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December 2017

Aim: To assess the knowledge, attitude and treatment protocols in micro endodontic surgeries among dental practitioners in Chennai. Objective: To evaluate the knowledge, attitude and treatment protocols in micro endodontic surgeries among general practitioners. Background: Endodontic surgery is a procedure of last resort when non-surgical treatments have failed to produce the desired results. With advent of innovative and newer technologies, newer advancements are implemented.

Fibre is a bondable, biocompatible, esthetic material. By virtue of its wide spectrum of intended properties, it enjoys various applications in clinical dentistry. Different clinical applications include space maintainers, fixed partial dentures with a natural tooth pontic, endodontic posts and cores and splint materials in children. Fibres can be used as an alternative to conventional treatment in pediatric dentistry.

Background: In developing countries like India, where coverage of health insurance schemes is low, most healthcare costs are meted by out-of-pocket expenditure by people which leads to the vicious cycle of indebtness and impoverishment. The present study was done to identify the various ways of financing illness events and examine their relationship with health insurance and socio-demographic factors of a rural population of Delhi, India. Materials and method: The study was conducted in five randomly selected villages of Najafgarh, Delhi.

Back ground: Research activities are increasing in all the fields of medicine including dentistry but there is dearth of information about the knowledge, attitude and behavior of dental professionals for ethical principles in research, especially in the developing countries like India. Introduction: Public Health Professionals and doctors play a very significant role in promoting and improving the health of the community. But there are some barriers that hinder them from participating.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of the mandible is a rare and potentially life-threatening condition which can lead to massive hemorrhage. The following is a description where a large mandibular AVM presented along with the congenital cardiac disease. An orthopantomogram (OPG) was performed which was suggestive of hemangioma. A computed tomography (CT) angiography revealed a large mandibular AV malformation. It is important for both clinicians and radiologist to be aware of this type of lesion that can have life-threatening complications.

The periodontal diseases are among the most common of chronic diseases to affect the mankind. Various chemotherapeutic agents are used but due to undesirable effects, the use of natural products has increased recently. Among the various, currently available herbal agents, Aloe Vera is considered to be most promising and high – ranking agent. In the present study the effect of aloe vera on reduction of plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis was evaluated in a randomized, single-blind, split- mouth study.

Background: Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has gained importance all over the world. UHC is not a new concept for India as Bhore Committee in 1946 recommended that Indian health system should be designed to provide health services for everyone who would like to use them and get all services which they need. Estimates for OOP health expenditure between 1995-96 and 2000-01vary from 80 % to about 70 % of total health expenditure. Further, OOP payments constitute 95 % of private health expenditure with a weak insurance system and other community-based financing still only emerging.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to develop a polygonal, solid, and one-piece (1P) dental implant based on the concepts of fulcrum-lever force dissipation and circumferential and apical wedging to maximize initial stability for immediate loading. A threadless implant was designed with a Restorative Attachment and a Bone Engagement Zone as one unit and without any screws. Material and Methods: For this in-vitro study, two random human mandibles were chosen. Impact, drill, and hybrid delivery methods were used to insert 30 prototype dental implants in D1 dense bone zone.

Introduction: The term, ‘learning style’ describes an individual’s preferred method of gathering, processing, interpreting, organizing and analyzing the information. Learning style is the way in which students begin to focus on the topic, understand and apply new information in real life. Many students have different preference in learning styles and it is a major factor on their learning process. Researchers have defined four sensory modalities of learning: Visual (V), Aural (A), Reading/Writing(R) and Kinesthetic(K), which is called as VARK.

Introduction: Estimation of an accurate due date is of both social and medical significance. Care providers are dependent on gestational age to schedule maternal and fetal investigations, to gauge parameters of fetal growth and apply interventions timely for the management of prenatal complications. This study was done to develop a linear regression model using ultrasound measurement of fetal parameters to predict the gestational age in pregnancy.

Background: Human identification is the mainstay of civilization. Sex determination is the prime step in personal identification, which becomes difficult in mass disasters where corpse is dismembered beyond recognition. Research on sexual dimorphism using dental remains is a mining field, because no two mouths are alike and an individual tooth along with its arch dimensions is resistant to all post mortem insults.

Background: Distal tibial fractures are common in the light of increasing incidences of road traffic accidents. The existing treatment option of open reduction and internal fixation results in a delay in wound healing, thereby increasing the need for alternative treatment options. The posterolateral approach with locking compression screw insertion is a technique with potential scope, which was explored. Methods: This study was done as a non randomized interventional trial among 15 patients with open type 1 and type 2 tibia fractures.

Hypertriglyceridemia is a rare cause of Acute pancreatitis up to 10% cases. In treatment, pancreatic rest, lifestyle changes, medications (fibrates, n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and nicotinic acid) are essential. Many experimental treatment modalities have been reported as insulin and heparin infusion and plasmapheresis. In this study we present the hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute severe pancreatitis with multi-organ dysfunction which had not been reported in the past.

Human papillomavirus infection is the most common sexually transmitted viral infection. Over 120 types of HPV have been identified till date. Some of them cause wart like lesions of the skin, genital and oral mucosa and some are etiologically associated with cervical and anogenital cancer. Recent epidemiological studies are also suggestive of their association with oropharyngeal cancer.

Background: India being the “diabetes capital of the world” demands a pressing need to keep this diabetic epidemic in control. Poor sleep quality and decreased sleep duration have been linked to being one of the causal factors of diabetes. Thus sleep is not only a process of restoration of bodily function, but plays a major role in metabolic, specifically in glucose homeostasis. Though the link between poor sleep quality and diabetes is well established and proven to be bi-directional, the effect of sleep quality on the offspring of diabetics is not documented.

A simple reverse phase HPLC method was developed for the estimation of Nisoldipine in bulk and tablet dosage form. Chromatography was performed by isocratic elution on a Stainless steel Thermo scientific C18 column with dimensions 4.6 x 250mm, packed with octadecylsilane bonded to porous silica (C18) with particle size 5 micron acetonitrile and water in the ratio of 80:20 % v/v is used as mobile phase. The flow rate is 1.0 ml/ min and effluent is monitored at 240 nm. Nisoldipine was eluted at a retention time of 4.4 minutes.

Chronic hepatitis B is a condition where various prognostic markers guide in therapy with antiviral agents. In this study we identified all the untreated chronic hepatitis ‘B’ patients, quantified hepatitis B virus DNA in serumand compared these HBV DNA levels with HBeAg AST, and ALT. Serum samples collected from 75 patients were subjected to tests for detection of HBsAgand HBeAg by ELISA, for estimation of AST and ALT levels by fully automated analyser. Quantification of HBV DNA was done using real time PCR.

Femoral neck-shaft angle is important to convey the information regarding the race to which they belong. Awareness of normal neck-shaft angle with respect to sex and sides is useful to surgeons to treat the patients in different cases and also to design prosthesis. Hence the present paper was undertaken to determine the neck-shaft angle of femur in humans. Principal objective is to measure the neck-shaft angle, neck length and neck width in cadaveric femora. And also to find out the correlation between neck-shaft angle and neck length, neck width.

Background: Real knowledge is to know one’s ignorance. The ability to identify the existence of lacunae in the learning process by a learner is due to metacognitive awareness. Metacognitive awareness (which is the knowledge of one’s own cognitive process) development is imperative to assist a learner perform optimally, particularly in assessments. A medical student, burdened with the pressures of never ending academics would be wise to cultivate metacognitive skills. In order to cultivate these skills, a baseline evaluation of the existing skills is necessary.

In order to ensure compliance to nutritional screening & its documentation as nutritional assessment form within 24 hours of patient’s admission, a prospective, longitudinal study was conducted wherein medical records of patients completing 24 hours of inpatient stay were audited and compliance rate was calculated. The study was conducted in two phases (Pre & post intervention). During pre intervention phase, existing methodology of conducting nutritional screening was studied i.e.

Background: Thyroid nodules are common in the general population, with a clinical prevalence between 5.3% to 6.4% for women and between 0.8% to 1.6% for men in normally “iodine countries”. Thyroid FNAC represents a simple, fast, reliable and minimally invasive technique to explore nodules. The Bethesda System for reporting thyroid cytology is standardized, reproducible and clinically significant system.

Aim: Intravenous medication errors are frequent events. They are associated with considerable harm, but little is known about their causes. The objective of the study was to find out the IV medication errors in medical, surgery, pediatric and ICU department of tertiary care teaching hospital. Materials and Methods: An observational study using disguised observation was carried out for six months. Nurses were accompanied daily during IV drug rounds for 6 months. Details of each IV drug preparation and administration errors identified were recorded on a standard data entry form.

Introduction: Type 1diabetes mellitus is a common chronic endocrine disease with increasing incidence in India. Improved glycemic control in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus delays the progression of microvascular complications. Aim: To identify the factors and predictors associated with glycemic control in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. Materials and Methods: An analytical cross sectional study was conducted on 40 children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus attending our diabetic clinic.

Objectives: Radiologists play an important role in evaluation of anatomical landmarks and anomalies associated with the same. In the atlas vertebra one such anomaly seen is the Ponticulus Posticus, which is a bony arch enclosing the foramen through which the vertebral artery passes. Some suggest that this anomaly has a protecting effect on the artery from external injury and few suggest that they cause compression of the artery leading to headache and migraine.

Background: There are many treatments given for anterior cruciate ligament sprain which includes Anti-inflammatory Drugs, ultra sound therapy, cyrotherapy however, studies involving taping technique for management of anterior cruciate ligament sprain are limited to this date. Objective: To find outeffect of taping technique for anterior cruciate ligament sprain of knee joint. Study design: Quasi experimental study design. Subjects: 30 subjects with anterior cruciate ligament sprain age group 20-40 years of males.

The word inclusion means incorporation. Inclusion bodies are nuclear or cytoplasmic aggregates of stainable substances which are usually ‘proteins’. They typically represent sites of viral multiplication in bacteria or in a eukaryotic cell and usually consist of viral capsid proteins. Inclusion bodies are typically identified within a cell by their different appearance.

This descriptive-survey study aimed to determine the perceptions of nurses on professional practice environment and job satisfaction in select hospitals in Zambales, Philippines. Research tools adopted from Nurses’ Work Index-R (Aiken and Patrician, 2000) and Nurses’ Job Satisfaction Scale (Yang et al., 2014) were utilized to gather data from 180 hospital staff nurses.

Background and Objectives: The purpose of this study was: 1. To asses, evaluate and compare the analgesic effect of intrathecal nalbuphine when added to hyperbaric intrathecal bupivacaine and bupivacaine alone. 2. To evaluate the onset, quality and duration of sensory and motor blockade achieved with hyperbaric bupivacaine and nalbuphine combination when administered intrathecally for spinal anesthesia in lower abdominal surgery. 3. To study the effect of intrathecal nalbuphine on vital parameters. 4. To study any side effects and complication.

Background: Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy have been first-line therapy for many decades in the treatment of stage III head and neck cancer. Management of complications associated with these therapies and the disease itself is a major challenge for healthcare professionals. Literature survey revealed that there is controversy related to administration of antioxidants in chemoradiotherapy.

Pterion is point formed the summit of frontal, parietal, the greater wing of sphenoid and temporal bones which forms a ‘H’- shaped sutures. The Pterion is identified as the weakest part of the temporal bone skull. The Pterion is the important bony land mark to find out the position of anterior division of middle meningeal artery in the cranium. Our study was focused on the morphometry of various suture patterns in Pterion and its relation to the middle meningeal artery is also revealed.

Introduction: Several fixation devices have been developed to overcome the difficulties encountered in the treatment of intertrochanteric femoral fractures. However the management of such fractures still remains a point of discussion. Aim of the Study: This study is undertaken to assess the various modalities of surgical management of intertrochanteric fractures and their clinical, functional and radiological outcomes in our institution. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective study from July 2015 to March 2017.

Objectives: To study Lower Uterine Segment cesarean scar using transabdominal ultrasound and clinical parameters in previous cesarean section antenatally at term. To study the physical nature of scar at repeat section and find the association between preoperative and intraoperative evaluation. Methods: This was a cross sectional observational study undertaken in VMMC & SJH, New Delhi.

Objective: To assess the usefulness of AgNORsas quantitative and qualitative criteria in assessing the proliferation potential of Dentigerous cyst, Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor (KCOT), Conventional ameloblastoma and Unicysticameloblastoma. Materials and Methods: Histological sections were stained usingsilver nitrate method and AgNOR dots counted at 100x magnification. Quantitative variations were assessed in terms of numbers and qualitative variations were assessedin terms of size, shape and pattern of distribution of the individual AgNOR dots.

Background: Overproduction of oxidants (reactive oxygen and nitrogen species) in human body can cause an imbalance and lead to oxidative damage to large biomolecules such as proteins, lipids and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which is responsible for the development of chronic diseases. Metabolic diseases are associated to our daily lifestyle, mostly unbalanced energy-rich diet lacking fiber and bioactive compounds such as micronutrients and phytochemicals. Scavenging of these oxidants is thought to be an effective measure to depress the level of oxidative stress.

Verrucous carcinoma (VC) was first described as a distinct clinico-pathological entity by Ackerman in 1948. The name of this variety of Squamous cell carcinoma makes it distinctive. Although this carcinoma has been reported in extra-oral sites, it is a rare intra-oral entity, commonly found in oral mucosal sites. The common sites of occurrence of VC are buccal mucosa> gingiva> alveolar ridge> palate and floor of mouth and very rarely on tongue.

Malignant hyperthermia is rare inherited disorder in our part of the world; there are only few cases reported in literature in India who were suspected of having this condition. The overall incidence of malignant hyperthermia during general anesthesia is estimated to range from 1: 5000 to 1: 50,000–100,000 and mortality rate is estimated to be <5% in the presence of standard care. In India, there is no center where in vitro halothane caffeine contraction test is performed to confirm diagnosis in suspected cases.

The study was aimed to assess the prevalence of disease states and to find out medication taking behavior of patients in rural area in Guntur. A crossectional study was conducted in the community setting (Rural Areas around the Guntur) for a duration of 6 months period i.e., from January 2016 to June 2016. Based on inclusion and exclusion criteria subjects were enrolled and data was collected. Out of 252 subjects enrolled majority of the subjects were within the age group of 30-50 yrs, and were males, employed, had primary education, income level per month was <10,000.

Background: Diabetes mellitus is strongly associated with obesity. The anthropometric measurements are used as the predictors of diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. Neck circumference, among the various anthropometric measurements, is a convenient method associated with metabolic syndromes such as diabetes mellitus. Aim: To estimate the subcutaneous fat thickness using various anthropometric measurements and correlate the outcome variables with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Background: This study was done to find socio-economic factors influencing the utilization of cataract surgery and to identify reasons for delayed uptake of cataract surgery. Material and Methods: The study was prospective, cross-sectional study over period of December 2012 to October 2014. All the cases of lens induced glaucoma were interviewed and the socio-demographic history was noted in a proforma which included age, gender, rural or urban residence, literacy, occupation and socio-economic status. History of cataract surgery in the other eye was asked.

Multicystic disease of the kidney is a common cause of enlarged abdomen in fetus. It is a congenital mal development, where the renal cortex is replaced by numerous cysts of varying sizes. Current study was carried out in the Department of Anatomy, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh. It is important to know the normal developmental anatomy and histogenesis of urinary system for better understanding of various congenital renal conditions.

Ambiguous Genitalia (AG) is the birth defect where the gender of an individual is ambiguous. The retrospective study aimed at finding the frequency of sex chromosomal abnormalities and its various patterns in the samples with history of Ambiguous Genitalia. This retrospective study was carried out for two years on 487 cases referred in view of clinical suspicion of AG. The samples were received at the department of cytogenetics, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, Mumbai, India. Peripheral blood (2-3 ml) from all study subjects was collected in sodium heparin green top vacutainer tube.

Background: Human identification stays as one of the most outstanding fields of forensic sciences. Finger print analysis, dental comparisons and DNA analysis were most commonly employed personal identification methods. In circumstances like mass disasters, because of scarcity of available soft tissue remains, Forensic maxillofacial radiology plays an important role in personal identification by means of radiographic evaluation of human osteological remains.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by degeneration of anterior horn cells of the spinal cord leading to progressive symmetrical weakness and atrophy of the proximal muscles. It is classified into three groups according to the age of onset and progression of weakness. SMA I, II, III & IV. Type I being most serious form & type III being the mildest form & Type IV being adult onset disease.

Background: Majority of patients visiting the Dental clinic have poor knowledge about the use of rubber dam, Also Majority of patients have negative attitude towards treated under rubber dam. Objective: To determine the knowledge, attitude and perception of patients towards the use of rubber dam at Riyadh City. Design: Questionnaire survey. Material and Method: Study area: The study will be conducted in Riyadh city, kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Study design the study was a descriptive cross-sectional on Riyadh population. Sample size is of (302) will reached.

Background: Blood transfusion is an essential part of modern health care. Used correctly, it can save life and improve health. However, the detection and transfusion challenges in Bombay phenotype have focused particular attention. Objective: To investigate meticulously the serological characteristics and secretor status of Bombay phenotype and transfusion management in patients. Setting and Design: This was a descriptive study carried outat a tertiary care hospital in Belgavi, Karnataka over a period of 6 years.

Background: The acquisition of quality clinical experience within a supportive and pedagogically adjusted clinical learning environment is a significant concern for educational institutions. The importance of clinical practice can’t be overemphasizing as it prepares nurses to become competent practitioners. Learning in the clinical practice is an important aspect of nursing education considering the fact that nursing profession is based on practice. Objective: To assess the level of satisfaction of student nurses with their clinical learning environment.

Gingival hyperpigmentation due to melanin deposition is seen as a genetic trait in most of the population irrespective of age and gender hence it is termed physiologic or racial gingival pigmentation. Excessive gingival pigmentation is a major esthetic concern for many people visiting the dentist. Though, it is not a medical problem but many people are unhappy with their unaesthetic gingival appearance and find the discoloration to be very unappealing and detracting from their smile and speech.

Background: Neonatal septicemia still signifies acritical cause of mortality and mortality among infants. Onset of septicemia in neonates within 72 hours of life constitutes EOS. Early onset sepsis is attained during fetal life, caused by organisms prevalent in the maternal genital tract, infecting the neonate transplacentally or during passage through a colonized birth canal at the time of delivery or at the nursery. Methods: The present study was conducted in the department of Microbiology of Maharishi Markandeshwar institute of medical science and research, Mullana.

Background: Symptomatic cholelithiasis is a common gastrointestinal surgical entity having the complication of accumulation of gall stones. For patients with residual stones in the gallbladder after endoscopic stone removal, the subsequent management of the gallbladder has been subject to debate. Many authors have advocated a wait-and-see policy after ES for these patients because only an estimated 10% of them experience recurrent biliary symptoms. It is hypothesized that early planned LC after ES prevents recurrent biliary complications and reduces operative morbidity.

In this research, we aimed to study the implications of different carbohydrates sources on dry matter intake, nutrients digestibility and production, 9 lactating-cows (days in milk= 110±30 d; live weight=670 ± 40 kg) were allotted into3 groups (3 cows per each) for one month period. The treatments included different sources of non-fibrous carbohydrate (NFC), where its percentages are (44.38, 44.59 and 44.25% DM in basal diet treatment (B), beet pulp diet treatment (BP) and dried distillers’ grains diet treatment (DD), respectively).

Aims & Objectives: The aim of the study was to evaluate the healing of the facial bone defect with demineralized freeze dried allogenic bone graft (DFDB) individually and with platelet rich fibrinin (PRF). Materials and Methods: The study comprised of a total of 20 subjects with maxillofacial defects divided into two equal groups (A & B) of 10 each. Treated with DFDB and DFDB with PRF respectively.

Bezoar is a foreign body found in the gastrointestinal tract due to ingestion of hair or vegetables. When hair is ingested and formed a mass it is called tichobezoar, this mass get complicated by gastric outlet obstruction or small bowel obstruction or presented simultaneously like in our case report. In this case report we presented our experience with a years old female who came to emergency department with signs of gastrointestinal obstruction .she was taken to operating room for exploration and relieve of mechanical obstruction.

Its well said in medical literature that determining the difference between natural & to unnatural cause is herculean task even for the Forensic Pathologist. Legality involved in deciding cause of death, as unnatural is not only difficult job to Doctor at the same time even to law enforcing agencies. Here is such a case encountered by author where the case was brought with history of Hanging while during autopsy along with signs of Hanging there were morbid autopsy findings of Coronary artery narrowing to the extent of 90-95 %.

The reconstruction of structurally compromised posterior teeth is a rather challenging procedure. The tendency of endodontically treated teeth (ETT) to fracture is significantly higher than vital teeth.Fibre reinforced composites (FRC’s), are polymeric materials embedded with short E glass fibres and are designed to replace dentin. This incorporation of short fibres provides fracture toughness greater than dentin and almost double that of conventional composites.

Vaccines are being used from centuries ago. To manufacture and process vaccines, different types of materials are used as adjuvant in routine. Mostly in tetanus toxoid vaccine, adjuvant is aluminium base. In this study, we check only aluminium content with relation to potency of tetanus toxoid vaccine.

We provided the randomized study within 50 patients with non healing wounds hospitalized in Hope, Grace, Green home hospices of Mongolia during January 2015-January 2016. 47 (94%) patients had wound pain, 27 (54 %) patient’s wounds were contaminated with stool and urine within patients, 42 (84%) patients had smell from wounds, 43 (86%) patients had severe secretions from the wounds, 17 (34%) patients had bleeding from the wounds.

Child with this anomaly not only suffers for poor dental development but also deprived from breast feeding due to improper oral seal1, swallowing and nasal regurgitation, other associated problems are hearing difficulties due to abnormalities in the palatal musculature, and speech difficulties due to nasal escape and articulation problems. The principle objective of presurgical orthodontics is to reduce the severity of the initial cleft deformity easy breast feeding, swallowing and nasal regulation.

Rheumatic Heart Disease is the commonest cause of mitral stenosis in developing countries. It is anautoimmune reactions to infection with group A Beta hemolytic streptococci which leads to scarring, calcification and thickening of mitral leaflets, commissural fusion causing significant decrease in valve area. Mitral stenosis is characterised by mechanical obstruction to left ventricular diastolic filling secondary to a progressive decrease in the size of mitral valve orifice. This valvular obstruction produces an increase in left atrial volume and pressure.

Background: About 5-10% of patients reporting to the emergency department present with abdominal pain. Some of these patients are discharged without further treatment, while others are admitted to the ward. We carried out this prospective study to test whether the arrival time affects the management plan. Patients and methods: Patients with non-traumatic abdominal pain who visited the emergency department of Shandong University Qilu Hospital between February and May 2016 were evaluated.

In oral cavity, HPV can induce the formation of squamous cell papilloma, focal epithelial hyperplasia, condyloma acuminatum and verruca vulgaris. Currently, there is no doubt about the sexual transmission of this virus and it is recognized as the most frequent sexual transmitted disease. HPV is transmitted by direct contact from person to person, with incubation periods that goes from 50 to 150 days. We have reported three cases of different types of therapies for human papillomavirus (HPV) and it depends on the location, stage of growth and the possibilities of recurrence.

Objectives: To study the role of Body Mass Index as an independent risk factor and prognostic factor in breast cancer. Methods: A hospital based epidemiological study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital in India involving 50 patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer who visited the Medical Oncology outpatient department for a period of 3 months. 50 age matched controls who had no detectable breast cancers were selected as controls. Their body mass index was calculated.

Placement of dental implants for replacing missing teeth is a well-established treatment option. There are different approaches for placement of dental implants post extraction. The approaches are immediate implant placement, delayed immediate implant placement, lateimplantation. Immediate implant placement protocol has been challenged the last decades by reducing the time between extraction of a tooth and placing and ⁄ or loading of the implant. Immediate implants can be augmented with barrier membranes to preserve ridge width and height and to decrease treatment time.

All children have the right to live in safety and dignity in a protective and nurturing environment, both at home and in the community. Very often crimes against children are either not reported or cognizance is not taken and also that some crimes against children are not covered under existing legislations in developing countries, like India. Strong networking is required among government, civil society, communities and concerned stakeholders to complement each other’s effort to fight against child abuse.

Contemporary dental practice is all about increasing number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment. These patients are deprived of treatment and rehabilitation in an earlier stage of life, thus posse with greater challenges and need extreme skill and knowledge to manage them. Adult orthodontic patients are dealt with in a problem oriented approach, many a times not requiring conventional extensive orthodontic therapy. Most of them seek treatment as a part of other rehabilitative treatment procedures like crown and bridge prosthesis, to improve periodontal status, etc.

Objectives: Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affects people's health and wellbeing .Majority of studies on ACEs are carried out in western part of the world and very few studies have estimated the prevalence of various forms of childhood abuse in India. Thus, the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences among Adult Population of Bengaluru City. Study Design: A cross sectional descriptive survey using modified version of ACE International Questionnaire (ACE IQ) was carried out to estimate the prevalence of various forms of childhood maltreatment.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential advantage of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) over 3-Dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3-D CRT) techniques for external-beam radiation treatment for cervical cancer. A comparison of two treatment techniques was performed using dose statistics, dose-volume histograms, homogeneity and conformity values. For IMRT plans the conformity value was closely to 1 and homogeneity value closer to 0 better than 3-D CRT.

A dentigerous (follicular) cyst is a developmental odontogenic cyst, which apparently develops by the accumulation of fluid between the reduced enamel epithelium and the tooth crown of an unerupted tooth. Typically dentigerous cysts are commonly seen in association with impacted third molars and maxillary canines. Only 5–6% of dentigerous cysts are associated with supernumerary teeth. Dentigerous cyst diagnosis in case of presence of full complement of the teeth is rarest of the rare condition.

We report a case of idiopathic intracranial hypertension, in whom visual deterioration was noticed, after starting treatment with acetazolamide. Initially a possibility of optic nerve decompensation due to papilledema was considered. On subsequent opthalmological evaluation the patient was found to have bilateral myopia, which resolved completely after stopping acetazolamide.

Asthma is one among the major health problem affecting a number of individuals. Effectiveness of treatment not only depends on righteousness and efficiency of drug used, but also depends on the patient adherence to the prescribed treatment. Non-adherence to treatment prescribed by a physician is an important cause for asthma. Rates of asthma treatment nonadherence among patients have been shown to be in the range between 30% and 70%. This increase is associated with increased health care costs and poor health care outcomes.

Introduction: Prediction of outcome following decompressive craniectomy has a huge impact on the productivity of the patient after surgery. The prediction tool should be easily accessible even in rural areas. In this study we analyze the impact of radiological indicators like post operative reduction in mid line shift and post operative opening of basal cisterns in CT brain on the final outcome of the patients. Materials and Methods: It is a prospective analytical study conducted at Institute of Neurosurgery, Madras Medical College.

Background: An exchange transfusion involves replacing patient’s blood with donor blood in order to remove abnormal blood components and circulating toxins while maintaining adequate circulating blood volume. Objective: To observe the incidence, causes of jaundice requiring Exchange and any adverse event of exchange transfusion in newborns with unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia.

Now a days Fatty liver Disease is one of the commonest cause of chronic liver disease. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is not a single disesase entity but a group of disorders characterized by fatty acid accumulation within the liver. It is usually associated with metabolic conditions like obesity, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. With increasing prevalence of these diseases prevalence of NAFLD is also increasing. Histologically it is characterized by accumulation of triglycerides within the hepatocytes.

Purpose: The Aims and Objectives of this study were to determine the infiltration of mandibular ameloblastoma beyond the radiographic margin and the aggressiveness of any histological varieties. Patients and Methods: A total number of six patients with mandibular ameloblastoma were treated with resection of the mandible in this study. Out of six patients, four were females and the rest males. The resected mandible with at least 1cm clearance was then cut serially in the longitudinal axis with a uniform width of 1mm from the cut margin.

Elicitation of neck stiffness is one of the most important clinical signs in neurology. It is the inability to flex the neck forward due to rigidity of the neck muscles. It is a sign of irritation of the meninges, such as seen in meningitis, subarachnoid hemorrhage and various other diseases. Nuchal rigidity occurs in 30 % of meningitis in adults and does not have postural variation and is accompanied by positive Kernig’s sign, positive Brudzinski's sign.

Objectives and Aim: We performed a study on Seroprevalance, risk factors and HBV genotypes among the patients attending a tertiary care hospital in India. Background: Globally, Hepatitis B is one of the most common infectious diseases. It is ranked by the WHO as one of the top ten killers. The virus is responsible for approximately 1.5 million deaths worldwide in each year, two thirds of which are attributable to primary Hepatocellular carcinoma following HBV infection. About 360 million people are estimated to be chronically infected with HBV.

Introduction/Background: Globally, four million newborns die before they reach one month of age. In 2015 approximately 45% of deaths among children under five were newborns.1 The mortality ratio of Infant and under 5 in developing countries have reduced significantly in the past couple of decades, but the neonatal mortality rates have remained static.2 Methods: The study has conducted using cross sectional design. A structured questionnaire and observation checklist was used to collect the data was used to interview the mothers.

Background: At present scenario Hypertension is the principal risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Indeed treatment of high blood pressure is the most common reason to visit a physician. Hence it is of great importance for researchers to find out the risk factors that affect the onset. Aim: The present study aimed to create awareness about lifestyle disorders which are associated with hypertension. Methodology: In this study, the positive diagnosis of hypertension was made by the resting systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥90mmHg.

Objective: Accuracy of target localization is of paramount importance in dose escalation of prostate cancer radiotherapy by Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) technique. Intraprostatic fiducial implantation is a standard procedure for localization of target volume. However, the possibility of fiducial migration confers uncertainty in radiotherapy planning. In this study, we have tried to evaluate whether there is significant migration of anchor type fiducials one week after their implantation when planning computed tomography (CT) scan is usually acquired.

B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B CLL) is the most common form of leukemia and occurs with a male predomi¬nance. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) infiltrating the skin is uncommon and can present in many different ways. The reported specific skin lesions include nodules, papules, infiltrates, plaques, ulcerations and exfoliative eryth¬roderma. Here we report a case of atopic dermatitis as an usual presentating feature of CLL.

Introduction: Nocturnal Enuresis means wetting the bed. Many people wet the bed at night, although few people talk about it. In fact, one person in every 100 may be affected throughout adult life. Most people think that no one else has this problem. Many people never seek help because they are too embarrassed. Nocturnal enuresis is common in older community dwelling women with urinary incontinence. It may serve as a marker of fall risk even in women who do not seek care for urinary symptoms.

The major goals of root canal therapy are the complete elimination of microorganisms from the root canal system and the prevention of subsequent reinfection. In clinical practice the dentist is occasionally come across with a problem of infection that occurs after obturation of root canal space. Guttapercha is the most common obturating material.

Oral diseases are an imposing public health issue with a gradient trend of increase in incidence and morbidity rates worldwide. The diagnosis of disease state is challenging owing to the lack of sensitive and characteristic biomarkers in the serum and tissues. Salivary proteomic analysis represents a field for both diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and could be considered a new approach to the prevention of cancer, oral pathological conditions. The protein and nucleic acid molecules derived from oral tissues can be retrieved from the saliva.

Diabetes Mellitus commonly presents as polyuria, polydipsia, fatigue and polyphagia, though patients presenting with acute complications at the time of diagnosis are not uncommon. Movement disorders like chorea, hemichorea-hemiballismus, choreoathetosis are rarely associated with metabolic derangements. Hyperglycemia-induced involuntary movements (HIIM) are rarer and less well known.

Background: Recently, The dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor, sitagliptin contributes to improvement of postprandial hyperglycemia and prevents risk of hypoglycemia through increasing the level of glucagon-like polypeptide (GLP-1) as new therapeutic target and novel pathway for correcting impaired glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Aim: This study was conducted to assess the cardioprotective effect of sitagliptin on cardiovascular complications in Egyptian male patients with T2DM.

This investigation has been conducted to study the protective effect of Thymoquinone against Streptozotocin induced diabetes in rats. The rats were allocated into four groups each group contain seven animals; Control, Thymoquinone, Streptozotocin, Streptozotocin + thymoquinone.

The foundation of adolescent life begins with the maintenance of personal hygiene, which is important for every adolescent for a healthy adulthood and for the development of positive health. “Hygiene is as important as ABC- Always Be Clean.” While personal appearances is very important & helps to improve your self confidence & self esteem, personal hygiene protect yourself and others by keeping the body clean. The blind persons sometimes needs assistance in their day to day activities of living, personal hygiene practice is a turning point among blind adolescent girls.

Aim: The objective of this study was to assess the shape and size of the sella turcica in a fraction of south Indian population with different skeletal types. Methods: Lateral cephalometric radiographs of 90 individuals (30 males and 60 females) between the age group 10-30 years were taken and distributed according to skeletal types as class I, II, III based on ANB. Morphology was assessed using silvermans method, and dimensions using Axelssons method. Comparison between older and younger age groups was also done.

Background: Pain is a very common complaint for a medical shop visit worldwide. Prostaglandin, a Cyclooxygenase (COX) pathway intermediate product is involved in the development of inflammation and pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) represent one of the most common classes of medications used with or without prescription. Most of the NSAIDs are liable to cause severe side effects such as gastrointestinal ulceration, perforation, obstruction, and bleeding because of its carboxylic acid moiety.

Background: The initiation of insulin therapy is often one of the most difficult and important choices that individuals with diabetes have to make. Insulin therapy among Type 2 Diabetic patients (T2DM) often becomes necessary when oral hypoglycemic agents are no longer effective. During the initiation of insulin therapy patient experiences various psychological disturbances which leads to fear of self injecting among self testing.

In this report, we attempt a treatment tomanage and save a manidbular molar with angular defect with an endodontic treatment performed on it nine months prior. Intrabony defects are periodontal defects within the bone surround by one, two or three bony walls or a combination thereof. However, there are multiple treatment protocols available to treat the defect. Herein,the tooth is treated using platelet-derived growth factor and hydroxyapatite crystals as bone graft.

The field experiment was conducted during summer season in farmer's field at kollybyle village, Mudigere taluk, Chikamagalore district. In hybrid napier grass raw effluent irrigation (10.69 % and 9.86 %) and raw effluent irrigation along with soil inoculation of pleurotus (9.11 % and 9.09%) recorded significantly higher crude protein content as compared to fresh water irrigation (5.57 % and 4.85 %), lower fibre content was recorded in raw effluent (24.7 % and 23.8 %) and fresh water irrigation treatments (29.4 5 and 30.4 %) recorded highest fibre content both in first cut and second cut.

A 35 year old male presented with complaints of oliguria, on evaluation he had mass per abdomen, left undescended testes and pedal oedema. Renal profile test –raised blood urea and serum creatinine. CECT abdomen revealed 15x 14 cms large soft tissue density mass in pelvis. Testicular tumor marker study revealed raised beta-HCG with normal AFP and raised LDH Patient was diagnosed with seminomatous germ cell tumor arising from left intra abdominal testis. Haemodialysis was done for 3days and RFT improved slightly. Patient was planned for Platin based chemotherapy.

Managing disasters both natural and man-made is oftentimes a crucial job. In western societies disaster management without the intervention of psychologists is indispensable. From disaster preparedness, disaster response to disaster recovery, psychologists are professionally trained to deal with the problems at different levels of emergency. In India psychologists are still to establish their footing in disaster management, for which both education and governance is to be blamed.

Variation of teeth has been an enduring interest to the clinical practitioner and scientist. One such variation includes amelogenesis imperfecta which is heterogenous inherited disorder that disturbs the developing enamel of both primary and permanent dentition. The result is a dentition which lacks function and esthetics. As Prosthodontists, we aim to change the self-esteem, confidence and possibly the course of life of the patients by functional and esthetic rehabilitation of their dentition.

Resin based composite restorations placed instead of amalgam continue to increase owing to their esthetics and good functional properties, in restorations involving both anterior and posterior teeth. A good clinical performance depends on the physical and chemical properties which are directly related to conversion of the monomers into polymers. Compressive strength is important for clinical success since it directly affects the physical properties and longevity of restorations.

Objective: To evaluate probing depth (PD) measurements, using a conventional probe, before and after calculus removal in individuals attending a dental school in Makkah city. Materials and methods: In total, 82 individuals, aged 17 years and older, non-smokers, with no known history of systemic disease and exhibiting at least 20 remaining teeth, were included. The presence of calculus deposits during the periodontal examination was a prerequisite for enrollment in the study. PD measurements were recorded prior to and immediately after scaling by a single examiner.

Cancer is dangerous disease that is result of out-of-control growth of DNA damaged cell. Death rate due to cancer is very high. More than hundred types of cancers are possible among that mortality rate of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumor is very high. Early detection of cancer and proper treatment plan improves the survival rate of cancers.

Background: Muscular tightness is frequently postulated as an intrinsic risk factor for the development of a muscle injury. Lack of flexibility has been suggested as a predisposing factor to hamstring strains. Aim and objective: To compare the effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Neural Tissue Mobilization technique for improving hamstring flexibility. Methodology: Total 100 Young Individuals aged 18 to 35 years were evaluated for Hamstring tightness.

Introduction: Despite reliable evidence that the contraceptive methods are highly effective and useful in family planning when used properly, it remains under used in many countries. The aim of this study was to assess the current knowledge about contraceptive methods included (hormonal and copper IUD) and (monophasic and biphasic pills) among Palestinian midwives who work in private hospitals in the southern West Bank, Palestine. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted at six private hospital in Bethlehem and Hebron of West Bank, Palestine.

This investigation has been conducted to study the effect of Curcumin on renal injury induced diethylnitrosamine experimentally in rats. The rats were allocated into four groups each group contain seven animals; Control, Curcumin, Diethylnitrosamine, Curcumin+Diethylnitrosamine.

Introduction & Objectives: The extraction versus non-extraction controversy is the oldest as well as the most enduring controversy and still remains a topic of debate in the field of orthodontics. The “American Board of Orthodontics” (ABO-1998) introduced an index called the Objective Grading System (OGS) which evaluates post treatment dental casts and panoramic radiographs. It assesses the final occlusion in first, second and third orders according to eight different occlusal components.

Objective: The present study aimed to explore etiology, clinical features and treatment of children with purulent bacterial meningitis. Methodology: Hospital based retrospective cross sectional study, we reviewed cases of purulent bacterial meningitis occurring at Qilu hospital from January 2011 through September 2016. Records of all patients, comprising data on clinical presentations, laboratory findings and treatment were obtained and analyzed. Results: 129 children met criteria and were analyzed. Male to female ratio was 1.8:1, 82(63.6%) males and 47(36.4%) female.

Background: There are various factors which can lead to irreversible, reversible cognitive impairments. The progression of reversible cognitive disorders can be halted by identifying and treating the underlying cause. Aim of the Review: To expand pharmacists’ knowledge on underlying causes of cognitive impairment and investigate the possibility of pharmacist involvement in the identification of and/or protection against cognitive impairment. Method: A search of the literature was conducted through databases to identify studies in the English language of 1975-2016.

Introduction: Maxillary molar and their roots are significant due to their close vicinity to the maxillary sinus. Protrusion of the dental root apices into the sinus through the iatrogenic aperture can result in inflammation of the sinus mucosa initiating maxillary sinusitis.

Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a disease of bone where symptomatic exposure of nonhealing areas over jaws are seen. We report our experience in the management of a patient with history of trauma to nose, osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus & hypertension, who presented with osteonecrosis of the jaw and was under medications but was unaware of the name of the medications. The patient was found to be of an average built, had normal gait with no physical handicap and was alert, conscious and cooperative and responsive to verbal commands with vital parameters within normal range.

Problem: Sickle cell disease is an inherited, chronic hematological disorder, which under certain conditions changes the red blood cells to sickle-shaped cells due to an abnormality in the hemoglobin. It is associated with profound complications that affect different organ systems. Due to the complex nature of this disease, sickle cell disease significantly affects children’s overall health. This, in fact, suggests the need to assess all health domains in order to improve the health related quality of life for children with sickle cell disease.

Gout was treated by bottle gourd and Ficus Palmata specie. 24 rats were divided into 4 groups: control, model, bottle gourd treated and Ficus Palmata treated. Gout is induced by direct oral dose of uric acid as 30mg/kg body weight. Bottle gourd and Ficus Palmata extracts were prepared in ethanol separately and given to rats as 80mg/kg body weight. After 6 weeks of treatment behavioral activities were monitored. After decapitation, biochemical tests were determined by calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and serum uric acid.

The study was conducted in Gombe State, Nigeria. The objective of the study was to determine the concentration and distribution of heavy metals inirrigated soil as it affect Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) production in Gombe state. Three zones that make up the state namely Gombe North, Gombe Central and Gombe South were used for the study. From each zone three locations were selected, plant (Lettuce) samples and soil samples were collected randomly from the locations and air dried in a room, sieved, grinded and digested as describe by USEPA (1996) and analysed in standard laboratory.

Plants are the major sources of new medicines and thus in-vitro antibacterial activity and preliminary phytochemical screening of the weed plant Oxalis corniculata was performed to find out its therapeutic potential. Aqueous, methanol, choloroform and hexane extracts of sample powdered were prepared. These extracts were tested against standard gram positive bacterial strains Staphylococcus epidermidis, Bacillus cereus and standard gram negative bacterial strains Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium, Klebsiella pneumonia and Escherichia coli.

In the present study, the mercury removal efficiency of different agricultural waste materials sugar-cane bagasse (Saccharum aruandinaceum), coconut coir (Cocos nuciferus) and saw dust was analyzed under laboratory condition in the water. Three concentrations of mercuric chloride, such as 0.1mg/100ml, 0.2mg/100ml and 0.3mg/100ml under pH 6 are treated with three different types of selected agricultural waste. Generally by comparing these three types of biological materials, there is no significant difference among the concentration to absorb the mercury.

The aim of the study was to compare the effect of 16% carbamide peroxide on microhardness of nanofilled, nanohybrid and microfilled composite. Materials and Methods: 20 samples of each composite (Nanofilled, Nanohybrid, Microfilled) were prepared in prefabricated silicon moulds and mounted on acrylic blocks. Microhardness testing was done prior to initiation of bleaching. Then the bleaching process was done with 16% carbamide peroxide. The gel was applied for 4 hours daily for 21 days. Microhardness testing was done post bleaching.

The Ifrane National Park (INP) is located in the heart of the Middle Atlas in central Morocco. It is characterized by a large biological and ecological diversity. Since bryophyte research is very fragmentary in the region, our study aims to establish an exhaustive list of bryophyte species of INP. The present work begins by establishing a list of epiphyte species.

The study was conducted at Tansa Farm, ASPEE Agricultural Research and Development Foundation, Maharashtra during 2015-16. The four sowing dates viz. 15th December, 30th December, 15th January, 30th January and three hybrid sweet corn varieties viz. Hibrix 39, Madhu 5 and Sugar 75 was studied. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design (RBD) with three replications having net plot size 6.6 m x 4.5 m.

Introduction: Non- communicable diseases (NCDs) are on rise in developed and developing countries and inflammation is one of the root causes for most of these NCDs. In obesity, diabetes and other diseases with underlying insulin resistance, persistent leucocytosis, reflects underlying inflammation. Therefore, the objective of present study was to study the association between white blood cells (WBC), obesity and inflammation and also study whether WBC is associated with pro-inflammatory markers independent of obesity and body fat distribution.

Women play a great role inupbriniging of healthy society. Soherre productive heal this of great concern. Cervical Erosion is one of the most common gynaecological condition seen. The prevalence reported for the Cervical Erosion ranges from 17-50%. There is no direct reference regarding the Cervical Erosion in Ayurvedic classics, but on the basis of pathology and the main symptoms of Cervical Erosion, it resembles with Karnini Yonivyapada. This common ailment may present with symptoms like discharge pervaginum, itching vulva, post coital bleeding, backache.

Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is one of the most important grain- legumes crops in the world. Chickpeas are rich sources of nutritional composition and there health benefits of consuming legumes could be effective for the expansion of their food uses. Ten prominent varieties of desi and kabuli chickpea procured from AICRP on voluntary center, Dharwad. And variety BGD-111- 01 was obtained from IARI Regional research center, Dharwad. Among these six varieties are released and while remaining five varieties are elite genotypes which were under advanced trials.

Acetylcholinestrase is the primary cholinestrase in the body an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of acetylcholine and of some other cholinesters that function as neurotransmitters. Acetylcholinesterase is involved in the termination of impulse transmission by rapid hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in numerous cholinergic pathways in the central and peripheral nervous systems. The enzyme inactivation, induced by various inhibitors, leads to acetylcholine accumulation, hyperstimulation of nicotinic and muscarinic receptors, and disrupted neurotransmission.

The present inquisition was conveyed to isolation, characterization of Pseodomonas syringae pv. Lachrymans bacterium from angular leaf spot disease of pumpkin and evaluation of its biological control. The isolated bacterium was characterized by different biochemical test. The isolate performed gram negative, rod shaped and pink color in gram staining test. It showed positive result in Catalase, Indole, Simmon’s citrate, MacConkey agar, Potassium hydroxide, Methyl Red test and negative to Motility and Urease test.

There is cause of severe morbidity and mortality throughout the world by diseases that are transmitted by arthropods. The burden of many of these diseases is borne largely by developing countries. Advances in vector genomics offer new promise for the control of arthropod vectors of disease. Radical changes in vector-biology research are required if scientists are to exploit genomic data and implement changes in public health. Use of chemicals to control vector borne diseases often exert influence associated with environmental toxicity and affects adversely on human health.

With the aim ofestablishing the efficacy of entomopathogenic agents experiments were carried outunder laboratory conditions against the third instar nymphae and imagoes. The following entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) were used as agents in the experiments: Steinernema tbilisiensis, S. thesami, S. gurgistana, S. carpocapsae, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and the local strain of the fungus Isaria fumosorosea (Wize). The experiments were carried out in two stages: at the first stage 100 nematodes were used against each insect, while at the second stage – 200 nematodes were applied.

Marine sources are increasingly being investigated as a source of microorganisms with potential to produce novel bioactive compounds and enzymes. Marine ecosystems represent a largely untapped source for isolation of new microorganisms. They are of particular interest, since they are traditionally known for their unparalleled capacity to produce biomolecules with diverse biological activities. Actinomycetes were isolated from marine sediments collected off the coast, Visakhapatnam and, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The proximate composition and the fibres content of the carob seed hull were analyzed in order to evaluate the effect of carob seed tegument fragments (as contaminants) on locust bean gum (a galactomannan usually used as food additive) composition. The separation of the seed components by boiling water pre-treatment furnished ~30% of brown coat. The seed coat fibres analysis by enzymatic-gravimetric method with phosphate buffer showed that carob hull contain ~75% IDF (insoluble dietary fiber) and ~15% SDF (soluble dietary fiber).

Wagatea spicata (WS), a Leguminous flowering shrub has been known for the medicinal action of its bark against skin diseases and roots against pulmonary disorders in Ethnobotanical references (Surange, 1986). 5-20 meters long plant is characterized by the presence of hard, curved, prickles on the stem (Fig 1.1), bipinnately compound leaves (Fig 1.2) and seasonal, reddish yellow, spiked inflorescence (

Aims/purpose: The present study was an attempt to assess their need of knowledge based on counseling among 13 to 17 year old adolescents. Methodology of study: The total sample for the present study included 400 adolescents i e 200 from different girl’s high schools and 200 from women’s colleges which are the most of HIV prevalence blocks of the Ganjam district of Odisha state.

In Oman the annual average rain fall is 100mm. Falaj is an open water channel developed some 2000 years back. It originates from a mother well and flows under gravity. Two or more Falaj water streams are called Aflaj. In Oman, more than 3000 falajs water streams are flowing to cater drinking and irrigation need. The aim of this article is to estimate water quality in three falajs water streams in Nizwa area and to calculate water quality index for each stream.

Background: Diabetes is a very common metabolic disorder among Indian population. This study validates some of the Unani concepts of humors or temperaments (Phenotypes), with regard to Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. We selected Damvi subjects for our study, with an aim to determine its association with the genetic biomarker- Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor - Gamma (PPAR-γ) and other biochemical parameters.

The present study is undertaken to find out any synergestic effect of mixture of the selected plant extracts in supplying polyphenolic compounds which can be useful as an antioxidants. In the present study, antioxidant activity, reductant activity and content of total flavanoids are estimated in individual selected plant extracts, combination of mixture of two selected plant extracts in the proportion of 1:1 and mixture of all the three plant extracts in the proportion of 1:1:1.

Synthetic dyes used in textile industries, if not treated prior to its disposal, can enter our water systems and cause pollution. The present investigation focused on the decolorization of the textile dyes like Congo red, Malchite green. The present Aspergillus fumigatus were isolated from marine soil samples collected from Bay of Bengal, Kakinada, East goghavari district, Andhrapradesh, India.

Four different Land uses were sampled in Delhi NCR region of India to evaluate the effects of seasons on soil organic carbon (SOC), total nitrogen (TN), soil inorganic nitrogen (SIC), Soil pH, Soil EC and soil C/N ratio.

The lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides) is used as part of a cardiacdisease risk assessment. In this research, we investigate the efficiency of Fishoil to decrease the levels of total cholesterol and proteins in Wister rats (n =60) weighing (225-250 g). Fish oil was fed for seven weeks to Wister rats. Hematological and physiological parameters were examined by automatic analyzer and the results were statistically analyzed by SPSS.12.

The backbone of Indian economy is the unorganized sector. Predominance of unorganized sector and informal employment has been the central feature of Indian economy, for past several decades. The significance of the unorganized sector in the employment front since early 1980s and even before that more than 90 percent of total workforce has been engaged in the informal economy. Employment of girls in unorganized sector belongs to a greatly disadvantaged working area in the country. They usually come from lower caste, with very little education.

For every living one, water is an invaluable and treasure but due to its over consummation and pollution necessitate to think carefully about it. When heavy and harmful substances from many sources like factories, industries or the hazardous smoke released by the vehicles, garbage and sewage from houses, agricultural runoff, cattle's bathing, etc. are mixed with water, it cause water pollution.

Brinjal (Eggplant) is one of the important vegetables which contributes 9% of total vegetables in India. It occupies an area of 5.10 lakh hectares with an annual production of 88.00 million tonnes in India. Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) is one of the most popular and economically important vegetables among small-scale farmers and low-income consumers of Karnataka.

Wastewater is the spent or used water containing dissolved or suspended solids, microbes. Organic and inorganic substances which are released into the environment as a result of domestic, agricultural and industrial activities which leads to organic and inorganic pollution.Dairy industry plays a major role in nation economy with a share of 13.1% total milk produce in the world. About 286 large and several small dairy industries in India are producing large quantities of wastes and polluting the water bodies.

The floristic survey of Nasirabad tehsil resulted in collection of 570 species of flowering plants belonging to 330 genera under 88 families. Besides 3 species of pteridophytes were also collected. A checklist is presented along with a brief account on topography, climate, vegetation and floristic analysis.

Nowadays popularity of using energy drinks is more common but quality used in these energy drinks has either detrimental or benefits on organisms fitness. Present study was carried out D.melanogaster to study effect of synthetic and natural energy drink on longevity. Here the larval feeding rate and adult longevity were studied and it revealed that, flies fed on natural energy drink had consumed greater quantity of food and lived significantly longer compared to flies grown in synthetic energy drink and normal food media.

According to 62.2% of the Field Supervisors of Delhi Waste Management Company, food is always thrown into MCD Bins. 44.4% say both unserved and food leftover in the plates is thrown into the bins. As per the quantum of food found in bins placed near the venue of social gatherings, 44.4% say it is between 20-30% while 11.1% say it is between 30-40%. 50% say that more food wastage is found in bins near Banquet Hall / marriage home and 38.9% say in the bins near hotels/ restaurants and clubs. According to study there is high wastage of boiled vegetables, vegetable and dal.

The study sought to explore the status of microbial contaminants in street vended food and the incubatory carriers among street food vendors conducted in Mbeya City in 2014. The questionnaires and observation checklists were administered whereas, bacteriological examination of stool specimen and food were collected from 96 street food vendors. The results showed that 21 (27%) out of 78 of food samples collected and five out of 25 stool specimens were found with food borne disease pathogens.

We conducted pot-culture experiments to study the rhizodegradation of three PAHs compounds namely phenanthrene, anthracene and pyrene with blackgram plants. PAHs compounds were accurately weighed then added to experimental soils viz., rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere sets and made the final concentration of PAHs 600ppm. Fresh cultures of PAHs degrading bacteria strain, B. cereus CPOU13 added to the soil and made final concentration of the strain 3.3 × 104 CFU, then the experiment was conducted for 90days.

Efficient genetic transformation of sorghum plant requires an effective selection marker system that precisely differentiates transformed cells from non-transformed ones. Hence the present Hygromycin study was undertaken to optimize the selection marker antibiotic Hygromycin to screen transformed cells in sorghum transformation experiments with vectors harbouring hpt gene. Shoot meristem explants of sorghum were grown in somatic embryo induction media containing various concentrations of Hygromycin.

The optical fiber as the transmission medium for lightwave communication is now well established. Optical fibers provide enormous and unsurpassed transmission bandwidth, and are now the transmission medium of choice for long distance and high data rate transmission. Networks which operate at the 1300 nm window are now in state of art situation. Advanced fiber designs for operation at lowest loss 1550 nm window are reaching to state of art situation for long haul routes. These systems are based on dispersion shifted fibers and erbium-doped fiber amplifiers.

Project Management is an established discipline that is widely accepted as the guide to be used in team projects. Project Management has become the main support framework for the Malaysian government operations, yet there are some notable issues regarding the Project Management processes applied in software development that is crucial to understand.

The reliability of structure is its ability to achieve its design purpose during a specified time. The reliability index is equivalent to the probability of safety. In this study, the reliability index for the RC slender columns with rectangular cross section is studied. The variable parameters studied include the concrete compressive strength, the reinforcement yield strength, the loads, the reinforcement ratio, the dimensions of concrete cross-section, and the location of steel placement. Risk Analysis program called @Risk (Version 6.0) was used to perform the analytical study.

The wireless communication is always evolving with time, so as of now it has reached to another level of not just communicating but collecting, storing, processing and transmitting data with tremendous speed. Over the years of history India have seen different techniques to improvise the crop yield, to maintain soil health and to keep up the occupational growth [1]. The need for smart agriculture is in demand which will bring revolution. The administration of data series using this prototype will be beneficial for maintaining acres of field in just one go from any corner.

An illness death model is a Multi-state model where subjects progress though three different states. An illness death model is a discrete space continuous time stochastic process, for a random process with a finite state space S = {1, 2 ... N}. Here, T = [0, τ], τ < ∞ is a time interval and the value of the process at time t the state occupied at that time. The states are either transient or absorbing. An absorbing state is a state from which further transitions cannot occur while a transient state allows transition to other states.

Capture recapture is a method that involves estimating the number of cases in a defined population by crosslinking registrations of individual records of names. This study seeks to present the capture recapture technique as a more appropriate approach to use in estimating the number of population that are difficult to count.

History of denim is as colorful as the fabric that has ruled the fashion chart of the world for the past fifteen decades. Gradually due to technological advancements denim turned as a fashion symbol. In 1800s American gold miners needed clothes that were strong lasted longer and durable and it has good abrasion resistance, means the fabric absorbs a lot of friction before it breaks apart. But in present era, Denim is no more considered as ‘workwear’. Though branded jeans are very expensive wearer get fad up after a long use.

This paper describes the development of a dynamic recommender system which provides clients the recommended services based on their preferences. This system is said to be dynamic since the weight of each criterion is defined by the user. In addition, preferences of other users is also included in ranking the recommended services through the use of collaborative filtering. This provides a specific user an idea of what others preferred and may help the user in finding the best offer.

This study aims at investigating the sound change of Wakatobi Language. Wakatobi is a language used in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The data collecting was done through interviewing method. Interview was carried out by visiting all of the research locations and did the interview through the question lists provided. The Interview was done by using noting and recording techniques. It was analyzed synchronically using apportioned and interlingua equal methods.

This paper proposes and aims at designing a GSM jammer. GSM jammer is a device that transmit signal on the same frequency at which the GSM system operates. The mobile phones in the area where the jammer is located are disabled. This project is mainly intended to prevent the usage of mobile phones in places inside its coverage without interfering with the communication channels outside its range, thus providing a cheap and reliable method for blocking mobile communication in the required restricted areas only.

This review points out the importance of coupling electrochemical techniques with molecularly imprinted polymers, in order advanced sensing devices to be developed. Recently, the growing interest in molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) as recognition elements, which mimic natural receptors, has made the researchers to design novel formats for improvement of MIP electrochemical sensors. Among other possible approaches used in the literature, this review will discuss the electrogeneration of MIPs and on less common hybrid technology (e.g.

Background:In longwall mining, for the purposes production and safety, the roof exposed in the working area of a longwall face must be supported and protected. For this purpose, hydraulic support units, which are called powered roof supports, are used in the production area. Before excavating the coal from underground, excavation area has to be prepared for longwall mining equipments such as powered roof supports, chain conveyor and shearer-loader. These are quite expensive equipments.

The cement industry is the India’s second highest payer of Central Excise and Major contributor to GDP. With infrastructure development growing and the housing sector booming, the demand for cement is also bound to increase. However, the cement industry is extremely energy intensive. After aluminium and steel, the manufacturing of Portland cement is the most energy intensive process as it consumes 4GJ per tonne of energy. After thermal power plants and the iron and steel sector, the Indian cement industry is the third largest user of coal in the country.

A series of new pyrazolyl-dihydropyrimidinones 4(a-g) have been synthesized from 3,5-dimethyl-1-aryl-1H-4-pyrazolecarbaldehyde 3(a-g). The structures of the synthesized compounds have been confirmed via IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and MS spectral analyses. Further, all the synthesized new compounds 4(a-g) have been assayed for their antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria viz. Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus sphaericus and Staphylococcus aureus, and Gram-negative bacteria viz. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klobsinella aerogenes and Chromobacterium violaceum.

Casting is a Process by which alloy Composition can be easily made. Due to daily Advancement in technology the material advancement to improve certain mechanical properties have to make new kinds of alloys. The various processes of Casting Aluminium Alloys were studied. In the cast alloys the basic structure consists of cored dendrites of aluminum solid solution, with a variety of constituents at the grain boundaries or inter-dendritic spaces, forming a brittle, more or less continuous network of eutectics.

To help make cancer a curable disease by identifying the cause of the cancer, discover better therapies and address the major challenges in curing cancer by developing innovative approaches like possibilities of applying Artificial Intelligence to come up with better remedies in tackling the current challenges in treating cancer, minimise the instances of cancer disease and hopefully make cancer curable disease. Thus, making an effective contribution to the society in the field of healthcare services to fight against cancer and save more lives.

It is usual for the infants 6-12 months to show anxiety when they see that their mothers are temporarily going away. This kind of anxiety has to do with the universal fear that stems from the unaware association of the child of leaving of their “safe protector” and the risk to survive without her help.However, infants grow and their affective bonds with other people are increased, it is expected that their separation anxiety disorder should be reduced.

Case of Girinka Munyarwanda program in Nyabihu District: 2013-2016” aims to identify the activities implemented in the framework of Girinka Munyarwanda Program in Nyabihu District; To determine the main challenges that face Girinka Munyarwanda program in Nyabihu District; To evaluate the situation of welfare conditions before and after Girinka Munyarwanda program in Nyabihu District; To calculate the correlation between the supports obtained from Girinka Munyarwanda program and the level of welfare conditions of its beneficiaries.

Big data is a term defining collection of large datasets. In this paper, the objective is to discuss the characteristics and challenges of big data in which the process is to extract the information from large sets of big data. Healthcare System is the organization of people, institution and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target population.

As a cereal wheat is also believed to originate from Fertile Crescent. On the other hand Ethiopia is a center of great diversity particularly for the tetraploid wheat. Genomic and taxonomic controversies are of the major points of debate among scientists working on the crop. Since wheat is known to compose A,B and D genomes the controversies stems from the fact that different findings suggested different results with regards to the progenitor specie of these genomes.

Turkey and in the world of architectural space seen, heard, perceived, measured on factors that can be felt, was studied. However, we cannot identify the effect in the formation, we feel that we can't see, but there are some factors which we estimate to be there. From a religious point of view these factors is the basic purpose of the study is to uncover and interpret.

The aim of this study was to examine the effect on body image of the 8-week training aerobic. 57 women whose mean age is 22,10 ± 3,8 years, mean height 1,67 ± 0,04 m. and an mean weight is 55,88 ± 4,58 kg have participated as experimental group. 45 women whose mean age is years, 20,71 ± 1,52 mean height is 1,65 ± 0,05 m. and an mean weight is 66,57 ± 9,92 kg have participated in the study as a control group. In the experimental group, have the women make aerobic training three days per week for 8 weeks, participants in the control group continued to operate normally.

With the continuous expansion of the population of the elderly and the deepening of the population aging, the whole society is paying more and more attention to the aging problem.

The Administration refers to the management of an organization and its business. It involves the efficient use of staff, information, and other resources to achieve outputs and objectives. One major challenge in administration is effective communication which is very basic but essential requirement to manage all the day to day operations i.e. to inform, to request, to persuade, to direct, to control, to organize, to take decision, to coordinate to issue orders and to build goodwill.

During the period of shifting from one model of social progress to another such complex and conflicting events take place in spiritual life of society that at this time social mind encounters sudden transformation. As a result many historical traditions collapse. The better historical mind is formed in a man, the more developed his spiritual feelings (national pride, pride, patriotism) become.

The present study conducted for study the loan repayment pattern and reasons of madding default in the loan repayment by the marginal farmers and to provide suggestions to overcome the problem of non repayment of loan amount of marginal farmer households. The present study is empirical nature and mainly based on primary data collected by using stratified random sampling and direct interview method and open ended schedule will prepare for data collection. The total sample size is 600 marginal farmer households.

The rational use of natural resources and the protection of the environment, means acting with responsibility and opportunity. To generate environmental behaviors in the family, its members must have environmental culture. Therefore, to re-educate parents in this field, the non-formal environmental educational program of the training workshop "Environmental culture for the family", was implemented in three schools. The final group of participants in this study was integrated by 23 volunteer parents: 22 female and 1 male.

The aim of the study was to determine the impact of problem based learning strategy to teach biology for eleventh standard students to enhance the higher order thinking skills. In the present study quantitative data were obtained by adopting quasi single group experimental design via pretest/post test method.

In this study between March 2015 and May 2015, intestinal parasites were studied in stool samples of a total of 104 students, 40 males and 64 females studying at the Medical Laboratory Program of the School of Health Services, Igdir University. Stool specimens were first examined macroscopically. Subsequently, studies were conducted using native-lugol and modified acid fast staining. Intestinal parasites were found in 52.9% of the total 104 students in whom stool samples were examined.

This study was conducted in order to evaluate competition performances according to the classification points of the wheelchair basketball national team players who have joined The Rio Olympics. The universe of the study consisted of wheelchair basketball national teams who have joined The 2016 Rio Olympics. The total points of the athletes taking part in the study, the total points they missed, 2-point shots they scored, and 2-point shots they missed were assessed. The obtained data were recorded in the SPSS package program.

The Government of Indonesia launched its tax reporting policy through e-filing. E-filing is a means of reporting taxes online and real-time using internet media through an application service provider or Application Service Provider. By using e-filing taxpayers are easier in reporting taxes without having to come to the tax office. This has also reaped reactions among the public.

Environment needs protection against ill effects of rapid construction. the performance assessment of existing eco- friendly buildings inside Kathmandu Valley by taking both eco- friendly and conventional buildings for case study and by comparing the obtained performance data of both type of buildings. This study is also an initial attempt to find out the new technologies and to observe the building materials that are being used in the existing eco- friendly buildings. Some new techniques and materials were also found to be used during the case study of Hama Steel complex.

R.K.Narayan is the greatest of Indo- Anglian novelists. He is undoubtedly India's most famous author and is most accomplished. R. K. Narayan has deservedly come to be regarded as a pioneer of the Indian novel in English. He has endeared himself to millions of readers throughout the world, because of his impassioned blend of profound and comic vision. He has an uncanny capacity for empathizing with the common masses in a realistic manner. His art of storytelling enabled him to carry the tradition of great writers to new heights.

Introduction: Hypoalbuminemia and hyperphosphatemia are associated with increased morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. Albumin behaves as an antioxidant molecule whereas increased serum phosphorus levels are linked with vascular calcification. Method: Present study is a case-control study. Hundred CAD patients were recruited adopting an inclusion and exclusion criteria. 100 age and sex matched healthy subjects were taken as controls. CAD patients were segregated into two Groups on the basis of their albumin cut off value of 4.0g/dl.

The present study has tried to make a comparison between perceived Mood-States of Adolescents possessing A+, B+, AB+ and O+ Blood Group. For this data was collected on 200 respondents: 100 boys and 100 Girls equally divided into four categories on the basis of their Blood- Group (Boys=100, A+=25. B+=25, AB+=25 and O+=25, Girls=100, A+=25. B+=25, AB+=25 and O+=25). 8SQ constructed by Cattle and Currans (1989) was utilized to measure the perceived Mood-State of the respondents. The present study have revealed that 1.

This investigation has been conducted to study the protective effect of Thymoquinone against Diethylnitrosamine induced hepatic injury in rats. Twenty-eight of male Wistar albino rats (180-220g) were divided into four groups.

There is no good outcome without good process. The ten core life skills given by World Health Organization, plays an important role in the lives of the adolescents. The application of suitable interventional techniques is vital for the various issues encountered among individuals and group. This paper will bring out the role played by the qualified professional social workers who work as life skill trainers in a school. This paper will also address and highlight the importance of various interventional techniques used by the trainers to address the issues found among the students.

Customer churn prediction is one of the most important requirements in customer relationship management. It aims to retain valuable customers in order to maximize the profit of a company. In this paper, we propose an autonomous toolkit to forecast customers churn (ATFC) — an autonomous customer churn toolkit which predicts churning behavior of customers in the telecom industry. ATFC gives a customer churn prediction model which can fit generally in similar kinds of problems and datasets. It predicts which customers are at the risk of leaving the company.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells are mostly multipotent stem cells and are capable of self-renewal throughout the entire organism’s life. The adult stem cells differentiate into other mature cell types. The adult stem cells are already committed and other cells, which are normally intermediate cells with increased commitment, are called primordial cells. It has many sources from human and the major source of mesenchymal stem cells by umbilical cord blood and wharton’s jelly. This study has been completely used by wharton’s jelly of human.

The lack of managers who have been trained on management management results in less effective management systems. In general, management capacity has been classified as weaknesses in various areas of health managers' expertise. The success and future of an organization depends on the performance generated by the leadership of the hospital manager. As a complex organization, RS has interaction among various professions, so the conflict is not an abnormality that occurs in hospital is a characteristic of a hospital.

The aim of this review study was to discuss and highlight the most important risk factors and causes of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), through reviewing the relevant evidence. We searched following electronic databases (PubMed and EMBASE) to May 2017. Search strategy targeted relevant studies to our main topic which is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), using Mesh terms through PubMed as following; “IBD” OR “Crohn's disease (CD)” OR “ulcerative colitis (UC)” combined with “Etiology” AND “Risk factors” AND “Epidemiology” AND “Pathogenesis”.

Nanotechnology is a fast growing area of research in various discipline carbon nitride vanadium oxide (C3N4 –V2O5) nanoparticles were synthesized by simple thermal decomposition method. Ultraviolet – Visible spectroscopy, Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy (FT - IR), Raman spectroscopy x-ray diffraction (XRD) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were employed to characterized the structure, light absorption capacity of the synthesized sample.

A few complexes of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II), Zinc(II), tin(IV) and cadmium(II) with two newly synthesized organometallic compounds, 1Formylferrocene phenylNthiosemicarbazone (HFfptsc) and 1acetyl ferrocene phenyl Nthiosemicarbazone (HAfptsc) have been isolated. The interaction of (HFfptsc) with Me2SnCl2 and MeSnCl3. Yield a series of organotin (IV) compounds. The reactivity of MeSn(Ffptsc)2Cl towards MeSH, Me2N SiMe3, Me2NsiMe3, SiMe3N3, and Me3SiCCPh are also described.

Ascariasis is the largest and most prevalent human helminthes. It’is more frequent in underdeveloped countries because of poor hygiene and low socio economic conditions. Ascaris can lead to hepatic, pancreatic and intestinal complications. Intestinal obstruction is more frequent in children. We report two cases of ascariasis infestation presented with bowel obstruction. Both patients were from rural area. Because of the volvulus with necrosis of ileal loop, the first patient underwent an intestinal resection with end to end anastomosis.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has proven to be a major advance in the treatment of patients with symptomatic gallbladder disease. In general, laparoscopic procedures have a lower risk of morbidity and mortality compared to conventional technique but various ventilatory and hemodynamic complications are associated with it which can result in fatal consequences intraoperatively and become very distressing for the anesthesiologist.

Introduction: In a pregnant woman maternal height and antenatally measured expected birth weight can influence mode of delivery at term. Mode of delivery can be either normal vaginal delivery orcesarean section. Aims and objective of my study is to find out the association between maternal height and antenatally measured birth weight in outcome of pregnancy at term. Method: 200 full term primiAnd multigravida women without any obstetric and medical complications who were admitted in C.U.Shah medical college and hospital for delivery were randomly selected for study.

Heavy metals are the major pollutants of marine, ground, industrial and treated waste waters. Heavy metals have lethal effect on human health and aquatic life. Due to their non-biodegradable nature, they enter into the food chain through the disposal of waste in water bodies. Biosorption is an alternative technique to conventional treatment method for the removal of metal ions from waste waters. Various biological materials have been used as biosorbent for the uptake of metal ions from aqueous solutions.

The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of bleaching in deciduous teeth with Diode Laser and LED Irradiation. Forty extracted caries free central incisors were used for the study (there Ciel*a*b* values were recorded). All the forty teeth were first discolored in the solution made of coco cola and tea (Ciel*a*b* values were recorded) and were then divided into 2 groups A (Laser) & B (LED). Discolored Samples in Group A were treated with the bleaching agent assisted by Laser and then there Ciel*a*b* values were recorded.

Introduction: Profunda femoris is the largest branch of femoral artery. It gives branches including lateral circumflex artery, medial circum¬flex artery and three perforator branches and subsequently continues as fourth perforating artery.
Objective: To study the location of origin of profunda femoris artery and correlate it clinically.
Materials and Methods: The present study was done on 40 embalmed limbs (20 cadavers – 12 males and 8 females) for identifications of the origins of profunda femoris artery.

Light photons are considered mass-less. The gravity bends light due to its relativistic mass. But this innovative paper and the author's previous papers referred in this article, reveal that, the light photons have rest-mass: Its rest-mass remains as it is at its speed c. How it happens is also explained w.r.t. Author's previous paper given in below description (The Light Photon, Black Matter...). All experiments performed give speed of light w.r.t. its source and not w.r.t. the observer. Not any experiment give speed of light w.r.t. observer. The speed of light w.r.t.

For the first time reported here are the Lower Palaeolithic Acheulian cultural findings discovered recently from Ghumarwin area of district Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. The area is popular for the fossil remains of the earliest ape-men to which the author has contributed considerably, besides reporting for the first time the Soanian pebble industries of the Lower Stone Age from this area over three decades ago.

This paper evaluated Africa’s socio-economic development in the era of mobile technology. The postcolonial socio economic structure of Africa in general took a dramatic turn consequent upon the advent of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). The GSM featured for the first time in sub-Saharan Africa in 1993 in Cape Town, South Africa; almost a decade later, it had diffused to other parts of Africa with conspicuous effects on the continent in general. The study is localised to Nigeria being the most populous country and largest economy in Africa.

Background: Small bowel perforation is still a major health problem in the developing world with its attendant high morbidity and mortality. Till date Small bowel perforation has been treated by conventional laparotomy. Early surgery has become the accepted mode of treatment and this has improved survival in the patients. Reports are now available for the feasibility of laparoscopic repair of Small bowel perforation. Laparoscopy provides diagnostic as well as therapeutic capabilities with diagnostic accuracy reaching 100%.

Introduction: Comparative study of recovery after sevoflurane versus desflurane anaesthesia in adult patients during the surgery and side effects observed during and after anaesthesia. Materials and Methods: Patients in the age group of 20-55 years, having ASA 1 and ASA 2, scheduled for elective surgery were included &randomly divided into two groups’ i.e Group I-Sevoflurane receiving group and Group II-Desflurane receiving group and patients with clinically significant cardiovascular & a history of allergic reactions to drugs were excluded.

Organic farming is a production system that avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetically produce agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, live stock feed additives etc. Besides, the economic value of rice is largely determined by the milling quality of the rice varieties. Increasingly, consumers are also interested to get rice which possesses good cooking and eating qualities. In view of the health benefits of organic crops and the quality demands of the consumers, the present study was under.

Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS) consisting of Micrognathia, Retrognathia, Glossoptosis and cleft palate present with airway obstruction and feeding difficulties with or without other congenital anomalies. These patients come into category of difficult ventilation and difficult intubation. We present a case report of a 10 days old female child, weighing 2.5kg, suffering from PRS with cleft palate, Micrognathia, Retrognathia, Glossoptosis, airway obstruction, feeding and breathing difficulty posted for tongue lip adhesion. Thorough preoperative airway assessment was done.

Background: Disinfection of root canal system is paramount in endodontic success. Recently, nanoparticles of various metals have been employed to reach and combat resistant bacteria in intricacies of root canal system. Aim: This study aimed at synthesis of silver nanoparticles bychemical reduction method and their characterisation them using spectrophotometry and nanoparticle tracking analysis. Methodology: Silver nanoparticles were synthesised by reducing a solution of silver nitrate with Gallic acid.

Functionally graded materials play a majors important role in engineering and other applications. One of the fabrication methods for functionally graded materials (FGMs) is centrifuge casting technique. This study represents a new concept of refining and enhancing properties of cast, aluminum alloys by adding nano-particles using centrifuge technique. In this work, the effect of adding alumina (Al2O3) to Al as a base metal was investigated.

Teledentistry is the use of telemedicine in dentistry it is use of information technology and telecommunications for dental care, consultation with referral, education, and patient education. Telemedicine has been used as an effective method to improve the quality of care and reduce the cost of health care. Teledentistry is beginning of new era in the field of dentistry that unites telecommunication, digital imaging, and the Internet to join health professionals in rural and distant areas.

Although uncommon, most common site for adenocarcinoma of small bowel is duodenum. In duodenum, it is found most commonly in second part secondary to a villous adenoma in periampullary region. Carcinoma of third and fourth part is extremely rare. We had 60 year old lady presented with history of vomiting following food intake for 15 days and generalised weakness and loss of weight since 6 months. Patient was diagnosed adenocarcinoma duodenum in third and fourth part with regional lymph node metastasis via CT scan, OGD scopy and biopsy.

C. pseudotuberculosis is a Gram-positive, pleomorphic, intracellular, immobile, and facultative anaerobic bacterium which may cause various infections mainly in sheeps and goats, and at a lesser degree in humans, horses, camels, pigs, and buffalos. In this study, 15 sick cattle, raised in a farm within the Van province, were included. Clinical assessments of the cattle showed various pyogranulomatous skin lesions along with inflammation in the udders and joints. C. pseudotuberculosis was isolated and identified from the samples obtained from the milk and abscess content.

Aim: To study and determine the prevalence of oral submucous fibrosis and to evaluate its association with habitual Gutkha chewing, areca nut, betel nut and betel leaf and other associated adverse habits. Material and Methods: The Oral submucous fibrosis patients in the outpatient Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Noble Medical College and Hospital, were examined. The study design was a cross sectional study. A total of 589 OSMF patients were screened out of a total of 1200 patients.

Experimental research with animals is usually conducted in universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies. Animals and human get many of the same illnesses. Animal research usually describes research involving vertebrates, such as cats, mice, frogs, pigs, and primates. All medical research is carefully planned, and this includes medical research with animals. Under federal law, all animals must be treated humanely and undergo the least distress possible. Medical research with animals saves Lives.

The aim of the current review was to answer this research question: Does the posterior iliac crest (PIC) harvesting technique has lower rate of postoperative complications than the anterior iliac crest (AIC) one. Online electronic databases were searched to detect articles published in English language from 2000 to 2016. Clinical human studies, comprising randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical trials, case series or retrospective studies whose purpose was comparing postoperative complications between AIC and PIC bone graft harvesting was selected.

Background: The main categories of reconstruction following total gastrectomy are restoration of intestinal continuity without preservation of the duodenal food passage (Roux-en-Y oesophagojujunostomy) and restoration of intestinal continuity with preservation of the duodenal passage. Operations in either category may be combined with the construction of an enteric pouch or gastric reservoir to simulate the reservoir function of the normal, intact stomach. Methodology: The study included 20 patients, who underwent total gastrectomy with Hunt-Lawrence J–pouch reconstruction.

Establishment of identity remains the key aims in a medico legal autopsy. Identity of a person can be made from his race, stature, age, sex etc. for living persons the establishing of identity is not a difficult task but not so in cases of dead persons. The problem is more challenging if the skeletal remains only was available for medico legal examination. Determination of age was carried out from various changes in bones and cartilages including fusion of epiphyses, ossification changes, regression changes etc.

Background: Regeneration of the destroyed periodontal tissues is the ultimate goal of periodontal therapy. The factors that affect fibrin formation and structure may be: Genetic factors, acquired factors and other parameters including the age and gender of the patient. The patterns and arrangement of fibrin networks within the PRF clot, their capacity to entrap platelets and wbcs and the impact of age and gender of the patient on fibrin network patterns and arrangement have not been highlighted till date.

Introduction: Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) including Polycythemia Vera (PV), essential thrombocythemia (ET), and primary myelofibrosis (PMF) are clonal hematopoietic stem cell disorders which originate from a single stem cell. Usually one cell line predominates in a given disorder. Over the last 12 years, several somatic mutations have been described in MPN classification like: JAK2, CALR and MPL, but JAK2 is the most frequent, with frequencies of approximately 98% in PV, 50% to 60% in ET, and 55% to 65% in PMF.

Interim restorations are a critical component of fixed prosthodontic treatment. In addition to their biologic and biomechanical requirements, interim restorations provide the clinician with valuable diagnostic information. They act as functional and esthetic try-in and serve as a blueprint for the design of the definitive prosthesis. Thus for a successful provisional restoration fabrication the clinician must have a thorough knowledge of the properties of the interim restoration material selected and the technique used.

Introduction: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent and far common debilitating form of Arthritis which can be defined as a degenerative condition affecting Synovial joint. Revulsive compress is a hydrotherapy technique traditionally which is used for reducing pain and other associated symptoms of knee Osteoarthritis. This study was carried out to determine the effect of Revulsive compress on knee osteoarthritis associated problems. Methodology: The study was carried out in Sree Ramakrishna medical college hospital for Naturopathy and Yoga, kulasekharam, India.

Aim & Objective The aim of the present study was to assess the unpredictable working postures of dentists using the postural analysis tool, Rapid entire body assessment (REBA) and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA). Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on one hundred and seventy five dentists working in different clinics having an experience of 3 to 20 years with age ranging from 25 – 50 years. Posture was assessed using the posture analysis tools like Rapid entire body assessment (REBA) and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA).

Colotropis gigantean is a natural product it is used in treatment of jaundice. The Colotropis gigantean, its properties, mechanism of action and clinical uses are briefly reviewed in this article.

Aim: The present study was conducted with the aim to assess the prevalence of the periodontal status of the patients reporting to the Out Patients Department of a dental college in Pune. Objectives: Find the prevalence, extent and severity of the periodontal status and to associate it with the age, gender, socioeconomic status, systemic conditions, smoking etc. Chart out an appropriate periodontal health care program protocol for the patients visiting the college with periodontal problems.

Introduction: Close contacts of MDR-TB patients are expected to be at increased risk of developing TB. Therefore, when patients are diagnosed with MDR tuberculosis, early initiation of treatment is a particularly important element of prevention for developing new cases of active tuberculosis in the community. Methodology: We conducted domiciliary visits to interview in dex cases as well as their household contacts.

Objective: Our study was focused on patients with various types of malignancies undergoing follow up 18F FDG PET-CT imaging after definitive cancer treatment to assess the ability of F-18 FDG PET CT to differentiate benign and malignant metabolically active peripheral lymph nodes (LNs) with histopathological (HP) correlation. Methods: Follow up of 115 treated cancer patients with 18F FDG PET-CT imaging who had metabolically active peripheral LNs were included in this prospective study which consist 60 males and 55 females (15-75 years).

Purpose: This investigation was carried out to evaluate the effect of glass and polyethylene fiber inserts on the micro leakage of Class II composite restorations with gingival margins on root surfaces. Materials and method: Standard MO or DO cavities were prepared in 60 extracted premolars. The teeth were randomly divided into three groups (n=20).

Background: Maternal mortality is a global health problem with a ratio of 525/100,000 live births annually, which is still unacceptably high. A disproportionately high burden of these maternal deaths is borne in developing countries including Nigeria. Among the many strategies initiated for the reduction of maternal mortality such as making pregnancy safer and lifesaving skills; this study focuses on birth preparedness and complication readiness.

Background: Cholecystitis is one the most common disease encountered to general surgeons or G I surgeons in Bihar. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the standard treatment of choice in cases of acute/chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, empyema, pyocele, gall bladder polyp etc. Cholecystectomy used to be done early in Bihar region because of high risk of carcinomatous transformation. As the time passes scar less surgery is getting more and more acceptance among surgeons and patients both. Advancement in laparoscopic surgery is very fast in recent years.

Neonatal sepsis is a common but dreadful problem faced by neonatologists and is responsible for approximately 25% of all neonatal deaths in the world. Neonates are at increased risk of contracting infections due to immature immune system. It is difficult to clinically diagnose sepsis in these babies because the clinical features of sepsis are subtle in these neonates. Culture and sensitivity remains the gold standard test to diagnose and treat neonates in this situation.

We report a case of young adult male who presented with two episodes of shoulder dislocation during sleep. After the second episode the possibility of nocturnal seizure was considered. On evaluation he was found to have a lateral tongue bite and magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed a right frontal cysticercal granuloma.

Host Modulation Therapy (HMT) is a treatment concept that reduces tissue destruction and stabilizes or even regenerates inflammatory tissue by modifying host response factors. It has been used for treating osteoporosis and arthritis for several decades. However, its use in dentistry has also been reported. The objective of this article is to present a review of the various literatures available on HMT and also its role as adjunct therapy in periodontics.

Introduction: Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease, is associated with many co-morbidities including metabolic syndrome. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the hepatic manifestations of metabolic syndrome. A few recent studies have shown that NAFLD is also frequent in psoriatic patients. Aim: The aimof the study was to analyze the prevalence of NAFLD among adult psoriatic patients. Material & Methods: 250 adult psoriatic patients who presented to Department of Dermatology were enrolled in the study.

Herbal products have been used since ancient times in folk medicine, involving both eastern and western medicinal traditions. Many plants with biological and antimicrbiological properties have been studied since there has been a relevant increase in the incidence of antibiotic overuse and misuse. In dentistry Phytomedicines has been used as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic andsedative agents.

Background: Perinatal asphyxia leading to hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is still leading cause of infant and under-five mortality and significant morbidity in developing countries. Cranial USG is a sensitive, cheap and non invasive tool for early diagnosis of HIE and persistence of these lesion on serial USG can be correlated with subsequent neuro-developmental outcome. Method: This prospective observational study was conducted in SNCU and NICU of a tertiary care hospital of India on term neonates with perinatal asphyxia.

Impacted tooth is one that fails to erupt and will not attain it’s anatomical position beyond chronological date of eruption. This article reports a case of surgical extraction of mandibular left impacted canine which was managed successfully.

The aim of this investigation to verify the effect of providing either cold or warm water on feed intake, physiological parameters, and behavioral responses in sheep under heat stress condition. Twelve Awassi sheep were randomly allocated to two treatment groups with three hours drinking interval and ad libitumfeeding. The first group (N=6) animals were watered warm water coming from water tanks exposed to sun and the second group watered with cold water with a temperature less than 10o C.

Background: Incidence and prevalence of stroke has risen exponentially worldwide in last few decades and incidence of stroke is also rising among Indians. Carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) is a non-invasive test for assessment of atherosclerosis in different arteries. There is a direct correlation with incidence of stroke. Systemic inflammation is now thought to be a part of the process for accelerated atherosclerosis. Measurements of the marker of systemic inflammation, i.e. hsCRP, may provide a good indication of the risk to develop stroke.

Introduction: The present study was done to evaluate the effectiveness of distraction osteogenesis as a treatment modality in case of midfacial deformity associated with cleft lip and palate patients and to suggest a modified protocol for distraction osteogenesis for midface and dentoalveolar segments in cleft lip and palate patients. nd application of Rigid external distractor (RED). The distraction was carried out over a period of 6-13 days at a rate of 4.0 mm per day.

Hypertension is a major risk factor to many diseases like myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, renal failure, and retinopathy which is a leading cause of death. This study aims to provide patient counseling regarding risk factors, life style modifications and pharmacological therapy by orally and through patient information leaflet which will improves knowledge, attitude, practice(KAP) and Health related quality of life in hypertension.

SWOT Analysis is the most renowned tool for auditing and analyzing the overall strategic position of a tourist destination. SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a destination. It involves identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to a destination.

Purpose: Trabeculectomy with or without various modifications forms the surgical mainstay of glaucoma treatment.The impact of the procedure on the visual prognosis on the glaucoma patient must be carefully evaluated. Our purpose is to study the stabilization and alterations in the refractive status following trabeculectomy using conventional interrupted sutures and releasable sutures. Methods: This was a prospective comparative study.

Background: Plasma fibrinogen is a major determinant of platelet aggregation and blood viscosity. It has been demonstrated that smoking increases the plasma fibrinogen level, which is an independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Our objective was to investigate the extent to which cigarette smokers in comparison with non-smokers have their plasma fibrinogen level.

Life and death are set before us, and we are at liberty to choose which we will. There are many reasons, and much good sound logic that could be produced. In India average life time of humans has been increased upto 10 years compared to before 25 years. In the year 1990 average human life time in India was approximately upto 58 years, now in 2016 it was increased upto 69 years. As according to WHO World health statistics 2016 lifetime expectancy is 3 years more in females than in males.

Despite the popularity of contraceptives, their use and choice may vary depending on social, cultural and personal beliefs. This cross-sectional study estimated the prevalence and analyzed the determinants of contraception use among women attending antenatal care clinic in primary healthcare centers in two cities of Saudi Arabia. The prevalence of contraceptive use was 84.2% (95%CI= 80.5%; 87.5%). Oral contraceptive pills were the most frequently used (68.2%), followed by Intrauterine devices (17.6%) and male condom (7.1%).

Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench is cultivated in several tropical and subtropical regions in the world. Among the diseases, the mosaic caused by potyvirus is an important constraint for the agricultural production causing reduction in grain and forage sorghum production.In Brazil, only Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) had previously been reported as the potyvirus species causing mosaic in sorghum and maize. A survey was carried out in sorghum plantations of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, during the 2014/2015 crop season for monitoring mosaic disease.

Background and Aims: Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) is widely used for airway management in paediatric anaesthesia. However, differences in paediatric airway anatomy compared to adults can make the correct placement of LMA difficult in paediatric patients. We conducted the study to compare the Standard Brain technique and Lateral approach with 90⁰ rotation with partially inflated cuff for LMA insertion in paediatric patients. Methods: 100 ASA I children aged between 2 to 12 years scheduled for short elective surgical procedures lasting for less than 60 minutes were included in the study.

Background: Aerobic non-fermenting gram negative bacilli [NFGNB] once considered as contaminants now associated with life threatening infections and emerging as multidrug resistant [MDR] nosocomial pathogens. AIM: Isolation and identification of NFGNB in various clinical samples and to determine their antibiotic susceptibility pattern. Materials and methods: A retrospective study was conducted in the microbiology laboratory of a tertiary care hospital from July 2015 to December 2016. NFGNB were isolated from various clinical specimens on MacConkey agar.

Background: Every year thousands of people go missing and reports are filed in police records. Thousands of unidentified dead bodies recovered, where inquest is carried out throughout India. This is an issue which is of global concern. In the year 2015 only, 34592 unknown dead bodies were recovered all over India, where Maharashtra was the leading state. Identification of unidentified dead victims using a current methods is not sufficient in existing system, hence burden has been assessed and an algorithm has been prepared for easy, early and correct identification of the dead bodies.

Anticoagulant drugs are commonly prescribed to patients with atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, venous thromboembolism, congestive heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction, genetic or acquired hypercoagulability, prosthetic heart valves and cardiac stents placement. On the other hand, this may increase the risk of bleeding during invasive dental surgical procedures. This article briefly reviews on perioperative guidelines and management of dental patients receiving oral anticoagulant drugs.

Background & Objectives: The strength greatly influences the selection of core material because core must withstand forces due to mastication and para-function for many years. This study was conducted to evaluate certain mechanical properties of commonly used materials for direct core build-up, including visible light cured composite, polyacid modified composite, resin modified glass ionomer, high copper amalgam, and silver cermet cement. Methods: All the materials were manipulated according to manufacturer’s recommendations and Standard test specimens were prepared.

A simple and effective RP-HPLC method The study was considered to assess the hepatoprotective activity of pre-treatment with aqueous extract of Ven sivathaiverchoornam (O. turpethum) against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in Wistar rat model. Liver damage was induced in experimental animals by administering CCl4. The aqueous extract of O. turpethum (60 and 100 mg/kg, po) was given for five days. Silymarin (100 mg/kg, po) was specified as the reference drug.

Mandibular fractures in children are rare and their treatment remains controversial. Most of the fractures are greenstick type, so conservative approach is preferred as the fracture heals rapidly as the child grows normally. Treatment of mandibular fracture differ from that of adults due to concerns regarding development of dentition and mandibular growth. This article reports a case of Mandibular Dentoalveolar fracture in a 10 years boy and its conservative management.

Partial unilateral lentiginosis (PUL) is a rare pigmentary skin disease characterized by numerous smallagminatedbrown macules on an area of normal skinconfined to only one side of the face or body andalmost always starts in childhood, rarely at birth.Treatment of PUL isnecessary for cosmetically disfiguring feature. Howevertreating the PUL with outside effects such as purpura, crust, postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, mottled hypopigmentation, scarring and recurrences is extremely difficult. Therefore, the authors introduce a newtreatment of PUL using Dr.

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GISTs) are rare neoplasms accounting for only 0.1 to 3 % of Gastrointestinal Malignancies but they account for 80% of Gastrointestinal Mesenchymal Neoplasms. The only principle and curative treatment available for GISTs is Surgical R0 Clearance.Laparoscopic Resection of GIST is routinely advocated only for tumours at favourable locations and smaller sizes(Less than 5 cm). But the Gastro-Esophageal (GE)Junctional tumours poses a special risk of involving the Lower Esophageal sphincter while resection, thereby causing Reflux or late Stenosis.

Introduction: The dental post graduate students are under continuous stress to achieve the impeccable standards expected by the trainers. Lack of time management can lead to procrastination of academic and clinical tasks that ultimately could impact their academic performance. The aim this study to assess the level of procrastination among dental post graduate students in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Objective: The combined intervention stratergies of electrical stimulation along with splinting to decrease neural and non-neural components of hypertonicity on hand functions in spastic cerebral palsy can be appropriated. Methodology: STUDY DESIGN- Quasi-experimental, pre-test and post-test design, STUDY SETTING- Physiotherapy department in hospitals, clinics, special schools and subjects residences, SAMPLESIZE- 20 subjects, STUDYDURATION- 3months, STUDY POPULATION- Spastic Hemiplegic children, SAMPLING METHOD- Simple Random Sampling.

Objective: To find out the mobility limitations in children with cerebral palsy. Design: The study design is non-experimental, observational type. Settings: This study was conducted at Paediatric clinics in and around Chennai. Procedure: The subjects were selected according to inclusion and exclusion criteria and informed consent was taken from their parents. MOBQUES28 questionnaire was measured for mobility limitations in daily life of the child.

Objectives: To evaluate the effect of additional sensorimotor stimulation on the motor and functional recovery of hemiplegic arm in acute stroke. Design: Experimental design, randomized controlled design Settings: The study was conducted at St. Thomas Hospital K.P Hospital. Procedure: 30 Subjects diagnosed with acute stroke having recovery hemiplegic arm were taken into the study and divided into two groups, one group is controlled where as other was an experimental group.

Objectives: To compare the effect of subscapularis soft tissue mobilization and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on glenohumeral external rotation in periarthritis shoulder. Design: Comparitive study of quasi experimental design Settings: The study was conducted in SRM Medical Hospital& Research Center, Kattankulathur. Procedure: Subjects diagnosed with periarthritis shoulder are divided into two groups, the treatment for one group was given with subscapular soft tissue mobilization and other with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on glenohumeral external rotation.

Background: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a progressive and disabling condition defined by chronic airflow limitation that is not fully reversible. Urinary incontinence is a common health problem in general population. Dysponea is a common feature that has been described in association with impaired sphincter control in some patients. Chronic cough is another symptom that places increased stress on the pelvic floor and may affect urinary incontinence.

Objectives: To evaluate the effect of various relaxation intervals of the modified contract-relax technique on passive knee extension range of motion in healthy adults. Design: Quasi-experimental and Pre & Post-test type. Setting: The study was conducted at SRM Medical Hospital & Research Center, Kattankulathur. Procedure: 30 Subjects of healthy college students are divided into three groups and given with various relaxation intervals of the modified contract-relax technique on passive knee extension range of motion.

Velopharyngeal inadequacies present since birth are typically associated with hypernasality in the speech, which can be dramatically affect the psychosocial life of the child. The constant connection between the oral and nasal cavities affects speech interpretation, produces hypernasality due to nasal air emission. The contact between the extended palate and tongue produces compensatory articulation. In such cases palatal lift prosthesis is recommended. This prosthesis is simple and efficient in controlling the nasal air leak.

Purpose: Despite many advancements in the management of glaucoma, trabeculectomy remains the mainstay of surgical management. Since ocular hyoptony and shallow anterior chamber in the early postoperative period and their resulting complications are found to be the main cause for reduction in visual acuity following trabeculectomy, our study was designed to compare the IOP reduction and anterior chamber depth along with bleb scores in patients undergoing trabeculectomy with conventional interrupted sutures vs releasable sutures.

Cercospora leaf spot diseases of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) caused by Cercospora arachidicola and Cercosporidium personatum is an important disease that has the potential to significantly reduce the economic value of the crop. A research was conducted to determine the incidence and severity of the disease in four groundnut accessions: ICIAR-19BT, NGB01293, NGB00157 and NGB01294 grown in Abeokuta.

Medicinal plants are an important source in the development of therapeutic strategies. Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) HJ. Lam (Burseraceae), a plant used for its alicamentary, medicinal properties and potential food, is one of this therapeutic arsenal. Phytochemical studies have revealed the presence of various chemical components that justify the diversity of medicinal indications attributed to this plant. The fruits of D.edulis are rich in fats, vitamins, protein and antioxidants.

India has a rich heritage of its own culture since ancient time. It has given many invaluable things to the world. Ayurveda is one of the best gifts given by India. It is life as well as medical science being accepted globally. A chakra in Sanskrit means spinning wheel which symbolizes motion. The Sapta[seven] Chakras are explained in very different ways with respect to a grown up human body in yogic, tantric and psychic systems. A common system of chakras outline that there are 7 main energy vortices. A chakra is the place where nadis cross each other and create an energy spiral.

Extensive surveys were carried out covering as many as 40 orchards of Khasi mandarin in Thangal village of the sub-division Nungba under Tamenglong district in the year 2010-2011. Nutrient constraints in the form of N, P, Ca, Mg, Cu, and Zn were identified using these diagnostics which must find a due place in a fertilizer program of mandarin orchards of the region to obtain sustainable optimum fruit yield.

Many studies showed that the presence of the germs, not diagnosed earlier were responsible for urogenital pathologies. This study was carried out in order to determine the frequency of certain germs of the urogenital tract of women.

Human gut is home to trillions of microbes termed as gut microbiota which play a vital role in maintaining intestinal homeostasis. Evidences suggest that dysbiosis of gut microbiota is associated with pathogenesis of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes. During the last few decades the cases of type 2 diabetes is spreading worldwide affecting the health of an individual. Search for the novel therapeutic approached which is inexpensive and does not have side effects for the management of type 2 diabetes is required.

The present study aimed to analyze the length and weight relationship of Pearl spot Etroplus suratensis in Lower Anicut. The study area of Lower Anicut (110 15 N Latitude and 790 30' E Longitude) is one among the major fishing point in Cauvery river system in Tamil Nadu. The E.suratensis is one of the commercially important fish species of the family Cichlidae (Local name “Papai Meen”). A total of 120 specimens comprising of 60 males and 60 females were collected and analyzed during the period of November 2015 to October 2016.

Was studed and analized the changes in immune reactivity during pregnancy, the mechanisms of fetal rejection inhibition, immune infertility formation, toxicosis, the peculiarities of bacterial, viral, protozoal infections in pregnant women and puerperas and the principles of their treatment

The aim of study was to examine the phytochemical screening, total phenols, total flavonoids and antioxidant activity fromseed and callus extracts of Mucuna pruriens. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of active ingredients such as Tannins, saponins, steroids, cardiac glycosides, phenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, alkaloids and coumarins in the callus extract of Mucuna pruriens followed by seed extract. Gallic acid (GA), Quercetin (Q) and Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) were taken as standard in case of total phenol and Flavonoid and antioxidant activity respectively.

The Roselle seeds were procured from the local market. The following pre-treatments where adopted for Roselle seeds, Un-sprouted Whole Roselle Seeds Flour (UWRSF); Un-sprouted Decorticated Roselle Seed flour (UDRSF); Sprouted Whole Roselle Seed Flour (SWRSF); Sprouted Decorticated Roselle Seed Flour (SDRSF). These treated Roselle seed flour then used for preparation of cookies. From the preliminary studies 15 % inclusion as the best treatment of Roselle seed flour for cookie production was finalized.

Community managed fisheries handovers of the management of fisheries resources to community groups and they will manage the resources sustainably and equitably. Handing over fisheries management to community groups secures access to fisheries resources for those people whose lives depend on them i.e. the poor fishers. Adopting CBFM has more advantages to the fisher communities. Fisheries management strategy varies depending on the factors such as caste specific, gear specific and species specific. This article discusses the comparisons of Padu systems in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka.

The fastness properties of the flower of Thespesia populnea dyed silk fabric have been studied using different combination (1:3,1:1 and 3:1) of various mordants, such as myrobolan:nickel sulphate, myrobolan: aluminium sulphate, myrobolan: potassium dichromate, myrobolan: ferrous sulphate and myrobolan:stannous chloride. The wash, rub, light and perspiration fastness of the dyed samples have been evaluated. Comparing thefastness properties and colour strength of flower of Thespesia populnea dyed silk by using combination of mordants.

A preliminary analysis of the proteases from the seeds of Momordica charantia and Vicia faba has been performed. The study has revealed that Momordica charantia and Vicia faba seed extracts show protease activities of 3.9024 and 6.708 U/mg, respectively, and specific activities of 0.1904 and 0.2178. This study showed that protease activity is higher in Vicia faba extract.

Crude oil activities lead to soil contamination with hydrocarbons, this drastically affects normal functioning of the soil and result in nutritional constraints; thus, negatively affect plant growth, and low productivity. These studies were objectively incepted to determine the effects of crude oil on soil properties and spatial distribution of plant species in oil production sites in South-Sudan. Soil samples were taken at two depths of 0-30cm and 30-60cm within 1m2 quadrats located at different distances of 0-1km (drilled-land); 5km (Cultivated land) and 50km (natural-land).

Background: Many people who have had a stroke report an impaired health status because of a reduced level of activity. Components of yoga therapy offer a gentle alternative exercise program that can be easily adapted for people who have had a stroke. Aim and objective: To examine the effect of yoga based exercise program on patients with survived hemi paresis. Methodology: The study was aimed to see the effect of yoga based exercise programme on patients with survived hemi paresis. Both males and females were included between age group of 30 to 65 years.

Lifestyle accelerates or slows down the involution of physical, physiological and psychological conditions that lead people to old age. In this respect, the search for actions promoting wellbeing in the aging process has led us to promote healthy and healthy life skills that encourage people over 50 years of age (P +50) to have an open and positive mentality favouring self-concept, self-esteem and autonomy; to promote good posture habits acquired from ergonomics for optimal use of resources from one's own body.

Introduction: Periodontal disease, a destructive inflammatory disease of supporting tissues of teeth, is caused by plaque bacteria. Periodontal infections manifest not only in periodontium but also cause systemic implications in otherwise healthy individuals as evidenced by raised levels of various serum inflammatory markers.

There is no convention or rule to select one of three cholinesterase inhibitors, i.e., donepezil (D), galantamine (G) and rivastigmine (R) for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Therefore, in this article we will give our considerations regarding the differentiations of prescription among these three medicines based on the clinical symptoms and biological markers.In clinical points of view, prescription D is good for AD patients at mild cognitive impairment.

Faecal Incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, causing feces to leak unexpectedly from the rectum. Also called Bowel Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence ranges from an occasional leakage of stool while passing gas to complete loss of bowel control. Most common cause of faecal incontinence is damage to the anal sphincter or their nerves. Normally the rectum stretches to hold stool until one can get to toilet. But after the ano-rectal surgery, there is a scarring that makes the walls of the rectum stiff, fibrous and less elastic.

Marigold is one of the important crop used as loose flower throughout the country. The area and importance of the marigold is getting increased due to the xanthophyll content which increases the colour of the egg yolk in poultry industry. To enhance the productivity of marigold round the year, a study was initiated.

Seaweed are marine macroscopic algae which forms an important component of marine living ecosystem. Being a plant of unique structure and biochemical composition, seaweed could be exploited for its multi-functional properties in the form of food, energy, medicine and cosmetics. The review summarizes a literature review on the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical properties of chlorophyta, Ulva fasciata.

Importance of exogenous application of vitamin E in the acceleration of Cr elemination in the liver function have been discussed in the present investigation. Developing chicks (100±20 gm body weight, 2-3 weeks old) were used as experimental animals. Present investigation revealed that deposition of Cr in all tissues affect the proper function of liver. Liver specific function defence offered by protective influence of vitamin E may be channelized through different mechanism. Vitamin E not only restricted the detoxification but also improved the liver functions.

A field experiment was conducted to find out the effect of spacing and fertilizer doses on HCN content of multi-cut forage sorghum at TNAU, Coimbatore during Kharif, 2016. The experiment was laid out in split plot design replicated thrice using SPV2242 as the test variety. The treatments consisted of four different spacings (30 x 10 cm, 30 x 15 cm, 30 x 20 cm and 30 x 25 cm) along with three fertilizer doses (75% RDF, 100% RDF and 125% RDF). In addition, recommended application of FYM @ 25 t/ha was followed.

Liver is a solid glandular organ made up of hepatic lobules separated from one another by connective tissue. Each lobe consists of a mass of polyhedral hepatic cells, which are glandular in appearance containing spherical nuclei. A network of blood vessels pierces the lobules. The hepatic cells are arranged in longitudinal cords. It has a gall bladder and secretes bile. Liver is the major metabolic centre and any damage to this organ would subsequently lead to so many physiological disturbances.

The most widely spreading nematode species is rice white tip nematode (Aphelenchoides besseyi) causing economic losses in rice production areas in Turkey. It was aimed to determine the distribution and population density of rice white tip nematode in rice growing areas of Samsun, Sinop, Çorum, and Kastamonu as a first time in this study. For this purpose, in August 2009, rice samples were collected by making systematic sampling from 102 areas where rice production was made in Samsun, Sinop, Çorum and Kastamonu provinces in Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey.

Self-monitoring of glucose levels with a hand-held glucometer is very popular among the diabetic patients and doctors as it is less traumatic and gives instant results. Capillary blood samples are commonly used for self-monitoring in comparison to venous plasma sample which are used in the diagnostic laboratories. Aims: This study was done to compare the glucose levels of a capillary blood sample determined by a glucometer with the glucose level determined by Glucose Oxidase Peroxidase (GOD-POD) method using a venous plasma sample.

The corrosion inhibition of Neem, Azadirachta indica (AZI) leaves extract as a green inhibitor of zinc corrosion in H2SO4 has been studied using the gravimetric method. The results of the study reveal that the different concentrations of the AZI extract inhibit zinc corrosion and that inhibition efficiency of the extract varies with concentration and temperature.

Takano [1967] have studied decomposition of curvature tensor in a recurrent space. Sinha and Singh [1970] have been studied and defined decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor field in a Finsler space. Singh and Negi studied decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor field in a Kaehlerian space. Negi and Rawat [1995] have studied decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor field in Kaehlerian space. Rawat and Silswal [2007] studied and defined decomposition of recurrent curvature tensor fields in a Tachibana space.

Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Data scrapping, Data Mining, Data Integration, Machine Learning, Relational Data Base using Azure and Probability is not single methods but when they are well combination then they can build a serious strong part for a company's revenue and perform to build strongest foundation for next 100 years milestone. Yes I am talking about the revenue since 2011 till 2017 actually in 2013 the revenue was $18.6 bn and now it reached to $45.3 bn in just 3 years.

Internet of Things (IoT) became an essential tool nowadays in every practical or scientific field. IoT connects intelligently fixed or mobile devices, moving objects or even animals in one network. These devices may need physical resources or services over the cloud. IoT defined as a network that connects physical objects to interact with each other for to perform information sharingand to take an action. IoT offers services as well.

This paper proposes the study of a method to implement a new technique regarding using polystyrene in construction of structure wall for housing which includes not only construction of bungalow but also building upto four floors as well as row houses whichever is necessary. This technique comes handy since polystyrene panels which contains two set of galvanizing welded mesh where vertical mesh forming waves result in creating reinforced concrete micropillars once the panel is coated with concrete (this technique has been used successfully to reinforce historic or artistic buildings).

This paper presents a simple guide to conducting feasibility study for a proposed electrical power substation. The concept of feasibility study is described, generally. The paper also describes what a substation is. Thereafter, the paper presents a prototype procedure for conducting a substation feasibility study.

This paper presents a study of transformer monitoring and load tap-changer control. Earlier control schemes were the “paralleling balancer”, the “master/follower” and the “circulating current” schemes. These schemes had their drawbacks. The scheme as presented in this paper is implemented using programmable logic, math functions and IEC 61850 communications over fiber-optic Ethernet. The presented scheme achieves ease and speed of installation, a more integrated system with less field using, minimal control cable runs and terminations and minimal overall installation time.

In this study the phenolics of two medicinally important plants were investigated. Ethanol. The phytochemical screening of the ethanolic extract of the leaves indicated the presence of flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids and terpenoids. The crude extract was subjected to thin layer chromatography and column chromatography to give compounds I. The structure of compound I was elucidated by a combination of spectral techniques (UV, 1HNMR and MS) and the following tentative structures were proposed:

The complexation reactions between 18-crown-6 (18C6) with La3+, Ce3+, Pr3+ and Nd3+ cations were studied in acetonitrile-water (AN-H2O) binary solvent systems at different temperatures by the conductometric method. In all the cases, 18C6 forms a 1:1 complex with La3+, Ce3+, Pr3+ and Nd3+ cations. The results show that the selectivity order of 18C6 for the metal cations in AN–H2O binary solvent systems at 298.15 K is : La3+>Ce3+> Pr3+ >Nd3+.

In this paper we have listed the importance of edge computing and what are the challenges to adapt edge computing. Edge Computing is one of the growing technologies these days. Internet of Things is the concept of Edge Computing where we connect daily used devices to the internet so that we can operate these devices from remote locations.

The investigation of the main factors affecting pavement deterioration is of paramount importance as by effectively addressing the causes, remedial measures can be initiated to control the early pavement deterioration in the local road network. It has been found that the major causes of pavement deterioration are structural factors which are interlinked with excessive traffic and loading. Moreover, the sub soil factors and drainage conditions also affect the pavement condition considerably.

Roles and responsibility of any teaching fraternity is changing from time to time. Change is implemented in delivering a lecture from black board to smart board for students. In this process, a faculty has to prepare and maintain a set of documents which are compiled as course file (CF) or academic file. The important document in any CF are, lesson plan (LP), continuous internal evaluation (CIE), CIE analysis (CIE-A), corrective action and preventive action (CAPA). These documents are essential from students and faculties perspective.

Introduction: Shara Muzmin (Chronic Urticaria (CU) is a common skin disorder characterized by the recurrent appearance of wheals and/or angioedema for more than 6 weeks. The Urticaria Activity Score (UAS) score is commonly used to assess the CU disease activity. CU signs & symptoms affect a wide range of daily activities, from personal care to sleep/rest, work performance, and social relationships. The Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) assesses QOL parameters across several types of dermatologic conditions.

Here, attempts have been taken to focus on the post-independence political state of Odisha as the milieu-cum-stimulus of the legendry poem Kaalapurusha written by Guruprasad Mohanty. Though he had written this poem under the influence of The Waste Land of T.S. Eliot, the best ever poem of twentieth century still it is true that every writer is present in his every work.

This article presents the flexural behaviour of basalt fibre reinforced recycle aggregate concrete. The natural aggregate is replaced by the recycle aggregate in the proportion of 0,25,50,75 and 100%. The basalt fibres used for the concrete with dosage of 4kg/m3. Total ten mixes are taken for experimental work among them, 5 mixes with basalt fibres and other 5 mixes without basalt fibres. In addition to flexure, cube and split tensile strengths are evaluated for concrete mixes.

This paper proposes the use of the Cassipeia model as a new method for evaluating automatic summaries. Summary evaluation is an important task in the field of automatic text summarization, of which the most intuitive approach is conducted by human assessment. However, manual evaluation is both expensive and time consuming, therefore impractical. These difficulties led the researchers to seek automatic methods of evaluation. ROUGE is currently the most commonly used tool in the field, but each evaluated source text requires a human abstract, which also renders evaluation costly and limited.

This paper presents a technique to derive the colors, shapes, textures, or any other information that can be derived from a satellite image Using Texture filters and realizing it with SVM(Support Vector Machine). This image processing technique are been utilized to identify important urban features such as buildings and gardens and rural features such as natural vegetation, water bodies, and fields.

In this study, two scenarios of hybrid energy systems are considered each contains a different combination of solar photovoltaic (SPV), wind turbine (WT), diesel generator (DG set), converter system and storage battery in off-grid mode and grid-connected mode. In this study, Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable (HOMER) software is used for financial and technical analysis of the system.

A simple and effective RP-HPLC method had been developed for the estimation of vorinostat in capsule, using Apollo C18 (4.6 x 150mm, 5m), mobile phase 100% methanol, detection wavelength at 247 nm, at flow rate of 1ml/min at retention time 3.3 min for vorinostat. Linearity was obtained in the range of 5µg/ml to 25µg/ml for vorinostat. The correlation coefficient was found to be 0.999. The Recovery studies were performed for vorinostat in the range of 50% - 150 %.

Ambient air quality monitoring (AAQM) along with assimilative capacity and Air Quality Index (AQI) studies were carried out at Indian Veterinary Research Institute (I.V.R.I), Izatnagar and Petrol Pump, Civil lines, Bareilly, India over a period of 5 years from 2013 to 2017. Maximum temperature and relative humidity was varied from 35°C to 45°C (March to May) and 96 % to 97 % (December) during 2013 to 2017.

Social science is a vital subject at upper primary level as it develops among children understanding of human relationships, social values and attitudes. Social science helps young learners to recognize the contemporary problems prevailing in society and prepares them to find out the solutions. Teaching and learning of social science at upper primary level is crucial if we expect our coming generation to become active, responsible citizens for maintaining the democratic values upon which our country was established.

The Banking Industry in India mainly owned by the Government or Private sector or MNC organizations. These banks are known for their Corporate Culture and commitment of the employees. This articles addresses the prevailing and expected corporate culture and the present status of the commitment of the employees serving in the banks with special reference to Thanjavur District. The employees of the Banks are the essential human capital contributes towards the success of the Banks.

Rice is an important crop for billions of people and Asia is the biggest consumer of rice to an extent of 90% of the total world rice production. Most of the irrigated land in the world is under rice crop. On the other hand, water availability is also affected due to the climate change and variability. Rice is also labour-intensive crop and requires about 200 labour days per hectare. Timely availability of labour and water for various activities of rice is becoming a problem.

It is only in the last 2 decades that people have been able to be provided with safe and effective means of controlling their fertility with the safe guard. There is some physical alteration along with the most vital auditory and vestibular mechanism. Aim: To profile the effect of oral contraceptive on audition and vestibular system. Methodology: The study has been carried out with subjects of 10 healthy Female OCP users since minimum of 6 month period between the age of 25-35 yrs old, with out any significant medical history.

This research paper analyzes life events leading to stress in young people; focused on second semester students of the Bachelor degree in Psychology from the Humanities Faculty of the Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. The objective of this paper is to identify what life event has a stronger impact in a young person to cause low or high stress levels.Instrument: The Life Events test was used, it measures 7 areas in different contexts (Family, Social, Personal, Behavioral problems, Achievements and failures, School health), this test assesses stress levels in adolescents.

Reproductive health among women of lower economic groups in Bangladesh has significance importance to achieve the targets of SDG goals for the development in Bangladesh. In this study, an attempt has been made is to find out the reproductive health status among women of lower economic groups in Rajshahi, Bangladeshi. This study also identifies the determinants of contraceptive use, awareness, attitudes and knowledge on several reproductive health indicators such as HIV/AIDS among women.

Food-grains play significant roles in food supply and utilization in the Nigerian economy. The major grains include maize, rice and cowpea. Nigeria is a major producer of the grains but still depends on food imports in order to meet domestic demand for food. In spite of growing food imports a large number of people are undernourished in the country. This is aggravated by postharvest food grains losses attributable to a host of factors.

The national education achievement requires the improvement of education system quality. The most influence factor needed for educational quality improvement is teachers. Teacher competeness will also enhance teacher’s achievement motivation. This reaseach using path analysis, indicate that there is positive influence of teacher’s creativity on teaching performance. In fact, there is no impact of competency and achievement motivation on teaching performance. Teacher’s competencies and their achievement motivation influence teaching performance significantly through variable of creativity.

Currently, Thailand’s business firms in all of the country’s industries are operating in an international business environment. The steel industry is an important one that supports every other economic sector in the country. Moreover, this industry has continually grown in size and scope both domestically and internationally. This study investigates the conceptual framework concerning human resource management. The key factors in this the framework include a blended perspective of employees’ international capability, continuous improvement, and employees’ workplace performance.

Many people today are apprehensive about sharing their deep feelings with someone and do not find someone to confide their secrets in, here the role of a counselor fulfils such demands. A counselor hears all the problems, thoughts, feelings of his/her subject, finds out his/her solution and do not judge them on any account. This is what makes one feel more comfortable and establishes a relation with the counselor. Guidance and counseling are important for children, and colleges have a huge role in bringing out the best in children. Counseling is a very commonly used term in India.

Coconut products exports have been a traditional foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka from the agricultural sector. The specific objective of the study was to analyze effect of export ‘cess’ rates on coconut products from Sri Lanka. Secondary data (1960-2010) on the production and exports of coconut products was used in the analysis.

Territorial functioning represents a collection of behaviors, markers, and attitudes expressed by people in small groups as a way to manage their environments and the spaces they physically occupy. This paper examines attitudes and marking behavior associated with territorial functioning by residents of two housing areas in Malaysia that differed in terms of land uses and in residents’ perceptions of the level of crime in their neighborhoods. In the study, 144 participants participated in a survey.

In the present day numerous scarcity of water in and around of the world, have been facing due to the lack of pollution activities via man-made and natural hazards. The quantities analysis of morphological characters of any watershed will be adopted various analyses. In addition to this also the Demographic characteristic studies of any lands with system have adopted in the any kind of approaches or characters. Geospatial techniques were given the solution for sustainable development of the Land and water sectors human habitation. In addition.n also the planning scenario too also.

In the present day numerous scarcity of water in and around of the world, have been facing due to the lack of pollution activities via man-made and natural hazards. The quantities analysis of morphological characters of any watershed will be adopted various analyses. In addition to this also the land utilization of any lands with system have adopted in the any kind of approaches or classes. Geospatial techniques were given the solution for sustainable development of the Land and water sectors.

Economic prosperity is the most important means of raising people’s incomes and reducing poverty in the developing world – it creates jobs and opportunities for poor people to support their families and build more stable futures. The developing countries face challenges that make it difficult for them to stimulate and sustain economic growth. Development activities with its sustainable impact make the life healthy, productive, and meaningful to the community people for longer period.

This Paulownia tomentosa (Princesstree, Empress tree) is a deciduoustree in the familyPaulowniaceae, native to central and western China. It is an extremely fast-growing tree, and is a persistent exotic invasive in North America.This tree grows 10–25 m tall, with large heart-shaped to five-lobed leaves 15–40 cm across, arranged in opposite pairs on the stem. The very fragrant flowers are produced before the leaves in early spring, on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla 4–6 cm long resembling a foxglove flower.

This review paper discusses the potential role of the adoption of information, communication, and technology (ICT) and social business tools based digital technologies (DT) in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing states in India and is amongst the richest states in terms of natural and mineral resources.

There are mixed response, inexplicit, arguments and opinions among the Manufactures, traders and society about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to be implemented by Government of India from 1st April 2017 this year. Various news organizations from all around the world focused on the bill unifying the country and it being an achievement of the government. As the Goods and Services Tax Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha, it also brought India at the center of the global economy.

The constraints regarding adoption of fodder production technology were studied in Irrigated zone (U. P.) and rain-fed (Rajasthan). A total of 384 respondents were selected from 4 districts of regions representing both part of state UP and Rajasthan. It was found that most of the farmers (97.9%) of irrigated zone were agreed the livestock rearing is profitable and only (2.1) percent were not agree, while all the farmers of rainfed zone were in favour of this opinion.

This article evaluates user awareness towards electronic resources by the users of academic libraries of Uttarakhand State with an objective to ascertain as to what extent internet as well as other traditional resources is being used in the Academic environment. A study was conducted in Academic libraries to know the use of different electronic resources by faculties, Research scholars, and students. The data was collected using questionnaires. Internet was found to be first extensively used E-resource to keep them up to date.

This article looks at the theories behind how organisations and individuals make decisions which impact on the environment in which they operate. The processes that are involved in making these decisions can be both linear and non-linear. It is argued that these differences need to be taken into accounted in any programme of research that is undertaken that looks at the social world. Traditional views of how a methodological framework for undertaking this type of research have emphasised the importance of standardised approaches which follow a linear format.

Euthanasia is usually used in the context of 'Terminally-ill' patients. But the word "Terminally-ill" is ambiguous not well-defined anywhere and usually describes patients who are suffering from fatal diseases including those who are in a Permanent Vegetative State (PVS). 'Euthanasia' is the termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering. In most cases, euthanasia is carried out because the person who dies asks for it, but there are cases called euthanasia where a person can't make such a request.

In this paper we have studies multiple aspects of demonetization and its effect. We have reported and interpreted every change happened during the phases under demonetization. We have also discussed impact and overturns done by demonetization. We have stated many thoughts of famous economists from our country to explore more in the depth of this topic. We have stated all the techniques and ways to tackle demonetization. We had considered long term and short term implications also by comparing it in this paper. Lastly we have given our thoughts about demonetization and its effect.

Dental science has much to offer law enforcement agencies in the detection and solution of crime. Forensic Odontology, which is branch of dentistry, plays a major role in the identification of those individuals who cannot be identified visually or by other means. The teeth may also be used as weapons, and under certain circumstances, may provide information about the identity of the biter. Tooth has been used as the cornerstone in positive identification of living or deceased persons using unique traits and characteristics.

In terms of the settlement character of Yalova, there are significant population differences between summer and winter due to the intensive use by people from Istanbul and Bursa metropolises, and its population considerably increases during summer. Transportation to these important metropolises in the immediate vicinity is achieved rapidly by sea buses. It is subject to the use of potential population on a daily basis due to transportation facilities and recreational opportunities.

The current study named “A study of gender differences in the expression of Relational aggression in adolescents” was carried out in Delhi, India. Aims of the study were to measure and compare expression of relational aggression between adolescent boys and girls. 92 adolescents (54 boys, 38 girls; mean age-13 years) participated in the study and fulfilled the relational aggression questionnaire. Results of the study showed that 34% of the adolescents were found to have high level of relational aggression.

In this paper, a modest attempt is made to analyse the Social and emotional adjustment of adolescent destitute children in district Shimla of Himachal Pradesh.For the present study Bal Ashram, Tuti Kandi and Balika Ashram, Mashobra in district Shimla were taken. The total sample compaired of 100 destitute (50 girls and 50 boys) of Bal and Balika Ashram were taken..All subjects belonging to age group of 15 to 18 years and studying in 9th and 10 class.For this purpose Adjustment inventory was use to colled the data from the students.

The trends that evolved in the prevention and counter terrorism in the last twenty years in the world and including Indonesia positioned the State must be observant in responding to the threat of terrorism. This is an integral part of the growing dynamics of terrorism threats. Choosing whether the threat of terrorism is considered a threat to the sovereignty of the State or the threat of extraordinary crime must be responded in a more specific form, including adjustments to the use of existing laws.

Recreation in general;, is defined as activities that will be selected by free choicefor the people who are adversely affected by intense work and environmental influences so that they will be able to recuperate their physical and mental well-being and to be satisfied with their individual needs and expectations in order to enjoy and participate in their spare time. (Hacıoğluvd., 2003: 30).

This article is a review of the current state of vulnerable prisoners, individuals with intellectual disabilities in the United States. This article discusses various issues as to the causality of their incarceration. It also explores the ethicality surrounding the incarceration of those who may not entirely understand the predicament they are in or how they go there.

This study determined the level of readiness for internationalization of DepEd schools in the three (3) divisions of the Province of Surigao del Sur using the descriptive-survey method of research. Frequency, mean, Spearman Correlation and linear regression were the statistical tools used in the study. Findings revealed that most respondents were females with the age bracket of 48-60, married and Master’s Degree holders with adequate experience in teaching.

Aim: The aim of the study was to determine the plaque and gingivitis reducing effect of a dentifrice containing chlorhexidine and compare with control toothpaste during the course of 3 months. Materials and Methods: This randomized, double-blind study looked prospectively at participants over a 3 month period. Plaque score and gingivitis score was assessed in 40 participants, who were divided into two parallel groups. The participants used either chlorhexidine containing toothpaste (test group) or commercially available fluoridated triclosan containing toothpaste (control group).

Background: Today, regenerative attempts for treatment of periodontal disease focus on the introduction of a filler material into the defect inhope of inducing bone regeneration. The purpose of this study was to clinically and radiographically evaluate the use of porous hydroxyapatitebone graft with and without platelet‑rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of intrabony defects. Materials and Methods: The study was carriedout in ten patients between 18 and 60 years.

Introduction: Poor denture hygiene is a seemingly common problem encountered by dentists in complete denture patients. It may contribute to halitosis, denture stomatitis and angular chelitis as the dentures presents additional sites and environment to support the growth of micro-organisms. One of the chief complaints often noticed in denture patients is loss of luster or loss of color in their dentures. The reason for this is due to poor color stability of acrylic reasons.

Agriculture is the most important economic sector of many developing countries including Ethiopia. Improving agricultural land management is key to combat climate change impacts and increase crop productivity. The adoption of agricultural land management practices has been relatively low globally. Thus, there is considerable interest in understanding better the barriers, and determinants to the adoption of these practices. Stratified and snowball sampling techniques were employed to select a sample of 398 households.

Men and women employees have been equally contributing to the organizational success. Recently women employees are in a prime focus for the organisations to get retained. Some organisations take this initiative for managing diversity where as some has witnessed the benefits of retaining women employees leading to optimum performance at work. This research paper attempts to study the practice of retention of women employees in Indian context.

Library automation enhances the speed, accuracy, productivity and efficiency of library staff and services. Adoption and use of open source library management system in libraries leads to tremendous changes in library functions and services. Koha is the first popular free and international open source library management software. This study is relevant in this modern age to motivate the library professionals for migrating to Koha without any misconceptions regarding open source software.

Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM), constitutes a major portion (90-95%) of all cases of diabetes worldwide. The objective of this study was to evaluate and provide evidence on current published literature about diet and lifestyle in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and thereby making disease-specific recommendations. There is a convincing evidence for a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes in adults who are physically active and maintain their normal body mass index (BMI).

The high level of sedentarism in the adult-young population that studies undergraduate programs is a public health problem. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to answer the following research question ¿What are the barriers to physical activitypractice in undergraduates atUnidad Central del Valle del Cauca? A quantitative, transectional study with a descriptive scope was carried out during the first half of 2017. A population of 3,958 subjects was included. The sample consisted of 193 undergraduates. This sample was probabilistic stratified by proportional affixation.

Background: In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, road traffic deaths accounts for 4.7% of all mortalities. Several studies have demonstrated that the human factor is the major contributing factor to RTAs, and then vehicle and road factors. Objectives: To determine the overall prevalence of risky driving behaviours, perception toward this behaviour and determine the related factors among male workers in primary healthcare centers in Jeddah.

Sialolithiasis is one of the most common pathology of salivary gland in middle-aged patients . Sialoliths are localized in submandibular glands in nearly 80% of the reported cases and they are classified as ‘giant’ in case any dimension exceeds 15 mm. Giant sialolith in submandibular gland is a rare disorder with prevalence of 0.1% in population. The aim of this article is to report the case of a patient suffering from sialolithiasis caused by giant salivary calculi in Wharton’s duct and also review of literature on sialolithiasis.

Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with completely edentulous arches especially in mandibular arch is challenging. Over denture has been the choice of treatment modality in these patients due to the advantages associated with it mainly in the form of improved proprioception, enhanced retention, support and stability. Apart from better retention, overdenture are also superior in biting force distribution and chewing efficiency than conventional dentures. What makes the overdenture special is the combination of mucosal and periodontal support.

A descriptive cross sectional survey approach study was conducted to Identify the health problems among handloom weavers in ChinnaSeeragapadi, Salem.Data were collected from 30 handloom weavers by purposive sampling technique. It can be concluded that majority of the handloom weavers have the health problems.

Aims: To evaluate and improve the oral health status in visually impaired children with the educational intervention in the form of braille and hands-on demonstration of brushing technique. Materials and Methods: The baseline Oral Hygiene Index-Simplified (OHI-S), Gingival Index(GI) and oral health awareness was recorded. An educational intervention in form of verbal, brailed manuscript and hands on demonstration for brushing was provided with periodically reinforced by the professionals to the blind children. At end of 6 months re-evaluation was done on the same participants.

Cyber’s terrorism has recently been said to be the biggest threat to our modern society. Every day a new cyber-scare story makes the headlines. The national government recognizes the importance of cyber security, as several officials have made clear in the past few years. Cyber security is among the most serious economic and national security challenges we will face in the 21st Century, we face a long-term challenge in cyberspace from foreign intelligence agencies and militaries, criminals, and others, and, struggle will wreak serious damage on the economic health and national security.

The aim of this research work to built-up a novel transition metal complexes using various transition metals and Schiff base ligand for the antibacterial and anti fungal applications through well-diffusion method. Development of a new chemotherapeutic Schiff bases and their metal complexes are now attracting the attention of medicinal chemists. Complexes are characterized by Elemental analysis, UV- spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy. Elemental analysis of the metal complexes were suggested that the stoichiometry ratio is (metal: ligand) 1:2.

Recently considerable concerns are increased for the health effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields ELF EMFs, especially power lines frequency of 50-60 Hz. The need for complementary work to assess the health consequences that may be attributed to the exposure to such fields is a must. The present work is aimed to study the effects of 4kV/m -50 Hz electric fields EF on biomechanical and biochemical properties of rats' tibia bones.

The development of green power generation such as solar systems that have become a great interest for several countries especially for Myanmar as it presents a significant solar potential. In this paper, solar thermal has been chosen and designed to be used for rural electrification which is the most suitable technology especially for tropical region of Myanmar. In solar thermal electricity generation, Dish-Stirling solar power generation has emerged as an efficient and reliable source of renewable energy.

As light pulses propagate along the optical fiber, their energy dissipates. Beyond a certain distance the number of photons in pulses becomes too small to be detected. The optical pulses in fibers are energized by utilizing optical fiber amplifiers. The rapid growth of the internet and data traffic in optical fiber communication networks has stimulated the study of wideband optical amplifiers. Widening the bandwidth of fiber amplifiers is the primary issue in enlarging the capacity of wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) transmission systems.

The mechanism of gas flow through porous materials and the selected models of the porous structure were analysed. As for the issue of gas flow through porous deposits that is basically discussed in this article, issues of the process were analysed through describing mechanisms of the gas flow in porous structures for the development of a new generation of clean energy sources, especially in the context of the production of biogas or syngas.

Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) is a shrub with great importance because of its fruits and /or aerial parts have a wide use in pharmaceutal, medicinal and industrial healthcare purposes, in-addition to their nutritional value. In the present study, inter simple sequence repeats (ISSR) and sequence-related amplified polymorphism(SRAP) analyses were used to evaluate genetic stability of Rubus fruticosus L.̔̔ Triple Crown̕ micropropagated plantlets and compare or detect possibly existing genetic variation between them and their donor mother plant.

The circadian cycle of humans and other mammals is close to one hour longer than the 24 hour period from sunrise to sunrise. The meteorite strike(s) that occurred at the end of the Cretaceous era involved at least one very large body that struck our planet obliquely, apparently moving in the direction that it would have to have done to impart momentum to the rotation of Earth and decrease the period of the day.

Obesity is the synergistic product of interaction between overeating and easy lifestyle. Naturopathy is the best solution to cure obesity as it is primarily concerned with both the aspects. Keeping this in view 60 patients of 25-40 years who had enrolled in naturopathy centers and to whom were recommended a treatment of one month were selected for the purpose of study. In naturopathy centers subjects were doing yoga (i.e. Exercise and Pranayam) and were drinking amla and lemon water in fasting state, undergoing mud, water and diet therapies.

Due to high perishability of fresh meat, drying is often employed to reduce the biochemical and microbial degradations that occur after animal slaughter. Spice powder or its derivatives are also added to food particles to enhance flavour and reduce microbial spoilage. This study was conducted at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Ogun State, Nigeria, to investigate the effect of spice type (ST), spice powder suspension concentration (SPC) and drying temperature (DT) on the chemical and microbial property of dried beef.

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