nanotechnology and regular toothbrush (as a control group).

Objectives: To assess the influence of case based learning (CBL) as a teaching-learning tool over the traditional method, with respect to increase understanding, development of interest and improvement of performance in the subject Biochemistry in first year Dental students. Methodology: Selected volunteers from first year were divided into ‘Control Group’ (N=22) and ‘CBL group’ (N=26), which were subjected to three hours of traditional didactic lecture and CBL methods respectively.

An interim obturator acts as a bridge between surgical and definitive phases of treatment of a maxillectomy patient. Apart from restoring the functions of speech and deglutition, it has a great psychological benefit to the patient in regaining social acceptance. The following article attempts to describe the steps followed in the fabrication of the interim prosthesis.

Ectodermal Dysplasias comprise a large, heterogenous group of inherted disorders that are defined by primary defects in the development of two or more tissues derived from embryonic ectoderm. A multidisciplinary approach to dental treatment is required. This clinical report attempts to describe the prosthodontic management of a 13 year old girl affected by ectodermal dysplasia. Treatment included a maxillary teeth supported overdenture and a mandibular removable partial denture to improve function and esthetics.

Genomic DNA isolation from Mycobacterium smegmatis has always been a challenging task due to the tough cell wall of the organism. Published methods for DNA extraction from M. smegmatis are tedious that yield only small quantities of DNA. This paper presents a simple and reproducible protocol for obtaining good quality DNA. The method is a part of a procedure used for extraction of the cell-wall-associated iron-chelating compound, mycobactin S from M. smegmatis. This method yields significant quantities of DNA as a by-product of mycobactin S extraction.

Background: Women forms the vulnerable group in every community and specially more in economically weaker section of urban India represented by slums of urban India. The urban poor (slum dwellers) are at the interface between underdevelopment and industrialization as well as interface between rural and urban areas. Their disease pattern and personal habits also reflects the problems of both. Objectives: To study personal habits and morbidities of Women residents of Slums in Mysore City.

Introduction: As the prostatic carcinoma progresses, stromal changes become more pronounced. The aim of this study is to correlate stromal changes with tumor grade and extraprostatic extension of the disease. Material and Methods: Stromal changes were quantified histochemically and immune histochemically in 70 patients treated with radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostatic carcinoma and the results were correlated with areas of benign prostatic hypeplasia and with tumor grade and tumor stage.

Introduction: Endometriosis is defined as presence of endometrial glands and stroma outside the uterine cavity. This definition suggests that confirming the endometrial stroma and glands in ectopic location histopathologically should be necessary for diagnosis of endometriosis. But in some cases, one or both of these components may be absent or obscured by a superimposed hemorrhagic, inflammatory or fibrotic process and all that remains is a fibrotic area containing haemosiderin macrophages.

Chronic pelvic & abdominal pain is persistent pain of greater than 6 months duration, debilitating ones daily activities. Patients with chronic abdominal Pain of unknown etiology are often subjected to a variety of procedures in an attempt to find a cause, simple investigations may give way to more complex and invasive ones in the pursuit to confirm diagnosis. We report a case of a patient aged 41yrs, with surgical history of LSCS twice with complaints of pain abdomen & pelvis presented to emergency department at night.

Adrenal gland surgery needs a multidisciplinary team including endocrinologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist and surgeon. The indications for adrenal gland surgery include hormonal secreting and non-hormonal secreting tumors.

Introduction: The incidence of metabolic syndrome is increasing, evidence is accumulating that adaptive responses made by the fetus in-utero to malnutrition can result in increased susceptibility to adult onset diseases. Aim and objective: The objective of the study was to find out the cord blood lipid profile in low birth weight babies so that vigilant monitoring of these high risk babies can be done in future.

Introduction: Otitis media is defined as “an inflammation of the middle ear without reference to etiology or pathogenesis. Otitis media also implies concomitant inflammation, to a greater or lesser extent mastoid air cell system, owing to its anatomic linkage to the middle ear cleft i.e. the tympanic cavity Aim & Objective: To analyze and compare the surgical outcome of tympanoplasty with and without cortical mastoidectomy in central perforation C.S.O.M. (TTD) type. To assess the role of cortical mastoidectomy in the management of C.S.O.M. (TTD) type.

Worldwide bronchial asthma is one of the most common non communicable disease of rising prevalence. The main feature of bronchial asthma is bronchial eosinophilic inflammation induced bronchospasm in genetically predisposed known and unknown agents. The goal of pharmacological control includes, neutralize precipitating factors of bronchospasm and reduce inflammation. Though the modern step care management is not so difficult but the difficulty remains in adherence to the ideal treatment schedule for the patient and also for the physician.

Introduction: Chronic diseases are among the commonest health problems that affect an individual’s quality of life and have become a major problem that faces many of the world population, especially in the developing countries. Researchers have found that the increase in age and suffering from chronic conditions are closely related. In Saudi Arabia, the rapid population growth, the growing aging segment, and the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) increase the needs for healthcare services.

On a daily basis, the practicing dentist and his personal are at risk of being exposed to a wide range of patients with blood borne diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, C and air borne diseases such as tuberculosis. Infection can be directly transmitted by oral fluids, blood, contaminated instruments and surfaces or via the respiratory system.Control of infection that spreads through various instruments and armamentarium used in the field of orthodontics and dentistry in general is of utmost importance as a preventive measure for cross infection.

Eosinophilic cholecystitis is a rare and poorly understood entity first described in 1949 which diagnosed on the basis of classical presentation of cholecystitis with the trans-mural inflammatory infiltrates predominantly presence of more than 90% eosinophilic with in the gall bladder. It may be idiopathic or it may be associated with other disease conditions, like hyper-eosinophilic syndrome, drug intake, eosinophilic myalgia syndrome, few herbal medicines and some parasitic infestations. We report three cases who presented with pain in right upper quadrant.

Introduction: We compared the effects of addition of intrathecal clonidine and midazolam to 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine in terms of efficacy of sensory and motor block achieved and observed the side effects if any. Methods: Forty patients of ASA Grade I and II between 18 – 60 years age of either sex undergoing lower limb surgeries were randomly allocated to any of the groups of 20 each by lottery method. Group M: Patients received Midazolam 2.5 mg preservative free (0.5 ml). Group C: Patients received Clonidine 75 micrograms (0.5 ml).

Study Design: A prospective, randomized double-blind clinical trial was conducted (n=100)to compare the anesthetic efficacy of 4% articaine versus 2% lidocaine, with epinephrine 1:100,000, in truncal block of the inferior alveolar nerve during the surgical extraction of impacted lower third molars the Department of Oral and maxillofacial surgery at Government Dental College and Hospital, Nagpur, India. Single operator performed surgery on an extemporaneous basis.

Background: Endoscopic third ventriculostomy is increasingly used in the treatment of hydrocephalus. It is considered treatment of choice in obstructive hydrocephalus. There are varying opinions about results of ETV in infants. We therefore prospectively studied the outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in infants with obstructive hydrocephalus. Aim: To investigate the outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in infants with obstructive hydrocephalus.

Context: Gingivitis is the most common inflammatory diseases of supporting tissues of teeth. Role of microbial aetiology and host response in progression of gingival diseases has been well established. The most common variant; plaque induced gingivitis is an inflammatory process, limited to the gingiva, resulting from bacteria located at the gingival margin. To prevent gingivitis and its progression to periodontitis, daily and effective supra-gingival plaque control methods are considered the most effective methods to regain and maintain dental and periodontal health.

The prevelance of class III maloclussion is 4.2% at most. According to the Angle classification, class III malocclusionis defined as the lower molar mesially positionedrelative to the upper molar with no specifications in regardsto the line of occlusion. Nevertheless, as withall Angle’s classification of malocclusion, class III malocclusioncomprises several skeletal and dental componentsthat may differ from the concept of normality.

The present investigation entitled "Effect of pretreatments and drying methods on quality of tomato slices" was carried out at Post Graduate Laboratory Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh in factorial completely randomized design with three replications and consists different levels of pre-treatment viz., P1 (Peeled by hot water dip blanching), P2 (Peeled by hot brine dip blanching), P3 (Unpeeled, hot water blanching), P4 (Unpeeled, hot brine blanching) and P5 (Control-Unpeeled, Unblanched) and two drying methods viz., D1 (Tray dryi

Triphala (Digestive Support) is a composite herbal preparation containing equal proportions of the fruits of three myrobalans, Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellerica. This preparation is known to be a safe hypoglycemic agent. Triphala prevents aging, imparts immunity and improves mental faculties. It helps to detoxify the liver, restore digestion and purify blood. Triphala is widely used in a large number of medicinal preparations.

Pulses are known to have additional advantage on seed production and quality if inoculated with symbiotic strains. A considerable variation in nodulation efficiency has been observed in genotypes. Thus twenty diverse genotypes of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.) walp were inoculated with two Bradyrhizobium strains under field conditions to investigate nodulation efficiency. Observations recorded were- number of nodules, nodule fresh weight, nodule dry weight, leghaemoglobin content, nitrogen content.

This study aimed to determine the dissimilarity among landrace common bean genotypes through multivariate techniques aiming the selection of individuals to compose the crossing blocks and determine among the evaluated genotypes, which ones have proximity to an agronomic ideotype. The experiment was carried out during the 2014/2015 agricultural year in TenentePortela– RS, southern Brazil.

The study aimed to identify the phenotypic classes and the relative contribution of traits, which points linear associations and the genetic variation among corn hybrids used for silage production. Was conducted in 2012/2013 crop year, in the city of Campos Borges – RS. The experimental design was a randomized complete blocks, with eight corn hybrids, arranged in six replications. The analysis showed significance at 5% probability tomineral material (MM), total crude protein (PTN), hemicellulose (HEM), lipids (LIP), total carbohydrates (TC) and non-fiber carbohydrates (NFC).

Rabbit farming (cunniculture) is not yet a popular livestock business enterprise in Kenya due to high feeding and lack of ready market for rabbit products. Cunniculture can be a profitable enterprise, but there is lack of knowledge on rabbits nutrition that is based on locally available forage germplasms. This has led to slow growth and low weight gain of rabbits. This experiment was carried out to determine the nutritional value of locally available field legumes using growing rabbits as the animal for bioassay.

Botrytis cinerea is quite destructive and damaging plant disease, which infect tomato and many other plants. Effective means of protection using bioicides is of interest in recent years. The used bioagents were Streptomyces anulatus SM21, S. coelicolor SM1, Bacillus pumilus and Trichoderma harzianum. They were selected for the high production of lytic enzymes including chitinase and protease on solid and broth media. Effect of these bioicides on spore germination and radial growth of Botrytis cinerea in vitro were recorded.

Agronomic performance of soybean genotypes results from the genetic constitution, environmental conditions and genotype x environment interaction. We aimed to evaluate the traits with agronomic importance in elite soybean genotypes, with Roundup Ready® and Intact RR2 PRO® technologies in different sites of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. The trials were carried out in 2013/2014 growing season in a randomized complete block design, arranged in a 4x10 (four soybeans genotypes and ten sites) factorial treatment design, with four replications.

A simple and high sensitive method was developed using solid-phase extraction, together with high performance liquid chromatographic method with PDA detection for determination of triafamone and its metabolite residues. The evaluated parameters include the extracts by silica gel SPE cartridge using acetonitrile and 0.1% acetic acid solvents. The method was validated using weat leaves spiked with triafamone and its metabolites at different fortification levels (0.05 and 0.5 µg/g).

This study aimed to test performance resistant soybean to Asian rust in different environments of Rio Grande do Sul. The experiment was conducted in the agricultural year 2013/2014 in five producer of soybeans regions of Rio Grande do Sul. The experiment was conducted in randomized block design, arranged in four replicates. Data were subjected to variance analysis by F test, and the means were performed comparing by Duncan test at 5% probability of error, in the Genes statistic program.

A isocratic reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography method was developed for the assay of levo bupivacaine base in bulk and dosage forms. The HPLC method was validated as per ICH guidelines. The chromatographic separation was achieved on a Hypersil BDS C18, 250×4.6mm,5µm column, mobile phase mix buffer using analytical grade K2HPO4, K2HPO4, KOH and acetonitrile in 1000 ml, isocratic flow rate 1.0 mL/min and system detection is performed at 235 nm has been used for HPLC-UV. Levo bupivacaine base in synthesis process and formulation.

Dimethoate is a systemic organophosphorous insecticide, applied on chilli to control sap sucking insects, thrips and mites in India. Use of dimethoate in poly house and open fields is very common. As per the ICAR recent suggestions dimethoate 30%EC was applied twice @300g a.i. ha-1, first spray at fruit initiation followed by second spray at 10 days interval as per the farmers practice to compare the dissipation dynamics of pesticide residues in open field and poly house situations so as to suggest PHIs for addressing the food safety issues.

In the present investigation 94 recombinant inbred lines from wheat cross Aldan (resistant) and WH542 (susceptible), were used. There was significant variation among all the recombinant inbred lines for coefficient of infection of Karnal bunt (Neovossia indica). The chi-square analysis indicated that a single dominant gene was responsible for Karnal bunt resistance. Total thirty five inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) primers were used for amplification of DNA from the two parents. ISSR markers based finger print database were generated using only 25 primers.

Pectins are polysaccharides, ubiquitous in the plant kingdom and constitute the important major component of middle lamellae of plant cell walls. Pectin lyases are widely used in the food industry in the production of juice, fruit drinks and wines. In present study, pectin lyase producing fungi was isolated from fruit, vegetable, and dead organic waste soil. Totally 25 fungal organisms were isolated and identified. Screening of pectin lyase producing fungi were isolated using pectin screening agar medium.

The present experiment was conducted using one hundred and eighty five genotypes of lentil collected from different locations to determine the genetic variation, association and divergence among them. Data on various characteristics were recorded. Wide range of variations found in mean values suggested variations for all agronomic traits under study. ANOVA showed statistically significant differences among the genotypes for all the traits. Genetic parameters like genotypic and phenotypic variances and correlation coefficient, heritability and genetic advance were estimated.

Functional foods and nutraceuticals provide an opportunity to improve the human health, reduce health care costs and support economic development in rural communities. The tenet “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” espoused by Hippocrates nearly 2,500 years ago, is receiving renewed interest. Within the last decade, however, the term functional as it applies to food has adopted a different connotation—that of providing an additional physiological benefit beyond that of meeting basic nutritional needs.

The MaxEnt algorithm was used for study the geographical distribution and species richness for Dilleniaceae family, considered an important plant group of Cerrado. The aims were to analyze the species distributions and richness, comparing the species occurrence with biological reserves and priority areas for Cerrado conservation. The species distribution and richness of Dilleniaceae occurs predominantly in open cerrado that encompasses greater geographical area and larger plant biodiversity of Cerrado.

Taiwan’s education strategy is developing within process to fit the students’ personal needs, interests and self- development. It is important to understand the Attitude and value factors that influence individual educational choices. In this article, the study conduct a literature review of the current knowledge surrounding individual attitudes in STEM, personality and using expectancy–value theory as a guiding framework.

The use of plastic packaging is already a requirement, such as packaging or protective and food wrappers used in a relatively long time. Almost all cases are associated with PVC can have adverse effects on health, because of the reaction of one substance with other materials such as wrappers materials and contents resulted from the use of additives through diffusion and migration. Bioplastics can be used as food packaging, to reduce the risk arising from the use of health (Darni et al., 2008).

The aim of this study was to evaluate the physiological performance of wheat seeds derived from plants subjected to desiccation with different herbicides and seed moistures, before and after storage. A randomized block experimental design was used in a 4 x 3 factorial, with three herbicides and application absence and three seed moisture contents at application. 1000-seed weight, germination and first count, germination speed index, emergence and emergence speed index, and accelerated aging and electrical conductivity were assessed.

Agriculture is an activity largely dependent on climatic factors, where changes may affect productivity and crop management, as well as social, economic and political factors. As the main crop producer of winter grains in southern Brazil, wheat may suffer from possible negative impacts of climate variations, being necessary to adjust the production system. The duration of wheat development stages depends on their sensitivity to photoperiod, vernalization and length of its basal phase.

The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of different fiber sources (forage fiber and non-forage fiber) in diets based on Cactus pear on non-descript breed sheep in Northeastern of Brazil, by analyzing the resultant meat quality. Intact male sheep (21 hing legs), weighing 17.10±0.98 kg, were allocated to three treatments: tifton hay, soybean hull and whole cotton seed.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the nematicidal and nematostatic effect of nettle (Fleurva aestuans), neem (Azadirachta indica), castor bean (Ricinus communis) and cassava (Manihot esculenta) bark extracts prepared through different methods. Tomato seedlings were inoculated in the roots region with a suspension containing 3,000 eggs/juvenile Meloidogyne incognita, and after 72 hours 100mL of the plant extracts were added to the soil.

The morphology of the silver nanoparticles synthesized from aqueous extract through bioreduction method shows spherical morphology. Silvernanoparticles are randomly distributed with average diameter >100nm. The biological way of synthesizing silver nanoparticles has advantages like cost effectiveness and eco-friendly.

The study was carried out with the objective to develop raw jackfruit based flour to study its suitability for baking by assessing its functional qualities. The raw jackfruit bulbs of cv koozha varieties was cut into small pieces(1.5x2 cm), blanched, immersed in 0.2% KMS solution, dried milled, sieved in 0.5mm siever and packed in PP covers.. The flour prepared from dehydrated bulbs were analysed for various functional properties such as water absorption index, oil absorption index, foaming capacity, swelling power and solubility were analyzed.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the vegetative growth, production of achenes and efficiency of use of nutrients in sunflower crop in function of N and B fertilization under semi-arid conditions of the Brazilian Northeast. The experiment was carried out in the experimental area of the State University of Paraíba, Campus II, Lagoa Seca, PB, Brazil.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of mineral fertilizer NPK associated with poultry litter biochar on growth initial of sesame cv. BRS Seda. The experiment was carried at city Campina Grande, PB, Brazil, in greenhouse with a completely randomized experimental design, with three replications.

Concentrations of airborne fungi and its Endotoxin were studied in a poultry farm area of Davanagere district of Karnataka. Samples were collected three different locations for a period of one year from February 2012 to January 2013 by Petri plate exposure method containing czapeck Dox agar media. The present investigation shows the total number of 1056 CFU of fungal colonies were identified thought out the year. The station I and II show maximum fungal diversity while minimum diversity recorded in station III.

Pulses are important source of macronutrients, containing almost twice the amount of protein compared to cereal grains. In addition to being a source of macronutrients and minerals, pulses also contain plant secondary metabolites that are increasingly being recognized for their potential benefits for human health. Pulses, whose history of cultivation dates back to earlier times, are essential for human and animal nutrition as well as crop rotation. It has been established that pulses contain various substances, some varieties of which can be toxic (though rare) or may cause indigestion.

The fish body oil was extracted from the tissues of Leiognathus spp., Trichiurus savala and Sardinella fimbriata employing four different extraction methods, namely, Bligh and Dyer, Modified Bligh and Dyer, Mcgill and Moffat and Direct streaming (boiled tissues were then pressed using Fish Oil Extractor, designed in our laboratory).

The high protein content of Spirulina (Spirulina platensis), a blue green algae has several therapeutic properties. The present study was made to explore the availability and easy use of Spirulina to people especially to the children and elders who need protein supplement. Hence the study focused on incorporating spirulina powder with little millet flour (Panicum miliare) in the preparation of cookies. The physico-chemical properties, texture profiles and sensory qualities of the prepared cookies are evaluated.

Food packaging is the material used to contain or wrap food, either in direct contact with food or not. Polypropylene plastic widely used as a cup for beverage containers, Polypropylene use often do not pay attention to the health hazards, dangers, Polypropylene plastic use at temperatures of 800C to cause migration of plastic. Several factors can affect the migration of plastic is food or drink temperature, contact time and surface area. This study is experimental.

Citrus canker is the most serious bacterial disease caused by bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri. In the present investigation the effect of crude methanolic, ethanolic and aqueous extracts of ginger rhizomes, curry leaves, neem, tulsi and parthenium leaves on in vitro growth of plant pathogen Xac causing citrus canker were tested. Different concentrations (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) of these extracts were prepared. Among them all extracts of neem were found effective in inhibition of the growth of the test pathogen and its effect gradually increased with concentration.

Effect of plant density and gypsum application on yield of groundnut was demonstrated under rainfed conditions in farmers fields of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Based on two years demonstrations, pod yield increased 18.14 % by adopting optimum plant population and gypsum application.

Introduction: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has detrimental hepatic and cardio-metabolic outcomes in type 2 diabetics. Appropriate self care for holistic disease management is dependent on knowledge attitude and practices (KAP) of the patients. However, there is no data on KAP of type 2 diabetics with NAFLD. Objective: To assess the KAP of type 2 diabetics with ultrasound diagnosed NAFLD.

Main objectives of the present work to estimate the phytochemical profile and antibacterial activity of whole plant Pedalium murex (L.) with highly medicinal value against urease producing pathogens. Plants are the effective source of both traditional and recent medicines. Nowadays, medicinal plants were used to treat most unbearable disease among humans such as Urinary tract infections (UTI). The extraction was done by using Traditional Healer Method (THM) and different solvent such as ethanol, methanol, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether by using standard procedures.

Main objectives of the present work to estimate the phytochemical profile and antibacterial activity of whole plant Pedalium murex (L.) with highly medicinal value against urease producing pathogens. Plants are the effective source of both traditional and recent medicines. Nowadays, medicinal plants were used to treat most unbearable disease among humans such as Urinary tract infections (UTI). The extraction was done by using Traditional Healer Method (THM) and different solvent such as ethanol, methanol, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether by using standard procedures.

We report the results of our studies on the optical and thermal properties of multi-component systems namely, laurylpyridinium chloride (LPC), 4-cyano-4′-octyloxybiphenyl (8OCB) and Glacial acetic acid (GAA), which exhibits a very interesting lower temperature reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic-A phases, sequentially when the specimen is cooled from its isotropic liquid phase. The order parameter (S) of the reentant lyotropic nematic (ReND) phase is estimated with the help of temperature dependence of optical anisotropy from the measured values refractive index and density data.

Cluster bean or guar (Cyamopsis tetragonaloba) is a deep rooted, summer annual legume. It belongs to the tribe Galagae (Indigoferae) of the Leguminosae family. The crop is mainly grown in the dry habitats of Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat and Punjab and to a limited extent in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Developing products from cluster bean is another way of consuming it, especially, for those not liking the taste of cluster bean and reason being that cluster bean is a perishable vegetable leading to a loss in procuring it.

Musculoskeletal diseases are an increasing healthcare issue globally, being the second leading cause of disability. For these ailments anti inflammatory, analgesics and corticosteroids are the drugs of choice which often results in many adverse effects like hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, immuno-suppression. Traditional herbal medicines are being in use since time immemorial for these ailments. Villaiver Kudineer (VVK) is a poly herbal formulation from the traditional Siddha literature. It is traditionally being advocated for ailments related with musculo skeletal system.

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of bentonite application on the melioration of cadmium contaminated soils, by evaluating the production of beets, radish and grass, as test plants. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse in a completely randomized design, with four replicates. Red Eutrophic Latossol was contaminated with 3 mg kg-1 of Cd and mixed to treatments which consisted of four doses of bentonite 0; 30, 60 and 90 t ha-1. After that was planted beet, radish and grass.

Iron deficiency anemia is found commonly associated with nutritional deficiency. It has been found in various studies that increase in platelet count or thrombocytosis is seen in patients with iron deficiency anemia. Rarely has it been reported with low platelet count or thrombocytopenia. The cause of thrombocytopenia in iron deficiency anemia is not well understood. In few studies role of iron in platelet synthesis and aggregation is suggested.

Objectives: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of fluoroscopic guided instillation of povidone iodine with contrast agent. To compare the results obtained with that of povidone iodine instillation without using fluoroscopy. Methods: A prospective study was done in Institute of Urology, MMC, Chennai between February 2015 to February 2016. 43 patients were included in the study after conforming chyluria. Patients were randomly divided into 2 groups- Study group including 20 patients and Control group including 23 patients.

We have designed and synthesized a novel series of unsymmetrical small bipolar organic molecules 5(a-h) via the palladium catalyzed Suzuki coupling reaction. The structural identities and purities were confirmed by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR and MS and were found to be in good agreement with the proposed structures. We have studied the photophysical and thermal properties of the synthesised compounds with UV-Vis/fluorescence spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

The present study focuses on the impact of life events and gender difference in job satisfaction among the employees of private sector of India. Attempts were also made to assess their coping style along with its all dimensions. The sample size was 350 divided into 2 groups (male- 175 and female- 175). Each group was consisted respondents age ranging between 22-35 years and having minimum 2 years of job experience.

Bandung is city in west java with the problem of waste. The objectives of the research are relationship between application of economic valuation with waste volume, composting and 3R (reuse, recycle and reduce). The research was located in RT 07 RW 03 Sukaraja district in Bandung. Desain of this research is quasi experiment (pre & post test) with 31 sampel. Data were collected with interview, questionnaire, observation, and documentation.

The effect of organo-mineral fertilizers on potato plants is still poorly understood. Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the extraction and uptake of macronutrients by potato plants. The experiment was conducted in the municipality of Cristalina (GO), Brazil, with Agatapotato cultivar during the winter crop. The experimental design was a randomized block with 6rates and 4 repetitions. The rates of organo-mineral fertilizer were based on recommendations for a mineral fertilizer, corresponding to 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120% of a mineral fertilizer.

Clinicians who treat people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disease have long accepted the notion that stress affects immune function. The stress is the common Psychological disturbance among HIV infected people. Stress varies across stages of disease progression from HIV to AIDS. This article summarizes the large body of evidence examining whether perceived stress varies across Asymptomatic Acute HIV condition, Clinically Symptomatic Condition and AIDS Indicator Condition.

The genus Campylobacter is of great importance to public health. These species may be found in water, food and in the intestinal tract of chickens. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Campylobacter jejuni from chicken fleshes sold for human consumption at public markets of Erode city. Out of total 500 chicken fresh flesh samples screened, 208 (41.6%) revealed the presence of Campylobacter.

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of composted poultry litter on the growth, development and productivity of soybean, as well as the residual of this fertilization on productivity of a later crop, which was the second harvest corn. The experiment was conducted in the field in Palotina, state of Paraná, with a randomized block experimental design, consisting of six treatments with four replications per treatment.

The present study investigates the effect of Methomyl induced alterations in lipid level of gills, gonads and digestive gland tissues and its possible recovery by treating with L-Ascorbic acid in the fresh water bivalve, Lamellidens marginalis after chronic exposure. The freshwater bivalve Lamellidens marginalis were exposed to chronic dose of Methomyl (35 PPM LC50/2 values of 96 hours) alone and in combination with 50mg/L L-ascorbic acid for 21 days.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the performance of grade10 students in mathematics tests and identify the major causing factors that influence students’ achievement in mathematics. A correlation research design was employed. 10 secondary schools were sampled by purposive sampling technique. 21 sections (1378 students) of 10th grade students studying in the academic year 2014/15 and 40 mathematics teachers were sampled by Systematic sampling technique in the sampled schools.

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) have been proposed for various biomedical applications which require their systemic administration. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to investigate the effects of carboxyl group functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (COOH-MWCNT) on hematological parameters and morphology of erythrocytes of Wistar rat. Forty eight adult rats of both the sexes were used for the study.

Garlic is one of the edible plants and is common ingredient available in the kitchen. Garlic (Allium sativum) is one of the most extensively researched medicinal plants and its typical odor and antibacterial activity depends on allicin produced by enzymatic activity of allinase (acysteine sulfoxide lyase) on alliin after crushing or cutting garlic clove. Today, both scientific and herbalist tradition support the fact that garlic, in its various forms can provide extraordinary health benefits.

Giant hydronephrosis is a relatively rare condition caused by obstruction of the renal collecting system that can present with a great number of different types of abdominal signs and symptoms. A32 year old man (alchohlic) presented in our hospital with massive ascites clinically misdiagnosed as chronic liver disease. The condition, although unusual, is not rare. However, for the hydronephrosis to attain such proportions that clinically it simulates ascites, as occurred in our patient presented in this report.

The physical and nutritional properties of Indian Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L) seeds where studied. In India the Roselle seeds are not well known as such underutilized, the plants are cultivated and used mostly for their fiber, vegetables and calyces for making local drinks. The vast proportions of the seeds often go to waste as it is used mainly for the purpose of propagation.

Over past three decades, Remote Sensing has emerged as one of the most fascinating science. The overall state of the environment and Earth’s observation through remote sensors has provided a vantage means of monitoring land surface dynamics and natural resource management. The increasing human activities with natural environmental systems have raised series of environmental issues. Remote Sensing has made remarkable progress in recent decades in solving many environmental issues.

The study focuses on the morphological and physiological cell responses to high temperature stress in thermotolerant isolates of Trichoderma viz., T. longirachiatum 673 (TaDOR673) and T. asperellum 7316 (TaDOR7316). Heat shock of 52 °C led to changes in morphological characteristic viz., decrease in the size and volume of spores but the reduction was significantly less in comparison to susceptible Trichoderma isolates tested.

The study focuses on the morphological and physiological cell responses to high temperature stress in thermotolerant isolates of Trichoderma viz., T. longirachiatum 673 (TaDOR673) and T. asperellum 7316 (TaDOR7316). Heat shock of 52 °C led to changes in morphological characteristic viz., decrease in the size and volume of spores but the reduction was significantly less in comparison to susceptible Trichoderma isolates tested.

Clinical waste management system is a integrated procedure for monitoring, aggregating, assorting, accumulating, transporting, and discarding of clinical waste produced by an organization such as hospitals. Clinical waste constitutes various potential health and safety risks and hazards. In addition to their virulent and lethal features, the majorly unsteady and erratic nature of clinical waste streams has increased public concern about storage, treatment, transportation and ultimate disposal. The management of clinical waste is still in its genesis all over the nation.

Present work was carried out to generate new somoclones by local existing sugarcane cultivar Co740. Three somoclones of this variety were generated such as GSBT-7, 8 and 9, and their growth parameters with respect to productivity were studied along with other local existing sugarcane cultivars (early maturing variety CoC-671 and late maturing varieties Co-740 and Co-419). These clones were screened along with other local cultivars in agro-climatic conditions of Bidar.

Studies were made to evaluate the effect of sub lethal concentration of methyl parathion on biochemical changes of Oreochromis mossambicus. The fishes were caught from culture pond of Vallam fish farm near Thanjavur and acclimatized to the laboratory conditions. Experiments were conducted at Serfoji college lab. LC50 values for 96 hours were determined for methyl parathion and were found to be 0.29 ppm. The fishes were exposed to 10% sub lethal concentrations of the 96 hours LC50 value for 7, 14 and 21 days along with control.

The objective of this research was to determine the effect of dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) callus in peach friable calluses in leaf explants of Bactris gasipaes H.B.K., aiming for further induction of somatic embryos. The explants were inoculated in MS medium supplemented with 30.0 g.L-1 sucrose, 8.0 g.L-1 agar and 2,4-D (0.0, 0.31, 0.62, 1.25, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, and 20.0 mg.L-1).

Nowadays application needs to always on and never get down time. If your application has downtime, you will lose your business. Load balancing and automatic failover become the way that Bank XYZ choose to support their new application, Internet Banking. In the implementation they use the technology from F5 with their product BIG-IP LTM and BIG-IP GTM. Internet Banking in Bank XYZ can perform well and never get down time anymore because they have failover and balancing method for the traffic.

The expansion in the production of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil resulted in increased production of vinasse, which is the main by-product of the sugar industry.The vinasse is a highly polluting effluent is generated in large volumes, which aggravates the problem of its final disposal.An treatment alternative of vinasse is its use for the generation of biogas in UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) that can be used as an alternative source of sustainable energy.In this study, the UASB efficiency for the production of biogas from the anaerobic digestion of vinasse from sugarcane was eva

Main rainy season onset, cessation and growing length are not the same for the entire Tekeze river basin. Knowledge on onset, cessation and growing length of the main rainy season in the river basin is very important for various decision making activities such as agricultural activities for sowing and harvesting, in optimum utilization of limited resources including water, labor and fertilizer, for efficient irrigation water utilization, for interpreting a given seasonal forecast and for drought risk identification and assessment.

Wireless electronic telemetry system is designed for prototype electric powered agricultural vehicle. Telemetry system is crucial for electric vehicles to monitor its data, remotely. It is important to measure electrical parameters in real time for safe operation. Designed telemetry system consists of hardware and software which can broadcast information by using wireless connection over serial communication protocol. Wireless connection range is up to 3 km which is sufficient for using at orchards. The designed data acquisition and telemetry system is based on RF modem.

Biometric authentication is one of the newest authentications techniques researched today. The vein information is hard to duplicate since veins are internal to the human body. The palm vein authentication technology offers a high level of accuracy. This paper presents a novel idea on the biometric authentication system using palm vein authentication that uses vein patterns as a personal identifying factor and ear based authentication as a secondary approach towards authentication.

In recent years, Metal Matrix Composites (MMC’s) reinforced with Fly Ash particulates have attracted considerable interest due to their inherent good mechanical properties such as tensile strength, compression strength, hardness, wear resistance etc. This research work is concerned about the production of Fly Ash particulate, S-Glass fiber reinforced hybrid Aluminium 4046 Metal Matrix Composites (MMC’s) and further to investigate on wear properties of the processed composites.

In India, the electricity sector supplies the world's 6th largest energy consumer, accounting to 3.4% of global energy consumption by more than 17% of global population. About 21.53% by hydroelectric power plants, 2.70% by nuclear power plants, 10.42% by Renewable Energy Sources and65.34% of the electricity consumed in India is generated by thermal. The energy crisis and environmental degradation are currently two vital issues for global sustainable development.

The Aim is for HDL Design Architecture and Implementation of Multi clock frequency synchronized real time industrial standard parallel Hi-tech PRBS CDMA Transceiver Bus Array ASIC SOC /Card for Ultra high Speed real time Industrial Communication Interface Cards/Products like Data Acquisition and Tracking of wireless Data Communication Protocol Interface Cards/SOC’s like Data Serializer, De-serializer, Data Communication Protocol interface ADD on cards/Products, FPGA Cards of Different Data Transfer Baud rate.

The Design is mainly Intended for High Speed Random Frequency Carrier Wave Generator of 1 Tbps Data Rate using 2e7-1 Tapped PRBS Pattern Sequence. The PRBS is Designed by using LFSR Linear Feed Back Shift Register & XOR Gate with Specific Tapping Points as per CCITT ITU Standards. RTL Design Architecture Implemented by using VHDL &/ Verilog HDL, Programming & Debugging Done by using Spartan III FPGA Kit. Transmission done through this carrier frequency. Propagation Carrier Done either Serially / Parallel lines I/O.

The semiarid region is characterized by poor rain distributions and prolonged droughts. Water recycling and organic waste are alternative to enable the pepper cultivation. In this context, the research was conducted to analyze the different substrates and irrigation levels in organic pepper formation and the allocation of phytomass with wastewater and water supply. The treatments were based on five irrigation levels (L) using water supply and wastewater as the water requirement of the crop (WR), they are: 100% WR (L5), 80% WR (L4), 60% WR (L3), 40% WR (L2) and 20% WR (L1).

The main purpose of the study was to assess factors affecting students’ extrinsic motivation and to predict ways of improving students’ academic achievement in Mathematics of grade ten students of Jimma Zone, Oromia Regional State. Attempts made to identify the major factors that contribute to students’ academic motivations. To this end, a descriptive quantitative survey design was employed. Thus, for this study 10 high schools were selected out of 32 by using purposive sampling techniques.

This paper presents a single-period Newsboy inventory problem in an imprecise and uncertain mixed environment with deterioration. The aim of this paper is to introduce demand of Newsboy as a fuzzy random variable. To determine the optimal order quantity a new methodology is developed for this model in presence of fuzzy random variable demand where the optimum is achieved using a graded mean integration representation. To illustrate the model the classical newsboy problem is considered.

In this study, the experiments carried out to investigate heat transfer through conduction over composite slabs of different materials such as Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Mild steel and Glass. The sizes of slab materials are 10 cm of diameter, 6 mm of thickness. The effects of different voltages and currents values are evaluated. In this experiment materials are taken in three different combinations.

The present study covers 17 states and 1 union territory of India over the period 2000-14 to enquire into interstate disparity in tele-density and its evolution with time. The inequality trend and the nature of polarization across the states of India in terms of tele-density over the study period have been examined for the purpose. The study also delves into the possibility of sigma and absolute beta convergence of the states in terms of tele-density.

In this paper, we have studied various properties of the structure equation F3K + FK=0, where K is a positive integer. Nijenhuis tensor and metric F-structure have also been discussed.

In this paper pre-L-compact, pre-R-compact, pre-L-locally compact, pre-R-locally compact, sequentially pre-L-compact, sequentially pre-R-compact, countably pre-L-compact, countably pre-R-compact are introduced and the relationship between these concepts are studied.

The aim of this work was to study the potential use of biological solid materials aquatic weeds as alternative sources for the production of biogas. In this study six different slurry samples were used for the production of biogas. Aquatic vegetation is an essential component of the aquatic ecosystem with both positive and negative implications on the water body. In This study the aquatic weed was analyzed for total solids, volatile solids, total dissolved solids and pH content. The pH value of the digesters was taken before and after the production of biogas in anaerobic condition.

Polypyrrole/NiZnFe2O4 nanocomposites were synthesized by in-situ polymerization with Ammonium persulphate as an oxidising agent. Optical band gap of chemically synthesized polypyrrole and Polypyrrole-NiZnFe2O4 (10% - 50%) nanocomposites have been studied at room temperature and normal pressure. Energy band gap of these materials are determined by UV-VIS absorption spectra in the wavelength range 264 –1936 nm by spectrophotometer. In this work the experimental results obtained from the optical absorption spectra are reported for nanocomposites of different wt percentages (10% -50%).

Sm3+ doped lithium borate (LB) glasses with compositions (in mol %) (60-x) B2O3+ 20LiF + 10MgF2 + 10ZnO + xSm2O3 (where x = 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2 mol%) have been prepared by melt quenching technique and have been investigated using thermal measurements, optical absorption, luminescence, and decay kinetic techniques as well as Judd–Ofelt (J–O) analysis. The thermal stability of host glass system can be accessed from differential thermal analysis (DTA) measurements. For these glasses X-ray diffraction (XRD), optical absorption, emission and decay measurements were carried out.

Silage making technique is important. The main objective of the stack silage and bale silage making techniques are based on compression technology.In package silage technology, both vacuum and compression techniques can be used. Vacuum technology is based on the removal of air molecules from the environment. The package silage making techniques in recent years has found wide application area. In this research, vacuum type silage packaging system is planned in the central location. Regional data were analyzed with preliminary studies. Vacuum unit and the success of the system were examined.

Loneliness is killing. Several people in all generations have one existential issue or the other for which they feel forsaken, alone, perplexed, and broken-hearted. It was so devastating that the Psalmist, Psalm number 22 verses 1 alarmed: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me…? Even the Lord Jesus felt the devastating effect of loneliness that he cried similarly in the Gospels, when he was facing the ordeals of the cross. The Psalmist in his own consternation found solution in raising a dwelling place for God.

Forests are terrestrial, which concentrates the largest number of life forms and species. Forests play an essential role in the cycles of water, carbon and oxygen. They help to produce, enhance and protect the soil. Hundreds of millions of people derive their livelihoods. They are also the source of much of our medicines. For centuries, men exploit forests, resources and territories to meet their needs.

The suitability of groundwater for drinking purpose with respect to BIS: The samples are collected the period from 1981-2011. The suitability of ground water resources available in the country are also not uniformly distributed and the changing land use pattern and population growth and resulting water resources development has resulted in stress in the environment. The result shows the groundwater has partial suitability for drinking purposes and public health because of the concentration of TDS, EC, Mg and Na in groundwater.

Aqua culture has spread fast in coastal region of Andhra Pradesh during last two decades. but due to the erratic distribution of rainfall and adverse effects of climate, the aqua culture has failed partially. Heavy losses incurred by aqua farmers due to failure of crops. There by farmers were forced to abandon these ponds and started growing paddy. Alternate strategies are needed for the reclamation process for sustainability.

Over two thirds of Earth's surface is covered by water; less than a third is taken up by land. As Earth's population continues to grow, people are putting ever-increasing pressure on the planet's water resources. In a sense, our oceans, rivers, and other inland waters are being "squeezed" by human activities not so they take up less room, but so their quality is reduced. We know that pollution is a human problem because it is a relatively recent development in the planet's history: before the 19th century Industrial Revolution, people lived more in harmony with their immediate environment.

Socio-economic status is a definite background variable that represents a feature of the social structure in society. Many studies on the influence of socio-economic background on the academic performance of pupils have been conducted in developed countries. This paper specifically examines the influence of parents’ educational levels on the academic performance of their children in schools. The paper is based on a study whose purpose was to determine the influence of parents’ socio-economic factors on pupil’s academic performance in public primary schools in Nandi South Sub-County.

This study aimed to evaluate the productive performance of cowpea, cv. ‘BRS Pujante’, under the influence of different levels of available water in the soil with and without mulch. The experiment was conducted under plastic tunnel conditions at the Federal University of Campina Grande, Campus of Pombal, from December 2014 to mid-March 2015.

Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media has remained prevalent in most developing countries including Nigeria with plain mastoid radiograph still playing a part as an investigation tool in patients with this disease. Aim: To determine the pattern of mastoid pneumatization in patients with uncomplicated chronic suppurative otitis media using plain radiograph of the mastoid. Methodology: This was a prospective hospital based study, which was carried out in the Otorhinolaryngology clinic and Radiology Departments of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.

This work aims to analyze what features or activities developed by the Local Productive Arrangement (LPA) of Fruticultura of Luziânia, Goiás, contributed positively or negatively to the competitiveness of companies it participants. The work methodology consisted of a qualitative case study. The survey results showed the following gains: increased market power, generation of collective solutions, reduced costs and risks, capital accumulation, collective learning and collaborative innovation.

The present study was conducted in Dhawad taluka. A total of 120 rural households have been selected for the study, to select the 24 rural houses from each village. The result of study showed that seventy five percent of respondents were residing in pucca houses, whereas lesser percentage of them was residing in katcha houses. Were that most of rural houses had large / big sized living room. The average size of living was found 14.83 This is because of living room was used as multipurpose room like keeping animals, storing grains so they had large sized living room.

The nexus between growth of bank credit and economic growth is well established at national economy level. This study will add to the existing credit-growth nexus literature by analyzing the causal nexus between total credit and growth across the sub national level in India and also examining the effect of credit on economic growth. Kao’s residual based cointegration test confirmed the long run association between bank credit and economic growth in 21 states of India for the period 2001-2014.

The El Nino southern oscillation is known to influence surface temperatures worldwide. El Nino conditions are thought to lead to anomalously warm globe average surface temperature, absent other forcings. Recent research has identified distinct possible types of El Nino events based on the location of peak sea surface temperature anomalies. The recent forecast of low rainfall during the monsoon is a concern for many. The onus of this goes to El Nino acronym of El Nino Southern Oscillation that a country experiences in a cycle of three to seven years.

Small farmer access to microcredit programmes has been a major constraint to agricultural development in developing countries. Agricultural investment is observed with an aim of addressing major challenges in the rural areas in order to achieve long-term development objectives. Investing in agriculture through microcredit should increase income and improve production of small farmers. This study examines the use of microcredit programmes among small farmers in Rwanda.

In the study of the Islamic State, it can be assumed that it adds a new type of objective, a political and religious objective. This goal adds the sovereign aspect of the religious-ideological objective. Future researchers of terrorism must understand that there is a new goal for terrorism in the world – the integration between a separatist-ethnic goal and a religious-ideological goal.

The study investigates the relationship between components of phonological awareness and reading measures (reading fluency and word reading accuracy), and also differences in performance on reading fluency and reading accuracy across grades. A total of 110 school going children (31 of 4th, 41 of 5th and 38 of 6th grades) participated in the study; all participants were studying in Kannada medium and Kannada as their mother tongue. The results indicate that there is a positive relationship between components of Phonological awareness (PA) and reading measures in general.

This study considered the factors affecting the individual customers’ selection of banks to deposit money in Vietnam. By the exploring research method, this research identified six factors affecting the customers’ decisions to select banks to deposit money in Vietnam and the importance of these factors, which are: interest rates, brand, staff, sense of security, transaction procedures, convenience. From the six factors, the study suggestedsome policies to attract savings deposits at commercial banks in Vietnam.

Construction as a major industry has been found in recent years to leave substantial impacts on the environment. Devices for providing comfort and convenience, circulation facilities and the like are responsible for more than 40 per cent of the global energy used. Emerging trends in urbanization in affluent societies showcase exponential increases in demand for modern energy sucking services in residences, commercial and public service sectors.

Aspidosperma pyrifolium Mart. is native to the Caatinga in the northeast region and has great potential for the recovery of degraded areas, especially riparian forests; however, little is known about the influence of abiotic factors on its germination and vigor. Hence, this study aimed to evaluate the germination A. pyrifolium seeds subjected to different conditions of substrate, temperature and water and salt stresses.

A relationship between psychological factors and skin diseases has long been hypothesized. Psychodermatology addresses the interaction between the mind and the skin. Today, we know that it is essential to consider biopsychosocial approaches to treatment, involving general practitioners, psychiatrists, dermatologists and psychologists. However, Psychodermatology is a relatively new discipline, and the body of literature addressing it is still scarce.

MEDIA is identified as the lifeline to the people on this planet. A platform for the mass, it continues to be the ruler of our existence in the field of communication. This field has unfailingly exposed to us the voices unheard of, the sights unseen and the experiences unfelt. With a wide range of issues concerning media, this area remains as one of the most widely studied and debated picture in the 21st century scenario.

Subsistence households residing in the remote areas are principally dependent upon the forest for meeting their daily needs. They have very limited access to commercial fuels and therefore tend to rely on forest fuelwood to serve as a source of energy. However, in the face of forest scarcity they substitute other bio-fuels like agricultural crop residue, dung and fuelwood from trees on private land for forest fuelwoood. Although some studies have tried to analyse these issues, not much research have been made till date on this area.

We live in a world characterized by the use of media and in the near future everything will be based on multimedia, and architectural pedagogy will not be an exception. Multimedia has a huge role to play in Architectural Education. Education is the knowledge and skill obtained or developed by a learning process; nothing is taught, unless it is learnt. It can be argued that architectural design process is driven by a method of communication between an instructor and students, which is part of are petitive process where feedback, interventions, and reflections occur.

The study highlights the present condition of an existing wetland district, as affected by migration. Its examined the now popularly known student environment within three (3) time steps, 1986, 1999 and 2013 respectively, placing these as the actor for the relative change in land-use. A multiple research method was applied, using data sourced via satellite imagery, structured questionnaire, and semi-structured interview.

Globalization brings the threat of a weakened SME sector, since its role in exporting is less than proportional to its size; this reflects the economies of scale characterizing big markets. But globalization can also increase the importance of a strong SME sector, either where direct SME exports are feasible or where SME subcontractors help keep the country's large exporters competitive.

Aim: The study was designed to investigate socio-cultural factors influencing the use of family planning services among women (15-49) years of age in a primary health centre typical of those in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Methods: Data was collected from 100 women who were between the ages of 15-49 and attending antenatal health care at the Model Primary Health Centre Port Harcourt Nigeria. Self-administered questionnaires were used to gather information on the influence of socio-cultural factors on the uptake of family planning.

Purpose – Conducted in Lagos State, this research study sought to illuminate a cultural and context specific insight into the experiences of seven Nigerian mothers of Down syndrome children. Design/methodology/approach – Adopting a feminist approach, seven mothers aged between 34-67years were purposively sampled from mothers regularly attending the Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria in Lagos. Data was collected via in-depth interviewing, which consisted of open-ended questions that were used to explore the individual experiences of these mothers, within a cultural context.

Background: Functional ovary cysts (FOC) are among the most common problems in women of reproductive age. Present treatment consists of either high-dose birth control pills or surgery while preserving ovarian tissue. Recent studies have questioned the effectiveness of birth control pills, with some studies even showing them to be ineffectual. The incidences of side effects, therapeutic failure, and unnecessary surgeries for ovarian functional cysts have led us to perform this study comparing the effects of an herbal product of jujube and high-dose birth control pills on FOC regression.

Aims: This in vitro study was carried out to determine the effect of delayed start of light polymerization of a dual-cured composite base on the microleakage of Class II open-sandwich composite restorations. Settings and Design: Teeth were randomly divided into 5 groups according to the method of polymerization of the dual-cured composite base: (A) self-cured, (B) light-cured immediately, (C) light-cured 30 seconds after placement, (D) light-cured 60 seconds after placement, and (E) light-cured 120 seconds after placement. A top layer of light-cured composite was placed and cured.

Introduction: Alcohol is the most common substance of abuse and it is responsible for 4.4% of the global burden of disease. Alcoholism has been associated with a large number of nutritional and metabolic disorders. Alcohol is a leading cause of alcohol abuse, organ damage and malnutrition. It is also one of the most preventable causes of death. So we conducted a cross-sectional study to study the clinical profile and nutritional status of alcoholics.

Abundant applications require limited calculation with a specific finish goal to agreement better implementation, security, and lesser costs. As of late, the enlargement of Internet-of-Things (IoT) gadgets has brought on an point of view change in figuring and correspondence. IoT gadgets are making our physical environment and frameworks more gleaming, conveying pervasive registering to the standard.

Background: The aim of this study was to find the pattern of prevalence of different ophthalmic lesion and relation of lesions with regard to age and gender of patients. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted in department of pathology, Govt Medical College Srinagar for a period of one year. Results: Ophthalmic lesions showed male dominance and the common site affected was eyelid. The most common benign lesion was noted to be Nevus while common malignant lesion reported was Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) has a remarkably high incidence worldwide, and a fairly serious prognosis, encouraging further research into advanced technologies for noninvasive methods of making early diagnosis, ideally in primary care settings. Clinical trials and other information published till the recent years has been studied and a review of noninvasive methods of diagnosing OSCC, including oral brush biopsy, optical biopsy, saliva-based oral cancer diagnosis, and others were included.

Le but de ce travail est d’évaluer les qualités nutritionnelles des aliments therapeutiques à base de Poisson/riz et Pistache/riz produits à partir des procédés traditionnels pour la rénutrition des enfants malnutris. A cet effet, les régimes thérapeutiques Poisson/riz, Pistache/riz ont été produits, puis les caractéristiques biochimique ont été effectués et comparés au Plumpynut habituellement utilisé pour la prise en charge nutritionnelle des malnutris.

Background: Neuroaxial anesthesia for patients with cardiac disease is still a matter of debate. BNP has been added as a cardiac biomarker in response to stress. Spinal-epidural anesthesia seems to full fill some criteria of therapeutic intervention in cardiac patients. For this, in a group of patients with impaired left ventricular function, we test whether epidural –spinal anesthesia has an effect on BNP as well as testing the predictability of postoperative BNP for outcome.

Background: Celiac disease (CD), is a chronic immune-mediated disorder of small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed populations. It is characterized by permanent intolerance to wheat gliadins and other cereal prolamins. The epidemiology of CD has iceberg characteristics¬ with more undiagnosed cases. The pathogenesis entails a T cell‐mediated immune response with production of autoantibodies directed against tissue transglutaminase or endomysium. The diagnosis of CD is currently based on both typical small bowel biopsy findings with clinical and serological parameters.

Background and Objectives: A high number of populations have epileptic disorder. The choice of drug is the important factor of treatment including that for acute and chronic epileptic seizure treatment. Selecting drug depends on its safety and efficacy. Monotherapy with drug is the safest approach of treatment. Objectives include, efficacy of LEV and VPA therapy, occurrence of adverse drug reactions. Methods: It is a prospective, observational, 9 month study in department of neurology in a 500 bedded tertiary care teaching hospital. The study population includes 90 subjects.

Various surgeries have been used to release the fibrotic bands in oral submucous fibrosis but all of them are associated with complications and morbidities. The aim of our study is to evaluate the effect of coronoidectomy with excision of fibrotic bands. A total of 3histological proven cases of advanced oral Submucous fibrosis having a mouth opening of less than 20 mm were surgically treated.

Aim: Periodontitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process, initiated by the plaque biofilm, that causes loss of periodontal adherence to the root surface and adjacent alveolar bone and which ultimately results in tooth loss. Our objective was to evaluate malondialdehyde levels in healthy individuals and patients with chronic periodontitis. Materials and Methods: 50 subjects aged between 17-50 years attending the Out Patient Department of Periodontics in the A.B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences were divided into 2 groups.

The term anxiety has become a part of our everyday life. The concepts of anxiety may differ according to the individual’s state of contexts and interpretations. Certain amount of anxiety is desirable, productive and can facilitate the individuals to grow but when the anxiety exceeds disturb the normal functions. The objective of the study are 1.] To assess the level of anxiety among senior citizens staying in old age home before and after administering progressive muscle relaxation technique.

Oral leukoplakia is the most common precancerous lesion of the oral mucosa. This lesion often takes the form of white patch or plaque. The term leukoplakia means a white patch derived from Greek word “leucos” meaning white and “plakos” meaning patch2. Historically many pathologist and clinicians used the term leukoplakia synonymously with microscopic alterations, primarily that of carcinoma or epithelial dysplasia.

Acute or chronic trauma to the oral mucosa may result in surface ulcerations. Eosinophilic ulcer or traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia (TUGSE) is a chronic benign, reactive and self-limiting lesion. Its etiopathogenesis is still uncertain but trauma seems to play a fundamental role. Clinically the lesion manifests as an isolated ulcer, showing a raised and indurated border in addition to a white or yellowish bed. Histopathologically, it is characterized by eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrate penetrating into the submucosal layers degenerating the underlying muscle.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is treatment modality involving the administration of photosensitizing compound, which selectively accumulates in the hyperproliferative target cells followed by local irradiation with visible light of lesion. Eventually target tissue will be damaged by necrosis and apoptosis. The transfer of energy from the activated photosensitizer to available oxygen results in the formation of toxic oxygen species, such as singlet oxygen and free radicals. These very reactive chemical species can damage proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and other cellular components.

Introduction: Many implants have evolved for the management of subtrochanteric fractures, each with its associated set of complications. In this study, short PFN was used for the management of subtrochanteric fractures and various complications were noticed. Aim of study: To study Operative complications with respect to technical aspects & implant and to study the post operative complications of short PFN.

Background: Most of the endodontically treated teeth often show considerable anatomic defect of the tooth structure, frequently requires good core build up material having a fracture resistance and good modulus of elasticity for longevity of restoration. In developing material market and propaganda about the same has led to selection bias because of less evidence based literature; so the study was aimed to evaluate three commercially available core materials in permanent posterior teeth through the evaluation of parameters like fracture resistance and modulus of elasticity.

Context: If the dentures satisfy the requirement of function and esthetics, Patients usually maintain acceptable speech. However, few patients with complete dentures face difficulty and their speech becomes a matter of concern. Recording the posterior palatal seal area and palatal rugae provides a psychological satisfaction in terms of good fit and good phonetics.

Purpose: To identify and analyze the prevalence of hernia recurrence in patients operated with the Lichtenstein technique at the Onofre Lopes University Hospitalof the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in 2007, and analyze the data in relation to the possible causes. Methods: An observational study, descriptive, retrospective, analysis of prevalence, which was approved by the HUOL Ethics Committee053713/2012.

Background: Schwannoma is a benign neoplasm derived from Schwann cells. It is usually located in the intracranial nerves, however intrathoracic presentation is possible, leadings to compression of adjacent structures and symptoms. The absence of findings on physical examination and the presence of mild symptoms (or absent) and common to other diseases makes the challenging diagnosis, accomplished through imaging. Treatment consists of surgical resection by thoracotomy or thoracoscopy.

The abdominal aortic aneurysm can present a serious complication, which is rupture, which is associated with a high mortality rate. As a result, the early surgery of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm can provide greater survival for these patients. However, there are two methods to do this fix. This article makes a bibliographical revision, in order to compare the procedures used in this emergency surgery (open and endovascular surgery technique), with the purpose of defining which approach offers greater benefit.

There is no large series about retained foreign bodies in abdominal cavity. In fact, data are underestimated because of the lack of reports considering its serious medicolegal implications. An inflammatory fibrotic process inside the peritoneal cavity, a virtual discharge of inorganic material through the surgical incision and also a slow process of transmural migration into the intestinal lumen are the most frequent pathophysiologic situations. It is not uncommon the incidental diagnosis of foreign body and radiographic studies may be particularly helpful to elucidate the etiology.

Background: Transmembrane protease serine 6 (TMPRSS6) regulates iron homeostasis by inhibiting the expression of Hepcidin. Multiple common variants in TMPRSS6 were significantly associated with serum iron and hematology Indexes. Recent genome wide association studies indicated that hematologic Indexes differenced in Type 2 diabetes (T2D). The present study aimed to investigate the possible associations between TMPRSS6 polymorphism, rs855791, and susceptibility to T2D.

Chromolaena odorata is a toxic weed belonging to the family Asteraceae, wide spread over many parts of the world including Nigeria. The young leaves are crushed and the resulting liquid can be used to treat skin wounds. The leaves, roots and flowers of Adhatoda vasica belonging to the family Acanthaceae also called vasa or vasaka, were used expensively in Traditional Indian Medicine for thousands of years to treat respiratory disorders such as asthma.

During the present study solvent extracts (water, ethanol, acetone, methanol and chloroform) of roots, bulb, aerial part, and leaves of various local plants viz. Urginea indica (Roxb.) Kunth. (Liliaceae), Cotula anthemoides L. (Asteraceae), Curculigo orchioides Gaertn. (Amaryllidaceae), Annona squamosa L. (Annonaceae) occurring at Purulia District of West Bengal were evaluated for phytochemical analysis and their antibacterial activity using agar well diffusion method. The significant results are obtained in case of U.indica and C.anthemoides.

A flat plate collector, passive solar dryer with dimension 0.8m x 0.6m x 0.4m has been design and constructed with locally available materials such as plywood, aluminum surfaced roofing sheet lined on the inside, with the floor plate painted black as the black body. The black paint used has an absorbance of 0.96. A comparative test carried out on the drying Okra (Hibisicus esculentus) revealed an extent of 91% moisture removal by the solar cabinet drying and 86% for open air drying as against 89% literature standards.

The present study aims to evaluate the quality of briquettes produced from the biomass of bamboo species under different briquetting temperature conditions. The species selected were Dendrocalamus asper, Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa tuldoides and, for comparative purposes, a hybrid of Eucalyptus urophylla x Eucalyptus grandis, which were cut and transformed in sawdust to produce briquettes at three temperatures: room temperature ±30ºC, 80ºC, 120ºC. Biomass and briquettes characteristics were assessed.

This study evaluates the toxicity of copper in aquatic organisms like fishes and the changes were observed in different parameters including the physico-chemical parameters. Copper cause harmful effects on metabolic, physiological, and biochemical systems of fishes and it causes long-term eco-toxicological effects. Copper contamination in the aquatic environment is a potential threat for aquatic organisms, when exposed to significant amount as consequences of industrial, agricultural and anthropological activities.

Siddha, one of the ancient Indian systems of Medicine, is a treasure of simple and effective herbal remedies. Contrary to the misconception it accentuates prime importance to herbal formulations than herbo-mineral. Pancha Deepakini Chooranam (PDC) is an unique Siddha formulation with five ingredients of botanical origin. Due to its established efficacy in Gastro-intestinal disorders, it is one of the commonly used Siddha formulations. In this study, PDC was prepared in the lab and analysed using HPTLC and it was compared with the selected market sample.

The population dynamics of Scarlet mites against synthetic pesticide, bio-pesticide and neem extract in Terai region were studied. In two experimental locations the decreasing percentage of alive Scarlet mites against three pesticide treatments, the result is more or less same for particular pesticide. In contrast between three pesticides, Hexythiazox 5.45% EC was found to be effective. Apart from that bio-pesticide and Neem oil based formulation containing Azadirachtin 0.03% respectively reduced the population of mites.

Due to change in life style and eating habits, an increasing frequency of gastric symptoms in persons can be observed now a days, the most common being peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcer in Ayurveda is considered a type of acid gastritis. This disorder is generally classified under Grahani disorder. Acharya Charaka describes some of common cause of peptic ulcer like deranged Agni. Due to deranged Agni or Pitta vikara, there are many localized disorders found one of them being gastric ulcer (Annadrava Shoola).

This study was carried out to shed light on food safety knowledge and practices of secondary school canteen workers and the level of hygiene prevailing in canteens of secondary schools. A survey questionnaire was administered face-to-face to 45 canteen workers to assess their food safety knowledge and practices with regards to food hygiene. A scoring system was used to determine the knowledge score where each good answer was allocated one mark and incorrect answer or ‘do not know’ was given a score of zero.

The field experiment was conducted in two seasons’ kharif 2013 and kharif 2014 in the farmers’ organic field at Neer Manvi, Manvi Taluk, Raichur District, Karnataka, India. With a view to know the influence of organic nutrients on growth, development and root ATPase activity of paddy seedlings. Experiment was laid down in RBD design with three replications and 13 treatments.

Plant secondary metabolite allows the fungus control without inhibiting seed germination. Thus, the aim of this work was to evaluate the action of hydrolates and plant extracts in the control of fungi and their effects on quality of sunflower seeds stored at room temperature. The seeds were stored for 12 months in sacks. During storage, sanity test was carried out, "Blotter test", to determine which fungi infested the sunflower seeds. At the end of storage, the seeds undergone throughout fungicide treatment, with hydrolats and with vegetable extracts.

A field experiment was planned to study the effects of plantation time and protected conditions on strawberry. The runners of strawberry cv. Chandler were planted at 30x40 cm apart on the raised beds in the second (T1) and last week of October (T2). Protected conditions of white polythene of thickness 100 gauge (P1), 200 gauge (P2), reed cover (P3) were applied during peak winter months to protect strawberry plants from frost and chilling weather.

Heavy metal copper is common pollutants of freshwater ecosystems where they induce adverse effects on the aquatic biota. Fish, Tilapia mossambicus is an important carp species in Tamil Nadu region having good nutritional values. Fishes living in close association with may accumulate heavy metals. In the present observation, the toxic effects of the heavy metal copper LC50 1.8 mg/L on the total lipid of different tissues (liver, kidney, gill and muscle) in the fish, Tilapia mossambicus were estimated. There is decreased in all tissues on comparison with control.

Phenoloxidase activity was detected in the serum of Spodoptera litura, which is present as an inactive proenzyme, proPhenoloxidase. Substrate screening was done using different phenolic substrates, in which the PO was high in L-DOPA at 458nm. S. litura was treated with fungal pathogens Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae, Compared to untreated S. litura, the proPhenoloxidase activity was high in fungal infected S. litura. The fungal pathogen also induced pupal and adult deformities. In both untreated and treated S.

Background: Cervical cancer (CC) is a global public health issue. It is due to the persistence of infection by high-risk Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV). Recently, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest death rate caused by CC. The objective of this study was to detect HR-HPV genotypes involved in cases of invasive CC histologically confirmed in Ouagadougou.

Aiming to provide an indication of soil issues and on how to manage them for high productivity, data of chemical and physical properties of a Red Kandosol were evaluated. Values of soil analysis were evaluated and compared to the recent literature. They suggest some problems that need to be addressed before an agricultural activity can take place in the area. In general, the soil has a low level of organic carbon and a good status of exchangeable cations. However, the soil pH indicated a problem with alkalinity.

Helvella crispa is an ancient term for an aromatic herb. The specific epithet crispa comes from Latin and means curled or wrinkled - a reference to the contorted cap or saddle of this woodland fungus. The saddle-shaped cap may have two or three major undulations and many minor curled contortions. The upper surface is smooth and cream or occasionally pinkish or pale ochre; the underside is pale ochre and slightly downy. The upward tapering stem is white and ornately furrowed or fluted; it is hollow and has thin, elastic flesh.

The Practical study of heat transfer through surface contact resistance is very essential for advancement of thermal applications. It is required to understand the heat transfer between composite pair having same as well as different interface material. The outcomes will very essential for design of different heat transfer thermal applications. The sole objective of the dissertation work is to reduce the Thermal Contact Resistance (TCR) and increases thermal efficiency of the application.

Water is an essential natural resource for sustaining life and environment but over the last few decades the water quality has been deteriorated due to its over exploitation. Water quality is essential parameter to be studied when the overall focus is sustainable development keeping mankind at the focal point. The present study was conducted to analyze the various parameters of under-ground water in rural areas of Narwana city, Haryana, India and to check its fitness for drinking. Physico-chemical parameters viz.

Teachers’ views of mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning affects how it should be presented in the classroom. In this research 172 mathematics teachers of grades 5-8 were given a survey that examined their views on mathematics and problem solving approach in mathematics classroom. Questionnaires, observations and interviews were used to collect data. Findings revealed that majority of the teachers had an absolutist view of mathematics (61%) and their view on problem solving approach was traditional (64%) in that they considered problem solving as an end.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to address the issue of integrating strategy and ethical leadership to enhance performance if public institutions. It aims to show that ethical leaders who are presumed to act in agreement with their own values and that of the organization do the opposite.

The present study was undertaken to discuss the impact of teacher’s behaviour on the academic achievement of senior secondary school students of district Bandipora (J&K). All the students of senior secondary school constituted the population. From the three senior secondary schools, 300 students from different departments were selected as a sample. A questionnaire has been developed and validated through pilot testing and administered to the sample for the collection of data. The researcher personally visited respondents, thus 100% data were collected.

Pedological characterization was carried out on soils developed on gneissic granites of Southern Province of Rwanda. Three representative soil profiles (GSK-P1, GSK-P2 and TMB-P1) were identified, described and sampled using standard manuals. A total of nineteen soil samples were analyzed in the laboratory for physico-chemical properties. Soil classification was carried out using two international systems of classification. The potentials and limitations of the soils were also identified.

Available literature on the predictors of student academic scores since the 60s continues to present mixed findings and interpretation. Utilizing the education production function models, researchers have sought to test whether school or teacher-level variables explain academic achievement variance to a greater extent than do student-level variables. Within this framework, we modelled school-level predictors of academic achievement in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in Mumias and Kuria East Sub-Counties in Kenya.

Industrial peace and harmony are important in minimizing conflicts in organisations and thus ensuring the maintenance of congenial industrial relations. The paper recognizes though, that conflicts are integral to the process of change and cannot be completely eliminated, and in fact some degree of conflict is necessary and normal. Collective bargaining is the process of negotiation between representatives of workers and employers to establish the conditions of employment.

There is immense potential for vertical and horizontal growth in horticulture sector in North Eastregion. At present horticultural crops account for only 18.60% of cultivated area. This share is highest in Sikkim followed by Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Assam and Nagaland. Major challenges to be come across are Climate change due to rise in temperature, erratic precipitation and sea level rise, greenhouse gas emission, fragmented ecosystems, loss in biodiversity and trade and competitiveness.

A rapidly changing economic environment characterized by globalization, deregulation of market, changing customer and investor demand and ever increasing competition has become a real challenge for today’s organization resulting in tremendous pressure on organizations to generate equally fast responses in order to survive and sustain.

Normative survey was adopted for the study with a sample of 300 higher secondary students in Puducherry. A four point scale with 61 statements was used to access the Environmental Attitude of the higher secondary students. The collected data was statistically analysed using Statistical Package for Social Studies (version- 16) Differential analysis were carried out to study and to check the significant mean difference between variables. The results revealed that the Environmental Attitude of the higher secondary student’s was average.

Objective: To compare the effect of ventilatory facilitation along with trunk control exercises with only trunk control exercises on trunk control in spastic cerebral palsy children. Research design: Experimental pre-test and post-test study design. Participants - Thirty children with spastic cerebral palsy were taken from pediatrics Physiotherapy unit of SVNIRTAR, Olatpur, Cuttack, Odisha. Outcome measures: Chest expansion, GMFM, TCM.

The motivation behind the present study is to determine the correlation of muon count rate with the atmospheric parameters that affect the detector sensitivity. The geomagnetic cutoff rigidity i.e. 22 GeV of primary particle is computed for our muon paddle which is located at Agra, India (27.180 N and 78.020 E). The maximum solid angle of 0.15 rad is obtained for the assembly. The integral muon flux observed from analytical and experimental calculation is 9.61 / cm2.sec.str with a statistical error of ±0.31%.

Teachers and school administrators have a big role to play in continuity and stability of peace in schools. They are closely associated with the education system hence can exert social control of the learners at many learning levels. The problem of student becoming violent in secondary schools especially in Kenya is a common phenomenon. This study investigated the influence of capacity building among teachers in peace initiatives in secondary schools in Kenya. This study adopted a descriptive survey design during data collection.

With the rapid development of network technology, e-commerce and e-marketing has developed gradually. The number of Internet users was increasing and would soon overtake the United States. On-line shopping is a recent phenomenon in the field of E-Commerce and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in the world. Most of the companies are running their on-line portals to sell their products/services on-line. Though online shopping is very common outside India, its growth in Indian Market, which is a large and strategic consumer market, is still not in line with the global market.

Mangroves have evolved characteristics to adjust to the stress conditions in their native habitats to by means of a number of different adaptive responses at the germination stage of development. Salt tolerance in halophytes is brought about by a variety of structural biochemical and physiological adaptations. A variety of mechanism contributes to the salt tolerance of halophytes. It suggested that compartmentation of ions in the vacuole and accumulation of compatible solutes in the cytoplasm as well as presence of gene for salt tolerance (Gorham, 1995).

The plants that can be naturally established in saline soil is termed the halophytes. Halophytes shape the environments they live in, changing the surface of the earth in the process. The seedlings of Bruguiera cylindrica were selected during September month for the present study and they were collected from mangrove forest in Pichavaram, Tamilnadu. This was growing in the tidal forest mangrove belt. These seedlings were washed and planted in polytene bags separately. Before this bags were filled with Sand, Humus and Red sand in 1:2:1 ratio.

Collagen is a fibrous structural protein that provide strength to the different tissue of the body. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis and stabilization by hydroxylation of the proline residue. As a person ages the quality of the collagen degrades due to the intra molecular and inter molecular cross-linking. In our present study when Swiss a mice were treated with vitamin C a insignificant increase in collagen concentration was found in the heart tissue. Heart contains less quantities of collagen protein when compared with other organs.

The management of nitrogen fertilization in agriculture is one of the most important factors for obtaining high yields. The objective of this study was to evaluate nitrogen sources and managements on the agronomic performance in wheat crop (Triticumaestivum) in no-tillage system in the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul.

Provision of financial support for agriculture has been a prime intervention strategy for poverty reduction. The study analyzed the impact of commercial bank lending on agricultural production and productivity in Ondo and Ekiti State of Nigeria. Descriptive statistics, gross margin, elasticity of production, return to scale as well as regression analysis were used to analyze the data. The result showed that majority of the respondents (89.2%) were male, married (92.5%), educated (84.2%) and the amount of loan range from N10,000 to N100,000.

In our study, biosorption characteristics of Pb (II) ions from aqueous solution using corn husks biomass were investigated using batch techniques process. The effects of pH, contact time, initial metal ion concentration, and temperature were also studied. The FTIR study showed that the several functional groups such as O-H, C=O, C-O, C-H and N-H were more involved in binding Pb (II) ions to the biomass. The equilibrium datawere analyzed by the Langmuir, the Freundlich and the Temkinisotherms equations model.

Twelve morphometric and six meristic characters, length-weight relationship and condition factor of Gonialosa manmina (Ham.) from the river Yamuna at Allahabad, have been studied. The relationships determined by least squares method, by fitting straight line y = a+bx, are found to be linear. The ratios of different body parts with total length and those of head region with head length have been replaced by the percentage values.

The pig slurry composting has been recommended as an alternative to reduce the volume and pollution potential of liquid pig manure.The pig slurry composting application can influence the physiological and sanitary quality of proso millet(Panicum miliaceum L.) seeds and their effects vary with environmental conditions. The objective was to evaluate the effect of pig slurry composting in physiological and sanitary quality of proso millet crop seeds produced under field conditions.The research was conducted in southern Brazil under a no-tillage system in a Rhodic Hapludox.

The desiccation in soybean pre-harvest is a practice that allows early harvest, uniformity of ripeness, weed management, minor impurities and the anticipation of crops. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of desiccant application time in the pre-harvest of soybean (Glycine max L.) on the early harvest, grain yield and physiological quality of soybean seeds.

Chlamydia psittaci is a pathogenic and bio-warfare agent that causes infections in multiple hosts including birds and mammals. In human, it mostly causes severe lung diseases that are associated with high motility rate. This pathogen also causes a major setback to the world economy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop antimicrobial agent that can cure infections caused by these agents.

The study was to examine the physico-chemical parameters and the concentration of heavy metals in water and sediment samples of Chirackal mangrove area, Ernakulam, Kerala.

Fluoride contamination in drinking water has been documented as one of the major problems worldwide which is a serious threat to human health. Prolonged ingestion of fluoride through drinking water in excess of the daily requirement is associated with dental and skeletal Fluorosis. The WHO and BIS has decided fluoride concentration up to 1-1.5 mg/L as a permissible limit for drinking.

Chondroidsyringoma Globalization and consolidation lead to very rapid and big change in various fields of industry and in various countries, as well. Tobacco industry does not stand aside from these changes and is deeply involved in the process. Globalization and consolidation are based on the principle of marketing rationalization and effectiveness (tendencies on the market, create and open new markets), the reduction of operating cost in general and by increase of profit and investments.

In this study, TEOS-VTES-CaCl2hybrids were synthesized via sol-gel method with different molar ratios (T0) VTES: TEOS1:0; (T1) VTES: TEOS1:1; (T2) VTES: TEOS1:2; (T3) VTES: TEOS 1:3 and, (T4) VTES: TEOS 1:4, respectively. Development of a calcium phosphate (CP) layer on their surfaces was studied by soaking them in a simulated body fluid (SBF).

Objectives: Cadmium ion (Cd2+) is a ubiquitous toxic heavy metal in the environment and presents a potential threat to human health via the food chain through plant root uptake systems. Cadmium (Cd) is extremely toxic metal and reduces plant growth. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the effect of various Cd levels on seed germination and seedling growth of five rice cultivars (Co-7, Co-2, Co-6, Paiyur and Vbn-2). Methods: Seeds of Oryza sativa were germinated in glass Petri-dishes of 200 × 30 mm diameter lined with blotting paper. 75 seeds were placed in each petri-dish.

The present study demonstrates the impact of serotonin (5-HT) on ovarian development and lipid profiles in the mole crab Emerita emeritus. Exogenous 5 HT, at various concentrations (1x10-6, 1x10-7 and 1x10-8 mol/crab) were injected into the crab at immature stage of ovarian development. Injection of serotonin significantly increased the gonadosomatic index, oocyte diameter and hepatosomatic index respectively.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the agronomic performance and stability of soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivars seeded in not preferred time carried out in northwest region the State of the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Eighteen cultivars were evaluated in three experiments and seeded in January 2013. In each experiment, we used randomized block design with four replications. The traits first pod insertion height, plant height, hundred grain weight and grain yield were measured. Individual variance analysis, mean comparison and joint analysis of variance was performed.

Using data collected from the 2013 National Saltwater Angler Survey, this study examined respondents’ answers to fifteen statements regarding the importance of fishing trips to discern patterns from individuals’ preferences, and to classify groups exhibiting common patterns of responses. These statements were condensed into five dimensions using the principal components analysis. Empirical results based on the two-stage cluster analysis identified three groups of respondents. Discriminant analysis was conducted to identify significant differences among the clusters.

Background: Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection is a common viral illness, which classically causes oro-labial herpes (cold sores), becuase the virus are transmitted by contact with an infected area of the skin during re-activations of the virus Objective: To determined the seropositivity and determinants of serum IgG &IgM antibody against HSV-1 among pre –marital women in khalis city.

A Study was `carried out in five reserve forest of Baksa district, Assam. The study area is located in the Northern part of assam, adjoining to the foot hills of Bhutan and plain topography which supports semi-evergreen, deciduous, moist deciduous, and grassland flora. The survey work was carried out duringthe year 2010-2013.

This study aimed to evaluate the growth of passion fruit seedlings under different levels of irrigation water salinity, in an experiment conducted in a protected environment. The treatments were distributed in a completely randomized design, in a 5 x 3 factorial scheme, referring to five levels of irrigation water salinity: 0.3, 1.4, 2.5, 3.6 and 4.7 dS m-1 and three species of Passiflora: gibertii, cincinnata and edulis cv. ‘Gigante Amarelo’, with four replicates, analyzed for plant height, stem diameter, dry matter of root, shoot and total.

Considering soil acidity importance under Paraiba State conditions and the existence of several liming requirement evaluation methods, this laboratory experiment was carried out to compare different liming methods for the sugar cane region soils of Paraiba State. Thus, one experiment involving Ultisol and Entisol soils incubation was conducted in laboratory, during 42 days. The treatments consisted of five increasing doses of calcium carbonate corresponding to the quantities necessary to increase the saturation of soil.

Fluorosis is a major public health problem in India. The present cross-sectional observational study has been conducted in the Hirbadh block, one of the fluoride endemic zones of Bankura district, West Bengal, India, on 77 subjects by using simple random sampling in which 41 were cases for evaluating the role of fluorosis in development of anemia.

Salinity is one of the major abiotic stresses which are responsible for limiting crop production. Foliar spray with hormones has been an effective method for increasing growth and productivity of plants grown under salt stress. Salicylic acid regulates many physiological processes in plants when subjected to environmental stresses.

Maize (Zea mays L.) is an important food crop but its productivity in farmers’ field throughout the country is generally low due to limitation of high yielding improved maize hybrid varieties. Knowledge of combining ability and gene action is essential to identify good combiner inbred lines and high yielding potential hybrids. The objectives were to evaluate combining ability of the elite maize inbred lines with respect to yield and yield related traits.

One of the main alternatives found by producers for mitigating the problems caused by the occurrence of resistant weed biotypes is the use of alternative herbicides. The aim of this paper was to evaluate weed control and the phytotoxicity caused by the application of pre-and post-emergent herbicides in soy cultivars that are resistant to glyphosate. Two field experiments were carried out in a random block experimental design, with four repetitions.

Fultons’ Condition Factors (CF) and the Relative conditions factors (Kn) of the Macrobrachium assamense peninsulare were studied for an interval of one year (2013-2014) in Rawasan stream, Uttarakhand, India. The Kn was observed maximum 1.179 in October 2014 and minimum in 0.904 in January 2014 in male prawn. Whereas CF was observed maximum 1.969 in January 2014 and minimum 1.491 in October 2013.

A study was carried out on the impact of exploitation of mount Ngaoundal vegetation evolution. Anthropic activities expose mount Ngaoundal to damage and heavy deforestation. The main activities in practice on the mountain include agriculture (91.82%), pharmacopeia (85.46%), ecotourisim (75.72%), military activity (71, 38%). Hunting (69. 08%), rearing (64.58%) and activities practiced by miners (36.27%) constitute secondary activities. The local population picks enough products from mount Ngaoundal.

The use of shading nets with different spectral characteristics forthe cultivation of certain vegetable crops has become very common in recent years. The influence of solar radiation on plants was accomplished by analyzing the effect of different photo-selective shading nets on the development of lettuce grown hydroponically in floating systems. Studies were conducted the period from June-July, 2012 at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Frederico Westphalen Campus, state of RS.

The paper reports the prevalence of obesity, CED and hypertension among Meiteis of Ithing village, Manipur. Sample consists of 175 normal male individuals’ age range from 20 years to 85 years. The average height, weight and BMI of the population are 161.69 cm, 56kg and 21.23 kg/m2 respectively. The systolic blood pressure of both normotensive and pre-hypertensive comprise a frequency of 82.86 % whereas the hypertension stage 1 and stage 2 show 17.14%. Regarding BMI, about 14% constitute chronic energy deficient individuals but majority of them 76.57% are normal.

This paper presents a brief introduction of composite materials followed by history, fabrication techniques, advantages and applications. A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite which is the common name) is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The individual components remain separate and distinct within the finished structure.

The present investigation was conducted to study the genetic variability in 30 indigenous populations of coriander. The genotypes were studied for two years in the rabi (Winter) seasons of 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Sustainability is a paradigm for thinking about a future in which environmental, social and economic considerations are balanced in the pursuit of development and an improved quality of life. World population is projected to increase [by around 2 billion] by 2050. Practically all that growth will be in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. This will put increased strain on resources and systems that are already insufficient in many cases (Emerging Risks in the 21st Century: An Agenda for Action).

This research is part of an attempt to establish In vitro fertilization in pearl millet which aids an understanding the mechanisms of fertilization. We demonstrate here co-culture of isolated embryo sacs with pollen grains and/or male gametes of pearl millet in two culture media. The pollen grains in the first medium pseudo germinated, while in the second medium germinated as in planta. The pollen tubes of some pollen grains were guided to the egg apparatus, while those of others were not. Precise guidance of pollen tubes to the eggs is crucial for successful fertilization.

The adoption of new technologies and modern farm practices in agriculture is a continuous process maintained by the farmers. Sometimes farmers motivated by the advancement of new agricultural research as a result of its extension activities towards its adoption. On the other hand their knowledge and experience help them or rather to say compel them to adopt new practices to keep agricultural practices ongoing and to maintain their livelihood properly. It is need less to mention that, so many factors are responsible for the adoption of new technologies and modern farm practices.

Maize (Zea mays L.) has been the subject of several studies involving correlation coefficient estimates and path analysis. This critical review discusses some systematic errors that have been observed in estimating of correlation coefficients and its possible impacts on accuracy of path analysis. In a first moment, an approach about the maize crop, origin, characteristics and biometric models commonly used in genetic breeding of this crop is presented. Some obstacles found in estimates of path coefficients and the methods used to adjust them are discussed.

The reproductive cycle of the freshwater crab, Barytelphusa guerini is divided into three different periods i.e. (i) Pre-reproductive period (January to April) (ii) Reproductive period (May to August and (iii) Post-reproductive or quiescent period (September to December). The protein percentage was higher in the month of April. From June onwards, the percentage of proteins decreased and lowest was recorded in the month of December. Maximum fat content was observed in the ovaries in the month of April and May (breeding period) and in testes, it was highest in the month of May only.

Crop improvement is important criteria in the world. For this, conventional breeding is used to increase food production and create thousands of crop varieties to fulfil the demands of agricultural products. But conventional breeding is failure due to time consuming, unpredictability and lack of relative varieties. So, to overcome such problem, genetic engineering was introduced. It allows gene transfer without conventional breeding, for unrelated genera or species.

An algorithm of solution of the problem of bending torsion of the rod based on R-function method is considered in the paper. The algorithm of integration of the systems of resolving equations on the basis of Rvachеv’s R-function method (RFM) and the method of progressive approximation is developed. Computing algorithm of elastic bodies of arbitrary section and software of stress-strain state study of elastic prismatic bodies of arbitrary section with a cavity is given.

This study aimed to evaluate the growth and yield of rocket plants under different screens shading. It was used rocket seeds of Folha Larga cultivar, which plants were cultivated in a greenhouse in black polyethylene pots without shading, with black and red shading screen, both with 35% light reduction, adopting completely randomized design with 11 collection times. The no shading rocket plants showed higher values for total dry matter, relative growth rate and net assimilation, compared to the screens of red and black shading, respectively.

The present paper contributes to the description of combined vortex movements considered in previous articles (1). It develops further the reasoning behind the substitution of the old axiom of the Classical Field Theory with a new, broader and more universal axiom (2). The paper explains how a minor extension of the main axiom creates new laws and leads to surprising and significant changes in the subsequent structures and designs covered by the Field Theory. Furthermore, the whole philosophy of the new designs proves to be largely consistent with the real natural structures.

The paper discusses the results of investigations connected with the cooling characteristics of pure soybean oil and its PIB solutions of different concentrations. In contrast to mineral oils, in vegetable oils film boiling in many cases is absent due to formation of an insulating surface layer which decreases initial heat flux density. In the paper is shown that initial heat flux density can be decreased for 50% and can be less than the first critical heat flux.

Over the years, iris recognition has gained importance in the biometrics applications and is being used in several large scale nationwide projects. Though iris patterns are unique, they may be affected by external factors such as illumination, camera-eye angle, may also pose a challenge to iris biometrics as it obfuscates the iris patterns and changes the inter and intraclass distributions. This paper presents an in-depth analysis of the effect of contact lens on iris recognition performance.

In the present world it is essential to find an alternate fuel source due to the increased industrialization and depletion in natural resources. The method of obtaining biodiesel from various sources and blending them with diesel is adopted in many economically developed and developing countries around the world. Presently lots of researches are being performed to evaluate biodiesel as alternative fuel for diesel engine due to associated problems with use of conventional diesel such as environmental degradation, petroleum depletion etc.

Motivation of craftsmen in the construction industry has become necessary due to the fact that their productivity in Nigeria have significantly dropped over the years. Political activities also tend to divert attention of youths away from these economically sustainable trade jobs. The aim of the research is to develop strategic ways of improving productivity of craftsmen in construction firms through various motivational techniques with the objective of examining whether the underperformance of craftsmen in construction firms was as a result of lack of motivation.

Peddling washing machine is a very great innovation in its own. Peddling washing machine is specially made for the purpose of its utilization to wash the cloth by means of applying pedal. Today due to non renewable energy cries its basic need to utilize the energy from other way or save the energy. This project includes the construction and utilization of the peddling washing machine which can with any amount of requirement.

In inventory strategy companies employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs. Normally, the vendor and the buyer problems treated separately. In this paper, we discuss a joint integrated vendor buyer model for both in crisp and in fuzzy sense. This integrated approach is the success of supply chain management to minimize the joint total cost. This proposed model is based on the joint total cost of both the vendor and the buyer.

Thermal energy storage (TES) is becoming a growing concern in modern technology and it has number of applications. Energy storage is essential whenever there is a mismatch between the supply and consumption of energy. Growing energy demands, lack of fossil fuels, and the continuous increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions are the main driving forces to practice various sources of renewable energy. Due to irregular and unpredictable nature of solar energy; efficient, economical and reliable solar thermal energy storage devices and methods have to be developed.

The Abstract: Schizophrenia in Greek, “Split mind” a severe mental illness characterized by a variety of symptoms including but not limited to loss of contact with reality. • Bizarre Behavior • Disorganized Thinking • Disorganized Speech • Decreased emotional expressiveness • Diminished or loss of contact with reality • Diminished to total social with drawl. Schizophrenia is one of the most severe forms of psychopathology characterized by major disturbances in attention, perception, thought, emotions and behavior. Schizophrenia is characterized by positive and negative symptoms.

Studies aimed at elucidating the gene actions that control traits little investigated in the plant breeding area are important for the choice of the parents to be crossed. The present study aimed to evaluate the segregation and reciprocal effects, relating to genetic effects prevalent in demanding thermal sum of land racescorn populations contrasting for this trait. Thus, we used three contrasting populations for thermal sum, (1 - super-early, 2 early and 3 Late), totaling a set of six crossovers, with the following combinations of population: 1x2, 1x3, 2x1, 2x3, 3x1 and 3x2.

In this study the tensile strength, Young’s modulus and extension at maximum load of different concentration of fly ash(FA) incorporated in polystyrene(PS) composites have been investigated. Fly ash incorporated PS composite films have been prepared with the solution casting method. It is found that, tensile strength increases upto 236.9% for 5wt% FA based composite in comparison to pure PS and Young’s modulus increases upto 10.14% for 5wt% FA based composite in comparison to pure PS.

In this paper, the Parametric Preconditioned Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method is developed by using the Preconditioned Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method and the spectral radius of these two methods are compared. A numerical example is given to illustrate the superiority of the new result.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) has been commonly used as denture base material. However, repeated stress from masticatory action during function and impact force from accidental drop can result in fracture of the denture base. Thus, further improvements in the mechanical property of PMMA denture base material are still needed. This study aimed to provide us with an improved acrylic denture base resin which possesses better mechanical property and antimicrobial activity by addition of nano clay and silver nano particles.

This study has explored the geographical and demographic patterns of transmissibility of HIV/AIDS in Karnataka of India, using yearly epidemiological time series, made available by monitoring and evaluation unit, Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society. We identified spatial variations of the transmissibility of HIV by age and sex using various statistical methods. The Games-Howell Post Hoc analysis created four homogeneous subgroups.

N-Bromophthalimide (NBP) is reported to be a stable oxidizing agent and is used as an oxidiometric titrate for the estimation of a variety of organic, inorganic and pharmaceutical compounds. The kinetics of oxidation of primary aliphatic amines by NBS in acid solution showed first order dependence on (NBS) and (amine). An increase in [H+] increased the rate marginally. The rate of reaction increased with decrease in the dielectric constant of the medium. The observed order of reactivity of different amines towards oxidation is: methyl

The zinc doped magnesium spinel ferrite nanoparticles were prepared by using sol-gel auto combustion synthesis method of the general chemical formula Mg1-xZnxFe2O4 where x=0.00 and 0.30. The raw materials used were the metal nitrates as oxidants and citric acid as a fuel in ratio of 1:3. The sintered samples were compressed into circular discs and used for dielectric measurements as a function of frequency in the range of 50Hz-1MHz at room temperature.

According to current prevailing views, the field of energy will undergo significant structural changes in coming decades, making it radically different from what we know today. The classical approach to long term forecasting is often limited to the use of load and weather information occurring with monthly or annual frequency. So, in this work, the main objective of this work is prediction and forecast of historical energy data using ANN technique and curve fitting. It proposes a modern approach that takes advantage of daily information to create more accurate and defensible forecasts.

Some equivalent conditions on k-Orthogonal matrices are given. AMS subject classification: 15A09,15A57.

Aim of my research paper is focused on Virtual Reality, Oculus VR/Rift and Augment Reality. Secondly this paper also includes the study of applications to Virtual Reality and Augment Reality their connection, behavior and working.

The present paper discusses design and development of C-V meter which could be interfaced to PC through microcontroller based smart DAC (Data acquisition card). The C-V meter for the measurement of Capacitance between 2pF to 20nF is designed. The circuit also allows measurement of Quality Factor between 101 to 104. The circuit designed here is based on Auto balancing bridge technique. A DC bias voltage of + 10 V is selected in the present case. The results on simulation using MULTISIM 11.0 (version 11.0.1) are also elaborated in the present paper.

The magnetospheric discrete VLF chorus emissions observed at Indian Antarctic Station Maitri, Antarctica (geomag. lat. = 700 46/ S, geomag. log. = 110 50/ E, L = 4.5) has been analyzed during quite period on 5th February 2001 are presented. The detailed spectral analysis of recorded discrete VLF chorus emissions, we found that intensity seems to decrease with increase in frequency and also it varies from event to event and each chorus emissions originates from upper edge of narrow hiss band and chorus events are hiss-triggered.

Disease prediction and diagnosis is one of the complex applications where data mining tools and techniques are used to providing successful results because of significant improvements in technology. This research identifies gaps in the research on disease prediction, diagnosis and treatment and it also proposes a model to systematically close those gaps. Data mining have great potential for healthcare industry to enable health systems to systematically use data and identify the efficiency and improve care with reduce cost.

Purpose: Like any organization, Healthcare worldwide is also facing significant changes due to new technologies and innovations. To face these changes and to move forward Healthcare need a leader with the correct mix of Management Competencies. Lack of knowledge and training has resulted in many administrative issues surfacing and this study is focused on finding out the level of Management Competencies among the Primary Healthcare Heads.

Dens evaginatus (DE) is an odontogenic developmental anomaly that can be defined as a tubercle or protuberance from the involved surface of the affected tooth consisting of an outer layer of enamel, a core of dentin, and may contain a slender extension of pulp tissue. Early diagnosis and management of DE is important in order to prevent occlusal interference, compromised esthetics, carious developmental grooves, periodontal problems due to excessive occlusal forces, or irritation of the tongue during speech and mastication.

Objectives: The present study was carried out with an aim to detect correlation of CIMT, APACHE II and short-term mortality in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Methods: After ethical considerations, this prospective observational study was conducted on 50 patients of acute is chenic stroke. The diagnosis of ischemic stroke was based on the clinical profile and confirmed by CT / MRI as defined by ASA/AHA. Results: Among the 50 patients studied age of patients with acute ischemic stroke ranged from 45-78 years with a mean age of 61.18±7.59 years.

Infantile hemangiomas (IHs), the most common vascular tumor of infancy, occur in about 10% of infants. Most lesions proliferate and then involute without any complications. Most common reported complication is ulceration occurring in16% of IHs. Currently, modalities like oral propranolol, provided better therapeutic options and side effect profile as compare to systemic corticosteroids. Few cases of propranolol resistant IH have been reported in which adjunctive modalities like topical timolol or intralesional corticosteroids can be tried.

Aim: to evaluate whether the use of desensitizing dentifrices used 15 days prior to and after in-office tooth bleaching could eliminate or reduce tooth sensitivity. Materials and Methods: 60 subjects were selected and divided into 3 groups according to the dentifrice selected: Colgate Total (CT), Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief (CS) or Sensodyne ProNamel (SP). The subjects used toothpaste and a toothbrush provided to them for 15 days prior to bleaching. They were then submitted to two in-office bleaching sessions (Whiteness HP Blue Calcium).

The objectives of this study were to determine the incidence of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes isolated from two types of imported frozen and fresh locally marine fish samples obtained from fish markets in Damietta, Egypt. A total of 400 fish samples, comprising 100 samples each of fresh Saurus, fresh Sardines, frozen Saurus and frozen Sardines, were collected from different public fish markets at Damietta Governorate. Listeria isolation was performed according to FDA, (2011) protocols. Standard microbiological techniques were confirmed to L.

Background: A growing interest in endodontic retreatment has been seen recently to preserve teeth where endodontic therapy has failed. Effective removal of gutta-percha in endodontic retreatment is a significant factor to ensure a favorable outcome from failed procedures. Objective: To compare the efficacy of two nickel-titanium rotary retreatment systems versus stainless steel hand files for gutta-percha removal with or without solvent. Materials and Methods: Ninety freshly extracted human mandibular premolar teeth were prepared and filled.

Aim: Cutaneous adverse drug reactions (CADRs) are the commonest presentations of drug induced reactions. The present study was conducted to study the clinical pattern, causative agents and magnitude of CADRs. Materials and Methods: A prospective hospital based study was carried out by the department of pharmacology and dermatology in SMHS hospital. The study was conducted from june 2013 to june 2016 on admitted patients of CADRs.

Change is inevitable. With the advent of time, several changes have occurred in the field of dentistry as well. The era of smart materials has changed the face of dentistry drastically. Smart materials are materials that have properties which may be altered in a controlled fashion by various stimuli. Several such materials are discussed in this paper. Understanding their use and application in specific situations seems to pose a challenge for many dentists.

Stem cells can self-renew and produce different cell types, thus providing new strategies to regenerate missing tissues and treat diseases. In the field of periodontology, adult mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) have been identified in several oral and periodontal tissues, which suggests that the oral tissues are a rich source of stem cells, and iral stem and mucosal cells are expected to provide an ideal source for genetically reprogrammed cells such as induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

This series of 3 Retroperitoneal laparoscopic excisions using the alternating hands of the surgeonsintroduced through Pfannenstiel incision to facilitate traction, retraction and dissection in the surgery of these complex tumors is published to highlight the use of the specimen extraction incision. As these large solid tumors need to be removed through incisions a few inches long, we have used the incisions to insert a hand and facilitate the surgery. Also, a small Pfannenstiel will not affect the post-operative respiratory function as would a large midline or lateral incision.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine patient satisfaction by evaluating all factors influence removable dentures. Materials and Method: It was a questionnaire based study. Total of 100 patients participated in this study who was already denture wearers. Consent was taken from each participant. Results: After statistical analysis, all factors such as phonetics, pain, mastication, taste and esthetics were rated high by patients.

The human are exposed to several prospect of toxic agents and unstable income conditions in their environments. These agents may be physically, socially, or chemically, that may enter the body through oral, inhalational, or transdermal paths. Several well-known as well as lesser known associations exist between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and physical and social environments agents and conditions, such as living area, toxin wastes, unsafety water, smoking, use pesticides and insecticides, and socio- economic status.

Aim of this cross sectional survey was to evaluate the dentition and periodontal status of the prison inmates. Material and method WHO format of 1997 was used to extract data for the dentition status and periodontal status using WHO criteria of oral health survey. Results A total of 1274 inmates was included in the study from two prisons of Ambala district. Highest score of 2 for CPI was found among 64.8% of subjects indicating poor periodontal health required immediate attention. Tobacco related habits were also found to be common among prisoners as it was found in 59.9% of the subjects.

Feather waste are generated in large quantities as a byproduct of commercial poultry processing as well as through natural process. Feathers are made up of primarily keratin which is resistant to common proteolytic enzymes such as pepsin, trypsin and papain. Environmental pollution and degradation of ecosystem have assumed significance owing to an increase in the accumulation of the wastes from industries, agriculture and poultry. In India, poultry feathers, animal hairs and other keratin sources are being thrown.

Introduction: Lump in the neck is the most likely clinical problem to be encountered. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is found to be simple, safe, cheap, OPD based procedure which is very useful in diagnosing cervical lymphadenitis, which are superficial and easily accessible, and have very little cosmetic damage. Aims: To diagnose various cervical lymph node lesions by FNAC and to correlate FNAC findings clinically and histopathologically. Material and method: This two years prospective study was done in department of Pathology in tertiary care center.

Varicella zoster virus is a herpes virus, it causes both primary and recurrent infection and remains latent in neurons present in sensory ganglia. A case report of herpes zoster involving mandibular division of trigeminal nerve with differential diagnosis and treatment is discussed here. This article enlightens the knowledge of dental practitioner to diagnose and manage the disease.

Dengue fever (DF) is endemic in the Red Sea State, Sudan. The objective of this study was to describe the clinical and laboratory investigations of dengue in patients of Port Sudan teaching hospital, Sudan, from February 2013 to April 2014. About 334 patients were enrolled in this study. Their mean age was 30±15 years. Males outnumbered females by a ratio 1.9:1. Of them, 289 patients (86.5%) had classic dengue fever.

The Hypopituitarism is a chronic clinical condition of multifactorial etiology, defined as the total or partial function loss of the pituitary gland, leading to a poor secretion of hormones from anterior and posterior pituitary gland. Occurs from pituitary, hypothalamus, and surrounding structures diseases. With varying clinical presentation, the hypopituitarism is often insidious; being that the clinical manifestations are determined by the severity, extent and duration of the disease, furthermore, depends on the severity of hormone deficiency.

In recent times Zika virus has dominated the global attention of health care researchers. Though the virus has been known since 1947, it has caused lot of panic and alarm among many countries. It has become the first major infectious disease linked to human birth defects to be discovered in more than half a century and has created such a global alarm that the World Health Organization (WHO)has declared it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

The Acinic cell carcinoma represents about 1% of all salivary gland tumors. Between 90 and 95% of these tumors are found in the parotid gland. Clinically if the site is parotid gland, it may resemble a pleomorphic adenoma. Some of these tumors metastasize or recur and cause death, it is generally agreed that acinic cell adenocarcinoma should be considered a low-grade malignancy. We report a case of acinic cell carcinoma involving the parotid gland which had a history of more than 5 years. It presented as a huge mass involving the right parotid gland with no history of pain or discomfort.

The ability to heal soft tissue injuries and regenerate cartilage is the Holy Grail of musculoskeletal medicine. Articular cartilage repair and regeneration is considered to be largely intractable due to the poor regenerative properties of this tissue. Due to their low self-repair ability, cartilage defects that result from joint injury, aging, or osteoarthritis, are the most often irreversible and are a major cause of joint pain and chronic disability.

We are reporting a case of Pleomorphic adenoma in a 30-year-old, otherwise healthy female patient in an extremely unusual site of left upper buccal vestibule. Since the site of the tumour is extremely rare, increased awareness of such cases is essential, and they should be included in the differential diagnosis of cheek masses especially in young female patients.

Anxiety is at the rise in today’s world. Anxiety neurosis is one of the commonest disorder which is found in today’s youth. This particular research was aimed at studying the neuro-pharmacological (anxiolytic) & analgesic effect of arnica plant extract in students. A. montana crude extract exhibited potent anxiolytic & analgesic effect as compared to modern anxiolytic & analgesic drugs which include NSAID’s namely diazepam derivative, paracetamol, etc. Diazepam, Paracetamol were used as reference drugs.

Introduction: The interval between two surgeries is one of the important determinants of efficiency of an operation theatre. While shortening the time between two surgeries is related to efficiency, undue haste can be counterproductive as it increases risks related to infection and accident. Thus this is an optimum inter surgery period that removes unnecessary waste of time but pays extra attention. This delay can be improved by using a protocol which can improve efficiency and reduce risks. This interval is called the operation theatre changeover time.

Background: Immunization programme is an important determinant of the health status in a region. Full awareness regarding usefulness and safety of vaccines are required. Proper evaluation of vaccine related adverse events are essential. Objective of study was to analyze pattern of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) in children below 12 years of age.

Aim: To evaluate and compare the clinical efficacy of laser, cyanoacrylate and laser with cyanoacrylate in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. Materials and Methods: The study sample comprised of 150 sites out of which 50 sites were assigned to the group 1 (laser and cyanoacrylate), 50 sites were assigned to the group 2 (soft tissue laser irradiation) and 50 sites were assigned to group 3 (cyanoacrylate). Clinical parameters were recorded at the baseline, at 1 day and at 1 month following therapy using VAS SCALE.

Introduction: A maternal death is widely regarded as one of life’s most tragic outcomes. There is a cruel irony in the death of a woman who is engaged in the act of creating life, and her death is an incomparable loss for any children who are left behind. Such deaths are almost entirely preventable given proper medical surveillance and intervention, and as such maternal mortality is often viewed as a sentinel indicator of the quality of a health care delivery system.

Aim: To introducenew theory of viral origin “Muton” and the available data on the virus origin, types, pathogeneses, and treatment. Methods: An analytic descriptive study, conducted to show new theory of viruses origin, and explore the published reports and article in international journals depending of PubMed search engine from June 2016 to August 2016. Conclusions: Viruses impact all forms of life. When the cell exposes to the vanishing power, most components sometimes vanish leaving only core and sheath protein.

Background: Dentinal hypersensitivity (DH) is a common clinical condition of multifactorial etiology affecting one or more teeth. It can affect patients of any age group. It is a painful response usually associated with exposed dentinal tubules of a vital tooth. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the prevalence of dentinal hypersensitivity (DH);to examine the intra-oral distribution of dentine hypersensitivity( DH) and to determine the association of dentine hypersensitivity with age, sex and address in a sample population in Sulaimani city-Kurdistan region-Iraq.

IPV, Child abuse and Neglect is common and unrecognized problem in community. Pregnancy when coupled with domestic violence in the form of IPV health risks may be amplified. A descriptive study was conducted on 100 mothers residing in district Ludhiana, Punjab. Convenient sampling technique was used to draw the study sample. A questionnaire to assess socio-demographic characteristics, Modified WAST to assess IPV, Modified CTSPC to assess Child abuse and Neglect were developed and used for data collection.

Objectives: Mutations in NS5A region of HCV genome have been shown to mediate IFN α resistance in few instances other than genotype 1. This study was planned to analyze NS5A sequences from patients infected with HCV 3 and 1. Methods: Forty patients positive for HCV antibodies and HCV RNA, who were on the pegylated-IFN-α and ribavirin therapy, were studied. Blood samples were collected before and after therapy. Genotyping was done by restriction fragment length polymorphism. Biochemical profile was measured before and after therapy.

Zygomaticomaxillary fractures are the most common fractures that can occur in the maxillofacial region. Fracture of these zygomafractures can be managed by different methods. Fracture in the zygomaticosphenoidsuture is difficult to visualize clinically .Post-operative radiographs are the only way to assess the adequacy of reduction of these fractures. This article describes a technique that uses the C-Arm to quickly and accurately evaluate the reduction intraoperatively so that appropriate corrections can be made.

Chondroid syringoma or mixed tumor of skin is an uncommon benign skin adnexal tumor of eccrine/apocrine origin constituting nearly 1 % of the total skin tumors. Chondroid syringoma shows marked variation in morphology. Chondroid syringoma with squamous metaplasia is a difficult clinical and cytological diagnosis on cytology because of overlapping cytological features with skin adnexal lesion like pilomatrixoma. We present a case report of 25 year old women, presented with right cheek swelling for duration of three months.

Objective: Malocclusion is a common oral disorder and can cause negative impact on oral conditions, social life and a person’s self-confidence; more so in dentists. The objective of this study was to determine whether orthodontic treatment influences Oral Health Related Quality Of Life (OHRQoL) in dental students. Materials and Methods: Cross-sectional design with self-reported data were collected from 30 dental students in a dental college in Pune city (mean age-21.71 years) in “pre- orthodontic treatment” and “post- orthodontic treatment” groups.

Aim: The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the antibacterial efficacy of alcoholic extract of coffe a canephora on periodontal pathogenic bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg), Prevotella intermedia (Pi), Fusobacterium nucleatum (Fn) and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) with 0.2 % chlorhexidine gluconate and distilled water. Materials and methods: The alcoholic extract of coffea canephora was obtained using percolation technique with ethanol as a solvent.

Rehabilitation in the anterior esthetic zone has always posed a challenge to the “ABLE” practitioner. The position of the anterior teeth is crucial in creating a life-like prosthesis. Dental appearance is extremely important because it affects the self-esteem of the patient, especially for a socially active and young patient. With the evolution and advancement in the field of dental ceramics, all-ceramic systems provide a choice between various materials which give performance in terms of both esthetics and function.

Introduction: The strongest bone in the human body is mandible as it persists in a well-preserved state. The forensic dentist commonly uses the morphological features of the mandible in the determination of sex. Among many anatomical landmarks, the mental foramen is a stable landmark on the mandible. It is a small funnel-like opening in the antero- lateral aspect of the mandible at the terminus of the mental canal near the apices of premolars. Aim: The purpose of this study is to determine the gender from the analysis of mental foramen on panoramic radiographs in South Indian population.

Background: Bronchiectasis unrelated to cystic fibrosis (non-CF bronchiectasis) is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by bronchial dilatation secondary to airway inflammation, infection and dysfunction of mucociliary clearance. patient with bronchiectasis may have reduced QOLand increase anxiety and depression , reduced exercise tolerance due to prolong episode of dyspnea, excessive sputum production, breathlessness, exercise limitation and recurrent infection. Many patients experience recurrent exacerbations, with more frequent exacerbations predicting a poorer prognosis.

Wereport a case of 26 year old Indian male patient of hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. The patient presented ten years earlier to a centre where he was diagnosed to have hypogonadism which was central in origin along with anosmia. Eventually a diagnosis of kallman’s was made. The patient was discharged with an advice of monthly injections of Testosterone which the patient was injected on three occasions & was lost to follow-up. Our case points out a possible misdiagnosis of Kallmann’s if other differentials are not kept in mind.

Background and Objectives: Ileostomy or colostomy is often constructed in emergency surgical conditions like enteric or tubercular perforations when patients present late in the course of illness to preclude primary closure. But the ostomy carries with it lot of morbidity making the quality of life poor. The early closure of ostomy can minimize the associated morbidity and help the patient to enjoy better quality of life sooner. Our aim was to prospectively compare the morbidity and mortality associated with early closure and late closure.

Breast is relatively rare site for non Hodgkin lymphoma as a primary site. It represents only 0.38% to 0.7% of all Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, majority being of B-cell origin. It represents generally bilateral in younger age group and unilateral presentation in elderly. We report a rare case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma present as lump in right breast which was diagnosed as a case of Non- Hodgkin lymphoma of B-cell origin.

Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor (CEOT) is an uncommon odontogenic tumor with well-known histopathological features. Most often located in the posterior mandible it is rarely seen in the maxilla. Appearing in the second to third decade, CEOT is a slow growing neoplasm with rare malignant potential. Even though some investigators advocate conservative approach as the cure, others consider radical surgical excision to evade recurrence or malignant transformation. We hereby present a rare case in a 28 year old female patient with the occurrence in the maxilla.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a tool for studying the molecular constitution comprising of DNA and RNA. It utilizes the science involving the complementary base pairing and enzymatic reactions under optimal conditions of temperature, pH and ion concentration. This reaction can be used to study microbial and human genome for the purpose of pathogen identification and genetic defects in form of mutations. This article encompasses the various areas in which PCR can be utilized as a diagnostic aid and research tool.

Background: Superficial palmar arch is an anastomosis between the ulnar artery and radial artery in the palmar region of the hand, in which the contribution is predominantly by the ulnar artery. The functionality of superficial palmar arch is highly important in procedures involving radial artery since the advent of reports of pain, ischemia and gangrene following the procedures. There is paucity in the literature regarding the prevalence of a non-functional superficial palmar arch in the South Indian population.

Stem cells are the body's master cells that regenerate the body's many cells, tissues, and organs. They have a great potential in enhancing future dental and medical practice with significant improvement in the quality of life of patients. In dentistry and its related branches, it is of great interest to restore periodontal defects, lost teeth or craniofacial bone defects using stem cell-mediated therapy. The dental stem cell biology might provide meaningful insights into the development of dental tissues and cellular differentiation processes.

Background: Oral cancer is the sixth most commonly reported malignancy worldwide. Etiology being multifactorial with tobacco usage being identified as the strongest. The scientific evidence relating to the burden of oral diseases attributable to tobacco use has been reviewed in the past and there is a need for a well-structured dental teaching program concentrating on oral cancer awareness and tobacco cessation programs. Aims and objectives: Aim of the present study was to estimate the knowledge and awareness of oral cancer.

Background: Emergency care is one of the most sensitive area of health care, this sensitivity is commonly based on a combination of factors such as urgency and crowding. Aim and objective: The aim of present study is to survey of emergency cases in casualty at PDU medical college and Hospital Rajkot. The objective of the study was to know the pattern of cases in the casualty and to analyze the mix pattern of emergency cases in the casualty. Material and methods: A retrospective study of all cases seen at the Casualty department of PDU Medical College and Hospital was carried out.

In the Modern era of Digital imaging there are some common radiological misdiagnosis encountered by the students and dentists in their general practice. This article describes some of the common radiological misdiagnosis in dentistry.

The world health organization has described obesity as one of today’s most neglected public health problems, affecting developed and developing countries in the world. Indians now report more and more frequently with overweight, obesity, and their consequences. This study was aimed to determine the prevalence and associate factors of obesity among adults in Theni district, Tamil Nadu State, India. Study design was cross-sectional and institutional based study. Data was collected in government hospitals and primary health center (PHC’s) in Theni District.

Stem cells are the pioneer of regenerative medicine. Stem cell is a cell that has the ability to divide (self replicate) for indefinite periods—often throughout the life of the organism. These cells have been extensively used in tissue engineering to develop a biologically functional tissue that can be used to restore malfunctioned or damaged tissues. Under the right conditions or given the right signals, stem cells can give rise (differentiate) to the many different cell types that make up the organism.

Introduction: To compare the amount of time required by rotary NiTi instruments and hand instruments in removing gutta-percha and resilon from root canal during retreatment. Materials and Methods: Sixty human mandibular premolar teeth with straight root canals were prepared. Half of the teeth were laterally condensed with gutta percha and the other half with resilon. Each half was further divided into two groups with one of them retreated with hand hedstrom files and other one retreated with rotary protaper retreatment files. Retreatment time was calculated using a stopwatch.

Class II division 2 malocclusion is a distinct category of malocclusion with a high tendency of familial inheritance. It is characterized by the permanent mandibular incisors which occludes posterior to the cingulum plateau of retroclined permanent maxillary incisors. This gives rise to a reduced overjet & frequently in increased overbite. Here, in this article a new method is described to create the space for the alignment of upper incisors for class II Div 2 correction.

The introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in mainstream societies affects the way in which the societies interact, communicate, produce, assess, adapt and access vast amount of information. The information revolution has not only affected the technology and telecommunications sectors but also rippled through nearly every aspect of the economy and society at large. The proliferation of ICT in nations is directly seen to be vital for socio-economic development.

Background: Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is effective but at the same time is associated with several adverse drug reactions affecting various organ systems of the body posing a constant challenge, authors conducted a study on adverse drug reactions of ART at tertiary care centre Methods: The criteria for the diagnosis of ADR was defined as per WHO guidelines. All cases were periodically subjected to clinical and laboratory monitoring for drug toxicity on each follow up during on one year period. CD4 count was done as and when required.

The modern era emerges as challenging era due to the Globalization effects. There is no denying that present era is competitive era there everyone want to get more profit at any cost and the result in front of us as natural hazard, global warming , environment pollution and human health. All these facts has become a challenge and burning issue In the modern era of globalization, so to keep the customers as well as consumers in fold and even keep our natural environment safe and that is the biggest need of the time.

The research paper covers briefly that how the agricultural growth of any nation is directly proportionate to the development of that nation in various aspects.

The increasing use of ship for the carriage of goods, oil, passengers has been very useful for the growth of the industry and has benefit for all parties. Otherwise there are any aspects of the hazards associated with pollution maritime been neglected in the past. Whereas it needs an advance attention from the regulatory body and the general public as well. Marine environment plays a very important role in maintaining the balance in the global ecosystem as a whole. Damage the environment will result in long-term weakness.

Just like any other economic activity tourism is also being considered as the major bread winner of the economy. Realizing the enormous potential of tourism in the days to come government has started to extend various policies and funding plans in support of this industry. Unlike erstwhile people are very much inclined to various tourism related activities which in turn would prosper the economy and the employability. Foreign inflow of the nation is a matter of concern as far as India is concerned.

The objective of this study was to examine the attitudes of Computer department students about Blended Learning (BL) on English Language instruction. The main design of study was quasi-experimental. Two sections of eighty students were selected using purposive sampling techniques. The experimental students attended BL (Face-to-Face supported by online learning materials). They filled both pre and post attitude scales. However, the control group students attended merely face-to-face classroom.

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is an effort to recognize the need for improving the performance of the school system and to provide community owned quality elementary education in mission mode. It also envisages bridging of gender and social gaps. The scheme of SSA was launched in 2001. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan realized the importance of pre-school learning and early childhood care and its role in improving participation of children in school.

Nursing profession is to care health of masses with 24x7 hours. More females are working in nursing profession and there is conception that female care more compared to males. As there are different work place problems such as shift duties, busy in their work place, etc, the female nurses can’t able to look after their families properly. Due to this reason, many of the female nurses remain unmarried. In this regard, a sociological study of female nurses was made in Kalaburagi city and primary data was collected from 130 female nurses.

Ulva lactuca, common seaweed abundantly found along the coasts of Raigad district of Konkan region of Maharashtra. Phytochemical screening of the extracts was carried out as per the standard procedure, using water, HCL (1%), ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol, chloroform, benzene and petroleum ether. The different extracts of Ulva lactuca showed the presence of flavonoids, glycosides, phenolic compounds, saponins, steroids, tannin etc.

The genius from Heidelberg and Freiburg, Weber chose around 1900 the theme of modern capitalism for his early globalisatin studies on the largest social sciences aggregate, the civilisation. Today, the focus is not upon his favourite, i.e. Protestantism, but the incredible tremors in the Muslim world, at home and abroad. If the level of political violence stays as high as now with all the civil wars, bommings, hostage takings and general terrorism writ large, then the Koranic civilisation will founder.

Social Media is a platform which is been used not only by individual but also by businesses. It has changed the way we think,the way we speak and moreover the way we do business. In today’s world people use social media to publicise themselves also. This paper will focus on how social media has evolved as a powerful tool of communication. It will highlight the importance of social media in business. The paper will also discuss the reasons behind the companies chosing social media as a platform for marketing their products.

“Goodbye, Mother”, a short story by Hanif Kureishi, depicts the relationship of a middle-aged man, Harry, with his family, especially his mother, and shows the problems which the hegemony imposes on his life. attempts to explore the concept of alienation and the way that the hegemony leads the life of the individuals to alienation through the division of labor and mass medi. Upon Marx’s view, ruling class has power to control the process of production, the individual’s daily life, and the society’s ideology.

Vast literatures have motioned and given details on the phenomenon climate change and its impact at the world scale, however, only a limited number of studies are based on location-specific data in providing immediate evidence on the existence and the impact of climate change on a particular geographical area. This paper, therefore, is an effort towards establishing the existence of climate change, its extent; and its impact on river discharges on a location specific context. The climate data collected at Songea Airport Weather Station were used in this study.

This study mainly examines the determinants of consumer preference for an upcoming delectable cuisine- Arabian food in the city of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is famous worldwide for its Biryani. But a drastic change has been seen in the preference of consumers from Mughlai cuisine towards Arabian Cuisine. Logistic Regression Model is used to analyze the determinants of consumer preference for Arabian Food.

Social determinants of Child Health can contribute to the social patterning of health, disease and illness. This can also have an impact on the wellbeing and functioning of the person throughout his or her lifespan. But there is hardly much research in this regard. This article details about the Social determinants of child health, Early childhood care and development in an ecological perspective and on the scheme -Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). The paper also suggests the need for a participatory approach in early childhood care and development programme.

The Performance Management has become a challenge for the evaluators in the context of eCommerce and mCommerce Companies in India. In this study we attempted to study the factors influencing the scope, significance and objectives of Performance Management Systems with reference to mCommerce Companies in India. The research instrument used in this study was a structured undisguised questionnaire, which was administered to 200 employees, 120 men and 80 women of eCommerce and mCommerce Companies in India in particular in and around Hyderabad Metro.

The research problem yet many manufacturers use marketing strategies through personality traits, through the personality of the product can be customized. This study aims to examine self-monitoring, materialistic and involvement of purchase. Respondents aged 23-55 years amounted to 327 consisting of office employees.

In this paper attempts have been made to study corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the light of changed societal needs. In India CSR has always occupied an important role amongst business leaders and academicians. But it is not a static concept; it keeps on changing its form and direction from time to time. Here, the concept has been studied from societal point of view. Corporate impact has now crossed its traditional limits. Now business as a sub system of society affects each and every aspect of society including social and individual behavior.





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